Chapter 4

Getting to sleep in the most comfortable bed that he had ever dreamed of before was amongst the most wonderful things that had ever happened to him. Geoff woke up and sighed so deeply that it defied logic, he stretched and yawned, working out the sleep kinks, though they were considerably less than they normally were when he slept on a cold hard floor, laying in his own piss. All in all, he felt absolutely amazing.

He checked his diaper, and felt that it was still good for at least a little while longer, and then decided to get up for the day. When he looked at the clock, he saw that he had actually managed to sleep in, which was a rarity for him, Geoff could not ever remember sleeping beyond six am in his life. Normally he was up somewhere around five, and this morning it was just a few minutes before seven.

Gabriel must have heard him, because, just as he was about to climb out of bed, the beautiful older boy stumbled from his room, his soggy diaper knocking his knees, his bed messy hair sticking up all over the place, and he was still rubbing his eyes. Geoff groaned, Gabriel looked absolutely gorgeous like that.

“Good morning.” Gabriel yawned.

“Good morning to you as well. You look really hot like that.”

“Thank you, you do too.”

“Come here and let us change each others diapers, and we may as well drain each other at the same time.” Geoff grinned.

“You have such a way with words, but okay. Let me grab everything and then we will take care of both our needs.”

Gabriel was back only a minute later with everything that they would be needing, and climbed onto the bed.

“I will remove your plug while I am sucking you, so that you may go to the washroom. It is not good to wear them for too long, so you will want to leave it out for the rest of the day anyway. It will make you cum like crazy though when I pull it out. I will then ask that you do the same for me.” Gabriel said.

“Okay, that sounds hot. Are you gonna do so while sucking me, because that is what I want to do to you as well?”

“Absolutely. I love the taste of your cum, and I wish that I could get it a hundred times a day.”


Gabriel pushed Geoff onto his back and positioned himself for all the fun times ahead. He buried his face into Geoff's soggy diaper and played with his baby boner through it for several minutes, causing the poor boy to moan and sigh deeply. He was loving it, but he also wanted Gabriel to hurry up and rip off his diaper and start sucking him.

That happened only a few minutes later though, so Geoff was happy.

Gabriel tore the tapes off of Geoff's diaper and pulled it down, zeroed in on his hot hard dick, and sucked it and his balls all in, and started a premium blow job. Just as he started sucking, he started playing with the rather large plug that was lodged firmly inside of Geoff. He grunted, because it was actually a little tender, never before had he had something inside himself for so long before, and it caused a little minor discomfort. He was not in pain, just uncomfortable.

Gabriel was playing with the plug inside Geoff though, knowing that he would be in a little pain from it, knowing that it was his first time and all, so he was taking it nice and easy. Just before Geoff was about to cum for his first time, Gabriel pulled the plug so that it was almost half way out, causing Geoff to squeal in ecstasy, and cum like a fire hose. Gabriel loved it, he slurped up all that he was able to, holding it in his mouth, savoring it while he continued to suck and play.

Geoff almost pushed Gabriel off after he came, he was so sensitive that he was almost in pain, but within a few seconds, he was used to it, and he let out the longest moan that he had ever made, or heard of for that matter.

Gabriel continued working, pulling the plug out a bit, then pushing it back in, pretty much fucking Geoff with it, all the while he was sucking Geoff so perfectly. It took only another couple minutes of this for Geoff to cum again, only this time, Gabriel pulled the plug all the way out, causing Geoff to yell out in bliss.

This time Gabriel did not continue, he knew that two massive orgasms like that was going to be all that Geoff could handle. He did not want the poor boy to pass out, that was for night time playing, for now Geoff needed a fresh diaper and food.

Geoff was both happy and sad that Gabriel did not continue. He knew what would happen though if Gabriel had have sucked him again, but while he knew that it would have been excruciating, he would have happily let it happen too. Seconds after Gabriel stopped sucking him though, his dick deflated, telling them both that the fun was officially over, at least that part, because there was no chance that Geoff was not about to repay the favour.

“Wow, that was absolutely amazing. I've never cum while being fucked, no one ever worries about me, they don't even stroke me or anything, and that was absolutely incredible.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. The prince likes to fuck me while I am sucking my own dick, mostly he uses a dildo, but I prefer him to do so with his dick.”

“That's hot, I would love to see you do that, I cannot suck my own dick, though I have tried.”

“Most boys would kill to be able to do so, the prince and I trained myself hard to do that, all emphasis on hard of course.” He grinned brightly.

“I bet. Now, lay back and let me take care of you as well.”

Well, who was he to complain, he laid back and Geoff repaid the favour absolutely, causing Gabriel to cum twice as well, and both times the amount of cum was nearly double the night before. Geoff loved doing this, and knew that he would gladly do so at every opportunity in the future.

“Wow, that was absolutely amazing as well, thanks.”

“You are so very welcome, it was the least I could do. Now, I really do have to go use the washroom right now, and then I would love for you to diaper me back up.”

“As do I, I always do after a night of wearing a plug. Once we are both properly diapered, then I will order us some breakfast so that we can eat.”

“That sounds great, I am getting pretty hungry.”

They separated ways then and both hit their washrooms and took care of the dirty business, and met back in the bedroom only a few seconds apart from each other.

“Now, let us get us baby boys all diapered up.” Geoff said happily, throwing himself on the bed.

“You know, if I did not know that you were not the prince absolutely, I would think you were just from that. He loves his diapers so much that he often says that even if his bladder started working properly tomorrow, he would never give up his diapers. The doctor has told him before that he can go anytime for the surgery to try and repair it, but he refuses to, and his dad says he is okay with that.”

“Yeah, well, I can honestly say that I know why he would believe that, because I am already starting to believe it, and unless I have no say in the matter, I am keeping my nice thick thirsty baby diapers for forever.”

“Same.” Gabriel smiled.

Gabriel changed Geoff, and then they traded places and Geoff changed Gabriel. They used plenty of lotion and cream, and even gave each other a nice large dose of baby powder, just because it smelled nice.

They headed out to the main room, not bothering to get dressed, because why bother. Gabriel asked Geoff what he wanted for breakfast, but, of course, he had no idea what he even liked, so said that he did not care. Gabriel called down to the kitchen and asked them to bring up the prince's favorite breakfast, times two, so that he had food as well. Geoff had no idea what he was about to receive, because Gabriel would not say.

A little more than thirty minutes later, though, there came a knock on the door, so Gabriel went and retrieved the cart with all the food on it. They sat at the table after Gabriel had set out the covered plates, and then at the same time, they took off the covers, and the smell, which was already amazing, intensified by at least a thousand, and poor Geoff had never smelled something so good.

“My god, what is it, it smells so good, and there is so much, I can never eat all this?”

“Perogies smothered in onions, peppers, mushrooms and white wine sauce, spicy Italian sausage, and two poached eggs on top. Trust me, it is even better tasting than smelling.”

“I wish I could say I believed you, nothing could possibly taste better than this smells.”

“Oh, you will. Dig in.”

And dig in he most certainly did as well. His first taste was tentative, because he had never tried anything of the sort before, and his eyes lit up, then he closed them and savored it, and sighed as it went down. His second bite was almost as rapturous. Even though he was good almost half way through, Geoff could not help but finish all that he had been given, probably eating more in one sitting than he had ever had in any two consecutive days in his entire life.

“Enjoyed much?” Gabriel said as he caught Geoff damn near picking up his plate to lick it off, he blushed and giggled at having almost done it too.

“Oh yeah, that was amazing. No wonder it is the prince's favorite. I trust he is not allowed to have that too often though?”

“No, most of the time the prince is fed very healthy foods, but once a week he is allowed to choose something truly delicious like that.”

“It is going to take me days to wear off all that food, but it was definitely worth it.”

“I agree.”

“What should we do now though?”

“I do not know, what would you like to do?”

“I still have no idea. I have never had a choice of just playing before, so it is still rather new to me.”

“Usually the prince is in with Marcus through most of the day, teaching him things, and of course I am usually included in those lessons, but he still gets several hours every day of free time. Because you are not the prince, and Marcus is probably pulling his hair out trying to find him, he is clearly not going to worry about lessons today.”

“I would not mind that, to tell you the truth, I love learning, but you did not actually answer my question, what should we do now, not what should we be doing?” He grinned.

“Why do we not head to the play room and I teach you how to play video games and whatnot?”

“Okay, I suppose we could do that for a while.”

“Okay, and then after lunch, we can watch a movie or two.”

“Okay, that sounds good.”

They went and played for a few hours, both of them having a great deal of fun. Geoff was horrible at every game he played, to start, but he got the hang of them all fairly quickly, and before too long, he was having a really good time. Because they had had such a large filling breakfast, they were not hungry until well past their normal lunch time, but that was okay as well.

Gabriel ordered them lunch, and while they were waiting for it to be delivered, they went and changed each others diapers, only rubbing each other to one very satisfying orgasm a piece as they did so. Shortly after they were both taped up, they received the knock, telling them that lunch was there, so Gabriel went and retrieved it and Geoff met him at the table. They had a good lunch, and then went and sat back in the comfortable chairs and watched two movies. This too was yet another first for Geoff, he had never got to actually sit and watch a movie before. He had watched bits and pieces of them, and he had watched TV as well, so that was not new, but getting to enjoy an entire movie, that was really great he thought.

By the time the movies were done, it was dinner time, so they changed each other after Gabriel ordered it, and once more, they caused each other to cum only once. The real play time would be closer to bed time, and they were both looking forward to it.

After dinner, they went and played in the play room more, and then just before bed, they went to the bedroom and wore themselves out well and truly so that they could get a really good sleep. They went in almost the exact same fashion as they had the night before, and by the time they were both ready for bed, they were well plugged once again, and very thickly diapered. They wished each other a good sleep, and then Gabriel headed to his bedroom to crash after tucking Geoff in.

The next day was a near repeat of the day before, and not even Marcus visited them again.

Just after dinner, Marcus and the doctor were talking once again.

“So, any word yet?” The doctor asked.

“Nothing, not so much as a whisper. Of course, with few knowing what the prince even looks like, it does make it tricky to pinpoint him, but it does protect him as well. Just makes it bloody hard to find him. The guards did ask around to see if anyone had seen a boy his age. With his appearance wearing diapers around, and several people said they saw a boy like him at the water park, he stripped bare and played for a while, then laid down and diapered himself before heading out. No one seems to recall where he went after that though, and the trail goes cold. That was around noon on the day he disappeared, so now nothing.”

“At least he is not shy.”

“Is that the only thing you have to say about that?”

“Well, it is a plus, not that it helps us in our current situation of course, but it is a plus. You are right though, with next to no one even knowing what the prince looks like, it does make it hard to find him. It is for good reason though, and though it makes it harder for us now, it also makes it far harder for anyone to kidnap and attempt to ransom him.”

“Yes, I understand the reasoning for it, I always have, I even understand the king's orders that no ransom is to be given, no matter the royalty, and to use any person as a shield to protect ones self will be met with extreme prejudice, even if it means sacrificing someone. It certainly prevents things of that nature from happening. We are the only kingdom who has not had a ransom demand in a hundred years or more, because of those rules.”

“Exactly, so, while it makes our lives more difficult, it is worth it in the end.”

“Yes, I suppose that is true. I have been researching our little issue though, and though it has always been a rumor, it seems that there is an awful lot of truth to it. Your test results also corroborate this, yet you seem to know nothing of it?”

“I would not say that I know nothing, only that I was sworn to secrecy about the issue, and it should not be happening at all. I examined the baby, he was dead, and he had to be the prince, all the test results said so.”

“Why was no one ever told?”

“I cannot say more, I am sorry, you already know too much. It was a rumor, and needs to stay as such, until such time as the king himself retracts it.”

“Shit. Now I am even more confused.”

“Tell me about it. Now, have you called the king and queen yet?”

“Yeah, I did, last night after we talked.”

“And what did they say?”

“Said not to worry, that he would come back when he was ready to, but to keep on doing what we are doing.”

“And did you mention Geoff?”

“Yeah, I simply said we had found a suitable replica of him to not arouse suspicions, but that we are claiming he to be sick, so no one is really allowed entrance to his bedroom, so that no one could see that it is not really the prince.”

“Okay, so you withheld some of the truth.”

“Yes, but I never lied, and he is definitely a suitable replica. Damn near identical, I might add, but no, I was too afraid to tell them the full truth.”

“How did you get around the fact that we found him, and then he is still missing?”

“Actually, now that you mention it, it never even came up. Maybe they thought he managed to slip back out, I do not know.”

The prince and his band of rescuers, were still almost two blocks from the palace, they were keeping quiet and in the shadows, there was next to no movement at all, yet they were all on edge. Every last one of the group felt that something bad was going to happen, something just felt wrong, but they could see or hear nothing.

One block to go, they could see the castle looming above the buildings, they could even see the main gate now, they were that close, and then all hell broke loose.

Every last one of them recognized the monster of a man as he came at them, he barreled out of an alley, swinging his massive fists of fury, three boys and one girl all fell to his fists before he managed to grab the prince.

“Stop it, you're stealing the prince, help, help.” They all called out.

“Take your hands off me you foul beast, I am the prince, your very life is forfeit if you lay another hand on me.” He screamed, trying with all his might to alert someone at the palace.

“Very funny, you vile brat, now shut the fuck up.” He said, and even though he was still holding Prince George, he managed to back hand him across the face quite viciously.

The only sound Prince George made was a muffled cry, the hit very nearly knocked him out.

The other kids were still screaming, they were trying their hardest to grab the prince and not allow the man to take him anywhere, they knew he would kill him this time. He was in such a rage though that the kids were unable to hurt him, though he hurt the kids lots. He kept hitting and even kicking, and though they were all in a great deal of pain by then, they just kept coming back and trying to get the prince back.

All the commotion did not go unnoticed though, four guards did hear, four of the ones who had been tasked with quietly finding the prince thankfully, and they came running. When they rounded the corner, they saw all they needed to see, and just as the man was fleeing the scene, all the kids that had been trying to protect the prince were on the ground bleeding and crying, they ran after the man.

“Stop, by royal decree, if you take one step further, you will be shot on the spot.”

“Fuck you, I am taking my brat back home where he belongs, he ran away.”

“No, you have the prince, let him go now and you simply go to jail, do not, and I kill you where you stand.”

“Yeah, right, you'd never harm your precious prince, which it is not, it is my son. So no, you won't shoot me.”

“Actually, our standing orders are that any ransom demands are to be met with deadly force if need be, even if it means to sacrifice the royal person of which is being held captive. You will not be leaving this street alone or alive. Now, let the prince go, or I will shoot you. Just so you know though, I am a marksman, and though you are holding the prince in front of you now, I will not hit him, I am aiming for right between your eyes, and I will not miss. Now, drop the prince, gently of course, put your hands up, and you may still live.”

“No, fuck you, he isn't the prince, he's my son, and he deserves some more loving.”

“No, you fucking retard, I am not your son, I am Prince George, now, let me go.” He said, and, because through his struggling, he had managed to get his foot into position, he nailed the man right in the daddy makers with his bare foot.

Prince George may not be very large, but he is pretty strong, and even bare footed, as hard a kick as he could give, right to the mans nuts, caused him to drop the prince, double over, crash to the ground, and cup his goods and cry.

“Nice kick Your Highness. It is good to see you again. We have been searching for you. Now, let us get you back into the palace and safe.”

“Not without my friends. You must protect them, and this beast, he is mine. I will be questioning him, and he will be going to jail, and nothing even my father can say will stop me.”

“Your friends are not royalty or even upper class, they are not allowed in the palace without consent of the king, I am sorry, you know the rules.”

“Then, by my decree, they are all now knights, they saved my life, twice now, helped me out when I was taken hostage, and were better friends to me than I have ever deserved. Defy me now, and I will ensure that you are all fired. I am sorry, but this is how it is going to be, and if you do not do so, then leave now, the others and I will go back to where we were staying, but we are taking this piece of shit with us.” Prince George snarled, he was mad, he was in pain, and he was not about to take any shit, especially from a guard.

By now, all the others had gotten back up, though shaken, as well as well battered and bleeding, and they were standing behind the prince.

“What say you, because they are coming with me, one way or the other. Take us to see Marcus at the very least.”

“You cannot make anyone a knight yet your highness, you know the rules.”

“I do, and I started cumming last night, I felt the extra stickiness in my diaper this morning.”

“We cannot be sure of that though, not until we are given the word.”

“I will prove it now to you, if I must.”

“What's he talking about George?” One of the girls asked, she was busy pinching her nose.

“No royalty is allowed to make any legal or binding decrees until they are capable of producing offspring. I can now, I had my first wet dream last night, so now I am considered a full prince, not just baby prince with few rights.”

“That's an odd law don't you think.” She laughed.

“No, it ensures that no one that is too young can take the throne. I would still not wish to do so now anyway, but I could now if I had to.”

“Oh.” A couple of them said.

“So, take us to the palace now please, and gather up this monster, but remember, he is mine, no one is allowed to question him until I am ready to do so myself. Oh, and if someone would take a couple of the guards back to his house and collect his bitch, that would be great as well.”

“I'd be happy to do so.” Jared snarled.

“Thanks. Now, two of you go with him, the rest of you, get this thing and take us all to the palace.”

“Fine, but no one is allowed to leave the court yard until Marcus says that it is all right.” The head guard said, and ordered two of the guards to go collect Geoff's mother.

“She is to be brought in alive, preferably not harmed, I wish to do the harming myself, but if she resists, teach her a lesson.” The prince snarled.

With that, everyone took off and headed to where they needed to go. The prince and all those with him got to the castle and they were allowed entry. They were a hell of a group, almost a dozen kids, all of them battered and bruised, and many still bleeding, and then a few palace guards escorting them. Two of the guards carrying a whimpering man who was still trying to hold his nuts in.

When the lead guard called in to ask permission to enter, he said nothing of who he had with him, it was still his orders to not say anything about the real prince not being in the castle, but as soon as they came in, the guards there asked, and he just held up his hands and said that he was not allowed to answer them at this time, and to hold all questions. He grabbed his radio and called Marcus.

Marcus was asleep when he received the call from the lead guard, saying that they had him and that they were in the court yard.

“Why are you still in the courtyard, bring him in?” He asked in confusion.

“We have an issue, and you need to come down and rectify it please.” He answered.

Though Marcus tried to get him to elaborate, he would not, so Marcus quickly got dressed and headed down to the courtyard. When he arrived, he saw what the guard was talking about, the prince was not the only one with him.

“Um, what is happening.”

“I will take this.” Prince George said, and then proceeded to tell the entire tale of his escape and past couple days.

“I see, and this is the man that beat you then?”

“Yes, and he is mine to question, unless my father is home, in which case I will beg him to allow me to question him.”

“Only with me and our head guard with you.” Marcus said.

“Good. By the way, I had my first wet dream last night, so I am now capable of making orders and expecting them to be followed.”

“I am certain that Gabriel will be more than happy to verify that, however, for the time being, I will take your word for it, since I happen to know that you were very close already. So, these young men and women then helped and protected you, and you wish to make them your knights?”

“That is correct. It was the only way that I could allow them entrance to the palace without Fathers permission, other than hiring them, and this way is less messy. Not to mention, their bravery and valor in rescuing and protecting me was more than enough for me to justify it.”

“Then, once it is proven that you are capable of making that decision, and once your parents are back to oversee the proceedings, as well as to join in on the party, it will be done. In the meantime, they will be considered royal guests with all the courtesies that we can bestow upon them for returning our prince.”

“Excellent. Now, there is another matter, one that I have not yet mentioned. These young knights did not just by chance meet me and help me, they honestly thought I was their friend. There is a boy out there somewhere that looks identical to me in nearly every way, according to them. He needs to be found and brought here, there is simply no way that he and I are not related, and yes, I know the rumor as well. Though it is only that, because my parents refused to answer even my questions.”

“Ah, as for that my young prince, that young man is here. When you went missing, we sent out guards to find you right away, and they sort of thought he was you, and brought him in. He tried telling us that he was not you, of course, but we would not listen, the resemblance is remarkable. There are differences, but you have to be paying very close attention to notice them. He is currently asleep in your room, and Gabriel has been taking care of him as if he were taking care of you, for we felt the same.”

“Have my parents been informed yet?”

“No, I was hoping that we would find you first, before I made that rather difficult call.”

“Do not call them, let them finish with their business, it is rather important, and they do not need to be distracted. They are due home in two days time anyway, and it will do them both well to come home to a surprise, a surprise I fully intend to question them about heartily.”

“Do not be harsh on them My Prince, I am certain they did what they did for a good reason.”

“I will not be harsh, but I will make them answer me. Well, seeing as how my bed is currently in use, and I wish to stay close to my friends anyway, I am going to take them to the guest tower and we are going to get some sleep. Actually, would you mind calling the doctor and sending him up, I think we could all stand to see him. Oh, and tell the kitchen to send up a few platters of good foods and plenty to drink as well.”

“Will do My Prince, it is good to have you back, but please, promise me one thing.”

“I make no promises right now.”

“Fair enough I suppose. I ask that you do not run away like that again, you gave me one hell of a fright, and I do not care to ever call your parents and tell them that ever again.”

“I will never make that promise, from here on out, things are going to change, and I will be speaking to my father about that as well. Oh, and our guest down there, he is to receive absolutely no medical care, no food, no drink, no clothes, no bed. He is to get exactly what he gave me and Geoff, a cold hard floor and a thin blanket. When his bitch arrives, she is to get the same, and they are to be separated, they are not to even see each other at all. When the other boy, Jared, gets back, send him up as well.”

“We will talk more about that later, but I will see to it that this thing gets exactly what he deserves.”

“Good. Remember though, no one but me questions him, he is not to be hurt, but if he resists, teach him a lesson.”

Marcus nodded, and two guards picked up their prisoner and took him away, while Prince George led his friends inside and to the guest tower. Marcus then went and called the doctor and told him the news and everything that he currently knew. He asked him to go visit the kids and get them patched up, and he was okay with that and headed out right away. Marcus then called the kitchen and gave them their instructions.

“Wow, nice digs.” Cole said as they walked into the large guest suite at the top of the guest tower, which was accessed via a really nice spiral staircase.

The central Room has a huge skylight in it, not that they had any light from it at that time of night, but they could see the stars and the moon, and there is a really neat fire pit right in the centre, with couches surrounding that. From there are an even dozen doors, Prince George telling the others that each door leads to a separate guest bedroom that is very nicely appointed with large even more nicely appointed washrooms.

“So, now we can sit back and relax and wait for food and the doctor.”

“Hope he has some good pain killers, 'cause boy am I hurting right now, and we used up almost everything we had on you last night and today.” Michael said.

“I am certain that he will have everything necessary to treat all of you and get you up and running like you helped me to do. Food will also be good right now, and hopefully that gets here soon.”

“So, can you tell us anything about what you asked for, you're gonna make us knights?” Jimmy asked curiously.

“Yes, but it is not like the old days when you are there to fight for me, now it is simply a royal title, you will now be known as Sir's and Lady's, you will be granted land and lodging, but you will also have to become far more educated than you are. You will be invited to the palace for all royal events, and all sorts of other things. You will not, however, receive money. Most knights still require jobs of their own, but being that you are all so young still, I should be able to get you well paying jobs as staff within the palace, if you want them, that is. The title is lifelong, so, unless you do something to have it stripped from you, you will always be known as lower royalty from this day forth.”

“Really. What do you mean we get land and lodging?” Susan asked.

“Just that really. Knights automatically receive a one acre parcel of land with a house of your choosing on it. There are limitations as to what you may ask for, but it is rare that we ever have to impose said limitations. There are still twelve parcels of land available within the palace common, but there are thirty or more available in the country or the mountains as well. As royalty you do not have to pay taxes on your land, but the running of your household you do have to pay for, so gas and power and the likes. Because you are all still fairly young, any that have family may of course wish to have them live there with them, which would mean that they also have the chance to cease being as poor as they were.”

“Wow.” All of them breathed as one.

More questions would have been asked, but the entrance of the doctor ceased all talking.

“Good evening your highness, and our newly minted knights. I understand that you have had a rather difficult past couple days, so, I need everyone to strip down to your underwear, or less if you are not shy. I will go over everyone and see what all you need.”

None of them were at all shy, growing up where they did, and doing what they often had to do to survive meant that shyness was not an emotion that they could be saddled with. With that being said, they all stripped naked, even the prince did so, because he too is not at all shy.

The doctor first asked who needed pain killers, because he could clearly see that they all likely would, and they all put their hands up. He gave them each a shot of some stuff that would act much faster than pills would, going down the line, from the Prince on. He then worked on all the scrapes and cuts, taking care of that first, but having to redo all the prince's, commenting that his bandages had been done very well. Just as he was finishing that, ten large trays of food were delivered.

“Okay, from here on out, as I am working on one, the rest may feel free to eat. Do not eat too much, but do not be afraid to fill up either. I will come and get one as soon as I am done with one.”

The prince was kept back and the doctor got him all fixed up first, and finally cleared him as healthy as can be, considering how he looked. He then went and took care of all the rest of them, and other than the beating they got this evening, they were all in pretty reasonable condition. Jared entered during the time and he too ate and was attended to in time. Finally the doctor and the food were done.

“Okay, now that everyone is fed up and fixed up, it is time you head to bed. I will send breakfast up in the morning, I will send it up late, so as to allow you to get an extra good sleep. Please do not leave this tower for now though, we have a fire to put out that needs to be kept as quiet as possible.”

“Okay Doctor, but would you send up some diapers please, I am now out.” Prince George asked.

“Oh, right, here, I already brought you a bag with lots in it, so that should any of your friends need them as well, they too can use them.”

“Oh, thanks. Actually, I have no idea if any of them need diapers for sleeping in.”

“I do.” Tyler said shyly.

“No need to be ashamed, here that is not only normal, but downright acceptable, and in my case loved.” Prince George smiled.


“Absolutely. Anyone else?”

“Me too, just not all the time.” Jimmy said.

“Okay, then you two may feel free to grab a diaper as well, so as not to wet the bed, I did it once, and I hope to never do so ever again. Granted, that is not entirely accurate either, because after a couple fun hours of being well and truly filled, even I have caused my diapers to leak throughout the night and managed to wet my bed, but that is just good clean fun.” He grinned.

“Wow, you're dirtier than we are.” Jared laughed.

“Good. Well everyone, what are you waiting for, grab what you need and go pick a bedroom. If you are more comfortable sharing with a good friend, then so be it, once more, here that is acceptable.”


Jimmy and Tyler headed to one room, all three girls headed to another, Michael and Cole went to one, and Jared was about to head to the next, when Prince George called out to him.

“Would you stay for just a moment please Jared. Doctor, we will be fine now, so have a good night.”

“Okay Prince George, you too.”

The boys waited until the doctor was out of sight and hearing range before the prince started talking.

“I would like it if you stayed with me this evening, I really like you. However, if you choose to do so, you have to know something.”

“Okay, I'm gay, so I don't mind, but I'm really tired and just wanna go to sleep.”

“Same here, I just think I need to be cuddled tonight. The problem is, I am truly a diaper lover, even if I got bladder control tomorrow, I would never give up my diapers, not not, not ever. As such, anyone I share my bed with also has to wear a diaper. I love diaper sex, it is so absolutely amazing. You will not have to tonight if you do not want to, because we will not be playing anyway, but I would still really like to see you like that.”

“I haven't worn a diaper since I was three, it seems kinda strange to me.”

“I understand, and I would understand if you did not want to wear one, but you have to know, that if you ever desire to play with me, that will be how you are required to be dressed, and wet too I might add.”

“Okay, I'll wear one with you tonight, to see how it is, then I'll decide, okay.”

“Great, come on.”

They headed to another bedroom and diapered each other, before crawling into bed and cuddling up. They both sighed deeply from the close contact, and fell asleep within only a few minutes. If Jared was worried about not being able to sleep, wearing a diaper, it was absolutely unfounded. Also, during the night, he woke three times to go pee, like he normally did, but instead of getting up, he just peed his diaper, since that was what the prince really wanted anyway, and be damned if did not enjoy it as well. He woke first and had to pee, so did so once again in his diaper, and when he was done, he groped his diapered crotch to see how it felt, and he really liked it.