The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 21

Judgment Day

"Oh man," I said with a smile. "Shot down by a teenager. That's all right son, I have a son and a house full of boys I take care of. You'll get to meet them in the morning if you're well enough."

Jay went and got some pain medication for them then we went around and gave them each a hug and told them we'd be here with them if they needed anything. We then crawled into a bed a tried to get some sleep.

Corey got up and shook me gently whispering, "Marco, I hear someone crying."

I opened my eyes looking at him and said, "Thanks, I'll go see who it is. Are you in any pain?"

"A little," he said crawling back into bed.

"Alright," I said heading over to where the crying was coming from. "I'll bring you something in a few minutes."

Quietly I walked down the row of beds until I was by the bed with the crying boy. Sitting on the edge of his bed, I said, "What's wrong son? Are you hurting again?"

"Yes sir," he whispered. "I'm just being a baby. I'm scared he's going to get me again and hurt my butt."

"It's alright son," I said. "What's your name? I'm Marco and I'm a doctor."

"Hi Marco," he said in a whisper. "I'm George White. My brother Terry went to the hospital with Joey. I miss Terry. He sleeps with me."

I calmed him down then said, "Ok son. Let me get some pain medicine for you guys then if you'd like, I'll cuddle with you like I do with my boys when they get scared."

"Gee would you?" he said with a smile. "That would be great."

I went and got the Tylenol with codeine and passed them out to those who needed it. I checked each boy's bag of fluids then went back over to George's bed. I slipped in and was wrapped up by a scared little boy. He crawled on top of me and I realized he was naked. It suddenly hit me that all these boys would probably be like that. I would get their sizes and have Pop bring some clothes over from the locker so they would have something to wear. I heard him start to whimper again and I asked, "What's wrong little man?"

"My butt hurts Marco," he said as I felt the tears roll down off his face. "My stomach does too."

I eased George off me and picked him up into my arms and said, "Grab your pole and let's see if I can find out why you're hurting so bad."

I carried him to one of the exam rooms and turned on the light after I closed the door so I wouldn't disturb the others. I laid him on his side and put on a pair of gloves. I gently lifted his cheek so I could see his damaged hole. His anal tissue was red, puffy and swollen and his rectum was still slightly open. I felt his stomach and it was soft but was sore on his low left side. I didn't want to do a rectal exam on him because I knew that would hurt him more but I needed to find out if he's been torn. I decided to look inside with our colon scope.

I explained everything to him and showed him what it looked like. George said, "Man, I wish they were that big. It wouldn't hurt. It's ok to put it in me."

I got a tube of KY with lidocaine and put some onto a long tipped cotton swab. I gently inserted into his hole and generously applied it all around. I turned the scope on and gently inserted the fiber optic tube inside. I slowly eased in surveying the damage. I went in about six inches and saw a tremendous amount of bruising. I saw this extended further so I slowly proceeded upward. The bruising went on another two inches and it's a good thing I used the lube I did.

I withdrew the tube and set it down looking at George to see how he was. He looked up at me and said, "Are you done yet? It's not hurting."

I kissed the top of his head and said, "Yes son, it's all done. You were very brave. You are very bruised inside but I didn't see any tears. You are going to be very sore for a few weeks while you heal. I can help keep the pain down so you won't feel too bad. How is your belly now?"

He rolled onto his back and said, "It's better some now that the pill is working. Can you wipe my butt it's feels a little funky."

I wiped him then quickly cleaned the scope and carried George back to bed. I laid him down, climbed in and he wrapped his arms around me then snuggled close. "Get some sleep now son."

"Thanks Marco for everything you’ve done," he said as I felt a kiss on my cheek.

I closed my eyes and we drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, it was with my usual full bladder and morning wood. I suddenly felt a little knee hit me and I had to pee right then and there. I scurried into the bathroom and quickly let fly. When I was done, I looked at the clock and it was just after eight. I looked at the others and they were beginning to stir. Walking over to Jay's bed, I saw an IV pole and tubing leading towards him. Knowing he didn't have one, I lifted the covers and saw a little head on his chest.

Suddenly the eyes popped open and I heard a giggling voice say, "Hi Marco, Did you sleep well with George?"

I smiled and said, "Yes I did Corey. Did you sleep well with Jay?"

All the boys were waking and I heard the pitter patter of feet running to the bathroom with rolling poles. Two by two, they came out and two more went in. As they came out, I removed the catheter from each of their arms since the effect of the drug was now out of their bodies.

At about eight thirty, Ronnie came in followed by Pop and Gwen carrying big pans of covered food. All the boys cheered, as they were all very hungry. They stood in line as we fixed their plates then they returned to their beds to eat on their bedside trays I set up for them. Jay woke as soon as he smelled the food but his first stop was the toilet also. The adults sat in my office and I explained to the others what I saw when I scoped George during the night because of the pain he said he was experiencing. It was decided, Jay and I would have to do the others to be sure there wasn't any internal tearing we didn't know about.

After breakfast, we introduced the boys to the rest of the staff. The four boys were Harry and Barry Harmon age 14 and identical twins, Corey Morrow age 14, and George White age 13. The two that were taken to the hospital were Joey Clark, age 13, and George's half brother Terry Burns, age 15. I called the hospital to see if Dr. Rogers was on duty. I found out he was in surgery operating on Joey. I left a message for him to call me when he was out of the operating room. The person I spoke to assured me she would have him call.

Gwen, Pop and Ronnie took the dishes back to my house so they could be cleaned while Jay and I started to examine the other boys. There were no tears seen but each boy was severely bruised. We knew they would have difficulties with their bowels because of the bruising so we put them on stool softeners hoping this would help.

Pop came back over with some clothes so they could get out of their hospital gowns. Once everything was finished at the dispensary, we took them over to their house so they could pick their rooms out. I called Gwen and told her she was going to be a house parent starting tonight. I think this seemed to scare her some but she said she would be over there soon.

They all paired up and took a room and when Gwen arrived she sat down and met her new charges. She introduced herself and explained she was a social worker. I heard a few gasps when she said that. I explained that Gwen, as everyone else here, could be trusted. She explained about her last job and how she came to be working here. The boys seemed better once things had been explained.

After their talk with Gwen, we went to meet the other boys. Everyone seemed happy except George. He kept close to me and every time someone tried to get him involved with something, he would start crying then come back to me. I calmed him down and finally asked him, "George, what's wrong? Are you in pain again?"

He started looking at his feet and the tears began to fall once more. I looked at him for a minute then picked him up into my arms as he began wailing uncontrollably. He was crying so hard, I was afraid he would need to be sedated. Gwen rubbed the back of his head and in a motherly voice said, "Hush now little one and tell us what the problem is. You don't need to be afraid, no one will hurt you."

Slowly his tears began to subside and he looked at her saying, "It's not me I'm thinking of Miss Gwen, it's the others."

I looked at him and said, "George, the others here are all safe too. No one is going to hurt them."

"No!" he screamed. "Not here; the others at the bad house."

I carried him over to the sofa and sat down with George on my lap. I looked at him and said, "Alright son, tell us what others you are talking about."

Pop walked in and said, "He's talking about four other boys. I just got off the phone with Sam and he saw four unidentified boys on the tapes. He's trying to find out who they are and where they are being held."

George turned around and looked at Pop when he spoke. He took a deep breath and said, "I can tell you that sir. I know who they all are and where they are too."

George told us about the other boys. There were ten in all and they would be taken out five at a time on alternating nights. The reason for the extra boy last night was the judge was there and he wanted someone new. The others were still at the house but now that the adults were arrested and the boys removed, He was scared the man would take the remaining boys and flee. He told Pop where they were being held and Sam was notified with the location. It wasn't unusual for them to be out this late so Uncle Peter (as they were supposed to call him) wouldn't be worrying.

George turned around and buried his face into my chest and said, "Please have them hurry. I'm worried about Jamie. He's so small and likes to make Uncle Peter mad by not doing like he's told."

I help him close and said, "Don't worry now little man, Sam will take care of everything. Do you know the names of the other boys?"

He looked up at me and said, "Sure. There is Jamie Lassiter, Jake Richards, Billy and Bobby Hall. Jamie is the littlest. He's twelve but looks more like nine."

Gwen called Alex and gave her the names of the boys along with the location of the house. It seems the house was in a neighboring county so we were a little worried about a jurisdiction problem.

Now that we were doing all we could for the remaining four boys, George was a little happier. I had big Mike take our new arrivals over to the clothes room so they could get some outfits. When Gwen returned, she filled me in on what she learned from Alex. I looked at her and said in a joking way, "I almost wish they would run. The only way to the interstate is to come through this county and that would solve that problem."

"If it only could be that easy," Gwen said looking back at me. "It looks like I have a full house already. How do you get them to work together?"

I thought for a minute and said, "Well, the boys here came in one or two at a time and the others took them under their wings and showed them how things were done. Also, big Mike was great with them. He was able to get them to work together without a lot of fuss. I think your boys will do the same as they all lived together. I'll get Ronnie to get your kitchen staff hired quickly because from what I saw at breakfast, your boys love to eat as much as mine do."

Gwen chuckled when she heard that. I was about to say something else to her when the phone rang. Pop called to inform us Uncle Peter was trying to beat feet out of the area. It seams George Farmer was finally given his one phone call and he let them know it was every man for themselves. When he finally stopped, Peter tried to run for it but was caught when a police dog took a bite out of crime.

The boys were on their way back helping the four new arrivals with their clothes. Big Mike was really in his element playing the role of big brother. Mike, Jordan and Tim each had an arm full of clothes and a boy stuck to his hip likewise. The boys were quickly checked out by the paramedics and were fine on the surface. Sam didn't let them get examined to far as he was afraid they would be taken to the hospital then lost again. He called Judge Gordon and like the others, they were placed in the permanent custody of Pop and The Ranch. Sam loaded the boys into his car and started off when they all broke down into tears thinking they were going to juvenile hall. Once he had explained where they would be living, they were all smiles especially when they heard they would all be reunited with their other friends.

Jay walked in and I told him the news about the others. We knew we would have to check them out but we were all hoping there would be nothing to seriously wrong with them. A few minutes later I heard a blood-curdling scream then big Mike ran inside. He ran up the stairs followed by a crowd of boys shouting out just one word, "Swimming."

There were four boys in trunks mixed in with the others chasing Mike up the stairs when I let out with a very loud, "WALK!"

The two boys in the lead stopped grabbing onto the railing and it looked like a cartoon with everyone else trying to stop to keep from running into their butts.

George came walking over in his swimming suit and said, "Hi Marco, we're going swimming."

He was a real cutie with his bright hazel eyes and his mop of brown hair. He still had a pudge around his stomach that told me he was either not yet or just starting puberty. I picked him up and sat him on my lap tickling his belly button with my finger. He broke into giggles with me saying, "Remember little one, we don't run in the house. That goes for your new house too."

He nodded his head yes then padded off upstairs to find the others. While everyone was upstairs, Sam brought the other four boys to the house. We were talking with them when George came out the door and yelled, "Jamie!"

He quickly walked down the stairs as Jamie ran over to meet him at the bottom. They hugged each other tight and I saw the very small child wince in pain. I told George to be careful and he eased up on his hug. In thirty seconds, the eight boys were hugging and crying as they had all been reunited.

Ronnie and Jay came walking in ready for an afternoon by the pool. Big Mike came out to the ledge and said, "All of you who want to go swimming, outside and pair up with your buddies. We hold hands and no one goes no where without their buddy, understand?"

There was a chorus of "Yes Mike," as they went outside and waited for the others. Our four new boys looked dejected that they couldn't go swimming but we told them they could this afternoon as Ronnie was going to have a big cookout by the pool. This brought smiles back to their faces. Jay had asked Pop to help me check the boys out so our next stop was the dispensary.

When we got there, we took them inside and explained what we would be doing. I showed them the long thin fiber optic tube and they all laughed as George did. When I asked who wanted to go first, Bobby raised his hand. Each child had severe bruising like the others but no tears or perforations were noted. Jamie was covered in bruises so we did a chest x-ray to be sure there were no ribs broken on his little body.

George was right this child didn't look twelve. Jamie looked like he was nine and I wanted to know who it was that had intercourse with him. I managed to ask him if he had been with the judge and he just shook his head no. I knew he was going to be real popular in prison. I hope someone named Bubba got to know him real well.

We showed the boys where they would be staying and they picked their rooms, even though there were only two rooms left. Pop and I took them over to the clothes room at the main house and with in fifteen minutes, the new boys were outfitted with new clothes. We helped them get their clothes folded and hung up then asked who wanted to swim. They quickly stripped and tossed on the trunks ready to go meet the others at the pool.

Pop took them over while I went back to my house. No sooner had I walked in, when the phone started ringing. Dr. Rogers was returning my call and he filled me in on how Joey was doing. He told me his rectum had been savagely torn and his colon had two tears in it. He was called at midnight and the child was so weak he needed blood; fluids and antibiotics before he could even begin to operate. Once he was stable, it took him seven hours to repair all the damage done to him by the judge. He was still unconscious and was considered in serious condition. He was in the pediatric intensive care unit being watched around the clock. The lab was able to catch the remnants of the drug in their blood so finally someone could be convicted of using this date rape drug.

Terry was in a private room but there was no reason he couldn't be discharged and allowed to come here. Dr. Rogers said he'd be glad to bring him out and I said he could be our guest for dinner and meet all the crew. I also wanted him to take a look at the others to see if he thought any of them might need surgery. I didn't want to put them through it but I knew their future could depend on it.

He said he should be out of there about three so they should be here no later than four and he'd be glad to look at them. I asked him if Terry was holding up alright being by himself and he told me he'd got the television turned on for him so he's pretty happy. I was glad for that since these guys didn't like being away from the others for too long.

I got into my trunks and walked over to the pool to join the others. I tossed my towel on a chase lounge and I looked at the boys and they were all gathered in a tight circle. I walked over and there was Tommy with his trunks down saying, "Look guys, Dr. Rogers operated on me and I'm fine."

Corey said, "Yeah Tommy, but Joey was bleeding real bad from his hole. Were you?"

Tommy looked at Corey and said, "Well no, But Dr. Rogers will get that stopped and then fix his hole like he did mine. He's a good doctor. Here, touch me. I'm good as new."

A couple of the boys stepped forward and lightly touched his rectum. I looked at the boys and said, "Be careful guys, he's still healing."

I talked with them for a few minutes about what Dr. Rogers was going to do when he got here. They all seemed to understand and since it was just looking, they didn't mind. I then told George that Terry would be coming back with the doctor. They started to head for the pool when George said, "Hey Tommy, you better finish pulling your trunks up."

Tommy stopped and looked behind him and saw his bare behind. He looked at George and turned bright red. He smiled saying, "Hope you liked the view."

All the boys were having a wonderful time together and they hadn't seen Dr. Rogers arrive with Terry. Terry was so happy seeing everyone that he shucked his clothes and jumped nude into the pool. All George could do was hug his brother when he finally saw him.


Over at Superior Court the suspects were being led in one by one for their bond hearing. The judge was positive he could be released again on bond. He had forgotten one thing he was appearing before the same judge as he did the first time. The judge was the next to last to appear. He looked around the courtroom and he gasped when he saw Pop sitting in the gallery.

The doctor went first. As the charges were read, 15 counts of forcible rape and sodomy, he pled not guilty. The judge said that due to the seriousness of the charges, he was to be remanded and held without bond.

One by one every person was denied bail. The judge was next. The bailiff read the charges. Twenty counts of forcible rape and sodomy and one count of kidnapping. The district attorney then told the judge that they intended to try him for the rape and kidnapping of Joey Clark as a capital offense. Because of the severe brutality and indifference to him all the criteria had been met. They also planned to seek the death penalty. Judge Williams gasped when he heard all the charges. The judge revoked Williams' first bond and held him without bond pending trial.

The last person was Peter Grimley. He was being charged with four counts of kidnapping. They didn't have any direct evidence yet that he was involved with the others but this too was a capital crime. As he was led forward, Pop couldn't believe his eyes. The bailiff read the charges. State of Texas verses Peter Grimley. The charge is four counts of kidnapping in the first degree. The judge looked at him and asked how he pled.

Before he could speak, Pop stood up and said, "Your Honor, this man is not Peter Grimley. His name is Dr. Evan Miller. I have proof right here. I have a copy of his medical license with his photograph."

The doctor turned to look at him and he just hung his head. The judge said, "Is what this man saying correct?"

Dr. Miller continued to look down and just nodded his head and said, "Yes Your Honor."

The judge wrote something down then said, "Evan Miller, you're charged with four counts first degree kidnapping. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?"

He looked up at the judge and said, "Guilty, Your Honor."

The judge looked at him and said, "Very well sir. You realize that by pleading guilty here, you forgo all your rights to a trial and also the right to appeal your sentence. Do you completely understand this?"

He took a deep breath and said, "Yes Your Honor."

The judge looked back and said, "Evan Miller, I hereby accept your plea of guilty and sentence you to spend no less than twenty-five years and no more than the term of your natural life for each count of the kidnapping. Each count will be served consecutively. Court is in recess."


Pop stood and went back to his Hummer and headed back to the ranch. On the way home, he called Sam and filled him in on what happened with Evan Miller. Sam was surprised that someone would plead guilty to four counts of kidnapping at a preliminary hearing. When Pop told him what he got for a sentence, Sam whistled and said, "Oh man, that's the maximum. He's not going anywhere for the rest of his life. Well that's one we won't have to worry about."

"That's right Sam," Pop said. "The next time I see you, there's more I need to tell you but what I can say is that today justice has been served."

Back at The Ranch, Dr. Rogers we being enamored by the boys. Tommy ran up to him and hugged him saying, "Thanks so much for helping me. I can poop now without hurting and I feel great now."

I asked him if he wanted to look at the others now and he said sure. I took him into the office and the boys all came in. I had to tell my boys to wait outside but Gwen was lying down so the door was left open to they could all seem closer. The boys went inside in pairs and Terry started crying when he saw his half brother's rectum.

Each of the others let the doctor look at them and then he said, "There are two of you who need the surgery like Tommy and Joey had. Joey's problems were much worse than Tommy's and he is doing just fine as you all know. Joey should be out of intensive care the day after tomorrow and into a private room. When he is awake, you boys can go and visit him. Now George, Jamie your bottoms will look like Tommy's when it's done. Do you have any questions?"

The boys didn't have any questions so we went back and relaxed until Ronnie got ready to cook the hot dogs and hamburgers. I didn't know nineteen boys could pack away almost five pounds of hot dogs and ten pounds of hamburgers, but they did. It's a good thing Ronnie hid some dogs and burgers for the adults.

Pop came in looking at the adults and said, "I need to talk with all you guys later if it's all right?"

Why is it every time I have food in my mouth, someone comes over to the table and asks me a question? I just nodded my head yes and went about eating. Pop grabbed himself a hot dog and went inside to the office where he fixed himself a Bailey's on the rocks.

About six thirty Dr. Rogers said he needed to leave as he had an early surgery schedule. He said he'd schedule George and Jamie's surgery for next week. It would probably be on Monday but he would call and confirm it with us.

We got the dishes done and put away and Pop came out to talk with us. He didn't look good and we wondered where he'd gone. Seems he just took off without telling anyone a thing. Hs sat down and said, "The problem with Evan Miller has been solved. Seems he was the one who was keeping the boys in the other county. I was in court today and he pled guilty to the charges against him and is now serving four consecutive sentences of twenty-five years to life."

We all sat there stunned. I didn't know what to say. I was glad it's over and he won't be mutilating people any more but he'd done so much evil out here he should be made to pay for that also. I guess we would have to be happy he's off the street and the other boys are all safe.

We finally started talking about all the boys we have here when I heard someone shout, "Terry, watch out for the glass."

We heard him say, "Ouch! Shit!"

I walked out and looked at Terry and he had slammed his hand onto a glass. Jay came out and said, "Come on son, this is going to need stitches. I can do this Marco. Why don't you get the chlorine gang in the shower?"

"Funny," I said. "Two of the chlorine gang are yours so there. Ok boys everyone out of the pool. Gwen, your boys are waiting."

Gwen came out carrying a bag of clothes so Pop carried it for her as they followed her over to house 2. As soon as they got inside, the boys shed their swimming suits and took them to the laundry. Gwen got an eyeful and said, "Aren't you guys embarrassed to show yourself in front of me?"

Jake walked up and said, "Heck no. You're like our mom now. If you'd like it better, we'll have at least our boxers on when we're down here."

Gwen smiled and said, "I don't care what you wear boys just as long as your jewels are covered and they don't go hanging out in front of others. Please wrap your towels around your waist and you can bring them down after your showers."

The boys did ass Gwen asked and they went and took their showers. Pop helped her unpack so she could get herself settled in. The boys quickly showered then put on shorts. They came downstairs and all wanted to help so she could sit and watch television with them.

After everything was put away, four boys went to Gwen and the other four to Pop. This was the first night some of them had had in a long time where they weren't being used as sex slaves. Twins Harry and Barry were snuggled close to Pop and the other twin's; Billy and Bobby were beside Gwen. They were quietly watching television when Jay and Terry came in from the dispensary.

George ran over to him and said, "Are you alright bro? You scared me."

"I'm ok little guy," he said trying to smile with a sore hand. "I've got a few stitches in my hand tht’s all."

Jay patted him on his back and said, "A few? He has seven internal ones that will dissolve in a few weeks and five on the outside. I gave him some plastic bags to put his hand in but he might need some help getting a shower or washing his hair."

Corey poked his head up and said smiling, "I'll help you Terry."

Pop and Gwen smiled at each other then he asked, "Go on Corey. One question son is Terry your boyfriend?"

Terry shuffled over to the blushing blonde and said, "Well yeah. I asked him last week if he would. Is that alright with you?"

"Sure it is sweetie," Gwen said. "It's not a big deal here. We were just asking. I think this is the first time I've seen a teenager want to take a second shower in the same day."

Everyone laughed at Gwen's joke, as Corey got redder in the face. Tommy just took his hand and they went upstairs.

Gwen looked at the others and said, "I know you've all got your room mates set up the way you like them but if you would rather sleep with your boyfriends, that's alright too."

Pop looked at them and said, "I know I don't need to tell you to hold off having anal sex but you should also hold off putting your fingers in there too for a while until everything heals. I know you're going to have sex but just remember, partners agree on what your all to do. Is that fair?"

The boys were so happy hearing they could have fun without getting into trouble they started hugging Pop and Gwen. Pop said he needed to get back to the main house and the boys said, "Ah man, do you have to? We want you to stay here too."

Jay said, "Hey Dad, its ok. Ronnie and I will be sure to lock the house when we go to bed. There are three bedrooms in here. Good night boys and sleep well."

Pop asked Jay to run him over a change of clothes and his sweats so he could get comfortable. At ten, the boys were tucked in, kissed and cuddled for the night. Everyone slept well as they had a busy and fun first day at their new home.

The next morning, I went to the hospital to visit Joey and to see how he was doing. After breakfast I drove into town and looked for a spot in the Physician's Parking lot big enough to hold the beast. I finally found one and after some wiggling, I managed to park it. I went inside and headed up to the PICU. I entered the physician's code and walked in totally unnoticed. Looking over the charts, I found Joey's and went into his cubicle.

I looked at the monitors first then checked his vital signs. Everything was normal. He was still on the vent. I shut off the alarm and disconnected it to see if he could breathe on his own. I was surprised when I took the vent tube off that went to the tube down his throat. Joey opened his eyes and started breathing on his own.

He looked up at me and I said, "Hi Joey, I'm Dr. Cortez. Would you like this tube out of your throat so you can talk now?"

He just nodded his head so I said to him, "Alright. I'm going to get a nurse and we'll get this thing out of you."

I turned around and there was a nurse glaring at me. She asked, "May I help you and what are you doing?"

I took my hospital identification card out of my pocket and clipped it on. I looked at her and said, "I'm Dr. Marco Cortez and this is my patient along with Dr. Rogers."

"Oh, I'm sorry doctor," she said. "How may I help you?"

I told her what I needed and she left to get the necessary supplies while I talked to Joey. I turned back and smiled at him saying, "OK dude, here's what I'm going to need you to do. When I tell you, I want you to take in a deep breath and then blow out hard while I take the tube out. I'll give you some water but I want you to just take a few sips. You can have more but I need you to take things slow, alright?"

He nodded his head and I saw the nurse set the water and syringe on the table. I picked up the syringe and plugged it into the balloon line and deflated it so I could remove the tube. I moved closer to him and rubbed his shoulder to relax him. I then said, "Alright Joey, here we go. Take in a deep breath and blow out."

I watched him inhale deeply then blow. I pulled the tube out and he quickly started to cough. I handed him the cup of water and when he stopped coughing, he took a few sips. Then in a soft rough voice he said, "Thanks."

I smiled at him and said, "You're welcome. I guess you probably have lots of questions now that you can talk?"

He nodded his head and whispered, "I sure do."

"Alright," I said smiling. "We'll take it slow and I'll try to answer as many questions as I can right now. I don't want you stressing your voice."

The first thing I told him was his nine friends were safe and sound. I told him that when he was well enough to leave, he would be coming out to the ranch with the others. I also told him when he was in a private room and settled they would be able to come and visit him. While explaining this to him, he'd reached his hand over and took mine in it.

I took a break and looked at him. He had a smile on his face and tears coming down. He was mouthing the words thank you over and over again. I wiped his face and said, "It's alright son. I think you will like it at The Ranch. I know they all do. Would you like to get out of here and into your own room? If so, I'm going to need to examine you, is that alright?"

He smiled at me and said, "Yes, I would and please be careful, as I'm still sore."

"I'll be very gentle," I said closing the curtain around the big front window.

I went back over and lowered the covers and raised his gown. I gently felt his stomach and abdomen. He winced a little but it couldn't be helped. I had him lift his legs so I could check his hole and that looked good, all things considered. I looked at him and said, "I think you're well enough to be moved out of here and into your own room. Now I think you should get some rest and I'll order you some soft food you can try to put on your stomach. I'm not going to let you have too much to start off with. I don't want you to get sick."

I turned to walk out and he had his arms out to me saying, "Marco."

I walked back over to him and gave him a hug then kissed him on the forehead. I tucked him in and he closed his eyes to take a nap. I went to the nurse's station and wrote my notes and the orders transferring him to his own room on the pediatric unit.

I was on my way out of the unit when Paul was just coming in. I filled him in on Joey and he was greatly impressed at his progress. He also felt seeing his friends would cheer him up and help to further speed his recovery.

Paul decided not to check on him since I just had and Joey was tired from everything that just happened. He went and wrote orders continuing his medications when he's in his own room. We shook hands and I left the hospital to return home. I wonder what trouble the boys are in now.

Back at the ranch, big Mike took the boys on a tour of their new home. They were really impressed by everything they saw, especially the stables. A couple of the boys love to ride where others, weren't so sure or outright said no. They were about to leave when two of the boys heard a little meow. Billy and Bobby found a little kitten hidden in the straw. Billy was holding it and they were asking, "Can we keep it?"

Mike looked at them and said, "I think you're going to need to ask Gwen. She's your house mom."

Before they all left, every boy did a good check of the stable to see if there were any other kittens hiding. Mike then went to their house so he could see what Gwen's answer was going to be. George ran into the house calling out, "Momma Gwen, Momma Gwen where are you?"

She came out of the laundry room carrying their swimming trunks and towels. She said smiling, "I'm right here George, what's wrong?"

George had a sheepish smile on his face and said, "Err ah well,"

Just then Bobby came inside carrying the kitten. The little thing was mouthing up a storm. He said, "Can we keep it, Momma Gwen. Please?"

She set the laundry down and took the little kitten and turned it over onto its back looking to see if it was a male of female. She smiled and them and said, "Well first, you better refer to it as him it's a boy kitten and yes, you can keep him on a few conditions. Are you ready to hear what they are?"

"Let me guess," Terry started. "We got to keep it's box clean, feed it and get a scratching post so he don't claw the furniture up Oh, one more thing, the little guy has to get the snip, snip; right."

She rubbed Terry's hair saying, "You seemed to have covered everything. He looks like he's about eight weeks old. I'll call Steven and he will be able to get it fixed."

George looked at his brother and asked, "What's fixed mean?"

Terry looked down at him and said, "It means so he won't be able to get a girl cat pregnant and have more little kittens running around. Don't worry, he'll be asleep and it won't hurt. They just cut his little balls off."

They all covered themselves when they heard that. George turned his nose up at that then said, "Ouch. That's not fun and no one is cutting mine off."

Terry rubbed his brother's hair then said, "If you spray on the furniture we will."

George looked hurt and punched his brother in the arm saying, "Meany, I don't wet the furniture."

Stevie came running in and said, "Can I see the kitten? Oh man, he' cute. Just so you know my Dad's a vet. He can neuter the little guy and won't charge us for it."

Over the next several weeks, the gang in house two became a hit with everyone here. Joey came home and was reunited with the others, especially his boyfriend Jamie. George and Jamie had their surgery and recovered nicely. Alex got their school records and everyone was enrolled in the proper school. With some of the boys in middle school, three in high school and some in elementary; I was debating on whether or not to have a school here on the grounds because transporting one hundred boys to public school at one time could be a logistics nightmare.

Big Mike had returned to college and was adjusting very well to all the changes compared with life at the ranch. He and his roommate were becoming relaxed and a friendship was beginning to form. The boys started school the following week and they seemed to be adjusting well. The county had busses for each school grades so elementary school students would not be riding with middle and high school students.

I really liked this idea, as The Ranch was first on in the morning and the last off in the evening so no one knew where they lived.


The number of defendants charged with crimes against the boys still pending was now down to three, the pediatrician, the judge and Conner's stepfather. These guys wanted to take their chances with a jury and the District Attorney wasn't fooling around with them either. There was no way these guys were ever seeing freedom again but the question was; how did they want to die there?

Even Miller had decided to testify against every one so the DA let everyone know he would amend the charges so that the death penalty would apply. If the people would accept life without parole and testify against all remaining defendants, the DA would not seek the death penalty and all three took the plea.

The first of the three to go to trial was Dr. P. William James. On the night he was arrested, he had been attempting to rape Terry. He was the last boy to get the drug so the doctor had to wait until it took effect before beginning. By the time the police raided the home, Terry was out and the doctor was nude but fortunately he hadn't started trying to penetrate him yet.

The prosecution put on a great case calling the officers, then the lab personel, then showing the jury the video of him raping the different boys each time he did visit the house. The final people to testify were the other men who pled guilty to avoid the death penalty.

The defense tried to discredit the others by claiming they were just saying what the prosecution wanted them to say in return for a lighter sentence. Each one said they hadn't received a lighter sentence. They all would be spending the rest of their lives in prison. The only difference was they wouldn't be executed for their crimes. In the end, the doctor was found guilty.

The judge wasted no time in handing down his sentence. Before he did, he asked the defendant if he had anything to say before he passed judgment.

The doctor looked up and said, "Your honor, I'm gay. I'm a gay physician and I can't help myself."

The judge was livid when he heard this. "So, you mean to tell me that you became a pediatrician so you could have sex with children? Is this how you help society and especially our children? You are a disgrace to your profession and to gays everywhere. While I can't say I understand what all being gay means, I do know that there are hundreds of decent gay people that loath what you have done. Do you have anything else to say before I pass sentence?

The doctor looked up and said, "No sir."

The judge said, "Very well. It is the judgment of this court that you shall immediately be stripped of your license to practice medicine and you shall serve no less than 15 years and no more than the term of your natural life for each count of rape to be served consecutively. I also fine you the amount of $50,000 for each count also. This case is adjourned."

To be continued