Chapter 14

In the palace, all the boys had slept together. They had had a fairly tame night of lovemaking, none of their hearts really in it too much without George being there, but they did all want and need release as well. When they woke up, they went and had breakfast before changing, talking to the king and queen, who were also quiet, and then went back to their rooms to get changed. They had another fairly tame sex session, just sucking and fingering in the sixty nine for the most part, and they all had a pair of orgasms, but, once more, their hearts were really not in it.

They went about their day, they still had tutoring, so that kept them all busy, and then, when that was done, they went swimming. They had a couple good diaper changes throughout the day, but again, they were all pretty quiet and reserved. By the time they all went to bed, all were feeling the same way, wondering where George was and what he was doing.

Prince George's tails had kept in contact with the king and told him where the prince was and that he was safe, so on and so forth, but still, he was not in the castle where he belonged.

Prince George, on the other hand, had had an amazing sleep, and then an even better morning. Their diapers had all done well throughout the night, except George's, because he had been so full, he had managed to leak, but he grinned brightly from that, because it had been an amazing night, and absolutely worth the wet bedding. This time they got into a couple foursomes and kept rotating where each of them were until they had all been well fucked.

“So, what should we do today guys, I do not have to go home until tonight, and I might even call and say I'm staying again if that is alright with you?” George asked.

“It's alright with us, for sure, and why don't we head to the park this morning after breakfast and just have fun there.”

“Sounds great to me, thanks.”

They went and had breakfast and then got dressed. Only four of the boys did not get diapered up again, and all of them went with just a single diaper this time, though George had already been changed, since he had been the only one to have leaked, while the others had not been in danger of doing so. Once they were all ready to go, they headed out. They headed to the nearest park, which just so happened to be the park that George had visited the last time he was out. They played on the playground for a good couple hours, they went and played in the fields with other kids and had a baseball game, and then, when they were all hot and sweaty, as well the diaper boys were good and full, they went and played in the water park.

None had any shame whatsoever in stripping naked with all the other kids there and played in all the water. Many saw that they were diapered, and once more, no one cared, for several others had been diapered as well, because they got into them when they were finished. That is also what they all did once they were all played out. They dried off and then paired up to diaper those that wanted it.

They were all hungry, so they headed to the mall to get lunch, and they had a great time talking and laughing as they headed there. When they arrived, they all went and got a good filling lunch, and then headed to the arcade again. George slipped away for a few minutes, telling the others that he was going to call home and ask to stay the night again, and they were good with that. He did nothing of the sort though, he went to the counter and bought more tokens and a few more diapers, because at the rate he was using his, he was going to run out soon. They are not as good as the ones he normally uses, his hot Pampers, but they are good, petty much what the others were wearing, just in his size, since theirs were too large for him.

They played there until they were all out of money, George included, and then headed back to the house for the rest of the evening. The parents were home this time, and their son told them that his friends were spending the night, that he had enough money to call for pizza, so he was going to do that, and then they were going to stay downstairs for the night and watch movies and play before bed. They were good with that, saying that they had the pizza though, and he was happy. They called it in right away and the boys headed downstairs. They had put a movie on and were watching it when the pizza was delivered, so they all hopped up and grabbed what they wanted and sat down and ate. As soon as they were done, they all changed their diapers, and the ones that had not been wearing put one on. They had had enough pop to fill up a swimming pool, so they all knew that their diapers were going to be some full in an hour or so, and their bladders would likely be more so, when they wanted to have some more fun.

Just as the movie ended, it was decided that both diapers and bladders alike were more than full enough for the fun to begin. This time their youngest guest asked to be the one to be filled fully, and all yelled hell yeah, and they got down to fucking him silly. George had a great time as well, and had been the first to fill the boys mouth with first his sweet young cum, which the boy sighed deeply at tasting, and then his hot piss. The entire orgy took almost three hours again, but the poor boy lasted only two and a half hours, yet they never stopped fucking and filling him, not until they were all fully drained. This time he was quadruple diapered, so that hopefully he would not leak, whereas the others just went double diapered.

He had not leaked, but he was close, whereas the rest of the boys were just nice and soggy when they woke up. They had a very good morning suck and finger session before changing their diapers, then headed upstairs in just their diapers and had a couple boxes of cereal and a couple loaves of bread toasted. The parents had already left for work, so they they were alone, not that any of them cared in the least by being seen in just diapers, or bare (though none of them were), or well sexed (which they all were).

“What should we do today guys?” George asked.

“Let's head back to the park and play again. There's lots to do there.”

So that was what they did. They pretty much stayed in the park for the entire morning and early afternoon. They did almost the exact same things as the previous day, only when they all decided that they were ready to go, George decided that he should probably be heading home.

“Well guys, it has been an amazing couple days, thank you so much for all the fun, maybe some day I will come back and find you and we can play again. For now, though, I should probably be heading out.”

“It was good to fuck you, I mean meet you. Actually, both.”

“Good, the pleasure was all mine, I assure you. Have a good day guys.”

They all headed their separate directions, and when George made it to the palace, he rang the bell and someone came to see who it was.

“Ah, George, good to see you again.”

“Do you not mean Prince George?” He asked icily.

“No, as per your fathers direct orders, from hence forth, until we are told otherwise, you are to be considered as only staff, you are no longer royalty. We are not to call you by your royal title, we are not to give you any preferential treatment, and we are not to bow to you at all. We were, however, instructed to bring you directly to the king and queen as soon as you decided to come home. I trust you are hungry?”

“Figures, he was not lying then. I should have known better. As for being hungry, no, I am not.”

“No, you should probably know your father well enough to know he will not lie. I have worked for him for a long time, and I know that well.”

“Lead the way then please?”

George walked behind the guard, keeping his head held high. He was led right to the throne room, apparently his parents had been informed that he was coming, though how, he knew not. When they arrived, George was ordered to kneel before the king and queen, so he did so, though this was something that he had never had to do.

“He who used to be called Prince George, please rise.” His father said stiffly.

George shuddered from this, but did as he was told. He noticed no one else was in there other than the three of them.

“George, you have been hence forth stripped of your royal title, you will not be allowed to use any of your royal heritage for the next three months. You have been gone from your home for three calendar days, so you get three months punishment as laid out for you in advance. I understand you were not gone a full three days, that matters not, and you have none to be angry with but yourself. You will be given the job of cooks help, you will earn your stay here like every other member of the staff. You will be allowed to keep your bedroom, you have a boyfriend, so you may stay with him. Your personal assistants, however, are hereby transferred to your brothers care, they are not allowed to help you out in any way shape or form. You are not allowed to ask anyone to do anything for you, you must do it all for yourself. You cook and cleanup after and for yourself, you dress yourself, you do your own laundry, you clean your rooms, and you will not ask anyone to help in any way, even if they are the ones to have made the mess. They have already been informed of all this, and they will not deviate from this, for they do not wish to share in your punishment, or worse. There are to be no questions, you are not to say anything, your duties start tomorrow morning, you will report to the kitchen at five am. You are dismissed.”

George said nothing, just nodded his head, holding his parents' stern stares, and turned and left. He knew that it was worth it, absolutely. He went to his bedroom and found that the others were already there.

“Hi guys.” He said, sounding as if he had not been gone for a good couple days.

“Where the fuck have you been, you have had us all worried sick.” Geoff said, going up to his brother and smacking him.

This hurt, far more than anything else had, and not physically either, because Geoff had not hit him anywhere near hard enough to cause pain.

“He pissed me off, I had to escape, and it was great. I had so much fun.” He said, trying to act as if his brothers words had not hurt him.

“Yeah, well, while you were out, getting your brains fucked out, we were all worried. Mother and Father were worried, I am your brother, you had me worried, and you have a boyfriend, who will likely have even stronger words for you later. Do not be such an asshole, just because you did not get your way, it does not mean that you get to act like a spoiled rotten brat. Acting like that only proves that you are not capable of leaving the palace by yourself. You have any idea of what could have happened?” Geoff said so icily it shocked George.

“I am sorry, but you know how I feel.”

“No, you are not sorry, and no, I do not. Sure, sometimes I wish to go out and play as well, but I know that there are rules, and that sometimes those rules are there for a reason. Had you have just used your simple fucking head, you would have realized it and asked a different way, maybe tried compromising, instead of yelling and acting like a baby. We all love diapers, but you are the baby here.” He said, and then turned and walked to his room. The others all followed, leaving only George and Jared.

George was stunned, never once had Geoff yelled at him, yet he felt as if he had just been verbally abused for an hour, and he felt like shit because of it.

“We were really scared for you, especially when you did not come home yesterday. We all thought that after a day you would be back, but then you were not, and we were starting to wonder if something had happened. Only the king and queen did not seem concerned.”

“Yes, well I know they had someone watching me, I do not know where they were, but I am certain of it.”

“Maybe they did, it would make sense, you walked right out the front gate, it was like yelling at them, saying here I am, follow me, I am stupid.” Jared turned and walked away as well, once more leaving a stunned George by himself.

He stood there for several minutes, thinking about what he had just felt, and he started crying. This was the first time he had ever cried because someone had hurt his feelings, and it was because he had hurt theirs far more. He first went to his bedroom, where he found Jared laying on his stomach, also crying. He crawled in and hugged him tightly, saying nothing, just joining his boyfriend in crying. They hugged and cried for almost ten minutes.

“I am really sorry I made you feel bad.” Jared said.

“You have nothing to feel sorry for, I feel far more sorry for making you feel like I abandoned you, like what we had was not enough. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?”

“Yes, but you better go apologize to your brother, I think he felt the most hurt by all this.”

“I plan to, but can I get a kiss first?”

They kissed for several minutes, and then wordlessly George left the bed, Jared stayed where he was, and went next door to apologize to his brother. George found Geoff in his bed, also crying, while the others all held him.

“Can I please have a few minutes with my brother?” He asked softly, and they all got up and left the bedroom.

George climbed in and cuddled up to his brother, hugging him and joining him in crying once again. They did this for almost twenty minutes. Finally Geoff stopped crying, so George spoke.

“I am really sorry for making you feel like you do. I wish I could promise that I will never do it again, but I just do not know. It was so nice having all that freedom to go and do as I pleased, you must know how that is, you were always so free.”

“Was I, was I ever free before I came here. Give your head a shake. If you think I was ever free, you are truly dense. You hurt me, you know that. When you did not come back right away, and then not even the next morning, or that night, I thought you had abandoned me. I cannot do this alone, it was because you were with me that I was starting to feel like maybe I could be a prince, that I could eventually be the king, but only if you were there with me. Then you go and take off, acting like a spoiled brat because he was told no. You think Father and Mother are free to do as they wish, ha, you must be dense. I bet they feel far more trapped than you and I do together. I know why you did what you did, and I even understand, but that does not give you the right to scare all those that love you, and I do love you, far more than a brother is supposed to love his brother. I know we are not supposed to, but I dream of us making love to each other. I was falling in love with you, now I want nothing more than to hit you. I am afraid that in the anger I am feeling, that I would not be able to stop.”

“But, you were free.” George said meekly.

“How can you believe that. You were held by that monster, you were hit by him, how can you believe I was ever free. I was allowed to roam and offer my services, I was forced to do that though, I was forced to go out and beg or fuck, I was nothing more than a slave, only I was never chained in the physical sense. I was chained mentally though, I was told there was no escape for me, that if I ran, they would find me and my miserable useless life would be made far more so. No, you have enjoyed freedom that I could never even fathom. Even after being here as long as I have, I am still not free. Did you know I still wake almost nightly to the nightmare that this is all just a great dream, something that will never be, that I am just going to wake up to find I am being beaten again.”

“Oh Geoff, I had no idea.”

“Of course you didn't, how could you, you were being so self absorbed in your own false misery. You thought you were trapped, you are the most free person I have ever known, only you did not think you were. You had so much freedom that you could not see it. Father says you are bull headed, well, I think it is stupidity.”

“I deserve that, really I do. I really was being stupid if I thought you were free. As for your loving me like that, I cannot blame you, because I have the same feelings for you as well. Do you think you can ever forgive me though?”


“Thank you. Would you like me to ask the others to go and do whatever they want for the rest of the day while the two of us make up?”

“I would really like that, but, are we allowed to?”

“Yes, brothers are allowed, it is just not suggested, especially if they are of so different of ages that it would be considered illegal. There have been several royal twins, and I know that all of them have played, it was considered normal and good, it helped them to get along far better, because they knew so much about each other. I love when we have our orgies, but I have wanted to make love to you for a while now, and I would like for us to do so tonight. I have to be up for work at five though, so, any chance you know how to set an alarm clock?”

“Not a clue, but I too would like that a great deal. Maybe one of the others knows how to, but we are not technically allowed to do anything for you.”

“I cannot believe that I would not be allowed to ask for help in setting a clock, I am certain that would be okay.”

“How about I ask instead, to ensure that there is no issues. I should probably learn as well, it seems silly to not know how to do such a simple thing.”

“That works.”

Geoff went and asked Gabriel to come help them for a minute, so he did. Gabriel taught them both how to set an alarm clock, and then Geoff informed Gabriel of what they were wanting, so he said he would keep the others occupied for the night and went and left the two of them alone.

Gabriel went and told the others of the brothers' desire to make up in a very personal manner, and they all smiled. All had known that of them all, it was Geoff that had been hurt the most, so it would be good for both of them.

As soon as Gabriel was gone, George leaned in and kissed his brother. Their tongues met softly and they kissed softer still. It was as if they were kissing their boyfriends they kissed so soft and tender. For many minutes they did nothing but kiss like this. Their hands were not even moving.

When finally their hands did start moving though, it was to stroke each other just as tenderly. They were both still dressed, and they were both in soggy diapers, but this mattered none at all, just touching each other as they kissed.

Almost fifteen minutes later George got up and started undressing his brother, he took all his clothes off until he was in only his soggy diaper. They then traded places, and George was relived of all his clothes as well. They laid back down again and continued kissing and stroking each other, even more tenderly now. They were in absolutely no rush, this had to be about absolute love, and they did love each other.

Almost half an hour later, George slipped his hand into the front of Geoff's diaper and started gently petting his brothers boner, and Geoff did the same to his brother. They did not actually jack each other off, they were only petting and softly rubbing, they would rub each others dick and balls and bum hole, yet they never actually jacked each other off.

They both knew that they were going to cum soon, even though neither wanted it, but still they kept going. Geoff came first, and then George followed half a second later, and they each collected the others cum and ate it, breaking their kiss for only a second to do so, and when they met back again, they tasted themselves in their brothers mouth, causing them to both moan lowly. Though inserting their hands back inside each others diapers probably caused some of that moan as well.

Through two more orgasms, they did the exact same thing, it was well over an hour later, they had not been trying to cum, but they did, and they enjoyed each others cum so much. It was Geoff that broke the kisses first.

“Baby bro, I need you to make love to me please?”

“Of course, then I want you to make love to me as well.”

Geoff rolled so that he was on his back, opened his legs wide and pulled his knees up a bit to give his brother full access. George went in and poked a hole in the seat of his brothers very wet diaper, then, with a lube coated finger, he prepared him. Once ready, and it took very little time, he poked a hole in the front of his and then went forth and slipped slowly into his brother. They locked lips once again and kissed tenderly as they made love more so.

As soon as they both came, they traded places and made love again, and then traded places again. They did this for almost two hours more, very slowly making love to each other, one after the other, until they were utterly drained. Not only were they no longer shooting any cum, but they were both so utterly drained of energy that they almost did not have the energy to get out of bed to fix it and get themselves diapered.

They had not had dinner, though it was well past that time, and though they were hungry, neither was worried about that in the least. After they diapered each other, they kissed for just a few seconds, wished each other a good sleep, told each other that they loved the other, and then they were asleep.

While the boys were in making up to each other, the rest of the boys went and played for a bit themselves, only they played in the games room. They went for dinner and had to tell the king and queen where the boys were, they seemed pleased with this, and then after dinner, the kids went and played in the play room for a good couple hours before they were all in dire need of diapers and sleep.

“What the hell is that?” George shrieked the following morning when the alarm clock went off.

“It is only the alarm clock, bonehead, what did you think it was?” Geoff laughed and asked his brother.

“I have never once had to wake up to that, it is horrible.”

“Wait until you get waken up by someone kicking you because you are a useless waste of resources animal that cannot even seem to sleep without peeing. Trust me, this is nothing.”

“Yeah, well, I cannot say I would care for either, but I suppose I will have to get used to that infernal thing.”

“Yes, you will. You made your bed, now you get to sleep in it. Mother and Father told me that you would be punished for as many months as you were gone days, that you had to actually work, so that means you have two months to work huh.”

“No, three, they are counting the first night as a full day as well.”


“Oh well, like you said, I made my bed, now I have to sleep in it. I suppose I deserve it, but last night did make it worth it.”

“Yes, well do not do it again, or we may have to have stronger words next time.”

“I will try, really I will.”

“I know, and I will help you try harder in the future. I was told not to come talk to you that night, to let you go, because we all knew you were mad. Father wanted you to do exactly what you did, he knew exactly what you were going to do.”

“I know, I was being stupid, I played right into his hand.”

“You did.”

“Did he have me tailed?”

“I cannot answer that, I was told not to.”

“Yeah, that was what I thought. I never saw him or them though, so they were good. I assume they were to make sure I did not get into so much trouble that I would die, but otherwise I was to get into and out of any trouble myself?”

“Exactly. He asked me what I would do if it were me, and I said I would do exactly that, but that he should not, because you are a prince. He said it was that very reason that he had to do so. I understood, and we both knew you would as well.”

“Yes, it makes perfect sense. Now, if you would be so kind as to change my diaper for me, and I will changes yours for you, then I had better get doing. Being late for my first day of work would probably not be good.”

“Okay, but then I am going back to sleep, I do not want to be up so early, it has been too long since I had to get up so early, and I do not like it any more.” He grinned.

“Yes, well, think about how I feel. The last time I was up at four thirty was the last time I went to bed at four thirty. Was a damn good night though.” George laughed.

“Yes, well you have nothing to complain about baby bro. Now, out of bed.” He said, and then pushed said baby bro right out of the bed.

George crashed to the floor with a bang, laughing as he did, and then hopped up and grabbed the diaper supplies and some clothes. He came back and changed Geoff first, then diapered himself, because he was not supposed to get help with even that, and then got dressed. All the clothes in his dresser had been changed to servants clothes, he sighed, but put them on. They were nowhere near as thick and soft and comfortable as he was used to wearing, but it was his own fault and he knew it.

“Well baby bro, I guess I will see you later then. Have a good day.”

“You too.”

Geoff went back to sleep, while George trudged down to the kitchen. As soon as he walked in, the kitchen manager came up to him.

“Good of you to finally show up, you had a minute left. Do not show up late, or you will not enjoy your time here in the least.”

“Yes Sir.”

“I am not a knight, you may call me Chef.”

“Yes Chef.”

“Good. The first thing you are to do this morning is to peel potatoes and onions for the day. Use the buckets in the peeling area, fill them up, and then cover them in water and put ice in them. You have one hour, so get started.”

“Um Chef, I have a bit of a problem.”

“And that is?”

“I have never done that before, I do not know how to do so.”

“Well then, are you of any use to me at all?” He growled viciously.

“I can learn Chef.” George cowered.

“I sure hope you can.” He said, and then yelled out, “Stevie, come here.”

A cute little five or six year old blondie came scampering around the corner, saluted to the chef and said, “Yes Chef, how can I help you Chef?”

“I need you to teach young George here how to peel potatoes and onions. He has to have twenty five kilos of potatoes and five kilos of onions peeled and put into buckets in one hours time.”

“You got it Chef. Come on George.”

The young man took him over to the peeling station, showed him where everything was, and then showed him how to do so. He then pointed to the two bags that George had to cut, and George gasped.

“I cannot do all that in an hour, that is impossible.”

“Of course it isn't, silly, I do it every morning. The more you talk and not work though, the longer it'll take you.” He pointed out.

“Um, right. How come I have never seen you before, and why do you not speak correctly?” He asked, but he did get started.

“Cause I just started here a few weeks ago. My grampa is the chef, he's kinda scary, he yells a lot, but my mom said it'd be good for me to work here with him. She told me that he used to be an army drill sergeant in the US marines, so he yells a lot, but that he got caught fucking a little boy and so he came here. She said he's really nice, just don't get on his bad side. He still scares me though, he's real huge. He keeps telling me that soon I'll have to go to school with you and the others, but that I'm not ready yet, that I have to learn lots to work here. He says that this is a great place to work, but only if I pull my own weight. I kinda don't have a lotta weight to pull though, I'm really small.”

“Oh, how old are you?”

“Just turned five, and if you don't wanna be here all day, with my grampa yelling over your shoulder to speed up, you'd better hurry up. I gotta go though, so I'll talk to you later.”

And true to his word, the chef did come and yell over his shoulder once the hour was up and the work was not completed, he had to endure that without saying a word once for almost twenty minutes. He did work faster though.

“Much better. In this kitchen, I do not care who your parents are, I am the boss, you will work until you drop. Tomorrow morning I expect this job to be done in the one hours allotted time, or there will be consequences. Understood?” He barked even more.

“Yes Chef.”

“It had better be. Now onto something really fun.”

George almost groaned, but knew that would go over about as well as farting in front of a nun. He did follow the chef though. He was pointed to a sink that was full of baked on greasy dishes and knew what was expected of him. He started scrubbing right away, but it was hard work, and by the time an hour was up, the chef was there yelling at him again. It was getting really hard for George to hold his tongue and or not cry.

Next he was pointed at three flats of eggs and told to crack them all into a bowl, and that there had better not be any shells in it when he was done. The chef himself showed George how to do this, and then left. He did pretty well on this, and was done, thankfully, just as his time was up.

“Better. Now I want you kneading bread dough.”

“Okay, but may I ask a question Sir, I mean Chef?”

“Depends on the question. You may ask, but I may refuse to answer.”

“I am starting to get hungry, when may I eat?”

“You will eat after everyone else has been fed. If you wanted to eat, you should have arrived early so that you could eat before you had to get to work.”

“I am sorry Chef, I did not know that, my father never told me that.”

“That is your problem, not mine. You may eat when everyone else has eaten, which will probably be in two hours or so.”

George was then led over to a large table that another chef had just turned out a huge blob of bread dough onto. George was showed what he had to do, and so he got started. This was amongst the hardest things that he had ever done, it was incredibly painful on the back and the arms, but he did it without complaint until the chef said that it was done.

He was then led to the peeling corner again and given a bag of fresh corn and told to shuck it all. As he sat there doing so, the chef's grandson came over carrying a small plate with some food on it.

“I know you haven't eaten yet, so I'm bringing you some food.”

“Will the chef be upset if I eat it?”

“Probably not, as long as you do not stop what you are doing.” He shrugged.

“Then I will not eat it. I am already in enough trouble, and I really do not want to be yelled at more.”


As soon as the boy was gone, the chef came around the corner. “Good work, refusing the food, because I would have given you supreme shit for that. My grandson is a real little cutie, and so soft of heart, he wanted to do that for you, but I told him he was not allowed to, that you had to suffer, but then I thought it would be a good test for you. You passed. You have work to do, your own needs are secondary at this time.”

“Yes Chef.”

Now he was starting to understand why his father put him in the kitchen, his father wanted the chef to keep a very close eye and an even tighter grip on him. He knew his father wanted for him to feel what it meant to truly work, so he put his head down and worked.

He was allowed to take a break after the breakfast for the rest of the palace was finished, and he ate voraciously, and then got back to work. They all took lunch before the lunch rush, and George was kept working for a total of ten hours. He was told that he would be working four ten hour shifts per week, what days he had off, and to be there to start work in the morning again.

George stumbled to his room, he was completely and totally exhausted now, never before had he worked so hard in his life. The others asked him how his day was, and he told them all about it, then went and had a nap before dinner. He was allowed to sleep only for an hour, because Jared wanted him to sleep that night, and then they all went and had dinner together. Of course they were not in the formal dining room, a place that George was not allowed to eat in, though he felt that being Jared's boyfriend would let him join him, because Jared was allowed by himself. He answered the same questions for his parents, and they were happy.

George went to bed early, because he had to be up very early, and the others stayed up for a little longer, though Jared did go to bed before the others did as well, to cuddle up to his boyfriend some before bed.

It was almost a week before George got used to the pace and the work, and now he was able to keep up and do everything in the kitchen that he was asked to do without fail or complaint. He still went to bed far earlier than the others did, though Jared usually went with him, so that they could have some personal time, and over the next month, the brothers made love to each other a couple times as well. They only had a few orgies, because George was never really up for it, being so tired and all all the time.

Finally the king felt that George had paid his dues, his three months was up, and all his privileges were reinstated.

“You understand, I hope, the reasoning for what you went through?”

“Yes Father, I understand. I never complained, I did all the work that was assigned to me as quickly and efficiently as I was able to do, I arrived every day on time and expected to work. I held up my end of the bargain, as did you, I learned my lesson, and once more, I apologize for my actions.” He answered softly, looking his father right in the eye.

“Good. I truly hope that you mean that. We are royalty, and as such, it is not our place to have to do the dishes, we have much greater needs that we must do. However, when the situation is warranted, I can and will knock you down a peg or two.”

“Yes Father. I do wish to go to the mall and play, as well as go and visit the friends that I made while I was away? I wish to know how I can do that without getting in trouble again?”

“I could allow you to invite your friends here?”

“No Father, I used a false name and did not use my royal title while I was gone, I knew that that was simply not acceptable, and I do not wish for them to know me as anyone other than who I was those days. I know that you understand my desire to feel like a normal boy from time to time, we talked about this. You felt the same way as well, and you know as well as I do that I do deserve to have other friends who do not know who and what I am. However, I do want my friends and brother to join me as well. I would like for them to meet the others and maybe we can all play again, but, honestly, sex is not the only reason I wish to go. I really liked them, and they liked me for me, and not because I am the prince. I know you know what that is like, never knowing if someone likes you for who or what you are. I know my friends here do truly like me, but still, they know who I am as well, and what could happen if something goes wrong.”

“I understand. Let me think on it and see if I can come up with a solution that will work for both of us.”

“If I may Father, I think I already have a solution that you may feel is adequate. What if I were out with friends and their father. Marcus could easily act as one of our fathers, or even a guard or two could join us as parents. You could not join us, because everyone knows who you are of course, but others could easily enough. We would also wear simple clothing, just jeans and tee shirts like everyone else, and no one would ever know a thing.”

“Let me think about it, I will let you know tomorrow.”

“Thank you Father.”

“You are welcome.”

It had been just after dinner, so everyone headed out to do what they wanted to for the evening. George wanted a celebratory orgy to celebrate the fact that he had made it without having his sentence increased, and all the rest agreed wholeheartedly. They went and had sex for only a little more than an hour, until George passed out cold. He had not been able to stay awake past nine for the past several weeks because of getting up so early, so at just a few minutes after nine that night, while cumming for only his fourth time, he passed out. The others laughed, but continued fucking him anyway. They diapered him up nicely and then he was covered up, and the others diapered each other just as thickly and cuddled and covered up before they too went to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast, they all talked, but the king never said anything about George's request. George was getting anxious, but was not allowing it to get to him. He had learned a lot about patience and holding ones tongue under fire over the past few months, because when he finally snapped and told the chef where to go and how to get there, he regretted it a great deal. He now knew better.

Finally the king cleared his throat and turned to George. “I have considered your request, and I am willing to allow you and your friends to go to the mall for the day. There will be four guards, they will be plain clothed, they will pretend to be parents, and they will be close by, but they will not harass you. You may not leave the mall, other than to come back here. You earned six thousand dollars while you were working, so you have plenty of money, the others all have money from their own earnings that they may spend as they desire, and Geoff, you also have your own money that you may spend. I will have our banker come and see you all and give you your cards and whatnot after you go get dressed.”

“Thank you Father.” George said.

“I have money?” Geoff said.

“You are welcome,” He said to George, then turned to Geoff and said, “and of course you do. Do you think that you do not receive any sort of allowance?”

“I never thought about it. An allowance is usually given for doing work, I do nothing around here. Though I wish some days that I did.”

“Right now your entire job is learning. You and your brother are expected to learn far more than any other here is, you are required to do your best, and any less is just not good enough. Your allowance is for you to have fun with on the rare occasion that you are allowed to go out and do something fun. If today goes well, and you all listen and do as you are told, this may be allowed again in the future. In a few days, you will be going on a tour of the city, and that will be a full guided tour as normal, but today you get to pretend to be normal kids and do normal things.”


They were all finished eating, so they all headed to their bedrooms to get changed. They all needed fresh diapers and to get dressed, so they all did so quickly. They each packed a diaper bag, and then went to the sitting area in George's room to wait for the others. The banker arrived only seconds after the girls made it, and he handed out their cards and told the their numbers to access them. Once they were ready to go, they headed out to the main hall to wait for their escorts.

All the boys looked sexy in their tight jeans with diaper bulges and diaper bands showing. They all wanted people to see it, hence the reason they were dressed as such. Their escorts came and they all went and hopped into a large white passenger van, they all barely fit, and then they headed out. They drove to the mall with only George really talking any at all. So far George was the only one of them to have been there before, the others had never had the money to do so, so why bother, not to mention, they lived on the other side of the river, so the other side of town as well. He told them of all the amazing things there, especially the arcade. They were all happy to go, especially when they all learned just how much money they all had to spend.

As soon as they made it to the mall, George called his friend and asked him if he and his friends wanted to come to the mall and play for a bit, that he and his brother and friends were there and they wanted to meet. He said that some of them could probably come, and said that they would all meet there.

They wandered around until George saw most of the boys coming, and he led the others to them.

“Hi guys, meet my brother, my boyfriend, his boyfriend, and our friends.” He said. They all introduced themselves, though Geoff also gave a false name.

“Wow, you two are identical, how do you tell each other apart?”

“It is easy once you know us. Do not worry though if you get it wrong, our parents sometimes have a hard time telling us apart.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, who wants to go to the arcade and have fun then?”

“We all will. Do you guys wanna come to my place and have some fun later as well? We can call our female friends, they would love another few girls to play with, and you three are diapered, they'll love that.”

“Sadly we cannot. We are only allowed to come to the mall and play today, but maybe some other time.”

“Too bad, but oh well, it'll still be fun anyway.”

They all reached the arcade and went and got their tokens and started playing and having fun. They played for nearly three hours until they were all getting very hungry, so they all headed to the food fair to eat. They all got what they wanted and went and sat and ate. Everyone needed diaper changes after that, so they headed to the bathrooms, where, for obvious reasons, there were a few change tables set up in one room, and they were large enough for adults even. Everyone paired up and changed someone else, and they were done in only a few minutes.

They wandered around the mall for a bit, just looking around and checking things out, but no one bought anything. They hit the arcade again and played for a while longer, until they were all played out, and then George told his friends that they should be going.

Everyone headed out after saying goodbye, saying that they had had fun and would love to do it again some time, but that next time maybe they could arrange a sleepover afterward as well. That was agreed upon by all, and hoped by both princes' that it would be allowed.

A month later it was allowed, and while the same four guards had escorted them, they only appeared to drop them off at the house, and then staked it out to ensure that the boys were safe the entire night. There were seven girls in total, and they played in the bedroom, while the boys all played in the play room, and they all had an amazing time.

After that, once every month or two, the kids were allowed to go out and have some fun, but they were always escorted, even though George maintained that it simply was not necessary.

From then on though, George never had to be punished again, they all did very well, and on their fathers' fiftieth birthday, so Geoff was almost twenty three, he retired and Geoff reluctantly took the throne.

Their entire kingdom prospered even more, because of the knowledge that Geoff had learned while growing up had made him far more perceptive to the suffering of his people. He and Jean had three lovely boys, the first set of royal triplets, just before he turned thirty, whereas George and Mikayla married and had just one boy. Both twins stayed living in the castle, they pretty much co ruled the kingdom, but it was always Geoff that made the final call, and George was very much okay with that. He never wanted to rule, so he was happy to always be there to advise.

They ruled peacefully until King Geoff's eldest was old enough to take over, never having so much as an argument with another country. Every year they still added a few people to their country, rescuing them from other countries where they were persecuted for being who and what they are, and all were happy. Birth rates were holding steady enough to keep them growing, but not quickly, only just keeping above the death rates, so that they never had too many people. Everyone was prosperous, the poverty rate having gone down dramatically by the time King Geoff retired, almost to the point of none at all, and very happy as well.

And they all lived gayly ever after.

****Thanks for reading this tale of gay diaper love. I had originally anticipated that this story would only be about a third the length, but it just kept going and going. I know it is nothing like the original tale, it was not meant to be, other than to have some similarities, though hopefully they were minimal. If you enjoyed the story, please let me know, you can reach me at erich5748 at Ah, if only such a country did exist though huh, what would we all give to live there. Fuck, nearly anything.****