Chapter 8

While all the others had been in class that day, he having been excused, since he did not need to learn what the others were, not to mention he was not needed to teach, Gabriel was busy getting his and Geoff's new room all furnished and decorated. He and several of the servants had moved lots of items in and got everything set up. There had already been a bed and a few other accessories that were required, but the rest he took care of for them. He did not feel the need to set up the servants room, he knew how both he and Geoff felt for each other, and he knew that they would be sleeping together from now on anyway.

He got everything fully stocked as well. All the diapers and supplies for diaper changes were full, there was a very good assortment of toys and lubes to play with, the bathroom was fully stocked with towels and cloths, as well as an enema kit that hooked right up to a tap by the toilet and bidet. He even went about transferring his clothes over, and then went and found plenty of clothes for Geoff, and they were all put away in the dressers and closets.

By the time they had dinner together, it had been completed, but because Gabriel wanted it to be a surprise, and they did not have time to go over it all, they had eaten in George's room, since Geoff thought his room had nothing in it.

When they came back in after the movie, Gabriel happily showed off everything that he had done for his prince and boyfriend, and Geoff was exceptionally happy. They had went and made love to each other through their soggy diapers for almost three hours.

The following morning, the kids were all awake long before they received the call to go to breakfast, and this time Gabriel happily joined everyone as they went, and they all went and had a great breakfast. Just after their meal was delivered and they started eating, the king started speaking.

“Prince George's Knights, I do not know if you recall my request the other day that you contact your families and have them come in to be fitted for clothing for the upcoming ball, but that needs to be done this morning. Have them come today and you and a few servants will help them with everything that they will be needing. Due to this, class will not be held today, for we need to prepare for the ball, which is in just a couple more days now. I and the queen have much to prepare, and we wish for the princes to help us, so with the help of the servants, you will all need to take care of this on your own. Of course, should you have any questions, you are welcome to ask myself or the queen at any time.”

“Yes Sire.” They all said.

“Father, I trust you sent out the letter that I gave to you the other morning after you told us that Geoff and I could hire boys of our own?” He asked, because that night, after wearing Jared out, he had wrote up a letter and given it to his father, after letting Geoff read it of course.

“I did.”

“Excellent, any takers yet?”

“A few.”

“How many?”

“Twenty six. I took the liberty of choosing the twelve best candidates for you two, knowing all that you would be looking for in your boys, since I look for the same things. That was going to be one of your jobs today as well, and just after lunch today, we get to interview for the four positions.”

“Oh man, it is going to be so hard to choose.” George said.

“I bet it will be.” The king said, reaching over and patting his sons diapered erection.

“Yeah, that too, but I was talking hard mentally choosing them, I will probably want to keep them all. I bet they are so absolutely adorable in just their tiny baby diapers.”

“Yeah, know how you feel, but even as king, I cannot be greedy and take all the cute little boys, I must share, and so must you learn to do so as well. You will do fine. Oh, and here is the list of questions that must be asked. We will start with that, but they will be given the sheets with these on them and they will have them answered before we even get started. They will each be assigned a servant when they enter the palace to ensure that they can fill it out, for most will not be able to read or write yet, at least that much, as well they must be diapered and soggy before they meet us, so they will take care of that as well. Granted, the boys we asked for will almost certainly be arriving diapered, and I would be shocked if they did not.”

“We understand Father, we do not have to like it, but we do understand.” Geoff grinned.

“I do not like it either, but that is the way it is. I would have caused the kingdom to go broke paying for all the boys I wanted had I been allowed to.”

“Yeah, I bet.” George laughed.

“Sire, what should we tell our families?” Jared asked.

“I suggest you start with the truth, when they disbelieve that, try telling that you were arrested and that you need to be picked up.” He laughed, because he doubted very seriously most, if any, of them would believe their children.

“I'll probably have to, sorry, I will.” He laughed, the others nodded.

“I am sure they will believe you. If they have not seen the headlines or the news yet, then they are not paying attention. The story went out yesterday morning, telling everyone pretty much exactly what happened, and you already talked to your families, so I am sure they must know by now that you were not lying.”

“I suppose, I forgot that we had already talked to them since we got here.”

“I understand that they did not believe you before, but I assure you, they will now. Tell them that they are welcome to stay in the palace in the guest suites until the ball as well, they will get the royal treatment, as it were, I am sure that they all deserve it for having raised such fine children.” The queen said this time.

“Excellent idea My Queen. We will make sure to have a selection of servants there to help them with their every need. Let them know that almost anything they care to indulge in during their stay they have only to ask. I am certain that we can arrange nearly anything they desire.”

“Thanks Your Majesties.” They all said.

They continued chatting as they ate, and when they were all done, they headed to their rooms to get changed. They had all still been in their very wet night diapers, and they were only more wet now after breakfast, so they were all in desperate need of a change, as well as to be drained at least a little more as well.

When they all made it to their rooms, they all hopped on their beds and took care of the second need first, sucking each other at the same time. In the kings room, this of course meant that several boys and the king were in a rather large circle, which meant that they were in his play room on the mats in there for just this purpose. Once they were all sucked dry, and they drained each other in three to four orgasms, they changed each other and then headed out to do what they needed. Granted, the knights only had to stay in their rooms to make the calls.

Both princes and their parents exited from their rooms at much the same time, the only one with any of them was Gabriel, because Geoff asked him to help him today, so he did. As soon as they got done with the pleasantries, Geoff asked his brother a question.

“George, Gabriel took the liberty of setting up our rooms last night, but my play room is empty. I see no reason at all to get more toys, when you have more than enough for the both of us, as well as all the others to play with at any time. Any chance I could share with you?”

“Absolutely, and you are correct, it would be silly to get more, and a pointless waste of money too. I have a really good idea though. Our play rooms are directly beside each other, they are the two rooms that are directly beside each other in our suites. What say we set up your play room as a really good play room, similar to how the rumors say Fathers' play room is.”

“I have heard the rumors as well. I would be very okay with this.” They had been talking to each other a few paces behind their parents, so they had not heard.

“Father, may we ask a question?” Geoff asked, starting to get more comfortable calling him so.

“Certainly, what would you like to know?” He asked as he and the queen stopped and turned to face them.

“Well, George and I see no reason at all to have two play rooms, he has more than enough for all of us to play with all the time. We would like to set up my play room sort of how the rumors say yours is set up, for lots of hot gay kinky play time. May we do so, and would it be possible to open up a doorway between our two play rooms, so that we can go back and forth more easily?”

“Absolutely, and there is already a doorway, all you will have to do is move the two shelving units that are blocking the doorway from both sides. There are plenty of toys in the storage room that you boys can outfit your new sex room with, and should you need anything more, just ask, we pretty much have an open ended tab with the suppliers and they get us our toys sometimes same day.”

“Really, there is. That is excellent Father.” George said, because he had never known that.

“If I may speak.” Gabriel said.

“You do not have to ask to speak Gabriel, not when we are not in a formal situation, remember, you are now pretty much given the low royalty status, without actually being low royalty. What would you like to know though?” Geoff asked.

“Sorry, it will take time to remember that. What I was thinking though, I am not needed, nor have I any idea what I could do to help you all out, so why do I not head out and take care of moving everything and getting started on setting up your new play room. I am certain that I could take care of most anything, and I can get help again easily enough if I need it. That way lots more gets done.”

“I would be okay with that, but I kind of wanted you with me today.”

“And I would like to be with you as well, but it is not fair to the others that you would be the only one to have someone with you when they cannot. Everyone else is busy, and honestly, I cannot be of much help to you in what you need to do. You also have a lot to learn I am assuming, so, again, it would probably be better if I were not with you and be a distraction to you.”

“You are probably correct. Would you mind if Gabriel went and did that for us?” He asked his parents.

“He is correct, what we will be doing he would be unable to help with anyway, so he may as well go and do that. It is your choice though.”

“Then go ahead Gabriel.”

“May I have the keys to the storage room please Your Highness?”

“Yes, here you are.” He said and handed them over.

Geoff gave Gabriel a quick kiss, then smacked his very cute diapered bum as he turned to scamper away. He turned and grinned, then ran off to go take care of something that he felt he could easily have a lot of fun with, leaving the others to take care of things that he would not be able to do anyway, even though he did want to be there for the interviews later.

A few minutes later the king, queen and princes arrived to where they needed to be. They were in the palace banquet hall, somewhere Geoff had yet to be. The place is simply massive, though still much like everywhere else in the castle as well. The ceilings are impossibly high, only here they are higher than most, and the ceiling had been painted with many incredible scenes of tender erotica. The walls were covered with beautiful tapestries depicting the same, and they had been exquisitely done. There are even more statues and paintings here, all done the same, and same with everywhere in the castle, they are not all gay or lesbian, some are straight, some are two people, some are more, there is a very good mix of everything.

There are twenty or more huge windows facing out onto one of the many gardens that surround the palace, bathing the entire hall in beautiful morning sunlight. When there is no daylight to provide for the lighting needs, the dozens of large chandeliers hanging from the ceilings would take care of it nicely, and they are every bit as impressive as everything else. There appear to be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of perfectly cut and polished crystals on each one.

The tables, and there had to be at least a hundred of them, are dark and richly stained and polished, like much of the rest of the furniture, and the chairs are the same as in the dining hall, so incredibly comfortable looking as well. There are four sets of doors leading into the kitchen, which then led to the smaller royal dining hall on the opposite side, where they normally ate, and the informal dining hall where they could eat freely. The bar area, where people can get what they want to drink, is beautiful as well, but there is never any real alcohol, the king does not appreciate people getting drunk and rowdy at a royal function. The only alcohol are a few wines and champagnes, but these are carefully monitored at all times by the banquet hall servants, so that no one gets drunk.

Even the floor in here is spectacular. Someone had taken incredible care to do a beautiful mosaic in beautiful coloured stones and precious gems right in the centre where people would dance. The scene depicted here was another soft tender erotic, clearly a king and his boy, for the man was wearing a crown, and nothing else, both were laying on their sides, the king had entered his young lover, the boy looking to be no older than six, while hugging him gently and kissing his neck. Both looked to be in mid orgasm.

It took several minutes for Geoff to take it all in when he made it to the centre of the room and started looking around. When he looked at the mosaic in the floor, he had to reach down and adjust his erection, yet again.

“My god, this room is incredible. I love the floor.”

“Everyone does.” The king said.

“It is not you, obviously, he looks nothing like you, but clearly he is a king, so who is he?”

“Our very first ruler, this is a copy of a painting that was done of the two of them. We still have many of the same traits, though he was much darker skinned than we are now, due mostly to the fact that we have so many nationalities now residing here, and most of the queens have been lighter skinned and haired. We hail from the ancient Greek lines though, which was a very dark complexioned people, which is probably why we always appear to have such beautiful tans, and do get very dark in the summer, it is just in our blood.”

“Wow. So, what do we have to do, this place already looks perfect for a party?”

“Everything else. The staff keeps it cleaned, but we have to choose the foods that will be served, the linens to be used, which silverware and dishware to use, and at least a hundred other little things. With any luck, we will be done by the time the boys are here for their interviews.”

“Oh, why do we not just have one set to choose from, would that not make more sense?”

“No, we still have full sets dating back hundreds of years in the china room. So, seeing as how this is your first party Geoff, what is your favorite colour?”

“Purple, kind of a mauve, but a little darker. Not really sure what it is called, and because I seem to have some issues with colours, I cannot tell you more.”

“George is the same, so do not feel bad. Here are the samples for all the colours we already have. If you do not see the one you like, then we can have it made, but it will not be ready in time for this ball.” The queen said.

“No, that would be a pointless waste of money just to get another colour, so I will choose from this options that we have.”

He took the book and looked through it and found a colour that was about as close to perfect as he could have chosen.

“Good choice, one of my favorites as well.” The king said while writing it down, and George nodded as well.

“Thanks. So, what now?”

“Come to the china room and you will get to pick out the dishes and silverware.”

This room is simply massive as well. There are probably a hundred different choices for everything dinner ware. It took quite a while, but Geoff finally chose the ones that he wanted. It too was written down.

Next they went through a book of the flower options and they all chose one type of flower that they liked, so that every bouquet would have something of them. The royal florist would then take care of the rest and make them absolutely stunning.

Next they went over the food and drink choices, and this took the longest of all. With Geoff simply having no idea what all he really liked, since he had never liked what he ate until the day he came to the palace, he had not even come close to trying everything. Finally the rest had to choose, so they chose to go with a buffet style and told the kitchens to go all out and do a little of everything that they wanted. They decided to just do the same with the desserts, so that there would be plenty of choices for everyone.

The rest of the information they hashed out together as well, and by the time they were due to go do the interviews, they all felt that they had everything done. The list was given to the kitchen and servant staff to take care of, it would now be up to them to make it all perfect, and they had no fear that they would do so, for they always did.

“Now for some serious fun.” The king grinned.

“Oh yeah, I cannot wait. Where are we going to do this?” Geoff asked and George nodded.

“We will be in the throne room. The boys will already be there, their helpers will have already helped them to fill out their paperwork and ensure that they were ready for the interview.”

“Excellent.” Both boys said as one.

“Should we change our diapers first?” Geoff asked.

“Nah, I think we are all good for now, none of us appear to be close to leaking yet, so we should be fine.”

“Okay.” He shrugged, because he felt that they were probably pretty close.

The walk was not far, so they arrived only a minute later. When they entered the throne room, everyone went to stand, but the king waved them back, telling them that considering the way he was dressed at that time, that it was unnecessary, that this was an informal interview and was only being held in the throne room due to the room needed.

“My, but you boys really are the pick of the kingdom, are you not.” He did say though when he got a really good look at the boys who were nervously looking at them all.

None of them said anything.

“Fear not young ones, you are here as honoured guests. As you have undoubtedly been told already, you are all interviewing to fill four spots that we have available. All of you are five years old, you have all been chosen because you are almost certainly gay and diaper lovers, and you have not yet received training. You have all given word saying that you do desire it though, which is why you are here. Now, there are twelve of you, so for those that cannot do math yet, that unfortunately means that eight of you will not be chosen, but you will all receive something for having made it to this stage. Are there any questions before we begin?” The king asked.

No one said anything.

“Okay, has everyone finished their questionnaire?”

“Yes Your Majesty.” The boys all said.

“Excellent, if you would be so kind as to collect them all for me please Zane, that would be appreciated.” He asked one of the helpers.

He did so, and then took them to the king, but he shook his head no and pointed to the princes. He split the stack in half and handed each one half the papers.

“Okay boys, without even meeting the boys yet, you must go through here and weed out two each. Once you have done so, then you are to hand the two that you weeded out to your brother, who can then pull him back into the pool, but must give up another. You have ten minutes.”

The boys went through it, reading all the forms as quickly as they could, because they knew they did not have a lot of time, which was why the king did it this way, it would force them to choose quickly. He also did it this way, so that the looks of the boys could not influence their decisions. They passed back and forth a couple times, but before too long, they handed the ones to be let go right away to their father, who looked over the four to not make the first round.

“Zane, would you please escort these four boys to the waiting room and have their helpers get them redressed.” He said, handing the four sheets back over.

“Yes Your Highness.”

“And as for you two, please close your eyes, so that you do not have to see which boys you cut.” He first said to his sons, he did not want to make them feel bad. He then called out to the boys, “And boys, please do not feel bad for not making it, it is not because you are bad or not wanted, but we can only accept four boys at this time, and at a later date you are welcome to come back if we are requesting more help.”

Zane went and tapped the shoulders of the four boys, and only one of them had tears in his eyes and a look of being crushed. The king smiled warmly to him. He was led out with the others though, sniffling quietly.

“Okay. Now to meet and greet each one of them individually. I will call up each boy one by one, and you may each ask two questions of him.”

He started out with the boy who happened to be on the top of the pile, it was to be completely random. A shy and nervous looking little blond haired cutie came forth, his helper whispering to him what he had to do and where he had to stand.

“Go ahead Geoff, you go first.” George said.

“Oh, okay. So, Aidan, you understand why you are here today I hope?”

“Yes Your Highness, you want to have sex with me.”

“Very much so. You are a very beautiful baby boy, and it appears as if you have enjoyed your Pampers diaper a considerable amount already.”

“Yes Your Highness.”

“Good. Now for my first question to you. I have no doubt that you have a little friend that you like to play with. Because you are here, I can only assume that it was a boy. Would you tell me, of everything that you do together, what is the thing that you do that you enjoy the most?”

“Oh, um, I guess I like it best when he puts his peepee in my bum and fucks me 'til he pees in me, and then I love it when he keeps fucking me.”

“Very good, and I cannot say I blame you in the least, I too love that very much. My second question for you is, have you ever dreamed about having sex with an older boy?”

“Oh yeah, all the time. I even asked my babysitter to fuck me, he's thirteen, but he said he's not 'lowed to yet.” He said happily.

“Excellent. So to you know George.”

“Thanks. So Aidan, my first question then, did you receive a dildo for your fifth birthday, and if so, do you enjoy using it?”

“Oh yes, it feels so good, it vibrates and everything, my daddy said I passed out when I went to bed that night and he had to come take it outta me and change my diaper, 'cause I did it through my diaper and he said it was totally ruined.”

“Very naughty, excellent. Okay, last question for now. If I were to hire you as my personal assistant, which means we would have lots of sex, is there anything that you would not want me to do to you? Please tell me the two things that you would not want the most.”

“Um, I guess hitting, I don't like to be hit. I have a friend who likes to spank while we suck, but I don't like it. That's the only thing I can think of that I really don't like, sorry.”

“That is okay, one thing is just fine. I have no interest in causing pain, so you would be just fine there. Please be seated, and we will continue on.”

From there every other boy was called up, and the princes asked the boys different questions, though they did occasionally ask a same question to another boy, but that was okay. This took just over an hour.

“Okay boys, you now each get to choose three boys that get to stay and one boy that has to go.”

“Oh boy, I do not believe I am capable of making that choice Father, they are all perfect in almost every way. You chose so well.” George said.

“I know, but you still have to.”

It was a long deliberation, and they passed back and forth between the two of them, but finally they gave their father the names, who then gave them to Zane, who then went and escorted the two boys from the room, both with tears in their eyes.

“That was harder than I thought it would be.” Geoff said.

“No kidding.” George said.

“I know how you feel.” Both the king and queen said as one.

“Now for the hardest part, with every emphasis on hard, because now comes the oral exam. I hope you can both cum six times, because now you get to ask them to come suck you to weed out the very last of them.” The king whispered to the boys, so as not to scare the boys.

“Okay Father.” George said, and then turned to the boys. “Now, all of you, please step forth. Up onto the dais, it is time to show us if you have learned how to suck well. You will each get to suck both of us once, so line up so that you are three in front of each of us. Once you are done, go to the back of the next line and wait your turn to suck the other prince. You will not have to suck the king, but he will be watching. He is here to ensure that we do nothing that would accidentally harm you.”

All six boys stepped forth, all of them having to adjust themselves in their very soggy diapers, because they were all hard with hearing what they had to do. The king and princes had chosen well, because all six of these boys are very much gay, not an ounce of straight to be had in them at all, and they were looking forward to finally getting to suck a bigger dick. None of the boys were aware that the princes could cum though.

“Now, I feel that I should warn all of you, both Prince George and I can cum, and you will need to take it, so please do not spit it out.” Geoff thought he should add, he did not wish to startle the boys.

All six boys smiled brightly hearing this little piece of news, every last one of them had wanted to try cum for as long as they could remember. They had grown up hearing the bigger boys talk about cock sucking, cum swallowing gay boys, and that is exactly what they knew they were. Of course, in this country, this is not an insult, and the boys were talking almost always about themselves, usually dreamily, telling the younger boys how amazing it is to suck a dick and drink a mans cum.

Once the boys were arranged, both princes pushed down the fronts of their diapers, while scooting forward on their chairs so that the boys had far better access, and then the first boy from each line was beckoned forth, and they did so right away with no hesitation whatsoever. Both boys hit their knees in front of their princes and latched on, sucking both boys' small erections all the way, though the one sucking Geoff accidentally made himself gag just a little, but a half a second was all it took for him to control his gag reflex and start sucking his prince perfectly in every way.

Both princes thought that these boys had practiced a lot with their friends, as well they must have done some seriously good research, and probably talked to a lot of boys to learn how to best suck a preteen dick, because they were that good. Neither prince lasted long, and in less than a minute, and only a second apart from each other, they exploded, giving the two very young sucking boys the treat that they had wanted for as long as they could remember.

“Wow, amazing, you sucked very well. How did you like it, sucking your first real dick?” Geoff asked.

“It was so good, and your cum tastes amazing.” His little boy said, sighing very deeply, so everyone knew he had just received the thing he had needed his whole life.


“And how about you?” George asked.

“Same, that was the best thing ever.” He smiled brightly.

“That is very good. Now go to the back of the next line and let us continue.”

The line went like that, every last one of the boys sucked both princes, and they all absolutely loved the treats that the princes were happily able to give to them, even though the very last cum of the day for both was only one tiny little drop.

“Okay, now for part two of the oral exam, you boys get to lay down and the princes will each suck you boys once.” The king said.

“Yippee.” All six said, and then went and threw themselves down on the floor, expectantly awaiting their attentions.

All of them had little baby boners pushing out the fronts of their very wet diapers, as much as any five year old possibly could, but it looked delicious none the less, and they were all very much ready to be sucked. Both princes and their parents had to laugh at this, and the princes got down and decided not to leave the boys waiting for long, they could clearly see just how eager the poor little boys were.

The boys started from either ends and lowered the fronts of both their chosen boys' diapers at the same time, and then inhaled them both, with squeals of delight from both boys. Both boys lasted almost exactly twenty seconds before exploding in their best orgasms to date, they had simply had too much stimulation and no release. The princes went to the next boys in line and continued on, and every boy lasted between twenty and thirty seconds. All felt that this was just no good, twenty to thirty seconds is not enough time to truly enjoy ones self, or to gauge a boy, so they went again, and for some strange reason, no one complained.

All six boys were in a daze after their sucking was finished, and were almost puppet like as the princes changed their very soggy diapers. It was a full two minutes later that the last of them finally came down.

“So, how was it?” George asked.

“Incredible.” Was the general consensus from all of them.

“Good. Now, sadly two of you have to go home, but I must say, this is the hardest decision of my life to make. I have already chosen, how about you Geoff.”

“Same here, and yes.”

They came together and whispered their choices to each other, and they were both in agreement. They each went to the boy who would not get to stay.

“I am truly sorry to tell you that you have to go home. I want you to know, though, that you are an incredible little gay baby boy, and anyone you decide to go with will be very lucky to have you. I would happily keep you here if I could, but I was only allowed to hire two boys, same with George, and that means that you must go. Before you go though, I need a diaper change, and I would very much like for you to do it for me. If the need is there to make sure I am soft enough to tape up, then feel free to do so.” He whispered to the boy he went to, giving him a tender kiss when he finished. George was having almost the exact same conversation with his boy.

Both boys, understandably, had tears in their eyes, but so did the princes, they had hated having to do that, but they knew it was part of their training too, that they had to be able to do just such a thing, because they could not possibly say yes to everyone, no matter how hard it would be. This was one of the biggest reasons that the prince was always allowed to choose only two boys once he reached manhood, to start teaching him these hard lessons.

Both princes laid down, the diaper change materials were passed to the two boys, and then they got down to changing the princes. Both boys gave the princes a very tender hand to let them cum one final time, and once they did and went soft, because they were very well worn out, the boys then taped them up after rubbing lots of diaper cream and sprinkling an extra large dose of baby powder.

“Thank you very much boys. Please go with Zane, he will ensure that you are dressed and then you will be allowed to leave with your parents. As for you four, you have officially been hired by Prince's George and Geoff to be their newest personal assistants. Your jobs are as follows, you are to keep the princes cleaned and diapered and dressed to their content, you will attend to their every personal need, and in exchange, you will be paid two thousand dollars per month. All money received will be put into a trust fund for you so that when you leave the palace, you will have more than enough money to live off of. In addition to this, all palace staff receive excellent training and benefits, and you are expected to join in on the palace classes every day with the princes. When you decide to leave, or you become too old, for most staff in your position stay until they are anywhere from sixteen to eighteen, you will then be allowed to go to university to take any course you so desire, free of charge. Do all of you understand and agree to this?” The king asked.

“Yes Your Highness.”

“Excellent, now, Prince's Geoff and George, please pick the two boys that you wish to take as your own assistants.”

They whispered to each other for only ten seconds, grinned to each other, because they had already chosen the two boys they wanted, and they were in agreement perfectly, and then went and grabbed their two boys' hands, taking one in each.

“Excellent. You boys are now bonded to your prince, he is yours to assist in your every way possible, yes, you will undoubtedly have sex with him, lots of wondrous, glorious sex, but here that is not a duty, that is a perk of the job. For the most part, you will be with him most of the time, except during meal times, unless you are eating in your own room. Sadly you cannot join him in the royal dining hall, you will normally dine with the other staff in the staff dining hall, which is almost as nice. Welcome to the palace, you now have jobs that hundreds of boys like you would love to have. I hope that you truly enjoy your positions here, though we have never had a boy, or girl for that matter, that did not. Every last one of our personal assistants that has ever left has always cried when they did so. You will be given a list of rules that you must go over with your prince, you must abide by them, or you will be punished. Please do not do so, we hate doing that. You must always take orders from your prince first and foremost, you are his to command, and then from myself and the queen. You are the only people in this entire palace that cannot take a direct order from myself or the queen without first going through your prince and yours alone. If, however, you feel that you are being abused, you are to come to me and I will deal with it. Your princes already know that they are not allowed to in any way abuse you, so this will not happen, they will lose far too much should they do so, and they know this. No one in this palace would ever dare abuse any child though, so you should not have to worry.”

“Really Father, not even you can command them to do anything?” George asked, this was something that he did not know.

“No, they are your assistants, and yours alone. I may ask them, and they may agree or decline, but I am not allowed to command them to do anything. Even your brothers boys, you are not allowed to ask them to do anything without first asking your brother, they are your assistants, period.”

“Oh, I did not know that.”

“You do now, that is the way it is, the way it always has been, and the way it always shall be, we see no reason to ever change that. That way no one can take your boys and use them for anything they desire, no matter their rank. That is why a personal assistant is such a high position, because they are under the complete and total protection of the person they are assigned to. Not to mention, you are under their protection as well.”

“Okay.” Both princes said as one and shrugged.

“So, Father, the boys that did not get positions, what do they get then? You said that they would get something as well.”

“Yes, I did. Each boy gets a ten thousand dollar cheque that will be deposited into a high yield account for them to use when they get older, a trainer will come to their house free of charge and teach them the rest of what they need to do, in fact they will probably be there waiting for the boys by the time they make it home, and then they get a personal letter from me, stating that they would make excellent personal assistants to anyone that should be needing one. Should they choose to hire themselves out in such a way, they will also be paid two thousand dollars a month, it is the going rate, but their duties would have to be worked out in advance, with the boys' parents, and they cannot be used as pretty much slave labour.

“In fact, any such thing that does happen here is punishable with extreme harshness. The boys are usually given about the same duties as our own personal assistants in the palace are, but they may have other duties as well. They are given free reign though and are allowed to have friends and go and visit their families and whatnot, they are not to be kept in any way like slaves. They still go to school, they still have every bit as much life as they would have had, only they would be requested to have sex with their employer as well.

“Any mistreatment of the children in any way is also punished harshly. We do not allow abuse here in any way, and the only way that this is not applicable is if the child and the adult agree upon it first and it is notarized by an official, because there are those that do enjoy that sort of thing, so we allow that, but it is strictly monitored.”

“Oh, that makes sense. I did not know that I would have been allowed to be hired out. I suppose the people that raised me would have never allowed that sort of thing anyway, I could have been found too easily.”

“I am surprised that you even lived near to the palace at all. Any of the guards, had they seen you, or any royalty for that matter, would have instantly recognized you and hauled you right in. I have no idea how that never happened, which is too bad.” The king said.

“I was always told not to go across the river, and to never go with any guards or royalty, that I would be arrested instantly. It was quite literally beaten into me to never trust royalty of any sort. If I saw anyone of such a nature, I hid as best I could. They allowed me to go with tourists and non royal rich people, but preferably tourists.” Geoff said.

“Then why did you cross the river when you ran away?” George asked curiously.

“Mostly because it was the only way to really go that would almost guarantee that I was not caught by that monster. He would never cross the river either, and to tell you the truth, I was already pretty sure by then that his telling me to never cross the river meant that that was the very thing he feared the most, which meant that it was probably the safest place for me to be. Turned out I was right, just not for the reason I ever thought it would be.”

“Good point.”

“Yeah, he beat me so much that I was willing to die to escape him, no matter what I encountered over here. Of course, being a prince never even crossed my mind as anywhere near a possibility. Granted, it seems that it did not cross theirs as a possibility either, yet they knew enough to keep me as far from the palace and the royalty as possible.”

“Clearly. So, what do we need to do now Father?” George asked.

“Now you boys may take your assistants to your rooms and show them around. Give them a tour of the palace as well, show them where they are and are not allowed to be, granted, Geoff, you probably do not even know this, so learn this as well, though you are now officially allowed to go everywhere you can within the palace grounds. You too are not allowed to leave unless under special circumstances, and will always go through me.”

“Okay, I understand, and honestly, I think I have had my fill of the outside world for a bit, but, before too long, I warn you, I will likely want to go out as well, same as George does. I will endeavor to ensure that George does it within your guidelines, but I make no promises.” He grinned.

“And I would accept none either. No one can promise anything of anyone else, ever, and nor should they have to. You boys have two hours until dinner time, tour with your new boys, and feel free to eat in your rooms tonight, your mother and I will be otherwise occupied anyway. There are more things that we have to prepare that you are not required to do, so enjoy the rest of your day, and please, remember, your new assistants are very young and inexperienced, do not push them too hard or fast, they will need time to adjust to things around here, and I do not want you hurting them accidentally.” The king said to his sons, then turned to the boys and said.

“And remember boys, you are not slaves, or even servants, you are not here to obey the prince's every command, if they are going too fast for you, ask them to slow down, or even stop, you are allowed to do so. They are your princes, yes, and you cannot take orders from anyone but them, but that does not mean that they can order you to do things that you do not want to as well. You do have a job to do, and are expected to do so as well, but that does not mean that they can hurt you. Just remember that okay.”

“Yes Your Majesty.” All four boys said.

“Excellent, have a good night boys.”

Geoff and George turned and led their boys from the throne room, still holding their hands, and led them to their rooms. The king and queen smiled and headed out a different door to go and take care of other matters.

While the princes had been taking care of their duties, their knights were busy helping their families. They had all been called and told to come to the palace, and of course they were all skeptical still, even though they did know they were telling the truth. They did all arrive, and the kids all welcomed their families, and then, with the help of the palace servants, they got everyone cleaned and outfitted in the best clothes available to them.

They were shown to the same guest quarters that the kids had all stayed in, and they all loved the area. They were offered almost anything within the palace that they could want, and they all asked for several things that would make their stays better. Almost every last one of them had heard about the hospitality of the palace and that almost any servant would be happy to offer a more personal service, should they not be doing anything else, so nearly every last one of them saw a boy or girl of their liking and asked them to spend the night with them, and only a few turned down the offer, every one of them because they went the other way, so they chose someone else, until they all had a guest for the night.

Even their siblings were encouraged to chose a partner for the night, and they all did. Those who wanted, and or needed diapers, were diapered, those who wanted toys were offered an excellent selection, and just about anything else that they could possibly want was retrieved for them as well. They were left in their quarters, while the servants went about the rest of their duties, promising that they would return when they were done for the day.

Jared's little six year old brother asked his brother to find him a cute boy to have for the night, so Jared found him an amazingly cute eight year old, gave him a pack of Pampers to diaper his brother, feeling that he would enjoy it, a pair of dildos, because who would not enjoy it, and both boys grinned when they met each other.

Gabriel had also been very busy, and had enlisted the help of a couple of his friends throughout the castle and gotten to work. The first thing that they did was to go to the storage room to check out all the options. They were all hard from seeing it all. Gabriel chose two different sex swings, four tables in two styles that were for various sexual acts, two self fucking chairs, an entire rather large box of dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings, and a few other things. He then packed another box, almost as large, full of just lubes. Next were several mats, so that people could have fun on the floor and not get sore, these are waterproof, for obvious reasons. He even picked out a few odds and ends in the realm of bondage, but nothing extreme, just some fuzzy covered handcuffs, shackles, and ropes.

Once they had everything chosen, they took it all up to the boys' new play room and started getting it all set up. When they arrived, the first thing that was done was to move the large shelving unit away from the door that they now knew was there. Gabriel asked a pair of others to go to the other room and to move the other one as well, and when they were both moved, they found a large double door that was opened up right away, allowing passage between the two rooms more easily now.

The tables, chairs and swings were all set up, and then the shelf that was just moved aside was loaded up full of all the items that they had brought. All of this took several hours, and they were only just finishing up the last of the work when both princes and four cute little boys entered.

“Wow, you got it all done Gabriel, and it looks so amazingly hot in here.” Geoff said, after taking a few minutes to take it all in, then went up to his boyfriend and kissed him tenderly.

“Thanks. I hope you guys like it. I think we have pretty much everything in here that we could possibly need. So, clearly you guys picked the four hottest boys, who are these cuties?”

“We sure tried. Here we have Simon, Nolan, Bradley, and Zach.” Geoff said, pointing out each of the four boys as he did so. “Simon and Nolan are my assistants, and Bradley and Zach are George's.”

All four boys are almost the exact same size, plus or minus maybe half a centimeter and a kilogram or so, they are nice and trim looking, without being skinny.

Simon has bright blond hair and even brighter blue eyes, cute little button nose, an outtie belly button, and even his little feet are cute.

Nolan has light brown hair with natural streaks of blond, long luxurious eyelashes covering deep brown eyes, a little upturned nose and full luscious lips.

Bradley has straight jet black hair, dark green eyes and ears that he will hopefully grown into. He is very cute, but has that slightly gangly look to him with larger and longer limbs that his body would suggest he should have. If they had to guess, they would all say that he is likely to be the tallest of them all.

Then there is Zach, who has bright red hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, he has so many freckles that they could not be counted, and pasty milky white skin. He too is very trim, only he looks far more tough than the others do, and has muscles already showing.

“It is truly good to meet all of you, my name is Gabriel, and I am willing to bet that you love serving in the palace just as much as I always have. I was not much older than you are now when I joined the staff as well as Prince George's royal diaperer. He was still too young to need a personal assistant then, but that was also part of my duties once he came of age, though I often gave him a hand to help him sleep.”

“Now, I know that all of you probably came with some personal belongings, you would have all been told to pack, just in case you got the position, so do you have things here?” Prince George asked after they had all finished greeting Gabriel.

“Yes Your Highness.” They all said.

“Thanks, but when we are together and not in a royal situation, please just call us George and Geoff. You will not have to call us by our title in most situations, and you will learn in class when it is and is not appropriate to do so. While you are learning, we will correct you if you make a mistake, but the rule of thumb here is, if we are dressed in royal clothing, then call us by title, but if we are naked or in just our diapers, then call us by name. If we are dressed, but not in good clothes, then most of the time just our names is sufficient, but not always. You will be taught the different times and how to tell.”

“Thanks George.” Simon said.

George turned to the palace servants and asked a few of them to go to the waiting room outside the throne room and gather all four boys' belongings and bring them right back. Four of them went and did so right away. They were back only a few minutes later. The rest of them only chatted amongst themselves while they were waiting. Once they were back with everything, they were dismissed, saying that nothing else was required at that time.

“Okay, now to get you boys all set up in your bedrooms. We each have a couple assistants quarters in our rooms, and they are pretty much identical. You may choose to each take one, or you may share with your partner, the choice is yours. It is not uncommon for royal personal assistants to have other partners, and when not needed by us, you are welcome to have fun together as well. Like you were told earlier, you pretty much have free reign within the palace, so you are free to go almost anywhere you desire and do almost anything you wish. If we would like you to join us, we will give you some notice, just in case you had plans with anyone else. As long as you are not supposed to be doing something else, then you are free to have all the hot gay baby boy sex you want at almost any time, with almost anyone throughout the castle. Just remember though, you are our assistants, so no one, other than us, is allowed to tell you to do anything. Would you like your own bedrooms, or would you like to share?”

“Share please.” All four said together.

“That is what we thought you were going to say. Why go to bed alone, when you can share with someone who likes the same things, right.” Geoff grinned.

“I sure have been enjoying it.” George smiled.

“Yeah, why did you never have Gabriel sleep with you before?” Geoff asked curiously.

“Never thought of it. He was my assistant and diaperer, I never really felt for him the way you do, I do not think he felt the same for me.”

“No, I did not, you were always my prince, Geoff though, he is different, he is my boyfriend. I think we both felt the difference right away.”

“I know I sure did.”

“Good. I was rarely ever alone in my bed, but it was never Gabriel, I had friends or others that would join me, but Gabriel was never my boyfriend.”

“Okay, makes sense.” Geoff said.

“I did ask him to sleep with me many times though, some nights I just wanted to be cuddled, but not always by him.”

“I get it, no worries, no one was offending you or your choice, and it does not sound as if Gabriel ever cared either.” Geoff said, his brother was getting defensive and it was cute.

“No, because I never felt that way either, so I was never insulted.”

“Oh, okay.” George said, looking down.

“Okay, let us get you boys' things all put away then, and then we can go and tour the castle. I still have not seen everything myself.” Geoff said all upbeat.

They gathered up all the boys' belongings and took them to the two rooms that would be required. Each prince took their two boys and helped them. Gabriel went with Geoff of course. This only took a few minutes, because the boys did not have very many things. There were clothes, but funnily enough, absolutely no underwear, a few stuffed animals and a few other little things that little boys always found nice to have, each of them having their own dildo that they had received on their fifth birthday. They gathered back in the new play room, looking around a little more, now checking out each of the tables and what they were good for, as well as the chairs and the swings.

“Man, I cannot wait to try all this out.” Geoff said, and George nodded eagerly as well.

“Yeah, but that can wait until this evening, after dinner, because if we do so now, we will probably not eat and pass out without food, and that would not be a good thing I think.”

“No, but it would be a great thing at the same time. Yet, we do have more pressing matters, so let us say we get this show on the road, and you can show us all everything that we do not already know. Will you come with us this time Gabriel?”

“Absolutely.” Gabriel said.

“Okay, let us go then.” George said.

George grabbed the hands of his two boys, while Geoff and Gabriel held hands, and then they each held the hand of one of the boys. George led the pack and showed them many different things. First were the other bedrooms, but they were told they were not allowed to enter, unless they had been asked to come, which would be rare. He then showed them the ball room, the dining room, the kitchen, and everything around there. He showed them all the lounges and relaxation places, including the pool and hot tub, the guest quarters, and everything in between. They took almost two hours touring the entire interior of the castle, they would tour the exterior another day. For now, though, they were all getting more than just a little bit hungry.

While they were in the guest quarters, George grabbed Jared, and Jared explained to his family that he and the prince were boyfriends, and that he now worked for the prince, he had not told them this part yet, and they were happy for him. Jared did join the others though after saying goodbye to his parents and brother, who was still eyeing up the cute older boy his brother had found for him, liking what he was seeing a great deal.

The eight of them arrived to their rooms a short while later and Jared got to go look at the new play room, while the others ordered dinner for all of them. When he made it back, you could see just how excited he was by the new play room, because he was pushing a rather obscene, yet oh so very hot, looking erection out the front of his wet diaper. The others told him they agreed with his silent appreciation, all looking to his hot hardness buried inside. He grinned.

Only a few minutes later dinner was delivered to them and they all sat back and enjoyed their meal, all eating more than enough to give them the energy that they were going to be needing throughout the rest of the evening.

“So, how should we do this?” George asked.

“Well, I say we all go together and teach our new boys everything we can possibly teach them, in our new play room of course. I think we can all play together nicely, do you not?” Geoff grinned brightly.

“Hell yeah, let us get it on.”

“Okay.” The others all said as one.