The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 13

Terror Strikes

I finished my paperwork and went over to the main house for something cold to drink. I pulled up in front of the house just as Jay was getting back. I waited for him and we exchanged our usual hugs then went in to see Ronnie. I went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of sodas and handed one to Jay. Ronnie came out of the kitchen and I asked him, "What time did Jono get out of here?"

Ronnie hugged us then said, "It was somewhere around two. I expect him any time."

No sooner had Ronnie said that than the phone rang. I walked into the office and noticed Ronnie's cell number on the caller ID. I answered the phone and the voice on the other end said, "Marco, this in Jono. I've been hurt. I need you please come here."

I swallowed hard and said, "Where are you son? Have you been in an accident?"

Jono said, "No sir. I'm still here. I don't know how it happened Marco."

I could hear panic in Jono's voice and I said, "Son, take a deep breathe and tell me what happened." At that point I heard Jono lose it and then I knew something bad happened. "Marco, he…he…he… raped me."

I told Jono, "It's going to be alright son. Stay there we're on our way and I'm calling the police." We hung up and I ran out of the office just as Pop walked in. I grabbed Jay by the hand then said to Pop, "Come on. Jono's been raped. We gotta go now." He turned and we went to the Hummer and we left to go to Jono. Pop called the police and informed them what happened and he requested that an ambulance be sent there but not to transport until we arrived. Pop said his physician was in route and would be there in about fifteen minutes.

I must have broken every speed law in the county to get to Jono. The police were already there and talking to him. Pop got out and introduced himself to the officers and said that we were both doctors who worked at the ranch.

The officer told Pop that Jono had told him that someone who worked here had done this so he had contacted the owner and the manager and they were both on their way in so they could get the name of the employee based on Jono's description.

Jay was looking at Jono and when I went over; I notice he was covered with a blanket. The ambulance arrived then they began carefully removing Jono's clothes item by item and the officer bagged them. They covered him with one of their blankets and the officer's blanket went into evidence too.

The medics gently transferred Jono to a stretcher and put him in the back of the ambulance. I looked at Jay and he said, "Go Marco. He needs you now. I'll be right behind you."

Pop stayed with the other Hummer so he could bring it back. I got into the ambulance and we headed to the hospital. I sat by Jono's head and began to stroke his hair as his tears began to fall. The paramedic checked his vital signs and he let me move to his side then took his hand. "Jono, you're going to be alright. I promise you the person who did this will be punished for what he did."

Jono was becoming incoherent and said, "Why Marco? Why did he do this to me? I don't know him, Why Marco why?"

I called the paramedic over and showed him my medical license and asked him for five milligrams of Valium to calm him down a little. I gave Jono the shot and in about ten minutes he was resting.

The medics were unloading Jono as I saw Jay pull into the parking lot. He ran over to the stretcher and we all went into the emergency room. Jay stayed with the sleeping youth as I went and registered him so he could be treated.

I saw where they had taken him and the medics were just coming out. I asked, "What room did you bring him to?"

The paramedic looked at me and said, "He's in room two, doctor. I hope they get the bastard who did that to him. He's a handsome young man and no one deserves what he went through. I hope he's all right. Take care."

I shook his hand and went into the treatment area and looked for room two. I walked by several curtained treatment areas then came to a hall with exam rooms. I found room two when a nurse asked, "Sir, may I help you please."

She continued walking towards me so I waited until she got to me before speaking. I pushed the door open and went inside saying, "Yes you can nurse. I'm Dr. Marco Cortez and this is my associate Dr. Jay Sanchez. This is one of our residents and he's been raped. Is the physician on duty coming?"

The nurse looked surprised. "Did he come in by ambulance?" she asked. "Doctors, I apologize. I have told the ambulance crews repeatedly to see the charge nurse when they bring a patient in. Frankly I don't know what I'm going to do?"

Jay turned around and said, "I've seen patients here before and I know what you mean. Here is what should solve the problem. Write a memo addressing everything you have said to me then mail it to the director of every ambulance service who transports patients here. I know they won't tolerate that kind of shoddy professionalism."

The nurse smiled and said she would get his chart and have the doctor here right away. I walked over and looked at Jono who was beginning to come around from the effects of the mild sedative I had given him.

He saw me standing there and once again he began to cry. I sat on the edge of the bed and he sat up and fell into my open arms. He was saying over and over, "I'm sorry Marco. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me."

He head was against my shoulder and I started rubbing the back of his head trying to calm him down. I had to fight back the tears because I was wondering what kind of animal; I couldn't think of him as a person, could do such a vile and hideous thing to another person. In my most soothing voice I said, "I don't hate you son. It wasn't your fault and you did nothing wrong."

His breathing was beginning to pick up and soon was gasping for breath. I looked around for a paper bag so I could have him breath into it to reverse the effects of his hyperventilating. Jay found a plastic one so I made do with what I had. I wrapped my hand around the bag then held it up to his nose and mouth then said, "Listen to me Jono, I want you to take slow deep breaths into the bag."

After about three minutes, his breathing returned to normal and once again he laid his head on my shoulder. He gently sat up and looked at me then said, "How can I face them back home Marco. They'll think I mucked things up, especially Kevin."

Jono has his head down looking towards the floor. I took my finger and gently lifted his chin up and had him look me in the eyes. I kissed his forehead then said, "No they won't son. They will be concerned about you and your well being. I've watched you guys and over the past weeks, you've all become close friends who look out for one another."

Jono looked at me and said, "Well yeah, we live together like a family so why shouldn't we do that? Marco, I hurt really bad."

Jono no sooner got those words out when the door opened and the ER doctor came in. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed holding Jono when he said, "I'm sorry for the wait. I'm Dr. Finch one of the Emergency Room physicians and this must be Jono."

I helped Jono back down as the doctor came over and shook his hand. Jono nodded his head and I said, "Yes it is. I'm Dr. Marco Cortez and that is Dr.Jay Sanchez."

The doctor shook our hands and said, "Dr. Sanchez it's a pleasure. I've seen your work and you're a gifted surgeon. I've read Jono's chart and Jono I'm truly sorry about what happened. I'm going to do my very best not to cause you any more pain than you've gone through. In a few minutes I am going to need to look at your rectum to be certain you haven't been torn. I know you're comfortable with these doctors here so I wouldn't think of asking them to leave. Do you have any questions?"

I saw him look at me, then to Jay and finally back to Dr. Finch. "Yes sir, my gut hurts."

Dr. Finch looked at Jay and said, "Before we go any further, I need to swab his rectum for the rape kit. Then I'm going to need your help. Jono, one of us is going to have to examine your rectum. It's up to you son."

Jono just looked down to the end of the gurney and said, "Jay I trust you."

Dr. Finch put on a pair of gloves while Jay set his feet up in the stirrups. I leaned down by Jono's ear and said, "You'll feel something a little weird back there then slide inside. Just relax and push down a little, alright?"

Dr. Finch raised the sheet and took the swab out of the sterile container. He told Jono, "Ok son, bear down now."

Jono did as he was told and the doctor inserted the swab inside to collect a sample of the rapist's semen. After he removed the swab, Jay put on a pair of gloves and stood in between Jono's legs. Dr. Finch went up to Jono's abdomen and said, "Jono, I need you to place two fingers on the spot it hurts the most."

I knew what they were looking for. Jono's pain and where he pointed led us to think that his rectum may have been perforated.

Jay put some lube on his finger then gently smeared it on his rectum. Dr. Finch gently pressed down and Jay slid his finger all the way inside as Jono screamed, "Oh God Marco it hurts. Please make them stop."

Jay gently removed his finger as I comforted the hysterical boy. Finch walked over to Jay and asked, "Did you feel a tear?"

Jay shook his head no but said, "I felt a tender area there and this tells me a hell of a lot of force was used. Could you give him 50 mgs of Demerol IM for his pain?"

He picked up Jono's chart and wrote the order and went back out to the department. I sat back on the side of the gurney and just held his hand. I looked down at him and said, "I'm sorry that hurt son. The good news is nothing is torn inside but the bad news is a small portion of your rectum is bruised. What this means is that for a while it's going to hurt when you move your bowels."

I was about to explain more when a nurse came in with a syringe in her hand. I stood up and moved out of the way as she said, "Hi Jono, I have a shot here and it's going to make you feel a little better but I need to draw some blood from your arm first."

Jono held out his arm so the nurse could draw his blood. Then I eased Jono onto his side and said, "Son, please listen to me. You need to stay relaxed. This medicine hurts and there is nothing she or I can do. The more you stay relaxed, the less it's going to hurt, alright?"

No sooner than Jono nodded his head, the nurse stuck him with the needle. Jono let out another scream as the medicine went into his hip. My hand was getting a real workout today. I'd let him hold it and anytime something hurt, he could squeeze it. I was wondering if it was going to have to be x-rayed to check for fractures. I sat with him until the medicine started to take effect. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Jay took this opportunity to call Pop and fill him in on Jono and as he was doing this I saw the police officer who was at the provision warehouse. I walked up to him and we shook hands then I filled him in on Jono's condition. I then asked the officer, "Did the manager give you a name based on the information you received?"

The officer said, "The manager said he had several day laborers that could fit the description. I have the names he gave me and I'll take them back to the office and run them. As soon as we have a person in custody, a detective will be in touch."

I wasn't happy that someone hadn't been arrested immediately but I just hoped it wouldn't be to long of a dragged out process. I was about to go back in to check on Jono when Dr. Finch met me and I signed his discharge papers. He handed me a prescription for pain medication and I put that into my pocket. Jay came up beside me and we shook Dr. Finch's hand. We entered the room and I went over to see if Jono was awake. His eyes were open but they had a light glaze to them. I was about to ask Jay to get a wheelchair when the door opened and the head nurse came in pushing one.

We helped him into the chair while Jay went to get the Hummer. I knelt beside him and said, "How do you feel son?"

Jono took my hand and said, "I'm alright for now. Can we just go home? I want to lie down."

I smiled at him as I stood then pushed him out of the room. We went outside just as Jay pulled up. He helped me get Jono into the back and I went around and slid in beside him. Jay closed the door as I got our wounded resident comfortable. Jono stretched out then rested his head on my lap. I stroked his head a few times then looked down at him and noticed he was fast asleep. I just stroked his cheek as Jay got us back to the ranch. I looked at my watch and saw that dinner was being served so I called to be sure there would be something for us to eat.

Ronnie answered and said there was food for the three of us being kept warm in the oven. I thanked him and said we would be going straight to the house so we could get Jono into bed. Jay opened the gate and turned onto the drive and took a different way to my house so the boys wouldn't come running until I had Jono settled.

As Jay pulled into the driveway I gently woke Jono. He opened his eyes and had somewhat of a glassy look to them. I handed Jay my keys and he went and opened the front door. I had Jono sitting up when Jay opened his door. Jono was able to slide to the edge of the seat and Jay held him until I could get around to his other side. Between the two of us we were able to ambulate into the house and into my room.

I turned the covers down and Jay sat him on the side of the bed. I had a special bed chair pillow and it on his bed and he was able to sit up. By the time he was in bed, he was more coherent and was able to talk some when I asked him if he had some pajamas?

He said he has a pair in his dresser and I went and got them while Jay got him undressed. I got back with his jammies just as Jay slid the hospital gown off him. We got his bottoms up and he resettled back in the bed then he leaned over, put his head on my shoulder and broke down crying, "Why, damn it. What the hell did I do to him?" cried Jono. "It's not fair. Tell me guys, why did it happen?"

I held him in my arms for about ten minutes while he cried himself out totally. I tried to set him up but he just wanted to stay in my arms. After another ten minutes he was like dead weight against me so I knew he was asleep. I took the bed chair off the bed and laid him down and let him sleep. I turned a night light on and left the door cracked open. I set a baby monitor up in case he woke up and I wasn't near the room.

I felt my stomach growl and when I looked at the clock, it read seven-thirty. I went out into the living room to look for Jay but I didn't see him. I waited for a minute or two in case he was in the bathroom but that wasn't the case. I walked down the hall and headed for the kitchen and I saw a light on which told me I also found my brother.

Jay had the food out of the oven by the time I walked in. I saw Ronnie had sent over enough food for five rather than three and it was a good thing as we were both very hungry. We fixed our plates and went to the dining room to eat. I heard Jono begin to stir so I went to see if he was getting hungry. He nodded his head and he pushed himself into a somewhat upright position. I got the bed chair for him and set it behind his back then went to fix him a plate. While I was doing this, Jay set up two television trays in the bedroom so we could all have dinner together. I didn't give him that big a portion considering I didn't know if the Demerol would suppress his appetite or not. I sat down and started eating again. It hadn't seemed all that long when Jono was looking over at me. I saw his plate empty and asked, "Are you still hungry?"

Jono just nodded his head and this time Jay got up and brought him more to eat. No sooner had everything been cleaned up and put away when the front door opened and in came the rest of my crew. Kevin came running over to me and said, "Marco, what happened? Is Jono alright? Can I see him?"

I knew all the boys would want to see Jono so I let Mike supervise and let the boys go in two at a time to see him. I had Jordan go with Kevin so Tito could interpret for Mike and Tim.

The boys saw that Jono was tired so they kept their visit short and before leaving; they each gave him a hug and kiss. Jay and I were relaxing when Kevin jumped up on my lap and asked me again "Marco, please tell us what happened to Jono. We're big boys and we care about him."

I looked to Jay for support and he nodded his head saying, "I think it might be best to have a group meeting and get this out."

I wasn't sure how to explain this to them but all the boys here were sexually active except Tito. I had Mike take them down to the dining room so we could all be together. I walked with Jay hoping we could think of a way we could explain this to them so they would understand.

I decided I would let Jay do the talking so I could handle any tears that should start to fall. I sat down and just as I did, I had Kevin in my lap.

Jay stood and began to speak saying, "I know all of you are concerned about Jono and want to know what happened to him. The first thing I want to tell you, is what I told Jono and that was this wasn't his fault. Jono did absolutely nothing wrong for this to have happened."

As soon as Jay said that, Kevin jumped off my lap and ran towards the stairs. I slowly took my time going up to Kevin's room. When I got there, I opened the door and saw him curled up in a ball on Jono's bed.

I sat down beside him and put my hand on his back and he went to move it until he saw who was sitting beside him. He reached his arms out for me to lift him onto my lap and through tearful sobs said, "Someone raped him, didn't they? Why Marco? Who could do that to him? He's one of the nicest people I've ever known."

I held him for a few more minutes as his tears slowly began to subside. I moved his hair out of his eyes then kissed his forehead. "I don't know why he did that. Rape is a crime of violence. The police will find who did this to Jono and he will be punished."

While I was talking to him, he turned around and was looking into my eyes. It was almost as if he was trying to see if I was telling him the truth. "I hope Jono's going to be alright," he said with a newfound gleam in his eyes. "Can I sleep downstairs with Tito tonight so I can be near Jono?"

He hugged me and kissed my cheek as I asked him, "Are you ready to go back down with the others. As for sleeping with Tito, I was going to have him sleep up here with you so Jay could sleep downstairs in case something happens and I need his help."

He nodded his head and we were on our way to rejoin the others. When we went back into the dining room Jay was telling the others that Jono would have good days and bad ones. He said, "The best thing you can do is support him, love him and when he's having a bad day to give him his space. He may also want to talk with you one on one. I know you may not know what to say but just listening to him will do him a world of good."

After Jay finished speaking to them, he answered questions and even asked some of his own making them think. It was getting late and I told the boys to get their showers and they can come down to watch television and have a snack. I told Tito he could take his shower with the others and that he was going to be bunking with Kevin for the night.

I checked on Jono and he was sleeping soundly. Jay and I took the time to discuss the possibilities whether or not to sedate Jono should he wake to a nightmare and become violent. I related to Jay I had handled people with nightmares before and sedating them was not the best course of action unless they were a threat to cause harm to themselves or others.

I returned from the kitchen with a cold drink when Jono started screaming from what sounded like a nightmare. Jay and I went into the room and I sat beside him and waited for him to wake from it. Jono started thrashing wildly and Jay went to get a sedative from his bag just in case. His thrashing became wilder and I was afraid he was going to injure himself so I went to passively restrain him. All of sudden he rolled and extended his arms and sent me flying back against the wall.

Jay was about to move and give Jono the sedative when I reacted and shouted, "No, Jay. Don't!" I crawled onto my knees and I saw Jono sitting up and he was now awake. Jay came around and helped me to my feet when Jono said, "What happened?"

"You had one hell of a nightmare," I replied walking back over to the side of the bed and sat down. "Do you remember anything?"

I started to see tears well up in his eyes again so I handed him some tissues from the nightstand. He took a few and wiped his eyes then said, "I was reliving that fucking thing all over again Marco. How long is this going to go on and have they caught that bastard yet?"

"I don't know," I said scooting closer. "It's late so we may not hear anything until morning. As to how long the nightmares will continue; that I don't know. I think it might help if you talked with Pop. He and Mike are working with Kevin, so what do you think?"

"If it will help stop these nightmares I'll talk to a monkey," Jono said sarcastically. "I have to use the bathroom Marco."

I stood up and then got Jono sitting upright with his feet on the floor. He sat like that for a few minutes then I got him to his feet. I needed to see if he was steady or if he was going to need assistance. He seemed steady on his feet so I decided to let him go by himself. He started walking towards the bathroom when I asked, "Do you have to pee?" "No Marco," Jono answered back. "I have to take a dump."

I turned around and walked over to him saying, "Son, do you remember what the doctor in the ER said?" "I think I'll wait," Jono said turning around. "I really don't have to go that bad any way." "Not so fast kiddo," I said putting my hand on his chest. "The longer you wait the harder it's going to be from waiting and it's going to hurt all that much more." "Alright Marco," Jono said slightly hanging his head. "Can I have one of my pills or something before I go?"

"Alright but I want you to take it now then go to the bathroom," I said turning to get the bottle of pills. "It’s going to take about thirty minutes or so before it starts to work."

I brought him a glass of water along with the pill and he quickly swallowed it. He turned and went into the bathroom as if he were going to the gallows. Shortly after he went in I heard him scream. Jay went in to see if he was alright and stayed with him until he was done.

While Jay was in with Jono, the others had finished their showers and were ready to relax and watch some television. Kevin and Tito were the last to come downstairs and Kevin passed my bedroom door just as Jay was helping a crying Jono back to bed. Kevin bolted inside to see his new friend and was about to jump on the bed when he remembered his friend was very sore.

I walked in and said, "How bad is he bleeding bro?" Jay motioned for me to come around and said, "He didn't bleed a huge amount but this is going to take a while to heal before he will be pain free."

We got him comfortable and in bed then Kevin wanted to spend some time with Jono. I told Kevin it was alright but not to shake the bed. The rest of the evening went quietly and we were all in bed by ten thirty. I carried Kevin upstairs and laid him in his bed and Tito curled up with his new friend and they drifted off to sleep.

Jono slept pretty well and didn't have another nightmare. I heard him stir and it woke me right away. I saw him get out of bed and go into the bathroom. I heard him empty his bladder then return to the bed. I noticed him just lying there like he was a million miles from here. I looked over at him and said, "Penny for your thoughts, son."

He sighed and said, "Just laying here thinking and wondering when the cops are going to catch the guy who did this. I don't really feel like doing anything today Marco."

I looked at the clock and it read six thirty. I rolled back over to face him then said, "Son, lying in bed isn't going to have the police catch the guy any faster. I know you're sore back there and it hurts like hell to take a dump. That pain will go away in about a week or so. The other pain your feeling will go away to but that's going to take longer to ease. I want you to talk with Pop and maybe Mike, if he says it's alight, to talk this out, alright? If so, let's get dressed because I need some coffee."

He nodded his head and we got up and I gave Jono my robe so he could get his clothes. Jono went up to his room and got dressed then came back downstairs to join me for a cup of coffee. I looked at my watch and it was now time to get the others up for breakfast so back upstairs we went. I went to get the trio up for breakfast and when I got past the closets I saw them awake and having a little morning fun. Jordan saw me, which was enough because I knew he'd have the other two ready also. Jono woke the mass of arms and legs known as Kevin and Tito then went to wake Mike.

Mike was already up and dressed when Jono arrived. When Mike came out of the bathroom he almost walked into Jono standing there. Jono looked down at him and said, "Why Mike? Why? What did I do to deserve this?"

"Jono you did nothing wrong," Mike said starting to brush his hair. "You could have been nude with a raging boner and he still didn't have the right to do what he did."

Mike and Jono came downstairs and I heard Mike tell Jono that rape had nothing to do with sex. Rape is an act of violence and power. I had to give it to Mike; he kept his feelings out of his voice and stayed professional.

I finished my coffee and went into the living room and sat down to wait for the other boys to come down so we could go to the main house for breakfast. I was thinking to myself that if the police don't make an arrest this kid won't be able to begin the mental healing process.

Jay was herding a few stragglers towards the front door and to the Hummer so we could get over to the main house. It was a little cramped because of Jay but thank God it was a short drive. We all got out and I went right for another cup of coffee.

I took a sip of it when my bladder reminded me I needed to let out the first two cups I had before coming here. Just as I flushed the toilet I heard the phone ring. I hurried down the hall to the office. When I got to the door, I saw Pop talking to someone in an intense conversation. He stayed on the phone for about five minutes.

"Well what was that all about," I said as if I was a little kid again. "Come on Pop, was that the police?"

He smiled at me then went into the living room where the boys were watching the television. Pop sat beside Jono and said, "I got something to tell you son."

 "Ok Pop what is it?" Jono said not trying to get his hopes up.

 "That was the police on the phone," Pop said looking right at him. "They made an arrest and after breakfast we need to have you pick him out of a line up. I don't want you to worry because they can't see you,"

"No problem Pop," Jono said with some confidence in his voice. "I want this guy off the street and don't worry, I'll be alright."

After breakfast, Jay and I took Jono to the police station so he could view the lineup. The whole process took about fifteen minutes. Jono picked out the man who he said raped him and the police thanked him for coming down. When we returned from the station, Pop and Mike were waiting for us. Jono went into the office and they closed the door.

A couple of hours later the District Attorney called telling us that there may not be a need for a trial. The person who did this has two prior convictions for violent crimes and this one would be his third strike. DNA evidence linked him to this crime so the man took a plea and kept Jono from having to testify. When Jono heard that news, he was very happy that he wasn't going to have to testify. Here was his chance to start living again.

To be continued