The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 18

A New Life For Some

Ronnie kissed Jay passionately for several minutes as he caressed Jay's soft skin. They cuddled like that until Jay's dick finally softened to the point where it slipped out. He held onto Jay and then rolled over together into a spooning position and drifted off to sleep.

I had a peaceful night's sleep in the reclining chair the hospital provided and Emilio was smiling at me when I awoke. "Hi Marco," he said. "Can you take this thing out of my dick now? It really hurts."

I stood stretching the kinks out of my back then went over to his bed. I looked to see if he was producing urine then said, "Alright but you will have to go in this jug in a few hours otherwise it will have to go back. How are you feeling otherwise?"

Emilio reached his arms up for his morning hug, which I started to comply with until I saw the covers move. I looked over to Tommy's bed and I saw it was missing a little boy. I then went to the foot of the bed and said, "Son, I want to check and see if you have feeling back in your feet. Tell me if you feel this."

I was about to raise the covers when Emilio said, "Come on Marco, where's my hug? I want that first."

I looked at him and replied as I quickly lifted the covers, "In a minute son. I need to do this first. My, my, what have we here? You've grown two more feet over night. Let's see what happens if I do this?"

I took hold of Tommy's little toe and I heard a pronounced giggle come from under the covers. A voice said, "That tickles, hehehehe. Please stop, hehehehe or I'll wet myself."

"My son, your voice has changed too," I said smiling.

Tommy popped his head out and said, "No Marco, it's not Emilio. It's me and I fooled you."

"Well, well," I said. "You sure did. Why don't you use the bathroom while I check Emilio's reflexes?"

Tommy scampered off the bed and into the bathroom while I examined Emilio's reflexes. I saw that the reattachment was successful then I removed his catheter. Their breakfast came in and while the boys were eating, I checked in at the main house.

I spoke to Pop and he filled me in about our newest resident Conner. He told me that Conner had told Ronnie all that had happened to him and the police had taken his father away for failing to report sexual abuse.

I was amazed at how totally uncaring some people can be towards their children. There are good people out there who try and try to have children but can't and then you have those who have them and don't care one bit about what happens to them. I finally said to Pop, "I'm going to have physical therapy come here and get Emilio out of bed. His reflexes are back and he has sensation up and down his legs. The only thing I'm not sure of yet is if he can pass his water by himself. If all goes well, I'll be back with two happy youngsters this afternoon. I know both of them will be ready to come back."

"Sounds good son," Pop said. "We'll see you when you get here."

My next phone call was to physical therapy and requested a full evaluation and a recommended course of treatment. I was informed they would send one who specialized in children at about ten. I went down to the cafeteria and had my breakfast.

Back at the ranch the boys were finishing breakfast when Kevin said, "Hey Conner. Did you sleep alright?"

Conner smiled and said, "Yeah, I did. I woke up once to use the bathroom and didn't remember where I was at first then I saw Carlos. For the first time since my mom left, I don't have to worry about seeing my step-father's friend of today."

Kevin saw the tears welling up in Conner's eyes then he said, "Don't worry dude. Gwen is great at seeing that people like that end up in jail for a long time. I know it might be hard to talk with her about it but try not to be scared. She understands that it wasn't your fault and we're all here for you."

After accepting Kevin's hug he said, "Thanks Kevin. I know it wasn't my fault. But I do have some questions about something that happened once that I don't understand. Do you think we can talk later?"

Kevin felt honored that anyone would want to talk to him about something. He smiled and said, "Sure thing man. We can talk after lunch when we're in the pool, if you want?"

After breakfast was finished, Ronnie and Jay took Conner into the office and discussed what all had happened to him then Jay took him to the dispensary for a physical examination. Conner was in good health and there were no signs of physical or sexual abuse. Detective Thomas came back out and interviewed him and felt there was enough evidence to charge the stepfather with neglect and his friend with lewd conduct towards a minor.

Gwen and Alex filed papers seeking to terminate the stepfather's parental rights. Conner told Gwen that he didn't know any relatives that would be willing to take him so she went to have Conner placed permanently at the ranch.

Back at the hospital I was waiting for the physical therapist to arrive to evaluate Emilio. While I was waiting he said, "Marco, I need to use the bathroom. I have to take a dump. Can you help me?"

I looked at him and said, "Sure thing but wait a minute while I get a wheelchair so I can get you into the bathroom."

I went out to find one and when I returned, neither he nor Tommy was in the room. I scratched my head for a minute then looked in the bathroom. There was Tommy helping Emilio lift his gown so he could sit on the toilet. As soon as he was seated I asked, "How did you get in here?"

Emilio smiled and said, "Tommy helped me Marco. I walked with his help."

As he was telling me this, I could see tears of joy well up in his eyes. I was happy at the news but upset at the fact they didn't wait for me to return. I looked at him and said, "I'm very happy son but I really wish you had waited until I got back in case you suddenly got weak. When you are done, we will both help you back to bed."

Looking towards the floor, Emilio said, "I really had to go bad Marco. It was all I could do to get here and not mess myself. My legs feel pretty good except where you had to cut on me. That's the only place that hurts."

"All right son," I said turning towards the door. "We can finish talking about this when you're done using the toilet. You will have to take it easy not to over do things while the incision and the muscles repair themselves."

I stepped out of the bathroom for some fresh air. Emilio was right, he did have to go and the smell proved it. No sooner had I come out, Tommy was right behind me. He said, "Man Marco, he stinks. I hope he feels better when he's done."

I laughed at him and said, "Speak for yourself little one. You didn't smell like roses yesterday when you passed your gas."

Tommy frowned and said, "I couldn't help it. I really had to fart."

I ruffled his hair saying, "It’s ok Tommy. I know you did and I was just giving you a hard time."

Just then, the physical therapist came in looking for Emilio. I was about to say something when he hollered, "I'm done Marco. Can you help me?"

I went in and closed the door behind me so I could get Emilio on his feet and his gown back in place so he wouldn't be complaining abut a girl seeing his privates. We walked towards the door and I let the therapist begin her evaluation. She was amazed Emilio was able to stand and walk with assistance. She recommended he continue exercising by walking and when the stitches come out he could begin hydrotherapy.

After his evaluation the boys had their lunch and I thought it best they could both recover back at the ranch. I did my discharge papers on Emilio and headed home.

Back at the ranch, Jay was getting the boys ready for a relaxing time at the pool. Conner got his trunks and went to Kevin's room so he could talk with his new friend. He walked in and said, "Hey Kevin, can I ask you something now?"

"Sure dude," he said removing his jeans and boxers in one move. "What's on your mind?"

Conner began undressing as he said, "I know this may sound totally weird but why when that jerk touched my hole it felt good but I was totally grossed out it was him who was doing it?"

Kevin turned around looking at Conner before he answered so he could give his friend a good eyeful. Smiling up at him he said, "That's easy dude. Your butt hole has nerves in it that when touched right can turn you on big time."

Conner smiled at the view and said, "Even when the wrong person is touching me? Nice view Kev."

Pulling up his trunks Kevin said, "Well yes and no. When it's first touched yes it's a big turn on but when you know it's not who you want to touch you there it grosses you out."

Conner dropped his shorts and boxers the said, "Well he sure did gross me out. That went on for six months until I finally had enough. I can't thank Ronnie and Miguel enough for helping me."

Kevin smiled at Conner's view and said, "Oh man, I'm sorry. Did he hurt your butt? Nice view yourself."

Conner slipped his trunks on as he started getting an erection at Kevin's comment. Blushing slightly he said, "No he didn't hurt me. I was just getting tired of being felt up by that drunk ass wipe."

"I know what you mean bro," Kevin said walking towards his friend. He patted him on his back then continued saying, "I've had so many slobs suck and screw me I'm tired of it. Now, only those I want to touch me will. Come on dude, lets go downstairs and go swimming."

"Thanks for talking with me Kevin," Conner said as they went to the stairs. "You helped me understand something I was scared to ask about."

Walking down the stairs Kevin said, "You don't have to be scared to ask the staff here any question. They are the coolest people I've ever known. If I wasn't here, I wanted Gwen to be my mom. That is one cool woman. Marco and Jay are the best doctors I've ever met and I'm real glad this is now my home."

"All right Kevin," Conner said wrapping his arm around Kevin's shoulder. "I'll be sure to remember that."

Jay loaded the boys up in the van and went back over to the main house. Tito and Carlos were sticking together as both boys were lost without their respective partners. Neither of them wanted to swim until I returned with Emilio and Tommy so they decided to sit on the front porch until I returned.

Kevin and Conner were heading towards the pool when Ruben and Eduardo came out to greet them. Kevin quickly hugged his boyfriend Eduardo then gave Ruben one as well. Ruben jumped on Conner and said, "Come on guys, lets play last one standing."

Conner wasn't sure what Ruben was talking about when Kevin quickly said, "I'll have Eduardo here on my shoulders and you have Ruben. Then they will try to pull the other guy off and the last pair standing wins."

The boys jumped in the pool and swam for a few minutes when Ruben jumped Conner again. The little imp quickly scaled the bigger boy and was soon sitting on his shoulders shouting, "We're the last one standing, we're the last one standing."

Eduardo quickly hopped on Kevin's shoulders and tried to sneak attack Conner and Ruben but Conner was taller so he just had to brace himself against Kevin's onslaught. They battled for about five minutes with no one winning until Kevin got dirty. Eduardo pulled hard on his brother's arm then Kevin grabbed a handful of Conner's package startling him.

Conner could barely say anything when Eduardo pulled on Ruben's arm and both boys went into the water. Kevin and Eduardo were standing there laughing when Conner swam under the water and came up behind Kevin. He grabbed Kevin between the legs right on his jewels and picked him up out of the water and tossed him like a log. The blonde haired boy came up spitting water out of his mouth wondering what just happened.

The older teens were just sunning themselves when they saw the horse play begin and soon boys were being launched out of the water left and right. Tito and Carlos were beginning to wonder if I would ever get back when they soon saw me coming down the road. I pulled up in front of the house when they quickly went to their respective friends. Tito, Carlos and Tommy were hugging when I helped Emilio walk around to join the other three boys. Carlos spotted his little friend walking when tears began to stream down his eyes.

He ran up to him and said, "My god bro, you're walking. You're actually walking now. Thank you Marco for letting him again."

Carlos picked Emilio up and brought him over to the pool. Tommy and Tito followed holding hands. Tito said, "I'm glad you're back Tommy. I missed you. Ruben is ok to sleep with but he snores."

Tommy gave my little boy a kiss and said, "I missed you too. I like waking up holding you close."

We got into the pool area when Carlos put Emilio down on his feet. Jay was watching as he walked holding onto the other boy's hand. Emilio headed straight to Jay and said, "Thank you Jay for getting me walking again."

Jay's eyes were full of water when he said, "The pleasure was all mine little one. I'm glad things are starting to work out for you now. Why don't you go and sit down and rest for a bit."

While they were talking with Jay, I went and got Emilio's wheelchair. I knew he wasn't going to like it but it was necessary so he wouldn't over do walking and tear out the stitches I put in him. I was wheeling the chair around back when I saw him stand again to start walking when I said, "Hold on there hot rod. You've done enough walking for one day."

"Aw Marco," he said dejectedly. "I'm fine."

"I know you are," I said pushing the chair over to him. "Jay and I spent five hours yesterday repairing crushed nerves in your legs then knitted the muscles back together. That work needs time to heal so you need to take it easy."

I just brought the chair over to him when he got hit with a severe muscle cramp. Emilio grabbed his leg and lost his balance backwards right into the chair. He screamed, "Argh, that hurts! Oh God Marco, please make it stop hurting."

I went over to him and started massaging his thigh and hip. His muscles started letting him know they had worked enough for one day. I massaged the cramps out of his leg and asked him, "So superman, are you still fine?"

The pained look that was one his face was changing as his leg slowly began to feel better. After a good five minutes of rubbing on his leg, Emilio finally said, "Alright Marco, you win. I guess I did over do some today. I'll use the chair."

I looked at him and said, "You don't need to use it all the time. There are times when you can stand and move to another seat like at dinner or in the living room watching television. But when you're going long distances, like going to our house you should use the wheelchair for right now. Your legs will get stronger and then you won't need this. Understand?"

Carlos walked behind his friend as Emilio said, "Yeah Marco. I understand. I don't think this guy here will let me forget either."

The others laughed at the way Carlos protected Emilio as Pop announced it was time for them to get cleaned up for dinner. Ronnie made a special prime rib dinner for our two returning boys and made them each their favorite deserts.

Carlos wheeled Emilio over to the house as I watched the others pair up. Kevin took Tommy by the arm and said, "Are you going to sleep with Tito tonight?"

Tommy smiled and said, "You'd better believe it. I missed him last night."

Kevin winked at him then went over to Conner and said, "Do you still want to sleep with me and Eduardo tonight?"

Conner looked at him and said, "Yeah, if that's still all right with your boyfriend?"

Kevin was just about to answer when he was quickly hugged then kissed by Eduardo. "Hi love," Eduardo said. "Are we still having company tonight?"

Kevin smiled and took his hand as the others walked on ahead. "Yeah," he said. "We talked quite a bit yesterday. He told me he wants to cuddle and caress and to just see what happens. He's had some mixed signals and feelings from what that jerk did to him and he isn't sure why?"

"What do you mean, babe?" Eduardo asked, not sure of what Kevin had meant by what he had just said.

"Well," Kevin trying to explain himself. "He said he hated that fact that drunk bastard was feeling him up and playing with his hole but he would end up popping his nuts."

Eduardo stopped walking, looked at Kevin and said, "That's easy baby. If you haven't cum in a while, sooner or later you're going to explode weather or not you want to. What's the important thing is if you enjoyed it. I'd let guys have my butt and even though I didn't like what I was having to do, I'd bust a nut once in a while because my love button was being rubbed. Is Conner wondering if he is gay or not?"

Shaking his head, Kevin said, "He just doesn't know what to think but I've told him it doesn't matter. There is time for him to figure out what's going on and we care about him no matter what he is."

The boys turned to start walking again and Conner was standing there looking at the ground with a dejected look on his face. They each took his hand and started walking towards the house when Kevin said, "Come on dude. We've all had to do things we didn't like and that is all in the past. No one here will allow anything like that to happen ever again. Gwen took me away from a place where I ended up acting like a male whore. Hell bro, I'm lucky I haven't got an STD or even AIDS. Now come on and cheer up and let's get our shower. I smell like an indoor pool."

The boys reached up and started tickling Conner's ribs and stomach. Soon he was giggling and he took off running towards the house. I turned to see where my missing three boys were and I had to side step or else get run over by them as they flew past then disappeared inside.

When I walked in, there were eleven boys gathered in the living room smelling of chlorine. I was just about to say something when the phone rang and it was Stevie begging to spend the night with Ruben. Seems he'd called over to the main house and found out he was with me. Where, I didn't know but I'm sure he was in amongst this mass of bodies somewhere. I told him he was welcome as long as he didn't smell like a pool and he had assured me he was freshly showered.

"Ruben!" I announced in my loudest voice. I couldn't believe I had lost a kid in the span of a quarter mile in an enclosed area.

I was about to holler again when I saw a moving crop of brown hair. "Did you call me Marco?" the little mop said.

"Yes I did," I said looking down at my nephew. "First, I didn't know you were spending the night here. Did I miss you asking me? Next, that was Stevie, he's on his way over."

Ruben started looking at his shoes and said, "Sorry Marco. I thought since Eduardo was I could also."

I thought about it for a minute then said, "Well, right now it's not a problem since we're no where near full as far as residents go. Mike will be leaving next week for college and his room will be kept open so he has a place to stay when he comes back for holidays and vacations. Also, the extra bedroom down here will be open soon when Emilio's legs get stronger and he gets moved upstairs with the others. You know son, your Dads don't have a problem with you and Stevie sharing a bed so you don't have to be embarrassed."

Ruben was trying to speak while turning several shades of red. He said sputtering, "But, but Marco. He wouldn't understand. Would he?"

Everyone started giggling when my little nephew said that. I had to try not to laugh myself when Eduardo spoke. "Bro, no one will say anything let alone our Dads. They slept together when they were our age too and Grampa even knew about it."

Ruben was smiling, as he understood what his brother had just told him. He went over and hugged him as I said, "Alright everyone, shower time. Emilio, I have a waterproof bandage to go over your stitches. Carlos and I will help you down here. Tommy, I know you want to stay with Tito so you can share his. The rest of you head on upstairs and for god sakes, don't make a mess."

"Aw Marco," Emilio said. "I wanted to take one with the others. I've been resting for several hours. I'll go back into the wheelchair as soon as I'm done. I promise."

I started to say something when Jordan said, "Hey Marco, why don't you help him up here with the rest of us? It's not like we haven't seen you before. You've been skinny dipping with all of us."

Oh well, there went all my reasons for not doing that out the window. I did have to make the dash from shore to water and I had had my share of whistles from the group. Try as I might, I couldn't come up with a rational reason why I couldn't.

Everyone helped Emilio up the stairs and Mike took his wheelchair. I got some clean clothes and did a quick strip then threw my robe on. Emilio was coming out of his room and I put the waterproof bandage on before Jordan carried him up the stairs and set him back into his chair. I was just about to push Emilio's chair for him when Tim grabbed my robe and it came off in his hands as he ran down the hall.

There I was naked and red pushing Emilio down the hall when Kevin and Conner stepped out and snatched Tim's towel as he ran past. Little Mike was going to try to de-towel Ruben when Eduardo got his. Finally everyone gave up and tossed their towels over their shoulders and laughed and giggled as they walked naked down the hall to the showers.

I was wondering how I could let Emilio sit when I saw a shower seat bolted to the wall. I hadn't paid attention to that fact but I'm glad it was there. Carlos started helping Emilio get cleaned up and I tried to do the same but I soon realized I had hair duty. Tito was the first to request I wash his hair. Before I realized it, everyone had had a shampoo at my expense. I was working on Kevin's hair when I felt a pair of hands in my hair.

I turned around and there was little Mike with a cheesy grin on his face scrubbing my scalp. I never thought a shampoo could feel so relaxing but I almost dozed off while he worked. Kevin grabbed the soap from Tommy and started washing Mike's chest. He began washing his nipples when Mike popped wood. Kevin was about to take care of his problem when I had to step in to keep this from becoming something that got out of control.

"Aw Marco," Kevin wined. "He wouldn't have cared."

Eduardo came over and playfully slapped him on the butt and said, "Yeah love, but I would. Now come on and let's get rinsed and dried."

The boys took the hint and got rinsed, dried and dressed in record time. We got Emilio out and back downstairs then they went off and did their own thing until bedtime. I decided to relax and watch some television in my recliner when I quickly had a lapful of Tommy and Tito.

The little imps grabbed the remote and began channel surfing for something to watch. They decided on an early Star Wars movie so I guessed that was the decision for the evening. Everyone settled down and started watching the movie and about half way through I heard Tommy ask Tito, "Did you cut yourself here?"

I heard the question and was wondering what he was talking about since my son hadn't come to me telling of an injury. I looked down to see what Tommy was talking about and I saw his hand was inside Tito's shorts. I also noticed Tito's was inside Tommy's so the cut Tommy was talking about had me concerned.

Tito looked over at his friend and said, "I don't ever remember being hurt down there Tommy but it does feel good."

I looked at the boys and said; "I think you guys should continue that in the privacy of your room son but first, can I see what Tommy is talking about?"

They jumped down off my lap and Tito said, "Sure Dad but like I told Tommy, I don't ever remember being cut or hurt there."

"I understand son and it may very well be nothing," I said looking at Tito. "Come on boys. Tommy will you show me what you felt on him?"

We went into Tito's room and Tommy removed Tito's underwear and had him lie down on the bed. He raised my son's legs and rubbed an area near his scrotum. He rubbed briefly then said, "Here it is Marco. Come here and you can see it."

I looked at where he was rubbing and sure enough there was a small scar on his scrotum running into his perineum. I ran my finger over the scar then looked at the wound. I was surprised at what I saw. It was a surgical incision and it looked like it was about a year old. I handed my son his shorts then asked, "Do you ever remember being injured besides what happened to you just before we met?"

"I can't remember Daddy," Tito said. "I do remember being in a hospital and I was sleepy for some time but I can't remember why. The next thing I recall was being back on the streets. The odd thing was I wasn't hungry. I also recall it stung the first time I had to pee but that didn't last long."

I thought about what Tito had just said. I couldn't imagine what had happened but it didn't seem to have affected him so I decided to dismiss it and let him be. I picked him up giving him a kiss on the forehead saying, "Alright son. I don't know what it is but you are obviously healthy. I'm not going to worry about it so you guys can relax. If you two wish to continue your activities, I suggest you close your door. Tommy, I want you to go slow and remember you just had surgery on your bottom."

Tommy hugged me and said kissing me on the cheek, "I will Marco and thanks. I really like him, you know."

I returned his kiss and went back out to my recliner to try to understand what I just saw. I thought about where that scar was and the only thing that kept coming to mind was also the most improbable.

Kevin and Eduardo were upstairs cuddling before they had a guest for the night. Kevin's hand was rubbing his boyfriend's chest when Eduardo said, "Oh man dude, that feels wonderful. You have given me one hell of a boner."

"I'm glad you like it love," Kevin said softly. "You haven't seen anything yet. Do you trust me?"

Eduardo looked into his eyes and said, "Yes Kevin, I do."

"Well then love," Kevin said looking back at Eduardo. "Slip your boxers off and I'll show you something great."

Both boys quickly stripped and Kevin began rubbing Eduardo's chest again. As he rubbed over his nipples his hand slid down to his lover's erect phallus. Kevin gently pulled the foreskin back on his boyfriend's penis exposing the head causing Eduardo to gasp. Kevin began raising and lowering the skin as Eduardo said, "God Kevin, it feels better than when I do it. Please don't stop."

Kevin leaned up and quickly kissed his lover then began stroking his friend a little quicker. He slid his hand down between his legs and began caressing Eduardo's balls and sack then leaning his head down to give him his first blowjob. After a few minutes Kevin asked "How do you like it?"

Eduardo pulled his head away saying, "Stop please, it's to sensitive. Just keep stroking, alright?"

This was the first time Kevin had touched and uncut dick so he wasn't sure how to please him orally so he continued to rub his balls and jack him off. After a few more minutes Kevin felt Eduardo's sack tighten. He also felt something else but he didn't get time to say anything when the penis in his hand began shooting its thin watery fluid. He milked all he could then quickly licked his hand clean. He smiled at his lover and said, "Yummy, nice and sweet baby."

"I'm glad you like it," Eduardo said breathing quickly. "It still seems very watery for my age, don't you think?"

"Maybe," Kevin said. "What is this here babe?"

Eduardo felt where Kevin showed him. He shook his head and said, "I don't know what that is. Ruben has one to. I thought we were born like that."

When Kevin heard that, he dropped his boxers and said, "Feel here babe, you'll see I don't have a scar there like you do. I think you got hurt somehow. Did you show your Dads?"

"I don't know if he's seen it or not," Eduardo answered. "Jay gave us each physicals before we were adopted but I can't remember him having touched us there."

Kevin thought for a minute and said, "Why don't we show Marco and you can tell him what you told me about your sperms?"

Eduardo grabbed his boxers and said, "Good idea love. Marco will know what this is."

Kevin grabbed his shorts and pulled them on over his body and took his lover's hand and went downstairs saying, "Come on then and let's go see him."

I was still deep in thought when Kevin and Eduardo came to me. They were standing in front of me yet I didn't see them, as I was deep in thought. It wasn't until I felt a tug on my arm and a voice say, "Marco, are you awake?" that I sat up and acknowledged them.

They had a serious look on their face and it was quite clear that something serious was on their mind when I said, "Yes boys, what's on your mind?"

Eduardo looked sheepishly at me so Kevin decided to be the spokesperson for the two of them. "Well Marco," Kevin started. "It's like this. We were kind of fooling around and I happened to find what seems to be a very old scar on Eduardo here. Also, it seems he may not be making sperms yet even though he is almost fourteen. His jizz looks like milky colored water. He's growing hair around his dick and in fact, he has more than me."

Eduardo was standing there several shades of red while Kevin was telling me what they found. I thought I would lighten the mood by saying, "Thank you for your accurate history and physical doctor. Eduardo, may I see for myself what it is you have found?"

He went over to the sofa and lied down. Kicking his boxers off and spreading his legs Eduardo said, "Marco, Ruben has the same thing and his stuff is thinner looking than my sperms."

I took all that information and added it with what I saw on Tito. My nephew had a scar in almost the identical place Tito did. I handed him his boxers then said, "I'm going to talk with Jay and Pop in the morning. If needed, would you mind giving us a sample of your sperms?"

My nephew hugged me and said, "Not at all Marco. Do you think it is serious?"

At this point in time, I had no earthly idea what I was dealing with so I couldn't answer his question. I returned his hug and said, "No son, I don't think it's serious at all. Neither you nor Ruben are acting ill. I think it might be that you both are just going through puberty a little later than other boys. I wouldn't worry about it. You guys go and play now. You have thirty minutes before it's time for bed."

Kevin gave me a hug before they went over to the computers to surf the net. I sat back down and started thinking again about what was going on.

In the rec room, Conner and big Mike were sitting at a table enjoying a soda deep in conversation. Conner was telling Mike, "I'm so glad I'm here now. I don't have to worry about some drunken bastard trying to fondle me or play with my ass. I also don't have to worry about getting hit for trying to tell my stepfather what was being done to me. Mike, there is no way in hell I will step foot on that property again. I don't ever want to see or be around that man again."

"Conner, I think you're old enough that a judge would listen to what you have to say with regards to that," Mike said in response to Conner's last remark. "Since he's just your stepfather, I don't think he has any legal claim to you unlike he would if he had adopted you."

"That's good," Conner said, trying to keep from getting emotional. "If I ever have to go back there, I'll run away. This is my home now and I don't want to have to ever leave."

Mike slid over beside Conner and wrapped his arm around his shoulder saying, "Look dude, don't talk like that. Everyone here will do everything to make sure that doesn't happen. This is a place for gay kids but we've all come to care about you. If it happens that you're straight, well so be it. I think this is the best place for you so promise me you won't run away."

Conner thought about it for a few minutes then said, "Alright, I won't worry about that for now. I do have something I'd like to know. Does it mean I'm gay if I like to jack off with a friend? A guy I know and I have done it several times and it feels so much better when he does me than when I do myself."

Mike laughed when he heard Conner ask that question. "No dude, that doesn't mean you're gay. It's natural and you're so right. It does feel better when someone else jacks you off. It's just about eleven so we had better get on to bed now. Do you have any other questions or things you want to talk about?"

He stood then gave Mike a big hug and said, "Um no Mike, not right now. You've been a big help to me. You will make a great counselor. Thanks for everything you've done."

The boys went upstairs to get ready for bed. Mike did bed check reminded everyone lights were to be out in about five minutes. Conner slipped into Kevin's room where he and Eduardo were waiting on him to arrive. He was nervous as he closed the door and walked over to the bed. Kevin gently hugged him and took him by the hand and led him over to the bed where Eduardo greeted him by slipping his boxers off for him. Conner smiled and said, "Guys I really want to do this with you but I'm not sure what I want or even what I want to do."

Kevin smiled and said, "Why don't you just lay back and let us do everything. If you want to let your hands roam and caress us, that's fine otherwise just enjoy. You've told me what you think you like so now you can be sure. If at any time you really want to stop, just say so. You won't hurt our feelings. We love you like our brother."

Conner reached his arms out and the boys cuddled close to him and began caressing his body. Conner was getting double the treatment. Kevin was on one side and Eduardo the other. Kevin leaned up and gently kissed Conner's cheek then used his tongue to gently run up and down the side of his neck. Eduardo kissed Conner's other cheek then slowly worked his way down to his chest.

Kevin started nibbling on Conner's neck and so he heard him moan and suck wind saying, "God Kevin, you know how to make someone feel very good."

"Hang tight dude, you ain't felt nothing yet," Kevin hissed back into Conner's ear.

Slowly Kevin let his fingers slide over Conner's chest searching for his nipple. Once he found his target he gently pinched and kneaded the mound of flesh until it was standing firm and proud. Eduardo was licking his way around Conner's chest too until he found his other nipple. Between the two of them they had the boy moaning, heading for sensory overload.

Eduardo's hand was still heading south until he found the boy's sparsely covered pubic region. His fingers played with his hair and tickled his smooth scrotum. Kevin watched and saw Conner's cut tool standing tall and he gently wrapped his fist around it and began gently stroking. His finger felt the precum he was leaking and took some and coated the tip giving Conner a more pleasurable experience.

Conner's eyes were closed and he said, "Oh god guys, this is the greatest feeling I've ever felt. Please don't stop."

Eduardo began putting more pressure on his perineum while Kevin squeezed tighter on Conner's dick and stroked faster. Eduardo found the boy's hole and took his finger and rubbed over it firmly but not going inside. The boys felt their guest tighten his muscles telling them he was about to blow his load. Eduardo rubbed and Kevin stroked when they heard, "Oh shit guys, I'm going to cummmmmm. Don't stop please. Oh guys here it comes now!"

Conner's first blast landed on his face. His next two landed on his neck and two others in the middle of his chest. He had three other blasts that landed on his stomach. Kevin milked the rest of the thick liquid out of his still hard dick then licked the juice off his hand.

The boys kissed Conner on the cheek and cuddled close to their guest. Eduardo asked, "How did you like that?"

Conner wrapped his arms around them and said, "That was the best thing I've ever felt. You sure know how to make someone feel great. That took everything out of me guys. I'm exhausted."

Kevin giggled and said, "I'm glad you like it as much as we enjoyed pleasing you."

Eduardo said, "Yeah, you are very welcome dude. Sleep well."

Kevin reached under the bed and grabbed a towel and cleaned Conner up from his giant orgasm then they cuddled close and drifted off to sleep.

I checked on Carlos, Emilio, Tommy and Tito before finally turning in for the evening. I drifted off to sleep thinking about everything I had learned this evening. I hope Jay and Pop can help answer these questions running through my head.

To be continued