The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch

Chapter 12

Problems on the Horizon

Kevin fell asleep on my shoulder and I had to carry him out of the plane. I was about to step off when I saw this tall impressive figure in the door. I heard him say inn an Australian accent say, "Ere mate, I'll take that lad from you. He looks really knackered. My name is Jono. It's nice to meet you, and thanks for giving me this chance at a better life."

I shook his hand as he took the sleeping lad. Kevin just wrapped his legs around him and was right back off to dreamland. Mike began filling me in about Jono and I'm glad I gave him the chance here. We loaded all their baggage into the Hummer and headed home.

It took about forty-five minutes to drive to the ranch. I noticed Kevin had awakened and was talking to Jono. I couldn't tell what they were saying but they were acting like long lost friends. I looked at Jay and said, "I want to do a medical exam on Kevin. We can talk with Jono during lunch and see if we think one is necessary but Kevin really needs a through going over."

Jay shook his head in agreement but said, "Remember Marco, Jono just came in from overseas and I want to give him a good checkup."

I turned off the main road onto our private drive and opened the gate. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Kevin looking around taking in the sights of the property. He saw the horses and threw himself against Jono. I may have someone who won't like riding. Kevin looked up at Jono and said, "I don't like those animals, they scare me."

Jono smiled at him ruffling his hair said, "Don't worry lad, I'll keep you safe. Nobody is going to hurt you while I'm around."

I noticed Kevin snuggle tighter against Jono as I parked the Hummer in front of the main house. By the time I had the engine cut off and was out of my door, Pop was standing on the porch with a smile on his face. He walked over and I gave him my customary hug and kiss on the cheek. Angel came around from her side and did the same thing. He then asked, "It doesn't seem either of you had any problems did you?"

I just looked at him and said, "I'll fill you in later Pop. Right now I'm hungry. 6 AM wake-up and breakfast is something I'm not used to. I'd like to introduce our newest residents. This big guy is Jono and his octopus is Kevin."

Pop started laughing and Kevin thought it was time he stood on his own two feet. He walked over to Pop, sticking out his hand and cutting me a quick glare said, "My name is Kevin and I'm not an octopus. It's nice to meet you sir."

Pop smiled and rubbing Kevin's hair said, "Ouch Marco, I guess he told you. Come on in. Lunch is already being served but Ronnie has plenty for you guys."

As soon as I got inside, I had my little welcome wagon all over me. Kevin looked up at Tito and then me and said, "Hey Marco, he's cute. Who is he?"

I set Tito on his feet and said, "Kevin, I would like you to meet my son Tito. Tito, this is Kevin." Tito and Kevin shook hands and Tito then took him by the hand and helped him get his lunch. Eduardo shouts over at him, "Hey Tito, how come you never do that for me?"

The others started laughing when Tito looks over and put his butt out to them and pats it. Kevin smiles at him as they go down the line. The rest of us go and get our lunch but before I start I make an announcement. "Everyone, I would like you all to meet our newest residents, this here is Jono and he is from Australia. The young man by my son is Kevin and he's from California. I'd like you all to meet them and introduce yourselves. After lunch, Kevin and Jono will be with Jay and me. Mike, will you get with Pop and see what the others were doing and help him. Also, have them back at the house about 3pm and you all can be on free time. Think of something everyone would like to do and well do it. Now, let's eat."

I sat down and dove into Ronnie's fried chicken. Pop looked over to me and said, "Ok Marco, what's going on." I finished my mouthful of chicken then took a big gulp of my soda and said, "Well Jono's been fighting depression most of his life but Mike thinks he's done a pretty good job of fighting it but Jono has admitted to him that he has his moments. Pop, I was thinking of you and Mike having some one on one sessions with him maybe twice a week and see if you two can help him with ideas on how he can better deal with it without using medication. I only want meds used as an absolute last resort. I realize we may get someone when meds are his last resort and then you, me and Jay will all sit down and go over his medical records."

I quickly inhaled some more food before telling him about Kevin. After another mouthful of soda I began to fill him in. "Kevin is a mess. He thinks all his knowledge is sex. He was made to pay for his things at the last place before the locked unit. He has some kind of STD. Neither Jay nor I know what it is. We're going to look at it under the microscope and also draw blood so we can have a positive diagnosis. We want this treated for good because this kid enjoys sex. I wasn't too thrilled when I learned this happened to Kevin because there may be who knows how many kids out there with an STD. I want you to call Gwen and have her find out who the person was and have her bring charges against him. We should contact the police here so that evidence can be collected and the chain of custody followed so the prick gets what's coming to him. Also, Kevin and Jono seem to have hit it off so I'm going to put them together for right now. If Kevin can learn to control his sexual urges by the time another boy his age arrives then they can be paired together."

The kids were beginning to finish their meal and go into the living room and I saw Tito, Eduardo and Kevin walking past hand in hand then smile at me. Jono stuck with the older boys as they went in too. I was just killing time until Jay was finished eating and talking with Ronnie. Ronnie looked at Kevin several times and I saw a sad look come over his face. These kids are going to trigger memories that we all thought were long since buried which means we will have to face some demons from our past.

I saw Jay and Ronnie stand up and I knew they were done. Jay gave Ronnie a kiss and walked over to me. We went into the living room and things were looking a might tight in here. Both boys looked at me and I motioned for them to come with us. Kevin came right up to me and before I knew it, he slipped his hand into mine. I looked down and he was looking up at me and had a smile that would melt the coldest heart on his face. We all got into the Hummer and went over to the clinic. Jay explained what was going to happen and why it was necessary to do so.

Once inside the clinic, we gave the boys cups for a urine sample. The next thing was the blood work. Jay and I started setting out the things we would need and when we turned around, Kevin was in Jono's lap and had his arms around his neck in a death grip. Jay decided to do Jono's blood test. I picked Kevin up and held him in my arms while Jay prepared him for the test. Kevin watched Jay insert the needle into his vein and he never flinched once. Once that was done, Jono said, "See lad, nothing to worry about. Here, you can even hop up on me lap and you'll be safe."

Kevin was hesitant because he thought Jono would hold him tight to restrain him. Then he looked up at me and said, "Marco, will you do it. I hate needles and sometimes I cry so please don't think I'm a baby."

I picked Kevin up off Jono's lap and pushed his hair out of his eyes. "Little man, there is only us in here and if you do cry, Jono's right there. The three of us will promise you we won't say anything if you should cry. You're not the only one who's cried, alright?" Kevin looked up at me and with a halfhearted smile and said, "Alright Marco, I'll try."

He saw me smile at him then he hugged me tight. I kissed him on the cheek and set him on Jono's lap. Jono wrapped his arms around the boy and hugged him against his chest. "You take my free hand and hold it. If it hurts you, you can squeeze it just as hard as you want to."

Kevin looked up at him and kissed his cheek. I had Jay come around to my left side and hold the blood tube and holder while I inserted the needle into Kevin's arm. "Ok Kevin, I'm going to wrap the big rubber band around your arm so the vein stands up. Then I'm going to use this little needle to take the blood. Is this alright?"

I already the band on his arm and as soon as he nodded his head, I wiped his arm with the alcohol pad and dried it with a dry sterile gauze. I removed the cover of the needle and Kevin saw the needle. Even though it was small, to him it was a needle nonetheless. I brought my other hand over to support his arm and made ready to insert it. I saw Kevin reach for Jono's hand and hold it like it was a lifeline.

I gently felt the vein and then looked at him letting him know not to move. I nodded my head telling him that I was proceeding and I gently inserted the needle in a quick smooth move. I saw him wince but he didn't move as the blood began to come into the thin plastic tube attached to the end of the needle. Jay pushed the tube into the holder and the blood began to flow quickly onto the tube. Jay quickly changed the tubes and we soon had all we needed. I slid the needle out and handed it to Jay. I put a gauze pad over the hole and taped it in place as Jono gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek for being so brave.

We took the boys into an exam room so we could examine them. I handed Jono two gowns and had him help Kevin while Jay and I waited outside. After about five minutes passed, I knocked on the door and Jay and I went in. Jay did the exam on Jono and I took Kevin. The first thing I did was put on another pair of rubber gloves and got a sample of the discharge so Jay and I can look at it under the microscope.

I sat on a small stool and called Kevin over to me. "Would you mind if I saw your penis again?" Kevin saw this as a chance to flirt and play a little. He reached behind him and slid the gown off his shoulders and down his arms to the floor. He looked up and smiled. "You like everything you see or is there something in particular?"

I decided to play along too. I had him turn around and I ran my finger down his spine and I felt him shudder as a chill ran over his body. He looked over his shoulder and gave me a sexy smile then I gave him a light smack on his bottom causing him to jump a little. "Hey, what was that for?"

He spun around and I smiled at him. "That's for trying to turn me on. Now step closer so I can find out what it is that jerk gave you, alight?"

As soon as he heard that, he immediately stopped playing and stepped closer and looked as I gently lifted his tool between two fingers. I gently stroked his tool and a drop of the grossest liquid I've ever seen came out of the end. It emitted a foul odor that had everyone holding their noses. I picked up a slide and got the liquid onto the middle of it and brought it into the lab. I set a slide cover on it then returned to the room. I picked Kevin up and set him on the exam table and covered his crotch with his gown. I listened to his heart, lungs, abdomen and stomach. I looked at his eyes, ears; throat then felt his tummy and abdomen to a chorus of giggles from Kevin. I had him stand and checked for a hernia but decided against feeling his prostate because of his age. I also realized he had an infection and I didn't want him to start discharging that noxious liquid.

The boys got dressed while Jay and I looked at the slide. I placed it under the microscope and looked at the sample. I wasn't exactly sure of what I was looking at. Some of it I recognized, but it wasn't exactly as I knew it. Jay then looked at it. "It looks like a mutant strain of syphilis but I'm not sure if Kevin can handle the treatment. I want Dad to see this too."

Jay called him and in about ten minutes he was there and standing with his eyes glued to the microscope. He stood up and looked at us shaking his head. "How old is this young man and how much does he weigh?"

I could tell him how old he was but I wasn't sure as to how much he weighed. I turned to go back to the exam room just as I saw the door open and out walked both boys. I motioned Kevin over to the scale. He stepped on it and I quickly weighed the lad. I rubbed the top of his head and as he stepped down. "Pop, Kevin weighs 96 pounds."

I saw him with a calculator in his hand pushing numbers like he was a scientist or something. After a few seconds he went into the refrigerator and pulled out a vial of medicine. He reached into a cabinet and took down a syringe and shoved the needle inside then withdrew some of the liquid. I knew what this was for and this was the only way we were going to be able to get him the medicine he needed to clear this thing up. I reached down and took Kevin by the hand and brought him back into the exam room. I lifted him up onto the table and he knew what was going to happen. I explained that he was going to need one shot three times a day for the next ten days. I told him he would get the rest of his shots in his room at the house. This was the part of being a doctor I hated. This stuff stung some and there wasn't anything I could do to prevent it.

I told Kevin this but he never once fought the situation. I told him that the police were coming to get a vial of the blood I took and the police in California will be arresting this guy real soon. This seemed to satisfy the little guy and he lowered his pants and lay on his stomach. I cleaned an area on his hip then proceeded to give him the first of thirty shots he would need over the next ten days. I did it as quickly as I dared and when he felt me remove the needle, he waited for me to put a small band-aid on it. I put the needle into the special container on the wall as he pulled his pants back up. When I turned around I could see him rubbing his butt fighting back the tears. This broke my heart so I picked him up and held him as the tears finally came. I carried him out to where the others were and Jono came to take Kevin but the little guy just shook his head no. Jono understood and he just smiled at him.

We were about to leave when the state police came and took custody of the vial of blood. I signed the form and the trooper turned and quickly left.

We regrouped then went outside to go over to the house when we made a horrific discovery. My vehicle was gone then I looked at Pop. "Damn, Pop. I didn't think anyone would bother the Hummer here. There are things we need in there too. Can you bring us over to my place so I can call the police?"

Pop just nodded and we got into his vehicle and headed to the house. As we came around the corner, I caught sight of the open tailgate. Suddenly it dawned on me that Mike decided to help our new residents. I looked over at Pop again and saw a smirk on his face that told me he gave Mike permission to use the Hummer.

Pop pulled up to the house and Kevin, Jono and I got out of the vehicle. I walked up to the passenger window and gave Jay a kiss on the lips. I let go of the lip lock and said, "Thanks for the help this afternoon. We'll see you later, maybe at the pool maybe not but definitely for dinner."

Jay smiled at me as Pop drove off and I took the boys inside their new home. I could see Kevin looking around taking in all the sights. As soon was we walked in I heard the sounds of my brood upstairs. They were all laughing so I decided to just follow my ears and I was certain I would see the crew.

We started climbing the stairs and I felt a little hand slip into mine. I looked down to Kevin and said, "Don't worry little man I'm not leaving you, I'm the house parent and Tito lives here too."

Kevin just smiled at me as we entered the second floor residents. Kevin and I entered first followed by Jono and the big lad had to think quickly or else Tito would have run head first into him. Jono just stopped dead in his tracks as Tito came whizzing in a blur and proceeded to run right into my butt. I turned and looked just as my son was flying backwards into Jono's hands. Jono held him under the arms as Tito shook his head and said, "Man, now I know what a pinball feels like. I don't think I'd like to do it again."

I looked at my dizzy son and said, "Where are the others?"

His eyes finally settled down and he said, "Mike's got everyone across the hall from my room." He looked at the new residents and continued saying, "Come on Kevin, I'll show you were to go. Thanks for the helping hands Jono, follow me."

When we walked in, the beds were made and clean towels were laid on the beds along with the luggage. Jordan walked over and formally said hi to Jono and Kevin with a handshake and a hug. Kevin shuffled over to the bed and opened his suitcase and took out what few things he had. Tito came over and helped him as the trio helped Jono. Mike slipped over beside me and we stepped into the hall for a quick chat. "We looked through his things and he only has two tee shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of underpants and socks. We got him six pair of jeans in his current size and three pair in the next size. We did like wise with the other things. It's a shame he hasn't got the simple basics in clothes. I hope he likes what we got him."

I gave him a hug as we stepped into the door as Kevin looked at the other bag lying on his bed. Tito looked at the tag and showed it to Kevin. He didn't know what to do so he opened it and when he saw everything we got for him, he ran right towards me. I picked him up as he cried "Why Marco? My stuff is ok? I don't have any money to pay for all this."

I wiped the tears off of his cheeks. "I know what you have is alright but you have to admit, you don't have very much and we do laundry once a week. You'd need what you have every other day and when school starts, that isn't going to be practical."

Tim came over and gave Tito a hand hanging up his pants and they started working on his shirts when I set Kevin down so he could look at them while they were going into his drawers. With Jono's things put away everyone pitched in and helped Kevin finish putting his things away. Tito reached into the suitcase and holding up a pair of light blue Speedos. "Hey Kevin, I bet you'll look good in these?"

I looked at Kevin as he turned several shades of red and said, "Boys, everyone get your swimming trunks on and we're going over to the main house for a free swim until dinner. Bring your clothes with you so you can change before you eat. Come on downstairs when you're done."

Tito and I went downstairs and he changed while I put Kevin's medicine in the fridge in my room. I went to use the bathroom and wait for the boys to come down. It didn't take log either. I came out of my room and there was Kevin in his new swimming attire. Once again, he came over with his arms out so I picked him up and got another hug.

The boys had a fun afternoon of swimming and I was able to sit and relax and do my intake paperwork on our newest residents. I was working on my papers watching the boys swim when Pop came out and set a cold beer in front of me. I never refuse a cold one on a hot afternoon. By the time my beer can was empty my paperwork was finished. I went over to the chase lounge and relaxed until time for dinner.

Ronnie fixed another fine dinner and our new residents proved they could put the food away with the best of them. I decided that I would get my boys back to the house early so they could have their showers and relax with some quiet family time in front of the television.

At nine I took Kevin into my room and prepared to give him his second injection of antibiotics. I drew the injection and when I turned around, Kevin was on his stomach with his underwear down. I walked around to the side of the bed and Kevin looked at me. I set the syringe on the nightstand and slid him onto my lap. I pulled his underpants up and just held him close for a few minutes. I don't like doing this. I hate seeing this kind of disease in a child. I was about to set him back onto the bed when Kevin said, "Why are you crying Marco?" I just looked at him. "Kevin, I hate having to give you these shots. I know they hurt."

Kevin really surprised me when he kissed me. "It's ok Marco. I need the medicine to get rid of this and as for the pain; I know the guy who did this is going to suffer more pain than I am. Can I sit with you when we get this over?"

I nodded my head yes and reached for the syringe. I gave him his shot for the night and we went back into the living room for a little more television before lights out. About ten, the trio and Jono were about out and Kevin was as well. I stood with the little guy and motioned for the others to come on and get ready for bed. I took Kevin to his room and put him in his bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I was about to leave when Jono came in and I hugged him and I was surprised when he gave me a kiss first. I tucked him in and turned the light out. I left the door cracked open so Kevin wouldn't get scared if he woke and it was completely dark in his room. I kissed the trio good night then went back downstairs. I passed Mike coming up so we exchanged hugs and kisses on our way to bed.

Over the next two weeks Kevin's infection cleared up totally and a microscopic look at his seminal fluid confirmed that he was totally infection free. Later that day, we were waiting on the little guy and Jono told me he had to use the bathroom. I was beginning to think he either fell in or something was wrong, so I went to see if he was alright. I stopped at the door to their bathroom and quietly knocked. I didn't hear anything and when I opened the door, I quickly saw why. He was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. His chest, stomach and groin were covered in his boy juice so I wet a washcloth and handed it to him and went back downstairs while he cleaned himself. I couldn't really be angry with him because I told him he couldn't do anything until I said it was alright to.

Also during this time Mike was working with Jono so he could get his learners permit to drive. He did very well learning the laws but watching him drive here around the ranch was something else all together. I was on my bike and he left the house but then pulled into the left lane and was coming at me head on. It's a good thing there is grass on the side of the road because he didn't see me until he was right on top of me. Jono stopped beside me as Mike was white as a ghost and I was as green as the grass. I looked at him and said, "In the US, we drive on the right side of the road." Jono just giggled and said "Oh? I'll remember that."

Once he learned which side of the road to drive on, he did very well and passed his road test with a near perfect score. It was nice to have another licensed driver around here because we were finding that we needed to go into town for one reason or another.

A few weeks after Jono got his license, Ronnie needed some supplies that the provision company was out of but had come in that morning. They couldn't get it to him before his next regularly scheduled delivery but they said we could pick it up ourselves if we really needed it. Ronnie told them he would have someone come for it as soon as he could.

Ronnie fixed lunch and talked to me about going into town but I had to update some files in the administration building and I couldn't get away. Jay had to do a consultation and Pop was having a session with Kevin and Mike was assisting him. We decided to let Jono run into town and pick up the supplies.

After lunch, Ronnie gave Jono the list of everything that he was supposed to pick up and all he had to do was just sign for it. They would bill us at the end of the month.

Jono looked it over and said, "Ok Ronnie, I can take care of this. I should be back in about 2 hours."

He gave Jono his cell phone and showed him where the speed dial number was for the ranch in case he had any problems what so ever. He told Jono, "Don't worry if you have to call. If you have any problems, you call." Jono nodded his head and went out to Pop's Hummer and headed off to town.

It took Jono about forty-five minutes to get to the provision company. Jono looked at the guy in the office and said, "I'm here to pick up an order for the Sanchez Foundation."

The guy looked in his orders for the day and said, "Yes sir. It's out back and if you'll drive around back, someone will help you load it into your vehicle." Jono went out to the Hummer and went around to the loading area and backed up so he could get Ronnie's things and get home.

No sooner was Jono parked; when a big burley guy was there with a small pallet of supplies. Jono opened the tailgate and crawled into the back to lower the back seats to give him extra room. When Jono had the seats down, he slid back out and the guy was down on the ground ready to pas him the supplies so he could load them into the vehicle. Between the two of them, the vehicle was quickly loaded and Jono was about to close the tailgate when he felt a searing pain on the back of his head and the lights slowly were beginning to go out.

I finished my paperwork and went over to the main house for something cold to drink. I pulled up in front of the house just as Jay was getting back. I waited for him and we exchanged our usual hugs then went in to see Ronnie. I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of sodas and handed one to Jay. Ronnie came out of the kitchen and I asked him, "What time did Jono get out of here?"

Ronnie hugged us then said, "It was somewhere around two. I expect him any time."

No sooner had Ronnie said that than the phone rang. I walked into the office and noticed Ronnie's cell number on the caller ID. I answered the phone and the voice on the other end said, "Marco, this in Jono. I've been hurt. I need you please come here."

I swallowed hard and said, "Where are you son? Have you been in an accident?"

Jono said, "No sir. I'm still here. I don't know how it happened Marco."

To be continued