I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy. As you might know, I don't always write fantasy. Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference. I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place? Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?

I lived for a number of years 2 blocks West of Times Square in Manhattan.  On 7th avenue there was an arcade called Playland, featured in "Midnight Cowboy".  It had been there since before the 1920's until the Disneyfication of the late nineties.   It was where men went to pick up boys.  This story is based on reality and personal observation but you should assume that it is fiction. 

by Larkin, .... jet2larkin [at] gmail [dot] com
copyright July 2011


The Prostitute

Reggie's trials:

If he looked at himself in the mirror too long, he would begin to see more than he wanted to. This was partially remedied by disguise, putting on a red ball cap and shades, by playing a invisible guitar or by showing sexual exuberance in a lewd and graceless dance.

Now he felt cool and mysterious. Pretending to be someone famous suited him. This was much better than being Reggie, a fatherless boy who lived with his mother in Astoria, Queens. Reggie, who couldn't do long division or write a simple thank you note to his Aunt for a birthday gift and now he was out of school altogether. Reggie was cautiously was moving out into the world.

In the beginning, he cut school and went to Playland in Times Square just to play the video games. Gradually he realized that there was more going on than just video games. This was a place where men and boys meet,...but for what? One boy with a slightly crossed eye, spelled it all out for him and piqued his interest by being specific about cock.

He stared into Reggie's face and said, "You got a big dick?"

They went off together. The experience in the alley off 46th street was exciting for Reggie but the next day the boy had moved on to someone else.

After that, meeting boys like himself and sometimes men that had money, made sex the hidden but primary objective. He didn't really care about money but it did give him the freedom to continue doing what he wanted. Sometimes he would go off with this man or that man even if he was unsure as to what might happen.

Reggie walked along next to a man who wore a suit. It made him feel uncomfortable. The unlikely couple walked 3 blocks downtown and 2 blocks West towards the Port Authority bus terminal. They entered the busy concourse as if they were going on a journey together. Upstairs there was a large men's room with so much comings and goings on that no one noticed or cared if a man and a young teen went into a stall together.

Reggie was still young and inexperienced so that each one of these encounters was different and often unpredictable. The man slipped both his hands under Reggie's arms encouraging him to climb up on the toilet and squat down. The anonymous man took out a large erected penis and presented it to an emotionally confused and apprehensive Reggie. There could be no doubt as to what he was supposed to do and it was re-enforced by the man's firm hand at the back of Reggie's neck. When he was pushed forward, Reggie opened his mouth and the large erected cock slid in. The man was using Reggie in an entirely selfish way. The experience was an unclear and confusing thrill that left Reggie unable or unwilling to resist. It had the intensity of a black magic. The long stiff cock was going in and out of his mouth and his eyes looked up and saw only a faceless smile.

Reggie thought, "He's the twisted one, not me."

In fact, Reggie like to think that he had been absolved of responsibility by his own inexperience, the man's selfish motives and the promise of money, at least that's what Reggie told himself... But when the stranger approached Reggie in Playland, wordlessly he understood, he knew what his role was to be and the stirring within his body compelled him. He really wanted it.

Getting fucked in the mouth filled him with perverse gratification. It re-enforced the low opinion he had of himself. It was as if a young life subjected to harsh criticism was right and justified and gratefully, he was getting what he deserved..

It went on and on, slow at first and then rapid and urgent only to slow again and repeat the lurid cycle. After awhile Reggie's jaw got tired and began to hurt. Now he was wishing it would end. A reservoir of cum was building up inside of the man and he was finally getting ready. He held Reggie's head tight and then, ... carelessly let go.

Instantly Reggie felt the sweet, slightly salty and peculiar fluid flowing into his mouth. It continued and increased in volume. Reggie knew exactly what was happening. After it was over he wasn't sure what to do so he spit down into the toilet between his legs for both to see and others to hear.

The man was shaking out his cock and Reggie was looking down at the floor. A dirty white Nike shoe invaded the stall partition from underneath and then on the other side, a black shoe appeared. These were invitations for more but both Reggie and the man abruptly departed. On the street they quickly and unceremoniously went separate ways and neither one looked back.

On the train home he felt the money in his pocket, 2 twenties. What was the money for? Was it freedom? Was a confirmation and acceptance of who he was? He preferred not to think about it.

Reggie was relieved to find that his Mother had gone over to the night shift and would not be home till morning. She was a nurse and had to be sweet and nice to everyone but by the time she got home, she was in a shitty mood. When she got home tired and pissed they would fight endlessly.

The door to his room would fly open and he would see her standing there. "I can't believe how useless you are. I work hard all day long and I have to come home to this fucking mess. Reggie, you could have at least done the vacuuming and the dishes!"

Obliterating the thought, Reggie got undressed and crawled into his bed. When he slid his underwear down to his knees, he began to slowly jerk off. It wasn't Playland that crossed his mind, it wasn't the man at the bus station, he thought about his friend Joey.

Whenever he saw Joey with his long hair, shark's tooth earring and the over-sized hoody, the recognition was instant and absolute. Joey was never afraid or nervous. He was always cool and just like a best buddies, they, would share their cigarettes, clothes or money. When Reggie didn't want to go home, he and Joey would cuddle up in his small day bed. They would jerk-off together and fall into a safe and peaceful sleep. His thoughts and feelings towards Joey wasn't at all like being in the men's room stall with a nameless stranger.

Reggie and the stranger had been drawn to each other in a chance encounter only to part and never meet again. Joey didn't pass judgment on Reggie. Joey was just as likely to respond to money offered or to the lust that sly anonymity can provoke. They knew this about each other. It was a game played by boys searching for whatever it was that was missing from their lives.

Reggie thought to himself, .."Maybe me and Joey could move in together. We could live on the Westside, just a few blocks from Playland...."

Re-written excerpts from Playland

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