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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

Chapter 22

Judgment Day -- Part II

The judge said, "Very well. It is the judgment of this court that you shall immediately be stripped of your license to practice medicine and you shall serve no less than 15 years and no more than the term of your natural life for each count of rape to be served consecutively. I also fine you the amount of $50,000 for each count also. This case is adjourned."

The former doctor was placed in shackles and led away to begin serving his sentence. Pop was sitting in the back of the gallery so when the trial was over, he could quickly get out of the packed courtroom. He saw Sam Thomas and Bill Goldman in the hall when he came out and Sam said, "Well that's another one down. I know I probably shouldn't say this but I really hope the judge gets the death sentence when he comes to trial. If ever there someone that was pure evil, that man is."

Bill didn't say anything but the look on his face said he agreed with what Sam had said. Bill wanted to get back to the station so he could get out of his uniform before going home so he declined Pop's invitation for a drink. Sam and Pop went to a restaurant across the street where Pop filled Sam in on Evan Miller and what he'd done to Tito, Eduardo and Ruben. Sam was visibly shaken over this latest turn of events but he knew he wouldn't be seeing freedom ever again.

I had invited Pop to dinner at my house and he was very quiet during the meal. I knew he was in court but the boys didn't so they were wondering what was going on.

After dinner, I went to him and asked him, "What's wrong now Pop? Another person is now in prison, isn't he?"

He just glared at me and said, "You just don't get it do you?"

"What's there to get?" I said starting to do a slow boil?" "Even Miller is in prison for the rest of his life and everyone but two were there too. I'm sorry things aren't working out to your expectations but you have a bunch of kids that are down now wondering what else is wrong. How long are you going to go around feeling sorry for yourself?"

"Feeling sorry for myself?" Pop shot back at me. "I'm not feeling sorry for me."

"Oh no?" I asked looking him right in the eyes. "Then what are you doing? Look, I'm not telling you to go out like you won a tournament or something, but you can be pleased that justice is being served. Other wise Conner's death will have meant nothing. I'm just glad that Conner wasn't one of the boys in the house that night or knew what his stepfather was doing. And don't feel sorry for the boys. They are dealing with this better than you are. If they see you're depressed, they will do it too and you know that is something we don't need."

Pop sat there for a bit then said, "I guess you're right. All this crap makes me mad."

"I know it does," I said back to him. "It does me too but dwelling on it won't help except give you ulcers."

I didn't like talking to Pop like that but had the roles been reversed, he would have done it to me. In fact, he has a few times. The last time I was still in the army and I was just getting ready to go overseas. It would be several weeks before the trial of Conner's stepfather so I was hoping things would get back to normal for a little while.

Tito came in and went over to Pop and sat on his lap. He didn't say anything to him but he just put his head against his chest and closed his eyes. Pop put his arms around him and enjoyed the time he had with this grandson because he didn't get many chances to cuddle with him. I went over to house two to check on those guys.

I walked into the house and Jamie came chasing a little ball of fur. He was saying, "Hey give me that you fur ball."

I was about to say something when he thought my leg was a tree trunk and up my leg he climbed as I hollered in pain, "Argh, my leg!"

I bent down and carefully removed its claws from my leg and handed Jamie the underwear he had in his mouth. He said, "Thanks Marco. I guess we need to get him a few toys so he's not taking my undies."

I rubbed my leg and laughed. "A wise idea little one; I know my leg will thank you when you do. Have you finished your studies for the night?"

"Yes Marco," Jamie smiled. "Momma Gwen checked it and I got everything right."

I was amazed. I went and looked in on the others and Gwen was looking at a few papers. She handed them back to their owners then she said, "Terry, can you get the boys into the shower? Then you guys can come watch some television before bed."

Terry gave her a hug while nodding his head yes. I looked at Gwen grinning saying, "Well hay there Momma Gwen."

She slapped at my arm replying, "Don't knock it. I know you love it when Tito calls you Daddy. I have to admit, I was taken aback at first and quite scared they wouldn't accept a woman to care for them but I wouldn't trade this for the world."

"You're a natural," I said smiling at her. "I know a certain thirteen year old who thinks the sun shines and sets on you. I better be getting back to my house and see if the boys are doing their homework."

"You know Marco," Gwen said as I was heading for the door. "If we decided to school the boys here, we could use one of the open houses for the classrooms."

I stood there for a second and thought about what she had said and it did make sense. "If we do decide to do this, I would want state certified teachers so the boys can get into good quality universities. Think about it and maybe ask Alex what she thinks about it."

As I turned and opened the door Gwen said, "I will Marco. For right now I think we could handle the boys that are in elementary and middle school. We have the most of them now."

She was right I had to admit. I wasn't prepared to teach the high school subjects Jordan had. I still remembered my high school Math and Science but English, Literature and History was up for very serious discussion.

As soon as I came through the front door, the first person to ask for my help with their homework was Jordan. Thank goodness it was calculus and not senior English then I know I would have really been in trouble.

I checked the rest of the boy's studies then got them into the shower. Emilio came to me and said, "Marco, my leg hurts."

I took him into my room and had him remove his shorts and undies so I could see where he was in pain. I looked at the incision and that was a touch pink but that was a sign it was still healing. I checked his muscles and his leg strength and that was all fine. I knew his muscles inside were still healing and there were dissolvable sutures present while the healing was going on. I looked down at Emilio and said, "Son, I think the muscle is still healing inside. It's going to take another couple of months until they are completely healed. I think maybe you should soak in a warm tub at night and see if that will help ease the discomfort."

I went into the bathroom and started filling the tub when Carlos came running in and said, "Why didn't you wait for me to help you?"

"I'm alright Carlos," Emilio said smiling at him.

"You could have fallen down the stairs," He said looking back concerned.

"All right Carlos," Emilio said softly. "I'm sorry. I know you care about me. I'll be more careful."

Carlos slid in beside him and held him in his arms saying, "You're right I care about you but I also love you little guy."

Emilio smiled then a tear slipped out of his eye when he said, "I love you too Carlos. I don't want to lose you. I promise I'll listen and wait for you to help me."

I came back in to see Carlos lying beside Emilio holding him. I slipped his shirt off then picked Emilio up and carried him into the bathroom setting him into the tub. I saw Carlos behind me when I said, "Can you stay with him while he soaks. Let him soak for ten minutes then you can help wash him, alright?"

"All right Marco," Carlos said. "I love him and I don't mind doing anything for him. Can I get in to help wash him?"

I turned to look at Carlos and said smiling, "Sure you can. While you're in the tub, you can get washed yourself."

I went looking for the others when I heard huge amounts of laughing and giggling coming from one of the rooms. I found the sounds then opened the door to find everyone engaged in a huge battle. There stood eleven naked boys pummeling each other with pillows.

I saw Ruben winding up to hit his brother when the pillow slipped out of his hand and come flying in my direction. It's a good thing I saw it otherwise I would have caught it in the face. When Ruben saw this he turned red then shouted, "I wouldn't look guys but we're all busted."

He was right. I was almost busted in the chops with his pillow. I tried to look stern and said, "Everyone in a straight line."

Kevin being the comedian said, "How about a gay one, Marco?"

He had me snickering when I said, "Whatever wise guy, now to the showers."

As each boy passed, they got a light playful smack on their butt. They all gave a mock squeal followed by a giggle. Kevin was the last one in the line so when I smacked him I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up commencing to tickle him. He squealed and laughed loudly saying, "I give up Marco. Sorry for the comment but I couldn't resist the opening you gave me."

I set him on the floor and he scampered down the hall to catch up with the others. I told Jordan they had one hour before bed and if they wanted some free time not to take to long in the shower.

I went back to check on Carlos and Emilio. When I went into my room, the boys were lying on my bed cuddled close sound asleep. I decided to let them sleep until bedtime, and then carry them over to the other bedroom for the night.

At nine I had all the boys in bed for the evening, Carlos and Emilio shifted to the other room and I was now ready to put my feet up for an hour or so before turning in myself.

I decided to watch a program on Discovery Health Channel then call it a night when the phone rang. It was Dr. Rogers and he wanted me to see a patient of his and give him another opinion. I told him I would see him after the boys went off to school.

The next morning, I got my charges up to the entrance on time and the elementary school boys were the last to be picked up. I went to the main house to join the other adults for morning coffee and a briefing on how things were going. I was hoping Pop wouldn't take my ass chewing personally.

When I arrived, everyone was already there because Gwen and I take turns accompanying the middle and elementary school students until the bus arrives. When Jay saw me, he knew I was dressed to go out and called me on it saying, "Hey bro, what's up? How come you look like you're making rounds at the hospital?"

"And a good morning to you too dude," I said fixing my coffee. "As a matter of face I am. Dr. Rogers wants me to consult on a patient of his."

"You dude?" Jay asked somewhat sarcastically and amazed. "That's not you area of surgery?"

I looked at him and said, "Remember bro, like you I went into general surgery first then went into neurosurgery."

"That's true," Jay said. "Who's the patient?"

I shook my head and said, "Don't know. I'll meet who ever it is when I get there. He didn't tell me anything."

Jay asked, "How's Joey doing from his surgery?"

"Not bad," Gwen said. "The doctor has him on the same thing as Tommy and he's doing pretty well moving his bowels. He's going every other day. Now before you ask how come I know, it's because his boyfriend Jamie is telling me so I don't embarrass Joey by asking."

Pop was listening to the discussion but hadn't said anything so I looked at him and asked, "Are you sill mad at me for yesterday?"

"Well," he started sipping his coffee. "I was at first then I took some time to think about what you said and then Tito came onto my lap. The boys in house two have opened up so quickly to me like a parent so I need to think about them now and not what happened to them in the past. I know that's important and we'll handle the problems that come up but again, that's in the now and not the past. So Marco, what I'm trying to say son is thanks for getting on my case yesterday."

I looked at the clock and it read eight forty-five so I had to get going to meet Paul at the hospital. I said my good-byes and went off to the hospital. It took about thirty minutes to make the drive and I found a parking place for the beast.

I didn't know where to meet Paul so I had him paged to the pediatric ward nurses station. He said the patient he wanted me to see was there and he would be there in a few minutes. I asked one of the nurses how many patients Paul had and she told me four.

I went to use the men's room and I returned Paul was standing there waiting for me. I saw him standing there and said, "Morning Paul. Who is the patient you want me to consult on and what's the problem? Can I see his chart?"

He closed the chart he was reading and said, "Come on, I'll fill you in as we walk."

We headed down the hall and Paul started filling me in. He said, "The patient I'm talking about is Timmy Jordan. He's eleven years old and I corrected a congenital abnormality in his intestines. He's recovered very well and is ready to go home. He was Joey's roommate and he's a cute but very shy boy."

I was surprised at what I was hearing. "All right Paul, so why am I here? Is there something wrong now?" I asked.

"Well Marco," he started. "I know what a great place The Ranch is and no one has been able to get hold of his parents. We've been trying for two weeks. I talked to a real jerk at social services and I didn't really want to deal with them again unless I had to. I'd like you to check him out and see if he'd meet your criteria for being a resident."

I looked at Paul and said, "There isn’t a set criteria for our residents there. If he doesn't have a place to go, I know a social worker and can get him placed with us as a foster parent. He'd be more than welcome with us so let's go have a look at him."

We walked in and Timmy appeared to be sleeping. I remembered he did this all the time when I was there with Joey. I sat down on a chair beside him and was able to look him in the eyes. I moved the hair out of his eyes and said, "Hi Timmy, I'm Marco. I was here a couple of weeks ago with your roommate Joey. Can you tell me what is going on?"

He looked at me as soon as I said Joey's name. I talked with him and he finally said, "Where's Joey now?"

"He's at a special place for boys that don't have a home of their own," I said talking calm. "Dr. Rogers says you're able to go home. Are you ready for mommy and daddy to pick you up?"

As soon as I said this, Timmy started to cry. I could see he was visibly upset but wasn't sure why. I motioned to Paul that I wanted to pick him up and he nodded his head in approval. I lowered the side rail and lifted him onto my lap. He laid his head against my shoulder so I just held and rocked him letting him calm down. I rubbed his back and after about fifteen minutes he finally calmed down enough to say, "I don't think they're coming for me. They don't answer the phone no more. Mommy should be there cause she don't work."

I was getting mad at how someone could leave their child in the hospital and then abandon him. I wasn't sure what could be done but I asked, "Timmy, if I could arrange it, would you like to live at the same place where Joey does? He lives in one house and you would be in another but that's for sleeping. All the other time, you can see him. How does that sound?"

He looked at me again and said, "You're not going to want me sleeping in a room. Daddy says I'm a baby. He calls me a pee boy."

"A pee boy," I asked a little confused. "Timmy, do you wet the bed at night?"

I saw the tears start to fall again as he weakly mumbled, "Yes."

"Hush now Timmy," I said in a soothing voice. "It's going to be alright. We can find out why this is happening and work on getting you dry. They make special underpants that you can wear at night so no one knows you wet but I'll tell you this no one will make fun of you when you wear them."

His eyes lit up when I told him this. I was rubbing his back when he moved his arm and I couldn't resist the temptation to tickle him just so he'd smile and giggle. When I touched his underarm, he squealed with delight and then laughed up a storm. He smiled and said, "Stop that you big meanie."

I let him hop off my lap and go back to bed. I looked at him and said, "I'm going to make a few phone calls Timmy but I'll be back in a few minutes."

He stood up in the bed and reached his arms out to me wanting a hug. I gladly complied with his request and even gave him a kiss on the top of his head. When we were back in the hall I asked Paul, "How could someone do this to a child?"

I went to the nurse's station and called Alex. I gave her the information on Timmy and she said she would make some inquiries and get back with me. Paul and I went to the employee's cafeteria and had a cup of coffee while waiting for Alex to get back with me. I looked at Timmy's chart and the address listed was in our county so I knew Judge Gordon would be able to sign the placement order while they tried to locate Timmy's parents.

We each had two cups then decided to return to the pediatric floor mainly so I could be close to Timmy. I was just about to go into his room when I was paged. I went to the station and told the operator where to send the call. It was Alex and Judge Gordon said he would sign the temporary placement order.

I wanted to find out when Timmy started wetting so when I went inside I gave him the good news. Timmy was all smiles but that changed when I asked, "Timmy, can you tell me about when it was that you started wetting the bed again?"

He lost his smile then shook his head and said, "Can't remember."

I asked several other questions and got the same answer. I thought this wasn't the time now so I just asked if I could give him a quick check over. He wasn't thrilled about that but when I said we would be leaving as soon as I was done, he quickly said go ahead.

I borrowed Paul's stethoscope and quickly listened to Timmy's heart and lungs. I felt his stomach and abdomen but when I felt a small lump near his genitals, he stiffened and got moody again. The lump was where Paul operated on Timmy's deformed colon. I smiled trying to calm him and said, "It's all right son. I'm not going to touch you there. I won't ever do that unless I really have to."

As soon as I slid my hand back, he seemed to relax. I decided anything else I needed to do could wait so I handed him his clothes. Timmy beamed and said, "Are we going to go now?"

I nodded my head and Timmy quickly shed his gown showing his yellow cartoon underpants. I went out to sign off on Paul's discharge and we were off to the ranch.

As soon as we were outside, I grabbed my cell phone and told Jay we had a new resident. I had a room in my house so I decided to put him in room four. Ruben and Stevie won't like sleeping in Ruben's room in the main house but they know if a resident arrives, they come first.

It took us about thirty minutes to drive back home and Timmy's little nose was pushed firmly against the glass as he peered out the window as we past the many buildings on our way to the main house. He looked in amazement at what was in his field of vision. He asked, "Do you really have horses here?"

I was undoing my seatbelt when I replied, "Yeah kiddo, we do. Would you like to see them?"

It's a good thing I'd removed the belt because I was quickly covered with a happy eleven year old. He was bouncing up and down on my most prized possession as I exited the Hummer with him asking, "Can we really? Please?"

I set him on his feet adjusting my semi-sore privates saying, "Sure dude. Follow me."

As we entered the corral, Timmy reached up and slipped his little hand onto mine. As I opened the door the first thing I got greeted with was the smell of a very dirty barn. Timmy wrinkled his nose and said, "Whew, this place smells."

He was right. The barn really needed a good cleaning so after lunch, I had my project for the afternoon. We walked down the rows of stables when Jay's palomino stuck his head out. I picked Timmy up so he could see him better. I walked up to him and rubbed his snout. He raised and lowered his head as I hit his favorite spot. Timmy reached out and copied my moves. I smiled at him asking, "Do you like horses, dude?"

He was about to answer when Mr. Jealous-pot stuck his head out demanding equal time. Timmy's eyes got big and said, "Yeah I do but whose horse is that?"

I walked down to Apollo and said, "This is my horse. His name is Apollo."

I was rubbing his nose when Timmy suddenly squeezed my neck saying, "He's pretty but he scares me. He's too big."

I turned him around so he could see him again and said, "Yes he is son but he's also very friendly. You'll get used to him with some time. He can be a little scary the first time someone sees him. Let’s go inside now. There are some people I'd like you to meet."

I could see his mood change some when I said that. I so hoped he wouldn't freak when he saw so many people he didn't know. As I got close to the house, Pop stepped out and looked at us saying, "Hey son, is this our newest guest?"

Timmy's head swung around when he heard the voice. He looked at Pop and was moved with the elder statesman he saw. I heard him whisper to me saying, "He looks like my Grampa did when he was alive."

"Really" I asked surprised at the way he said that. "That's my Dad and I have three brothers too."

I stepped onto the porch and said, "Hey old man. This is Timmy."

"I get no respect around here from my kids," he said with a mock frown winking at Timmy.

Timmy slapped my shoulder and scolded me saying, "That's no way to talk to your Daddy."

`Oh great,' I thought; `chastised by a little kid.'

Pop looked at Timmy and said laughing, "That's right son. You tell him"

Timmy started wiggling in my arms and then he put his arms out towards Pop. Pop extended his arms and the little guy went right to him. I was amazed at the way these two seemed to bond. Timmy looked into his eyes and said, "You remind me of my Grandpa when he was alive. It's nice you're here."

Pop still has his way with kids and this could help when I need to work with him on his bedwetting problem. As Pop held Timmy, he introduced them to each adult with Gwen being the first. Pop explained who she was and what she did there. Timmy cringed a little when he heard she was a social worker. I looked at him and said, "Not all social workers are bad Timmy. I called a social worker this morning and she fixed it so you can come and live here. I bet you didn't know that, did you?"

The little guy relaxed when I explained that to him. Ronnie walked in from the kitchen and said, "Who's hungry? Lunch is ready for those who are."

Timmy started wiggling and squirming in Pops arms. "Never try to hold onto a boy when the word food is mentioned," I said to Pop as he set him onto his feet.

Timmy ran over to the table when Ronnie looked down at him and said, "Have you washed your hands little man?"

He skidded to a stop and had to bend his neck back so he could see all of Ronnie because of his height. He ran in between Pop and myself saying, "Who, Who, Who are you?"

I laughed and said, "That is one of my younger brothers. This is Ronnie and you better be nice to him. He's one of the guys who cook all the good food here."

"Be nice how, Marco?" Timmy said quietly.

This question worried me. I could read a lot into it so I just said, "We can talk after lunch."

Ronnie had brought in the hamburgers and fries along with all the fixings. Pop made a plate for Timmy and asked him what he wanted on his burgers. He said, "Cheese, mayonnaise and tomatoes. Can I have some ketchup for my fries too, please and some tea to drink?"

The last person to enter was Jay. He had the tea in his hand when he said, "Anyone for tea?"

I looked at Timmy and said, "That's my other brother Jay. He has two sons a little older that you."

Timmy said, "I do Jay. May I please?"

I was amazed at his manners yet worried how some people can really shake him. I would need to talk all this over with everyone and see if my suspicions are correct. Everyone helped clean out the stables after lunch then Timmy and I needed a shower to remove the smell of horse manure. We walked over to my house and went in through the laundry room so we could remove our foul smelling clothes. We stripped down to our underwear then got Tito's shower set so he could wash himself.

I told him I would get him some of Tito's clothes to wear until we could get him some of his own. I went to get a pair of underwear and he just stood there as if he didn't know what to do. I kneeled down in front of him and gently slipped his dirty ones off and he didn't seem to mind. I opened the shower door and said, "Here you go little one. It's all yours now. I'm going to take mine in the next room alright?"

He turned and stepped inside but looked totally lost as to what to do. I was debating weather or not to go in and help him as I didn't want to scare him. Then it dawned on me that he might prefer a bath to a shower. I asked, "Timmy, would you rather take a bath instead of a shower?"

His face lit up when I said that. I turned the water off and wrapped him in a towel and carried into the guest bedroom. I started filling the tub with warm water then went and stood him inside when I remembered he might need to pee. I turned and set him in front of the toilet and lifted the lid. He quietly relieved himself then climbed into the warm water. He looked up at me and smiled saying, "Thanks Marco."

I told him I was going to take my shower and he nodded his head and then slipped under the water wetting his hair. Before I left, I shampooed his soft brown hair twice then put a little conditioner on to prevent tangles.

After I rinsed the conditioner out, he turned to me and pulled his naked body against me and gave me the biggest hug his little arms could muster.

I quickly cleaned up and dressed then got Timmy out, much to his displeasure. I wrapped him in another towel and he stood there waiting for me to dry him off. I quickly dried him but left his genitals so he could dry them. I had the towel covering then and led his hand over to them but he refused to touch himself. I decided to dry his front and back then talk with him for a few minutes.

As I got him dressed I asked him, "What's the matter Timmy? Why wouldn't you dry yourself?"

He looked at his feet then said, "Can't. It's bad."

I was again surprised and taken aback at his answer. I looked at him and said, "Can't son? Why is it bad and who told you this?"

"Daddy said only he could touch me there," He said sadly. "He said little boys who touched themselves were dirty pee boys. I couldn't wash myself because he would then dry me there. He would make me drink lots of water then make me hold it then would put his mouth on it. He would tell me to go in it. I didn't like it Marco and the only way I could get him to stop; was to not be able to go."

I now I had the answer to my questions but how could I tell him that what his Daddy was doing to him was wrong. I thought for a few minutes then decided he had to know the truth. I was about to tell him when Pop, Jay and Ronnie came in and Timmy had to pee again so while he was in there, I filled them in on what he told me. I told them I was just about to tell him his Dad was wrong for what he was doing to him when they came in. Since Timmy knew Pop was our Dad, I hoped he would believe what I was telling him if Pop was agreeing with me as I was explaining everything to him.

Timmy came back in and hopped back onto my lap. I looked into his eyes then said, "Timmy, what your Daddy was doing to you was wrong son. I think you know that because you said you didn't like doing those things, did you?"

He was a little unsure at what I was telling him and he looked over at Pop for reassurance. When Pop nodded his head and smiled he just said, "No."

"I have a son and so do Jay and Ronnie. We could never do that to our boys. I need to ask you something son, do you want to go back home with your Mommy and Daddy?"

As soon as I'd asked that question, Timmy started shaking his head no. He said, "No way. I tried to tell Mommy what Daddy was doing but she wouldn't believe me. When I started wetting, she called me a baby and would spank me all the time."

I quickly wiped the tears that were starting to fall then said, "Well Timmy, we're going to do everything we can to see that you won't have to go back with them. If we can make that happen, would you want to live here until you're eighteen or would you like to be adopted by a family who wants a little boy?"

Timmy sat and thought about that for a long time. I didn't know what he wanted because he only knew one boy here and he really didn't know him all that well. After about ten minutes he said scurrying over to Pop's lap, "I think I'd like to stay here and I like you guys, especially you. I thought about having another family but they might be like what I had."

We were about to get up when we were over run with boys. I stood up and gave hugs to my crew then introduced Timmy to everyone. I said, "Boys, we have a new guest. His name is Timmy. Timmy will be in room four. You can have a few minutes to introduce yourselves but you'll have time to play after you've done your homework."

After they made Timmy feel welcome, I took him over to house two so he could meet them. When I walked in, Joey was happy to see him. "Hey there yellow bird," Joey said with a giggle.

"Hi brown bear," Timmy replied smiling.

"Did I miss something somewhere?" I asked.

Joey said, "I had a pair of brown boxers on one day and Timmy had yellow. It was a nick name we gave each other."

As we were talking, the others came down and introduced themselves. Gwen gave them a few minutes then scooted them back to finish their studies.

I then took Timmy to the clothes room to get him a new wardrobe. He didn't have anything except what he had with him so he needed everything. I told him to look around and he could have anything he wanted. I had to select his outerwear because he was looking through the undies. He selected eight pair of yellow ones.

We took them back over and got his room set up. After we did that Timmy asked, "Will I be able to go to school too Marco?"

I forgot all about having Alex get his records. I knew she had gone for the day so I told him, "Yes Timmy, you'll be in school. You may not get back until Monday but you will."

He was very happy after that. The rest of day was a blur with boys needing help with homework; those who were done were running in out and two having a water fight. I was about to look for Tito and Tommy when they went past me wearing nothing but wet underwear. "Hold it you two," I said sternly. "What happened to you two?"

They pointed at each other and said, "He got me wet."

I looked at them and said, "You've been playing with the water hose again, haven't you?"

They both looked at the floor and nodded their heads. Tito said, "We're sorry Daddy."

"I know you both are son," I said to Tito. "You tell me this every time you do this and you promised me the last time you would leave the hose alone unless I tell you to get it. You will both be punished tonight. After dinner, you will both go to bed without free time or television. Is your homework done?"

Both boys looked at the floor and said, "Yes sir."

"Very well," I said. "Go get your showers. Tommy, keep you towel around you until you get to the second floor."

I hated having to punish the boys but it was needed. I told the others after dinner to keep the noise down because they were going to sleep. I went to check on them about eight and I was surprised to see them really sound asleep.

Pop came in and said the trial scheduled for tomorrow was not going to take place. I looked at him strangely and Pop said, "The reason the trial won't be needed is that George Farmer committed suicide. There was a letter admitting his guilt and also trying to involve Conner but died before he could. He also requested the cash found be used for the boys that were injured at his hands."

I had to sit quickly when I heard this. I was glad he admitted what he'd done but he'd taken the coward's way out by not taking his punishment. I asked Pop, "How much money did he have Pop?"

"Sam didn't give me an exact figure but it was over one hundred thousand dollars," Pop said sitting beside me.

I looked at him and said, "With that invested properly, that will give those ten boys something nice to start their adult lives with."

Pop said in reply, "Sam said this needs to be cleared with the court because funds seized like this are turned over to the local police departments. I don't know what will happen here."

"It sure would be nice though." I said knowing this would be a way to provide them with financial compensation for what they went through.

I asked Pop if he could watch my boys while I went over and talked with Gwen for a few minutes. He said he would and I headed over to house two. When I walked in the boys sitting in the living room immediately surrounded me. I gave each a hug and kiss and found Gwen playing pool with Barry. I watched for a few minutes and saw both players were very good. Barry finally won by sinking the eight ball on a two rail bank shot into the side pocket.

"You guys are good," I said walking over to the table.

"Would you like to play Marco?" Barry asked cheerfully.

I looked around and I didn't see anyone waiting so I said, "Sure kiddo, I'll play one game then I need to talk with Gwen."

I racked the balls and let Barry break. This kid was good. He put two stripes in on the break and had three more set up for him to pocket easily. He made two of the three then it was my turn. I ran four balls and tried to force my fifth shot but instead, pocketed one of Barry's. Barry ran the table but had a difficult shot on the eight ball. He called the side pocket of two rails. He lined up the shot and made it perfect. He beat me raising his hands in the air saying, "Yeah, yeah."

I hugged him and said, "Great game dude. Keep practicing. You're a natural. Let's go kiddo, it's your bedtime."

He jumped into my arms and said, "Alright, as long as you carry me."

We talked for a few minutes as I carried him up the stairs; his brother Harry talking with Bobby about possibly rooming together.

I set him on the floor and we walked in. Harry lit up when he saw me and was hugged by a charging twin. Bobby jumped off the bed and gave me one too. They both looked at Barry and his brother asked, "Barry would you be terribly upset if Harry and I were to room together. We really care for each other and we decided to be boyfriends. Bobby has already talked with Billy and he's cool with it and would love if you would be his roommate."

Barry smiled and hugged Harry and Bobby saying, "Congratulations on becoming boyfriends. I hope you're both very happy. As for moving in with Billy that would be great because he and I are boyfriends but we didn't want to upset you guys by splitting up your sleeping."

Just then Billy walked in and gave Barry a warm kiss. It was good they were able to work things out to everyone's benefit. The four boys helped shift the clothes around then I gave the boy's hugs and kisses then went downstairs to speak with Gwen.

I saw her door closed so I sat down and watched some TV until she was done. She came out and I said, "Feel human again? These guys really love you Gwen. I hope we have this same success when we start filling all the houses. We can interview people and pick the best ones we think but it all boils down to the kids we get and how they hit it off."

"I sometimes wonder if hiring single people might not be the best way to go," Gwen said. " I'm worrying about parents with kids trying to bully or order the others around and I don't want to see that happening."

"I agree," I said, sitting back on the sofa. "Maybe we need to get Alex here with the others and talk all this out tomorrow."

"Alex is coming out with papers on Timmy about nine," Gwen said. "Why don't you ask her if she has some free time?" I agreed with her then told her about the money and what happened with George Farmer. She was shocked and angry as well that he took the coward's way out.

I was about to speak again when the phone rang. Gwen answered it and it was Pop. They talked for a few minutes then hung up. She said I needed to get back home because Timmy was crying and won't stop. I said I'd see her tomorrow then hurried back home.

As soon as I was in the door, Timmy was in my arms. I hadn't thought about him sleeping alone. I held him and calmed him down then asked, "Would you like to sleep with one of the boys. They all have roommates and I know a few that would double up or let you sleep with them."

"Who would sleep with me?" Timmy asked somewhat pouting.

"I bet I know," I said smiling. "Let's go see, ok?"

I carried him as I went to Kevin's room where I heard him and Eduardo talking softly. I knocked on the door and the boys said come in. When I went in, they were lying nude on the top of the bed. I asked if Timmy could sleep in here because he was a little scared with this being his first night here and not having a roommate.

Kevin popped the mattress and said, "Come on Timmy, you can sleep here with us."

Timmy padded over and Kevin picked him up and sat him onto his lap. "You really want me here?" He said with his lower lip sticking out.

Kevin felt the “goodnites” underwear on Timmy and whispered, "Don't be embarrassed dude, I wore them for a while too and I was older than you."

"Don't try to make me feel better Kevin," he said looking at him.

"No Timmy," Kevin said sincerely. "I used to wet when I was in foster homes. The very first night I didn't was when I was at Gwen's house. I was coming with her to live and I finally knew I was getting away from the crappie life I was living. No one will make fun of you. Do you know that people hated me because I was different? People even hated Eduardo to."

"Why did people hate you guys?" Timmy asked. "You guys are nice and real cool."

"We like boys and not girls," Kevin said. "We're gay and Eduardo is my boyfriend. You may be like me and Eduardo or you may like girls but no body will pick on you for wearing them and I know one day soon, you'll go to bed and wake up dry."

"Gee Kevin," I hope so. "Thanks for letting me sleep with you and your boyfriend."

"No problem dude," Eduardo said. "Why don't you go to the bathroom and pee then climb up here with us. We have to get some sleep because we have school tomorrow."

Timmy ran to the bathroom and we heard him relieving himself. He flushed the toilet then ran back jumping into the bed and in between the two boys. I gave each a hug and kiss good night then turned the light off.

I told Pop the problem was solved and he went on over to house two. It seems the boys all want him there at night and when they wake up in the morning. I don't think Gwen minds having him there either.

Over the next several weeks, Timmy settled in and remained dry since the fist night he slept with Kevin and Eduardo. The judge's trial was due to start tomorrow and everyone was getting edgy. Ronnie and Gwen volunteered to stay here and get the boys on the busses and handle any problems that might arise.

Jay, Pop, and I left at seven-thirty for the courthouse so we could find a place to park and to get a seat in the courtroom. At nine, Judge Gordon entered the courtroom and the bailiff called it to order and brought the jury in. Judge Gordon said, "This is the case of The State of Texas versus Palmer Williams. The charges are one count of capital kidnapping of a minor under the age of fourteen, one count of capital rape on a minor under the age of fourteen and one count of capital sodomy on a minor under the age of fourteen, twenty counts of rape and twenty counts of sodomy. Mr. Prosecutor you may now make your opening statement."

To be continued