The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004


The Ranch 


Chapter 27

All Hell Breaks Loose

Tony carried Robert back to the dispensary so I could cast his ankle when Sam appeared at the door. Tony let him in on his way out. Pop, Jay and I met him in the living room and I didn't like the look on his face. Sam said, "Guys it looks like you may have two new temporary residents."

"What’s happened Sam," I said.

"Some time in the last six hours, someone broke into the Coleman's house and killed the adults," Sam said. "If the kids had been there, I think they would be dead too. I know who's behind this and I've taken out a warrant for Parker James."

This was the absolute worst news those boys needed. Robert was already scared from the two emails he received and now when he learns his parents have been murdered, he would be absolutely beside himself. The only thing I don't know is how distraught Roddy was going to be. I would hope he would be strong for his little brother then break down when he wasn't around. I took a deep breath and said; "I guess it's time for us to break the news to them. Has someone packed their clothes?"

"They're going to need all new things," Sam said. "Who ever did this used automatic weapons and sprayed the entire house with I don't know how many bullets. It looks like a war zone in there."

Pop said, "That won't be a problem. We can set them up with new clothes and things just like we do for the others. Have you started looking for relatives and for the ones who carried out James' orders?"

"Yes we are," Sam said as we walked out the door for the dispensary. "I'm even going to try to get Mr. James down here so we can interrogate him without me having to drive over a hundred miles."

"Do you think the judge will allow that?" Jay asked.

"I think so," Sam said as we walked inside. "Judges know it's easier on us if they are held in our jail while an investigation is going on."

I motioned for Tony to come here. When he stepped out the door, Jay explained everything that happened to him and Pop went and got two sedatives just in case the boys became inconsolable.

We went back into the ward and huddled around the boys. They both had questioning looks on their faces when Pop began to tell them what happened. I was beside Robert and Pop was beside Roddy. The boys began to cry as the news of their parents murder sank in.

We held them in our arms until Roddy looked up and said, "What's going to happen to us now?"

Sam rubbed his hair and said, "This place here is for boys who don't have any other place to live. They are also licensed foster parents so you and your brother will be staying here until we can find relatives who will be willing to take you both."

"Oh no," Robert said. "I hate Dad's brother and our grandparents are in nursing homes."

Roddy said, "Robert's right. Our uncle drinks and gets mean when he does. As long as we're together, I guess it will be all right if we live here. Can we share a room like we did before?"

I smiled at them and said, "I don't see why not. I have a room open in my house that would be perfect for you guys. I do need to tell you both a little about this place."

Sam and Pop walked outside while I told the boys about The Ranch. Sam said, "They seemed to calm down pretty quickly Miguel."

Pop looked at him and replied, "That's just temporary. I know it's going to hit them again and will do that until they can fully grieve for their parents. The others will accept them and be there when they break down and you know Gwen and I will counsel them when they want to talk. I'm sure they will be fine given some time."

"Knowing you like I do I'm sure they will," Sam said. "I have to go back to their house and finish up a few things then do a mountain of paperwork. I'll talk with you later."

They shook hands and Sam left to finish up his business. Pop came back inside as I was putting on Robert's cast. I looked at him and said, "Would you like to come over to where you'll be living? There is a room downstairs you two can stay in until you can walk on that cast."

"That sounds alright," Robert said. "It's got to be better than staying in a hospital."

Tony scooped him up and said, "Come on sicky, and let's get you into your new digs."

We went over to the house and were soon surrounded by boys with dozens of questions. Tony took Robert and Roddy inside while I spoke to the others. I explained what happened and asked them not to push questions at them right now. Emilio came up to me and said, "Marco, will Robert be able to walk?"

"Sure little one," I answered picking him up into my arms. "He will be able to walk tomorrow as soon as his cast dries. We will have to wrap it in plastic so it doesn't get wet when he takes a shower."

"Cool," Kevin said grinning like a Cheshire cat. "We'll be glad to help him."

"He has a brother," I replied. "Offer to help him but don't be upset if he doesn't accept right away. You didn't stray to far from me for the first few days after you got here."

"We know Marco," Jordan said. "We'll let him know we're all here for him if he needs our help with anything."

I was about to turn around when a voice said, "Thanks guys. This means a lot and we'll both need your help."

Carlos came up to him and said, "Welcome home dude, my name is Carlos. You have a load of brothers here now and we're here for you both anytime you need us."

Roddy leaned in and hugged him saying, "I'm Roddy and that's my little brother Robert."

All of a sudden Robert yelled, "Tony, Marco, help me to the bathroom fast. I feel like I've gotta poop."

Tony ran over to him just as he cut lose with a massive dose of diarrhea. Robert started to cry saying, "Don't be mad please. I couldn't help it."

Tony soothed the boy while I got a towel. He said, "It's alright little one. No one's going to be mad at you. Accidents happen all the time."

Tommy piped up saying, "That's right Robby, and you should have smelled the wicked fart I let when I was in the hospital. Marco almost turned green."

Emilio held his nose saying, "That's right. He almost made me sick. I guess you forgot about me being in the next bed, huh bro?"

I brought in a few towels and we lifted Robert off the sheets and two of the boys quickly stripped the bed. Mike went and got a roll of toilet paper then Tim gently started wiping him with the gown he was wearing until the paper would do.

Robert started to cry again when Jordan said, "What's wrong now?"

"You guys are just so nice to me," he said.

Roddy kissed him gently then said, "I know Robert. They have made us part of their family now. I don't know about you, but I think I'm going to like it here."

I brought in a heavy plastic bag and wrapped his leg in it then went to start filling the bathtub in my room. I looked at Roddy and asked, "Would you like to help give him a bath?"

"Err, ah well," he said turning red. "I would but."

"Are you afraid of getting a bone?" Jordan asked.

He hung his head and nodded. Carlos wrapped his arms around his and said, "Don't worry about it dude. It happens to all of us. Around here we don't think anything of it but if you're still uncomfortable, one of us will help him providing it's alright with Robert."

He looked at him and said, "I could use some help."

Carlos had started removing his clothes then said, "Sure thing. Just tell me what you need me to do."

"Before you take him to the bath," I said. "Robert, I want you to take these. It's something that will stop the diarrhea."

He reached out his hand taking the pills then washed them down with the glass of water I'd brought for him. I carried him into the bathroom followed by Roddy and Carlos. Roddy quickly stripped and stepped into the tub. I handed Robert to him and he set him into the water. Carlos stepped in and took his leg so the cast wouldn't get wet.

Roddy picked the soap up and gently washed his younger brother. He kneeled and cleaned every inch and didn't think twice when it came time to washing his bottom. He washed it as if it was his arms or legs. Carlos called Emilio in to hold his leg so he could help Roddy rinse the soap off the sick and injured child.

When he was completely rinsed, Carlos took Robert's leg so Emilio could set a towel on the closed toilet. Roddy called me and I gently lifted him out of the water. Emilio started to dry Robert while Carlos and Roddy quickly bathed. Once they were done, they stepped out and dried themselves.

"Thanks Carlos," Roddy said. "I didn't get hard this time."

"I think you spoke to soon dude," he said. "Look."

"Guess that thing has a mind of its own," Roddy said blushing slightly.

"Don't worry about it," Carlos said. "If it sticks around, go into your room and take care of the problem. That's what most of the guys here do."

"I'll remember that," Roddy said in response.

Terry stuck his head in and said, "Hiya Robert, how you doing today?"

Jordan took Terry by the arm and quickly told him what had happened. Terry ran back inside and held Robert in his arms. He said, "I'm sorry Robert, I didn't know. All the guys in the other house are here for you and your brother too."

He picked him up and carried him into the other room and laid him on the freshly made bed. I had brought over some extra gowns for him but Emilio ran up to his room and brought him a few pair of Carlos' shorts so he would look better.

I let the boys stay with Robert while I took Roddy over to the clothes room and we got them both something better to wear. We carried the clothes back to the house and a few of the others helped him put everything away. Timmy brought him a tee shirt to wear and he was happy because he looked like a kid again.

Terry went over and filled the others in about what happened to their mother so they wouldn't shove their feet into their mouths. I told the boys don't get him excited and if they didn't, they could stay as long as they needed.

I went out and relaxed with Roddy and we sat and talked for a bit about what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to become a surgeon but didn't think it was going to be possible now that his parents are dead. I just listened to him and let him talk all he wanted to.

Robert asked if he could go out and Emilio reminded me of his wheelchair. I had Mike get it then I let them all go out for a while. I reminded them to have a few boys close that could carry him if he needed to use the toilet in a hurry.

Tony and I took the time to relax together and take a short nap. I woke up to Tony's warm breath against my neck with a few pair's of eyes staring at us from the doorway. I gently removed myself from his cuddle and went to empty my bladder.

I came into the living room where a few whistled at us sleeping together. I smiled and said, "Did you guys have a good time?"

"Yeah Marco," Robert said. "You have a neat place here. I can't wait to get this cast off."

"Do you really go skinny dipping at the lake?" Roddy asked.

"Now I wonder who brought that up." I said looking at Kevin.

"Not me Marco," Kevin said. "It was Stevie."

I was indeed surprised by that news but I guess I should quit thinking the worst from Kevin. I just said, "What brought the lake up?"

Stevie said, "Well it's just it's such a hot day today we thought it might be nice but Robert can't go so we all decided to come inside and play."

Kevin said, "Tell him how you brought the skinny dipping up."

Stevie said, "All I said was you don't need trunks there."

I picked my nephew up and said, "It's alright little one. I'm not upset at you nor would I have been if Kevin said it. They would have found out the first time they went. It's almost time for dinner so everyone needs to get washed up and to your respective houses. You all in house two can come over for desert and to spend some time with Robert and Roddy."

The boys cheered as they said good-bye. We had a relaxing evening and Gwen got to meet our newest residents. She said she would call Alex on Monday and I reminded her to ask her about moving out here. I want her to be in and ready to go now that my house is full.

Over the next several months Sam conducted a brilliant investigation and put everything in order for the District Attorney. Parker William James was put on trial for capital murder, murder for hire and conspiracy to commit murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Mike came home for Thanksgiving and brought his roommate with him. He and Matt Harris had been casually dating for the past several months. The day after Mike received a letter stating the college they were attending had opened a satellite campus and he could transfer with no loss of credits and would get a refund for room and board if they didn't live on campus.

We were thrilled with this and Mike asked if Matt could share his room with him. I asked what his major was and he was taking the same classes. Pop thought it would be a good idea and agreed. The boys loved the fact their "big brother" was coming back to live and some of them even offered to help pack his things in his dorm.

Both boys called the registrar's office and did everything they needed to transfer to the new campus. We let them use a van on Saturday to go and pick up their belongings. Pop got an extra wardrobe for Mike and Tim's room so Jordan would have a place for his clothes. They got his clothes moved just as Mike, Matt and the others returned from the campus. They got out of the van and almost hit Alex with the door. Mike apologized saying; "Hey Alex, sorry about that. I didn't know you were working here now. When did you start?"

Alex filled Mike in on the happenings at CPS and said she finally had had her fill. She took Pop up on his offer to be a houseparent and still be a social worker.

Mike was pleased that we had another social worker. He and Matt had their things in the room and they had started putting them away when Roddy walked in. He knocked on the door then came in and sat on the bed introducing himself, he said, "Mike, the boys tell me you're a great listener. I could sure use someone like that right now."

"No problem," Mike said. "Do you mind if Matt stays? If you do, I'm sure he won't mind stepping out."

"No," Roddy said. "He can stay."

Roddy opened up and poured his heart out to the two young counselors. After talking for several hours while slowly putting clothes away, the two older boys had given the young teen ways of dealing with his parent's murder. Roddy had been there for Robert letting him open up to him and vent his anger but he didn't feel comfortable in talking to someone as old as me.

I didn't feel bad because I have enough boys to talk with when they need it so I couldn't be happier that Mike is back with us. My house is really full now but with Mike and Matt, I have free time to spend with my sons again. We were getting into a smooth routine and Pop decided to buy the fifty acres behind us and build the school we had talked about. It would take about six months to build so it would work out perfect for next year.

It was now about a week before Christmas and we were having a hard time containing the boys' excitement. We loaded the vans with the boys and put a trailer on the back of one van then went to a `cut your own Christmas tree' lot. We split into groups and selected out our trees. It was odd for me doing this without seeing snow on the ground but seeing everyone's excitement more than made up for it.

Once that was done and the houses decorated Pop came around and presented each boy with $250.00 in cash. They all cried and wanted to know where it came from. He told them it was allowance earned for doing extra chores and things around the place. A few of the older ones didn't believe it but they were glad because they could get gifts for all of their brothers. The adults split up going shopping and we were glad there were open houses to hide everything.

Christmas Day was like a fairy tale with the boys waking up to find presents under the tree. I was sound asleep when I had eleven boys on my bed waking me up so they could open their gifts. Each boy received one big gift they really wanted and Mike was the most surprised of everyone. He never complained when he had to use the Ranch vehicles when he went to school so we all decided to get him a car of his own.

Ronnie had seen a used 2002 Dodge Dakota pickup with low miles on it and the price was more than fair. All the boys saved their big gifts for last and since neither he nor Matt had mentioned anything big, he was surprised to find a small box with his name on it. He shook it but he couldn't hear a thing. He opened it and found a key inside and as soon as he read the word Dodge on it, he started crying. Walking outside his eyes got huge and he hugged me more times than I could count. He got inside and drove over to the next house just so he could give Pop hugs and thank him for the wonderful gift.

Tony got me a gold ring asking me if I would be his life partner and husband. Now it was my turn to cry. I gladly accepted and we made plans to go to Hawaii where we could make it legal. We all had a fantastic day and Ronnie, Gwen and Alex cooked a true feast. We had roast turkey, ham and all the trimmings. The boys all pitched in and cleared the tables and put things into the dishwashers.

We were now into the New Year and things were running so smoothly we couldn't believe our luck. One afternoon before the kids got home, Pop got a phone call from Judge Javier Cortez. Sheriff Ronaldo Valdez found out that Dr. Miller had sterilized hundreds of street children. Some of the scars indicated that they had had their surgery as little as six months ago.

Pop went into orbit when he heard this. "Marco, Jay, come in here," he yelled.

"Yes Dad," Jay said. "What is going on?"

Pop said, "Sheriff Valdez in Recife found a bunch of children that had been operated on and some as recently as six months ago. Someone is continuing in Evan's footsteps. He's asking if we can start reversing the procedures?"

I looked at him and said, "Sam is the expert in this procedure. I don't know if she can just up and take off down there. We might be able to bring some of them up here to see if reversing the work is possible. You're going to be looking at visas for each of them? Do you think Louis can handle the work?"

"I'm not sure," Pop said; "That's why I would like you to see if she can go down there and do a couple of operations. You can use the hospital in Recife. That, I can arrange."

"You don't want much do you," I said back.

Pop smiled and said, "Nope, not too much."

Jay said, "I will call her and see if she can get a couple of days off. I think she'd like the challenge it's just trying to coordinate the time."

I looked at Jay then said, "Someone is going to have to go to Recife to examine the kids. We could be looking at some kids who just might not be good candidates for the surgery. I know boys aren't a problem. That's a pretty straightforward procedure but girls are another story. Sam might need to bring a laparoscope from the hospital or you're going to have to buy one for Recife."

Pop said, "Getting one for Recife would probably be the way to go. I'll take care of that tomorrow. I'll check and see how their supplies are and if need be I'll have them email me a supply list."

I looked at Pop and said, "Just one question Pop, who's still doing this?"

"We don't know," Pop said. "When you get down there, maybe some of the children might be able to help. We know it's not being done in the hospital there; so a large building or house might be serving as their facility."

"I'd love to find him and have a few minutes alone with him," I said. "I'd give him many reasons why he shouldn't be doing this kind of thing."

"Marco," Pop said standing. "I don't want you loosing your temper. The country is willing to prosecute him so they would like him alive."

"Oh ok," I said smiling. "He'll be alive but I can't say how many pieces he'll be in."

Pop stared at me then went to smack the back of my head but I managed to duck causing him to miss. I raised my hands saying, "Alright Pop I'll make sure he gets there in one piece."

We left the office and I went back to the house because the boys were now home. Mike and Matt don't get home from class until five so I don't like leaving them alone in case they decided not to listen to Jordan.

When I walked in the door, all the boys were running around like they didn't have a thing to do. "Hey, what's going on here," I said to Emilio who ran past.

"Huh?" he said.

I looked at him and said, "Why aren't you doing your homework?"

"No homework," he said. "School's closed tomorrow. Teacher work day."

Turning several shades of red from the embarrassment I said, "Oh ok," I said. "Just stop running in the house. You guys know better than that. Why don't you go over and say hi to Gwen and the other boys."

I thought she would appreciate me sending the boys over to her place but knowing her, she'd chase them all outside to play until dinner. Mike and Matt almost got run over by the boys making their exit. I really laughed at that and Mike said, "They must not have homework."

"Try no school tomorrow," I said.

"Lucky them," Matt said frowning. "Come on love, let's get our assignments done."

They went upstairs and started on their work while I sat and relaxed. Tony took Robert to the dispensary to remove his cast then he will start strengthening his ankle with therapy. I hope he just doesn't pull an Emilio on us and try to do too much to fast.

About five thirty the boys started wandering in telling me they were going to dry up and blow away from starvation. I laughed and sent them to wash their hands, when Tony came in with Robert. I helped him up and he was able to barely put some weight on the ankle but had to walk slowly. I thought it best if he walked with some assistance for a few days until we were sure his ankle wouldn't dislocate again. If it did, we told him he would need surgery.

It took a couple of days to get through to Sam. It seems she's been doing some marathon surgeries and was too busy to return calls. When she finally did return our call, she was disgusted with what a doctor was doing to children. She said she would clear her schedule Friday and Monday so we could go to Recife and look at some children. Liz reminded her that her final surgery on Thursday would be completed by eleven so they could take off when she was in her room. She could get an associate to look in on her patients so we could leave that afternoon if possible. I said we would be ready when they got here.

Wednesday evening, I asked for a meeting with the adult staff. We met at house two and all the boys kept busy in the rec room. Everyone looked at me wondering what was so important. I took a drink of my soda then said, "I know you all must have a hundred questions so let me try to answer some of them. Tomorrow afternoon, Dr. Sam, Liz, Jay, Tony and I are going to Recife. There has been somewhat of a break through with the child sterilizations. The Sheriff has found children who have been operated on and we're going to try to see if they can be reversed and maybe even find out were they are being done. Pop has made arrangements for us to use the operating rooms at the hospital. Depending on how many children can be located, we may be bringing them here and doing the reversal procedures. Also, we may be getting more residents. Alex, I hope you're settled in because these kids will be going to your house. I think that about covers thing so are there any questions?"

Alex said, "These children won't be American citizens. How will they be allowed to stay in the country legally?"

"Good question," I said. "We have an attorney in Recife that can get several different visas without much trouble and one of them is a student visa. The judge there is a good friend and he can arrange it so that we are their temporary legal guardians. The one drawback is that when they finish high school, they will have to go back to Recife. On the up side is they will have an education as well as a small amount of money so they can have a start at a new and better life."

Gwen looked at Pop and said, "Miguel, I am truly proud to be working with you and your group. I hope these kids can make better lives for themselves."

I looked at everyone and said, "Ronnie is going to stay at my house while we're gone although I don't think they will give you much problem with Mike and Matt riding heard on them. It's a relief having them here and I would like them to be the house parents for house four when it is needed. I'm impressed with their ability to talk with the boys and Matt seems to be just as good at it as Mike."

Alex smiled and said, "They both seem to be natural counselors. I see a bright future for them both."

I was about to speak when Corey came in and said, "Marco, may I talk with you alone for a few minutes?"

I smiled at him and said, "Sure Corey, just one minute. If there isn't anything else, that's all I have. I hope things go well and we will keep in touch."

I got up and walked over to Corey. He acted a little nervous then said, "Are you going somewhere?"

"Yes I am," I said rubbing his hair. "But I don't think that's what you wanted to talk with me about is it?"

"Well no Marco, it isn't." He said. "It's about Terry and me. We really love each other a lot and I want to do something very special for him."

"Is his birthday coming up soon?" I asked.

We walked back over to my house and sat on the couch in the living room when he said, "No, it's nothing like that. We love each other very much and well, I really want to give myself to him."

I sat back and said, "I see. I know you boys have had intercourse before and you are certainly used to it. I guess it would be fair to say that you have thought about this and you really want to do it."

"Yes sir," he said. "I've thought about this right after we got here. We can be ourselves and we don't have to hide our love for each other. The reason I brought this up is so you can give Terry and I check-ups to be sure there isn't anything wrong with us and we won't be hurt."

I thought about it for a few minutes and said, "I see you have thought about it son. I know you two could have just gone ahead and done it and no one would have known about it. Have you talked about this with Terry?"

He smiled then looked at the floor before saying, "Well I did say something to him about it. We decided I would talk to you and he didn't have any problem with you giving him a check up. Will you examine us and if we're alright, can we make love?"

I smiled and said, "Sure thing Corey, when would you like to do this, if I can't guess already?"

"Since everyone is still over at our house, the sooner the better," a voice said by the front door.

"Was I just set up?" I asked in mock anger.

Corey blushed and said, "Well, just a little."

Terry came in and sat in between Corey and myself. I rubbed his head with my knuckles then said, "I have what I need in my room. Why don't you use the toilet then strip down to your underwear and I'll give you a quick check-up."

The boys hugged me then ran into my room. I heard the toilet flush then Corey standing in his boxers said, "Come on Doc, we're waiting for you."

Terry was lying on the bed and I said, "Take your boxers off Terry."

He stripped and I looked at his penis. I had been concerned about him needing growth hormones but it was looking like it might not be needed. I lifted it so I could see his testicles and he started getting a boner. I had him stand up so I could see everything better. I put on a rubber glove and put some lube on my middle finger then said, "Turn around son and spread your cheeks."

He did and I gently lubed his hole. I inserted my finger and didn't feel any signs of damage from their previous encounters. I removed it then Corey got some toilet paper and cleaned him up. Terry turned around and asked, "Is that all Marco?"

I nodded my head and Corey dropped his boxers and stood beside his boyfriend. My examination of Terry had Corey so excided he was at full staff. From my examination of Terry, I knew he was going to be able to handle Corey without any problem. I put on another glove and examined Corey and made a similar finding.

Terry cleaned Corey's behind then got dressed. I brought them both back into the living room and said, "I don't think there will be a problem with either of you making love to the other. I know it's been several months since you have had sex so just stretch each other and things should be fine. When you do go into the other, take things slow so you won't hurt the other, alright?"

They both smiled at me then said, "Thanks Marco. We will and we promise. If we do have a problem, we'll come and tell you."

I received two big hugs and kisses from the boys then they ran back to their house. I had a feeling tonight was going to be very special for the two of them. I was just about to go back over to the other house when Jordan came in. He looked at me and said, "Marco, can I talk with you for a few minutes?"

"Sure Jordan," I said. "Come on in and have a seat."

He sat beside me and was acting really nervous. I couldn't read from his facial expressions what was on his mind but I could tell it was something serious. After a few minutes he broke the ice saying, "I wish I knew how to tell them."

I lifted his head and said, "Tell whom what Jordan?"

"Mike and Tim," he said. "I wish I could tell them I'm falling in love with someone else."

"I see," I said. "First off, does this other person know how you feel about him?"

He smiled and said, "I don't think there's a way he can't. He sees how I light up when he comes into the room and he's said I do the same to him."

"Ok," I said. "Who is this boy?"

He got a grin from ear to ear when he said, "It's Roddy. He's so good looking and his body is terrific. He's so hot."

I looked him in the eyes and asked, "Have you guys messed around?"

"No not yet," Jordan answered. "Not that we haven't wanted to. We've touched each other but that's all. I sure would have let him do whatever he wanted but I wanted to tell Mike and Tim first. I know they really love each other but I've found someone who I think loves me for me."

I couldn't disagree with Jordan's logic. I was about to say something when Tito came in. He asked, "What's going on Daddy?"

I smiled at him and said, "Nothing son. Jordan wants to talk with me but we're going to need your help. Can you go over and get Mike and Tim for us please?"

He kissed my cheek and ran over to get the other boys. He was gone about ten minutes when Jordan said, "I was thinking it just might be best if I told them I found someone special like they did each other. They would understand it better. I don't want them to think for a minute I don't love them anymore because I do. I'll always love them but not like I do Roddy."

I put my arm around his shoulder and said, "I understand. I'm lucky Tony came into my life now to son. I have Tito and Tommy but it's nice to have someone special."

Jordan was about to speak when Tito came in followed by Mike and Tim. Through Tito Mike asked, "What's wrong dude? Are you sick or something?"

Jordan stood up and with his eyes shifting between Mike, Tim and the floor said, "No Mike, I'm not sick. I've got something to tell you guys but I don't want to lose you both either."

"What is it?" Tim said. "Is Roddy part of this?"

Jordan's head snapped up and said, "Well sort of. We sorta have feelings for each other. It's like you and Mike. You guys really love each other and I know you both love me but I've finally found that special someone. I hope you guys don't hate me?"

Mike stepped forward and said, "I don't hate you Jordan and I wondered if you would find someone. I'll miss your cuddles but I want you to be really happy too. I've seen the way you look at each other and he is cute. I hope you two have all the love and happiness we do."

Tim came over and said, "I'll miss you too but you'll be here and who knows, we might be able to have a foursome."

Jordan looked at them both then said, "Guys, I don't think I would be comfortable with that. I know you guys don't let anyone in on your private time so I hope you'll understand what I'm saying here."

"I do dude," Mike said. "I wouldn't want someone other than you with us so I know exactly what you mean."

"Thanks guys," Jordan says giving both Mike and Tim a very big hug.

Mike looked at him and said, "I suppose you'll move in with him, huh?

I stepped in and said, "We're going to have to do come rearranging now. Robert can move in with Kevin now that Tommy is sleeping with Tito and Jordan can move in with Roddy.

Roddy and Robert had come over to see what was going on and between the six boys; they quickly switched the rooms around. Jordan kissed Mike and Tim saying, "I'll always be here for you both and will love you forever."

Roddy and Robert were the next ones to want to speak to me. Robert said, "Marco, how long are you going to be away?"

"How did you know I was going to be away?" I asked rather surprised?

"Several of the guys said when you have a big meeting like this something has come up and you have to go away," he said rather sadly.

He shuffled over and I set him on my lap saying, "Jay, Tony and I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon and we will be back on Sunday. Is that a problem?"

When he heard this he stuffed his face into my chest and started crying. He said, "I don't want you to leave. I'm afraid you won't come back."

Tito came over and sat beside us. He rubbed his back and said, "Don't worry Robert, Daddy will be back. He always comes back."

"I'm afraid," he said through the wails and tears. "I've lost my parents already. I don't want to lose another one."

I was taken aback at what I just heard. I looked at Roddy and asked, "Has he said any of this to you?"

Roddy nodded his head and said, "Well Marco, he has. He's come to think of you as a father since we've lost ours. He said that he would like you."

"Don't Roddy," he yelled. "You promised."

"Promised what little one," I said.

"You'll think I'm being silly," Robert said.

"No I won't son," I said. "I promise. You can tell us."

"Would you adopt us?" Robert said softly.

Tito looked at me and his eyes were pleading for me to help this child. He nodded his head telling me it was all right with him if I added another child to our family. I looked over to Roddy and said, "What do you think about this?"

Looking at his feet he said, "Well it would be nice to have a Dad again."

I smiled at them and said, "Alright boys. I will have Gwen and Alex fill out the papers and get them over to Judge Gordon for his approval. I think everything will be ready by the time I get back."

"You can't do it faster?" Robert asked.

"Come on boys," I said standing up. "Let's go over to the other house and talk with them and see. I think they can have the papers delivered tomorrow morning, but you know I have to leave tomorrow afternoon. There might be a chance that the judge will have time in between cases to look at them but I can't promise anything."

Robert jumped up and literally pulled me all the way over to house two. When we got there, she and Alex were talking and he said, "Excuse me Miss Gwen, but can I ask a really, really, really big favor?"

She looked up at Robert then said, "Well I guess for a really, really, really cute and special boy I don't have a choice here. What is your favor?"

"Roddy and I would like Marco to be our Daddy and he says you and Miss Alex are the ones who know how do make that happen," Robert said pleading his case.

Alex smiled at him and said, "That's true. We know how to fill the papers out but it's up to the judge. If we talk to him very nice he usually agrees with us."

"Do you think you could do that before Dad, I mean Marco has to leave tomorrow?" Robert said hugging them both.

"What do you think Gwen?" Alex said. "Has he made his case?"

"I don't know Alex," she said smiling. "I haven't been hugged enough."

Robert ran over and started giving Gwen hugs and kisses. He then hopped onto Alex's lap and cuddled close looking at her with his pleading eyes. Alex then said, "I don't know about you Gwen, but I think he has more than pleaded his case."

"How can we refuse these two young men," Gwen said kissing Robert on the top of the head.

"I agree," Alex said. "We'll type the papers up this evening and call the judge in the morning. We will do our very best to get him to sign them before he has to leave. But you must remember, you have to go to school tomorrow."

"I know," Robert said with a grin. "But I could call you before my lunch at eleven."

"All right Robert," Gwen said. "We will do everything we can to have the papers signed before Marco has to leave. I just want you to know we can't make any promises, ok?"

"I know," he said. "Do you think he will be able to sign them before the end of the day?"

Alex looked over and said, "That I'm sure he will be able to do but it may not be done before noon."

"I understand," Robert said hugging Alex. "Thanks loads for doing this."

Roddy smiled at them and said, "Yes, thank you both very much."

Since I was now back where I wanted to be, I sat down and relaxed on the sofa wondering who was going to be the next one wanting to discuss a problem with me. Gwen sat down and handed me a beer and said, "You look like you need this."

I smiled and said, "Thanks, you're a life saver."

I popped the top open and took a big swig just as Timmy came and sat on my lap. He looked at me and asked, "Are you going somewhere Daddy?"

"Yes," I said. "I'll explain everything when we get back to the house. You have about thirty minutes before bedtime so you may want to go and play with the others."

To be continued