The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 15

Back to the O.R.

We all got up and headed for the dining room as I looked at Pop and said, "I think I'd like to give Alexis a call in the morning and see if I can schedule a time where Jay and I can examine Emilio and see if there is anything we can do for him surgically. Either way though, he is coming here as a resident because there isn't any place willing to accept him."

Pop smiled at the three of us and said, "I thought you would all feel that way. In case you're wondering, I'm letting you guys make more of the decisions as to who comes here and who doesn't. I'm planning on taking a less active role here because I'm going to be looking at other areas where the foundation can be of assistance. This will mean I'll be travelling more so my time here will be limited. I have had three requests for assistance and I want to see if they meet the criteria. After that is done, I'm planning on going back into full time retirement. I want to watch these boys grow and become good young men."

We went over to a table and sat down and Steven brought us all some sodas joining us. He smiled at us and said, "It looks like you have a few new couples here."

I looked at him and said, "Yes little brother and your son is part of one."

"I know," Steven said. "But your son is looking rather lonely and dejected. It looks like he's come in late on maybe finding a boyfriend for himself."

I was surprised at Steven's observation. Tito never expressed an interest in any of the guys other than just being friends. This was a new revelation and one that I would have to be more aware of in the future. Tito may be getting ready to enter puberty soon so I will need to be there if and when he has questions.

We talked about nothing of any major importance until we heard the phone ring. I walked into the office and Gwen was on the other end. She was asking to speak to Pop so I went and got him so they could talk. I handed him the phone and on my way out, I closed the door allowing him privacy.

Mike looked at me and said, "Who is that?" I looked back at the office and said, "It's Gwen. There was something in her voice that told me it was both important and private so I thought it best to close the door."

Jay finished his soda and said, "Do you think she, BURP. . ." We all broke out into boisterous laugh and Steven said, "Looks like you still have the record in how to be crass."

Jay laughed at his brother and said, "Bite me. As I was saying before, do you think she may have another resident for us?"

"Yes she does," Pop said coming out of the office. "Last night a boy about 10 was sitting in the parking lot of her apartment complex and she knew he didn't belong to anyone there. This was the last thing she needed because her superiors were giving her a hard time over her constant investigating of foster parents. She talked with the boy and learned his name was Tommy. He said his parents tossed him out when they found a gay story in his things. She took the boy into her apartment and called the social worker on call for the evening but she refused to come out. She let the boy stay with her that night and notified the police he was with her and had them check to see if there was a missing child report on him."

Pop stopped talking and took several drinks of his soda so he could moisten his throat. After a few minutes he continued saying, "She didn't get any calls on the boy during the evening so she took him into the office with her. Without much to go on, all she could do was seek an emergency parental rights termination order and get Tommy placed with a long-term family. As soon as she came in, her superiors jumped her again. Gwen quickly filled out the necessary paperwork for terminating parental rights and getting Tommy transferred to The Ranch. In court, the judge signed both orders and that's why she called me. She worked out a time so we can pick Tommy up and bring him here. She also told me that she was totally fed up with her supervisors getting on her for doing her job properly. She is going to resign her position as soon as she gets back into the office."

Pop stopped again and took some more of his soda. None of us had said anything while he was talking as this was really holding our interest. Pop looked at us saying, "When Gwen said she was resigning, I wanted her experience, knowledge and compassion working for us so I've offered her a position here. Mike, you will have a supervisor now and she will be able to teach you a lot that will help you in college. I'm also going to utilize her ability with kids and make her a house parent. Marco, your house is almost full so I'm going to need another soon. Ronnie has hired a chef for the main house and he has another ready to start. It looks like we are really beginning to grow."

I looked at Pop and asked, "When are you going to get them? Jay is going to call Alex and schedule a time we can meet with her and examine Emilio so maybe it can all be done at once. What do you know about Tommy? Did Gwen tell you anything about him other than he was about 10 years old?"

Pop shook his head and said, "No Son she didn't, other than she really wanted to get him here."

Steven spoke up and said, "Pop, Angel is coming back from Seattle. Can't she detour into Los Angeles and get Gwen and Tommy on their way back?"

Pop went over to Steven and kissed him on the cheek like he was 10 again and said, "Man I forgot all about that. They haven't left yet so they should be able to change their flight plan. Thanks Son, I'm glad you remembered."

I said looking at Jay, "I'm glad we got the room cleaned up now. Kevin is going to be having a roommate tonight."

Just then Eduardo came in and went over to Jay asking, "Dad, can I spend the night with Kevin? Last night you said he was busy and couldn't be disturbed but he said he's free tonight. Uncle Marco, is Kevin free tonight?"

Jay and I looked at each other and we both thought about Tommy coming in tonight. I nodded my head to Jay telling him it was all right with me. Jay smiled and said, "Sure Son, it's alright. Just be aware that you might have Tito in the other bed. We have a new resident arriving tonight and he may not feel comfortable sleeping with someone."

"Sure Dad," Eduardo said smiling. "Tito can use the other bed. I mean that won't be a problem. He's welcome with us."

Jay hugged his son as Steven said, "I think you may have a guest tonight also."

Jay raised his eyebrows and said "Don't tell me, Stevie wants to stay, does he?" Steven just smiled and nodded his head.

I looked up and saw Pop coming out of the office with a smile on his face. I was pretty sure he got through to Angel and she will be making a detour to LA on her way back. I looked at my watch and it was now three-thirty in the afternoon. I figured everyone wouldn't be here much before eight-thirty or nine so I wanted to have my crew bathed so I could greet Tommy when he arrived. Gwen would probably be using the guest room at the main house and that would please Pop. I've never seen him light up like this before but if he is happy, that's all that matters. I went into the kitchen and spoke with Ronnie so that extra food could be made for our arrivals.

Jay went into the office and called Alexis to schedule an appointment to interview and examine Emilio. They agreed that we would be there by eleven and we could have lunch together before returning home.

We were sitting around the table talking about Tommy and Emilio when 8 rowdy boys began arguing about what they wanted to watch on the television. Jay and I looked at each other when suddenly there was a loud crash on the floor. Pop came out of the office and Ronnie out of the kitchen to see what happened. Four of the seven boys were now on the floor wrestling and they were ours. Eduardo, Stevie, Ruben and Tito were wrestling over the remote control for the television.

In my loud military voice I said, "Just what is going on in here?"

The boys froze in position with no one daring to move. One by one they stood before their respective fathers awaiting their fate. They looked up at us but no one had yet spoken when Ronnie said, "You boys were asked a question now I expect an answer."

Tito looked at the others and said, "Something we weren't supposed to be doing in the house."

"Where is the remote?" Pop asked looking at the boys trying not to smile. He knew that sooner or later, boys will be boys and their pent up energy would get the better of them.

Kevin got up and picking it off the floor and handing it to him he said, "Here it is grandpa."

Pop smiled at them and said, "Why don't you boys go out and play until dinner. It's four-fifteen and dinner is at six. You will need to wash up before you sit down, so you all know how much time you have. Now scoot and go play but just don't kill each other."


The rest of the afternoon went smoothly and without incident. After dinner, six of the eight boys were loaded into my Hummer and were on their way back to the house for the evening. I got the guys inside and talked with them. "I want you to get your showers and then you can relax and do what ever you all want. I know what you are thinking but that is for after lights are out. Tito, you can shower with the others upstairs. Mike, will you ride heard on this wild bunch?"

Everyone went in their own direction for a few minutes but Mike quickly got them herded towards the showers. I went into my room and got showered myself. I wanted to be presentable when our guests arrived. I got dressed again then settled in my recliner to watch some television.

I got comfortable and I had my little munchkin crawl up onto my lap. I felt him get comfortable and he snuggled his head onto my chest. He looked up at me and said, "Daddy, I heard Tommy is my age. I know he's going to be scared tonight so can we sleep together in case he has a bad dream?"

I kissed him on the head and wrapped him in my arms saying, "I know you've missed out on finding a special friend son. Tommy is your age and yes, you can sleep with him tonight. We don't know anything about him but I'm sure Gwen will have learned more about him on their way here. I'm not exactly sure when they will get here but I want you in your bed at ten. You can watch television while you are waiting for us to get back."

The rest of the crew was coming downstairs and began splitting up. Mike, Tim and Jordan went to one of the computers while Eduardo and Mike went towards the recreation room. When Tito saw this, he quickly got off my lap and went with them. Kevin came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. This took me totally by surprise and the look on my face said everything to him. He smiled and said, "Marco thanks for everything. Eduardo is cool and I think he's going to make a great boyfriend. He is really special and unlike anyone I've ever met. I'm falling for him really fast."

I looked at him and said, "I'm glad you two are hitting it off so well. Just take your time and I think you two will be real happy. Now go and play for a while. When Mike says it's time for bed, I don't want any problems."

Mike came down and sat across from me and said, "How long will you be over at the main house? Do you want me to get everyone in bed at the usual time?"

"That will be fine," I said to him. "I told Tito he could watch television in his room until I got back with Tommy. I know the trio will keep themselves occupied and Kevin and Eduardo will be quiet also. Just keep your ears open but I don't think you will have any problems. I'll let you know when I'm back."

Mike nodded his head and we relaxed and watched “The Firm” while waiting for Jay to call telling me our guests have arrived. Shortly before ten, the phone rang and it was Jay informing me that in fact our guests had indeed arrived.

The boys gathered around and I explained that they would meet Tommy and Gwen in the morning. I gave each one a hug before I left. I thought I got everyone but I saw Tito standing by the door to his room.

I walked over to him and he just looked at me with lost puppy dog eyes. "Daddy," he said with tears coming down his face. "I thought you said I could sleep with Tommy tonight in case he had a bad dream? Did you change your mind?"

I leaned down and picked him up into my arms. Wiping the tears off his cheeks I said, "No not at all son. I didn't know if you would be awake or not when he got here. He might need some medical care or something. I said you can watch television but I don't want you forcing yourself to stay awake. Is this fair enough?"

Tito cleared his throat and said, "Yes Dad, I guess so. I hope he's ok. I would like to meet him tonight."

I kissed his cheek and said, "Alright little one. I will see you when I get back with Tommy. As for the rest of you guys, Mike is in charge. Don't give him any hassles unless you want to be cleaning the shower with toothbrushes."

I turned towards the door and almost knocked down Kevin. He was looking up at me with his arms in the air. I kneeled down and he hugged me whispering, "Thanks Marco. Eduardo and I will be good."

I kissed him and headed over to the main house. As I entered I saw a middle-aged woman sitting talking with Pop. As I walked over to them she turned and saw who Pop was talking to and said, "Man, I didn't know we had such a fine looking social worker on staff now."

Pop looked up and said, "Congratulations son, you actually paid a complement and didn't stick your foot into your mouth."

Gwen was sitting there laughing and then I heard another giggle. I looked down and there was the cutest kid I'd seen in a long time. Here was this adorable red head with hazel eyes and a face full of freckles. I knew Tito was going to fall in love with him. He looked up at me and just giggled again.

I couldn't help but smile at him when I extended my hand to him and said, "Hi Tommy. My name is Marco. Can we talk for a few minutes?"

I was afraid he was going to clam up tight but he took my hand as I led him towards the living room. We went inside and sat on the sofa. He was about to say something when Jay came inside and sat down on the other side of him. Within two seconds, I had a lap-full of a gorgeous ten year-old red head.

"Tommy, this is Jay," I said smiling at him. "This is Pop's son. He is a doctor and has two sons a little older than you are. Please don't be scared."

He looked at me and in the most angelic voice said, "I'm not scared Marco, he just startled me. I don't really like it when people come up behind me and I can't see them. It's nice to meet you Dr. Sanchez."

I snickered when Tommy called Jay Dr. Sanchez. As soon as he heard that, Jay just glared at me. He said, "The pleasure is mine son but call me Jay, Dr. Sanchez is my father. Can we ask you some questions son?"


"Sure," Tommy said. "I didn't want to say what happened to me to a woman. I…I…I had something…"

At that point Tommy broke down in tears and he buried his head in my shoulder. When he started talking like that, we both knew something had happened and it was imperative we find out what, to see how badly he'd been injured.

I rubbed his back and said, "Shush little one. No one is going to hurt you anymore. Can you tell me who hurt you?

I saw Gwen standing there wiping the tears from her eyes as she saw this little angel crying uncontrollably. Tommy had his face still buried in my chest when he said, "My Daddy did this."

I looked at him and asked, "You father hurt you, Tommy?"
All this time he hadn't looked at me when he talked. Tommy lifted his head and said, "No Marco, not my real Daddy. He's in heaven. It's Mommy's boyfriend. He said I had to call him Daddy while he did things to me."

This child needed to be examined and evidence collected so criminal charges could be brought. I stood with this redheaded angel holding on for dear life and he saw Gwen standing there. He immediately turned as red as his hair. Gwen walked over to him and rubbed his head and said, "It's alright little one. No one is blaming you. We know it wasn't your fault. Your mommy's boyfriend is going to go to jail."

Tommy was looking at us unsure of what to do. I rubbed his soft red hair and kissed his cheek and he smiled saying, "Do you want me to show you what he did to me?"

I put him on his feet and Jay said, "If you think it's alright son. We would like to see if you are alright."

He reached up and took our hands and we walked over to the dispensary. I looked at Gwen and said, "We'll get the information you need. Can you make the call so they can start to get him arrested?"

Tommy started pulling us towards the door so off to the dispensary we went. This child had us totally enamored and he talked our ears off on the way to get him examined.

It took us about ten minutes to get over to the dispensary. Jay unlocked the door and turned the lights on so we could see where we were going. Tommy tightened his grip on my hand as we walked in and the expression on his face changed almost immediately.

I looked down at him and said, "What's wrong little one? No one is going to hurt you."

Tommy looked up at me and said, "I remember a place like this where Billy used to take me. He would do all kinds of things to me and then I would need to see a doctor. He had a friend who would fix me up just so he could do it again. Do you want to see Marco? I don't mind showing you or Jay because I know you two guys are nice and wouldn't hurt me on purpose."

I led him to one of the exam rooms and he started taking his clothes off right away. In less than a minute, this angel was naked as the day he was born and suddenly I was getting ill as I saw some old scars. I stuck my head out of the door and told Jay to bring the camera with him. I needed to get photographs of everything that had been done to him.

Tommy raised his arms up and I lifted him up and sat him on the examination table. My hand touched his shoulder blades and I saw him wince in pain. I turned him around and there were fresh bruises across his back and leading down towards his buttocks.
When I saw this, I could no longer contain myself. Tears began rolling down my face and Tommy heard me crying. "What's wrong Marco?" he asked sincerely. "It don't hurt much and you didn't do this. It's not your fault."

Tommy was on his knees facing me with an angelic look on his face. He reached his arms out and now he was providing the comfort. I stepped into his arms and he just held me until I could regain my composure.

I had Tommy stay like that so Jay could get the photos he needed. I was about to put him on the floor when he stretched out on his stomach and pulled the cheeks of his little butt apart. He said, "You better see this too, Marco. Billy liked to do things to me back here. He called this my "boy pussy" and he would put his dick in it all the time."

When Jay looked at his anus, I thought he was going to lose his dinner. Neither of us had seen someone torn up as bad as this child was. We looked at each other and knew one of us was going to have to do a physical examination of his rectum in order to see how much internal damage there was and since I had the smaller fingers, I was elected. I walked over and got a pair of exam gloves while Jay was getting Tommy on his back and explaining what I was going to have to do. I quickly examined him and knew that he was going to need surgery to correct this damage. Muscles had been torn and needed repairing but the only good thing was his colon had not been perforated. Jay got some photos of his violated rectum and I went and wrote up my report and made a chart on our new resident.

Once all that was finished, we went back over to the main house so Jay could download the pictures. Two copies were going to be needed. One for the police in Los Angeles and one set for Tommy's chart. We would put a note in it stating that there were photographs locked in the safe. Any child who comes to us with any sort of abuse had it documented with photographs. Once all litigation was finished, the photographs would be destroyed.

On the way back, Tommy took us by surprise with this question. He asked us, "Marco, are you going to send me to juvi? I know you don't want a bad boy like me here." I was taken aback with what he just asked. I held him in my arms as we walked. I said, "Tommy, you're not a bad boy. You didn't ask for this to happen. What Billy did to you was wrong."


Tommy looked at me and said, "Marco you don't understand. I had a friend and we would do things and we both liked it. I'm different from other boys. I'm a queer."

Tears started rolling down his face and Jay came over to him and took him from my arms and went to sit beside Ronnie who was watching the tube. Jay soothed the crying child and said, "Tommy, the word we use now is gay. And just so you know, I'm gay too and his cute guy is my husband. This is Ronnie, my life partner and other half."

Ronnie stroked the child's cheek saying as he smiled at Jay, "He's partly correct son, I'm his better half. We have also adopted two boys who are also gay and there is nothing wrong with who you are. In fact, we have several other boys here who are gay."

"Wow!" Tommy said in amazement. "That is so cool. Do you think I could find a boyfriend who will like me even though all this has happened to me?"

As Tommy was saying this, you could see the expression change on his face. I walked over to where my brothers were sitting and said, "I wouldn't be surprised son. In fact, my son Tito is waiting to meet you. Would you like to sleep in your new bed tonight or stay close to me in case you have a bad dream?"

Tommy lit up then thought about it for a few minutes and said, "I would like to meet your son and if it's alright with him, I'd like to sleep in his bed. Is that alright?"

I smiled at him and said, "Sure it is son. His room is right next to mine. In the morning, you'll meet all the other boys who are staying at my house. The Ranch is now your new home. Let's get going because tomorrow Jay and I are going to have a full day and I need to get some sleep."

Tommy went around and gave everyone a big hug and kiss. He said to Gwen when he got to her, "Thanks for bringing me here Miss Gwen. I know I'm going to like this place a lot and I'm also going to miss you."

Gwen had moist eyes when he said that. She kissed his cheek and said, "Sweetie, I'm not going anywhere. Mr. Sanchez has offered me a job here and I'm going to be living here with you and all the others. I'm also going to be a house parent when more kids begin to arrive. What do you think of that?"

Tommy's face lit up when she said that to him. "That is great. I was hoping I could be your little boy but I knew you didn't have room in your apartment. This is cool and I can't wait to get back to school. That is the one thing I miss the most. Marco, I'm getting sleepy. Do you think we could go home now?"

I yawned when Tommy said he was getting sleepy. I said, "Sure thing son. Let's get going. Breakfast is at seven and Ronnie gets grumpy when we're late."

Tommy walked over to him and said with a cute grin on his face, "You wouldn't get mad at me would you?"

Ronnie almost melted and said, "No son, I'd never get mad at you. But that's a different story with him."

I gathered Tommy in my arms and said, "Thanks a lot. I love you too. We will see you in the morning. Pop, we'll need to leave no later than nine-thirty if we are going to make our appointment on time."

Pop waved saying not to worry and Tommy and I headed for the Hummer. His eyes got big again as I buckled him in his seat. I explained that we had three Hummers and they were all the same. I started the engine and in a couple of minutes, I was pulling into the driveway to my house. I looked over at him and he was fast asleep. He was truly a sleeping angel.

I undid he seat belt and carried him into the house. I went into Tito's room and he was still watching television. He was watching X-Men the movie again for I don't know how many times. He turned the light on as I laid him in the bed beside him. Tito gasped as he saw how cute he was. He smiled and said, "God Dad. He's beautiful. I hope no one hurt him."

Tommy opened his eyes and saw Tito gazing down at him. Tito had a look in his eyes that read pure love and Tommy saw this and he giggled. He said, "Hi, I'm Tommy and you must be Tito, nice to meet you."

Tito had started taking Tommy's shoes off when he sat up and ran into the bathroom. We heard the familiar sound of water hitting water and knew what he was doing. Tommy washed his hands and finished getting undressed. When Tito saw his back, he hugged Tommy and started crying. He said, "How could anyone hurt someone as wonderful as you? If anyone here tries, I'll kick them in the balls."

Tommy giggled when he heard what Tito said. He hugged his new friend and said, "Tito, I think I really like you. I want to tell you this and if you don't like me, I'll understand. I'm gay and my Mommy's boyfriend said he was going to break me of it but he didn't."

Tito hugged his friend and said, "That's alright. I think I'm gay too and I think I like you."

I got the boys down and under the covers so they could get some sleep. I could see in Tito's eyes that he had been fighting it for some time now and he was more than just a little tired. I gave each boy a hug and kiss and they cuddled close and were asleep before I turned out the light.

I left both our doors cracked open a little so I could hear Tommy in case he had a nightmare. I quickly got undressed and did my nightly ministrations and crawled into my bed. I looked at the clock before closing my eyes and it read eleven fifteen. I knew Ronnie would have breakfast at seven-thirty considering we all had a late night so I could get a little extra sleep. The next thing I remember was Mike waking me at six-thirty.

Tommy was already awake and they were using Tito's shower. I brought Tommy's bag in with him and he had a few decent clothes but we were going to have to get him some more. I stuck my head in and the boys were lathering themselves. I knew which areas were getting a little extra attention but neither was getting carried away.

I quickly got showered, shaved and dressed so I could make the introductions. When I stepped into the living room there was a crowd standing around Tito's door. I walked over and there was Tommy standing in the bathroom drying off talking with others like they were all long lost friends.

He started to turn around when Tito took the towel and dried what Tommy missed. Tito helped him on with his tee shirt so the others wouldn't see the bruises on his back. Tito cared too much about this boy to see him embarrassed by what someone did to him. Tommy put his underpants on then finished dressing so we could all go to breakfast.

I was wondering how I was going to get everyone in the Hummer but that question was quickly answered when Tito, Tommy and Kevin hopped up on the bigger boy's laps for the ride over to the main house. At the rate my house was filling, I would need a van in order to carry all the boys around.

I pulled up to the main house and everyone began piling out. There were four of the boys standing there trying to carry Tommy into the house. He had a smile on his face and seemed to enjoy his star status. I went around and just stuck my hand out to Tommy and he took it leaving the others standing there with their mouths hanging open.

I told the boys it was time to eat and to get a move on or else risk Ronnie's verbal assault for being late. They quickly followed because their stomachs were growling louder by the minute.

As soon as we entered, Stevie and Ruben quickly surrounded Tommy. "Alright guys," I said. "Go on into the living room and you can all talk with Tommy.
I want you all to remember not to ask personal questions. Tommy will tell you what he feels comfortable with."

I went over to the coffee pot and fixed my first cup of liquid wake up. Jay joined me and asked, "How did our newest resident sleep last night?"

"They were out before I turned the lights off," I said smiling. "When I got up, he was talking with the boys while drying from his shower. Tito did put his tee shirt on so the others wouldn't see the bruises. I think he is really smitten with Tommy."

"I see," Jay said with a grin on his face "Kevin and Eduardo, Ruben and Stevie and now Tito and Tommy. What will people think?"

I was laughing at the thought as I saw Tito and Kevin walk into the kitchen and start carrying breakfast into the dining room.

I looked into the living room and said, "Come on guys, it's time for breakfast."

When Tommy came in, his eyes got big. I said to everyone, "Since Tommy is our newest resident, he fixes his plate first."

Tommy walked over to me and with tears in his eyes put his head on my shoulder. He looked up at me and said, "Marco, how much can I have?"

This moved me because it was becoming apparent he was not even allowed to eat properly. I said, "Tommy, you can have as much as you want but please eat everything you take. No one here will go away hungry."

Tommy went and got his plate and put a little bit of everything and went back to his seat. The rest of us filled our plates and we all began to eat. I heard Tommy talking with the others about how he was treated before and I was wondering if some of that would carry over to his new life here. I could also see Pop and Gwen talking too. I think she will make a wonderful addition to our team.

Jay looked at me and said, "Seems he's been through quite a lot hasn't he?"

I swallowed my mouthful and said, "Yeah, he has bro. More than any child should have to. I wonder what we're going to find when we see Emilio."

Jay took a sip of his coffee and said, "I don't know but we're going to have another resident tonight. Did you forget that we're bringing him back with us?"

"Yeah I did," I said through a mouthful of bacon. "I wonder when Ronnie's cooks are going to start. I know we are also going to need some other staff here soon because with school starting in a few weeks. I would just assume the boys eat at the house then they can finish getting ready for school. Also bro, they all need to be registered. I wonder if Gwen can take care of that while we are gone."

I heard a female voice say, "Don't worry guys, I have that on my to do list for today."

I was about to say something back to Gwen when I heard the phone ring. I got up and went to the office saying, "Who is that calling us at this hour of the morning. I would like to have one meal a day in peace."

"Quit complaining and just answer it," I heard Pop say.

I was about to disappear into the office when I said saluting, "Yes sir any other orders sir?"

I picked up the receiver and it was Alexis on the other end. It seems she had another child that she needed placed in a hurry. His name was Carlos and was found living on the streets malnourished. She got the placement order signed by the judge late yesterday afternoon.

I looked at the others and said, "We have another resident coming. Ronnie, I hope the people you hired will be starting soon. I have almost a full house and with school starting soon, coming here for meals will be giving you a lot of extra work. I'm wondering where Alexis is finding all these kids."

Jay looked at me and said, "Eat up dude, we need to get going."

To be continued