The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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The Ranch


Chapter 26

Growing Again? Part II

He rummaged around and found his backpack. He put a few pieces of clothing in it in case it turned cold. He also took a flashlight and some extra batteries as well as his sharp knife. He changed into jeans and found all the money he could so he could get things to eat that would last a couple of days. Opening his window, he dropped the satchel out the window and it landed in the bushes. He looked around and his mother was in the living room reading the newspaper. He looked at his watch and it read four-fifteen. His father wouldn't be home for an hour and Roddy had gone over to a friend's house.

Slipping quietly down the stairs, Robert went into the kitchen and got a cold soda out of the fridge then went outside. Grabbing his pack, he started off for his security outlet.

The sun would be shining for another three hours if not longer and the weather was actually hot for the end of September. He needed to go over to a friend's house so he could find the trail that led to their fort. Along the way, Robert passed a little store that sold sandwiches and drinks really cheap. He loaded up on supplies then started out again for his friend's house.



Back at The Ranch, the boys were arriving home happy it was Friday. I followed Tony to his place so he could bring his clothes and personal items back to his new home. We had finished putting them into my room when Jake came up to us and asked, "Can we go swimming at the lake?"

I looked at Tony and said, "the lake is the skinny dipping hole. The boys love it but if you don't feel comfortable you can wear trunks. They won't say anything about it if you do."

Tony smiled and said, "When in Rome."

I looked at Jake and said, "Alright kiddo. Go round up the boys and meet us at the main house. We will need two vans. I looked back at Tony and said, "You do realize you're going to get looked at very closely. Don't worry though; they won't try to grope you; If they do, slap their hands."

Tony nodded his head then we went and got towels for the boys and us. When we arrived at the main house, all the boys were there and in the vans. Tony and I were about to leave when a straggler came running outside. He said, "Wait Uncle Marco. Wait for me."

Stevie was staying for the weekend and I hadn't known it. He wanted to join his boyfriend for a dip in the lake. I stopped and he piled in with the others then we were on our way. No sooner had we stopped when half of the boys piled out already in the buff. I parked my van and cut the engine off and removed my clothes. Tony joined me then we did a head count so we knew how many boys we had to look after. I had Jordan and Terry assist in keeping track of the boys. Kevin walked up to Tony saying, "Wow Tony, I hope I look half as good as you do when I'm your age."

Tony smiled and said, "Be careful of what you eat, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and you'll be fine."

I felt Tony's hand slip into mine as he lead me towards the water. We waded in and it was a little chilly. I gasped and waited to get used to the cool water. After a few minutes, I went in and started having fun. I was about to ask Tony a question when I had a little imp on my shoulders. Joey had quickly climbed my back. "Mind if I sit here for a while?"

I reached around pinching his butt saying, "Do I have a choice?"

Joey was giggling when Tony was attacked and ended up with George on his shoulders. "Does this happen all the time?"

I nodded my head. "Sure does and it's a wonder we had this much time to us. I have been meaning to ask you if you like horse back riding."

"Oh man," Tony answered. "I love it. I have my own horse boarded with a friend. I wish I had a way to get it here so I could relax riding."

"Don't worry, Pop has a trailer and he'll be glad to help you bring it over. We have a second and larger stable being built and Stevie's Dad is our vet."

Tony looked at me with George on his shoulders. "I can't believe how lucky I am. I'm glad Jay called me yesterday because I'm so happy now. I have a great job with these boys and I'm finally able to be with you."

I leaned in and kissed him. Joey said, "Hey get a room will ya?"

I picked him off my shoulders and tossed him onto the water. He came up spitting out water when I said, "Hey, cool off now."

He laughed then we went back to enjoying ourselves. We swam for about another hour then I needed to get back so we could eat dinner. I got out and started drying myself but Tony stopped short of coming out. I held a towel up for him then the twins Harry and Barry each took a hand and brought him on land. Harry looked up at him and said, "There's nothing to be shy about. I wish I looked as good as you do because if I did, I'd never want to wear clothes."

Bobby shouted at Harry saying, "Hey love, you better keep your clothes on. That property belongs to me only."

"You know it lover," Harry said rubbing Bobby's dick. "This belongs to me and I want a good sample of it later tonight, fair enough?"

Bobby smiled as he and the others loaded into the vans for the short ride back to the houses. When we returned, I noticed Ronnie was lighting up the charcoal barbeque grills between our houses. I guess we're having a cookout tonight. The boys scrambled out and I took Tony's hand and went up to my brother with a huge smile on my face. "Hey bro, I'd like you to meet Tony. He's the nurse that we hired yesterday."

Ronnie turned to meet him and stopped dead in his tracks with his hand extended. "Wow Jay was right, you are a looker. It's nice to meet you and I'm happy for you too Marco. I hope you both hit it off and are very happy together."

Tony smiled and shook his hand. "Thanks Ronnie. Jay's told me a lot about you and I'm happy for you both also."

Eduardo came up to us and said, "Marco, is Tony going to be our Uncle?"

I giggled then said, "Well dude, I don't know since we just met. I suppose it will be alright if that is what you guys want to call him."

Eduardo was about to speak when Stevie jumped into my arms and said, "Hi Uncle Marco. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too Stevie," I said smiling. "How is your sister and where is she?"

He wrinkled his nose saying, "She is with a girl friend and she's ok when she's not being a pain."

Tony laughed saying, "And I'm sure to her, brothers are a pain too."

Ronnie started cooking the chicken and hamburgers. Jay came over and we sat at one of the tables talking about how to talk with the child tomorrow. I was hoping Robert wasn't mentally scared from what the doctor had done to him. I was thinking maybe we would have Pop talk with him. He's always had a natural ability to calm children down and that's what we're going to need now.




Robert had been walking for almost forty minutes when he came to his friend's house. He walked carefully beside the house and to the trail that lead to their hidden safe house. His stomach began to rumble a little because he'd missed lunch. He stopped and took out a sandwich and began eating as he walked.

Roddy came home from his friend's house and talked briefly with him mom. He thought he would talk with Robert about what it was that spooked him earlier. He went upstairs and dropped his stuff on his bed then went across the hall to surprise him. He knocked on his door and waited for him to answer. He waited a minute then knocked louder. When he didn't get an answer after the second knock, he went in. He saw the room empty so he went back downstairs. "Hey Mom," Roddy said. "Where did Robert take off to?"

She sat up and said, "He should be in his room. He didn't ask to go anywhere."

"Well, his room is empty," he said.

Roddy went outside and checked to see if his bike was still there then did a search of his room. He couldn't find him anywhere. He remembered his looking at an email then getting scared so he thought he would see what was going on. He turned his computer on and waited for it to boot. While he was doing this, his mother came in. She looked at him and asked, "What are you doing? That's your brother's computer?"

"I know," Roddy said. "Something he was reading scared the hell out of him and he turned white as a sheet. I don't know if they are connected but I need to find out."

"Well," she said reluctantly. "If he finds out, he's going to be mad at you."

The computer was ready to go when he went to Robert's email. He had watched his brother type his password and remembered it. There were a number of emails in his box so Roddy had to open each one and read it. He had read about fifteen and no luck so he then checked the recycle bin. There were a number of old ones in there so he opened the one with today's date on it and when he started reading it, he got scared right away. He started yelling, "Mom, Mom, come here quick."

"What is it son," she asked entering the room.

"Read this," he said.

My dear little bear,

Did you get my first letter? How are your papa, mamma and brother bear doing? You do want them safe don't you and not hunted right? Well little bear, I have to run.


"Who is William?" she asked.

"I don't know," Roddy said. "He mentioned another email. I'll look in the trash and hope it hasn't been emptied."

"Take a look," she said.

Roddy went back into the recycle bin and found one with the same address. He opened it and it read.

Dear Robert,

I have missed following your growth progress and I hope you're doing well. I don't know if there will be another physician who will be able to take as good a care of you as I have. I also don't think anyone will understand your condition as I do. I will write you again.

Your friend,

Dr. James

"Oh my god," she said. "I know who that is. The police called today and they are investigating him. I have a meeting with them so they can talk to Robert tomorrow. I have his number saved in the caller ID. I'm going to call him."

"All right Mom," Roddy said. "I hope the little squirt is alright. I know he's a pain but he's my pain and no one is gonna hurt him."




Ronnie out did himself with his barbequed chicken. Tony looked like he just had surgery without going to sleep he had so much sauce all over his face and shirt. "Hey dude," I said. "Looks like you need a doctor."

"Hehe," Tony said. "I think I do. Care to assist me with a shower?"

"We know what will happen, we know what will happen," Stevie started chanting.

I was about to go tickle him when my cell phone rang. I answered it saying, "Hello, Dr. Cortez here."

"Oh," The voice said on the other end. "I must have dialed the wrong number. I'm trying to get hold of Sam Thomas."

"Sam is a friend of mine," I said to her. "He's a police officer. I can have him get hold of you if you need him."

"This is Mrs. Coleman," she said. "I think I'm going to need him. My son Robert has run away."

"May I have your address and I'll let him have the information," I said. "Don't leave or do anything. I'm going to have a few people from here come over too. We may need to get a search party together to find him."

"Ok doctor," she said. "We'll see you shortly."

I hollered for Pop and Jay to follow Tony and me into the house. I got on the phone and called Sam on his cell phone and filled him in on what Mrs. Coleman told me. Pop said that Ronnie and he would watch the boys while we went over to the Coleman's.

Tony and I got a quick shower while Jay went over to the main house and cleaned up himself. Ronnie said he would saddle the horses and have Tito, Eduardo and Ruben cleaned up also. I came out of the shower when Terry came in and asked, "Marco, can I help too? I know how to ride."

I thought about it for a minute and Pop said, "Let him go Marco. That way there will be two pairs of boys."

"Alright," I said. "Go get a shower then Pop will help you pack a few things. Will you tell the other three to get cleaned up? I'll call you all when I know something definite."

I got into the Hummer followed by Tony and Jay. I told them to wait so they could bring the others then I took off to the Coleman's. It took me about fifteen minutes to drive to her house and when I arrived their oldest son met us at the door. "I'm Marco Cortez. You're mother called me."

"Yes sir," he said. "Come in, please. I'm Roddy Coleman, Robert's older brother. She's waiting for you in the living room."

I followed him inside and he made all the introductions. I asked, "Do any of you know why Robert would suddenly run off?"

"Yes sir," Roddy said. "Come with me please and I'll show you."

I was just about to go upstairs when we heard a knock on the door. Sam arrived so he followed us so we could see what Roddy was talking about. We looked at the computer screen and Sam said, "Damn him. I'm going to call the prison and get his privileges revoked. Son, do you have any idea where he might take off? Do you know any of his friends?"

"I don't know," he said in a shaky voice. "He has a number of friends around but they are all a fair distance away. His bike is still here so I haven't a clue where he might go."

"Here's what I would like you to do," I said. "Start calling his friends and see if there might be a place where he can hide."

"I'll ask his friends," he said. "I just hope they trust me when I tell them he isn't going to be in any trouble."

Sam said, "Start by calling the closest friend he has to your house. We can start a search there. Marco, I can't get the mounted patrol to help us until the morning. I hope you can help search?"

"I've already taken care of that," I said. "I can have eight of us out on horses."

Sam was about to speak when my cell rang. I answered it and Pop was on the other end. He said, "Marco, I have another trailer coming. We can bring the horses to wherever you need them."

I told Pop to have the boys dressed in jeans with their boots. I wanted them covered in case we encounter heavy brush. I also wanted them to have rain wear in case a sudden storm came up as well as a jacket in case the temperature dropped. Pop said he would have everything covered and he would be here in about an hour.

Roddy had made several phone calls and he'd talked with the boy who lived the closest. He said there was a place they had built and he gave him a general area where it was but wouldn't go into details. I looked at him and asked, "Is he going to be home?"

"He didn't say," Roddy answered. "But I also didn't think to ask. I'll call him back."

Roddy dialed the number and as soon as Ron heard his voice, he hung up. Sam took the phone and hit the redial button. This time Sam said, "Young man, this is the police. We need your help."

The boy told Sam exactly where the shelter was and based on his directions; it was about five miles from his house. I looked at my watch and it was now seven. The boy had about a two-hour head start but the sun would be going down in about ninety minutes.

We went downstairs and waited for Pop to arrive with the horses and the others. I hoped they remembered to bring radios and charged telephones. Sam was still in his suit and tie so I knew he wasn't going to be riding with us. This did give us an advantage when we found Robert. We would be able to talk to him without the police being there so he would be more at ease.

The Coleman's house was on a large piece of property so there would be plenty of room for them to maneuver the trailers around. I heard one of the Hummers turn onto the side road so we walked out to meet it. Tony pulled in next followed by Jay. Tony parked the van and I thought I was going to see Ruben when I saw Carlos step out. "Carlos," I called. "What are you doing here? I thought Ruben was coming?"

He looked up and said, "He said he wanted to spend some time with Stevie and besides, I know this area very well."

"Alright," I said. "Did you pack properly?"

"Yes Marco," he replied.

I heard the ramp drop on one of the trailers. I went over to get Apollo because I knew he wouldn't be pleased about being confined. I led him out and tied him to the fence as Jay and the others began unloading their horses. Jay brought Mercury out next followed by Tony with Ronnie's horse Gaucho. Tito unloaded his horse Athena next and tied her next to Apollo. Eduardo and Carlos were next to unload their horses and Terry brought his out last.

Roddy came outside and showed us where the Reasoner's home was. He showed us a trail we could use that kept us away from the main road. We checked our saddlebags to make sure everything was there and loaded properly. Jay and I secured the medical bags then I checked the saddle on Apollo and was about to mount up when Pop said, "Hey Marco, Ronnie packed this stuff for you guys in case you get hungry."

I put the food in my saddlebag then said, "Did you bring the radios and fresh phones?

Jay said, "Oh yeah bro, I forgot them. They're in the glove box inside the Hummer." The boys walked with Jay as he got them out and distributed them. We mounted then headed out for the Reasoner's.

It took us about fifteen minutes to get to their house and when we arrived, I noticed there was a car parked in the driveway. I handed the reigns to Jay then dismounted walking to the front door. I knocked on it but no one answered. The boys got down and walked around the house then Terry came around. "Marco, there is someone in there. I saw a boy in there looking out at us."

I banged on the door again then hollered, "I can have the police here in five minutes if you don't come out here NOW!"

I waited then I saw the door open and a little head come into view then he looked up at me. "Yes sir?"

"You must be Ron," I said smiling down at him. "Please tell us where your shelter is? Your friend Robert is scared and has run away. He's not in trouble nor has he done anything wrong."

He came out to the porch and said, "It's down there. Robby and I normally ride our bikes down to it. If he's walking, I hope he's careful because there are a few places that can be dangerous."

I thought about what he'd just said. I asked, "Is it safe if you're on a horse?"

"Yes sir," he said. "You might want to use flashlights around the area."

"Thanks son we will. Let's get a move on guys. We have about an hours worth of daylight left."

"Dad," Tito said. "I think you better look up."

I did as he said and saw something typical for this time of year. There were black clouds forming so time was definitely of the essence.

"You're right son," I said. "Come on guys, let's go."

We took off riding hard down the trail. We had about a mile of open spaces so we could all ride at full speed. We needed all the room we could get because Apollo was a big horse and I hated low hanging branches. We got to the tree line and I saw the trail lead off into the woods so I slowed down and put the boys in the middle of our pack.

Robert had been walking for several hours now and was getting tired. He figured he was about half way there so he decided to take a short break. The first thing he needed to do was empty his bladder of the soda he'd recently filled it with so he found a nearby tree and let fly. It was getting dusk now and the mosquitoes were starting to come out. This was the one thing Robert had forgotten about. He remembered there was some repellent in the shelter; he just hoped he wasn't on the dinner menu. He saw his visibility getting reduced so he took his flashlight out and turned it on and started going up the trail. He had been walking about twenty minutes when he heard a loud crack of thunder.

I heard the clap of thunder and Apollo slowed and tried to buck. I held firm on the reigns and went with his rise. He didn't like being startled but when he got used to the noise, he would settle down. I really didn't need this right now because Sam told me he would be getting a helicopter up about nine but I knew with storms coming that would not be happening.

We all rode on and Terry said, "Marco, I need to stop and pee."

"Alright gang," I said. "We'll take a fifteen minute break. After you all pee, give your horses some water."

We cooled and watered the horses then we heard another clap of thunder and a quick flash of lightening so I knew we were going to be getting wet soon. I called Pop and Sam and they were aware of the bad weather coming our way. I told them we would check in periodically so they wouldn't worry about us. I also had them tell the boys we were all right and for them not to worry.

We needed to get going but I knew we were going to get wet. I was about to speak when Jay said, "Everyone, get your rain gear on. It's warm and muggy out so if you want to take your jeans off and put shorts on first, that's fine but make it quick."

Everyone quickly changed and donned their rain gear then we were back on the trail again. About ten minutes later the rain started coming down. It was a heavy downpour that made seeing very difficult. I wondered if Ronnie had remembered some of my special toys. I'd stored them in a closet at Pops so they wouldn't get broken. I reached into my saddlebag and felt around and found my night-vision binoculars. I had everyone stop and turn their lights off so I could look out and not get blinded. There were lots of trees out ahead of us but I did manage to see a dim light in the distance. I wasn't sure if it was a flashlight or a star. I said, "Come on guys, I see a light down the trail but I'm not sure what it is."

We took off at a mild trot into the hard driving rain. Jay, Tony and I had big beacon lights and even with those, vision was almost zero.

Robert was in his rain gear but while stopping to pee, he'd torn the pants leg and he was getting wet. He came to the narrow path and gently walked across it but as he was about to step back onto the trail, his foot slipped and he twisted his ankle. He felt a searing pain in his ankle and he fell onto the wet ground. He knew he was lass than a mile from the shelter but wondered how he was going to make it now. He found a broken tree branch that he used as a make shift crutch. This really slowed him down put he kept on struggling.

The rain had eased up and our lights were starting to work better for us as we came to the narrowing in the trail Ron told us about. We dismounted and walked the horses across. I was about to step off when I noticed a fresh mark in the mud. I led Apollo away from the area then called Jay. He came across and I showed him what I found. He agreed with my assessment and it looked like we were closing the ground on Robert. When everyone had crossed we rode two abreast and looked into the woods in case Robert left the trail. I decided to take a chance by sending Tony and Terry ahead to find the shelter in case he was already there.

Tony and Terry trotted ahead and intentionally made noise. I wanted Robert to know someone was looking for him. It looked like to Jay and me that he had slipped on the wet mud and possibly had injured himself. If this was true, he might call out needing help. After about twenty minutes, I called Tony on the radio and he informed me they just found the shelter but no one was inside. This had me worried now. I didn't like having to do a search in these rain suits; they were bulky and made you sweat.

I asked Tony about how far we were from the shelter and he said less than a mile. I decided to take a couple of boys with me and start walking. I took Eduardo and Carlos then sent the others ahead. I had also thought if Robert heard a bunch of people coming he'd be quiet until they passed then he could act normally again.

Robert's ankle was starting to swell and throb. He had left the trail and found a place to sit and rest. He didn't want to take his boot off because he knew he would not get it back on. He started to cry softly because the pain was becoming unbearable. He heard horses and people so he got down on the ground and kept still until they passed. Once it got quiet, he sat up and rested against a tree. He tried to stand but when he put weight on the ankle, it gave way and he cried out in pain.

Carlos, Eduardo and I were walking quietly down the trail when we heard a cry. We stopped and listened to see if we heard it again and sure enough we did. We walked ahead about one hundred yards and then turned our lights on to try to see the boy. There about twenty feet off the trail sitting on the ground was the boy.

I walked over to him and said, "Are you Robert Coleman?"

"Yes sir," he said. "Please don't hurt me. I didn't tell anybody."

I put my arms around him and said, "It's alright son. No one is going to hurt you. The man you got that email from is in prison and he can't hurt you or your family."

I had Eduardo get on the radio to call Jay and Tony to let them know we'd found Robert. They hurried back and we started trying to treat his ankle. We were just about to remove his boot when the rain came down in buckets again. Tony carried Robert and put him on Tito's horse and they rode back to the shelter together.

When we arrived Terry and Carlos had made a bed for him. I cleared an area where I could make a fire to help dry us out. While I was doing this, Tony and Jay were assessing Robert's ankle. Tito and Eduardo found some rocks to line the fire pit while I tried to find some dry wood. I managed to find a small supply the boys had stashed when Tony said, "Marco, you better come over here and have a look at this."

I walked over and felt Robert's ankle and he had either broken it or it was dislocated. I asked Terry to get the medical bags off the horses so I could splint his ankle. Jay looked at me and said; "You realize this is going to hurt like hell don't you?"

"I do bro, but I don't think there is anything for pain in the bags," I said rubbing Robert's hair. "Tony, can you look in that other bag? I'm not sure what is all in there. By the way bro, what do you think here?"

Jay looked at me and said, "I think it's just dislocated. We can reset the joint."

Tony found a zippered bag inside the kit and said, "Look at this, it's a small pharmacy."

I looked at it and said, "Damn bro you like to come prepared for anything, don't you?"

He smiled at me while I looked through the kit to see what was in there. I found a multi-dose vial of morphine and got a syringe to prepare an injection for our patient.

Robert was being calmed by the boys when Jay said, "Robert, Marco has a shot for you. It's going to sting a little but it will help ease the pain you're feeling. After the shot takes effect, we're going to splint your ankle then try to get you out of here."

I came over with the syringe and said, "I need you to try to roll onto your side. I need to give this into your butt."

Jay and Terry helped him roll while Tito loosened his jeans. I slid them down so I could see a good site to swab it with an alcohol pad. I looked at Robert and said, "Alright kiddo, you're going to feel a stick then some burning so just please don't jerk."

He nodded his head and I popped the needle into his hip. He didn't move but when I started giving him the medication he screamed, "Oh shit that hurts!"

I pulled the needle out and rubbed the area trying to ease the pain. Tito went over beside him and said, "Daddy didn't like having to hurt you. He just doesn't want you to hurt while he takes care of you. He's a good doctor."

Robert's tears slowly subsided then he said, "I know but that shot hurt worse than my ankle. Will it hurt when they splint it?"

I rubbed his hair and said, "It might a little but once the splint is on, it shouldn't be too bad. I didn't give you that much medicine because we still have to get out of here. Do you think you'll be able to sit on a horse?"

I could see the medicine was starting to take effect. He said with a slurred voice, "I think so but I'm not sure."

I noticed him doze off so we decided to splint the ankle. I had Tony cut his rain suit and jeans then hold the leg so I could measure the splint material. I cut it to fit his foot and leg and had Jay hold it in place while I wrapped it with a few ace bandages. When I started wrapping his ankle, Robert woke and started moaning as I was causing him some pain.

I looked at Jay and said, "I wish there was a big field around here. Carlos, can you step outside and see if it's stopped raining?"

Robert looked at me and said, "Down the trail about a quarter mile is a big clearing."

I had Jay and Eduardo go there and see if there would be room for a helicopter to land. I didn't want to risk having him ride five miles on the back of a horse with a splinted ankle.

Jay and Eduardo were gone about ten minutes. When they returned Jay said, "Yeah, there is so much room there I could even land one."

"I don't think so bro," I said smiling. "Maybe you should leave that to the professionals?"

"Funny," Jay said. "Just call Sam and see if he can get one here."

I nodded and called Sam. I told him where we were and said when we heard the chopper; we would light up the area so he could land. I asked Sam to have room in there for Tony and myself. He assured me he would.

Robert was sleeping so Tony and I got the others loaded up and they started off back to the Coleman's. I told Jay to keep in touch every thirty minutes or so. I looked at my watch and it read ten fifteen. I was getting very tired and I was definitely glad tomorrow was Saturday because I was going to sleep in.

I didn't realize it but Tony and I dozed off when we heard a helicopter overhead creating a loud noise. I had Tony watch Robert and I went to the clearing and set the lanterns out so it could land. When it was on the ground, I went back to get Robert. Tony had the gear packed and Robert in his arms. I got the gear and went into the clearing. An EMT took Robert from Tony then we got in as the pilot began to start the engines. I got on the radio and told Jay we were lifting off and going back to The Ranch.

Sam heard my call and took Roddy and Mrs. Coleman over to the landing zone so they could be reunited. It took about fifteen minutes to fly back. I looked down and saw the Hummers parked at the Coleman's house as we flew by. As soon as we touched down at The Ranch, Tony and I went and got a gurney so it would be easier to get Robert inside the dispensary. We were bringing him over to the door when we saw three people standing there with smiles on their faces.

I entered the building and turned the lights on. Sam said, "Good job Marco. How is he?"

We took him into x-ray then let his mother and brother spend a few minutes with him. He was awake and in pain when he said, "I hurt like hell guys, would you mind if we talked a little later."

Robert's mother smothered him in kisses until Roddy said, "Come on Mom, and let's let the doctor take care of him. He's home now so you can get mushy with him later."

"I'll remember that bro," Robert said as we slid him onto the x-ray table."

Tony took the x-rays while Sam and I talked with Roddy and his mother. I looked at her and said, "If his ankle is as we suspect, he'll need to be in bed for a day or two."

"What do you think it is?" she asked.

I was about to answer when Tony came out of the developing room. He put the films on the lighted reader then did a quick study. I answered her question saying, "His ankle is dislocated. We can reset the joint here and put his splint back on but he's going to be doped up pretty good. I'll let you spend a few more minutes with him before we knock him out. I think he should stay here tonight and Tony will stay here with him if he needs anything. He'll sleep almost straight through because of the medicine. I'll check on him in the morning and depending how he's doing, we might be able to get him back home."

"Well, we'll see how he's doing," she said. "Do you think Roddy could stay with him? I know he was pretty shook up when he took off."

"I don't see why not," I said. "Having a friendly face here might keep him calmer."

She smiled and said, "Let me say good night to the boys then you can set his ankle. Thanks for everything you've done."

"Glad to help," I said. "Tony, bring me a dose of versed and an intravenous set up."

I walked into the ward and Robert was still on the gurney. He was talking to his mom when he saw me. He smiled and said, "Thanks Doc. My mom says my ankle is dislocated and you're gong to fix it?"

"That's right," I said. "Tony is going to put a small catheter in your arm then you're going to go to sleep. When you wake up, your ankle will be in a splint. We'll keep it there for a couple of days and depending on what we feel, it may stay on it or we might have to put a cast on it."

Tony came in and set up everything. He put a band around Robert's arm then said, "Alright Robert, don't move. You're going to feel a little stick then it will be all over."

Tony found a vein in the top of his hand and quickly slid the catheter in. Robert winced when he felt the stick but didn't move. He looked at Robert then said, "That wasn't too bad was it?"

He shook his head no then I said; "You will have two guests in here with you tonight. Tony and your brother Roddy will be in here if you need anything. Is that all right with you?"

Roddy stepped up so he could see him then Robert said, "That's fine. I'm sorry I caused everyone so much trouble."

"Don't worry about it," I said. "Give your brother a kiss then you will be going off to sleep. I'll see you in the morning."

"Alright," he said.

I gave him the versed and he drifted off to sleep. I had Roddy hold his calf as Tony and I manipulated his ankle then with a quick pull; it slipped back into the joint. We put the splint back on and slid him over into his bed for the night.

I made a chart for him and wrote my notes. Roddy and Tony got comfortable and started watching the television when I said, "I'm going to check on the others and unsaddle Apollo. I know I'm going to have some boys who are glad to see me then I'm taking a shower and getting some sleep. Call me if there are any problems."

Tony entered some information in Robert's chart then said, "No problem Marco. Sleep well dude."

He came over to give me a hug and for some reason, I accepted it in front of Roddy. He looked at us and smiled saying, "Don't worry guys. It's cool."

I walked out the door and called Jay on the radio. He answered letting me know they were in the barn putting their horses away. I walked over to take Apollo's saddle off and brush him down. I saw Carlos trying to remove his saddle when I said, "Here son, I got it."

I lifted the heavy saddle off his back and carried it into his stall. I grabbed his brushes and started rubbing him down. After a good brushing and rub down, I put him into his stall so I could get a shower.

I walked over to the house and Ronnie was sitting there watching some old movie. He stood up and said, "Where's Jay?"

"I think he's heading over to the main house to get a shower," I said hugging him. "Is everything quiet here?"

"Yes," Ronnie said. "Kevin, Tommy, and Timmy are asleep in Tito's room. Emilio, Ruben, and Stevie are upstairs sound asleep."

"That's good," I said.

I was about to say more when four wet and tired cowboys came in and almost sat on the sofa. Ronnie stopped them and said, "Out to the laundry room and strip out of those wet clothes. I'll get you a towel so you can take a shower upstairs."

Terry started to say something when I said, "Terry, you can stay here tonight. Everyone is probably asleep in your house. Tito can slip into his bed and you, Eduardo, and Carlos can use the other room down here."

They all nodded their heads then went to strip and shower. Ronnie hugged me then said, "Sleep well bro. I'll see you in the morning. I'll make some breakfast for our guest in the dispensary."

I hugged him back saying, "Alright bro, but it is guests in the dispensary. Robert's brother Roddy is staying with him so he doesn't get scared if he should wake up. Tony is there also."

I took my shower while the boys got theirs. I was about to slide into my bed when Tito came in and said, "Daddy, can I sleep in here? It's a little tight in there with four of us in one bed."

"Sure son," I said. "Come on. I don't know about you but I'm very tired."

No sooner had my head touched my pillow when I heard, "Hey, ouch! What's going on under here?"

I went into the other bedroom and turned the light on. I saw two boys under the covers rolling around looking like they are having a round of fun and games. I was about to say something when Terry's head popped out from under the covers. He said, "Kit, how did you get back over here again?"

I laughed then said, "It looks like he likes it here better than your house."

Kit jumped out of his hands then curled up on his pillow. Terry laid his head down then closed his eyes.

I turned the lights out and went back to my room. I slipped into bed then noticed Tito was already asleep. I scooted close to him then felt his head against my shoulder as I drifted off to sleep.

I'm not exactly sure what time it was when I felt someone shake me saying, "Marco come on son, it's time to wake up."

I rolled onto my back and saw Pop standing over me. Tito rolled onto his side and I felt his hand land onto my bladder. I gently moved him off me then bolted towards the bathroom. I emptied my bladder then walked back into the bedroom rubbing my eyes. "Alright Pop, I'm awake now. What's so important?"

"I checked on your patient and he's doing fine except for being in some pain. I think you should go ahead and cast the ankle tomorrow. The swelling should be down enough so he won't need a second cast on it. Next, Sam called and he tried to contact the boys' parents but got no answer. It was early so he wasn't concerned but he's going to stop and pick Mrs. Coleman up on the way out so we can talk with Robert."

I walked over to the bed and picked up my jeans then put them on. "I want to talk with him first to be sure he's ok with an interview. He's been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours. I think he'll be fine with it but I want to be sure."

Pop was about to speak when Jay brought me a cup of coffee. "Here drink this," Jay said smiling. "You don't make to many wise decisions until you've had at least two cups."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I said taking the cup from his hands.

"It means you brain's not working," he said trying to push my buttons.

"Oh bite me," I said taking a big gulp from the mug.

"Yeah, yeah bro," Jay said with an evil grin on his face. "You wish."

"The only person he better bite is me," a voice said from behind Jay.

I looked up and saw Tony standing there with Robert in his hands. I was about to say something when another voice said, "All right guys, come and get it. Brunch is on in the dining room. I'll wake the others so they can eat."

We went into the dining room and had a nice meal. I looked at Robert's ankle and Pop was right, he needed to stay off it today and then have a walking cast. It was going to need a few weeks to give the tendons and ligaments time to heal so the ankle wouldn't keep dislocating.

Tony carried Robert back to the dispensary so I could cast his ankle when Sam appeared at the door. Tony let him in on his way out. Pop, Jay, and I met him in the living room and I didn't like the look on his face. Sam said, "Guys it looks like you may have two new temporary residents."

"What happened Sam?" I asked.

To be continued