The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 24

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

I was peeking in to see this creep drag Joey by the arms. When they got to within a couple of feet of the door, I closed it and backed up so I wouldn't get hit when he opened the door. I had just taken a step back when the door swung open and he turned to leave. He stopped short to keep from hitting me when I grabbed him by the shirt. "Going somewhere asshole?"

"I don't know who you are but your interfering with official business," he said. "I happen to be a police officer."

"Very well then," I said. "Show me your badge and I'll let you pass."

Joey's face lost almost all its color when he heard me say that. I winked at him and he got the message. He tightened his grip on Joey and said, "If you don't move I will have you arrested."

I turned and saw Sam's unmarked car enter the lot but the door obstructed the other man's view. Joey started wiggling trying to free himself when the man turned and grabbed him with both hands so he could hold him better. He pulled him between us but Joey was so short, I still had a free shot to the man's face as I looked to see where Sam was. He started to speak again when I clinched my fist. "Ah screw this shit," I said punching him square in the face.

His legs buckled then I grabbed Joey and pulled him out of the way. He tried to stand but his face fell into my fist again. I went to hit him one more time when Sam pulled me back and cuffed him.

I called Alex and told her I just kept her boss from kidnapping Joey. After I hung up, I filled Sam in and he said, "I'll get a patrol car here to transport him to the station. I want to search his desk at work then his residence. I'm hoping he will lead us to who the others are."

"Good idea," I said. "I'll meet you at CPS."

I got back into the beast then called The Ranch and filled them in. I told Jay that Joey was fine except for being scared. I started the Hummer but noticed Joey hadn't got in. I stepped out and he was standing there crying. I looked at him and he said, "I can't get inside. I wet myself."

Joey got so scared the poor child lost control of his bladder. I looked in the back of the vehicle and found a pair of swimming trunks. I walked with him back inside the school when the principle met me and asked, "What are you doing with this child?"

Sam came over and said, "Why didn't you prevent this child from almost being kidnapped? I think you might need to be looking for another job when this is all over."

I took him into the boy's room and washed him up then handed him the trunks then we headed to meet Sam. As soon as we stepped off the elevator Joey saw the door that said CPS. I noticed him shaking and picked him up saying, "It's alright kiddo you're with me. There is someone I want you to meet."

I set Joey on his feet and we walked into the office. I told the receptionist I wanted to see Alex and she showed us to her office. We walked in and I introduced ourselves. Alex was glad to meet Joey and I could tell she was taken by this little guy. Joey finally relaxed when he saw he wasn't going to be taken away.

Sam came in and handed the search warrant to Alex then went into the office of William Jeffers, Director CPS. I asked Sam if he needed a hand and he stated he had to do this himself. I was noticing Joey was getting antsy so I decided to take him back home and let him relax.

We were on the road about ten minutes when I noticed the little guy was sound asleep. When I got back, I put him in Ruben's room and talked with the others about the goings on. Pop said, "I hope this guy knows who the others are so this can come to rest once and for all. I'm tired of seeing these boys lives turned upside down all the time; those being here were supposed to give them a sense of family and belonging."

Gwen said, "I agree with Miguel. I want the boys' lives peaceful and quiet now. I want to be able to go on outings with them and don't want them afraid of their shadows."

"Well, I think the school will be more secure after Sam jumps on the school board," I said smiling. "If he wasn't busy with dip wad, he would have ripped him a new ass."

We spent several hours talking when a little boy came padding out in just his undies. He was about to cuddle on my lap when Ronnie said, "Hey little man, I think you might need to go pee, don't you?"

He looked down at his undies then turned red and ran back down the hall. We all snickered and when he came back he said, "That wasn't funny."

I picked him up onto my lap then said, "Don't worry about it little one. It happens to us all the time."

He had just snuggled in when the screen door opened and the high school gang came in. We totally forgot about the time so Ronnie ran down to get the others.

"I think you should get dressed now Joey," I said smiling. "The others will be here in a few minutes."

He went and got dressed just as Jamie came in. They ran to each other and hugged tightly as the tears began to fall. "Man I was so scared when I didn't see you on the bus this afternoon," Jamie said sobbing.

"I'm fine baby," Joey said kissing him on the cheek. "I was with Marco but I guess you had no way of knowing that."

The boys walked hand in hand back over to house two so they could change and relax, as today was Friday. I radioed Gwen and suggested we let them go swimming for a couple of hours and have cold chicken and salad for dinner. Gwen liked the idea so we had the kitchen staff put the food in disposable pans and we let them go for the day.

I came out of my room in my trunks when I had my newest imp in my arms. He kissed my cheek then said, "Is Papa going to be at the pool?"

"I don't know," I said looking at him. "If he's not, I'm sure he'll be in the house. Is there something you need little one?"

"I just want to talk with him about something," He said smiling.

We saw Pop sitting on a chase lounge so Timmy started wiggling to get down. He scooted over to him and they talked for a minute then they went inside. I didn't know what they were talking about but I knew if it were really important, Pop would tell me when he knew everything. I know Timmy was adjusting very well to being here and he and Tito had become very close friends after the depantsing fiasco.

I was going to sit down when eight boys decided to pull then push me into the deep end of the pool. I have to admit, being hugged, wrapped up and cuddled by eight boys is without a doubt a wonderful thing, but not when you're up to your neck in water. The only way I could breathe was to start sending them flying up and out into the water. But this idea wasn't one of my brightest because I was soon swamped by more boys. Oh well, what a way to go.

Ronnie and Jay soon jumped in and saved me by tossing boys themselves. After a while, Kevin wanted to play last one standing. The one thing he forgot was he said Ronnie could play. Ronnie was the tallest of the brothers and with Ruben on his shoulders no one could beat him. Well that was until I put Tito on mine and started to play a little dirty. While some of the boys would keep him busy facing him, I snuck up behind him a got a handful of his crotch. He whooped and yelled and shook so hard poor Ruben fell off then Tito yanked on him sending him into the water. We were the last team standing.

When Ronnie came up, he looked at me and said, "Hey bro, no fair."

Jay looked at him and said, "What do you mean dude? Look like you went down fair and square?"

Ronnie looked at him and said, "Yeah, if fair and square means by a handful of my dick."

Jay looked over at me and suddenly I was in trouble. After Tito said we were the last team standing, he got off my shoulders. Jay pounced and dunked me followed by Ronnie. I was bouncing up and down so much I was beginning to feel like a yo-yo. I was about to go down for more than the third time when I heard Pop holler for me. Ah, saved by the yell. I thanked my brothers from my daily exercise then swam to the side of the pool and climbed out to a round of whistles by some of the boys.

I walked over to them and Pop handed me a beer then said, "Have a seat Marco. As you know, Timmy wanted to talk to me and he has brought up something we asked him when he first arrived."

I wasn't sure what was going on but my stomach and heart wanted to switch places on me. My mind was racing faster than a car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I took a few gulps of my beer and said, "What was that?"

Timmy spoke up and said, "It was about wanting to be adopted."

Finally, my heart sunk and I tried to keep my eyes clear as I said, "Well Timmy, we are just your foster family so that option is open to you."

Pop looked at me and said, "Timmy wants to tell you what he's thought. He laid out the plan and I think it's a good one."

Timmy came towards me as I nodded to Pop. He sat on my lap then said, "That's right Marco. I have thought about this since I've been here and I want a family. I've talked with Kevin more about what it is to be gay. He explained it in more detail from that first night and I understand it more. Like I said, I want a family that I can call mine. Marco, I want you to adopt me. Will you?"

I just looked at him in total surprise. I stared at him then slowly I began to smile as what he said sunk in and began to register in my brain. Tears started to roll from my eyes then said, "You really want me to adopt you?"

He kissed my cheek and said, "Yes. I want you to be my Daddy. I even talked to Tito and he thinks it's cool for me to be his big brother."

I hugged him and said, "I'm honored you want to be my son. Yes, I'll adopt you."

On Monday, with Gwen's help we filed the papers in Superior Court. I know this was going to take time because we don't know where Timmy's parents are. Alex will have to do some things before she can request their parental rights be terminated.

Later that afternoon, Sam called telling us they found some keys and the address to the location to where the boys had been kept. He got a search warrant and with the help of a friend from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) they did a search of the house and it was quite revealing. Sam also informed us that there were some things that he needed to return to a few of the boys that he knew they'd want back.

The boys didn't have homework because tomorrow school was closed for a teacher's workday. They were deciding what they wanted to do when Sam pulled up in his car. A few of the boys got scared until Gwen explained who Sam was. He knocked on the door and then came in saying to Gwen, "Is Harry and Barry Harmon around?"

Bobby ran up to him and said, "If you think you're taking him anyplace, I'm going to have to hurt you."

Sam looked at him and said laughing, "Calm down sport. I'm not taking them any place. I found some things of theirs and I thought they might want them back, that's all. I also found s few other things that might belong to you all and I brought then too."

"You've been to that house?" Bobby asked amazed. "What did you find? I'm sorry I got protective of Harry but he's my boyfriend."

"I'm very happy for you son," Sam said smiling. "I found what looks like two musical instruments and some other things I'm not sure what they are or to whom they belong."

"Hey sweetheart," Bobby yelled at the top of his lungs.

Gwen slapped her hands over her ears and said, "Don't yell! Go upstairs and tell them to come down."

Bobby flew up the stairs and came back down with all the other boys. Harry spoke up saying, "What did you find, sir?"

"Come on outside and I'll show you," Sam said. "You will need to identify each item before I can give it to you."

The boys followed Sam to his car and when he opened the trunk, two of the boys started crying. Barry said, "Oh my god, I never thought I'd see that again. That's my guitar sir."

Sam took it out of the trunk and gave it back to the boy. Then Harry spotted his possession and said, "That's my violin."

That was returned. One by one, items taken from the boys were returned. After everything had been returned, Sam came in and said to Gwen, "We now have the final link. We found a book with names, addresses and the amounts paid by each man. We can now go after these men and put them away for a long time. It seems the head of the CPS here was going to try to get the boys back and start things going again. I'm glad Joey told Marco what happened."

Upstairs, the boys were all gathered around as the twins started playing again. It seems they had their own little band but now they had one problem. Their lead singer Terry's voice was changing. Harry looked up and said, "Great! Now what are we going to do?"

Tommy heard the music from outside and walked in. One of the boys said, "Hey squirt, don't you know how to knock?"

Tommy started crying and said, "I just wanted to hear the music. I didn't think that was a big deal."

He slammed the door and ran down the hall. Gwen yelled at him but he kept on going slamming the front door as he left. Terry looked at Jamie and said, "Nice going squirt. You didn't need to talk to him like that. We weren't naked or anything. Now I have to go and patch up your mess. You really need to think more before you speak."

He started to slide over to his boyfriend Joey but he said, "He's right love. I know a closed door means knock but when we're playing music, it's always been fine for people to listen. Besides, this isn't your room nor are you in the band so you don't have a right to yell at anyone."

I had Tommy by the hand when, I was met by a few boys from house two. Terry said, "Tommy, I want to apologize for Jamie's big mouth."

Jamie walked up and hugged him and said, "I'm sorry for calling you a squirt. You're bigger than I am. We had the door closed so we wouldn't disturb the others downstairs, that's all. You can listen anytime."

I didn't know what was totally going on but it looks like the boys solved their own problem without outside help. I went in and sat down when Tommy said, "I'm sorry Gwen for running."

"That was our fault but we got things patched up," Terry said to her also.

"Very well," she said. "But next time you will be punished."

"Yes ma'am," They all said as they went back upstairs.

The boys walked back to Terry and George's room when Terry said, "George, would you mind if Corey and I wanted to room together. You and Jake would then be together."

The two boys looked at each other and smiled, "I don't mind that. I just wanted to be with you when we first got here. Come on guys, let's help them move. I have plans tonight."

The others whistled and started grabbing things in an effort to get the rooms redone. After the clothes were switched, Terry said, "What are we going to do now. I can't sing now."

"I didn't know you guys had instruments," Tommy said. "There is someone over at our house that sings. Maybe he would want to help?"

They all looked at each other and said, "Why not. Let's go talk to him."

Terry, Tommy, Harry, and Barry went over to my house while the others went and got into their trunks for a swim. The asked me if Kevin was upstairs and I nodded my head. They found him sitting on his bed with Eduardo in his arms and Carlos and Emilio snuggled close just talking. When the boys walked in, everyone turned a little red except for Kevin. He said, "What's up guys. Hope you don't mind us cuddling, we do it all the time."

The others liked it and seemed to relax. Tommy looked at Kevin and said, "Hey dude, Tommy tells us you have a nice voice."

"A what?" Kevin sat up in shock.

Tommy said, "A nice voice. He says you can sing."

Trying to save face he said, "I can't sing."

Eduardo didn't like the fact his love was lying to someone even if it was about something he didn't like to do. He said, "Stop it Kevin. You can sing. We've heard you in the shower."

Kevin turned several shades of red and said, "When did you hear me love?"

"Are you telling me you don't sing in the shower and that you know a lot of songs?" Eduardo fired back.

"Yes," Kevin said softly. "I don't want people making fun of me baby. That's why I've never said anything about it."

"Why do you think they'd make fun of you?" Eduardo asked lifting his head up. "We all love you."

Terry said, "I had a good voice until it started changing. I know I'm going to have to work on it now but we need someone who can sing now. We've been working on a song but had a few problems, as you know."

"What kind of music do you guys do?" Kevin asked.

Harry said smiling, "Country music right now. There is a song I found on a CD that we really fell in love with. We want to learn it so we can sing it to our boyfriends."

"Do you let your boyfriends listen to you when you practice?" Kevin asked.

"No," Barry answered. "This is a big surprise so right now it's just us."

"Well," Kevin said cautiously. "I can't promise anything but I'll try."

The boys were cheering when I came in and said, "What's all the noise about?"

Tommy said, "They have a little band Marco."

"Yes Marco," Barry said smiling. "Sam found our instruments and brought them back to us."

"That's wonderful," I said smiling. "What kind of music do you play?"

"Country," Kevin said.

"What instruments do you all play?" I asked enthused.

Barry answered saying, "I play the guitar and Harry plays the violin but he likes to call it a fiddle."

I didn't want to break this up but I wanted to take a swim and said, "Guys, I don't want to end this but the others are swimming and I wanted to take a dip myself. On the way out, there is something I would like to show you all."

The boys lit up and two decided to change in front of us all. I went to my room and quickly changed then soon heard a knock on the door. I let them in and reached under my bed and pulled out my banjo. I hadn't played in a few years but with some practice I could get back to how I was.

"Oh cool Marco," Harry said. "We could use a banjo. There's a song I've been dying to play but we need you."

"Ok, we can work on it later," I said. "But let's go swimming for now."

We walked over to the pool and as we got closer their minds went from music to mischief. As we got closer to the water I noticed them grinning then it happened. I was rudely pushed into the water where little water imps surrounded me. They we dunking me then the next thing I knew I was naked.

I stood up looking for who had my trunks when there was Jake swinging them over his head. I looked over at Gwen and said, "Would you mind telling your child to give me my trunks please?"

She looked at me then said, "You're a big boy. Get them back yourself."

I thought for a minute then said, "Well then, I don't feel like playing keep away so I'm getting out. If you don't want an eyeful, I'd cover my eyes."

I made sure I got out in front of her so she would be really embarrassed but it was I again. I leaned over to grab my towel so I could wrap it around me when I felt a warm hand on my wet tool. I looked over and she had a handful of my pride and joy. I went from tanned to beet red in one second flat. "Gwen," I shouted. "That's very private property."

"I don't know about that," She said grinning. "But it looks pretty good to me."

I threw the towel around my waist and went to go back to the house when I was hit with my trunks. I changed my clothes then went onto the living room where I was greeted by Terry, Harry, Barry and Kevin. Terry looked at me and said, "Marco, I haven't said anything to the guys but my instrument wasn't returned. I had a bass guitar and it's not here."

"Oh son, I'm so sorry," I said. "I didn't know that. We'll get you one tomorrow."

He hugged me saying, "I can't sing now but I still like to play. Thanks so much Marco."

I saw Harry and Barry sit down on the couch where they started tuning their instruments. I heard Harry warming up with a classical piece I'm familiar with and he's good. After a couple of minutes, Barry started warming up with various short pieces then they did their version of Dueling Banjos. Kevin came in and said, "Let's hear you play something."

I went in and grabbed the banjo checking the tuning and started playing along with Harry and Barry. I noticed they were playing it in a different key and so we stopped. Barry switched to the key of E and we started again. This time it went off without a hitch. The three of us were excited it sounded so good when Kevin said, "Man, you guys aren't bad."

I knew one thing, my fingers sure hurt. The fingertips of my left hand were sore from not playing for a few years so I was going to need to practice to build them back up. I asked the boys what song it was they were learning so Barry pulled out a CD from his guitar case and showed me the song. I knew of the song then Terry informed me they wanted to learn it so they could sing it for their boyfriends. I thought that was a wonderful idea and let them rehearse as much as possible as long as it didn't interfere with other things.

Over the next few days, the little band was sounding pretty good. I'd taken Terry to a local music store and bought him a bass guitar and amplifier similar to the one he'd had stolen. He played it in the store and was just as good as Harry and Barry. I heard Kevin sing the song and he was really good. His voice hadn't started to change yet so there was time for them to do what they wanted.

On Thursday, Sam came out and said they had secured warrants for everyone in the ledger. They were going to arrest fifty individuals at either their homes or work. Officers had been staking out these guys so they knew their routine. They had decided that tomorrow between eleven and noon the arrests would commence.

I was glad they weren't going to try to do it early in the morning because the streets could be full of children going to school. All of the individuals were nothing more than johns and wouldn't suspect anything until they were told they were under arrest. We decided not to tell the boys about the impending arrests until they were all done. The day of the arrests, they all went without a hitch. There wasn't a punch thrown or a bullet fired and several arrests were made as traffic stops.

Gwen thought we would tell them Saturday so they would have a nothing to worry about over night. Friday night we decided to put on a little concert for everyone. During dinner, the boys in house one were trying to get Kevin to tell them what song he was going to be singing. No matter how hard they tried, he wouldn't spill the beans. I have heard some of the songs they had rehearsed but wasn't sure of the ones they thought they knew the best except one.

The boy's mouths were in constant motion this evening. For dinner the staff made ribs again and were a big hit with the boys. They had as much sauce on their hands and faces as they did in their bellies. After dinner, we had them take their showers so they could get the sauce off them and the rest of their body clean at the same time.

I took my boys over to house two so Terry and Harry wouldn't have to lug their instruments and amp to house one. The boys and I warmed up in private so we didn't sound like a loose garage band. At about seven thirty we came downstairs to the rec room and the boys whooped and clapped when we came in. The first song we did was Dueling Banjos. We'd worked on it so there was a part for Harry on violin. Tito looked at me after the first song and said, "Not bad for an old man."

I smiled and said, "I'll old man you later kiddo."

He just smiled and stuck his tongue out at me. The next song was the big one everyone worked on the hardest. Terry stepped up to the microphone and said, "We found this next song on a CD and really fell in love with it. The words say so much about how we feel about our boyfriends. So Corey, this is for you and from each member here to their boyfriend too. I was supposed to sing this but nature came along and messed it up but Kevin here has learned it and does it just as good as I could. The name of the song is Sorrow in the Wind, recorded by Emmylou Harris.

Harry started the song on violin then Barry joined in on guitar. Kevin stepped up and started singing.

I hear the soft wind sighing In every bush and tree The sound of my heart crying When you are far from me

When we're apart, my darlin' There's sorrow in the wind When we're apart, my darlin' Sweet sorrow in the wind

You leave me in the morning Your footsteps die away Though not a leaf is stirring I hear the wind all day

When we're apart, my darlin' There's sorrow in the wind When we're apart, my darlin' Sweet sorrow in the wind

They say when love grows older It dies and fades away Yet all our life together One ever-brightening day

When we're apart my darlin' There's sorrow in the wind When we're apart my darlin' Sweet sorrow in the wind

When we're apart my darlin' There's sorrow in the wind When we're apart my darlin' Sweet sorrow in the wind Sweet sorrow in the wind

When they quit singing, their respective boyfriends ganged them. I looked around the room and the others were hugging too so it seemed they really loved that song. We played for several hours when a few seemed to be getting sleepy so we called it a night. This little show was a hit by everyone and wanted us to learn new and different music.

Over the next several weeks the men who raped the boys were tried and convicted and all sentenced to lengthy prison sentences but all were made examples of by the judge. My application to adopt Timmy was at a stalemate. I suggested to Alex she run ads in some of the larger newspapers with a picture of him stating that he was being placed up for adoption and if the parents didn't contact her, they would have their parental rights terminated.

After two more weeks she had not received an answer so she had scheduled a hearing before Judge Gordon to terminate their parental rights. The case was due to be called at ten thirty when all of a sudden I had an eleven year-old octopus in my lap. I felt him shaking when I finally asked, "What's wrong son?"

All he could muster was a very weak "Look."

I looked and saw a man and woman staring at us then the man started walking towards us. I set Timmy down beside Alex and put myself between him and them. I started to speak when he said, "Why do you have my son?"

"The question to be asked is why did you abandon him in the hospital?" I asked. "He was in the hospital for over three weeks and ready to be discharged for another two. He has been living with us for almost three weeks now and not once did you ever try to locate him."

He looked at Timmy and said, "I don't owe you anything."

Alex said, "Maybe, maybe not but you will have to explain your actions to Judge Gordon."

I walked over and picked Timmy up then went onto the courtroom. I took my seat and noticed they hadn't come in yet. I was so hoping they would leave and make things easy then I saw the door open and they sat at the back.

Judge Gordon entered and called the courtroom to order. He said, "I have before me a petition to terminate the parental rights of Sherry and John Jordan. It is alleged that they abandoned their child Timothy at County Hospital after admitting their son for surgery."

Alex had received Timmy's medical records from the hospital along with the reports of Dr. Rogers. She handed them to the judge, which he accepted and entered into evidence. The judge was about to speak when the man in the back of the courtroom came running towards Timmy. I stood up and he tried to run me over when two bailiffs restrained him. The judge barked saying, "Who are you sir and why are you disturbing this proceeding?"

"This man kidnapped my son and I'm going to press charges," the man spat.

The judge looked at him and said, "If you don't restrain yourself, the only thing you will be doing is sitting in a jail cell."

The man calmed down a little then said, "I want my son now."

The judge said, "Put him in that chair and if he opens his mouth one more time, gag him. Now, you will listen to this. You left your son in County Hospital for over five weeks and never once returned phone calls from his doctor nor did you ever once see him while he was there. When he was ready to be discharged, you didn't do a thing with regards to his welfare so I placed him in foster care in the care of Mr. Cortez here at a fine facility. You two have a lot of explaining to do to this court."

Timmy looked at me and then up to the judge and said, "Your Honor, may I have two minutes with him. We don't need to go outside the room."

The judge looked at him and said, "Very well young man. We can wait while you talk with him. Bailiff, stay beside them."

Timmy walked over and started whispering into his father's ear. They went back and forth for several minutes then the man asked, "May I have a minute with my wife please?"

"Make it quick," the judge barked.

They talked back and forth and I could see the woman didn't like what was going on but finally she nodded her head. He looked at the judge and said, "I have talked with my son and he is happy where you have placed him. I must admit that we are not capable of providing for ourselves much less our son. I think it is in his best interest that he be adopted by Mr. Cortez."

The judge looked at them and asked, "You realize when you sign these papers; you will not be able to appeal this decision or change your mind?"

They both nodded their heads and Alex pulled the adoption papers from her briefcase and had everyone signed in the proper spaces. Timmy looked at the judge and asked, "Does this mean Marco is my new Daddy?"

Alex handed the judge the forms and he said, "Yes son; that is exactly what it means. It is the decision of this court that as of this date, Timothy Allen Jordan is the legal son of Mr. Marco Cortez. It is also the order of this court that his name shall be changed to Timothy Allen Cortez. This court is adjourned."

The judge banged his gavel and we all stood while he left the courtroom. Timmy jumped into my arms hugging me and said, "Let's go home now Daddy."

I set him on his feet we walked to the back of the courtroom. We walked out as his former parents stood there speechless. Alex, Timmy and I walked into the elevator and I asked, "What did you tell him?"

Timmy smiled and said, "I told him I would tell the judge everything he did when I was younger and he made me drink loads of water so he could make me pee. I told him I had a few other things I would say too and they would both be in jail for a long time."

I hadn't discussed him testifying so this was a huge surprise to me. I guess I know where he got his nerves. It seems Kevin and a few of the other boys talked to him about how to get their way without having to say a word. It would have been nice if some of the others had been present for this but since we didn't plan for it, they wouldn't be upset. I did call back and let everyone know what happened so we could have a celebration after dinner.

Ronnie made a huge cake that said Welcome Home Timmy Allen Cortez. He cut the cake and we dished out ice cream and all had a great time. Everyone was about to go their separate ways when Pop said, "I know this is Timmy's time to shine as this is a celebration for him getting a new Dad but I have something for Tito, Eduardo, Ruben and all you boys."

Pop brought in new bikes for each of his grandsons. Then we had the others come out so they could each get theirs. There wasn't a dry eye around as each boy was taken back by the surprise. We were glad today was Friday because getting them off their new wheels was going to be next to impossible. I asked the older boys to watch the younger ones and asked that they all be back before dusk.

As they started returning, I took Kevin aside and said, "I can't believe how you got Timmy to tell his father to let me adopt him or else."

Kevin hugged me then said, "Marco, I'm surprised. I could get into big trouble for doing that."

I looked at him and he had a grin that really said it all. I swept him up in my arms and just said, "Thank you for what you didn't do."

The older ones helped Timmy bring his things downstairs and Jordan said, "We are so happy you have a new Daddy but you're still welcome to sleep up here anytime you want."

Timmy smiled and said, "Thanks guys. You know I'll come up and visit all the time. Marco may be my Daddy and Tito my brother, but you guys are still my brothers too so just make room for me when I do come up."

I was sitting in my recliner watching the goings on when Timmy decided to drop in. I didn't know my newest angel had wings but he made a perfect three-point butt landing on my most prized possession. "Oomph!" was all I could muster as a felt a wave of pain shoot through them.

"I'm sorry Daddy," Timmy said quickly standing back up.

"It's ok son," I managed to squeak out. "I'm not trying to procreate."

He looked at me strangely and I just picked him up and set him on my legs and kissed his cheek. He said returning the kiss, "I think I'll let you pick me up. I like that better."

"That's fine," I said as Tito and Tommy came over. "It looks like I'm going to need a bigger recliner boys."

Tommy went over and flipped out the footrest on the love seat. I was surprised, as I didn't know it could do that. I switched places then had my three happily snuggled close to me. I soon had the tired trio so I put Tito and Tommy in their bed and went to carry Timmy into his when he said, "Daddy, can I sleep with you?"

I remembered Tito's first night so I said, "Alright son, you're brother did the same thing."

We did our nightly deeds and I had just got comfortable when I felt a lump of fur with claws attack me. I reached around until I found the offender to see what it was. I pulled it out and Timmy giggled and said, "That's Kit Daddy."

I was now wondering how he got over here. I put him down and he curled up in between our pillows and began to purr. I didn't think he would bother us or make a mess over night so I decided to let him stay. I felt Timmy stroke Kit for a few minutes then snuggle close and drift off to sleep.

To be continued