The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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The Ranch


Chapter 25

Growing Again?

We did our nightly deeds and I had just got comfortable when I felt a lump of fur with claws attack me. I reached around until I found the offender to see what it was. I pulled it out and Timmy giggled and said, "That's Kit Daddy."

I was now wondering how he got over here. I put him down and he curled up in between our pillows and began to purr. I didn't think he would bother us or make a mess over night so I decided to let him stay. I felt Timmy stroke Kit for a few minutes then snuggle close and drift off to sleep.

In the next room, Tito and Tommy were snuggling close when Tommy's hand reached across Tito's chest and drew him close. His hand grazed Tito's nipple and he sucked wind at the unexpected pleasure as he also felt his penis become erect. Tommy looked into his boyfriend's eyes and said, "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Tito said softly. "It felt weird and my wiener got hard too."

Tommy repeated his touch and Tito moaned again. He reached his hand over and copied Tommy's movement. Tommy gasped softly and said, "Oh Tito! that felt wonderful. My wiener's hard too. Is it supposed to do that if you don't touch it?"

"I don't know," Tito said. "But I don't want you to stop. It feels like I'm going to get that special feeling when I rub mine."

Tito caressed Tommy nipples some more then slid his hand down to his friend's crotch. He lightly touched Tommy's penis and Tommy moaned saying, "Um that feels better than when I do it."

"Would you like to feel something really good?" Tito whispered.

"Anything from you," Tommy said.

Tito took Tommy's penis between two fingers and gently began stroking it like he remembered Marco showing him. He slipped his arm under Tommy's head and began rubbing Tommy's other nipple. Tommy started moaning as the feeling in his groin got stronger and stronger. He said, "I got to pee Tito. Stop or I'll pee."

"You won't pee man," Tito said. "Trust me, alright?"

Tommy laid back and enjoyed the feelings that were coming over him. Soon his toes started curling downward and his breathing got stronger and heavier. He moaned saying, "Oh Tito, what's happening?"

Tommy's body got stiff and shook as his first orgasm swept over his body. Tito rubbed his still hard penis a few more times then held Tommy as he came back down to earth.

Tommy said, "Man Tito, what happened?"

Tito smiled and said, "You just had your first orgasm. Did you like it?"

"Yeah love," Tommy said. "I loved it. Can I make you feel good to?"

Tito giggled and said, "I thought you'd never ask."

Tommy started rubbing Tito's chest and noticed a quick tent form under the sheets. He copied all the things Tito had just done to him and soon had his boyfriend shaking with a dry orgasm. After Tito came back to his senses, he cuddled close to Tommy and drifted off to sleep.

I was up before everyone and had just finished my shower when I heard the patter of feet on the tile floor. I stuck my head out from behind the shower curtain and I saw my newest son emptying his bladder. I waited until he was finished then said, "Morning little one. Did you sleep well?"

"Dad," Timmy shouted startled. "Don't do that."

He looked up at me smiling then stuck his tongue out at me as he went back to bed. I was laughing as I showered then dried off. I noticed he'd dozed back off again and was about to shake the bed but decided to be nice. I sat down beside him when Tito and Tommy came in. They quickly came over for a hug when I said, "Did you guys have fun last night?"

Tito smiled at me and said, "Sure did Daddy."

I whispered to him and said, "I'm glad but next time try not to be quite so loud. It's a good thing your brother was asleep and didn't hear anything. Had he been awake I don't know if he would have asked questions or not."

Both boys kissed me and Tommy said, "Sorry Marco but it sure did feel good."

I smiled at them both as they went to Tito's room to get dressed then go eat breakfast. I woke Tommy so he could dress and join the others. I had my coffee and ate then got my boys over to walk up to the bus stop with Gwen.

I was at the main house having a cup of coffee when Sam dropped by. He fixed himself a cup of coffee then said, "I have a search warrant signed by Judge Gordon for the office of Dr. P. William James. He was the pediatrician convicted with the others last month and the judge wants to know if he'd used his position to molest any children in his practice."

Pop looked at him and said, "I don't think he'd make references in his records that you'd be able to read and comprehend."

"I realize this," he said looking at us. "This is why Judge Gordon has requested your assistance. He would like you to go over the charts and see if there are any unusual entries."

I knew when I heard this that we were going to have our hands full but it also meant we could be looking at more kids than we did when the house was raided. I sipped my coffee then asked, "When do you plan on serving the warrant?"

Sam swallowed more of his coffee then said, "We have two officers picking up a van so we can load the files into it. Once they have it, we're going to meet them at the office then serve the warrant."

"Why couldn't they put their files on computers?" I asked looking at Gwen.

"If there are that many files," Jay started saying. "We could be doing this for several weeks and your officers are going to be overloaded interviewing parents and children.

"Well," Sam started. "Would one of you like to come to see the files?"

I didn't want to see those files any earlier than I had to. This was going to be a nightmare and a half and I had work to do in the dispensary bringing all our charts up to date.

Pop looked and said, "Yeah I'll go, Sam. I don't have anything to do. I wonder how many patients this guy had. Do you know how many other pediatricians there are around here?"

Sam wasn't sure but he didn't take his daughter to James' practice. "I don't know but I can find out. I know there are loads of kids in this county so there should be more than one or two. I just hope we haven't opened a Pandora's box."

I looked at the group and said, "I have to get over to the dispensary and update everyone's files. I should be expecting some lab reports on the boys in your house Gwen."

I went over to the fridge and grabbed a cold drink before leaving then waved going out the door. I was just about to start working on the files when Pop called over and said, "I think we should hire a nurse to assist with the influx of records we're going to get."

"Where am I supposed to get one at such short notice Pop?" I asked. "Let me talk to Jay."

"Yeah bro, what's up?" Jay asked

"Can you call over to the hospital and see if there is a surgical nurse who might have just resigned recently," I said.

Jay asked "Why the hospital?" "I have my own resources. I'll have one here in about an hour. Will you still be in the dispensary?"

"I don't know," I answered. "I'll let you know when I am."

I had a stack of papers almost a foot high on my desk. I need to get over here more often. I went through the lab reports and all the boys in House 2 are free of STD's. I did notice Mike, Tim, and Jordan are past due on a couple their shots.

I went and filed the papers and was about to leave when Jay called me and asked that I meet him at the main house. I noticed a handsome young man sitting with him and as I got closer, I began to recognize him. I patted him on the back and said, "Well, what brings you here? I thought you loved the hospital?"

"I do," he said. "But when I talked with Dr. Paris I couldn't help but envy the good things you all are doing here. I told Jay if you ever had an opening for a nurse that I would love to work for you."

"I hate to seem silly," I said, "But what is your name? I never really noticed it on your name plate."

"It's Tony," he answered. "Tony Wells, Dr. Cortez."

I went into the office and brought out an application for him to fill out. "Drop the doctor," I said. "Just call me Marco. I'll need you to fill this out and sign the form authorizing us to run a background check on you. It's required by the state since we're working with children. I know since you were on staff at the hospital it's going to come back clean but rules are rules. You have the job and I would like you to consider being a house parent when our third house is needed."

"That won't be a problem," Tony said. "My annual evaluation was last week and they had to do that and since I didn't hear anything, I know it was alright."

Jay looked at us and said, "I was explaining to Tony about the files coming and he said he was a speed reader and he would be glad to help there too."

I fixed myself a cup of coffee and said, "Wow that will save us a great deal of time. I don't know if you know this doctor but he is a real piece of work."

"I've heard of him and a couple of his patients needed surgery but I've never actually met him," Tony said fixing a cup. "I read about him in the newspaper and I hope he gets himself a nice boyfriend."


In the State Correctional Center, Parker William James was being a model inmate. He had earned himself library and computer privileges and was taking full advantage of them. He was missing the contacts he'd had with a few of his patients, especially Robert. He had molded him over the past six years since he first began coming to his office. He had tried molding his older brother Roddy but wasn't his type of boy. Roddy matured quickly into a strong and muscled young man while Robert stayed fair and immature.

He had managed to convince his father he needed to follow the boy very closely because he thought he wasn't developing like Roddy so his Dad agreed. Just before his arrest, he had persuaded Robert to allow him to email him and he had his address memorized. On this particular afternoon, Parker decided to send his young charge a quick message. He wrote Robert saying.

Dear Robert,
I have missed following your growth progress and I hope you're doing well. I don't know if there will be another physician who will be able to take as good a care of you as I have. I also don't think anyone will understand your condition as I do. I will write you again.

Your friend,
Dr. James

He pressed the send key then smiled inwardly. He knew his records could never be searched so he was confident his charge would never reveal what happened.



Robert James Coleman was a typical twelve your-old boy who was happy and active. He loved riding his horse with his brother as well as riding his off road four-wheeler. The only problem in his life even though he was twelve; he hadn't started growing like his brother.

Roddy was fifteen and stood almost six feet tall. He had a well-defined chest that Robert wished he had also. He'd seen his brother coming out of the shower and he wished he were growing hair around his boyhood as Roddy was. He had mentioned this to his brother but he just said he would in time and quickly changed the subject.

Once a month like clock work, Robert would look at himself in the mirror to see if he had any signs of hair but alas, there were none. He hadn't heard from his Dad about his next scheduled appointment with the good doctor nor was he aware that Dr. James had been convicted of horrible crimes against other boys but that was about to change.

The family computer had been in the shop for repairs so he hadn't been able to check his mail for some time. He found out it would be returned the following week so he would be able to catch up with all his other friends.



Sam and Pop were at the good Doctor's office and everything except seven file cabinets and a computer had been removed. The file cabinets all had pad locks on them as well as a lock of its own so Sam came prepared and had a locksmith on hand for this problem.

Once the first cabinet was opened he looked at the number of files stored inside and soon realized that his worst nightmare had come to pass. Each drawer contained about thirty files in alphabetical order. Each file had either a pink or a blue label denoting male or female. He pulled a file with a blue label on it and showed it to Pop. He looked it over and determined nothing out of the ordinary so Sam put a mark on it denoting it had been read.

"God Miguel," Sam said. "This is going to take months to sort out. I hope this computer whiz we brought can get his machine running."

Pop was about to speak when a voice said, "Success!"

They went over to where he was sitting and there was Dr. Parker William James' medical computer running showing every patient in his practice. Pop asked the State Trooper, "Can you shut this thing down without it locking back up?"

"Sure can," he said. "I've unlocked it and put his password into memory. Every time you log on, you'll be able to go into any record you wish."

The trooper was about to shut it down when Pop said, "Hey hang on, what's this file?"

The file he was referring to read, "Patients with growth problems."

The trooper clicked on it and a list of names appeared on the screen. There were about a dozen names on the list so Sam wrote them down and then had the trooper shut the computer down. They took the computer apart and loaded it along with all the file cabinets into the truck. Sam had gotten permission from the judge to store the contents of the office at The Ranch so we decided to put all of it in House 3 since that wasn't being used.

It was going on two-thirty and everyone was already tired and hungry. They made sure everything was strapped down tight and secure then we made our way back to The Ranch. The officers brought the computer inside and Pop found a place to set it up. It, along with the files, were set in the rec room so there would be plenty of space to work.

Jay, Tony, and I were sitting by the pool when I asked Tony, "Would you be willing to move into House 3?"

Tony looked at me like I had lost my mind. He said, "Are you offering me a place to live rent free plus pay me a salary? When do you expect more kids to arrive?"

"Anytime dude," Jay said sipping his soda. "We can get kids anytime of the day or night. The last group we got came here at ten in the evening. Besides, some of the boys you know aren't going to want you to leave. A few of them think you're a hunk."

Tony blushed when he heard that. He said, "I remember them. Isn't one of them your son, Marco?"

I was about to speak when a voice came over my phone saying, "Marco, Jay, I need you guys at House 3."

We got up and started walking towards the house when Jay said, "We're on our way Dad. Marco and I hired a nurse today so that problem has been solved. He's also going to be the house parent for House 3."

"Good job guys," he said. "Now get your buns over here. We have loads of work to do."

I got my phone and said, "We're coming Daddy. Gwen, can you pick the boys up at the gate this afternoon? The slave driver is at it again."

We walked into House 3 when Pop smacked me on the forehead and said, "I'll slave driver you, wise ass."

"See the way he treats us," I said to Tony pouting. "He's so mean to us and I'm one of his sons."

Tony laughed at my pouting. "You look cute when you pout like that."

I couldn't believe what I just heard and I just smiled at him. I felt a hand rub my ass as I sucked wind and my dick went to attention. "Are you making a pass at me?" I asked?

He smiled at me and said, "You better believe it. I'd love to give you a physical some time."

I could feel my heart begin to race. Jay looked at me and said, "Hey bro, looks like you have an admirer."

Pop looked at us and said, "All right you two get a room."

I took Tony by the hand and said, "Sure thing Pop. We have enough of them here. We'll see you later."

"On your own time wise ass," he shouted. "We have work to do."

The computer technician had the computer back together and I heard a printer whipping out sheets of paper. I looked around the room and saw the file cabinets then said, "Shit Pop, how many patients did this jerk have?"

"I don't know," Pop said. "Right now, I want you three to be concerned with these names. I need you to find these files and go over them with a fine toothed comb."

I looked at the names and went to a file cabinet. I rummaged through all the files in one but struck out. I decided to have a look at the computer. "Hey Sam," I said. "Mind if I take a look here?"

"No," Sam said. "But don't delete any files."

"I've used computers before," I said. "I'll lay odds you won't find paper files on these guys."

No sooner had I said that than an officer said, "Found one."

Jay, Tony, and I took the file over to a table and began going over it. The patient's name was a Stanley Morgan. At the time of his last visit he was sixteen years old. There was an envelope clipped to the back of the folder. Inside it was a disk and a green card. The green card was for a certified letter but the address was out of state.

I looked at Sam and said, "I think you should have an officer talk with this guy and maybe even his doctor. The things here seem legit but interviewing the child might be best."

"All right," Sam said. "I'll call the local police and see what I can do. I think we should let the judge know what we find out too."

We heard voices outside and I looked at my watch. The boys were starting to get home from school so we had to call it a day. We locked the house up tight after shutting down the computer. When we went out, Tommy spotted Tony and said, "Hey guys, look! It's that hunky nurse from the hospital."

Tony turned red and then got swarmed by several of the boys. "Hey dudes," I said laughing. "He needs to breathe if you want him to survive."

Tommy looked up at him and said, "What are you doing here?"

"I work here now," Tony said.

"Cool, I'll see you later." Tommy said running towards my house. "I got homework to do."

I patted Tony on the back and said, "Come on. You can move your clothes and personal things over tomorrow."

"I hope you don't mind but I'm going to need a shower," Tony said.

I looked at him and said, "No problem. You look like my size; you can wear some of my things."

Tito came up behind me and said, "Nice catch Dad."

I sputtered and said, "What was that son? Nice catch? Tony just started here."

"OK," he said. "And just what is that tent doing in the front of your shorts?"

I felt myself turning a dozen shades of red. I had to admit it, I had this perpetual hard on ever since Tony touched my ass and I couldn't shake it. I picked Tito up and said back, "You think I should have a boyfriend?"

"Well duh Dad," Tito said. "I do so why can't you? Tony's a great looking guy and besides, Uncle Jay and Uncle Ronnie will be green."

Tony turned around and said, "Thank you Tito, I do happen to like your Dad. I hope you don't mind it if I spend the night?"

"I like you," Tito said. "You speak your mind. If you want to sleep with Dad, go for it. We'll take care of Timmy tonight."

"Why will you take care of me?" A voice suddenly said. "I remember you. You took care of me in the hospital. Do you work here now?"

"Yes and I like your Dad," Tony replied picking Timmy up. "Is that a problem?"

"Heck no," Timmy answered smiling. "I think you're cool and good looking."

Tony looked at the boys and then at me smiling. "I think we just got their blessing and thanks for the compliment."

He was right. Tito and Timmy thought it was cool if I had a boyfriend so I decided to just see what happened. When we got to the house, I put Tito down and Tony did the same to Timmy. They went inside and started on their homework. I went and checked on the others and found them all busy with their studies. I knew the other's would have questions but decided I would tackle those during dinner.

I brought Tony into my room and closed the door so he could try on a pair of shorts. He took his shirt off and I started drooling instantly. He had a very well defined chest and a firm six-pack. I looked at his stomach and noticed he didn't have a treasure trail leading into the unknown. I went into my bureau and tossed him a pair of jean shorts and he casually took his pants off.

His ass filled his boxer briefs perfectly. I looked at his legs and they were perfectly sculpted. I sneezed then he turned around showing the front of his underwear and he was as perfect there as was the rest of him. He stepped into my shorts and pulled them onto his body and damn if he didn't look better in them than I did. I was right that he shaved his hairline running from his belly button to his pubes.

I finally managed to find my voice. "The boys were right dude. You are one hot looking guy."

He stepped over lifting my shirt off of me then smiled. "You don't look so bad yourself."

He started to reach for my crotch when I said, "I don't think we're going to have time for this. Why don't we continue this later?"

"How about I give you a shower later then we finish it?" Tony asked.

"Here's a t-shirt and the deodorant is in the bathroom," I said smiling to him. "You got yourself a deal my friend."

He came over to me and pulled me close to him and I just melted into his arms. I looked into his eyes and let my lips gently brush against his. He returned my gentle kiss then brushed my lips with his tongue. I had to step back because if I continued this then I would want him to take me to where ever he wanted to and I knew there wasn't enough time for it. I looked at him and I felt my heart begin to melt. I hadn't allowed myself to enter into a relationship because of my work at The Ranch but now I'm just getting lonely. Tony opened the door and half the boys were sitting on the floor looking at us. I took him by the hand and kissed him in front of them and they all went "Oooo."

They all jumped and patted us on the back and Kevin said, "Hot dude, Marco. Congrats."

I looked at my watch and dinner was going to be served in about thirty minutes so we decided to go to the other house and get Pop's take on this. We walked in holding hands and Joey jumped into Tony's arms. He said, "Hey Tony, I remember you. I heard you were working here now. Are you Marco's new boyfriend?"

Tony laughed as he held the boy. "Slow down little one. We just met but I do like Marco. I've liked him since I first laid eyes on him but at the time, I couldn't do anything about it."

"But now you can," a voice was heard to say. "Tony, I'm aware of the proprieties before but they don't stand up here."

"Are you giving us your blessing Pop?"

He looked at us and then gave each of us a hug. "That I am and I wish you both the best."

Once again we were mobbed by boys then went back over to the house and got ready for dinner. Ronnie's menu consisted of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots along with iced tea. For desert we had ice cream with various sauces. After dinner I sent the boys up for their showers and Tony's eyebrows raised when he heard the news. I see Tito take Timmy and Tommy's hand and lead him towards his room. Tony took my hand and led me into mine. After closing the door, Tony and I went into each other's arms. "Marco," Tony said. "I am starting to fall for you. Can we get that shower before something starts that we won't want to wait for?"

I walked into the bathroom then started the shower. I turned and stood right in front of Tony and did a striptease in front of him. The shorts I'd loaned him tented quickly. "Well come on in big boy, the water is fine."

Tony tossed off his clothes and joined me in the shower. God was this guy hot. He pulled me close to him and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips touched and as soon as they did, our dicks did too. I felt a surge of electricity run through my body and I almost blew my wad on the spot. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and we began a wrestling match I was more than willing to lose. "Tony," I hissed. "Please love, if you don't stop I'm gonna blow right here and now."

He reached down and took hold of my tool and began stroking it. "Go ahead and cum, you'll last longer tonight."

I leaned back in and started kissing while Tony continued stroking. I grabbed his tool and did like wise. Before too long, we were both moaning. He pulled me in tight as I felt my load start winding its way towards the surface of my dick. I held back as long as I could until I finally said, "Tony, I'm cumming. Oh shit dude, I'm going to blow."

I tried to say something else when my knees got weak. I no sooner started to cum when Tony did the same. I moved my hand from his neck to his waist so we both could still stand. We held onto each other as we both blew our loads. Round after round went out of us and down the drain. "Man Marco, what a rush."

"I know," I said still holding on. "I hadn't had a good one like that in a long time. Shall I do the honors?"

I picked up the soap and began washing his fantastic body. I paid a little extra attention to his ass and assets and when I had rinsed his front off I was tempted to take a taste but I wanted to wait until we could have more time. I was thinking about putting Tito, Tommy, and Timmy upstairs so we wouldn't disturb them but I decided we would have to just learn to keep the noise down.

Tony and I came out of my room and relaxed by watching the tube when the boys surrounded us again. We tried to cuddle but Timmy wiggled his way between us so he could be a sandwich. Tony had Tito and I had Tommy on our laps so we decided to make the best of it. I'm glad today is Thursday. Tomorrow night I won't have to worry about waking up to the alarm so if Tony and I get carried away, we can sleep in a little.

Over the next few weeks, we were learning about some of the activities Dr. James had been up to. Talking to the former patient Stanley Morgan was a dead end. He did have a growth hormone deficiency and had been treated properly by the former doctor.



Back in prison, Parker William James was about to receive a visitor that was going to turn his world upside down. When he was led into the visitor's room he gasped and said, "What are you doing here?"

Tossing a folded piece of piece of paper on the table he said, "This is a search warrant signed by Judge Gordon. We have seized the records and your computer from you old medical practice. With the help of a few doctors, we're going to find out how many of your patients you've abused. You could be facing additional charges."

"So what?" he snapped. "How many more life sentences can I get?"

Sam just laughed when he heard that; "How about the death penalty? I think that would be very fitting for an asshole like you. You're lucky no one's found out why you're in here. Keep running your mouth like that and they will."

"You wouldn't," he said gasping. "They'd kill me."

"That would save the state a lot of money." Sam said getting right into his face. "I hear you have computer access now. I would be very careful what I did if I were you."

"I've been a model prisoner," he said with a smirk.

Sam had to leave so he could drive back so he could get home at a decent hour. He stood up and smacked him in the back of the head saying, "You a model prisoner? You're model scum."

"Hey, you can't do that," he yelled. "Guard, did you see that?"

Sam walked over to the door and the guard said, "I didn't see a thing. If I were you, I'd just shut my mouth. Get your ass against that wall over there and be ready to go back to your cell."

Sam left and started the long drive home as the prisoner was stripped searched and returned to his cell. The next day, Parker James was in the library at the computer terminal.



Robert had finally got to check his email and read the letter from his old doctor. He hadn't seen the address because he didn't want to reply. He was glad he wouldn't be seeing him any longer. His mother had said that since he was twelve, he could see the same doctor Roddy was.

All seemed fine until the following day. Parker James was preparing to send Robert an email that would have him worrying about his family.

Robert wasn't the one to check his mail every day but on this day, Roddy was in the room with him while he checked his mail. He saw a letter from Dr. James and when he opened and read it, he lost all his color and quickly deleted it. Roddy looked at him and said, "What's wrong dude. It looks like you've seen a ghost?"

No truer words have ever been spoken. He took a deep breath and said, "Nothing just got some junk email. I'm going to have to filter it out, that's all."

"That must have been some spam dude," Roddy said coming over to his little brother. "Is there anything you want to ask or tell me?"

"No," Robert said trying to regain his composure. "I'll be alright."


His brother left the room then he went into his trash can and reopened the letter.


My dear little bear,
Did you get my first letter? How are papa, mamma and brother bear doing? You do want them safe don't you and not hunted right?


Well little bear, I have to run.



Robert started breathing hard and tried to think about what he was going to do. His mind was a whirlwind then he started getting lightheaded. He closed his eyes and finally managed to get his breathing under control then he went to empty the trash can with the email when he heard something and then just shut the computer off.




Back at House 3, I was trying to find the paper files of the two names I had left on the list. The others we found had been all above board. I looked at Sam and said, "Did we get everything that was in the office?"

"I think so," Sam said looking at me. "Is there something in particular you're referring to?"

"I don't know," I said thinking about what he'd just asked me. "Was there a desk or something like that?"

"Yeah," Sam said quickly. "There was an old desk as well as the table the computer was on."

I took a drink of my soda then said, "I think you better tear that stuff apart. We've been through these files here five times and these two names aren't in here."

Sam got a few tools from Pop then drove back to the office and did a number on the desk. Hidden inside a well-disguised compartment was a big brown envelope that contained a file with the name Robert Coleman. Sam called me and said, "Was there a Robert Coleman on your list?"

"Yeah," I said relieved. "Is it a big file?"

"It's huge," Sam said. "This is the only one I could find. I destroyed both desks looking for these. I'm on my way back. See you when I get there."

Sam returned and Jay, Tony, and I sat down reading this huge mass of paper. Tony looked at me and said, "Do you know how old this kid was when he first started to go see this dude?"

"Ah, let me look," I said thumbing back through the pages. "Why, do you have something?"

"I might," he said.

I found the registration form and it looked like he was almost six when he first saw the doctor. I said, "It looks like he was almost six when his mother brought him here for the first time."

Tony said, "The file you gave me makes him eight now. How often was he being seen at first?"

I was about to answer when Jay spoke up saying, "These records I have run up to almost present day. The last entry here was about four months ago. This means he still lives in town. It might help if we went and talked with his parents as well as the child."

"Good idea," I said. "I want to read all this first to get some idea as to what is going on. Everything we've found so far seems to be totally above board."

Tony then said, "I have something here. It's a letter dictated to his father stating he wants to see the child monthly because he's concerned about him not growing properly. The date here puts the child at about ten. I didn't think they started therapy that early?"

"They don't," Pop said. "We aren't really concerned about it until they have had plenty of time to go through puberty. Most of the times, we don't start hormones until they're around 16."

Tony continued, "That answers some questions here for me. I've been reading the types of examinations he's been doing on the child and from what I'm reading, he's just groping him and not really doing anything of medical value."

Jay looked at him and asked, "Can I see that?"

Tony handed him the chart and Jay started scanning through the papers. Jay looked at everything then continued, "You're right Tony. There is no reason a doctor needs to feel a boy's prostate. At ten, it hasn't had a chance to develop so he is producing semen. From what he states himself, the child hasn't entered puberty so there is no need. He's also been drawing blood for unnecessary tests."

Sam said, "I think we should contact the parents and set up a meeting so we can get to the bottom of this."

We took the file and went into the office at the main house. Sam dialed the number on the registration sheet hoping it was still good. It rang several times when a woman answered. Sam said to her, "This is Detective Sam Thomas from the Sheriff's Office. Is this Mrs. Coleman?"

"Yes it is," the woman said back.

Sam continued, "We're doing an investigation into the medical practice of Dr. Parker William James and we see that your son Robert was a patient of his."

"Yes Detective, he was." She said. "But now, we feel that at his age he can see our internist."

"Well ma'am," Sam went on saying. "Could it be possible if we could talk with you and your son? Three noted physicians are assisting us so they would be talking with him. They will be gentle with him so he isn't scared or hurt psychologically."

"I suppose that would be alright then," she said. "When and where would you like to do this?"

"Tomorrow if possible," Sam said, "If that's alight with you?"

"Tomorrow will be fine," she said then hung up the phone.

Robert had been on the other end of the phone during the later part of the conversation but had heard enough to think he was in trouble. His heart was racing and he was scared that James would get to him if he told everything that had happened to him. What he didn't know was it was in his records and it wasn't his fault the doctor did those things to him. He knew he was little and wanted to be more like his brother Roddy. What he didn't know was that he still had a lot of growing to do before he started.

Robert was having questions run through his mind faster and faster than he could come up with answers. He needed to think and couldn't do it there. He had a place that was safe but how could he get there? He would go there with his friends but he always rode his horse but he couldn't do that at this time of the afternoon. The only way was to walk but that would take a couple of hours.

He rummaged around and found his backpack. He put a few pieces of clothing in it in case it turned cold. He also took a flashlight and some extra batteries as well as his sharp knife. He changed into jeans and found all the money he could so he could get things to eat that would last a couple of days. Opening his window, he dropped the satchel out the window and it landed in the bushes. He looked around and his mother was in the living room reading the newspaper. He looked at his watch and it read four-fifteen. His father wouldn't be home for an hour and Roddy had gone over to a friend's house.

Slipping quietly down the stairs, Robert went into the kitchen and got a cold soda out of the fridge then went outside. Grabbing his pack, he started off for his security outlet.

To be continued