The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 19

A Time For Reflection

I checked on Carlos, Emilio, Tommy, and Tito before finally turning in for the evening. I drifted off to sleep thinking about everything I had learned this evening. I hope Jay and Pop can help answer these questions running through my head.

It was early when I woke up to relieve my overloaded bladder. I looked at the clock and it wasn't even six o'clock yet. This was unusual for me, as here lately I've needed the alarm clock to wake me. I took my shower then went down to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee. The kitchen staff was there preparing breakfast and I informed them to slow down because I wanted breakfast served at seven thirty as today was Saturday.

I took my coffee into the living room and turned on the television and watched the early morning news. I was there watching the screen but not paying attention to what they were saying. I was about to get my second cup of coffee when Stevie and Ruben came bounding down the stairs and jumped into my arms. "Hi Uncle Marco," they said in unison, each kissing a cheek.

I gave them each a hug and a kiss on the forehead before setting them back down on their feet. I changed the channel for them so they could watch cartoons while I got my second cup of liquid wake up.

I came back in and resumed thinking about the things I'd been told when Ruben said, "Uncle Marco, Eduardo said he told you about the scar on us. Is there something wrong with me? Why is it I can't make sperms yet like Stevie?"

I picked my nephew up and set him on my lap bringing him close to me and saying, "There is nothing to worry about little one. Every boy is different when it comes to puberty. You realize there is only nine months difference in age between you and your brother, right?"

He nodded his head then said, "That's what Stevie said too. I might just need a little more time."

I smiled and said, "He's right. I do want to ask you one question Ruben. Are you making anything at all when you climax?"

He blushed a little and said, "Just a little but Stevie's making more than I am."

"It's alright son," I said with a smile on my face, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable. "No body is going to make fun of you."

I looked at the clock and it was almost seven so I sent the boys to get dressed and wake the others. I went in and woke the four guys downstairs and Tito and Tommy attacked me immediately. I roughhoused with them for a few minutes until they had me just about worn out.

All the boys started filtering down in twos and threes and soon everyone was ready to eat. The kitchen is set up different in the resident's houses than the main house. Here the boys have the food put on their plates in the amount they wish but it's known they have to eat everything before going back for more. I like this idea better because when each child is done, they can leave the area and go about their business.

After breakfast, I was going to take Tito, Ruben and Eduardo over to see Pop and Jay when I had their respective boyfriends jumping up and down saying they wanted to come along also. There was no way I could say no so off to the main house the seven of us went.

When I walked in, Jay, Ronnie, Pop and Gwen were sitting there finishing their breakfast. The boys went and gave hugs to everyone while I fixed myself another cup of coffee and joined them while they finished eating.

After they ate, we took the boys into the office and I showed Jay and Pop the scars on their bodies. When Pop felt Eduardo's scar I said, "There is only one thing I can imagine but I've never seen it on children."

Pop quickly felt the other boy's scars then ushered them out of the office and closed the door. He looked at me and asked, "Alright son, what do you think it is?"

All of a sudden it was like I was back in medical school standing before a professor. My knees got weak and my mouth dry. I looked at him and said, "The only thing I can think it that can be is from a vasectomy but like I said before, I've never seen it on a child."

When I was making that statement Pop was looking out the window and he hadn't moved a muscle. "You're right son, that's what it is. The person who did it that way was in medical school with me and became quite a successful urologist. He perfected that style and went to work in third world countries helping the adults with birth control."

Jay said, "How come you know so much about him Dad?"

I heard Pop take a deep breath before answering then sighed. "That's because he taught me his technique. I wasn't sure what specialty I wanted to go into so I spent six months with him. After I left, I knew this was not what I wanted to do. It also paved the way for me to go into pediatrics and then pediatric surgery."

"How come I never knew about this?" Jay asked.

He turned around and said, "This was a long time before I knew you or your brothers."

I had been thinking about all he had been saying when I said, "Pop, if this is in fact a scar from a vasectomy, the boys need to get them reversed before it's too late. Eduardo is already ejaculating so this is becoming a priority. There are a few other things too, and I think you know what they are."

"Yes I do Marco," Pop said dejectedly. "I know a doctor has broken all his ethics and needs to be stopped. I also know there may be many children out there that are like our three boys. I would also care to wager there are girls who have had this done and they all need help. I just don't know how to find them all but I will use all the resources I have at my disposal to help in any way I can."

I looked at Jay and said, "I guess the first thing we should do is find out if Eduardo is producing sperm. I think I already know the answer but it needs to be confirmed first."

"What about Ruben?" Jay asked.

"I talked with him this morning," I said in answer to his question. "He will need to be checked also but he said he's just putting out a little semen. This may buy him some time and a reversal should work. Tito is only ten and the last I knew is still having dry orgasms."

Jay looked back at me and said, "Well, I guess we should take them to the dispensary and have them give us some samples."

I nodded my head and then went back into the living room where we found six boys sitting on the couch unsure of what was going on. I went over to Tito and reached out my hand to him and said, "Come on son, let's take a walk."

Jay reached his hand out to Eduardo just as Ronnie came from the kitchen into the living room. Ruben got up and ran to Ronnie and each of their respective boyfriends took hold of their hands also.

Jay explained to Tito, Ruben and Eduardo what it was we needed them to do. I could see Kevin's eyes light up because he remembered what I had asked Eduardo the night.

Tito looked at me and asked, "Are you going to have to do it Daddy?"

I smiled at him and said, "No little one, I won't. I'll just explain how to do it and then I'll just leave you to it."

Kevin piped up and said, "Can we help?"

I looked at him and said, "Yes Kevin, you can all help your boyfriends with this. Each of you will be in separate rooms so there is no embarrassment for the others."

Tito looked up at me and smiled saying, "Thanks Daddy. I really wouldn't have minded you but I think Tommy will be more fun."

We got to the dispensary and I unlocked the door then entered. Stopping at the lab, I got three specimen cups just to be sure then we explained to the boys what we needed of them. The adults were sure we didn't need to tell them how to do this so we left them to their own devices.

A little while later, the pairs of boys began exiting the rooms a pair at a time with Kevin and Eduardo being the last. He and Ruben had liquid in their cups, which still confirmed to me that Tito was not yet going through puberty.

Ronnie took all the boys back to the main house while Jay and I started preparing the samples for microscopic examination. I was thinking back to when I was in medical school. I was trying to remember the exact way to prepare a sperm sample. "Hey bro," I shouted while he was saying good-bye to Ronnie. "Can you help me in here? Seems I've forgot my urology 101."

"Oh great," Jay said laughingly. "To think, I have you assisting me with microsurgery and you can't prepare samples for the microscope. I'll be there in a minute."

Jay came inside and went to work. Within a few minutes, he had the samples in the centrifuge and spinning down for our examination. The machine stopped automatically and I began preparing the slides.

Jay and I used the two-person microscope so we could both see the slides at the same time. Since I was pretty sure Ruben was just starting puberty, his sample wouldn't show signs of dead sperm. I was right; the sample was clean and void of any sperm. When I slid Eduardo's slide into place, I wasn't sure what I would see. If there were sperm present, reversing the procedure would be imperative if he was going to have a chance at being a father if he wanted this later in life.

"Marco, you better take a look at this," Jay said hurriedly.

I wasn't sure what to think but when I put my eyes to the eyepieces I saw everything. Sure enough, there were about one hundred dead sperm in the sample. "Damn, I was hoping he would be like Ruben. It would have been nice if he was late starting puberty." I didn't want to put these guys through any more than they have already but I didn't see any way around it.

Jay looked up and slammed his fist on the table. The microscope jumped up and down and I quickly grabbed it as Jay said, "Why these boys Marco. I hope I never lay eyes on this bastard. I swear I'll pound the shit out of him."

I took Jay by the hand and led him out of the lab. "I know bro and I want to do that to him as well," I said still holding his hand. "But that won't solve anything. We need to concentrate on finding a good pediatric urologist who can do the reversal surgeries on the boys."

Jay was visibly mad and upset. "I can ask Rogers if he knows someone," he said squeezing my hand tighter. "I'd like to know how we're going to tell the boys that someone had done this horrific thing to them. This, as far as I'm concerned, is just as bad as what happened to Tommy.

I pulled my hand out saying, "Easy dude. I know you're upset but please don't break my hand. I agree with you that I have no idea how I'm going to tell Tito that someone did something to him without his knowledge.

Back at the main house Pop was on the phone with his friend Javier Cortez. He was saying, "Javier, this kind of thing I can't allow to continue. I can't believe no one there has ever said a thing about this going on. I'm not saying there is wrongdoing going on within the police department but I do feel it's odd that kids can disappear for a week or longer without someone asking questions. There has to be a facility somewhere that is housing the kids. It would require a place larger than my old one."

Javier thought long and hard before speaking. He finally said, "Miguel if anyone called or came into my office and said this to me I would find it totally absurd even with the slim evidence you bring me. I know you well enough that you wouldn't make a wild accusation such as this without deep conviction. I take it the boys have had the procedures reversed?"

"Are you kidding?" Pop asked sarcastically. "I just saw the scars on the boys this morning. If the boys hadn't said anything to Marco, Lord knows how long it would have been before anyone ever knew they were there. Finding a pediatric urologist that can do a vasectomy reversal isn't going to be easy. It's just something that's not done in children. If I hadn't seen Evan Miller do this procedure over one thousand times in six months when I was with him I would be the first one to wonder like Marco and Jay what it could be. I can tell you he is a year older than me so if he is still operating, I'd be surprised. I just hope no one has picked up the gauntlet and is continuing his legacy."

"All right Miguel," the judge said. "I'll have the new sheriff see what he can find out. I'm not sure of his name but I do know he is a former street kid. He's about twenty-five and has a degree in law enforcement from the US. By the way, you keep mentioning someone named Marco. I heard my brother had a son named Marco but I've never seen him. I guess it's been over twenty-five years now since I last heard from my brother. Could this be his son?"

"Yes, Marco is your nephew; Javier," Pop confirmed.

Now I've never met my Uncle Javier so when I finally did meet him, it would be quite a meeting. I know I can't hold him responsible for not knowing about me. Hell, I didn't even know my father had a brother. I got bounced around and was on the streets then sent to another family. Pop continued talking to the judge saying, "Once all this mess is taken care of, you'll have to come here and meet him. I think you'll really be proud of the way he's turned out. He did follow in Jay's footsteps and mine. The two of them have done some fine work on some of the boys here. One of which he adopted.

"Miguel, he sounds like a fine man," Javier said with pride. "I won't be able to get away for a few months but I will plan on coming up for a visit. I'd love to see the facility and meet the lucky boys your helping. Keep up the good work and please send me the medical reports on your boys when they have had their operations. For everyone's sake Miguel, I hope you're wrong on what you think has happened."

Pop sighed and said before he hung up, "So do I, Javier. So do I."

Jay and I walked into the main house and I saw Pop sitting at the dining room table. He had a distant look on his face and Jay asked, "The news is what we thought Dad. Ruben appears to be just starting puberty and Eduardo has been for some time. There were dead sperm seen in the sample of ejaculate Eduardo gave us. I was thinking I could talk with Dr. Rogers and see if he knows a good pediatric urologist with reversal experience."

Pop nodded his head and said; "I think that is the way to go. I am going to check with the AMA to see if Evan still has his license and I should be able to find out in what city and state he's practicing. I'm still considering what I'm going to do if I find him. Do you think you'll be able to do the work here or will it need to be done in the hospital?

I thought for a minute then said, "I would want this type of procedure to be done as an outpatient simply because it is tedious and meticulous work. They will be sore afterwards but all should be able to come home the next day. From what I do remember it's going to take at least three months to be sure if the procedure is successful. They aren't going to like not being able to have any sort of fun for thirty days."

"Uncle Ronnie, do you know what happened to us?" Tito asked very sincerely. "Did someone do something to my dick or balls?

Kevin started to say something but Ronnie quickly looked at him then said, "I don't know little one. I'm not a doctor. I know your Dad, Uncle Jay and Grandpa are trying to figure that out now. I'm sure they will let you all know something very soon.

They were walking over by my house when Conner saw his friends. He came running out and asked, "Ronnie, may I talk with Kevin and Eduardo for a few minutes?

Ronnie gave his approval and the three boys went for a short walk. Conner smiled at them and said, "I don't know what is going on with you Eduardo, but I sure hope everything is alright. You guys have made me feel so welcome here I can't believe my luck. I can't thank you both enough for what you did last night. You showed me more things I enjoy than just having someone grab my dick and jack me off. It was so wonderful I don't think I can ever repay you."

Both boys were smiling now and Eduardo said, "Hey dude, it was no problem at all. I was glad to share my boyfriend so you could see some of the great ways you can be turned on."

Kevin then said, "That's right Conner. I was going to start to suck you some but I wasn't sure if you would get scared or not so I just gave you one of my super fantastic hand jobs."

"You would have done that for me Kevin?" Conner said in amazement. "I've heard that was super but never had one before. I'm sure I'll find out what it feels like soon enough so it's no big deal. Thanks again guys. You are all great friends."

The boys went back over to where Ronnie and the others were standing and Kevin asked, "What are we going to do until lunch?"

Ronnie thought then said, "Why don't you all put some shorts on and you can go and play some soccer until lunch. After lunch, maybe we can go to the lake for a swim."

Eduardo said, "Tim still can't go Ronnie. It's not fair for him. Do you think he can get his cast off?"

"I don't know," Ronnie said looking at his elder son. "I think Dad and Uncle Marco will have to be the judge of that. They will probably need to x-ray his arm so they will know what is going on."

All the boys went to change and went over to the sports field. It was the perfect day. Sunny and warm but not so hot one would be sweating like you were in a shower by just going for a walk.

Tim was the referee due to his injured arm and Emilio was timekeeper. Big Mike and Ronnie were drafted to be the goalkeepers. Both sides had boys that knew how the game was played and in the end, the score was tied at two all.

Jay and I were walking over to the house and I saw the whole crew coming over from the field. Everyone was huffing and puffing then I saw Tito with the soccer ball. Jay looked at his husband then said, "You looked like you had a wild time. How come you never pant like that when you're with me?"

All the boys had to jump in on that. Jordan said, "Ronnie, you need to do better with your man dude or you'll be in the permanently cut off house."

Poor Ronnie, I really felt sorry for him but he's ribbed me like this before so I decided to keep my mouth shut. There was still twenty minutes until lunch so I said, "OK guys, go and wash up and change before lunch. You guys have fifteen minutes so be quick."

I took Tim over to the dispensary and x-rayed his arm. I saw the greenstick fracture was healed but I still wanted him in a cast. I cut off the fiberglass cast and replaced it with a splint cast that was held on with two ace bandages. He knew the boys wanted to go skinny-dipping at the lake but he was fine just sitting on the bank and watching the others play. I had to admit he was being mature with this temporary set back. When I was finished, I took Tim back to my house to be with the others.

Ronnie took the crew swimming while Jay and I tried to find a surgeon who would be willing to operate on three young boys. Jay called Dr. Rogers and explained the whole situation to him. He quickly came up with a surgeon who specialized in doing reversals. The name he gave Jay was Dr. Samantha Paris. He hung up the phone and said, "He gave the name of someone who does this and has very good results. The problem for the boys is that it's a woman. Her name is Dr. Samantha Paris. I guess they will soon see that women are now doctors."

"Oh yeah," I snickered. "Try telling that to a ten year old, and two teenagers."

Jay said very matter of factly, "My boys will have to grin and bear it."

"Don't you mean scowl and bear it?" I giggled. "On the bright side, they won't have to worry about popping wood."

"This is true," Jay said grinning. "She said she would meet us at the hospital tomorrow and examine the boys and would also like to see the slides."

"I'm surprised that she's willing to do this for us on a Sunday," I said amazed at what Jay told me.

Jay and I went into the dining room for a cold drink when he said, "She said she heard of the work we did on Emilio and it was a courtesy to us as fellow surgeons."

We had dinner at my house and the staff did a great job feeding this herd of bottomless pits. The three scared boys stayed close to their boyfriends and we all had a quiet evening watching movies on tape. I was amazed with so many boys they actually managed to agree on a movie without arguing. Before the end of the second movie, six boys were sound asleep before it was over. The older boys took Kevin, Eduardo, Stevie and Ruben upstairs and tucked them in while I did the same with Tito and Tommy. The others finished watching the movie then we all turned in for the night.

The next morning after breakfast, Jay called over and said Dr. Sam was going to come out here to examine the boys. She thought they would be more comfortable if they were in their own environment. She had had many male patients in the past but these were going to be her first this young.

I got the six boys and brought them into my bedroom and sat them down. I explained to them saying, "There is a doctor going to come out here and examine you. I need to explain something to you and I don't know if you guys will totally understand but I will do my best to answer all your questions. First off, the scars you have are from an operation. I know you didn't let anyone do it nor did it need to be done. The operation you had done is normally done on men my age when they have decided they had had all the children they want and still want to have sex with their wives."

Everyone said, "Eeww that's gross, sex with a girl!"

I looked at them and said, "How do you think you came into this world. Do you think someone found you in a cabbage patch? Now, the next thing is something about the doctor. The doctor's name is Dr. Sam Paris. Dr. Samantha Paris."

Ruben was the first to say something; "No way Uncle Marco. No woman is looking at me."

Eduardo walked over to him and popped him in the shoulder. "Shut up Ruben. You don't talk that way to Uncle Marco. Do you think he'd have someone come here and look at us for the hell of it? You're lucky Dad didn't hear you talk like that or he'd have sent you to your room for a few days without television."

Ruben was looking at his feet and then he started to slowly walk over to me. He wrapped his arms around my legs and said, "I'm sorry Uncle Marco. I shouldn't have mouthed off at you like that. What is going to happen?"

I knelt down and hugged my young nephew. "She just wants to take a quick look at you then look at the slides Jay and I made yesterday. She will be fixing the operation you boys had done to you. You may need to be in the hospital over night but we're not sure about that yet. It all depends on how you do and feel afterwards. Believe me boys, I sure don't like having to put you guys through this and your Grandpa is plenty upset about this too. We will make things right for you all. That is our promise to you. Also, you can have your boyfriends with you if it makes you feel comfortable."

About eleven, two women came into the main house. I knew one of them was Dr. Paris but I had no clue as to who the other one was. They were both good looking enough but I was getting a feeling they might be a couple. I extended my hand and said, "Hello, I'm Marco Cortez and this is Jay Sanchez."

The older of the two shook my hand and said, "Hi, I'm Sam Paris this is my nurse Liz Craven."

Ronnie came in with the boys so they could get their exams. Jay said, "This is my brother Ronnie and these three are your patients. The others are their close friends and we said they could have them here to make them feel comfortable."

Kevin looked at Sam and asked, "Are you going to do anything to hurt Eduardo? If you are, I would hate to have to hurt you."

Sam smiled and said, "My, my, he is a spunky one isn't he? Don't worry little one, I'm not going to hurt your boyfriend."

I thought Kevin was going to go into total meltdown when he heard that. He sputtered saying, "I didn't say that."

Sam kneeled down and caressed his cheek saying, "You didn't need to son. I see how you look at him and how he looks at you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how much you care for him. I feel that same way about Liz, here. Not only is she my nurse, she's also my life partner."

On hearing this, the boys were much more relaxed and Jay reintroduced Ronnie as his husband. We used the office and she quickly examined the boys and determined that she owed it to each of one of them to try to correct the mutilation that had been inflicted on their bodies. Once out of the room, she explained that Eduardo's reversal would have the greater chance of failure because he was already producing sperm. She was still giving him a better than sixty percent chance of success, however.

Liz called the hospital and had them set it up for Monday morning. Each procedure would take about three hours so all three would have to be at the hospital bright and early.

All the boys were upset over the fact someone could hurt children like that and they all stayed close to show their support. The day went by like slow motion. I couldn't believe my son was going to have to undergo surgery that I had no control over. I couldn't let them see it but I was worried. More than that, I was angry. If someone was in Recife still doing this to children, he would loath the day he was ever born.

After dinner, we all watched television and played musical boys. Every thirty minutes or so, one pair of boys got off my lap with another pair taking their place. At eight, I could tell Tito, Ruben and Eduardo were really getting anxious. I was afraid they wouldn't sleep so I gave each of them a mild sedative. It would make them drowsy and fall asleep but it wouldn't make them dopey when they awoke in the morning. They began yawning more and more so it was time for them to retire before their day in surgery. Every boy got a hug and kiss and the whole crew watched as they and their respective boyfriend's was tucked in for the night. I retired early myself because I know I was going to have a very long day.

I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep that night but the next thing I knew, Jay was shaking me telling me to get up. He stood there with a cup of hot coffee enticing me out of the bed. It worked and I was up very quickly. I was very lazy and I simply tossed on a pair of surgical scrubs to cover my body. I drank the coffee Jay made for me and went to gather the boys to go to the hospital.

We arrived in about twenty minutes and soon the boys were in the pre-op ward. I told Kevin, Tommy, and Stevie that they had to behave themselves or they would not be able to stay back there. I was proud of them and they helped their boyfriends undress and get into their new designer outfits. Kevin whistled at Eduardo when he turned around and he saw his cute bare butt showing. Eduardo smiled then got back into bed as the same male nurse that Tommy and Emilio saw came in to start their intravenous lines. Ruben and Tito were scared when it came to needles so I held their hands. The nurse was very good and quickly had them started without any trouble.

Sam and Liz came in and said, "I'm going to need another pair of hands. Which one of you would like to assist?"

Jay looked at me and said, "How about you assist with Eduardo and Ruben and I'll help with Tito."

I nodded in agreement and left with them to go and scrub. Eduardo was the first to be operated on. Sam took a scalpel and made a small incision in his scrotum and quickly found the vas deferens for his left testicle. She cleared away the cord from the scar tissue then said, "Will you take a look at this. Who ever did this must have been in a hurry."

I looked to see what she was talking about and I saw what she meant. He clamped the cord then cut it in two. "This should make for an easy reattachment," I said.

Sam undid the little clips that held the tubes closed and we saw a clear liquid start to ooze out. "We have seminal fluid. This is a good sign. Liz, hand me the mini dilator."

She slid the tool in the tube to make sure it was open and carefully sutured the ends together. Once that was done, she found the other vas and quickly repaired the damage. Once Sam was done running the vas and everything was put back in the scrotum, I said, "Liz, suture and pick-ups."

I closed Eduardo's scrotum using thin suture material hoping to keep the scar to a minimum. I put five small stitches in him then took a look before stepping back away from the table.

We took our gowns and gloves off and washed our hands to talk with Jay before starting on Ruben. Sam said, "His reversal was the easiest I've ever done. I guess that's because the person who did it was quite sloppy. I'm not complaining mind you and Eduardo should be making sperm soon. I got a sample of his seminal fluid when the clip was removed and it's being analyzed as we speak. It will be a while before we know how strong his sperm will be. If he's not in too much pain, he should be able to go home in several hours."

Jay was smiling as he heard the news. I turned heading to the washroom and started to scrub for Ruben's operation. He said walking over to the sleeping child, "Thanks Sam, I hope it goes as smooth for Ruben too."

I finished scrubbing then went into the OR suite. Ruben was lying on the table when he said, "Did my brother's operation go well Uncle Marco?"

I lowered my mask and smiled at him. "Everything went fine. He will be fine and squirting up a storm in a few months. Yours will go fine too now just relax and think good thoughts. You're going to sleep now so good night sweet prince."

Ruben's reversal went better than Eduardo's. This guy was working like he was getting paid by the procedure and not if the job would last. All Sam had to do here was remove two clips off each of the vas deferens then make sure they were patent before closing. We explained this to Jay so we decided to let her operate on Tito solo. His procedure went like Rubens and they were out in about an hour.

The boys stayed in post-op for about four hours and we were able to take them back out to The Ranch so they could rest. The boys spent the rest of the day in their own bed with their boyfriend waiting on them hand and foot. It was quite a sight but they loved every minute. The next day brought another round of butler playing by Kevin, Stevie, and Tommy. I talked with Jay and we began thinking they were playing things up at bit so we began making them start to get a few things for themselves.

Wednesday was a bit of a sad day as Mike was leaving for college. As a freshman, he had to be there before classes started for incoming students. With everything else we had going on Gwen drove Mike to the campus. I felt the loss because not only was I losing my counselor, I was losing a friend, as were the other boys. Mike had told me they would come to him and talk with him about problems they had. I was amazed at this revelation.

After lunch, the boys went for a walk. I gave Jordan a radio so he could keep in touch with us in case there was an emergency. Pop had managed to locate Evan Miller and he retired in Florida. He learned he had made a name for himself teaching and writing articles about vasectomies as a means for birth control for men.

I went into the dining room to get a soda and he was sitting there lost in thought. I opened my drink and sat down beside him. "What's wrong Pop are you still letting that guy get to you? You are a better man than he is. The boys are fine now and Sam doesn't think they will have any lasting effects. We will have to watch Ruben but that's because his mother had him so close after having Eduardo."

Pop just stared at me. He glared into my eyes for a few minutes and I saw a side of him that really had me worried. I learned about what he had done when he was younger living in Recife after finding Jay unconscious. I was lost in his glare when he said, "Marco, I've done some things in my life that I'm not proud of but were never immoral or against the law. I could always sleep peacefully at night but I'll be damn if I can figure him out. He is someone I called my friend and even emulated. Now I learn this person has gone around and mutilated children. What I don't understand is why? Why do this to children? Is it because they were homeless or their parents were poor? I don't get it but I swear I will find out if it's the last thing I do."

Jay and Ronnie came in grinning like the cat that ate the canary. They didn't have that post sex afterglow so I was really wondering what was going on. I looked at them and said, "OK you two, what gives? The last time I saw you like this you were planning on taking me to bed with you."

They looked at each other and giggled. I swallowed hard then Jay said, "Relax bro, it's nothing like that but it is good news. A friend of ours has a son that's been accepted to the same university as Mike. His son is gay and we sort of set them up as roomies."

I smiled and said, "Nice idea dudes. We'll just have to see what happens now. If they hit it off, that will be great. I'm glad you didn't let him know this before hand. If they do become friends, we can always tell them later."

Jay looked at his Dad and said, "I found out something on Evan Miller when Samantha described the way Ruben and Tito had their vasectomies done. I contacted a friend of mine who lived on the street when I did. Seems he had developed a severe case of degenerative joint disease about six months ago. His hands became so mangled he finally had to stop operating. At first, he could only put clips on the vas but as it worsened, he couldn't even do that and he caused a child to almost bleed to death. He left the country quickly and quietly and no one knew exactly whom it was. He was able to bribe someone and get the child's medical records and they are going to be mailed to me. I hope all this provides the means for him to come to justice. I know there is no amount of jail time that can make up for the emotional damage he's done or is there enough money to compensate them for their suffering."

Pop managed to say thank you son; when the buzzer on the front gate sounded. Ronnie heard a voice say, "Police Department."

Ronnie pushed the button opening the gate and we all went out to see what was going on. As we stepped out onto the porch, we saw a patrol car coming up the road. I said out loud joking, "I wonder who that can be and which boy is in trouble now."

The car stopped about a hundred feet from the porch and a uniformed officer got out saying, "I'm Officer Bill Goldman. Who is Miguel Sanchez?"

Pop said, "I'm he. What may I do to help you?"

The officer said, "I have a court order to pick up a Conner Harris for a visitation with his stepfather George Farmer."

We were all livid. We remembered the last time Conner thought he was going back to his father. Pop looked at the officer and said, "Let me see the order. I would like to know when his stepfather's criminal case was adjudicated. We were never notified of it coming to trial."

The officer handed him the order and said, "I don't think it has come to trial yet."

We looked at the paper and Pop said, "This isn't signed by the judge that placed Conner here. The Superior Court Judge has signed every child's order. I'm not releasing him on this order."

The officer raised his voice saying, "I'm afraid you have no choice sir. One way or another I'm leaving with that child."

I stepped forward and said, "I don't think you'd shoot everyone of us. How about we go inside while I call Judge Gordon and we'll see who goes where?"

The officer thought about my suggestion then said, "I don't think that will hurt anything. I know Judge Gordon and I don't want to go against his orders. I don't know how this guy got an unsupervised visitation with criminal charges pending anyway."

We were just about to step into the house when I heard a voice scream, "NO!!! I'm not going anywhere."

The officer was wondering what that was all about when Jay said, "Aw shit, not again."

The three of us ran to the stables and Pop said, "I think you'd better wait here."

I yanked open the gate and ran into the stable to get Apollo with Jay and Ronnie on my heels. I put the bridle and bit in Apollo's mouth leading him outside then I hopped on his back and took off. I headed towards the gate and I saw it had closed on me. I couldn't stop him in time and so I hung on and thought, 'I hope he can jump.'

Apollo ran faster then jumped clearing the fence by a few inches while my butt sucked major wind. He landed firm on the ground with me on his back now sending my jewels up towards my eyes. I moaned in pain but kept my eyes locked on my target. I lost him briefly and slowed him when Jay's steed Mercury passed me sending dirt and dust flying everywhere.

I couldn't see a thing for several seconds then I spotted Jay heading towards the main gate. I put Apollo into a full gallop and went towards the tree line hoping to cut the running child off. I was closing the gap but then lost sight of him again. I had to slow down when I heard Jay shout, "Conner stop! Please come back."

I heard Jay yelling at him while I was coming up to the gate. I swear he was galloping in slow motion. I heard Jay yell once more just as I reached the fence. Conner stopped suddenly when he turned and looked at us.

To be continued