Chapter 12

It was nearing ten thirty the morning after the ball when the first of the boys woke the next morning. It was with no surprise though that more than half the boys had leaked throughout the night. They had had a lot to drink and a long sleep, but this was not an issue. They all said yuck and got up and dealt with it. Even those that did not leak were so close to leaking that they may as well have. They all stripped off their diapers right away, sucked each other a pair of times, and diapered right back up, all before even leaving their beds, almost all of which had been wet, but they did not even care a little.

“I see we are all in fresh diapers. I pissed so much throughout the night I leaked. I can only assume, because you are all in fresh diapers, that you too all leaked, or were very close to it as well?” George said when they all met in his main seating area.

“Oh yeah.” They all said, also adding whether they leaked or were just real close.

“I can honestly say I do not miss sleeping in a wet bed though.” Geoff said, because he was probably the one to have leaked the most out of all of them.

“No one does, but it happens, and at least we have awesome diapers that hold lots, so that that does not happen often.” George said.

“Too true. Shall we get some breakfast?”

“Absolutely. I am famished.”

Breakfast was ordered, and much too late for them all it was finally delivered, and they all dug in. They were still hungry, so they called and asked for a large fruit platter to be sent up as well. When it was delivered, they polished that off as well. Finally ready to face the day, they headed out to find the king and queen.

“You boys stink, you should have gone and had showers?” The queen said, wrinkling her nose.

“I am sure we do, we pretty much all leaked, and those of us who did not, slept with someone that did. We were not too worried about it though, we were just coming to see if you guys wanted to come join us in swimming for a while?” George said.

“Sadly no, we have work to be done, but our assistants would likely enjoy that, so go and ask them.” She said.

“Oh, what do you have to do?” Geoff asked.

“Oversee the cleanup from yesterday, send out the payments for the performers, the thank you cards to the guests, and to sit and have lunch with all the kitchen and wait staff to thank them for their outstanding work.”

“Oh, well better you than me.” Geoff giggled.

“Yes, well too soon in your books it will be you, so just watch it boy.” She grinned.

“Shit.” He sighed.

“Know how you feel kiddo. Why do you think we are the only kingdom in the world where the king willingly retires and gives the throne to his son. We like to sit back and enjoy ourselves as well.” The king said.

“I know. Always wondered how all those kings and queens could take the stress for so long and not crack.”

“Who knows. It is a lot though, and we have a small kingdom.”

A few seconds later and the kids were all on their way, collecting all those others that cared to join them as well. They were all in fairly fresh diapers, yet they did not care in the least, because as soon as they made it to the pool, they all stripped bare and went and showered, cleaning each other well, using lots of soap and hands to clean each other. Hands were everywhere, no one was cleaning just one person in particular, they were all helping each other. At least the boys were helping the boys, and the girls were helping the girls. No one came though, which was somewhat of a surprise, but they were all tired still and they had already drained themselves well, but they were all very hard too by the time they were finished.

With a large splash, every last one of them jumped into the pool at the same time and swam lazily. They only swam for a few minutes before hopping into the hot tub, and then from there they talked happily. Every once in a while a couple or a few would go sit in the sauna or the steam room, or maybe go swim again, or even a few times a couple would go to the massage table and massage each other. Though a few of the massages were for more personal reasons, yet no one minded in the least, and they all watched, of course.

Once they were all swam out, they went and showered again, dried off, diapered each other, and then went and found something else to do. They pretty much played all day, all of them having fun, but not doing too much, because they were all pretty tired.

That night though, before bed, they got together, well most of them anyway, and had a good time in the new play room. After fucking for nearly two hours, they were all well worn out again, so they diapered each other, before heading to their own beds for the night, none of them wishing to sleep on the floor again.

They all had a really good sleep, curled into their partners, and they all woke up feeling very refreshed once again the following morning.

The next couple days went by, and all the kids were back in class for the most part of the day, but they were all learning a lot. The newest kids were already getting used to speaking correctly and hardly ever had to correct themselves or be corrected either. Every day more history was told, more science was taught, and they were working on math and language as well. The king was always there for history the lesson, he is always the one to teach it, but it had been felt that he and the queen were no longer needed there, for the most part, because everyone could help out now and learn with just Marcus.

They had a few good diaper changes throughout the day, and a good play session every night, they played other games as well, going outside and having fun as well, and all around they were just being kids. Friday afternoon, just after the kids were released from their tutoring, the king came up to them.

“Now, I have no doubts that you all remember that we are having guests arrive shortly. They are due to arrive at any time. You are all dressed well enough to receive guests, so follow me and we will go and meet them as soon as they arrive.”

“Excellent.” George said happily.

They headed to the royal reception area and awaited their guests. The man, an ambassador from Canada, well into his thirties, and good looking, entered shortly after, holding the hands of his two absolutely adorable young sons. The boys are nine years old, they have shaggy curly blond hair, bright blue eyes, rosy red lips, cute little button noses and matching dimples in their chins. While they too are identical, there are enough differences in their appearances that one would be able to tell them apart fairly easily. The boy holding his dads right hand has freckles on his cheeks, whereas the one on the left has freckles on his nose. The one on the right has big dimples, whereas the other has none. The one on the left has braces, whereas the other does not, though his teeth look as if he probably could use them as well, because he has a very cute little crooked toothed grin. Their heads are also a little different shaped, one sightly more oval than round like the others.

“Your Majesty, it is good to see you again.” He bowed, and both boys joined him.

“It is good to see you as well. You are looking well.”

“Thanks, as are you. These are my sons, they are nine years old, so may I present to you Marshall (on his right) and Michel (clearly on the left).” He said as he pointed to each in turn.

“It is good to meet you two. Our sons and their friends would be happy to show you around and teach you all there is to know about the palace. If you kids would, please show them around, give them the royal treatment.”

“Oh father, everything we do is the royal treatment, even if we were to beat them, it would be the royal treatment.” George sighed mockingly.

The two boys giggled.

“Well, yes, I suppose that would be true. You guys all run along and have fun.”

“Okay Father, you too.” Geoff said, and the two princes went and grabbed the hand of one of the boys and led them away.

“Let us go to our bedroom so that we can get changed out of these uncomfortable clothes.” George said.

“Huh, how can they be uncomfortable, they're just simple pants and a shirt. You're not even wearing socks or shoes.” Michel asked.

“You will see. Come on. Are either of you shy though?”

“Um, no, why?” Marshall asked.

“You will see.”

All this was said before the kids were even out of hearing range of the adults. They scampered away, leaving the three adults to themselves.

“Well, it would appear as if they are in good hands. What are the odds that we will even see them for the rest of the day?” The boys' father asked.

“Not very high. We will send food and a pail of friction burn cream to their bedroom. Oh, wait, they already have the cream in their room. As for you, I remembered what you liked, so I have arranged a pair of both boys and girls, all four of them bi and diapered.”

“You are much too kind, thank you.”

“No worries. If one has to come on business, there is no reason for it to not be enjoyable as well. Why do we not go sit back and relax and get down to the heart of the reason you are here today.”

“That would be nice.”

They headed to a nearby lounge and sat back after the king put a sign on the door asking to not be disturbed.

“So, what is your reason for visiting?”

“There are a couple reasons. First and foremost, though, is we would like to know if you would like to take a pair of citizens and their sons into your country?”

“Please elaborate before we can make that decision.”

“Of course. They're boyfriends, and they each have sons of their own from previous failed relationships. One has two boys aged six and ten, the other has three boys, five, seven and ten. From what I can gather, they've been having a sexual relationship with their sons for a little while now, but they were recently caught. All the kids said the same thing, separately I might add, that they're the ones to have started it. They were playing by themselves, and just sorta got their dads involved, and that's how it's been since. I feel that it'd be a shame to break them all up, so I was hoping that you'd be able to take them.”

“As long as they pass all our tests, then I see no reason why we would not do so. Are they violent or otherwise in any way criminal?”

“No, they have no records whatsoever, this is the first time either have ever been arrested. Both men and all five boys have been told, by myself, that there may be a way for them to escape being brutally torn apart, and they are all very much interested. I didn't give them too many specifics, because I wanted to talk to you first.”

“And I appreciate it. This cannot be the only reason for your visit though, you could have done all this over the phone.”

“Yes, I could've, however, there is another reason for my visit, other than hoping that your boys could loosen up mine. I dare say they'll probably be able to do so easily enough. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and see their faces when all of them strip and show that they're diapered and soggy.”

“Yes, it would be rather comical. How did the boys take switching from Goodnites to proper diapers when you got home after your last trip?”

“Oh, they pretended to be upset, only, I knew they weren't. I told them why I was doing it, so that they didn't leak and had a better sleep, so on and so forth, I never let them know I knew they were closet diaper lovers.”

“Good. This trip will be good for them.”

“It will. As for the main reason for coming this weekend, I'm wondering if you're hiring. You know what I like, what I want, well, getting it where I live is next to impossible without getting caught nowadays. Ever since my wife died, my urges are getting stronger and harder to deny, do you have any idea how hard it is to not make love to my boys every night, especially as I'm diapering them. I know they want it and need it, but I agree with your policies here, a parent shouldn't also be their child's lover. Like I said though, it's getting harder to resist, and if I asked them, I'm certain they'd say yes in a heartbeat.”

“Thanks for your absolute honesty, it is refreshing to meet a politician from elsewhere in the world that actually tells the truth.”

“Here the truth shall set you free, and here I feel free.”

“I do not have a Canadian embassy here, so why not be my Canadian Ambassador. Who better to do such a job than one who comes from there and knows their politics. How else do you think I get my foreign ambassadors, they are all like you, they like the absolute freedom here.”

“I'd be more than happy to take on that position. If I may, may I stay in the palace while I find a suitable home for my sons and I?”

“Of course you may, and all the amenities of the palace are at your full usage during your stay. We will help you to find a location where the embassy can be run and be your home at the same time.”

“That would be very nice. I cannot imagine that an embassy here needs too much space.”

“No, all our embassies are run right out of each of the ambassadors homes, it is easier and more comfortable that way. It also costs far less money in the long run, and why have large, fancy, expensive buildings for no real reason. Actually, what am I thinking about. We just had a vacancy in one of the palace owned homes, we have several for our dignitaries and whatnot, so why not put you in there. It comes fully furnished, is only three blocks from the palace, it has four bedrooms and all the amenities, and the office has entrances from both inside and outside, so that would be perfect for you. I will have the cleaners go in and take care of everything for you right away.”

“That sounds like a great idea. What happened to whomever lived there previously.”

“He was caught stealing, so he had to be demoted and moved to another position that handles no money at all.”

“Oh, he must not have stolen much, otherwise he'd be in jail I suppose.”

“Yeah, only nine million dollars or so.”

“Pardon me, he stole nine million dollars and you didn't jail him?”

“What good would that do. In the long run, the punishment that we gave to him is far more effective and a shit load less expensive as well. He had to give up every penny he had to pay back those that he stole from, we are covering the rest, and now he does not get paid at all, he has a good job, and we give him only what little he needs to survive. He now lives in a very small apartment within the palace, so at least he does have access to a couple boys a week, but no more than that. So he lost much, but still maintains his freedom.”

“You have a unique way of dealing with criminals.”

“Yes, we try. We have the lowest crime rate in the world, the lowest imprisonment rate in the world, and the lowest re-offense rate in the world, because we do not treat everyone the same as everyone else does. You know that, hence the reason you wish to live here. Here, most of which is illegal elsewhere is not. Our population is low, sure, but we have had one murder in the past five years, one true case of rape in the past ten, two physical abuse in the past five, and one bank robbery, which happened almost twenty years ago. Our one prison houses both male and female prisoners, and we have a grand total of I think seventy inmates. For most people we find other means of paying back for what they have done, we come to some form of a deal, and they get to live freely. However, screw up and do it again, and you get a minimum of five years in prison, there are no questions asked, there are no lower sentences, there are no retrials, it is straight to prison. Of course, everything does go through our courts, and everyone gets their say, but if they are caught red handed, no matter what, then it is straight to jail.”

“Wow, I didn't know all that.”

“No, most people know nothing of our little country here. That is how we like it though.”

“Very true. Now, I was gonna head back home on Sunday and arrange everything for the family and for us, would it be okay if I left my sons here in the capable hands of your sons? I'm certain they'd like that.”

“I see no reason why they cannot, they can stay in one of the boys' rooms, we will just have a couple beds brought in for them.”

“I assure you, one bed will be more than enough. They haven't slept apart since they were two months old. We tried to get them to sleep separately, but they never slept unless it was together.”

“I imagine that had our sons grown up together, that it would have been the same for them as well.”

“Yes, please tell me, how did that all come about. Last I was here, you had only one son?” He asked.

The king and queen told the whole tale from the beginning, and he was amazed.

The boys had dragged their newest guests all the way to the bedrooms, and as soon as they made it, the kids all started to strip off all their clothes. Marshal and Michel had wondered why the girls had not joined them, and then they wondered why the boys were stripping. And then the boys they were staring at were standing there in nothing but soggy diapers and smiles.

“You, you guys are all in diapers?” Michel said with more than just a little bit of a stutter, and both boys had gone completely hard almost instantly. Their soft thin cotton shorts not able to hide that fact at all, especially considering it did not appear as if they were wearing any underwear.

“Yes, of course we are. Probably half our country are diaper lovers, we just love them, well, maybe not half, but a fuck load of them. Your dad knows that, so I am surprised that he did not warn you of that. Unless, of course, he thinks that you two are as well and he wanted for you to confront it. Do you wear diapers?”

“Um yeah, we both wet the bed.” Marshall said.

“Could you be dry if you wanted to be?”

“Maybe, probably not though.”

“And do you wear proper diapers, or fake diapers?”


“Nice and thick and thirsty and comfortable as well?”

“Yeah.” He grinned slightly.

“Good. Do you two wear them at other times than bed, maybe when you think no one will notice?”

“Yeah.” They both whispered.

“Excellent. So your dad knows you are diaper lovers then, hence the reason he brought you here as well. I also think he brought you for another reason. He probably thinks you are gay as well, and I can honestly say, I agree. So are we though, all of us, gay baby boy diaper lovers all the way.” George smiled brightly, and all the others nodded happily as well.

“You are?” They both said in stunned awe.

“Oh yeah. How about you two?”


“Good. When did you start playing with each other, and have you played with any other boys?”

“I think we were four, maybe five, and we've always slept together. We change each others diapers, though, at that time, we had Pullups, so fake diapers, and we sorta liked to touch and rub each other as we did. We started by stroking, and then sucking, and we even like to put our peepees in each others bums now. We've never played with another boy before though.” Marshall said.

“That is excellent. I bet you have wanted to though, right?”


“Thought so, all gay baby boys do. How did you switch back from Pullups to proper diapers?”

“About a year ago, our dad went away for a few days, and when he came back, he brought us a few packs of new diapers, proper diapers, and told us that he was tired of us still managing to wet the bed at least once a week, even though we were already wearing diapers, so told us he wanted to try us in them, because they're thicker and hold a lot more. We tried to say we didn't wanna wear real diapers, only, well, we sorta did, but he couldn't know that. He diapered us up before dinner, told us to try them out, and then we had dinner. He kept filling our glasses back up and made us drink lots and lots, and by the time we went to bed, we were already soaked. He said he was satisfied, said they held up very well against his little soakers. We tried to act embarrassed, but, well, we weren't.” Michael said.

“Ah, that would have been right after his first visit here. I understand during his visit here that he had several young boys and girls, all in diapers, and he wore the whole time too. I saw him in just his diapers, he is pretty hot in them actually.” George said.

“What, he wore diapers as well, and do you mean he had sex with kids?” Marshall said.

“Hell yeah, but here that is perfectly acceptable and normal. All the kids in the palace, other than my brother and I, are allowed to be asked to join someone if they so desire. My mother and father each have at least a few kids, and they all have sex all the time. I have had sex with many adults now, all men, because I am fully gay. My mother and father are also fully gay, only they have had sex before, so that they could have a child.”

“Wow. And, do you guys, you know, wanna have sex with us too?” Michel asked.

“Hell yeah, you are both totally hot. However, you have to both be diapered to join us in our fun. I assure you though, diaper changes around here are amazing.” Geoff said this time.

“Okay.” Both boys said as one, and pushed down their shorts, exposing themselves unashamedly.

Everyone looked appreciatively at the two cute boys, their eight centimeter or so erections pulsing madly with their rapid heartbeats. They are about as large around as the average adult mans ring finger as well, so a pretty decent size for small boys. All those gathered groaned, all of them wishing they could suck both of them first.

“May we diaper you?” George asked.


“We will suck you, and even finger you as well, will that be okay?” Geoff asked.

“Absolutely.” They pulsed even more.

“And how much can you both take inside your bums?”

“Three of our fingers.” Michel said.

“Nice, so all of us here could fuck you and fill you up then.”

“We'd really like that.” Marshall said, and they both pulsed even more.

George and Geoff stepped forth and removed the last of the boys' clothing, just a simple tee shirt, their shoes and socks, and then removed their shorts that were still pooled at their feet.

“Why were you not wearing underwear, we could tell how happy you were right away because of that? Not like it is a big deal here.”

“Our dad told us not to wear any, just in case we wet during the flight, if we fell asleep, that it would make for less cleanup.”

“Ah, he wanted you to show off then, hence nice soft tight cotton shorts and no underwear. Your dad is a dirty man, I knew I liked him. Does he change your diapers for you guys?”

“Yeah, few times a week at least.”

“I see, he probably wanted you something fierce as well.”

“I doubt it, but if he had've asked, we would've said yes.” Michel said.

“I bet you would have. Here it is not illegal, but it is frowned upon to have sex with your own kids, parents are there to protect you. You are allowed to have sex with lots of other adults though.” Geoff said.

The diapers and everything that was needed were passed over to them, and they laid both boys on the ground. With no more words, both princes knelt down and started sucking both boys instantly, taking all that they had into their mouths, balls and all. They lubed up their fingers next, and slipped their middle fingers in after tickling the entrances for just a few seconds. Both boys sighed deeply, and came in only fifteen seconds.

The princes did not stop though, they kept on sucking and fingering, giving the boys all the pleasure that they were able to. Just as they were cumming for their second time, a little more than a minute later, George and Geoff slipped in their index fingers as well, and started two fingering them, which caused them to cum harder than they ever had before. Still they did not stop. Just as the boys were cumming for their third time, the princes added their ring fingers as well. They damn near snapped in half, they came so hard, and then they both went soft.

A pair of small butt plugs were handed over and the princes inserted them into the boys' hot little bums, then lotioned, creamed, powdered, and then taped them up into the nice thick diapers that everyone so loved.

It took a full five minutes for the pair of boys to come down, and when they did, they found all the others in the middle of a suck and finger fuck session of their own. Everyone had waited until they finished watching the two boys get their release, and then they all decided that they needed to drop a load and change their diapers as well, and what better way is there.

Just as the boys finally came down and pretty much woke up, the rest of them were just cumming for their second time, which meant that they were all satisfied, for now.

“Ah, much better. What is a good diaper change without a couple good cums.” Geoff sighed.

“Mmmhmm.” Everyone else said.

“Would you two like to change all our diapers?”

“Could we?” They both said together.


They were pointed to all the supplies and then everyone laid down side by side. The two of them took several minutes to diaper all the boys, and they happily did so, making sure to give them the full treatment as well. Finally everyone was done.

“So, would you two like the tour of the palace right now, or would you rather play in our toy room?” George asked.

“Play please.” Marshall said, not sure how comfortable he would be wandering around the castle wearing a diaper. He at least thought that he would be able to wear clothes, but knew his shorts would not hide such a thick diaper, nor would any of his clothes mind you.

They headed to the games room and played for the next couple hours until dinner time. When it was time to do so, it was decided to go to the dining hall for dinner, so they headed there after calling the king and queen and the girls to tell them of their plans.

“Um, do you guys have any clothes that'll cover our diapers, our clothes won't fit and hide them.” Michel asked.

“Now why on earth would you wish to hide your nice thick thirsty baby diapers here. Unh unh, no way, no how, we never wear clothes unless we have to. We will not be in the formal dining hall, so we get to wear just our diapers. I bet your dad will be diapered as well, and my parents will be too.” George said in shock.

“What, no, we can't wear just diapers.”

“Sure you can, and you already are. Now, come on, we are getting hungry.”

The rest just started leaving the room, and before too long the two of them just followed, because it was better than being left alone. They made it to the dining hall and found that the adults were already there. The boys saw that their dad was just wearing a diaper, and they were in shock.

“Daddy, you're wearing a diaper.” They both said.

“Yes, and so are you. Isn't it amazing. I've been a diaper lover since I was your age, now I wear all day every day as well. Have since your mother died in fact. You boys look good like that.”

“Thanks, so do you.”

“Let us be seated guys, then we can order our food.” George said.

Marshall and Michel went and sat by their dad and they all talked happily. Shortly after their dinner was delivered, their dad asked the boys the question he was dying to ask.

“So, did you boys enjoy your diaper change?”

“Yeah.” They both said and blushed.

“Good. How many cums did they make you have, and how many fingers did you take?”

“What?” They both gasped.

“Oh come now. You honestly don't believe that I don't know you're gay do you.”

“Um.” They both blushed even more.

“I guess you did. Please, I hear you play every night, and I've known you played since you were four. I caught you a few times, though I never let you know that. You've never been good at closing doors, and you're both right little moaners. I also noticed how you were walking, do you have toys in your bums too?”

“Um, yeah, we do.”

“Good, so do I. So, answer my question, how many cums and fingers?”

“Three and three.” Michel grinned shyly.

“Very good. I have some good news for you though. What would you two think of moving here. You'd get to stay in the palace for a few days, I'll go home on Sunday as previously planned, but then I'll be back a few days later with everything that we'll need, and then we'll get our own house here. Here you can be free to have sex and wear diapers pretty much anywhere or any time.”

“You mean it, no more getting teased because we're gay?” Marshall asked.

“You boys never told me you were being teased.”

“We didn't want you to know, or be worried, but yeah, the kids at school call us gay all the time, even though we have no idea how they knew.”

“I hate to tell you this, but it shows, a lot. Most anyone can tell instantly, you both just scream gay.”

Everyone nodded.

“Oh. I say great though.”

“Me too.”

“Good, I'm glad.”

They all continued talking happily as they ate their meal, Marshal and Michel both very excited to get to move here and be completely and totally free. Everyone else was very happy for them as well though.

After dinner, everyone went to the theatre to watch a movie together, and then after the movie, the boys all excitedly headed to the play room to play.

“So, seeing as you two are the guests, what would you like to do?” Geoff asked.

“Well, we've read quite a bit of stories, and we both wanna be fucked and filled as full as possible, so can one of you fuck our bums and mouths at the same time, and after one finishes filling us up, can someone take his place?” Michel asked hopefully, excitedly.

“Absolutely. May I make a suggestion though. Most of us are nowhere near large enough to truly fill you two up, so may my brother and I lay down and you sit on our dicks, and then you can take a second dick inside your asses as well. I assure you, it will feel amazing.”

“We'd love that, but, well, we're not very experienced yet, it might hurt.” Marshal said.

“You are right, it might hurt, a bit, but only for a few seconds, and probably only once the two biggest boys fill you up as well. The rest of us are just not large enough to really hurt you, even with two of us, especially in comparison to the toy you currently have inside you.”

“That's true, okay, let's do it.”

“Good, and by fill up fully, does that mean that we may piss in you as well? We all really like it.”

“Oh yeah, we like peeing in each others bums and mouths anyway.”

“Oh goody.”

The princes laid down on their backs and prepared the fronts of their diapers, while Michel and Marshal were prepared by Jared and Gabriel. They poked the holes in the boys' nice soggy diapers, gently worked to remove the plugs from their bums, they grunted only slightly as they were pulled free, and then they filled them with even more lube.

When they were deemed ready, both boys nearly jumped on the princes and took them all the way inside. They both sighed deeply. Neither prince is overly large, but they are a very good size to fill two hot little nine year old bums. Once the two of them were down and settled, Tyler and Jimmy got themselves prepared, and once their hot hard preteen baby bones were poking from the fronts of their soggy baby diapers, they worked so that they were inside Marshal and Michel as well. Both boys grunted lightly from the added girth inside them, something they were ready for, and even wanting a great deal, yet it was still a bit of a stretch for the young boys. Zach and Bradley were encouraged to go forth and fill the boys' mouths, so they pushed down the fronts of their diapers and presented themselves for sucking, and both boys happily sucked the two very cute little boys in.

Tyler and Jimmy had pulled themselves so that they were roughly seventy five percent of the way out, and then Marshal and Michel were encouraged to go ahead and rock themselves back and forth and get all that they wanted and needed, and boy did they. They both started off slow, since the pain was still present, but once that started to ease and they opened up to the idea more, they started going faster, to the point that they were fucking themselves good and raw.

Two minutes was all any of them lasted for their first orgasms, and as soon as they came they all peed, then the boys who were on top extracted themselves. The next two boys to fill their bums were Michael and Cole, while Simon and Nolan filled their mouths. This time they all lasted two and a half minutes, but only because Michel and Marshal took a few seconds longer to cum, which then set off the others. The only two to not pee in the boys this time, of course, were the princes. The final set to fill the boys' bums were Gabriel and Jared, and by now Marshal and Michel were so lubed and loose that they hardly even grunted, they more sighed. Evan and Ashton, who had also been invited, got to fill the boys' mouths, and they all went for it again. Three minutes they lasted this time, the four boys on top filled them with even more pee, and then they extracted themselves.

The princes were still good, and the new twins said they were good for a while longer, in fact they claimed to feel better than they ever had in their entire fucking lives, so they went through the rotation once more. Though, by the time the entire set was finished again, that meant both sets of twins had cum six times, and they had been going for a good solid hour, or more, so, as such, they were getting very tired.

Finally Marshal and Michel claimed to have had enough. Everyone pulled out, then Gabriel and Jared had to physically lift the poor boy's off the prince's, then they were laid down and tripled diapered. They received one diaper, as usual, with holes poked in it, with a diaper doubler inside, and then another full diaper over top of that. Then, on top of all that, for just such an emergency, and because they really are all diaper lovers, a very thick pair of rubber pants was put over top of the entire thing.

Well, not wanting the two newest boys to be the only ones to get such an awesome diapering, they all decided to do the same. No one else needed it, but who the hell cared, they just wanted it. They did all go and get a couple large glasses of nice cold water, so they would all pee lots anyway, but Marshal and Michel had a lot more in them that was going to be coming back out shortly anyway.

“Wow, I can't believe how incredibly awesome that was, thanks guys, this has been, without a doubt, the very best night of our lives so far.” Michel said.

“You are very welcome. I have loved living here as well, getting to play with lots of hot boys getting to wear diapers all the time has been the greatest, and you are lucky that you get to come live here as well, even if not in the palace.” Geoff said, and all the newest boys agreed wholeheartedly, though all agreed anyway really.

“I can't wait. Will we be able to come and visit once we move from the palace?” Marshal asked.

“We would be upset if you did not.” George said.

“Oh, goody. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really tired, can we go to bed now?”

“Sure, we are getting very tired as well. We will grab blankets and pillows and we will all curl up in here and sleep together.”

“Okay, that sounds amazing.” Michel said.

Their bedding was gathered and then put down in one large pile, and then they pretty much just dove right in and curled right up into one mass of cute diapered boys, looking like a pack of puppies. They all fell asleep right away and that was where they stayed until morning.