Chapter 9

Eight very horny boys entered the newly appointed sexual play room, four of them very much used to what was about to happen, while four brand new five year old boys were expectantly awaiting what was about to happen. All four little boys had wanted this a great deal for a very long time now. There were fortunately four tables and four little boys who needed to be taken care of and taught all the ins and outs, even though they had already learned a fair bit. Geoff and Gabriel took Geoff's boys, each taking one, while George and Jared took the other two boys, each also taking one, and they went to the table of their choice.

There are two of each type of two tables, one is almost identical to almost any standard doctors table, there are stirrups for legs to be held in and be much more comfortable while being held wide open. There are large padded straps to hold someone in place, should such a thing be wanted or needed. The only major difference on these tables is that there are areas for someone to kneel at the person's head who happens to be laying down.

The other two tables look almost like a massage table, yet vastly different as well. These tables allow the person on the bottom to lay face down in comfort, their knees were then spread and down, almost in a kneeling position, and then there is a kneeling area for the person in the rear position. There is also a kneeling pad at the head, so that someone could easily be sucked from there too.

Clearly all four of these tables are highly adjustable to allow for use even with very young children. These, and so many more sex toys and apparatus are manufactured right in their own country, and account for a really good chunk of their export business, since they make some of the worlds very best sex toys anywhere in the world.

Each of the older boys asked each of the new boys if they were ready, and if they wanted to be fucked, and all four boys gave a very hearty yes to that and asked to be filled up good and proper like they had always wanted.

All four older boys started the same way. They got their boys positioned and their tables adjusted so that everyone was as comfortable as humanly possible, and they all were, because these tables are the best, and then they went and grabbed some lube and a few assorted toys. The boys' own dildos being the first, since the boys already said they were used to these. Now, a boys first dildo is rarely ever very large, and none of these are, yet they are not small either. From the size alone of the boys' dildos, both princes knew that the boys could take them with ease.

The two older boys would be a bit big, so they all worked all four boys with their dildos first, making them all cum twice. The next size up dildo was then introduced, and they worked the boys to another pair of orgasms. Then the largest dildos of the day were inserted into all four boys, and not one grunted in pain or asked anyone to slow down, no, instead they all sighed deeply as they were worked all in. They were fucked long and slow, far longer and slower than the previous times, until all four boys came two more times.

By now all four older boys were very much ready to fire off several times, they all had at least four orgasms worth of cum boiling in their balls, as well as an incredibly full bladder of pee, all of which all four wanted to give to the boys, and all four boys wanted it more than anything as well.

“Are you ready for this?” Each was asked, and they all said yes instantly.

Each of them poked a hole in the front of their diapers, extracted their erections, and then slipped into the boy that they got to fill for the first time. Sure, every last one of them had probably had a little friend who had fucked them numerous times, they would have been shocked had they not, but this time they were getting a real dick, a good sized one inserted, and this felt so good. Even the princes, who are not overly large yet, filled the boys up nicely, causing them to sigh very deeply. Then again, the boys who are getting the two older boys moaned and sighed even deeper still.

Timing themselves so that they were all going the same speed, because they were all watching each other, the tables were positioned so that they could easily do so, they started making tender love to the four little boys beneath them. Their first orgasms could not last though, even though they did hold on for as long as they possibly could, so less than two minutes later, the four boys received their very first cum load. The boys then let go their aching bladders and filled them all up. All four of them had been piss fucked before, so this was not new, but they did love the larger loads, with the larger dicks, and they all moaned deeply.

The four of them continued on, fucking away merrily at the same slow tender speed, all watching each other still, all trying to cum at the same time. They did, for the most part, for each other their next four cums, before they were all far too tired to continue on. Five cums, in almost an hour and a half for the older boys, and eleven for the little boys beneath them in almost two and a half, was almost too much for them all. The only reason any of them are awake, is because they had wanted this so much, especially the little boys.

“So, how was it boys?” George asked once they were all done.

“Amazing.” They all said.

“Good, glad to hear it. Now, these diapers are absolutely ruined, but would you like us to double diaper you anyway, we will just have to take these off instead of just leaving them.”

“Okay.” They all said.

They were all picked up and laid down on the floor, because none of them were able to move all that much, and then they were lovingly double diapered in cute little pampers diapers. When asked if they wanted butt plugs, for some strange reason they all smiled and said hell yeah, so they each received a pretty decent sized plug for their age. They were not too large, but neither were they small. They would fill the boys nicely, and they all said they were perfect.

“Do you boys think you could change our diapers now?” George asked.

“Sure, but can we double diaper you and put a butt plug in you as well?” Bradley asked, the other three nodded eagerly in agreement.

“Like we would ask for anything less. Why would we allow you to get more than we get right.” Geoff grinned.

“Goody.” They all said.

They went and grabbed the toys they felt they would be able to fit in their boys, grabbed their diapers as well, and then went and plugged and diapered the four older boys, making sure to give them lots of diaper cream and baby powder as well.

“Much better, thank you very much.” They all said, more or less, and pretty much at the same time.

“Now for bedtime. I would very much love for all three of my baby boys to share my bed with me tonight.” Geoff said.

“Same.” George said.

“Okay.” The rest said.

“Goody, come on, goodnight baby bro, have a good sleep.” Geoff said happily, grabbed the hands of his boys, though Gabriel had to grab Simon's hand, and skipped off to their bedroom. George did the same.

They all went and curled up in the two large beds, snuggled all into each other, they kissed goodnight, and then, before too long, they were all sound asleep.

Earlier in the castle, after Jared had found his little brother a special friend, the two boys had met, and Jared had just left them. There were others around, but they gave the two little boys privacy. Jared's little brother was the first to speak up when they met.

“Hi, I'm Asher, I'm six, it's actually Ashton, but I've always been called Asher. What's your name and what do you do here?” He asked cutely, really liking the looks of the cute slightly older boy.

Asher is a really cute little blond haired blue eyed cutie pie, looking much like a younger version of his big brother. He has cute little dimples when he gives his impish little smile, he is missing his top two front teeth, and because of this whistles a bit as he talks, it too is cute.

“Hi, my name is Evan, I am eight years old, I have worked for the palace since I was born, my parents work here as well. I help a lot of the guests with little things. I do not get paid a lot, because I do not do a lot yet, but I like to help out when I can.” He smiled brightly, he too liked the looks of the younger boy, a lot.

Evan is a little taller for his age, is pretty skinny, but not sickly so, he has greyish blue eyes, almost stormy blue, cute little nose and ears, and perfect little kissable lips.

“So, how come you have diapers and stuff with you?” Asher asked curiously.

“Your brother told me that you might like us to wear them. I already do, all day every day, I was never potty trained to pee pee on the toilet, because I told my parents I did not want to. Here that is perfectly normal, almost everyone gets to wear diapers, if they want to. I bet you will look real cute in just a diaper too. Your brother must think you like them if he told me to bring lots of diapers for you as well. He also said you would definitely like these.” He said, digging through the pile of stuff he had and producing the pair of decent sized children's dildos.

“Oh yeah, those I definitely like. I got a nice one for my fifth birthday, but I asked for a newer, bigger one for my sixth, and I got it. My new one's a vibrating one, and the damn thing takes four big batteries and nearly rattles my teeth, it's awesome.”

“These are the same, and my favorites as well.” He grinned brightly.

“I've never worn diapers before, well, I suppose I did a while ago, I wet the bed 'til I was four, and wore at night 'til then, and then my parents said I was potty trained by three and a half. I don't think I've ever dreamed of wearing a diaper.” He shrugged, but did not say that he would not.

“Would you wear them with me tonight?”

“Sure, I'll try almost anything once.”

“Have you already received your training?”

“Hell yeah, two days after my fifth birthday, my parents asked me if I wanted a boy or a girl, and I said boy for sure, but my dad laughed and said, 'yeah, I figured as much, same as your brother.' We're almost the same age anyway, so we would've been allowed to play without, but I have, so now we definitely can.”

“Good, that makes it easier. Maybe if we like each other, I can get you a job here as well and we can sleep together. I really want a boyfriend of my own. I have fun with lots of the other boys, but they all have boyfriends or girlfriends already, so I am always left alone.”

“I'd really like that. You really think you could get me a job here, what could I do?”

“Oh yeah, there are a couple job openings in my area, and that is guest helper. That means I help guests with their personal care, I help them to clean and diaper them if they want or need it, help them to get dressed, and I am allowed to have as much sex with them as I or them want, almost whenever we want. It is not a hard job, because we do not always have guests, so I always have lots of free time. Like I said, I do not do too much.”

“I'd love that job.”

“Then I will let my boss know. We just lost four boys, they were eighteen and wanted to go to university now. Most of the guests like their helpers to be young anyway, but some like the older boys too. There are only twelve of us left, and we are all here, but they like to have sixteen normally. It is usually split four girls and twelve boys, because boys are far more popular, and better than girls, of course.” He grinned.

“Oh thank you. That'd be so awesome if I could get a job here.” He said excitedly.

“Well, let me show you to your room, because you are a guest and get the full guest treatment. I was asked to be your personal helper, and because all my other chores are done for the day, I am now ready to help you with anything that you want help with.”

“Then I'd love it if you showed me to my room and diapered me up, and then I'd love it even more if you'd let me strip you down to your diaper so that we can play, lots.”

“Then follow me.”

And that was the last time anyone saw the two boys for the rest of the day. It was mid afternoon when they disappeared, and they never called for any food either. They were far too busy for that.

Evan stripped Asher almost as soon as they were in the bedroom, his little boy spike harder than even he had ever seen or felt it before, and he is no virgin. Evan then laid Asher on the bed and proceeded to diaper the hot young boy up nice and thick. Once Asher was diapered, he stood up, kissed Evan in thanks, then stripped Evan until he was only standing in his soggy diaper as well.

“Wow, you're really hot like this.” Asher moaned.

“Thanks, so are you. I hope that you will wear diapers with me every day from now on.”


“Thanks. What is your favorite thing to do?”

“I love to be fucked, I have a friend who's twelve, and I love the feel of him buried inside me. With my friends my age and size though, even though we do like to fuck, we're not exactly big, and I bet you're not much bigger than me, we like to suck and finger fuck each other at the same time. I'd say that's my favorite.”

“Okay, I love that too. You are correct though, I am not very big, but I enjoy it very much.”

“Same. How much can you take in you now anyway?”

“Depends who I am with. Men and older boys, usually only four fingers. Most boys and younger teens though, I can now take their whole hands. How about you?”

“Just four fingers, but a couple of my older friends are like you and can take some of the smaller fists in them. I'd love it if you were my first fist, if you can.”

“I will give it my best then.”


They got down to sucking and fingering each other. By the time an hour was just about to pass, they had already cum seven times, each. They were also up to four fingers in each other, and they were doing good. Just at the one hour mark, and as they were cumming for their eighth time, they each slipped their entire hands inside each other. Asher groaned deeply, this was officially the most full he had ever been, and it hurt, but it also felt amazing. He never asked Evan to stop, and they continued right on going, fisting each other.

By the time they had cum another two times, both boys were pretty much punch fucking each other, pulling all out while making a fist, and slipping back inside. A very advanced method for two very young boys, yet it was what they both wanted a great deal, and they had worked up to it very slowly, and they were both doing very well. They were also going surprisingly deep inside each other, both able to take the others whole hand and a little of their wrist.

By the time they were passing the two hour mark, they had cum fifteen times, they were still fisting each other real well, and they had just pissed in each others mouth for the third time. Then that was it, they both passed out cold. They were still buried inside each other, they were both still sucking each others dicks, and that was how they stayed for the entire night. They used each other almost like a soother the entire night, and the bed never even got the slightest bit wet, even though both boys had peed several times throughout the night.

By the time morning came around, all the boys were well refreshed. Asher and Evan were the first to wake up. They extracted themselves from each other, grunting and groaning as they did so, because that was a lot for their little bums, no matter how slowly they had gone.

“Wow, that was intense.” Asher groaned, sounding incredibly hoarse for a six year old.

“No kidding. I think that was the longest and most amazing sex session I have ever experienced in my life, and I have had a lot of sex.”

“Same. I really have to go pee, so, should we change each others diapers, they're pretty much ruined.”

“Same, and yeah they are, so yeah, we better.” Evan grinned.

They changed each other, Evan grabbing the bruise cream and applying a huge amount to Asher, who then repaid the favour when it was his turn.

When they exited the bedroom and entered into the sitting room, Asher's parents called him over, and he pretty much limped over. He said good morning to them and gave them kisses.

“So, how was your night, Baby.” His mom asked, looking pointedly at his already soggy diaper.

“Real good. Evan's gonna see if he can get me a job here, he says his department's looking for at least another boy just like me, so I told him I'd really like it. Can I?”

“Sure. Are you feeling alright though, you seem to be limping a bit?”

“Yeah, we fisted each other, lots, and it was my first time, so I'm a bit sore this morning, but not too bad.” He said proudly. Not normally something one admits to their parents at the tender age of six, at least in the rest of the world, but here is acceptable.

“Ah, that'd explain it. I remember my first fist fuck, sure was a night to remember.” His dad said wistfully.

“I didn't know you were gay Daddy.” Asher said.

“Bi, actually, so is your mom, which is why we sometimes have a girl and a boy join us at home.”

“Oh, I just thought you had the girl and mommy had the boy.” He said, because it was not uncommon to see a pair of young teens in their home for some fun.

“Sometimes, or sometimes we shared, we always have bi kids with us.” He grinned. Again, something one does not normally share with their supposedly innocent six year old, in the rest of the world, but here is perfectly normal.

“That's cool. Thanks though, I'll try and visit as often as I can, or we can see if you guys can get jobs too.”

“We can try, if there's any jobs to be had, but don't worry about us.”

“Thanks.” He said, and went and hugged his parents. “So, any chance we can get some food, like soon, we sorta missed dinner last night.”

“We wondered about that.” His dad laughed.

“I will put in our orders right now. What would you like?” Evan asked.

They gave their orders and he went and called it in. He took orders from everyone else who was already up as well, to save making more calls, and then, half an hour later, their food was delivered and they were eating. Both Asher and Evan ate enough for four adults, not so surprisingly.

The two princes and their boyfriends and assistants all woke up feeling much better as well, they kissed and cuddled for quite a while before they also got up and changed each other. They would have left them and had breakfast first, only, they felt that their diapers would not be able to last. They did stroke each other to one good orgasm a piece, and the little boys got to eat the loads of one of the boys, and then they all shared the loads in sweet cum kisses. Finally they were all ready, so they headed to the dining room in George's room, Geoff and his boys all went over to see if they wanted to eat with them, so they all decided to eat there.

They ordered breakfast and chatted as they waited, and finally their food was delivered and they ate it all, talking happily as they did. Just as they were about to finish, someone knocked on their door, so George called out to enter. The king and queen walked in.

“Good morning boys. How was your night?” The king asked.

“Excellent Father, our new assistants took us nice and easily, and they are not even bruised or sore at all this morning. It was a great night. I trust you got up to all sorts of dirty and kinky sex all night long as well?” George said.

“Absolutely. I see you boys are ready to go, so we should get started on our day.”

“Okay, and what, exactly, do we have to do today?” Geoff asked.

“More party planning. Your mother and I took care of all the invitations yesterday, so now today we just have to go over everything and ensure that it is all going as planned. We should also get you boys in for hair cuts, Geoff, you still need to see the optometrist, you could all stand to see the dentist, and you need to be fitted for your new suits. You are now adults, so we cannot have you in children's suits.”

“Oh, okay.” They both said.

“Um, I have never seen an optometrist or a dentist before, is it painful?” Geoff asked.

“This coming from the person who got so used to being beaten every day it became second nature.” George laughed.

“True, I suppose, but, is it?”

“No, the eye doctor will not even cause any discomfort, and the dentist might be uncomfortable, but not painful. I actually hate getting my teeth cleaned, it hurts my ears.” The queen said.

“What, how could it hurt your ears, they are working on your teeth.”

“The sounds go right to your ears, I hate the sounds.” She said.


“We will get you into the optometrist first, while the rest go to the dentist, and then when you are done, you can see him as well. The rest of you should probably see the optometrist as well, come to think of it, so half to one, the other half to the other, and then you can switch. George and Gabriel, you both should not need to see the optometrist though, so you are excused from there.” The king said.

They headed out then and went to the medical wing of the palace, where all the doctors and everyone stayed and worked. Fortunately the two offices were right across the hall from each other, and they all got started right away.

The optometrist figured out right away what Geoff's problem was, and it was a simple fix. He already had the correct lenses in stock and ready to go, so all Geoff had to do was pick the frames he liked best, and in under ten minutes, he had a new pair of glasses. For the most part, Geoff would only need them for reading, but he was to always carry them with him. Zach also required glasses, only he was told his eyes were to the point where he should wear them at all times, his glasses too were made up right away, but his had to have a little custom work done on them first to make them perfect, and while that was being done, he chose his frames.

The rest required nothing more. They all needed the dentist though, and they all got a good cleaning. There was one person doing the cleanings and one doing the other more important stuff. Nolan and Bradley both needed a minor filling, and Geoff had one of his adult teeth coming in crooked, so he was warned that if it did not straighten itself out, he would need braces to correct it. They did nothing more than cleaning for the time being though, other than the two fillings that were needed by the two younger boys. Everyone else was pretty good though, especially considering that Geoff had never even seen a dentist, and had never been taught to brush his teeth. It probably helped that he had never had sweets in his entire life, and what food he did get was decently good for him.

“All done, excellent. So, our assistants, you may feel free to go do whatever you please for the rest of the day. Prince George and Prince Geoff, you are with us.” The king said.

“Are Gabriel and Jared allowed to come as well?” Geoff asked.

“Yes, they too will need to be fitted, since I am certain they are coming to the party as your guests.”

The boys said goodbye to the four youngest, and then they headed out to the royal seamster. When they arrived, they found the most flamboyantly gay man that Geoff had ever met. He just adored all four boys in their soggy baby diapers and said he would be happy to make them look as stunningly gorgeous as he could, if they had to cover their diapers, which, he said, they looked better in than wearing any clothes could ever do. They were each asked for their favorite colours, he had the boys pick them a few colour swatches, and then he went about choosing everything that was to be needed. They were each getting a perfectly tailored suit with the colour of their choice for the shirt. The pants and jackets were incredibly thick and comfortable looking, crisp black with an even more black pin striping in them. Once he got the four boys into the correct sizes of suits, he went about measuring and pinning until he was satisfied that they would be perfect. He then helped them to strip back down to just their diapers, and told them that he would call them back in a few hours for refitting. He asked that they be nice and soggy by then, to ensure that the pants still fit perfectly over a soggy baby diaper.

For some reason the boys were okay with this. They headed out then and went with the king and queen to go over all the details with all the servant staff to ensure that everything was going smoothly. They only had two days now until the day of the party, so everything had to be ironed out now.

By the time they were done that, and everything was perfect, they were called back for their fitting. They all went and tried on their suits and the fit was deemed stunningly perfect. The boys were told that their suits would be there and waiting for them on the day of the party, perfectly cleaned and pressed, and that he would personally dress them to ensure they were perfect. For some reason he liked saying the word perfect, a lot, especially around the boys.

“Wow, that was a lot.” Geoff said once they were finally done.

“Yeah, but it was all necessary, and I must say, you boys will make one hell of an impression, Stephen did an amazing job.” The queen said.

“We know.”

They all went to dinner, asking the knights and all their family to join them. When Jared saw Asher enter, and saw that he was limping, he actually laughed. He went up to his little brother and picked him up, hugged him, and asked him how it went. Asher was only too proud to tell his loving big brother all about it.

“That is very good baby bro, and you look super cute in just your soggy baby diaper too. How do you like them?”

“Thanks, so do you, and I really like them now, just like you now huh.”

“Oh yeah.”

“And guess what, Evan wants to get me a job here doing what he does as well. He says they're looking for someone anyway, and mommy and daddy already said yes.”

“That's excellent, oops, I mean that is excellent.”

“Why'd you do that?”

“Because we have to learn to speak properly if we work here, you will be taught as well. It is hard to try and remember it all, which is why sometimes it looks like I am trying to think about what I am trying to say.”

“Oh, will I have to as well?”

“More than likely, but you will be fine.”

“I can't wait 'til I get to start working here. I'll get paid, but probably not as much as you, 'cause I'll be a guest assistant, and Evan says he hardly ever has any guests to attend to.”

“I'm sure you will get paid well for your position. I hardly have to do anything either, and I get paid lots. I am now Prince George's royal diaperer and personal assistant, so exactly the same as your job will be, only I always have someone to care for, and he is my boyfriend now as well, which is even better.”

“That's really cool. I'll be happier having you here with me though. I'll get to visit mommy and daddy, but you I'd miss most of all.”

“Thanks Buddy, I would have missed you lots as well, now we may not have to.”

“Jared, I assume that this is your little brother?” The king stepped forth and asked.

“Sure is Sire, may I present to you my little brother Ashton, though he goes by Asher most of the time.”

“It is most excellent to meet you Asher.” He said, sticking out his hand for the cute little boy.

“Thanks. You're the king?” He said wide eyed while taking his hand.

“I sure am.”

“Wow, I never thought I'd meet the king.”

“Now you have. I understand though that you would very much like a position as guest personal assistant. Evan called and asked me, said you two were boyfriends, at least hoped you would be, and he wanted for you to work with him.”

“Uh huh, I'd love it very much Sire.”

“And he says you have received training and that you are fully gay?”

“Yep.” He said proudly.

“Evan is a very special little boy, if he thinks you will make a good addition to the staff, then I think I am going to trust him, so, consider yourself staff. We will work out all the details later, okay.”

“You mean it, I get to stay?” He squealed in delight.

“Yes, you little cutie pie, you get to stay. I may ask both you and Evan to come visit me one evening every so often, you are absolutely adorable.”

“Ooh, I'd really like that Sire.” He smiled brightly, bouncing in his big brothers arms.

“I just bet you would, as long as you are just as nicely diapered as you are now, then it will have to be arranged. I know Evan would never pick someone that did not love diapers as much as he does, so I am certain that will not be a problem.”

“Oh no Sire, I definitely wanna stay diapered, they're awesome.”

“Good. You understand, I hope, that you will be joining the others in schooling here, and we will teach you everything that you need to know.”

“Uh huh, I love school.”

“Good. Well, I need to go speak to all the others, so you have a good evening.”

“Thanks, you too.” He said, and then the king disappeared.

“Isn't that so cool, I get to work here too. Evan will be so happy.” He said happily, hugging his big baby brother tightly.

“Yeah Baby Bro, it is. Come on, let us go sit down, I will introduce you to the prince's. They are so nice.” He said, and then carried his brother to meet the others.

When they got to where they were, the introductions were made, and they all liked Asher, a lot.

“Wow, you are hot, I would not have minded in the least if you had been hired as one of my assistants.” George groaned.

“He is, and I have known him since he was born, he has always been a little cutie, but then, Jared is hot as well.” Geoff said.

“I can agree to that wholeheartedly.”

“Thanks.” Both Asher and Jared said at the same time.

“Sadly, with Jared being one of my assistants already, I could not have hired him, siblings are allowed to have sex together if they so desire, as long as they are not boy and girl, for obvious reasons, but it is preferred to have someone else. A little group action though is never frowned upon. It would not have been right for me to have hired Asher though because of that, since we have sex all the time.” George said.

“Would he be allowed to join us though?” Geoff asked curiously, because he had never had any actual fun with Asher, even though he had wanted to a few times.

“Absolutely. You said, Jared, that you put him with Evan?” George asked.

“Yeah, he was the one you said I should find for Asher, man is he cute.”

“Yeah, and his diaper love damn near exceeds my own. That boy has never even stood at a toilet to pee, says he never cares to. I at least have done so, a couple times, while I was already there. He would rather hold it and wait for his diaper to be put on, and then pee it. I mean, so would I, but if I am bursting, or am already sitting on the toilet taking care of other business, then I have let it go if I had to do so badly. Most often, I pee before I go to the bathroom, so it is rarely ever an issue. He would never even consider it.” He grinned.

“Why did you do that though, I told you Asher was not a diaper lover?” Jared asked.

“Because, I felt that he would be much like you there, you were not a diaper lover either when you arrived, it was buried, all you needed to do was try on one diaper and you were hooked. Turns out I was correct again, and I never even met him. Evan though is absolutely insatiable, and from what you told me of Asher, I felt that they would be a good match there as well. Again, much like you, and me too for that matter.” He grinned.

“I'm not complaining, the diapers are awesome, and the sex is even better yet.” Asher said happily.

“Good.” All the boys said.

The king and queen went around the room, greeting all their guests, talking to them, asking them questions, getting to know them a little, so on and so forth. They were trying to get information on why they were considered to be poor in a country that should have had far more than enough for everyone. While none of them were beggar status, like Geoff had been, and none of them were truly poor, they were not exactly rolling in the money either. They had always had enough for their children, they always had what they needed, just not necessarily what they wanted. They had received a much darker picture from Geoff than it had truly been, because of his brutal upbringing. They did find out though that the income had not been matching the cost of living for quite some time, and raises were few and far between. Most families both parents had to work in order for them to survive, which meant that the children had had to fend for themselves an awful lot, which did make them far stronger and more independent, as well they were very protective of their friends, hence the reason they are all where they are now.

They now had a lot to think about, they had received some very good information. At least all their children had been encouraged to make as much money as they wanted, and then all that money was put into accounts for them for later, or, at least, most of it any way. When he talked to the kids, they confirmed this, so the kids were not working for their parents as well, like Geoff had had to. They were happy to hear this as well, because it was not as bad as they had feared, yet still not great. There would be changes made, of that there was no doubt. Geoff's old house had already been ordered destroyed, and they were going to find out if there were other such buildings that were far below building standards and have them rebuilt as well.

The development on the other side of the river was owned and rented out by the palace, so they controlled everything. They had no idea how it had been allowed to get so bad, so that was going to be looked into as well. The housing was all supposed to be well kept row houses with decent little yards, but there were some older houses and cottages on the outskirts, but they were all supposed to be in really good shape still. This was going to be checked out, and if new housing had to be built, then it would be done. All the reports that they had been receiving had said that everything was going beautifully, so they were thinking that maybe they should be looking into it a bit more personally from now on.

They had also found that the rent had been raised three times in the last five years, and one of the increases was rather significant, the last one, yet they knew they were not getting any more income than they had ever received. This alone pissed off the king and queen more than anything. Someone was stealing from the poor, that is exactly what it amounted to, and with several hundred houses, someone was making a great deal of money off the backs of those that the housing was designed to help. The king slipped out for a few seconds and had his head guard put out an arrest warrant for the manager of the royal rental properties. He saluted and went and took care of that instantly.

They did not say anything of this rather nasty business as of yet, they would ensure that everyone was paid back in full for the amount that had been stolen from them, the ex manager would have to pay it all back, plus interest, and if he did not have enough to cover it, he would be made to work to pay it off until it was. He would be given a small apartment and a new job, like cleaning streets and sewers, and he would have to make amends for his actions. If he did have enough money, then he would be jailed for a time, as well as paying everyone back. In this kingdom, theft is usually dealt with in just such a manner.

From there though they all went about enjoying their small dinner party. The food was served and everyone enjoyed the very delicious meal. After dessert was eaten, everyone started excusing themselves. Asher was very excited to go find Evan and tell him the good news. His parents just had to laugh. They would have been upset about their little boy leaving them, but this was an excellent opportunity for the little boy, and they knew it. They knew that palace boys got paid well and treated better, and that he would have a far better life than they could ever hope to provide, and that he would also get full schooling and everything for it too. In a way, they were jealous of their sons, but incredibly happy for them as well. This is the sort of thing that parents can only dream of for their children. They would miss their boys, of course, but they would get to visit as well, and Jared even told them that the house that he was going to get for becoming a knight, they would get to live in, and all they had to pay for was all the extras, because the house was free and had no taxes.

When the princes and their boys left, they headed to their rooms and had a good night. They gathered their little boys and had a good two hour suck and fuck fest in their new play room, all of them getting filled at least once. They were all happy and went to bed in fresh diapers and with happy smiles, and slept well.

Evan was extra excited that Asher was going to get to join him, and they went to Evan's room this time, since Asher was now an employee and not a guest, and sucked and fucked for almost three hours before passing out. They had at least diapered each other this time, and Asher had been a little sore still, so they did not fist, but they did finger and dick fuck each other.