Chapter 5

Geoff woke up this morning feeling well rested and as if everything were perfect in the world. Running through his mind was, I could definitely live like this. However, he was trying to be realistic, he knew that once the prince was found, that he would have to leave, and he would be lucky if he had the choice to leave to wherever he wished to do so. He wondered what the king and queen were going to do to him once they found out about him. He was at least a little scared of that, but he also knew that he did nothing wrong, and both Marcus and Gabriel would be able to attest to that.

He sighed deeply and stretched, arching his back up high, his single blanket slipping down and off, revealing the fact that he was very well diapered, and very soggy at that. He saw this and smiled. Never before had he had the chance to wear a diaper, well, except for a couple times for customers, now he was not sure that he could go another day without wearing one. He wondered, once again, how he was going to manage to make it on his own, and how he was going to be able to get himself diapers.

Gabriel must have heard him once again, because just a few seconds later, he came out of his bedroom, stretching and yawning, his soggy diaper sagging low once again. He looked sexy as usual, and Geoff wanted him badly, and fully, in every meaning as well.

“Mmm, good morning Geoff, it sounds as if you slept well, that morning sigh was pretty content. I was just waking up as well.”

“I slept excellently, thank you very much. I must say, I will miss this once the prince does come back, a wonderful bed, awesome diapers, and someone to have sex with, it will be a lot to give up, and I have to wonder why the prince would ever want to run away.”

“He had his reasons, and you are still thinking you are going to have to leave. I do not feel that that will be the case, but, I do not know with any certainty, so do not ask.”

“Fine, but once he is found, then there will be no need for me to be here, and I sure would not want me here if I were him, I would only get in the way. Any chance of a really good morning diaper change?”

“Do not worry so much, but as for the diaper change, yes, there is a very good chance of one, let me grab everything.”

Gabriel went and grabbed everything that they would be needing and then got down to have a most excellent diaper change. Sucking, fingering, stroking, humming and a lot of moaning, of course, were all happening during said diaper change, that took almost a full hour.

“Mmm, that never gets old. Thanks so much.” Geoff sighed deeply.

“Hence the reason I love my job so much. Let me hop up and order breakfast, okay.”

“I would too, if I were you.”

Gabriel hopped out of bed and went and called in the order for breakfast, and while he was doing that, Geoff got out of bed as well and headed to the main room. He sat at the table in there and waited for Gabriel to finish.

“So, what did you mean that the prince had his reasons for running away, are the king and queen really hard on him or something?”

“No, no, nothing like that. The problem is, they protect the prince too much, they do not let him have very much freedom. At least that is what he thinks. The simple fact of the matter is, he has excellent freedom, he is allowed anywhere in the palace he cares to go, inside or outside, any time of the day or night, it matters not. He is also allowed to do almost anything he wants while here, or at the vacation homes, but he is never allowed outside the gates. He wants to tour around, see things, meet other people, do other things like normal people do, and he is not allowed to do anything of the sort. That is why he ran away, that is why he wanted to be a bit more free, and that is what caused this whole mess.”

“I can understand that, I hate feeling tied down, I like to be able to roam free. Funny, considering the life I have led. I should have run away years ago, but I was too afraid to do it. I knew my so called parents would find me somehow, and then I would be worse than dead. The one time I did try, it was horrible, and I had not even really run away.”

“I am not sure what it is about you two, but I feel more free than I ever did before coming here. Granted, I was pretty young still, but that does not matter, because even when I was that young, as soon as I got here, I felt true freedom, I was allowed to do so much, go almost anywhere I liked, and so much more too.”

“Did it ever occur to you that he had to go out and be normal. Think about it from his point of view, I know how I would feel if I were him, being the prince and all, never knowing if someone liked you because they wanted to or had to. No one knows what he looks like anyway, and I am willing to bet that one of the very first things that he did as soon as he was free to do so was to go and play with other kids and just be a kid, not a prince, someone that everyone has to bow to and be nice to. I could not do it, it would drive me mad, never knowing why someone was being nice to me. Even with you and me, at first you were nice to me because you had to be, it is your job and your duty to be nice to the prince, so you felt duty bound to do so to me, you even said so yourself. I know it is more than that now, I can feel it, you truly do like being with me, and the feeling is mutual, by the way. Maybe the prince is starting to have a hard time differentiating that though, maybe he had to know for sure, and maybe he just wanted to go play with no strings attached.”

“I suppose that I can see your point of view, it does make sense, and I know there are those here who are only nice to the prince because they have to be, otherwise they cannot stand him. I will never say their names though, it is not my place. As long as they are nice to him, how they feel about him is their business. I cannot even say it is the prince's fault, they just do not seem to like him, though he hardly has anything to do with them.”

“I do not care who they are, but can you tell me what they say, why do they not like him?”

“It stems from the normal stuff, spoiled brat who gets everything handed to him, he has to work for nothing, so on and so forth. Like they have anything to complain about though, they work here, but like most of us that work here, we get excellent wages, and really, we have very little duties. There are enough of us that do everything that it makes the entire place run smoothly with little work. For instance, I am the prince's royal diaperer and assistant. I make sure that he is kept well and comfortably diapered, but I do not have to worry about stocking, I just grab what is needed from the storage room when it is needed, there is someone else that takes care of all the purchasing. I help the prince to get dressed and bathed, and same with clothes and other personal items, when something is needed, I put in the order and it is gotten. Then there is sexual tension relief, I am to ensure that the prince is well drained at all times, should he need it of course. And that is pretty much my entire job description, so not a lot. Most have no more or no less than that, so there really is no reason for complaining.”

“Yes, well I suppose that there will always be those that just like to complain, no matter how good they have it.”

They continued talking for the next few minutes as they awaited breakfast, and when it arrived, they sat back and enjoyed it a great deal. After breakfast, they went in and played some in the play room. Today they played at the arcade type games and the pool table and whatnot. Geoff, of course, had to learn, but he had a lot of fun too.

It was well after nine am when the prince and his guests all started waking up from their good nights rest. They luxuriated in their comfortable beds for a bit, but all their stomachs, and several of their bladders were insisting that they all get up. Within five minutes, they were all out in the main room once again.

“Good morning everyone. It appears that our two bed wetters were lucky to have diapers available to them, and Jared seemed to enjoy his as well, if how wet it is means anything.” Prince George smiled.

“Yeah, these are great diapers, really comfortable, and even better when wet.” Tyler said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Jimmy added.

“And yeah, I think I agree as well, and it sure was a helluva lot better than getting up every couple hours to go pee.” Jared said, only the slightest hint of a blush showing.

“Yeah, well, as comfortable as that bed was, I slept so well that I damn near wet the bed too, so I probably would've appreciated one.” Michael laughed and even Cole nodded his agreement.

Only the girls did not agree with that, but they did have to admit the boys were cute in their soggy diapers. Only, every last one of the boys were gay, but then, the girls were mostly as well.

“That is excellent. Now, I could use both food and pain killers, so let me call up the doctor and the kitchen and see what they can do to get us all fixed up.”

“Me too.” Rang out all around him.

Only five minutes later the doctor was there to check on everyone and give them all some good pain killers once again, and then fifteen minutes after he left, the kitchen staff had a nice spread there for them all.

They all dug in and ate heartily Just as they were finishing up, Marcus joined them.

“Good morning, and how is everyone this morning?”

“Good.” They all said, more or less, but the prince stepped forth.

“Good morning Marcus. Any chance that we could get some decent clothes sent up, so that we can all get dressed. I would also like to meet this mysterious twin like person named Geoff, and then, once we get that all tidied up, I would very much like to go meet the person who beat me up and inform him just how large a mistake it was to do so. You dealt with his wife as I requested after she arrived?”

“Yes, she was locked in a cell without being told anything, and was given nothing as per your request. As for clothes and meeting Geoff, that could very easily be arranged. Where would you like to do this meeting?”

“I will meet him in my room, it will be much more comfortable. Then, once we figure things out from there, then we will meet his father.” The grin he had going though said that he was going to enjoy that meeting a great deal.

“Okay, I will have suitable clothing brought for you right away.”

“Thanks.” Prince George said to Marcus' departing back.

“What do you plan to do to Geoff's father?” Jared asked.

“Well, what I would like to do and will do are different. I would love nothing more than to take a rather large stick to him and beat him until he looks as bad as, or worse than I looked. What I will do, however, is ask him a whole lot of questions that he will not likely wish to answer. Geoff will also be allowed to ask any questions that he so desires, because I am certain that he will wish to do so as well. Then he will be jailed for no less than twenty five years and not more than fifty. He should be thankful, though, that I am not allowed to hang him, because, trust me, the desire is certainly there.”

“I have no doubts about that, and I'd be up front and centre cheering as his neck snaps. In a way though, he deserves far worse. He deserves to be beaten every day, made to sleep on the cold hard ground and made to wet himself every night. He deserves everything that he made Geoff go through times five.”

“Yes, he does deserve that, but, sadly, that is not what this kingdom is about, hence the reason we no longer kill them, it makes us as bad as they are. He will not even be poorly treated, he will be treated far better than he deserves, but he will never have freedom, if I have my way. I will hold a lot of sway though, and when my father hears that the man laid a hand on me, beat me like that, we may have to remind him that we do not kill people any more, that we are above that.”

“I don't doubt that the king 'll be absolutely furious with him, and his wife too, and I would very much like to be there when the king hears about it, preferably with the monster there to see it as well.”

“Oh, he will be, when my father gets home, that will be the very first thing I do is to drag them in front of them and tell them what happened and what they did. Geoff will, undoubtedly, wish to add his information as well.”

“Speaking of Geoff though, what's gonna happen to him?” Tyler asked.

“Nothing, why?”

“Well, he impersonated you, didn't he?”

“Not the way it sounds to me. It sounds to me as if he tried telling everyone right from the start that he was not I, I should think that that would be good enough for my parents, and if, for some strange reason, it is not, then I will tell them that it is not his fault and that he did everything in his power to rectify the situation. No, Something else is going to happen to him, he just may not like it much.”

“What.” They all asked in fear.

“Nothing bad. There is an old rumor from around the time I was born. I have asked my parents, but I was forbidden to speak of it at all, and no one else can tell me anything about it either. The rumor says I had an older twin brother that died. However, shortly after that was supposed to have happened, his tomb was noted to be empty. That is all I know, and you now know as much as I do about that. Somehow Geoff is my older twin brother, I would bet everything I am on that, there is simply no way that we could possibly look so identical otherwise. I cannot wait to see the look on my parents' faces when that gets revealed, which will also be revealed at the same time as the monster who beat me and him.”

“Wait, if you're correct, he's your older brother, which means he'd be the prince in direct line of ascension.” Susan said.

“Exactly, which means I would be free, I would not have to take over for my father when he decides to retire. He is almost forty, and most of my family decides to retire at fifty, so I would only have another ten or so years before I get saddled with that, and trust me, I do not want that in the least. I am willing to bet, though, that Geoff would not want it any more than I do. Please tell him nothing of this though, I do not wish to scare him, and I want the truth first.”

They all promised to say nothing of what they had heard, and just as they finished saying this, several people all came up the stairs, each of them carrying an arm load of clothes. They were all set down and then separated. Marcus came with them.

“Okay everyone, we were uncertain of all the exact sizes that you would need, with the exception of you of course, My Prince, so we brought hopefully more than enough.”

With the entrance of several people, the three boys who were wearing diapers, had tried to hide as best they could behind the couches. Prince George laughed and told them to stop being silly, every one of these people had seen him and dozens of others in diapers pretty much all their lives, and to them it was as normal as any underwear. When they realized that the people were not leaving, they finally relented and crept from their hiding spots.

Prince George offered them either regular underwear or another diaper, and Jared was the only one to accept a diaper. It could have had something to do with the pleading look on Prince George's face though. When the other two saw that Jared was going to, they decided that they may as well too. As soon as that was settled, the servants stepped forth and began helping all the kids to get dressed, which included changing the diapers of all four boys. At first all three new boys were embarrassed by this, but they were told to just lay back and enjoy, and to close their eyes if needed, they did.

They were all very gently wiped down with warm cloths, whether they were wearing diapers or not, and then the diaper wearers received a healthy application of diaper rash cream and baby lotion, and then they all received a nice sprinkling of powder into their diapers or underwear, and then they were pulled or taped up. They were then dressed. Each of the kids' personal assistants would dig through the various articles of clothing that were available, until they found something that both fit and suited the child they were dressing. It was nearly half an hour later that they were all dressed and ready to go. Every last one of the poor kids in there had never been so well dressed in their lives. Their clothes were both very nice and very comfortable. Because they were not going to be going outside anyway, they were all given very nicely made rabbit fur slippers to wear.

“There, now you all look more befitting of people who saved the life of a prince. Welcome to the world of royalty, while sometimes it can be boring, and I never know who is or is not my real friend, there are definitely perks.” Prince George grinned.

“Thanks.” They all said.

“So, um, silly question, but what exactly are we supposed to call you then?” Jared asked, the rest nodded.

“Well, you are all now knights, and as such are now low royalty, though that still has to be determined and legalized, but to you I am simply George. Same as you all, you are now to be called Sir or Madam by anyone of lower caste, only those of royalty may address you directly by name. Even low royalty such as yourselves may address upper royalty such as myself by name. My parents, however, you must still address as king and queen, and even I must do so when in formal situations. You will be given time to adjust to your new rank, but there will come a time when, if you slip, you will be reprimanded. Once we start teaching you proper royal protocol, you will be expected to follow it.”

“And why are we doing this?” Jared laughed.

“Because, you just became low royalty by your actions and your actions alone. You did not have to help me, you risked your own lives to do so, even after you knew that there was no need for you to do so, you still did. That alone tells me that you are all worthy of the title and the rank, and it is due, so do not feel bad. You may have been poor, peasants, beggars, or whatever your title was, but the second you risked your lives to save me, you became my first official knights. Congratulations, by the way, we have not added a new knight in over twenty years.”

“Oh. We were just doing what was right.”

“Yes, but the fact of the matter is, you did, when many others would have just slipped into the shadows and let it happen, as long as it was not them, then they do not worry about it. That is the duty of a knight, to step in and protect those that cannot protect themselves. It used to be different, it has meant many things, but nowadays, that is about the only thing that will get a knighthood bestowed upon someone.”


“Now, let us go meet who must assuredly be my brother.”

“What do you mean, what do you know about that?” Marcus asked.

“Marcus, do you believe me to be stupid?” Prince George asked sharply.

“No, of course not your highness, in fact, I do believe I have told you time and time again that you are too smart for your own good.”

“Exactly. Then tell me this. How could I not think that. I have heard the rumor, I know I was born second as an identical twin, I know my older brother was supposed to have died, and I know his tomb was found to be empty. That is all I know about that, but I cannot help but guess that this other boy must, somehow, be my older brother, returned from the dead. He and I are identical enough to have fooled even you, and by the sounds of it Gabriel, those two who should know me instantly, without question or fail. If he is not my brother by birth, then how else could it be explained. Someone surgically altered him to look identical to me, to possibly replace me. I might believe that were a possibility if not for having met his abominations for parents. They are stupid, they are backwards, and they beat that boy every day of his life. No, if they were trying to replace me, they would have treated him like a prince, they would have taught him like a prince, they would have never laid a finger on him. So, trust me, he is not a plant, and he must be my brother.”

“As always, Your Highness, you are much too smart for your own good. The doctor has confirmed it as well, by blood, you are twins. We were hoping to not tell you this until we told your parents, but you figured it out on your own.”

“Yes, well, it was not exactly all that hard to figure out. Had I not known I was born a twin, then it may have taken me longer, but I would have come to the same conclusion anyway, that we must be twins, because there is simply no other way two people could look so identical.”

“This is true, and I suspected you might figure it out, especially after meeting his friends and so called family. There are differences, though they are subtle enough to miss at first glance, and had I not known the old rumors as well, I might not have believed him at all, until I saw his back and bum. I too believe the same as you, that there is simply no way he could be a plant, not with how his life was up until now.”

“Good, now that we have all that figured out, let us go visit our long lost Prince Geoff.”

“Please do not call him that yet, at least not to his face, it will be enough of a shock on him as it is, but I feel we should wait until tomorrow, when your parents arrive. They must tell you two at the very least, the entire truth as they know it.”

“I was not planning on it, and already told the others not to tell him anything at all either, though, if he has any sort of learning at all, he may have already started to suspect it. Even a simpleton must know two people cannot be so closely mirrored and not be related somehow.”

“No, he is quite bright, possibly more so than you, because he is already quite smart, even coming from where he did. He may suspect something, but he is still adamant to leave here as soon as you are found.”

“Why, have you not been treating him as you would me, why would he want to leave?”

“We have been, only he does not feel he belongs here. The bigger question, Your Highness, is why would you want to leave. I admit, I have wanted to ask for some time now, but I have withheld, I felt that your parents would ask, but I must know.”

“Because I was feeling trapped, never knowing who was and was not my friend. I know many of the servants are only polite to me because they have to be, I am not dense. I wanted to go out and experience things like a normal person for once, no strings attached, play with other kids and have fun without them always bowing to me. I went and played in a water park, I ran and played naked like many of the other kids, we played tag and ran through the sprinklers and all sorts of fun stuff, and it was incredible. I went exploring, without having everyone back away from me as if I were diseased, always bowing to me and saying, here, would you like to try this your highness. No, I even got chased away from places like any other poor kid would, it was fun. Until that monster caught me, of course.”

“I had a feeling that was going to be the case. I cannot promise anything, but we will talk to your parents and see what can be done, okay.”

“Oh, I am going to be talking to them alright, by the time we are finished, there will be no secrets, and there will be no questions. I am now fully capable of making decisions by the old laws, and they will not be allowed to deny me this time. As soon as we get to my rooms, I will have Gabriel help me to prove it to all before me if I must.”

“You know you have to anyway, otherwise you cannot make demands.”

“Then I will happily do so.”

“Then let us go My Prince.”

Prince George led the way from the guest tower to the main living wing. All the kids with him were looking around, amazed at everything that they saw. The palace is beyond beautiful. Everything about it is exquisitely crafted. The building itself is artwork, but then the artwork is second to none as well. Most of the artwork centered solely around stunning boys, and most every one of them are naked as well. Even the wall of princes, showing all the previous paintings of every prince born since who knows when, are all naked and most erotic as well. Prince George happily showed off his last painting, done almost a year previous, damn near causing several of them to cum just from how erotic and realistic it really was.

“Wow, is everything in this palace geared toward gay sex or something?” Jared asked in awe as they passed that section.

“Yes, this kingdom was founded on the old ideals from Greece and Rome, that all children are to be loved and that gay sex is far better than any other. Our kingdom has more child lovers in it than the entire rest of the world, and it is fully allowed here. However, you rape a child, or anyone for that matter, and you would willingly ask for death. The last person to rape a boy here is still in prison, he gets dosed every day with something that reduces his urges to nearly nothing, and then he gets to watch really hot gay porn all day in his cell, but he cannot react to it. Most last five years before they either go insane and kill themselves or before they repent and agree to never hurt another person, ever. If they last five years and do repent, then they are released and a suitable boy is found for them to love, we never have re offenders.”

“Wow, why doesn't the rest of the world do that?” Tyler asked in awe.

“They like to pretend that we do not even exist here, and that what we allow does not happen. The simple fact of the matter is though, our kingdom, and country, while small, has the single lowest rate of rape and other sexual offenses per capita in the entire world. Also, our crime rate here is also incredibly low, because, once again, we have no frustrated people here. We find what people need, then find other people that need the same thing, and we get them together. This country allows every walk of life. We have laws to help guide people, so that they still get what they need, but will not harm those that do not want what they want. Most every child is taught right from a young age that to be sexual is beautiful, and guess what, we also have the lowest rates of underage pregnancy. We are possibly one of the most gay countries as well, yet we are not only gay, and everyone is welcome to enjoy almost anything at any time.”

“Aren't you afraid of sex tourism though?”

“Afraid of it, hell, we welcome it. How do you think our country is as rich as it is. We protect them though, unless of course they come in and do something they are not supposed to do, and all tourists are warned that to deviate from the paths very clearly set forth for them will have dire results. No, have no fears.” He grinned.

“Oh. That would explain why when we need money and decide to sell ourselves, that we always have someone willing to pay, and the hotels never say a word about us going with their guests.” Jean said.

“No, why would they, they make their money that way, and as long as you enter willingly and are not being forced, then they say and do nothing. They also supply their guests with everything that they may need, such as diapers for us diaper lovers, leathers for the leather lovers, sex toys, lube, oh and condoms galore, every room comes with a full box, and more are always available. All hotels even have STD test stations to screen all their guests, it is mandatory that all people are tested, and even you yourselves have probably been stopped to be tested if you have entered the hotels.”

“Yeah, we have been, only, we were never told, only told that to test for certain things, they needed us to pee in a cup, handed us the cup, pointed us to a small room, and then were given a few minutes. We just got used to it I guess and never thought anything about it.” Michael said.

“Exactly, it is all part of the plan to reduce disease, while giving everyone what they want and need. You girls, assuming you go with guys, will have also noticed that no one ever asked you to go without condoms, because they are told as soon as they come, that to not use one and to get someone pregnant, means that they are financially on the hook for any children born of them. We do not allow absentee parents here, plain and simple. The few times it has happened, the person has moved here and lived here to raise their child, sometimes with the mother, sometimes not.”

“Oh. That's some strange laws. No wonder it was always so easy for us when we needed or wanted money.”

“Strange, maybe, but it has kept us prosperous and healthy for hundreds of years.” Prince George grinned.

They just entered the main living wing, and the paintings and statues became even more erotic, because, instead of singles, now there were groups ranging from two to ten depicted in almost all the paintings and carvings. They were incredibly erotic.

“Like that one, it was painted after my first orgy, fifteen teens and me, fuck, what a night that was. I was eight.” Prince George stopped them and showed them a particularly incredible painting.

“My god, it's hot.” They all said, all the boys going even harder.

“Yeah, my father was the person behind the camera that night, and I am told the painter had to take breaks every fifteen minutes to cum. Could have had something to do with his helper constantly wanting to suck him though because of the pictures.”

“Good grief. You allowed your dad, the king, to take pictures of your first orgy, and are you really taking three dicks in you at the same time, while everyone else was standing over you, cumming and pissing on you?” Jared asked in awe, having to reach into his diaper to readjust himself, again.

“Absolutely, was a damn hot night I might add. I had had several smaller parties, and had even taken two smaller dicks in my ass at the same time, but that night, no, that was special.” He grinned.

“Wow, I think I'll like living here if that's the type of thing that happens.” Jared said.

“All the time.”

All of them groaned.

“Well, here we are, this is the entrance to my suite of rooms.”

“How big is your suite of rooms?”

“Wait just a moment, and you will see for yourselves.” He said, and then opened the door.

They entered into the main seating area of the prince's suite, and from there he pointed out the doors to his powder room, his bedroom, his play room, and even his storage room. He figured that because he could not see Gabriel and Geoff, that they were either in the bedroom or the play room, so he decided to check the bedroom first, the others all following him. He told them that the other doors they saw led to his main bathroom and to his servants quarters, as well as his closet, but clearly the two boys were not there, so they went to the play room instead. This, of course, is where they found the two of them.

Geoff and Gabriel were playing a game, their backs were to the door, so they had not seen their guests enter, but then Prince George coughed to alert them.

“Prince George, oh it is good to see you again. Why did you take off?” Gabriel asked, running to his prince and hugging him.

“I will tell you all about it later. In the meantime, let me meet this mysterious impostor.”

Geoff instantly knelt to his best royal bow, lowering his head, before whimpering out, “I am truly sorry Your Highness, I meant nothing by it. I tried to tell them that they had the wrong person.”

“Oh stand up you silly twit, of course I know that. Come here.”

Geoff stood up shakily and went toward the prince. They both looked at each other intently.

“Wow, we really are alike, are we not.”

“Yes, Your Highness, it truly is uncanny, no wonder they mistook me for you.”

“No more of this your highness crap, for I think we both know we are brothers. If you have not already figured that out for yourself, then you must not be, because you would not be smart enough.”

“No, I wondered, how else could we possibly look so much alike, but how.”

“Ah, how, I wish I could say. There are rumors, but at this time, let us not worry about that, I would like to wait for my parents to arrive, which should be tomorrow afternoon, before we get into that. Now, Gabriel, I require your services please. I have made my friends here knights for saving my life.” He said, and only now did Geoff look to those behind the prince and see his friends as well.

“Guys, what are you doing here?”

“We thought he was you, at first, so we tried to save him, but well, we'll tell you the story in a bit. First, the prince needs Gabriel to do something, so hush.” Jared grinned.

“Right, sorry, continue.”

“Anyway, I wish to make my friends knights, but I have not been able to give proof yet that I am of age to make that decision. I started the other night, I woke up with a new mess in my diaper after a pretty erotic dream, so I would like for you to help me prove it please. Marcus will have to witness it.”

“I have no problems with that Your Highness, and I am happy for you. Geoff has been giving me tasty treats as well. He only just started as well.”


Gabriel wasted no time in dropping to his knees in front of the prince and lowering both his pants and diaper and sucking his young erection in, taking his balls as well, and sucking him perfectly. All those gathered around were in awe, they would have never guessed that such a thing would be done in full view of so many, but like the prince cared, all he cared about was getting sucked, it had been too many days. He threw his head back as Gabriel sucked him in, sighed deeply, and only thirty seconds or so later, he squealed and came. Gabriel, of course, being the professional that he is, did not let a drop escape, and when he was done, he dutifully pulled off, turned toward Marcus, stuck out his tongue, and gave the proof that the man needed.

“Excellent Your Highness, you have now become a man, congratulations, and it is already getting milky.”

“And he tastes heavenly as well.” Gabriel sighed a second later after swallowing.

“Oh, please suck me again, once is simply not enough, I have not properly cum in days.”

Gabriel took to this right away and sucked the prince for another few minutes, until he came again, and then finally he was ready to continue. Gabriel tucked him all back in and made him presentable once again, and then stood himself.

“Thanks, that was great.”

“You are very welcome, Your Highness. I was happy to receive one of your very first loads, but, just think, had you not run away, I could have had your very first load. Imagine how disappointed your father will be when he hears that your very first load was wasted. You are the very first prince to have a first cum that was not sucked down in almost five generations.”

“I was not aware that I was that close, otherwise I would not have gone when I had. It was the only one though, you got the second, and I am willing to bet that it would have been far larger.”

“Be that as it may, I still did not get to enjoy your very first. That has always been a special celebration here.”

“Yes, well, I have no regrets, except the beatings I received.”

“Beatings Your Highness, who dared lay hands on you.” Gabriel gasped.

“Ah yes, you still have to hear the story. So come, let us all go sit and get comfortable in the sitting room, then I will happily tell you my tale, then I would very much like to hear your tale as well Geoff.”

They all headed to the sitting room and got comfortable. Marcus stayed with them, and then both boys told their stories. It took a little over an hour for the two of them to complete them.

“That is some tale Geoff, and I cannot honestly say I know how you could have lived with those monsters, being beaten every day like that. The one beating was more than enough for me, and then the second time when he hit me as well, well, there is simply no way I could live like that.”

“It was what I was used to, I got that every day of my life. I was nothing more than a filthy animal, a waste of their precious resources, hell, a waste of everything and anything.”

“Well, they are going to find out how much a waste you certainly were not.”

“Yeah, speaking of that, I know you know more than you have told me, I need to know, are we truly brothers, and if so, how?”

“Yes, I know more, but not much, and at this time, suffice it to say, I am absolutely certain we are brothers, but the hows and whys of how you are sitting here now, when the entire kingdom thought you to be dead, I cannot say. That is why I wish us to wait until tomorrow, so that maybe we can find out more details. Your so called parents may not even know it, because if they did, I would assume that they would have never beaten you, but I am certain they know more than enough for my parents to piece together what happened.”

“Oh, I was hoping you knew more than that.”

“No, the topic was always forbidden, you died when you were very young, but then your tomb was found empty, my parents were beside themselves, but they could not find you, alive or dead, so they forbade all from even mentioning it. All we have ever heard were rumors, but there was never a rumor of you being alive.”

“Yeah, alive and well it seems, or as well as can be expected, considering how I grew up.”

“Yeah, and you are far stronger than I for it as well.”

“Yeah, but what happens now?”

“Nothing, you become my brother, as you are and should have been, the kingdom is told that you were finally found, alive, beyond belief, and we live happily ever after.”

“I have to know, am I the elder brother.”

“At this time, I do not know.” He said, he knew it was a lie, but the look of absolute dread on Geoff's face, told him that at this time, he could not handle that particular truth.

“Oh, I cannot handle being prince, I know nothing of what I need to know.”

“Do not fear about that. You already have excellent knowledge of most things, your speech is already excellent, and you will be taught the rest.” Marcus said, also smartly not saying anything, though he knew the prince had lied, which was normally forbidden in the palace, lying could be very harshly punished, but he too felt this was the only time that lying was for the best, or, at least, one of the few times.

“But I am just a beggar, nothing but a stain on the fabric of society.”

“No, even beggars have their place, they are never stains. Maybe we did not treat them how they should have been treated, but we never banished you. You are also not that by birth, you have always known you were destined to be more, have you not.” Prince George asked.

“We may as well have been, for all it was worth, but yes, I always thought that I was more than just a beggar, yet I could not understand why. I knew, of course, that my parents were not my parents, how could they be, and when I laughed at them when I told them I knew and they lied to me, wow, was I ever beaten for that, but I knew I was not theirs. How could I be. I mean, we looked nothing alike, they are beyond stupid in every way, we are nothing alike at all.”

“I know, and this is something that we will be talking to with our parents.”

“Our parents. No, not yet, I cannot take that yet please.” Geoff said, placing his head between his knees, trying not to throw up.

Prince George gently rubbed his newly found brother on the back between his shoulder blades, trying to help him calm down. His friends, who knew more of the truth, understood where he was coming from, and even felt somewhat the same way, though just not as bad. They too had been thrust into a life that they all felt that they were ill suited for. They could hear Geoff crying softly as his head was buried.

“I know it is a lot to take in, but, we are brothers, you are a prince, and even the doctor has confirmed it. That was one of the many things he tested you for. I will help you through this though, we all will. Our friends are here to help, and I am sure their heads are all still spinning from everything that has been happening.”

“Thanks, but it is a lot more than just a simple lot to take in. I have been told my entire known life how useless I was, then one day I get dragged to the palace by guards and told I am a prince. I say no I am not, and they say yes you are. Now I find out I really truly am. No, that is a huge amount to take in, I do not know if I can take it.”

“You have plenty of time to learn to accept it, we are still children, even though we are considered men in this palace now, since it sounds as if you started cumming first. Our only duties are to learn and to have fun. There are rules, of course, but you will learn them all in time. Now, for something a lot more fun. Would you like me to have the guards go grab your ex parents and we can interrogate them?”

“I would love nothing more.” He said, lifting his head and snarling.

“I thought you would like that. Marcus, would you go gather the monsters and bring them to the throne room. You will need to add another prince's chair though please, and make sure there are more than enough seats for our friends, our new knights.”

“Yes, of course Your Highness, I would be happy to do so.” He smiled brightly and ran off to get it all taken care of.

“Excellent, now to get you ready. As much as I love seeing you in just your diaper, and I am certain you love them every bit as much as I do, you need to get dressed. Do not worry, you will not have to lose your nice soggy baby diaper, I would never ask someone to do that, but let Gabriel find you some suitable clothes and get you dressed.”

“I do love them, a lot. Already, even though the first time wearing one since I was very little, well officially, was just the other day, now I never want to be out of them.” He grinned.

Gabriel had hopped up right away and went and grabbed Geoff the clothes that he would be needing. He grabbed pretty much exactly what the prince himself was wearing, and then proceeded to help his new prince to get dressed.

“There you go My Prince, now you are all ready to go face the people that beat you.”

“No, not prince, not yet please. I am just Geoff, plain and simple, Geoff. I know what you are about to say, and I appreciate it, but it is too much for me, so humour me please.”

“Geoff, he has no choice, as all others in the kingdom not of royalty have no choice. It has already been determined that you are my brother, which does in fact make you a prince, so therefore everyone is to acknowledge you as their prince. I know, it can be maddening at times, why do you think I wanted to escape for a bit and not have to deal with all that headache and just go play for a bit. I had a blast stripping bare and playing in the water park with the other kids, no one treated me any different at all, it was great.”

“Fine.” He snapped.

“Come on.” Prince George grinned. He knew this was going to be hard on Prince Geoff, but he would get used to it. Either that or he would snap and have a nervous breakdown. He hoped not, he really did not want to take the throne.

Prince George led everyone to the throne room, it was a few minute walk to get there, and when they arrived, it was like nothing they had ever imagined. It is a simply massive room, the walls and roof are all glass, they are overlooking one of the palace gardens, which are simply stunning in and of themselves, but all the statues and other artwork in the throne room put all the others that they had seen so far to shame. These are all exquisitely done, the artists' best works, and while many are very erotic, and all are still nude, they are all very tasteful as well.

The floor is some sort of black stone that is polished to a mirror shine, the glass looks more like cut crystal and is also polished to a mirror shine, the tables and chairs are all done in beautiful woods of all sorts, polished to mirror shines as well, the cushioning on all the chairs is the softest and finest they had ever seen, and also looks to be very plush. Then they saw the four chairs at the head of the room.

There are two large chairs in the centre, then two smaller chairs flanking them. They made the rest of the chairs in the room look like broken down old hard wood chairs. They must have been made out of solid ebony, for the woodwork was such a glossy black it defied logic, but then the jewels that are inlaid into them, spelling out the kings and queens names, as well as both prince's, as well the rest of the decorations, are simply stunning.

“There is a chair with my name on it.”

“Of course. As soon as we were born, they were made for us.”

“Oh my god, I am the elder brother. I know royal protocol enough to know that the prince in direct line from the king sits to his right.” He said and then puked, before falling to the ground in a crying heap.

“Well, I was hoping he would not know that. Oh well. Too late now.” Prince George laughed.

Marcus instantly went and had someone from cleaning come and take care of the mess, while Prince George got down on the ground next to his sobbing brother and hugged him and tried to soothe him. It took several minutes, of which his friends used to look around, not worrying about their friend, they knew how he felt, and they did not blame him in the least. They would have done the exact same thing.

By the time someone from cleaning came to clean up the mess, which she said absolutely nothing about, Prince Geoff was already starting to feel better. Prince George had him standing there, he was still rubbing his brothers back and whispering to his brother, telling him that it would be okay.

“You knew, did you not?” Geoff asked.

“Yes, I did, but I did not want to scare you too much at the time, I figured tomorrow would be soon enough. I had no idea that you would know enough about royal traditions to know that, most do not. I am guessing my fathers ex tutor must have taught you a great deal about our traditions as well.”

“Yes, he did. I cannot blame you, I still would rather not know. Does this mean I have to be king then?”

“Yes, and quite frankly, I am glad too. I did not want it, so now I do not have to.”

“What if I refuse?”

“Then I will begrudgingly take the position, but I would rather not, and, I must say, it goes far beyond tradition and protocol as well. We are not the first twins, and the elder always takes the seat, but his brother does have to rule beside him, because they are technically the same age, yet I will have to defer to you, because you are eldest.”


“Yeah, know how you feel actually.” George laughed.

“I doubt it, you did not grow up where and how I did.”

“True, I suppose, but, in a way, that will make you a far better king, because you know more about the people than I ever could. That is one reason I do not agree with how I was taught, I should have been with other kids my own age, not in the palace, they should not have known who I was, I should have been treated just like every other kid, so that I could learn the things that you will just know.”

“I suppose you have a point.” He said begrudgingly, because he knew it was the truth, and made more than a little bit of sense as well.

“Now, let us take the seats that we were born for. You guys, go ahead and take seats as well, just in the front, the monsters are already waiting outside the doors if I am not mistaken, so, we should get this show on the road.”