The Prince and the Pampered Pauper

****Important, please read. This story is not intended for straight audiences, it is solely gay erotica. I do not intend to insult the original author of this story, though he is long dead, but this is not a copy of that story and should not be taken as such. This story involves many taboos, gay boys and men doing the nasty together, diaper wearing and usage, light piss play, and several other things that may or may not turn your crank. If this is not the type of story that you are looking for, then please leave now. If it is, I hope that you enjoy. Email me at erich5748 at if you have any comments. Please remember that this great website also needs your donations. This is my donation, the only one I can afford to give at this time, but please, if you are able to, do so. Have a good day and enjoy.****

Everyone has at least somewhat heard the tale of the prince and the pauper, this is not that story. Though there may be some similarities, since I am basing it somewhat loosely on that story, this story is set in the somewhat modern times, though what time exactly who knows. The last time I read this story I was a kid, and it was the Disney-fied version of it even still, so, like I said, there may be some similarities, but the name really is where it ends.

There could not have been two boys in the entire kingdom that could have been further at odds to each other. The pauper, rough, dirty, streetwise, and poor beyond comprehension. The prince, well royalty, spoiled, and only book smart and not a lick of real common sense in him. Where they are the same, however, is in age and appearance. They are both eleven years old, they are both slim and almost pretty looking, they both have long blond hair, though the paupers is very untidy and dirty, they have almost identical noses(small slightly upturned buttons), they share the same cute crooked smile, and they share the same stormy grey eyes.

Their names are George and Geoffrey(though he is called Geoff), and they have never met, nor would they have ever, had the prince not done what he did.

George, the prince, lives in his fathers palace, he has everything that he wants or needs, he has servants to take care of his every need, he has three very well prepared meals served to him every day, he has his own personal tutor that teaches him everything that he would ever need to know, and, as said before, is spoiled rotten.

Geoff, on the other hand, was raised as an orphan, taken in by those who insisted that they were in fact his parents. Why they took him in, though, he simply had no idea. He even asked, but they claimed that surely he was theirs and theirs alone. His argument, though, they were nothing alike. Where Geoff is fair skinned and haired, they are dark on both accounts, where he is incredibly smart, they are not so much, no, he had been certain from the time of his seventh birthday that they were not his parents.

They are beggars, to put it mildly, they could care less about getting real jobs or making real money, they were far more content to live off the measly money the government gave them, as well as anything they could beg from others. Geoff had even been included in that, and he was expected, not hoped for, but expected to earn money every day from begging, or other means. If he did not come home with at least fifty dollars, he had to endure at least one beating, usually two, one from each parent, to ensure it was done right of course.

Geoff is never allowed to be so wasteful as to use hot water, in fact he is not even allowed to use soap, they are much too poor for those luxuries. In all fairness, his parents did not either, however, in that same breath, they could care less if they were clean or not, and in many cases they went weeks without even showering at all. Their hovel, for it certainly cannot be called a home, often reeks of their foul odors, but, sadly, Geoff certainly accounts for many of those foul odors himself.

The day our tale begins, both boys were fed up with things. They both wanted a change, they wanted to experience something different, something more, experience the world that was around them, instead of the narrow vision that they forever saw.

George may be only book smart, but he is incredibly curious. He had never been outside his palace walls, other than on very strict outings with tutors or his parents, and those few times it was always in a horse drawn carriage with shades drawn tight, and he could see nothing of the outside world except through the veil. He was sick of it, his constant pleadings to be allowed to roam the city, even if with a minder, had been forthright ignored and or downright scoffed at. He is much too young, he is much too naive, he is much too high a risk. The city is an incredibly dangerous place. At least their country home he had hundreds of acres to run and play outside, horses to ride, archery to practice, a lake to swim in, he loved it there, but his parents preferred to stay in the city, but it is much too dangerous for George.

Over the past week, George had paid very close attention to the way things were done around him, he watched for everything he could see, he checked out every available means of escaping the lavish prison his was in, and this morning he made good his plans.

While no one was looking, George dressed himself, something he had only done three or four times his entire life, in his worst clothes. He still looked like royalty, so he did something he had always wanted to do. He ripped his clothes, he made them tattered and threadbare in several places, and then he escaped from his suite of rooms. He slipped out the window, crawled along the roof line until he reached the end, and then he slipped down until he was hanging right over a pile of garbage. He let go and experienced the giddiness of free fall for only a second before he stopped in the pile of trash. He used the opportunity to roll around in the smelly garbage for a few moments, knowing that to smell as bad as that did would only help him to escape. Once sufficiently smelly and dirty, George headed for the side gate. There were no guards on it, it could only be opened from the inside, and no one ever used it unless they were receiving goods for the kitchens, in which case the guards would be there, but today is Sunday, and there are no deliveries on Sunday.

As soon as the door closed behind him, George let out a sigh of relief, he was finally out, and now he had no idea what the hell to do. He made sure that he still had his bag of stuff that he would need, and decided to just walk and see what the day would bring. If only he knew what it would bring, maybe he would not have escaped.

Geoff had decided a long time ago that he had to escape his miserable life, but he had no idea how to do so. His parents knew too many people, if he ran, they would tell them, and then he would be right back in their loving arms, being beaten once again, because they loved him and he had to learn. He had tried once, he still had a couple of the scars to prove how horrible that day was, and that was nearly two years ago.

This morning started like all others, wet, and stinky. Geoff has never waken up dry, and, in fact, he has issues during the day as well. He often wets his pants, and more often than not, you can see a small wet spot, but sometimes it just all lets loose before he can stop it. Night time, though, he has no control whatsoever.

Then the second part of his day started, same as every day. The taunts, the teasing, the beatings from his loving parents, giving him his loving beatings to help him learn to stay dry and not to wet his bed like a filthy animal. This day was even worse than most, he peed on his dad as he was being spanked. He wears nothing to bed, sleeps on a plastic sheet on the floor with only a pitifully small blanket to cover him. With this, Geoff was clearly naked when his dad came to check to see if the animal had stayed dry throughout the night for the first time ever, and, lo and behold, he had not, so he started to teach his young son a lesson.

When Geoff peed on his father though, he snapped. This is not the first time it has happened before, how could Geoff possibly control such an act while being beaten, not a hope in hell, but that did not stop his father from administering a whopping brutal fifty spanks as hard as he could to Geoff's naked bum. It was now to the point that Geoff did not even cry out, he was so used to these daily beatings that he hardly ever even so much as whimpered. Today he cried out though, because, much like the last time he had peed on his dad while being spanked, his dad was hitting even harder than normal, and today he was really feeling it. Even trying to go to the space in his head where pain did not exist did not help.

Once the daily beating was over with, Geoff thanked his dad for trying to teach him to be a good boy, just like every other time he was spanked, and then got dressed. He took his plastic sheet and his thin blanket and hung them outside to dry off, and then went inside to ask for some breakfast.

“Breakfast, the little animal wants breakfast. Once you earn it, then, maybe, you can have some food.” His mother laughed uproariously, as if she had cracked the largest joke.

“What about the almost fifty dollars I brought home yesterday.”

“What, you think this place is free, you have any idea how much it costs us to live here. We can't afford to feed you on only forty seven dollars and pay everything here as well. Maybe if you make a hundred today, then we'll see about breakfast tomorrow. As it is, you ate yesterday, that should be good enough.”

And that was it, Geoff knew he was going hungry for the entire day again, unless he managed to beg some food off of someone else. This is a somewhat normal occurrence, and there never seems to be a reason for it either. Though, the days he peed on one of his parents always coincided with going even more hungry than normal. Geoff has never in his entire life had what one might call a full meal, and he has certainly never had three good meals a day. He is usually lucky to get one meal per day. His parents though always have at least two meals a day, and it is fairly common for them to eat right in front of him.

No, today was the day, Geoff is so incredibly pissed off that he is staring daggers at his loving parents, but they took no notice of him, which too is normal. Finally his dad told him to go out and earn his keep and to bring in at least a hundred dollars or don't bother coming home.

Well, the don't bother coming home part he was definitely okay by. If he ever saw these horrible people again in his entire life it would be a hundred years too soon. He left the house, should one be so kind as to call it that, Geoff called it a deathtrap, and then went and watched and waited. His parents took a full two hours to leave the house today, which did not surprise him, they rarely came home with more than ten dollars a piece by the end of the day, they expected him to earn the major amount. They locked up, but that would stop no one at all. As soon as they were out of sight, he went and broke back into the house, stole everything that was of some value, up to and including the couple hundred dollars that he found in his parents' bedroom. He stuffed everything into a sack and headed out.

Knowing exactly where his parents were heading, Geoff headed in the opposite direction, hoping that somehow he could make a living and never see his parents ever again. Along the way, he saw several of his friends. They are a pretty tight group of friends, kept each others secrets and helped each other out as much as possible.

“Where are you going with that big sack.” Jimmy asked him.

“I'm running away, I can't take it any more. I'd rather die than stay another day with them. I peed my sheet again, then as the bastard was spanking me, I peed on him, serves the asshole right, but then he really started beating me. If I could, I'd kill them both, then I'd probably be caught and jailed for life. Granted, it'd be worth it.”

“You can't Geoff, remember the last time.” Susan said with a great deal of concern.

“I have to. I'm not gong back. If they find me, I'm not going with them, I'll fight 'til I have nothing left in me, I'll make them kill me, or I'll kill them. I can't do it. Would you all come with me?”

“We can't. Our families are good, we can't do that to them.” Jared said sadly, the others all nodded as well.

“I know, and I wish I could stay with one of you guys, you all have it way better than I do, and that's sad, since we're all about as useless to those assholes in the castle as cow shit.”

They had all grown up on the wrong side of the river, they could see the castle high up on its hill, overlooking them like they were vermin, and to them, they were, and they all knew it. Even the well paid servants in the castle looked upon them as such.

Everyone on the other side of the river was rich, had money, houses, and most importantly they had food. They employed some of the people on the wrong side of the river, but the vast majority of the people on that side were left to rot. That was what the kids thought at any rate.

“What are you gonna do?” Mikayla asked.

“Go to the rich side, see if I can find someone who'll hire me under the table, I'll be a pleasure boy if I have to, I've done it so many times before, we all have to get food in the belly, I don't care, as long as I get away from here and I don't get beaten every day.”

“What about your wetting problem though?” Cole asked.

“Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will like that sorta thing.” He shrugged, he really did not care.

“Yeah, well the last guy that wanted to diaper me was a real creep, I hope you don't get one of them.” Jimmy said. He too is a bed wetter. A fairly common thing on their side of the river they thought.

“Never really had it before, but really, it's what I need, let's face it, but the assholes would never waste their precious money on me, even though I'm the one who makes most of it. Well, no more, they can fend for themselves. Well guys, thanks so much for everything, I hope I see you again, but not before they die. If anyone asks about me though, you haven't seen me or heard anything from me since yesterday, you know nothing.”

“We know nothing.” They all said and then went and hugged their friend.

Every last one of them wished Geoff a good life, and they all hoped beyond hope that he would make it too, he deserved it. They all wiped their eyes as Geoff walked away, he the most amongst them all, he was leaving the only good thing about his life behind. His friends had been his only solace in his miserable pitiful life. They had helped him out more than anyone or anything, and now he was saying goodbye, and he knew that it would hopefully be forever.

He headed to the bridge, knowing the shortest way to the rich side, he had begged there his entire life, even though he was told never to go across the river. A good looking boy like him had earned more than most, but that he was polite and talked well helped more than anything. Even with never having gone to school, sort of, he is smarter than all his friends, who did go. There was an old man who tutored him, but he had sadly not made it through the last winter, it had been harsher than most, and the old man was well over eighty. Geoff and his friends buried him, they said goodbye to him, no one else knew a thing.

Geoff had loved him more than anyone else in the world though, and the day he found his dear old tutor laying dead in his bed, he shed a happy tear for the man who had finally been allowed to escape. He had been a tutor in the palace when the king was but a boy, he was very well educated, but he had been ejected from the castle and banished for having spanked the young prince when he threw a rather violent temper tantrum and threw a rather large rock at another child of the court and nearly causing him to die. The then king had ejected the tutor immediately, for to strike the prince was forbidden, no matter the reasoning, he knew it, but the little beast deserved it.

Keeping to the shadows as he was used to, Geoff worked his way to the area that he was hoping to make it to. He knew that the people that he wanted were in a particular area, he knew that there was a somewhat underground need for personal servants(though not as underground as the kids thought it was), and boys of his age and looks were many times very well paid for those services. Pleasure boy of course just being one of the many services that he may need to provide. He had done so in the past, his dad had paid a man to teach him the arts of using his body all the way back when he was only five, and he had done so numerous times before. He actually rather enjoyed those times, at least most of the time. He had been purchased by the occasional woman, and that he did not like. Of course he knew what gay was, living where he does and doing what he does, knowledge of that sort does not escape even the youngest ears for very long, and he had learned about it before he was even five.

Just as he was entering the pedestrian walk underneath the belly of the bridge, the alarm bells started going off at the palace, as well as all the churches only a few moments later. Ignoring it, mostly because he did not care, Geoff continued on, figuring that the queen had chipped a nail or the King had misplaced his pleasure boy again. It is a well known fact throughout the kingdom, and possibly the country, that the king had a taste for the young boys, and no one said anything about it. Granted, everyone was certain the queen had her own personal servant, but that is only a rumor.

Geoff continued on, walking the streets for easily two hours, trying to find someone who he could ask to work for. The problem though, everyone was in a mad panic, and no one had the time to stop and talk to a little beggar boy.

Then something happened that he had never expected in his wildest dreams. A palace guard approached him before he could see the man and hide, for he is never to be seen by guards at all. The guard took one look at him, and then heaved a huge sigh of relief. He rushed up to Geoff, and before he could even think of running, the guard had him.

“Let go of me, I didn't do anything, let go.”

“Your Highness, please, I am just trying to get you back to the castle, everyone is worried sick.”

“I'm Geoff, and if my parents are at the castle, then that's the last place I wanna be, now let me go, I'm never going back to them ever again.”

“Very funny Prince George, now, come with me.” He said, and then called it in that he had the prince.

Geoff was unceremoniously tossed into the back of one of the palace cars and the guard got in beside him and then they were off. This was another first for Geoff, he had never been in a car before. He had no idea how he could be mistaken for the prince, but he had to figure out a way to escape, because if he was caught in the castle, the king and queen would clearly know he was not the prince, and then all hell would break loose. The guard kept a firm hold of him at all times though, and within only a few minutes, they were inside the castle gates, and then inside the garage. He was then led inside and to the princes suite. When they arrived, the guard left him with a man that was in his late thirties.

“Oh there you are my prince. We have been worried sick. Your parents were called right away, and they are happy that you were found so quickly. They almost came home right away, but they are on a rather important trip. Now, why did you leave, and why are you dressed so poorly? Also, you seem to have wet yourself, are you not wearing one of your diapers?”

“First of all, what, I am not the prince, my name is Geoff, and are you telling me the prince wears diapers?”

“Please do not fool with me your highness, it has already been a very long morning. I have watched you grow from the time you were a wee baby, I should think I would know who you are by now.” He said and then yelled out the door. “Call the royal diaperer.”

“Who on earth did you just call for?” Geoff asked in shock.

“The young man who diapers you, of course. Please allow him to bathe and dress you appropriately when he arrives, your current state of attire is unbecoming of one of your station.”

Well, Geoff had no idea what the hell to do now. If a man who had known the prince as long as he clearly did could not see that he was not the prince, then he and the prince must look an awful lot alike. His tutor had told him that he had an uncanny resemblance to the king, and looked the spitting image of him when he had been the same age, clearly that was more the case than he could have imagined. The man left the room, and then a few seconds later a boy of about fourteen entered the room, pushing a cart. There were stacks of nice thick diapers, cloths in warming trays, lotion, cream, and even baby powder.

“It is good to see you back your highness, when I came earlier to see how your diaper was, and I could not find you, I thought you were playing hide and seek again. I started to really worry when I could find you nowhere, so I told Master Marcus and we searched together.”

“Marcus, I am assuming that was the man that just left?”

“Of course.” He said in confusion.

“Well, this might come as a bit of a shock to you, but I am not the prince, I have no idea why I am here, and you have to let me go as quick as you can. Please, before this goes any further, if I am caught here, my life will be forfeit. The king will likely kill me rather than jail me, thinking I had something to do with the disappearance of the prince, but I assure you, I know nothing of it.”

“Oh please, I have been changing your diapers since I was six years old, when you asked for an older boy to do so for you, I know your face, your voice, and everything else about you. Now, let us go get you into a nice hot bath and get you all cleaned up.”

“What is your name then?”

“If you really wish to play that game, then fine, I am Gabriel.”

“Well, I guess it is good to meet you Gabriel.”

Geoff was getting frustrated, but finally allowed the slightly older boy to undress him, because as he went to pull away his own clothes, his hands were swatted away.

“You never undress yourself, you always let me do it for you.”

“Yeah, well, not used to this. You might not believe me, but I really am not the prince. I don't know how I can prove it to you though.”

“Play your game if you wish. Would you like me to suck you now or when I am diapering you as usual. It has been hours since the last time, and you do not usually like to hold on.”

“Pardon me?”

“Suck your penis Your Highness.” Gabriel sighed.

“You suck the prince at every diaper change?”

“And usually a couple other times throughout the day too, ever since I started serving you when you were three.”

“You started sucking the prince when he was three, and the king and queen knew about it?”

“Oh course they did, they're the ones who found me. I had to perform my sucking abilities on the king, while you and the queen were watching. Then I had to suck you and prove to you that I was good as well, once your father gave his personal approval.”

“So, the rumors of what happens in the palace are true then.”

“Whatever those outside the palace think happens in here, I assure you, it pales in comparison to how great it really is.” He sighed deeply. “Now, before your bath or during your diaper change as usual?”

“How about both.”

“Now there's the prince I know.” He grinned.

He hit his knees, taking Geoff's pants and underwear with him as he went.

“Where did you get underwear Your Highness? You have never worn them a day in your life.”

“I am not even going to bother answering, you will not listen to me anyway.”

“Fine, be like that, but even your penis is identical, same curve, same length, same thickness, and I cannot wait to suck it again.”

And then he did so. Now, Geoff had been sucked before, his friends and he had played around some, so he was not shocked at the feelings, but he was surprised at just how much better Gabriel was to anyone else before. Never before had someone other than his friends sucked him, the few men or women that had purchased him for an hour or so had never cared about his needs, it had been the same with his friends, hence the reason they helped each other out.

Geoff's young equipment is a good size for a boy his age and size. His young erection is almost eleven centimeters long and about five around, his balls have already started to drop and grow, and they are still hairless and very soft. There is the tiniest hint of peach fuzz just above his young boy tool and the tiniest drop of precum on his tip. He is uncut and his foreskin retracts almost fully when hard, it almost looks as if he is circumcised when he is hard.

As Gabriel sucked Geoff, and he is truly enjoying himself as well, he was rubbing his hands up and down Geoff's entire backside, and then he noticed something that he had never felt on the prince before.

“What are all these bumps and lines on your back and bum?” He asked as he let go and spun Geoff around.

“Probably all the scars and welts from my beatings. My loving parents deem it necessary to give me a good strong dose of loving at least once a day, usually for wetting my plastic sheet and single flimsy blanket.”

“Oh my god, you are really not the prince, are you?” He gasped.

“I kept trying to tell you that.”

“How did you even survive such beatings, you have more scars on your back and bum than I have seen on anyone in my entire life.”

“It is all I have ever known, I do not remember there ever being a day where I did not receive at least one good beating, most days it has been two. This mornings beating was especially bad, because I peed on my so called father as he was beating me again for peeing.”

“That is truly horrible. If you are not the prince though, then where is he?”

“Wish I could tell you, but I have no idea.”

“Why are you dressed so poorly and get horrible beatings, you speak far too well to come from the other side of the river?”

“I had a tutor, he used to tutor the king when he was young, he taught me royal speech and protocol, I have never gone to a real school, my parents did not think I was worth sending, they thought I would be more stupid than they are. So, what happens now, am I going to jail?”

“No, first I am going to finish sucking you, then you are getting a nice hot bubble bath, and then I will get you into a nice thick diaper, and if you want, you can get dressed. The prince only gets dressed if he feels like it or has to for whatever reason, otherwise he stays in just his diapers, it is what he prefers.”

“Why though, I am an impostor?”

“No, you are not, you came in here, telling us who you were and that there was a mistake, you have done nothing wrong, we have for not believing you, and, furthermore, I have a feeling that you are not as mundane as you may believe. There is simply no way that you could look so much like the prince, unless through some trickery, to not be related to him. We will get to the bottom of this, but, for now, so as not to cause panic in the kingdom, you are the prince. I will inform Marcus, and he will gather a small group of guards and search for the prince quietly, but it may be imperative that you say nothing of who you truly are but to Marcus and myself.”

“Oh, you really think that I could be related?”

“It is the only explanation, you could be twins, you are absolutely identical in virtually every way. Now that I know it and am looking at you more closely though, I can see a few very subtle differences, but I would not have really noticed before, until I spent more time with you. Your freckles are ever so slightly different, your eyes are just a tiny bit lighter, your grin is just a smidgen crooked, but it would have taken me time to realize there was a problem. Trust me, had you not told us, and then we figured it out, then you would have more than likely been in trouble.”

“Oh, and you really wanna continue sucking me?”

“Absolutely. It is what I was hired to do, and I love my job very much.” He grinned brightly.

“I cannot blame you, I love sucking as well. Do you do anything else for the prince, and does he ever return the favor to you?”

“I am his full partner whenever he wishes for personal services, for anything, and no, he does not reciprocate.”

“That is horrible, but I understand, no one has ever done anything to make me feel good either, I am being paid to suck them, or if I am lucky, they will fuck me and I make pretty good money doing that, but I have never been sucked before today by anyone who was paying me. My friends and I help each other out, and we all like that.”

“I understand completely, myself and the other personal assistants sometimes enjoy each other too and we all fuck each other, so that we can enjoy too, but the king is very adamant about royalty never giving us any pleasure.”

“Then, how about we suck each other at the same time?”

“I would really like that, truly I would, however, if we were caught, I would be ejected from the palace instantly. I would never be able to work again, I will be banished.”

“Well, I am still sucking you, and if anyone says anything, I am the prince and it is my call.” Geoff grinned wickedly.

“No, it is not, it is the kings, and his orders are to be followed without question. I am sorry, I will not risk it.”

“Then I will not allow you to suck me any further. I will not allow another to be used as I was for the pleasure of others. Until the law is changed, then that is how it shall be.”

“Are you sure. I truly enjoy sucking anyway, to me it is not a job, and I do not feel as if I am being used.”

“I am sure. I know how you feel, I love sucking as well, and I would love to suck you, so, until you let me suck you, I am not allowing you to suck me.”

“Fine, but we better go to your bed chambers, because that door locks.”

“Goody.” Geoff said.

He could not wait to suck the older boy. He knew that Gabriel's cum would taste amazing, most of the boys his age did, and he would get to be sucked as well, which he absolutely loved, especially from Gabriel, who sucked real well.

They entered the bed chamber, it too is incredibly nice, Gabriel locked the door, and by the time he turned around, Geoff was already there to strip him. Geoff, of course, is already naked, but Gabriel had still been fully clothed. It took him only a few seconds to get Gabriel stripped, and when he did so, he was shocked to find the older boy in a diaper as well.

“You wear diapers as well?”

“Yeah, many years ago I was curious as to how they felt. I diapered the prince so many times already by then, but I was curious, so I tried one on, and I liked it. I have not been out of them since. Many of the others here also really like them.”

“Wow, and you are really going to diaper me too?”

“Of course, why would I not. Not only do you need them, but so does the prince, so what he does, so too must you. I guarantee that you will love it though, they are so comfortable. The Pampers company makes these diapers especially for us, I am just sad that I do not fit them as well. This will be the final size they make though, but these ones are also really good, and they fit me better. Not to mention, you really do need them too, you have already dribbled a bit, so clearly you have next to no control, just like the prince.”

“Oh. Well, I guess I will have to try it then, maybe it will be better. Now, come on, we have some serious sucking to do, and we do not want to be interrupted.”

Both boys jumped on the bed, and landed in a classic sixty nine. Geoff pushed down the front of Gabriel's diaper and exposed his hot hairless hardness inside, and he sighed from seeing it. Gabriel is a very good size, roughly twelve to thirteen centimeters long, and about six or so around. He is uncut and his foreskin is taut with his head peeking through. His balls are hairless as well and are dangling sexily in a large soft pouch.

“You have no hair yet, that is sexy.”

“I will never grow hair, I take stuff to stop it from doing so.”

“I hope you still cum then?”

“Oh yeah, that I can do, lots.”

They both grinned and sucked the other in instantly. Geoff showed Gabriel that he too is a world class cock sucker, and within only two minutes, they were both cumming.

“Oh wow, you cum, the prince has not started yet, he has a tiny bit of precum, but he has never actually shot before.”

“I started just two days ago, my best friend was fucking me and jacking me off when I actually wet came for the first time. I was on my back, so it filled up my belly button, and we both tried some and it was so good.”

“Oh yeah, you taste amazing. I wonder if the prince will start soon too then. I know he is real close.”

“You taste amazing as well, easily the best tasting cum I have ever had before, and if he and I are so identical, and he already has precum, then you can bet he will be soon. I only started to see precum two weeks ago.”

“About the same time as the prince then. Well, let me get dressed again, and then we will go get you into a nice hot bath.”

“That would be nice, I have never had a hot bath before. Hell, I am barely allowed to even bath at all, but certainly in nothing more than cold water.”

“That is horrible.”

“That is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Gabriel quickly dressed himself, then led Geoff to the largest and most grand bathroom that he had ever seen or even heard of before. The tub is the size of a hot tub, with what appeared to be roughly a thousand water jets all over the place, there are two taps that can be used to fill it, and they are huge, and when Gabriel turned them on, Geoff could see why. Each spout poured out so much water they looked like fire hydrants, roughly a couple hundred litres of water per minute. At that rate, Geoff figured the massive tub would be full in only about ten minutes. He was not far wrong either.

As soon as the tub was almost full, Gabriel turned on the jets and put just a couple small squirts of a very sweet smelling bubble bath into the water. Almost instantly the water started foaming, causing the air to smell even more sweet. Geoff knew he had smelled the same thing before, but had no idea what it was.

“What is that smell, it smells really nice?”

“Baby powder scent. This is also a foaming oil, so it makes your skin feel very nice and soft, as well it smells very good.”

“I have smelled it before, now I remember why, a couple of my friends when they had little brothers or sisters still in diapers.”

“We go through a lot of it here. The prince loves his daily baths in his special oil. It was formulated especially for him.”

“I bet, and you will go through more now with me here as well.”

“Probably. Go ahead and hop in, the water should be just about perfect. Once you are in and relaxed, I am going to leave you for a bit and go take care of a few things.”


Geoff sighed deeply as he slipped into the deep warm water, and then he felt the jets pulsing away, and he sighed even more. He laid back his head and relaxed almost totally. As soon as Gabriel saw that he was okay, he headed out to go find Marcus and explain to him a few things. As he laid there, Geoff could not help but wondering how they could have gotten so much so wrong down on the poor side. Sure, most of the people there had little money, but the houses, for the most part, were nice, and now that he realized it, sex had always been easy to come by and it never had to be hidden. He could not count the amount of times a customer just took him right to a hotel and had fun with him, and no one ever said anything, though he wondered why almost every time he did so he had to go pee in a cup. He wondered if their perceptions down there had been swayed because the people on this side had money, because so far nothing was anywhere near as bad as they had always dreamed it would be, so far he was enjoying his time, even though he knew it was not going to last.

“Marcus, I need you to come to the prince's room please?”

“Okay, lead the way.”

When they arrived, Gabriel closed the door and ensured that there was no one else in the room.

“So, what did you need to talk to me about our royal diaperer?” Marcus grinned.

“That is not the prince. I know, it looks exactly like him, but it is not.”

“I admit that the way he was acting earlier has been nagging at me, he seemed pretty adamant that he is not the prince, but what makes you believe that. He is absolutely identical in every way possible, he has to be Prince George.”

“I know, but if you look closely, you can spot some minor differences, but what really tipped me off was feeling and then seeing his back and bum. He has been repeatedly beaten and whipped, he has hundreds of scars on both his back and bum, and his bum is so bruised that it is a surprise that he can even sit at all.”

“I thought I noticed his eyes, and even his freckles. The prince has the exact same big dipper like pattern, but I am positive it is on the right side, whereas this boys is on the left.”

“Exactly. Look, I know as well as anyone does just what this could do if it got out, we cannot make a huge fuss or all hell will break loose. We need to find the real prince, but I have told Geoff, that is his real name, that in the meantime, he must act as the real prince. We need to get the most loyal guards we can to go out and very quietly search for the real prince.”

“Shit, I was afraid of that. I think you are correct though, that is exactly what we will need to do.”

“What do you mean you were afraid of that, how could something like this even happen.”

“Someone clearly created him to look just like the prince.”

“I do not believe that is the case. Not only does he not remember ever having had anything like that done to him, but he was absolutely in fear that someone would believe that that was the case and that he would be killed instantly, he begged me to let him slip away quietly. Not to mention, no one would believe that a boy that was supposed to be able to replace the prince would have such scars on his back. There is only one or maybe two explanations that I can come up with. One, he is related to the prince by blood somehow and just has an uncanny resemblance. That is highly unlikely though that they would look so identical. No, I think he is the princes twin. You know the rumor as well as I do.”

“It is but a rumor, and we were forbidden to ever speak of it. To even mention it in front of the king or queen would be to be banished from the kingdom forever. You would forfeit your every right and privilege.”

“Yes, I am aware of that, but I think the evidence sort of speaks for itself, would you not say so.”

“I will do what I can, but speak of none of this to anyone, at all, not even a whisper. Stay with this boy at all times, do not leave his side. I will inform everyone that the prince is sick and that he will have to stay in for a few days.”

“Then you may need to inform the doctor, or he will come running anyway, and you know I cannot bar him entrance, to do so would tip our hand in a way we cannot control.”

“Exactly, and he will want to examine this boy as well anyway.”

“Good point. I will stay with him, I will not even leave his room. Instruct the wait staff to leave our trays by the door and knock, tell them to not even enter.”

“Will do. What will we do if we cannot find the real prince though before the king and queen come home?”

“Bow to them as low as we can possibly go and beg forgiveness, but pray it does not come to that, for banishment will be the least of our worries should it come to that.”

“Would it not be better to inform them right away?”

“Probably yes, but I just called them and told them that we had found him, I really do not wish to make that call. If we find nothing of the real prince by the end of tomorrow, then I will do so, claiming that there is simply no way we could possibly know, even though the young man we have did claim so, we do not wish their wrath to fall upon him any more than is strictly necessary, none of this is his fault at all.”

“I agree.”

Marcus left to go do what he had to do. He went and found the doctor and told him everything that he needed to know. He then put out the word that the prince was very sick, he was feverish and delirious, hence his running away and spouting nonsense. Thankfully very few had heard anything of what Geoff had said, so that was good.

In the meantime, Gabriel headed back to the bathroom to do his duties, even though, technically speaking, he is not duty bound to do anything for Geoff. He still felt that anything he would do for the prince he must do for the boy in his care, for he was certain that somehow, Geoff was his prince's twin.

“How are you doing in here?”

“Mmm, so nice. This is the nicest thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.”

“Glad to hear it. Are you ready for me to wash you up yet, or would you like a few more minutes?”

“I think I would like a few more minutes please.”

“Very well then. I will come back in about ten minutes and see how you are doing then.”

“No, please stay, talk to me. If I have to pretend to be the prince, it would probably be a good idea to know what he is like. For instance, is he a spoiled brat who treats everyone like garbage, or does he treat those around him with kindness?”

“Okay, but you hopefully will not have to worry about that too much.” He said, and then repeated most of the conversation that he had had with Marcus. “As for the prince, I am forbidden to talk poorly of his highness.”

“Ah, I see, so he is a tyrant like his father then. Great.”

“No, far from it. While I can honestly say that I do not always agree with what the king does or says, overall he is a good king. As for the prince, he is royalty, he believes that every one of us is below him, so he treats us as such. He is neither mean nor demeaning to me or anyone that I am aware of, however, but only his mother and father are above him in ruling, so, we must obey.”

“I think that it is demeaning to make someone do something, no matter how much they may enjoy it, without reciprocating. You may feel differently, but that is how it is. I know, I have dealt with it since I was five years old as well. It was always about what they wanted, they were paying, and my feelings never played a part in anything, and to ask or say otherwise meant I usually just got used anyway without being paid at all.”

“I know what you say is true, but it is what I was hired to do, it was explained to me very clearly that no one of a royal status would ever reciprocate, but that I was more than welcome to enjoy all the other servants in the palace. I agreed to the terms of service, and I am paid very well for said services, and I also get treated very well. I am being very well educated, I get excellent room and board, and no one ever beats or berates me. So, trust me, while I understand where you are coming from, it is not where I am coming from.”

“I suppose that is fair. It is what you agreed to. So, what else should I know then, even though hopefully I will not have to continue this charade for long.”

“Until further notice, you will stay within your suite of rooms, I am to be your only actual companion, although the doctor and Marcus will stop by as well, and I am not to let you out of my sight. As for what you need to know about the prince, nothing really. Just looking like him will be more than enough for most people. As long as you do not start ordering people around and making them do things that are against the laws, then all will likely be okay. Not that we will have to worry about that anyway.”

“Fair enough. So, when did you know that you loved sucking other boys?”

“Four or so I suppose. How about you?”

“About the same age actually. That is why my father found someone to train me.”

“Same here. Then this position came up, I fit the bill for what they were looking for, passed all the tests and got the position. So, your father basically made you sell yourself then?”

“Pretty much yeah. I had to beg or offer personal services, whatever the person wanted, I was to offer it. Once when I was six, I went with a woman, she offered to pay me a hundred dollars, I was so happy, I thought my parents would be so happy. She was the worst person I have ever been with, and even though I try not to go with the women anymore because of her, I still have to. I came home that day beaten black and blue, she tore my asshole, and I had to go to the doctors and everything. Oh, and my dad was not impressed, said if I was going to offer to be a punching bag, that I was to take more money, and he spanked me for not bringing home more.”

“Really, you had to go to the doctor because of her and your dad still spanked you?”

“Yeah, but he is kind of an asshole, I am nothing to him, and one day soon, I hope I will get the chance to pay him back.”

“I have a feeling that you will get your chance one day far sooner than you realize.”

They continued talking more and more, really getting to know each other. Finally Geoff felt that he had soaked more than long enough, so Gabriel started gently washing him from head to toe. He paid special care to Geoff's groin and backside, making sure that they were extremely clean, and Geoff sure did not mind the very personal cleaning. Without letting Geoff cum, Gabriel finished off and then instructed Geoff to climb into the shower to rinse off completely, so he did so.

As soon as Geoff was rinsed and out of the shower, Gabriel was there with the thickest and softest towel that Geoff had ever seen, and it was warmed to perfection. Geoff only had to stand still while Gabriel dried him off perfectly, and then he was led back to the bedroom. Gabriel had him lie back on the bed, while he went and grabbed all the diaper change supplies that he was going to need, and then came back to take care of business. Geoff sighed deeply as Gabriel sucked his entire boyish package in.

“Oh man, that feels so good. I hope you plan to allow me to change your diaper and pay you back, because I will.”

A muffled reply was all that could be heard, but Geoff was satisfied by the nod that he saw saying that Gabriel was okay with that. Geoff lasted only thirty seconds or so, he had been so stimulated during his bath that he was already pretty near boiling. With a deep cry, Geoff fed Gabriel another small tasty load of his cum, and Gabriel enjoyed it immensely.

“Wow, you suck so amazingly. Thanks.”

“You taste so good, I would suck you a hundred times a day if I could. Now, let me get you all diapered up.”

Gabriel made quick work of diapering Geoff up, and Geoff loved the feelings. He started by opening up and slipping under his bum the nice thick diaper, he then rubbed in a large dollop of baby lotion to Geoff's soft smooth groin, and then he applied an even thicker layer of diaper rash cream. Geoff was sighing the entire time, it felt so nice. Then his diaper was pulled up and taped closed.

“There you go, how does it feel?”

“Really good, actually.”

“That is good. Now, the prince never even bothers to try and pee anywhere but his diapers, there is simply no point, he says, and I am very certain he loves his diapers as much as I do, though it is not my place to ask. Therefore, you must also only pee in your diapers, so enjoy. Now, change me please.”

They traded places and Geoff stripped Gabriel down to just his diaper, and then he proceeded to untape it and pull it down in the front, exposing the fact that Gabriel was very much looking forward to this. Geoff bent down and sucked in all that he could of the older boy, and then proceeded to suck him for only thirty or so seconds, until he too exploded and fed Geoff his sweet boy cream. Geoff then changed Gabriel in the same way, following the instructions of the older boy as he did so, so as to do it correctly.

“Thanks, that was really nice. You did a great job on my diaper, and an even better job of sucking me fully.”

“You are welcome, but thanks to you as well for the same reasons. I think I am going to really learn to love wearing diapers already. I already had to go pee, so I just let it go, now my diaper is nice and warm and squishy, it feels amazing.”

“It only takes a day or so to become a diaper lover, maybe longer, but I doubt it.”

“It has taken me just a few minutes to already start liking them, I doubt it will take a whole day to start loving them. I mean, I have always known that I need diapers, especially at night, but clearly that was never going to happen. It will suck when I have to leave here and I will have to figure out a way to buy diapers, because no matter what, I want some for bedtime.”

“Let us not worry about what is to come. If I am right, then things may just work out for the better for you, however, I am not going to say anything further at this time, because it is only a hunch, and I do not wish to raise your hopes.”

“My hopes were shattered years ago, I now just go with the flow and try and make my life as good as possible. Nothing you could say to me would make me hope, not now, maybe even ever.”

“That is possibly one of the most sick things I have heard from you today, and I have heard some very sick things from you.”

“Yeah, well, what can I say, I am just a great big ray of sunshine.” He laughed.

“At least you can laugh.”

“Only because of my friends.”

Just then there was a knock at the door, so Gabriel headed to the door and called through.

“This is Gabriel, assistant to the prince, I am sorry, but the prince is sick, I have been given explicit instructions to open this door for no one. Please try again tomorrow.”

“It is okay Gabriel, it is I, the prince's doctor. Please let me in.”

Gabriel opened the door right away.

“Thanks Gabriel, that was perfect. So, Marcus has filled me in on the particulars the way we know it and the way you feel about it. There will be no need to tell me anything. Where is the young man now?”

“His name is Geoff, and he is in his bed chamber.”

“Perfect. Feel free to come along, I will be doing a full checkup on him, so your services may be required.”

“Will do Doctor.”

The doctor led the way to the bed chamber to find Geoff there, nervously waiting for them. He had heard the conversation, he had went and listened at the partially open door.