The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 17

The Road to Recovery

Jay looked through the microscope and said, "Yeah, I do. This is going to be tedious work dude. If we get this done, Emilio can be walking in a few months once his leg muscles get stronger."

Five hours later, Emilio was being wheeled into the post op. ward. Tommy was still there refusing to leave without knowing how his new friend was doing. Jay and I shed our gowns and gloves and went to see Tommy and Gwen. I looked at them and said, "The operation was a success. The scan missed something and it worked out fantastic. It will take about a couple of months for his leg muscles to get strong, but he will walk again."

Tommy beamed when he heard me tell Gwen that Emilio would walk again. "Marco, will he really walk again?" Tommy asked excitedly.

"Yes he will," I started to explain. "But he is going to need physical therapy."

"Physical therapy?" Tommy asked. "What's that?"

I thought about how to answer his question when Gwen said, "Physical Therapy is designed to help exercise muscles when you have been hurt. The person who helps you do this is called a physical therapist."

"A friend of mine broke his arm and he had to go to a special person," Tommy said. "Is this what Emilio will have to do because he said it hurt when he first started?"

"Yes, it was," I said. "It will hurt for a while at first because the muscles are weak and they have not been used for a long time. Once they get stronger, the pain will start to go away. The person I have asked to work with Emilio is very good and will make getting better seem like a game."

Tommy asked, "Will it still hurt?"

"Yes, it probably will for a while," I said. "But that's all part of getting better. But Jay and I can see to it that he doesn't hurt so badly when he's done with his exercises."

I heard Emilio begin to stir and he said, "How did the operation go Marco? Will I walk again like you said I would?"

I smiled at him and said, "Yes son you will, but your legs will need a lot of exercise. A person will come out to The Ranch twice a day and help them get stronger."

I could see he was very uncomfortable when he said, "I hurt bad Marco."

Jay heard this and went to the nurse's station to get some pain medication for him. I'm afraid I wasn't as delicate with my work as I had been with Tito's surgery. Emilio's procedure required dissecting through several layers of muscle and this meant that the boy was going to be sore for several months along with his rehabbing. Jay inserted the needle into Emilio's intravenous then slowly injected the medication into the tubing and watched as the boy drifted back off to sleep.

While Emilio was sleeping, we got the boys settled into their room for the night. No sooner than they were settled when Dr. Rogers came in. He looked at Tommy and said, "How are you feeling son? Is there any discomfort?"

Tommy looked at the doctor and said, "No sir, but I feel like I have to pass a load of gas."

I looked at him and said, "Go right ahead son. There's more room out than in."

At that moment we heard a loud noise emanating from Tommy's side of the room along with a powerful odor. My eyes began to water as I heard him say, "Ahh thanks Marco I feel much better."

We were all trying not to cry over the fact the room was filling with sour gas but we knew Tommy's tummy was feeling better. Dr. Rogers went over to him and lifted his gown and felt his abdomen. He asked, "Is there any tenderness?"

He shook his head no. "Now I feel like I have to take a poop though."

Jay and I walked over to Dr. Rogers and asked, "Can the repair hold up to him having a bowel movement this soon after surgery?"

He looked at us and said, "Yes but he might be a little sore afterwards. I injected him with a good amount of local anesthetic during the procedure and it might be starting to wear off."

Jay said walking over to Tommy, "Fair enough. I don't like having my patients uncomfortable. Come on dude, I'll help you into the bathroom."

Tommy was in there about fifteen minutes and when he came out he smiled and said, "I feel better now; thanks Dr. Rogers for fixing me."

Dr. Rogers accepted his hug and left to finish his rounds. Jay and I went out to the nurse's station and wrote our surgical and post operative notes on Emilio. After that was finished I said, "Why don't you take Gwen back to the ranch? I know she's been here all day and is getting tired. Also, I'd like you to stay with my guys tonight. If Stevie is staying, he can sleep upstairs with the others in case you and Ronnie want some private time together. I'm wondering how the new cooks are working out and if they are really taking some of the work load off him?"

Jay liked the idea of some good quality cuddle time with his partner. They had each been so busy with the running of The Ranch they were beginning to neglect each other. As we walked back to the room, he looked at me and said, "Sure thing bro, I think Gwen is ready to go home and get a nap. Ronnie and I will take care of the boys tonight. The only one out in the cold is Mike. I sure thought he and Jono were going to hit it off. I'd love to know all that really happened in Australia."

"Me to guy," I said smiling at my brother. "I guess it's just one of life's little mysteries we will just never know the answer too. Thanks for covering for me at the house tonight."

"No problem," Jay said. "I've been dying to jump my husband’s cute ass for some time now. He's been asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Mind you, I'm not complaining but you know how much I love to cuddle with my man."

I looked at my brother and said, "You have all the time you need dude because I'll be staying in the dispensary with these two until they can come back to the house. Tommy will be the first one back but Emilio will need a couple of weeks there until he heals and gets stronger."

When we walked in, Gwen was doting over Tommy and I could tell he wasn't happy having someone making a fuss over him. Jay said, "Gwen, are you ready to get back home. I need to check on the boys and talk to Pop about some equipment we're going to need to get Emilio back on his feet."

Gwen turned and looked saying, "Sure, just let me fluff Tommy's pillows here."

I stepped over and said, "I'll do that Gwen. I'd like to get that equipment ordered because I don't know how long it's going to take to be delivered."

"All right Jay let's go," Gwen said walking over to kiss Emilio before leaving. "We need to get this little guy up and back on his feet as soon as we can."

Tommy smiled and winked at me while she kissed his roommate good-bye. I gave Gwen and Jay a hug and kiss then said, "Take care guys and tell Pop I'll call him later tonight. There are a few things I need to go over with him."

Back at the ranch, Mike was tending to Tim since his accident at the lake. Tim's main hand and arm were now unable to properly handle his daily routines so being the proper boyfriend he was, Mike was now assisting him with all these details. Jordan, on the other hand, used his head and had Tim outfitted with shorts with an elastic waistband so he could just pull them down when he had to use the toilet. Tim wasn't happy with this situation so he had Mike believing he couldn't get them down by himself. Mike knew this wasn't so but he did enjoy helping his boyfriend with all his needs.

Life was getting into a routine and the boys were all very happy. Carlos was feeling the pangs of missing Emilio, as was Tito for Tommy so Pop suggested the boys have big Mike take them on a walk through one of the many nature trails surrounding the property.

While this was going on, Ronnie was sitting in the dining room enjoying the fact he now had others doing the work he used to do. He had mixed feelings about his new found freedom. He loved the fact he was cooking but all the hours he was doing it was putting a strain on the special time he and Jay so needed.

Pop came out of the office and sat beside his son. He saw he looked a million miles away then said, "A penny for your thoughts son."

Ronnie looked at him and said, "I miss the work I've been doing here in the kitchen, but I love the fact I'm not up until all hours of the day. I miss spending time alone with Jay."

Pop smiled at him and said, "I know son. Jay has told me the same thing. He misses the special time you guys have. Marco would like you and Jay to stay over at his place tonight. Tito is going to stay over here with Ruben while Eduardo spends the night with Kevin and Carlos is going to stay with Mike. It seems he's really missing Emilio so he will be happy having someone to talk to when he gets upset."

"I don't know what we'd do without Marco," Ronnie said smiling. "He's always trying to get us together. I just wish he wasn't staying at the hospital tonight. I know Jay would love to get his hands on his sexy body again."

When Ronnie said that; Pop turned a few shades of red. He said "Ah that was more information than I really needed son. I know you guys all love each other and I don't care what you all do in private. After dinner, he would like you to take the boys back home and have them get their showers. They can do whatever they like when they're finished until ten-thirty then its lights out."

"Thanks," Ronnie said relieved. "I didn't know what their schedule was so I thought they would try to pull a fast one. I know they love us but kids will be kids. I remember the times we did the same thing on Uncle Luiz."

Pop smiled and said, "You really think you pulled one on him, huh? I wouldn't care to bet on it. He was smarter than you guys know."

Ronnie smiled and said, "I know Dad. He was the best Uncle a person could have. Would you like Tito and Ruben to stay at our house so you and Gwen can have some private time just to yourselves?"

"What huh?" Pop sputtered. "I don't know what you mean son?"

"Oh come on Dad," Ronnie smiled. "Don't you think I can't see how you two look at each other? It's all right if you two want to have fun. You are an adult and more so, you're my Dad. You deserve to be happy and Gwen is a cool lady. Tito and Ruben will stay with us tonight."

Ronnie got up to check on dinner and Pop sat there thinking about what he said. I have to agree with Ronnie, Pop has done so much for us kids that he hasn't had a special person in his life so if he and Gwen did hit it off that would be great.

Back at the hospital, I was taking care of Emilio. He awoke again and was still in some pain. I hated seeing this because my kids meant so much to me. I went down to the nurse's station and signed out his medication and soon he was back off to dreamland.

After taking care of Emilio, Tommy wanted me to cuddle next to him so I did. Hey, I'm a doctor and am allowed to break the rules. I got comfortable and turned on the television when Tommy decided he wanted to snuggle on my lap with his back against my chest. I found cartoons for him and he was happy. All of a sudden the door opened and in came his new nurse.

She looked at us and said, "I'm sorry sir but you can't lie on the patient's bed. You'll need to sit in the chair."

Tommy looked over at her and said, "That's not a sir lady that's Dr. Marco, he operated on Emilio over there and he's my doctor too."

I was blushing a little at the way Tommy said who I was but it made me feel good because he didn't want to lose his cuddle cushion. The nurse swallowed hard and said, "I'm sorry Doctor, I didn't know who you were. You work with Dr. Sanchez don't you?"

I looked around Tommy's head and said, "Yes I do. As a matter of fact, Jay is my adopted brother. It's alright, I know it's not allowed for others to be on the patient’s bed but the little guy here needed a cuddle."

She smiled and took Tommy's vital signs then asked him if he was having any problems with his rectum. He turned several shades of red then hid his face in my shoulder shaking his head no. The nurse smiled ruffling his hair then went and took Emilio's vitals. When all that was done she said, "If you need anything doctor, just let me know. I'll be here until eleven.

I nodded my head and she went about her business. Tommy snuggled down and returned to his cartoons while he waited for his evening meal.

Ronnie was satisfied with the way dinner was going so he and Pop thought they would sit on the porch and wait for the boys to return. They had been chatting for a few minutes when a kid about fifteen came into view. He walked up to us sitting there then said handing us a card, "Is Jay or Marco here? I need to talk with either one of them."

They looked at the card and it was Gwen's. Ronnie said to the boy, "No son. Marco is at the hospital and Jay is on his way back. You can wait here if you want. I'm not sure just when he will be back. I'm Jay's brother Ronnie and this here is my Dad, Miguel Sanchez."

He smiled at them and said, "I'm Conner Williams and I live on the property behind you guys. I talked with Marco and he said I could come here if I needed or wanted to talk with him or Jay."

Pop looked at him and said, "Are you the boy who scared one of our boys here?"

Conner dropped his head and said, "Yes sir, that was me and I'm real sorry about that. I didn't mean to. I just saw that boy fall and hurt his arm and I got real scared for him."

"I know son," Pop said. "Jay told me about it. It's hard to tell someone what you mean when you are standing on the other side of that lake. Can you tell me what you want to talk with him about?"

Looking towards the ground again he said, "Someone hurt me and nobody cares."

They could see he was getting upset so Ronnie got up and put his arm around him. Conner leaned his head on his shoulder and Ronnie said, "We care son. We don't like people who hurt children. Have you told someone other than Marco, like your parents?"

Conner was losing it now. Tears were welling up in his eyes as he said, "I told my step dad but he said I was making it up and to just shut up about it. He smacked me on the side of the head and said to get the hell out of his face."

Ronnie looked over at his Dad and saw he was getting angry. He knew they needed to help the boy but the only way was to have clear-cut proof of just how this child was hurt and he had his own suspicions. Ronnie looked at the now hysterical boy and said, "Dad is a retired doctor. Would you let him examine you so we can help you?"

Conner nodded is head yes when Pop saw another person start walking towards the porch. Conner saw him look down the road and then gasped. "That's my step father," Conner said with fear on his voice. "He's going to smack me again."

Ronnie looked at him and said, "No he's not. No one is going to hurt you as long as you're here dude. You have my word."

Pop heard what Conner said. He stood and started walking towards our uninvited guest; when he reached the man he said, "May I help you?"

The man reeked of sweat and beer. He looked Pop over then said, "Yeah, that's my boy over there and he has chores to do. Sorry he's come over here bothering you guys. Let's go now son, you know your chores are waiting."

Conner slid closer to Ronnie and just stood there as Pop looked at the man and said, "I'm Miguel Sanchez and I own this property. Your son said someone has hurt him and is scared it's going to continue. Has he said anything to you about it?"

"Oh that again," the man said laughing. "He's been saying that for the last month ever since his momma left. I know everyone around here and no one has hurt him. He's just upset he's doing a couple more chores now but that's all."

Pop let what he said sink in but he had a problem totally believing what he heard. He thought for a moment then said, "I'm a retired pediatrician and I'd be glad to examine him just so this can be settled once and for all. I also think you should know he's said you have hit him on his head on several occasions. As a physician, I would have to report this if it is indeed true."

The man was about to speak when a dark colored car came up the drive. Pop knew it was Detective Thomas. He became a friend and supporter when he saw the work we were doing with the kids here. His eyes returned to the man in front of him just as he said, "How dare you! I've never laid a hand on him in any manner. God knows there are times he's deserved a spanking but I would just send him to his room."

When Conner heard this he shouted, "Quit your lying, and damn it! You know damn good and well it was your friend who has been playing with my butt. He told me I had better get used to it to because you had plans for it."

Ronnie was watching as the man's temper was rising. When he was younger, he'd never be one to fight. In fact, he'd do everything he could to avoid it. Now that he was older, he still didn't like to fight but he wasn't about to let his Dad get hurt. The man was starting to open and close his fists. They could see his face start to turn red as Detective Thomas was slowly walking over to where Pop and the man were standing trying not to draw attention to him. Ronnie stepped off the porch and was heading to the two men when he turned and ran towards Conner screaming, "How dare you! I'm going whip your sorry ass now in front of everyone you ungrateful little brat."

Ronnie ran to intercept the screaming man. When he reached him he grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him to the ground. He stood over the man saying, "You'll not lay a finger on him as long as you're on this property. If you try, I guarantee that I will personally whip your ass. Do you hear me you son-of a-bitch?"

Just as the man went to stand the detective ran up and quickly handcuffed him then walked him to his car. He radioed for a patrol car to come out and take him to the station pending his investigation. He walked back over to Pop and said, "Looks like you have yourself in a small mess Miguel. I'm going to need to take the boy with me so he can be placed into foster care."

Pop spoke up saying, "First thing Sam, I don't see that I'm in a mess. That jackass is and lastly we work with Alex Semez with CPS. I bet if you call her, she can have Conner placed here for the time being. You know full well we're licensed by the State of Texas. The boy has talked with several staff members and we have a rapport already established. Come on inside and I'll get her on the phone for you."

We turned and walked to the house when Ronnie noticed Conner was no longer standing there. We ran up to the porch and started calling his name. "Fucking great Dad," Ronnie said sounding totally disgusted. "He's bolted like a scared horse and there is no telling where he's run off to."

We were just about to go inside when Ronnie saw the Hummer coming down the drive. Pop took the detective inside and Ronnie went over to greet Jay and Gwen and fill them in on the latest development. The three of them walked to the house when Jay asked, "Have you searched the house yet?"

Ronnie shook his head no as he reached for his combination radio/telephone. Pushing the button on the side he said, "Mike this is Ronnie, come in."

A voice was heard to say, "Mike here Ronnie, go ahead"

"Are you all on the way back to the main house?" Ronnie asked.

"Yes we are," Mike replied. "We should be there in about five minutes."

Once inside the house, the three of them started searching the house from top to bottom. There was no sign of him hiding but the coat rack was lying on its side so we knew he had been there. Jay walked over to the back door and saw it was open and unlocked. "Hey guys," Jay said. "I know he went outside but where he is I haven't a clue. I'm going to saddle my horse. Send Eduardo, Ruben, and Tito to the stable. I'm going to need their help in the search. I'll also need four of our family radios. Have the others start searching the other houses and buildings."

Mike and the residents walked into the living room as Jay finished telling Ronnie what he needed. Jay was out the door heading to the stable with his sons and nephew running after him. They quickly saddled their horses and walked them out of the corral. Ronnie was standing on the porch with the radios Jay wanted. Jay rode over and collected them and headed down the road.

The three boys with Jay were totally confused as to what was going on. They hadn't seen this much excitement since Tim broke his arm at the lake. Tito had kept quiet long enough. He finally asked, "Uncle Jay, what is going on?"

They broke towards the woods when Jay said, "The boy that scared Tommy was here today. His step-father started making a scene then Conner got scared and took off."

Once the boys heard what had happened, they knew exactly where to go. Tito took the lead then Eduardo said, "Follow us Dad; we know where he's going. I'll bet he's heading to the far end of the lake so he can walk across to the other side back to his place."

They picked up the trail that went parallel to the lake. It took them a good ten minutes ride before they saw the boy. Jay could tell he was winded and getting tired. Jay got the boys together and said, "here's the plan boys. We have to get him before he gets to the water. The horses will never be able to cross because of the rocks and wood in the water. Tito, I want you and Eduardo to ride parallel to the lake then head for the crossing spot. Ruben, you come with me. Maybe we can catch him before he reaches Tito and your brother."

They all nodded their heads in agreement then took off after Conner. Jay and Ruben held back so Tito and Eduardo could get well in front of Conner and then cut towards the shallows. Once he was satisfied he and Ruben took off after the slow walking child. Conner was just about to sit down and rest when he saw Jay and Ruben riding hard towards him. Thinking he was going back to his stepfather he started running again. Jay slowed his horse to a walk so he could hop off and run after Conner.

Jay started calling his name as he began chasing down the running boy. Conner was so worried about getting away from Jay that he hadn't noticed Tito and Eduardo heading towards him in the other direction. When he did finally look up, it was all he could do to stop before he ran head first into the two on-coming horses.

Jay ran up beside Conner when he started screaming, "No! No! No! I'm not going back to him."

Jay wrapped his arms around the now crying child saying, "Hush little man. No one is taking you back to him. He's under arrest. Do you think you would like to stay here while things get sorted out?"

Conner was now totally confused and completely exhausted. When he heard what Jay said he passed out. Tito called Ronnie and let him know the boy had been found. After close to fifteen minutes, Conner rejoined the conscious. Jay helped him onto the back of his horse and explained everything to him as they returned to the main house.

Detective Thomas spoke to Alex and she assured him that all the paperwork would be done on Conner so he could be fostered at The Ranch. Sam was happy with that out come because quality foster homes with openings were very hard to find. Sam decided it would be best if he talked to Conner after he got some rest. The child would be easier to interview if he were rested and relaxed.

Mike rounded his crew up and returned to the main house just as Jay and the others arrived. All the residents swarmed around their newest member as they always do. Jay looked at the boys and said, "Hey, hey guys. How about letting Conner have some room to breathe? Why don't you guys grab some cold sodas then go sit in the living room and talk. I have some things to talk over with Dad then it will be time for dinner."

You know, I sometimes have to wonder about who acts worse, adults or children? Jay came inside from brushing his horse then disappeared into the office. He told the boys to give Conner some space and here is Gwen hovering and making a fuss over him like an old mother hen. When Jay and Pop were done talking, Jay looked into the living room to see if the boys were behaving. He didn't expect to see the sight he did. He coughed and said, "I mean everyone give Conner a break and let him calm down and rest some."

Gwen looked up and blushed when she saw both Jay and Pop standing there. She said stammering, "I was just trying to see if our guest was alright."

Miguel said smiling, "He'll be fine Gwen if everyone will just allow him to relax."

Conner got up and walked over to Jay. He needed to use the bathroom and Jay showed him where it was. He returned and asked, "Why is Marco at the hospital? Is he alright?"

"Yes son he's fine," Jay said with a smile. "Two of the boys needed operations and Marco and I did one of them."

"Wow, you're surgeons?" Conner replied in amazement. "What kind of surgery do you do?"

Jay thought about how to explain it to Conner so he would understand it. He said, "Well, we do micro-neurosurgery. What that means is we can go in and reconnect severed nerves that get cut in an accident."

"Really?" Conner beamed again, "I know nerves are very small, how can you see them?"

"With the aid of a microscope." Jay said.

Conner asked sincerely, "Was that the boy who is in the wheelchair? Will he walk again?"

"Yes he will," Jay said with a smile. "The other boy that needed surgery was Tommy. Someone put something in his butt that shouldn't have and he got hurt."

Conner's head dropped to the floor when he heard what Jay said. He didn't know how someone could do that to that cute little boy. He looked at Jay and said, "When I said someone hurt me, that's what happened. My stepfather's friend would give me beer then start rubbing my body. After a while he would have my pants open and he would be rubbing my dick. After a few beers he would stick his finger in my butt then would try to put his dick in me. He never did because he'd be so drunk he couldn't get it up so then he would shove three fingers in my hole. The last time he did it, I acted like I wanted to feel his dick then I crushed his balls with my hand then ran all the way home. Jay, I just wasn't going to let him touch me anymore. I'm sorry I got so scared and ran off but I didn't want to go back."

Jay wrapped his arms around Conner and said, "It's all over son. You will never have to go back there if I have anything to do with it. I know this is a strange place and you don't know us very well yet so I was thinking, would you like someone to share your room tonight in case you have a bad dream?"

"Uh well," Conner stammered. "Yes Jay, I would. Would someone be willing to do that for me?"

Jay motioned for Carlos to join them as they talked. Jay said, "This is Carlos. He's been helping Emilio but as you know he's in the hospital. Carlos, this is Conner. He's been through a rough time lately and will be staying with us. Would you be willing to stay with him like you do Emilio in case Conner has a bad dream?"

Carlos beamed because Jay called him over special just so he could ask for his help. He smiled and said, "Sure thing Jay. I know it can be scary coming to a new place. Marco is with Emilio so I know he's safe and won't have bad dreams. After dinner we'll show you to your new home and room."

Just then Ronnie called everyone to the dining room for dinner. Carlos took Conner by the hand so he could sit at his table. He was taking his responsibility seriously and Conner seemed happy having a new friend. Pop stood up and said, "As is the tradition when we have a new guest, Conner you are first in line to fix your plate tonight. We would all like to welcome you to The Ranch and hope you are happy here. You have a home here for as long as you like."

Conner was moved by the welcome and he filled his plate because he was more than hungry. He'd missed both breakfast and lunch so now he was starving. He polished off his plate and asked Ronnie if he could go back for seconds. He gave the boy permission but reminded him to save room for desert.

When everyone had been sufficiently stuffed, Jay and Ronnie gathered all the boys and took them to my house for the evening. Ronnie asked Carlos if Conner could borrow some underwear and shorts to sleep in and once again he was pleased he could help his friend. Carlos showed Conner their room for the night then said it was time to get their showers.

While walking down the hall to the showers, Conner spotted Jay heading his way. He stopped outside the showers and saw several of the boys already under the heads. When Jay came up he asked, "Jay, is this how everyone showers here?"

Carlos broke in and said, "Yeah Conner it's cool. We're all guys here and it's really no big deal. Also, don't worry if you get a boner, it's all right and no one will say or do anything to you if you should. Now come on before Tito and Ruben use up all the hot water."

Conner thought about it for a second then said, "Sure why not, it's like gym class."

After all the boys were sufficiently clean, well some cleaner than others, Mike showed Conner around the house hoping there would be something he would want to join the others in. When Mike showed him the recreation room, he went right over to the pool table. It seems Carlos is a bit of a hustler and immediately challenged Conner to a game. The one thing he didn't know was Conner was more than an excellent player himself. He beat Carlos in every game. Conner had to use the bathroom but wasn't sure where it was so he tried to find it himself. He saw a door at the end of the living room and decided to see if it was in there.

Jay and Ronnie finally had some time to alone and were wrapped in each other's arms when Conner opened the door. He saw them both embraced and he looked shocked. Jay said, "Conner, I didn't have the opportunity to tell you but Ronnie and I and are gay and life partners."

Conner swallowed hard then said, "It's alright Jay. I wished you would have because there is something else I would like to talk with you about."

Ronnie spoke first saying, "Anytime you want son. Is there something you needed?"

"I was looking for a bathroom," Conner said still slightly red in the face. "I can talk with you guys later. Sleep well guys and we'll see you all in the morning."

Jay smiled and said, "It's across from the recreation room, alright?"

Conner nodded then went out and closed the door leaving Jay and Ronnie alone for the first time in a long time. After finally finding, then using the bathroom, he saw Carlos and Kevin sitting at a table in the rec room. They saw Conner as he walked back in and motioned him over to join them. Conner sat down and asked, "Guys, I want to ask you a question but I don't want you to think for a minute it bothers me. Are you and the staff here gay?"

Kevin looked at Carlos then answered the question. He said, "Well first off, I am and Eduardo is my boyfriend. Carlos isn't sure if he is or not but he sucked a few dicks to earn money to buy food when he was on the street. But for what it's worth Conner, I think you're very cute. You shouldn't have any problem finding a boyfriend if you are gay. No one here is going to hit on you or do anything to you when you're in bed sleeping. We're all glad you're here and hope you can stay permanently."

Conner looked at Kevin and said, "Thanks for the compliment dude. I love blonde hair and blue eyes and I think you're cute too. Carlos can we get some sleep? I'm very tired and it's been a long day."

No sooner than he said that, Mike came around and said it was time for everyone to go on to their rooms and get some sleep.

Back in my room, Jay and Ronnie were now naked under the covers and cuddled together just watching a little television after their interruption. Every once in a while Jay would slide his head down onto Ronnie's chest and tease one of his nipples bringing a sigh from his mate. "If you keep that up I won't be responsible for what happens," Ronnie said in a very sexy tone.

Jay looked up and said, "Promises, promises. That's all I get."

"Oh yeah my love?" Ronnie said as he slid his hand down and wrapped it around his man's tool.

"Ummm," Jay said softly as he slid up beside Ronnie so he could be beside his face. "Now that's more than a promise. Why don't you turn off the TV and show me more?"

Ronnie turned off the tube then slid down so he could wrap his mouth around his partner's love organ. As soon as Jay felt this, he began to buck his hips so he could feel more of his lover's mouth around his own swollen dick. "Oh god love," Jay hissed. "It's been so long since I've felt this. Please don't stop baby."

Ronnie did stop briefly to say, "I know my love. I'm sorry things got so crazy here that we didn't either have the time or we were both just too tired to be able to do anything. I want you to make love to me baby. I need to feel your love in me now."

Jay reached for the lube he'd brought with him and began to prepare his husband's hole for his waiting tool. He knew it had been a while since they had been able to do this so he wanted him properly lubed and stretched so he wouldn't cause him any pain.

Ronnie took some lube and began to slick up his partner’s pole and after a few short strokes he was ready to be entered. "Oh baby," Ronnie said in ragged gasps. "I've got to have you now. Please my love put it in me."

Ronnie rolled onto his back and drew his legs up so he could feel all of Jay's seven glorious inches deep in his love chute. Jay kneeled between Ronnie's legs then lined his tool at the entrance of his partner's hole. He gently pushed in until just the head of his dick was inside. He saw his lover grimace so he waited until his rectum relaxed to his invasion. After waiting a few minutes Jay asked, "How do you feel love? Are you ready for more now?"

"Oh yes my love," Ronnie said as he leaned up and kissed his beautiful man. "Go slow and put it in all the way."

Jay returned the kiss and gently slid inside his partner until he could feel his balls against Ronnie's cheeks. As soon as he felt that, Jay began to slowly and methodically pump in and out of his man's tight love hole. He moaned to his mate saying, "This reminds me of the very first time we did this my love. Your sweet ass is so tight it feels like I'm in heaven."

After a few minutes, Ronnie looked at his partner and said, "Alright love, let me have everything you have. Make love to me now."

That was all Jay needed to hear. He began to pick up the pace of his lovemaking and before to long he was going at him like a mad man. Jay said, "Oh damn babe, you feel wonderful. I want to make this time last forever."

A few minutes later Ronnie said, "Come on baby, harder. Give it to me harder. Oh shit lover, I'm going to cum."

That was all Jay needed to hear. He quickly shifted into overdrive and soon he was saying, "Umm god lover, I'm so close. Hang on now baby. Here it comes. Umm, umm now, Oh lover I'm cummmmmmming."

Jay fired so many ropes of cum into his partner he lost count but as soon as Ronnie felt the first one line his insides, he lost his load as well. Jay collapsed on his lover's chest with his dick still inside him and said; "Now I know why I married you, my love. You have the hottest ass in town."

With one arm wrapped around Jay, Ronnie playfully slapped Jay's ass and said, "I know babe, I'm forever sitting on the grill to keep it like this just for you."

Ronnie's comment gave Jay a sudden case of the giggles. He was trying not to laugh too loudly and said, "Easy now love, I don't want you to damage the merchandise."

Ronnie brought his partners lips close to his own then said, "Never my love. This ass is just for you."

Ronnie kissed Jay passionately for several minutes as he caressed Jay's soft skin. They cuddled like that until Jay's dick finally softened to the point where it slipped out. He held onto Jay and then rolled over together into a spooning position and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued