Chapter 11

Since all had a very good night the night before, they pretty much all slept in. The king and queen and their assistants, though, had waken up first. This is pretty common. They did not, however, go and wake up the boys. They knew that the boys had had a late night playing, why would they not, really, but they knew that today is going to be a very long day for them as well, so they felt that to let them sleep would be for the best. It was well after nine am when the boys finally started to stir.

“Man, I need breakfast and a diaper change something fierce.” Geoff groaned out when he finally came to, only Asher and Tyler were still asleep.

“Same.” Rang out from the rest of them.

“Yeah, we better wake up the other two, get changed, and then order some breakfast.”

“How about we order breakfast first, then change, that way it will be less of a wait over all.” George said.

“That sounds good. I will call it in today, what would everyone like?”

They all called out what they wanted, so Geoff went and called the kitchen and told them what all to bring. By the time he made it back to their play room, the others were now all awake, and they were all sitting up. Someone had clearly hopped up and grabbed everything for a mass diaper change, because it was all piled in the centre, ready and waiting.

“Oh goody, diaper changes. I am pretty sure I do not even have to say anything, but I could stand to drain at least one load of cum this morning before breakfast as well.”

“Hell yeah.” They all said.

They got into pairs and into a sixty nine. They all buried their faces into the soggy diaper of their partner, pleasuring each other in this way for just a few moments before pulling down the front of the diaper covering what they really wanted, and then they went all the way, sucking their partners in as much as they possibly could, which, for all these boys, was everything their partners had, and even a couple ball sacks as well.

They lasted maybe a minute before they all started cumming, and when one did, the sounds caused the rest of them to explode as well. Well, one orgasm was not enough, because not one of them even detached slightly, nor did they even stop sucking after they came, they just kept right on going, sucking away happily.

After two amazing orgasms, they felt that they were all ready to face the day, so they proceeded in changing each others very wet double diapers. Of course, this job was much easier now that they were not all hard. A hard dick makes for a hard diaper change, after all. They all received a good load of baby lotion, an even better portion of diaper rash cream, and then a nice healthy sprinkling of baby powder before they were all taped up and ready to go.

“Ah, much better. How much better could life be. A hot gay baby boy orgy and a fresh diaper to start the day right.” George sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm.” Everyone else sighed just as deeply as well.

Before they could even do anything else, the knock at the door arrived, signaling to them that their breakfast was there, so a couple of the boys hopped up and went and grabbed it all. It was brought to the table, where everyone else headed as well, then they realized they did not have enough chairs. The table was also just barely large enough to fit them all when more chairs were brought in, and only the fact that they did not mind being elbow to elbow were they even able to fit at all. Both prince's though were thinking that a new table and more chairs would be a really good idea.

They did dig on and ate all their food quickly and as efficiently as any group of teen and preteen boys possibly could. When they were done, the cleaners were called, and the boys headed out to find the king and queen. They were found in a lounge just down from their bedroom, sitting back, relaxing, listening to some soft classical music. The girls were there with the queen.

“Good morning boys. Looked like you were having a good time this morning when we checked in on you.?” The queen said.

“Mmmhmm, our diaper changes are usually pretty good.”

“As they should be. A diaper change that does not involve at least one good orgasm is not a very good diaper change in my books.” She laughed.

“No kidding, but I am of the belief that there should be at least two, each.” The king laughed.

“Yes, well you always were a dirty slut.”

“Why thank you my lady, that is possibly the nicest thing you have said to me in days.” He mock bowed from his chair.

“You are most welcome.” She laughed.

“Yeah, well, we are the same, two is about right for a diaper change. Any less and you just are not trying hard enough.” Geoff giggled.

“No kidding.” Pretty much everyone said as one.

“So, what do we have to do now before the party starts?” Geoff asked.

“Nothing much. We will have a light lunch at noon, then we will go to the seamster and have him make sure everything is perfect, and he and several servants and or assistants will help us to get dressed. Until then, may I suggest you all just relax. It is going to be a very long day, with a lot of excitement, and if you do not take the time now to relax, you will not make it through the evening. No one expects you to make it right to the end, and we would be surprised if you did make it until midnight, but you do not wish to bow out too early either. Pretty much every hour there is some sort of performance, and as the night goes on, they get better and better, so, the longer you can stay awake, the better.”

“Okay. What do we do if we need to relieve a little pressure during the party?” He asked again, because this was to be his first ever party, so he had no idea.

“What everyone else does, of course. Excuse yourself for a few minutes, take a boy of your choice, find an empty room nearby and drain each other. You may as well change your diapers during that time as well, most do, or go to the washroom if they are not inclined to wear a diaper, though I have no idea why any would not, but some people are just weird that way.” The king laughed.

“No kidding. Okay, that sounds good. Mind if we sit back and join you guys then?”

“Sure, just try and keep a little quieter, I would like to lay back and listen to the music, it is very relaxing.” The queen answered.

“Same.” Pretty much everyone else said.

So the boys all took a seat, most of the couples taking a love seat and cuddling up to each other. Those who did not have a love seat left to use, just sat two to a chair and cuddled that way. It helped that the smallest boys took the chairs. For nearly an hour and a half, they just sat there, cuddling their partners, listening to the music, and it was very relaxing. They did talk softly amongst themselves at times, but, for the most part, it was silent other than the music.

“Well boys, what say we go get us some lunch, and then we should all go get ready for the party.” The king said when it was time.

Everyone got up and headed to the informal dining hall together, since they were all in just their diapers, and when they arrived, they had a good meal. The king had told them to have a good lunch for them all and at what time, so they had it ready to go, because he knew that they would not have time to wait now.

From the dining hall, they all headed to the seamster to get their suits or dresses on. There were plenty of people there to help everyone to get properly attired. Everyone got their diapers changed first, every last one of them getting the full royal treatment there, well duh right, getting lotion, cream, and powder, and then a nice thick diaper. Diaper shirts were next, only the softest and stretchiest most comfortable cotton for these, only the boys got these, because the girls would be wearing tights and body suits, which they also got then. The boys were then helped into their perfectly pressed and tailored shirts in their chosen colours, and then their socks and pants. Everything was tucked in perfectly, no creases were allowed anywhere at all. Belts were put on, and ties were knotted, and then their brightly polished shoes were laced up. The girls received their slips and then their dresses. Next they all went next door to have the hair dressers and makeup artists take care of all that, though the boys all chose to skip the makeup. Once the boys were done, they headed back next door to have their jackets put on, and then they were done up and deemed perfect.

“Now, there are two more items that two of you are in need of, if you would please, I will install the final two items on my sons. George, you may have already guessed what is about to happen, it is always the way, once you are a man, you get these two things bestowed upon you.” The king said.

“I do.” His voice wavered.

Geoff saw instantly why when the seamster came back in, holding two very luxurious looking royal purple capes and two thin crowns. The capes are a very fine velvet with a crisp white rabbit fur trim. Into the velvet itself had been painstakingly carved their family's crest and motto, but unless you looked right at it, you could hardly tell it was there at all. The crowns are very simple, yet elegant. They are a small golden band, triple braided white and yellow gold combined, each thread of the braid roughly five millimeters in size. Every twenty five or so millimeters a small perfectly cut stone of various sorts were set into the braid. There are diamonds and rubies, sapphires and opals, even andalusite, axinite and even some red beryl, as well as a few perfect tiny pearls, though none of the kids knew half the gems on them.

“Yes, I thought you might. You knew that when, and only when, you became a man, that you would get to wear the royal dress, and only on special occasions. That goes for you as well Geoff. It is now my duty and my honour to present to you both the cape and the crown that make you princes.”

First to Geoff, because he is the eldest, he affixed the cape over Geoff's shoulders, and clasped it on. The clasp for the cape is made in almost the exact same way, just in smaller form, as the crowns themselves are made. He then placed the crown upon Geoff's head, both had tears in their eyes. He then did the same for George, and he too had tears in his eyes.

“You both look absolutely stunning. If you cannot be wearing just a diaper, which you look far better in, in my opinion anyway,”

“And mine too.” Nearly everyone said.

“Yes yes. Now, like I was saying. If you cannot be wearing just a diaper, then this is a damn close second. Go look at yourselves in the mirror boys, you deserve this.”

They did so, though why they bothered to, neither really knew, all they had to do was look at each other and they would see, because they really are that close in appearance.

“Wow.” They both said as one almost a minute later.

“Yes, exactly.”

Just then the queen and the girls entered, they were all ready as well and looking very good. The seamster came in then carrying the kings and queens capes and crowns. The capes are identical in every way to the boys', only larger, of course, but the crowns are different. The queens crown is far closer in resemblance to the boys', only it is made of three sets of three golden braids, so there is far more detail, and her gems are larger and set closer together. The kings crown though is larger still, and has even more gems and placed closer still.

“Wow, would you look at that.” Geoff said in awe. “May I hold the kings crown for a moment?”

“Of course.” The king said, then took it off the cushion and presented it to his son, only this time it was not formally so, such as it will be in the not too distant future.

Geoff took the crown and gazed at it, seeing and feeling every detail.

“My god, it is truly gorgeous, is it not. It is really quite heavy, but not too bad, and the workmanship on it is second to none. How much does this thing cost?”

“It is far heavier than you can imagine, for with it comes the weight of an entire country. Some days wearing this crown it feels like the weight of the world. As for cost, far more than you could even fathom. In my crown are some of the worlds most rare and perfect gems available, in fact, the few diamonds in it, which are perfect in every way, are amongst the least expensive of the gems. I have no pearl in mine, and the rest are so expensive, that this crown is worth well over a hundred million dollars. Each of you boys' crowns are probably worth ten to fifteen million, and your mothers is probably thirty to forty now. These were made decades ago now, the old crowns were melted down and remade, new gems were added and more gold was added. Back then, when we were amongst our most prosperous ever, these were the single most expensive items ever produced in this country. They still are, for that matter.”

“Oh, wow, and I do not doubt you in the least, and the reason why I would never wish to wear it.” Geoff said, looking more than just a little green.

“You will do just fine, you will make an excellent king, far better than I ever could be, because you know more now than I ever knew before I became king.” He said, grabbing Geoff by the shoulder and looking him right in the eye while doing so.

“I know nothing.”

“Exactly. I thought I knew everything, I thought I was perfect, I thought I was going to be the best there ever was or ever would be. Yeah, I received a bitter slap to the face I tell you. I was nowhere near ready, but it was my time. When I think you are ready, and when you think you are ready, I guarantee will be two different times, but I will not make a mistake in this, when I decide to retire, it will be because I know you are ready. Truth be told, you could probably already do it, you would just need your brothers help, which I know he would be happy to give to you.”

“Oh.” He said again, looking even more green now.

“We better stop this conversation Father, before he goes and throws up all over his nice clothes.” George said.

“Good idea.”

The king and queen then took the others cape and crown and placed them on each other. Now they are a full matching family. The boys' suits are the same as their fathers, and they all look ravishing, while the queens dress is stunning in its simplicity. It is long and formal, made of the finest silk anywhere, and the bodice, which is cut low, is all hand crocheted with several pearls in it to make a neat design. The top is very form fitting, showing off the queens long thin body and well presented chest, while the bottom is long and free flowing. Her shoes are simple low heels in a matching colour to her dress, which is a soft cream colour. With her rich purple cape on, it looks incredibly elegant.

“Wow, you look nice like that, and I am not even the tiniest bit straight.” Geoff said.

“Thanks Sweety, same for you.” She smiled warmly.

The rest of the boys had been outfitted pretty much identically to the prince's and king, while the girls had very similar dresses on, the only differences are that they are not quite as detailed, and the design of each one is slightly different. Girls, of course, cannot possibly wear the same dresses you know.

“Well, we have less than ten minutes to make it to the ball room, it would appear is if we are all ready to go, so what say we get this show on the road.” The king said.

Everyone was okay with that. All the parents of the kids, as well as all the rest of the guests would already be there and waiting for them. The king and queen were to enter promptly at two, so everyone else was supposed to be there already. Even Evan was going to get to come to his first royal ball, because he is going as Asher's date, they are both excited. There are nearly three hundred people already seated in the ball room, waiting for them to all arrive. The boys who were coming as dates, but were not royalty were all told to go on in and be seated, and they left. At exactly two o'clock, the new knights were told to go ahead and enter the ball room, and they did so, and then the royal crier called out.

“Please rise for the king, queen and the crown princes of (insert the name of whatever country you so desire here. I chose Cumsilvania)”

Everyone rose from their seats and stood still and silent. As soon as the crier rapped his staff on the ground three times, the boys were prodded to lead the procession, and then three steps behind, their parents followed. They entered and then went and sat down, boys first, and then the parents. Once they were seated, the crier rapped his staff a further three times, and declared that everyone may now be seated, and they did so. Prince George's knights were seated at the very head table directly in front of them, and then behind, everyone else was seated. There is no assigned seating, with the exception of the head table, and of course the royal table, so everyone had just sat where they wished to sit.

Upon the dais there is now placed a large table for the family to eat at, and then from the dais to the start of the tables is an empty space of about ten meters for the dance floor. All the doors leading to the gardens are open and the afternoon breeze and sunlight are filtering in. The smells of both the foods cooking in the kitchen and the beautiful flowers outside combine to make an aroma that people only wish they could bottle and sell.

Almost as soon as everyone was seated, fifteen boys dressed in perfect servants uniforms exited the kitchen, each of them carrying a bottle of Champagne. Four headed to the royal table first, the rest hit the knights table, and then, once all the glasses were filled, they started filtering through the remainder of the crowd. The boys had to go back several times to grab more bottles, which were of course perfectly chilled, and were opened and waiting for them. Once the boys were all back in the kitchen, having given everyone a glass of Champagne, the king rose.

“Welcome today for this our annual celebration of the summer solstice. Every year we gather and celebrate the prosperity of our great kingdom and all that we have to be thankful for. Today, though, we get to celebrate far more than we could have ever dreamed possible. All of you here know the story of yesteryear, how we lost our beautiful baby boy, far too soon. He died, we knew that, he was dead and buried, but then, his grave was found to be empty. We were beside ourselves, we searched, but there was simply nothing we could do, he was dead, and who would want to steal the body of a baby. We forbade all from even mentioning that horrible time, it was too hard to bear. Never in all our dreams did we even possibly think that Geoff was still alive, never in all our darkest nightmares could we have known what had happened to him. Even still, we have no idea how it happened, or even who was behind it, and though we are searching, there are so many years in between, and the person who did know is long dead. Now, however, we celebrate the return of our son, our eldest son, first in line to the throne, our prince, Prince Geoffrey Christopher Zachary Loveboy the first.”

He raised his glass, took a sip, and everyone else followed suit after a good cheer.

“Not only did we receive our son, but two more glorious things happened almost simultaneously. Within days, only mere hours of each other, our sons became men the other day and shot their first loads of cum. It was witnessed and verified, now our two princes are here before you in their royal garb, to show off that they are now men and can rule this kingdom when the day comes that I wish to retire. To my princes, my young men, congratulations.”

He raised his glass, took a sip, and everyone else followed suit after a good cheer.

“Yes, they deserve your hearty cheers, and they so desire to show off this fact, but later. You will all get to witness it first hand, which we all feel is the way it truly should be. However, that is for later. While we were away, many of you were told that our little trouble maker, Prince George, ran away. It is true, he did, he wished to go and sight see without being saddled with all that he would normally be. Who could fault him for such a thing, for I did no less when I was his age. Bull headed and stubborn, we are too much alike it seems. However, the story gets far more interesting.” And then he told the abridged tale of what transpired.

“Because of the considerable help and care that his new friends gave to him while he was being beaten far more than even a stubborn old mule should ever deserve, it was Prince George's desire to honour his new friends with a knighthood. Being a man of sound body and mind himself now, I have decided to grant this wish. So now, would those rise who are my sons first knights.”

All of them rose and stepped around their table and toward the dais. Once more they were all lined up, same as before, and same as before as well, Prince George got to get up and perform the ceremony, only this time in front of all the kids' families, as well as many other members of royalty. He stumbled a couple times, but he laughed, corrected, and kept on going, same as his father had done a couple times already this afternoon. The king then grabbed a box from behind his chair, passed it to George, who then took the medals that he was to pin on his friends' chests, and he did so. This now made them full knights with all the rights and privileges. Technically speaking though, Tyler is too young to receive this full honour, since he is not yet capable of cumming, but no one was questioning that, they all felt that he would soon anyway, and it was not like he would be giving any orders any time soon. All the parents were so proud and all had tears in their eyes.

“You did very well there George, congratulations.”

He raised his glass, took a sip, and everyone else followed suit after a good cheer.

As soon as all were seated once again, the king stood back up and continued.

This time he talked about their country, how well they had done in the past six months, how prosperous they all were, how well the growing season was going and how it was hoped to be one of the best ever. He talked about how many babies were born and how many people had passed away, and the celebration of the circle of life. He talked about how unemployment was down and income was up, how he was happy to have not had to have taxes raised once in more than five years and how even their poverty level was getting lower. He went on about how drug and alcohol addiction is at an all time low and how much happier and healthier everyone is, because everyone works to make everyone happy.

He then told everyone of their plans to beautify the city even more and how they were adding more new houses, parks, trees and flowers, everything. He encouraged all that were business owners to hire just one more person each, telling all how it would help their economy even more, and to ramp up production in certain areas, because he wanted to export just a little more this year. He made sure that everyone was still on the same page as he was on quality, everything was to be of the highest quality possible, and they all were.

It is pretty much the exact same thing he says every six months, with a couple extra additions this time. He had never had such a large project started, most everything was already running well and smoothly before he took over. Of course he had had things changed and built or torn down, but never so much at one time. He was not worried about the price though, they were in a surplus, so they had more than enough to spend on it all.

Almost every business in the country had posted excellent profits as well, so they are in very good shape, hence the reason for the king telling them to hire more people. In the end it would take a little more stress off of all those that are working and a lot more off those that are not working, and everyone would be far better off because of it. Finally he raised his glass to everyone in the country doing their part to make them all happy, and they all drank to that.

“Now, my young sons, you wish to prove to those gathered here today that you are now men and are capable of making your own decisions. Please step forth and do as you desire.”

“Oh goody.” They both said.

Public masturbation would absolutely mortify most boys, just not these, nor most in the country, here it is very much celebrated for a young boy to reach his very first full wet orgasm, and they normally love showing that off. Every man, woman, and child sat and watched with rapt attention as the boys stood on the dais in front of the table, pushed the front of their pants down, revealing their diapers, and then they undid their diaper shirts, pulled them up, and then pushed down the front of their diapers.

They are already rock hard, their nearly eleven centimeter long erections pointing straight into the waiting crowd. They each grasped their own erection and started stroking, showing that they are no stranger to the age old tradition of self gratification. All children learn that very early on in life. They lasted at most two minutes, stroking themselves long and slow, to try and hold off, and as soon as one exploded, so did the other, and the crowd cheered.

The boys shot their meager loads into their own hands, proudly showed off the nearly three milliliters of sweet boy cream to the crowd, and then they each grasped the others hand, brought it to their own mouth, and ate happily of the others seed, bringing on yet another round of cheers. There is no one in the entire country who would have thought this to be gross or any such nonsense, for they all feel that cum is a wonderful thing, and most everyone enjoys lapping up as much as they can possibly get, boys and girls alike, whether gay or straight. Though the gay girls do not get it as often, or rarely, though even they still enjoy it on the rare occasion that they get to try some.

The boys straightened themselves back up, pulled their diapers up, did their diaper shirts back up, did their pants back up, and then went and joined their parents.

“Very well done Boys. You proved to everyone here that you are now men and are to be treated as such.”

“Thanks Father.” They both said.

“Now for refreshments.” The queen called out, and all the boys were out once again.

This time every boy was carrying a brightly polished silver tray with an assortment of finger foods on it. Each piece looked delicious and perfect in every way. As they were going around the room, the rest of the kitchen staff started bringing out a few trays with other assorted foods on it. These trays though were set onto the serving tables so that people could go and dish up whatever they desired, when they desired to do so. There are ten different salads, a dozen forms of cold cut meats, fifteen different cheeses cut in slices or cubes, or some simply with a spoon in it. The farmers make some of the worlds finest cheeses, and they are on full display now. There are crackers and buns, fruits and vegetables, dips and spreads, you name it, it is probably there.

Pretty much as soon as the food came out, everyone stood up to start talking. The king, queen and both princes left their table to go join in with their guests and mingle about. They would sit at tables and talk to everyone, they would dance with whomever was there and wanted to dance, for the music had started when the food came out. The band that is playing is very good, there are more than fifty of them playing, so it sounds very nice.

Both princes were talked to a lot by all the adults, congratulated on several things, but mostly their entrance to manhood, but of course Prince Geoff's having been found finally as well. In the crowd of guests are royalty, so they are pretty much all related to the boys in some form or another, mostly cousins so many times removed they lost count, but they did have an aunt as well, and two cute little cousins, a two year old boy and a four year old girl. George had, of course, known them his whole life, but this was, understandably, Geoff's first time meeting them.

Many of the guests are from the local government. The king and queen have the final say in almost anything, and their votes mean far more than anyone elses, but the government runs the day to day operations of the country, for the most part, but they all answer to the king himself. They are all elected by the people of the country, and while many are royalty in some form, many still are not. Most of them are the local representatives of each of the thirty towns and cities that are scattered throughout the country. The rest of them are higher up and work directly with the king.

Then there are the good friends of the king and or queen who are always invited to every ball, and they were most interested in meeting Geoff and talking to him.

The boys were pulled in so many directions, so many times they lost track of what they were doing countless times. Finally they went and sat at their table, the only place where no one else was allowed to come and talk to them. They had grabbed a plate of food each before doing so, and sat there and ate a bit.

This is how the first four hours went. The speeches took almost an hour, the knighting ceremony took almost an hour, and cumming of age took only a few minutes, and the rest of it was just walking and talking, so they needed a rest. The king and queen both came and joined them a few minutes later with their own food.

“How are you holding up Geoff?” The queen asked.

“Okay, considering I am starting to feel like a dog toy tossed into a pack of dogs.”

“Welcome to the life of royalty. Everyone always wants to be seen talking to us. You have it worse this time, because of what has happened, but you will be fine. It is almost six and the first show is about to start, so you may as well stay here, and watch the show.”

“I understand. I do not like it, but I do understand. What will the first show be?”

“It will be a surprise.”

At just a few seconds after six, the band finished the piece they were playing, and they all bowed out to go take a well deserved break. As they were exiting, a new group of performers entered, and they were all dressed colourfully. All twelve of them were in spandex outfits of varying colours and patterns. George grinned brightly and told Geoff that he was going to enjoy this.

They all set up, and then with a deep bow to the head table, they started their performance. Geoff got to witness his first circus performance, and he thought it was utterly amazing how the men and women, and even a couple kids, jumped, flipped, caught, and stacked each other. They did a juggling performance that had Geoff, as well as many others, wondering how the hell anyone could even concentrate that much and not get hit with the hatchets and knives they were juggling. The balance, strength and grace in which they did all this was truly astonishing though, and Prince Geoff was the first to stand and clap, and the loudest in his cheering. They all bowed and then left. They had performed for almost exactly forty five minutes.

“My god, that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.” Geoff said happily.

“It was excellent, to be sure, but the best is yet to come. The ten o'clock show should be truly spectacular, they usually are.” The king said.

“No way could anything be better than that.”

“Just you wait and see. There is a fifteen minute break, so now would be a good time to refill your plate and cup if you want or need anything more.”

They all did so, and then went and sat back and waited.

The next show started at seven, and they too were amazing. This time it was a magician and his two stunningly hot ten year old boy assistants. Once more Geoff was astounded, and had no idea how he had done what he had done, even though he was trying to see, he tried so hard he missed things a few times, yet still he could not see how he was doing it.

They had another fifteen minute break, at which time most of the kids changed their diapers, they just did so right in the center of the dance floor, no one cared, the king and queen laughed, but they went for a change at the same time, only they did at least go somewhere more private.

The next show started promptly at eight and this was a one man act, though he had a lot of actors with him, just in puppet form. Once more, Geoff had no idea how the man did what he did. He made the puppets sound so life like and real that he often forgot that the man was doing it himself. He made them sing and act, and not only was he an excellent ventriloquist, but he was an amazing singer as well. Once more Geoff was the loudest in his cheering when the man finished and bowed to the head table.

They went and grabbed a little more food and drink as they waited, and then at nine the next show started. This time it was a single lady who controlled animals. She had some beautiful animals, a tiger, a lion, a cougar, a wolf, and a bear. She had the animals dancing together, even singing, in their own way, the bear rode a bike, and they did all sorts of neat things.

Another break, and then at ten sharp, the boys were both eagerly anticipating what was to come next, because they were promised it was the best of the night, and, incidentally, the last. After they were done, the band would play for the last hour before the end of the party. This time a troupe of boys entered, if Geoff had to guess, he would say there were sixty or more of them. They were all dressed in nothing but a simple white gown, they were all bare footed, and if the bulges in the fronts of their gowns said anything, they were wearing nothing underneath either, though a few of the bulges were likely diaper bulges as well. The youngest appeared to be no older than seven, and the eldest no more than thirteen. The band did set back up with them and Geoff suspected they must be a boys choir.

The band started, and then the boys began to sing, and Geoff now understood what his father meant, because, without a doubt, this was the most awe inspiring performance of the entire night. The boys were simply amazing, and the man leading them knew just how to make each boy sound perfect. The band was a perfect compliment to the boys, and together the most stunning music was played. Geoff actually found that he had tears in his eyes a couple times from the beautiful sound, but then he saw that he was not the only one. When they finished their final song, they were the only performance to receive a full on standing ovation that lasted not less than five minutes. They all bowed to the head table, and then filed out.

“My god, they were beautiful, now I know why you kept them until last.”

“Exactly. Our boys choir is the very best in the entire world. The boys all truly love what they do, and it shows. Now we mingle and dance the rest of the night. Come, we have sat for too long and need to move again. How are you boys holding up though?” The king asked.

“Really good.” They both said.

“Good. Ready to go to bed yet?”

“Getting tired, but I am still good until the end of the party. It is only another hour. I would like to go wander the gardens for a few minutes though.” Geoff said.

“Mind if I join you?” George asked.

“Sure, let us go get our boyfriends, then a drink and a couple bites of food and go.”

They went and did just that, and then enjoyed a walk in the gardens. The trees were all lit up beautifully, the statues too, the walkways were easy to follow, and they had a nice relaxing walk, holding their boyfriends' hands.

At just a few minutes to twelve, the king stood and got everyone's attention once more.

“As much as we wish that this evening could go on forever, it is now time for us to call it a night. We wish you a safe trip home, thank you for coming, and have a good night.”

They all headed to their bedrooms, stripped off all their clothes, laid down in a sixty nine with their partners to blow off a little pressure before bed, sucked each other twice, changed their diapers, and then passed out cold until very late the next morning.