The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004


The Ranch


Chapter 28

Return to Recife

"Yes," I said. "I'll explain everything when we get back to the house. You have about thirty minutes before bedtime so you may want to go and play with the others."

He was off like a shot giving me time to have some adult company. We chatted a little more about our upcoming trip when I saw Mike playing Pied Piper with my crew in tow. They went next door and Mike whispered to me saying, "I'll get them into the shower and ready for bed so you can talk with them."

I smiled at him and said, "Thanks Mike. You sure make things easier for me now that you're back. I know you're going to make a great houseparent."

I talked with Gwen and the others for a few more minutes while I finished my beer then I said my good-byes and went over to my house to explain things to the boys. They were sitting in the living room watching television when I walked in. Robert was the first one to see me and I was jumped immediately. He said, "Ok Daddy, what you want to tell us?"

"Is this my new name kiddo?" I asked smiling as he hugged my stomach.

"It does seem to fit Dad," Roddy said agreeing with his brother.

I had to agree with him that I did like the idea.

"Alright," I said. "I accept the new name and don't you get any ideas Kevin."

"What?" Kevin said startled.

Everyone laughed at my fake admonition of Kevin. I looked seriously at the boys and said, "Gather around guys because here's what's going to happen. Tomorrow afternoon, Tony, Jay, and I along with Dr. Sam and Liz are going to Recife to try to help some children there. We aren't sure how many we will have to help so it may happen over several trips or we will be bringing some of them here."

"Does this have anything to do with what happened to us?" Tito asked.

"Yes it does son," I said to him. "We're going to do everything we can to help as many kids as possible. Now guys, it is time for bed."

The boys took off for their bathrooms then Tony and I did our nightly duties of giving them their hugs and kisses. Once each boy was tucked in, cuddled and kissed Tony and I cuddled and kissed each other for a few minutes. We then took a shower being sure to wash the important parts thoroughly. When that was finished, we stepped out and dried each other completely then walked hand and hand to bed. We slid in between the sheets and tried to get comfortable when I felt something begin to attack my feet. I reached down and found Kit buried under the covers. I would have to talk to George in the morning. I got up and took a spare pillow out of my wardrobe and laid the kitten on it then went back to rejoin Tony in bed.

"Are you finished now?" he asked.

"Yes, I think so," I said. "You have something on your mind?"

"It's not there," he said smiling.

"I see," I said as I slid my hand around his chest.

"You're getting closer," he said as he took hold of my now erect manhood."

"Ummm," I moaned. "Keep that up and something's going to happen.

"You promise?" Tony said as he pulled the foreskin back and ran this thumb over the sensitive glans.

I reached for his tool then kissed him full on the lips. Tony wrapped his free arm around my head then took the lead teasing my lips with his tongue. I parted my lips just as his tongue touched them again and this time he continued inside. We tongue wrestled with both of us trying to gain an advantage and as before, I submitted to him.

I gently stroked his erect phallus as he began kissing me again. I rolled him onto his back as I started licking his ear and neck. He moaned and said, "Oh god Marco, your getting me so hot."

I worked my way down to his smooth chest the quickly found a nipple to suckle. I took my hand and massaged and pinched the other nipple until it was as erect as the other one I was licking. I licked every inch of his firm chest until I reached his inny belly button. I was looking for his treasure trail that was absent when my tongue came in contact with the tip of his eight-inch tool. I felt him shudder so I started to take him into my mouth. I kept his skin up so I could just tease him. I poked the tip of my tongue into the opening I created by sliding his foreskin down just a bit. I started licking the shaft like a popsicle and caressing his balls. I began moving further down and I took one of his huge balls into my mouth. He moaned so loud I thought he would wake the boys in the other rooms. I released his ball and started licking the insides of his thighs and his perineum going down to his hole. I had him gripping the sheets and his butt was bucking up and down off the bed as I stabbed my tongue into his hot hole.

While I was doing this, Tony pulled me around so he could massage my ass and his finger soon found my hole. I quickly went back to sucking his tool giving him all I had. I took my middle finger and found his love entrance and inserted it up to the first knuckle. I felt his body shudder when he said, "God Marco, please let me love you."

I stopped what I was doing and rolled onto my back. I lifted my legs giving myself completely to him. Tony started licking my thighs and caressing my balls driving me into a sexual frenzy. I began to moan softly then gasp as I felt his tongue find my love hole. He licked around the outside as his hand found my leaking tool. He pulled my foreskin back and coated the head with my precum.

Tony began fucking my hole with his tongue when I said, "God love, please take me. Take me NOW!"

Tony reached under the pillow and got his tube of lube and putting some onto his fingers begin to stretch me so I could take his eight inches. He quickly inserted two fingers and went all the way to the hilt. He held them until I got used to them then began to slide them in and out. He deliberately missed my love button then I felt him insert a third finger. I gasped as I felt myself begin to open to his invasion. Slowly I became accustomed to what he had in me then Tony asked, "Are you ready my love?"

I leaned up and kissed him saying, "Yes babe, I'm all yours."

Taking more lube onto his hand, Tony greased his love pole then placed it at my now steamy entrance. I felt the tip touch my hole then he slid forward entering my channel. I whimpered as the head entered. Tony stopped allowing me time to become used to his massive girth. After what seemed like an eternity, I nodded and he began to slide deeper into me. It took almost fifteen minutes before I finally felt his pubes against my ass cheeks. He began slowly pulling out and going back inside. Tony was an excellent love maker and he was caring as he went to the hilt not to hurt me. I looked him in the eyes lovingly saying, "Go faster baby. Make love to me, please."

Slowly, Tony began to pick up the pace. With each deep thrust, he was hitting my prostate make me shudder each time he did it. I was able to gauge his thrusts so I could clamp my anal muscles around his cock. Soon he was moaning and going in me faster and faster as my dick was like a leaky faucet. I was feeling my impending explosion and I tried to hold off as long as I could as I clamped down tight on his dick. This feeling finally sent Tony over the edge. He said, "Oh god lover, I'm going to cum."

With several quick thrusts, he dove in deep and fired blast after blast of hot molten cum beep into my bowels. As soon as I felt the first blast, this sent me over the edge. Rope after rope on cum flew from my dick. The first blast landed on my head and face. The next several ones landed on my chin and chest. Soon, my balls were completely drained all over my face and chest.

I reached my arms up and pulled him down to me so I could hold him in my arms. I knew now he was my true soul mate. In all my years, I had never had someone love me like that before. Never had a lover made me cum without needing to touch myself. I looked him deep into his eyes and with tears rolling down my face said, "I love you with all my heart, soul and being. You make me feel so wonderful baby."

Tony laid his head on my shoulder being careful not to uncouple. He didn't want to lose the feeling either. "Baby, I love you too. You make me feel complete and I never want to be away from you."

We were a sticky mess and I didn't want to fall asleep and get glued together like this. I looked at him and said, "Let's get cleaned up love."

He whispered in my ear, "Gladly then I want you to make love to me."

I looked at the clock and it read eleven thirty. I wasn't sleepy though. I was wide-awake wanting more of my lover. I looked up and saw Tony standing at the foot of the bed and suddenly I felt empty. I felt my hole start to close so I wouldn't lose a single drop of my boyfriend's love. I got up and joined him in the bathroom. I closed the door as he turned the shower on.

Tony stepped behind me and I felt his hands on my ass. He gently moved me forward and then I felt his tongue lick my hole. I shuddered as I felt him slide inside me. He cleaned all his juice out of me and I felt like I was going to cum again. I hissed, "God love, please stop. I don't want to cum in here."

Tony ignored my pleas and he then spun me around and began to suck me off. My legs started to get weak so in an effort to remain standing, I wrapped my hands around his head. I locked my knees then I felt his finger begin to probe my opening. Tony hummed and took my entire shaft into his mouth and I could feel his breath on my pubes. He began sucking in earnest now. I tried to hold out when I felt him squeeze my balls with one hand and two fingers rub my prostate. His final move sent me into sensory overload. I tried to hold it but I couldn't stop the churning that was going on in my balls. I closed my eyes and saw bright lights as I said, "Ungh. Oh shit love, I'm going to cum again. Oh baby, I'm cummmmminnng."

Blast after blast came out of me again. I didn't know I still had this much juice left. I lost track of how many times I shot into his mouth but he didn't lose a drop. After cleaning my tool completely, Tony stood and took me into his arms saying, "God I love you. I did that for a reason. I want you to last a long time when you take me."

I couldn't believe my ears. He wanted me to go again? Tony started washing me like a mother would a baby. I finally was able to stand and I washed Tony. I did him as he did me then we got out and dried each other. We stepped out into my bedroom and then he surprised me again. He picked me up in his arms and carried me over to the bed. He laid me down then crawled in beside me. He gently began kissing me and to my surprise, I responded.

Tony took total control of my body. He kissed and caressed every hot spot on my body. He nibbled on my ears, licked my neck and suckled my nipples. His hand reached down to my again hard cock and rubbed the leaking precum around the tip. I sucked wind as I felt this and my temperature was once again rising.

I had to slow Tony down if he wanted me to last longer so I reached over and gently squeezed his balls. I rolled over and started kissing him. I slid my hand down and started rubbing his perineum and tickling the entrance to his hole. Tony slid his legs up so I could have easy access to his back entrance. I took my finger and wet it in my mouth then returned to probing his hole. I found the entrance and pushed it inside gently. I felt resistance so I pushed more but still gently. He opens allowing me to go further and I do, ever so gently. I allowed him to get used to my presence so I started to suck on him. I opened my mouth and took his head into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the tip and I hear him gasp at the sensations and feel his hole relax and open more. I slipped my finger to the max in him and rubbed his love button at the same time.

I felt his head swell and then I tasted my first drop of his sweet precum. I wanted more of this sweet nectar and I wasn't going to be denied. I rubbed his button and started taking him deeper and deeper into my throat. I relaxed as it slid past my gag reflex and soon I was feeling his pubes tickle my nose. I reached around and found his lube so I could begin to stretch his love hole. I put some on three fingers and began massaging it then I inserted two into him. He moaned and lifted his ass off the bed and drove his dick deeper into my mouth. He relaxed and I began to stretch his glory hole. Once he was relaxed, I added a third finger. He whimpered and said, "Easy love. Let me get used to it."

I lifted off his dick and said, "Just let me know when to move, babe."

I just lay there letting him get use to the feeling when he said, "Alright love, start going in and out."

I moved my fingers at a slow pace stretching him. As he relaxed, I began to twirl my fingers around hitting his prostate. Every time I did, he would moan. I went back down on his dick and drank more of his precum. I tickled his balls with my thumb and felt his sack start to pull tight. His hole seemed ready and I said, "I think you're ready now love. Are you?"

He lifted his legs some saying, "Yes love, I want you inside me."

I withdrew my fingers and quickly lubed my dick. I didn't know if he was a virgin or not but I didn't want this to be uncomfortable for him. I slid in between his legs and aimed my pole at his hole. I felt him push back so I slid in and stopped when I heard him moan. I kissed him and said, "How are you doing, babe?"

"I'm fine love," he said breathing easier. "I think you should know you just took my cherry."

"Oh baby, why didn't you tell me first," I asked him.

He said, "I wanted you to be in me before I did. I knew you would say you're too big to do it like we did but I'm all right. Slide in deeper baby."

I eased myself in further and stopped. I didn't move and Tony tried to lift his butt up but I stopped that. I let him get used to this then he said again, "Go in all the way love, please."

I gently slid in all the way. I kissed him when I felt my balls hit his ass. I saw a smile on his face and I began to start making love to him. I used a slow gentle pace and took my time making love to him. After about tem minutes of slow methodical fucking, Tony started moaning then said, "Go faster babe. I need to feel your cum in me."

I began picking up the pace and began giving it to him more firmly. I could feel my balls churning letting me know I would soon be cumming. I could hear him moaning which caused me to hump even faster. I began going faster and faster and really hitting his prostate. I felt his muscles clamp down on my dick and it finally sent me over the edge. I felt him start to cum and his first load landed under his chin. I started erupting in him firing round after round into his bowels. Tony let loose with six shots and just then I thought I was done, Tony's muscle clamped tight and I shot four more rounds into him. Exhausted, I collapsed onto his chest breathing hard. "My god love, that was wonderful. I love you so very much."

He wrapped his arms around me and smiled. "I love you too Marco. I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

I kissed him deeply and stayed coupled to him as long as I could. I felt my dick shrink and slip out of his love chute. Tony reached down and grabbed the washcloth he brought in from the bathroom so we could clean up then cuddle before falling to sleep. The next thing I remembered was being gently shaken with a voice saying, "Come on sexy, time to rise and shine."

I moaned and said, "Alright dude, I'm awake but if you poke me in the ass with that thing one more time you better be prepared to finish what you're starting here."

Tony rolled over and kissed me saying, "I don't have a problem with that but I don't think there is time. Come on and get up."

I hated how he could wake up so cheerful. I slid out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve my screaming bladder. I quickly dressed and helped Tony make the bed when I saw Kit climb up and make himself comfortable. We went out to check on the others and Tito, Tommy, and Timmy were there to greet us. Timmy ran into my arms as Tony got armfuls with the others. Timmy whispered in my ear saying, "You and Uncle Tony need to be quieter."

I turned several shades of red and Tony said, "I take it we were a little to loud?"

Tito looked around Tommy and said, "That all depends."

"Behave little one," I said. "We get the message. Maybe I could rearrange things here and move you guys upstairs?"

"No Daddy," Timmy said in shock.

"All right boys," I said. "We know it's not really your fault."

The other boys started coming downstairs for breakfast and Tommy became a wiggle worm wanting down. Robert came over for his morning hug and said, "I'm happy Daddy."

I smiled at him saying, "I know son. Gwen and Alex will do everything they can today, alright?"

"I know Daddy," Robert said hugging my chest. "I just can't wait to be your son."

"I know," I said hugging him back. "We're going to have a big party for you and Roddy when we all get back."

We finally got the boys into the dining room so they could eat so they wouldn't be late for the bus. The older boys got their food, ate and hurried out the door. The younger ones were almost late because they really took their time. I hurried them out the door as Gwen hustled hers out as well. I looked at George and said, "Hey, why is your cat in my house?"

"I guess he likes you better?" he said smiling.

"If that is the case, he's my cat otherwise, please keep him at yours," I said firmly.

"OK Marco," George said. "I'll take care of it this afternoon."

They got to the gate just as the bus was pulling up so I couldn't say anything. The crew got on and Gwen looked at me saying, "You don't look like you're really ready for this trip,"

"I'm not Gwen," I said. "This is going to be just like what Tito and the others went through and it really pisses me off. I had so hopped Miller was the only person but it seems there is someone carrying on for him."

She kissed me on the cheek then said, "I hope you find him. I know you'll do everything you can to help the kids there."

"So do I," I said looking at the ground. "Operating on boys is fairly simple but girls are something else. They require more meticulous work and depending how scared they are, it could take up to four hours per procedure. Recovery time will take a couple of days depending on what we find and then there is the chance it can't be reversed. We're going to need a certain amount of tube left in order to do the reattachment. I don't think I could look a child in the eye if it doesn't work."

Gwen patted me on the back and said, "I'm sure you all will do your best."

We went into the main house so I could get myself another cup of coffee. Tony was already sitting there and I gave him a kiss as I walked past. Jay looked up at me and said, "My, my, look at the newlyweds."

I smiled at him and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah and kiss my newlywed butt."

"All right you two," Pop said chuckling. "Is this how two supposed professionals get along?"

"Can't brother's pick on each other?" I asked looking like I had just been scolded.

"Sure you can," Pop said "Just don't start an international incident."

"Oh come on Dad," Jay said. "We're not that bad."

I fixed my coffee and sat beside Tony and he caressed my thigh that sent shivers through my groin. I smiled at him and bit my lip to keep from moaning on the spot. Pop filled us in on everything and told us that Sheriff Valdez would meet us at the airport. Sheriff Valdez would then bring us up to date on the number of children located and whom we will be operating on. Pop looked up and said, "Is everyone packed?"

We had been so busy last night doing other things that we totally forgot about packing. I looked at the clock and it read ten thirty so we decided to get our stuff packed just in case Sam and Liz got here early.

We walked over to the house and no sooner had we got inside than Tony planted a kiss on me that almost melted my zipper. He was tonsil searching when I felt his hand grope my crotch when I said, "We have things to do baby."

"Yeah," he said. "Make love."

"Calm down hot stuff," I said. "There will be time for it over the weekend. We'll have our own room and it will be very private."

"Promise?" he said in his most sexy voice.

I nodded my head and reached under the bed and got my small suitcase. I remembered that Tony didn't have a decent size bag for his things so I got the larger one instead. He looked at me strangely when I said, "We'll put all our things in this one bag. I know you don't have one big enough for all your things so we can just share. It's no big deal, now come on and get your things packed in case Sam and Liz get here early."

Tony decided he wanted to change before leaving so he stopped and stripped then began packing his things. Damn him, he was making this hard on me and in more ways than one. Every time he bent over, he would wiggle that cute ass he had at me and the tenting in my jeans was becoming very uncomfortable.

I went into the bathroom to pack my shaving gear and returned with a towel, which he didn't see. Tony bent over and shook his ass at me then I popped him with the towel. He shot up saying, "Hey, what was that for?"

"Will you quit making me want to jump you?" I asked him. "I've already promised you we will have a very private room in the house."

"You don't like what I'm offering you?" Tony asked with a mock frown.

"I love the view darling," I said very seriously. "We just don't have time for me to do what my dick is telling me to. My mind is telling me to whip it out and shove it in that cute thing you're wiggling at me."

Tony looked at me and said, "All right, baby, I'll get dressed."

"That would be appreciated," a voice said as my head snapped to see whom was talking.

There in the doorway stood Pop. I looked at him and said, "First off nothing had happened and second, have you ever heard of knocking?"

"I suppose you're right Marco," he said. "I just heard from Liz. They're on their way over and should be here in about thirty minutes. Just so you guys know I'm going with you all. I want to talk with Judge Cortez while you're there and I would like you to meet him too. Is that ok?"

"Sure Pop" I said. "I'd like to meet him. I also have some questions I'd like to ask him."

"I'm sure you do," Pop said smiling.

Tony finished packing his clothes and got dressed when my cell phone rang. It was Gwen and she was calling to tell me that Judge Gordon had signed the adoption papers. She wanted to know if we could stop by the elementary school on the way to the airport. I let her know we would and that we should arrive there in no more than ninety minutes.

I carried the suitcase over to the main house and put it into one of the vans. We were about to go inside when I saw Sam's car coming up the drive. I called Gwen back and said we would be leaving within a few minutes so we would be at the school in about forty-five minutes. Once everything and everyone were loaded into the van, we were off to the school. We met Gwen and Alex there and went inside to meet with the principle. We explained everything to him and he then made an announcement saying, "Would Robert James Cortez please some to the office."It didn't take the boy long to figure out it was him the voice was talking about and he ran all the way there. I was standing outside the door and he jumped into my arm crying and saying, "Daddy, she did it."

Gwen stepped into the hall saying, "Yes son, he was able to sign the papers. I don't need to ask if you're happy as I can see that by the look on your face."

"Thank you Miss Gwen," Robert said smiling.

Robert went and hugged everyone. I said "All right now son, we need to get going. I'll see you when I get back. Be a good boy for me, will you?"

He smiled waving letting me know he would so we left the school heading onto our next destinations. Jay, Pop, Tony, Liz, Sam, and myself got back into the van and went to our waiting plane while Gwen and Alex headed home. I felt good knowing all the boys would behave and were in good hands.

It took us about twenty minutes to get to the airport and as soon as we arrived, the crew took our gear and loaded it into the plane. The steward closed the door as the pilot started the engines. We got our push back then we headed out for the runway. We were cleared for takeoff and felt the plane start to rumble towards full speed. The pilot had us into the air and up to our cruising altitude of forty thousand feet.

Ronnie had food sent to the plane and we all ate a marvelous lunch. I was sleepy after eating and went to take a short nap and was joined by my boyfriend. I felt bad for Jay and should have seen if Ronnie would have joined us since Alex was now living on the property.

The two of us dozed off and it seemed like I had been asleep for only ten minutes when Pop came back and said we needed to take our seats because we had been cleared to land. After putting our shoes back on, Tony and I took our seats and we touched down at the airport.

We taxied to the private terminal and saw a young man in a uniform standing there. Pop said that was the new sheriff and he would be following us to his house so he could fill us in on what he had found out.

It took us about thirty minutes to drive out to Pop's house and when we arrived, I knew which room was going to be mine and Tony's. There was a large bedroom off the kitchen that used to be Luiz's room. It was well away from everyone else so anything we did would not be heard by the others.

Pop introduced us to Sheriff Rolando Valdez and he set five files out for us to look at. These files contained the information on three boys and two girls that were going to be our first patients. We quickly looked at the files but decided we would go over them more closely later as Rolando began to speak. He said, "I've been able to locate many children that have been mutilated by the man in your American prison. My officer's and I are pleased that he will never be able to harm children in the future. From what I gather here, you are wondering if there is yet another person continuing to do this to children here?"

Pop nodded his head then I said, "I understand that there are some children who have scars that appear to be around six months old although I haven't been able to confirm that. I'm hoping that that will happen while we're here."

Rolando then said, "The children we have for you to operate on are willing to let you examine them anytime you wish so just say the word and we can go."

Pop looked at him and said, "Where are these children now?"

"They're out on the streets," Rolando said matter of factly. "We know where they like to congregate so finding them won't be a problem."

Jay was doing a slow boil. He looked at the sheriff and said, "You know, this really sucks. Why haven't they gone to Dad's orphanage or there been more homes willing to take these kids off the streets and get them placed into loving homes? I know there have to be people who can't have children of their own willing to foster them?"

The sheriff started squirming in his chair. "I don't know Jay. Miguel, some of the kids from your home have been out and tried to talk them into going back but many feel it's just some line. Come live with us, it's great only to find out it's worse than living on the streets."

"That's all you can say?" Jay said spitting the words out of his mouth. "You came from a good home and had a loving Dad who took you and your brothers off the streets. I don't see a ring on your finger. Would you be willing to be a foster parent?"

Pop interrupted. "Rolando, I know the kids out here are very skeptical and getting them to live at an orphanage is tough. All we can do is keep making the offer to them and if just one goes, he can see for himself what it's like."


"I haven't given it any thought," he said. "I like to go out with my friends and I know I can't do that with children."

"Is that your only reason?" I asked looking at him. "Do you do this every night of the week?"

"No," he said looking at me "Of course not. I usually like to go out on Saturday."

"Well that can be worked around," Pop said. "You could get a sitter or a friend to watch him for a couple of hours. Having kids does mean some changes though but when I spent time with my boys at home; it was a great experience for me and something I've never regretted for a minute. Look at the changes your Dad made for you and your brothers."

Jay looked at his Dad and said, "It's been the best thing for us too. Sheriff, it will be for you too. I think you should give it a try. Is there someone you've seen out here that you might like to foster and who gets along with you too?"

Rolando didn't even think when Jay said that. He said right away, "Yeah there is. There's a boy about ten that always runs up to see me when he sees my car."

"There you go," Tony said. "I bet if you offered, he'd accept."

Pop said," I think we should talk about this later. Can we see the kids we need to examine?"

"Sure," Rolando said. "Follow me. Where do you want to do this?"

Liz smiled and said, "Well, I don't think doing this in the street is the best thing. Do you think they would come with us to the hospital?"

"I think so," he answered.

We followed him into the most un-kept part of the city. We stopped for a stop sign where a cute little boy went running to Rolando's police car. Sam giggled and said, "I think that is the boy that gets along with him."

He opened his door and the child hopped in and we followed them to look for the others. We came to a large group of kids that started to scatter as soon as they saw Rolando's car. Jay and I decided to get out and try to catch up with a few of them and explain what we're doing there. We managed to let several know what was what and they were good enough to round them up for us.

They told us that they all had scars and a few were even in pain. This had us concerned and after some smooth talking, there were seventeen children willing to allow us to care for them.

We got them to the hospital where Sam and Jay started examining them. All five of the girls were suffering from severe abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding. Sam said that three of them needed emergency exploratory surgery.

Pop talked with the administrator of the hospital and explained the situation to him and he was nice enough to give us use of two operating rooms. Jay was coordinating getting medication sent up from the pharmacy while Sam, Liz, Tony and I were trying to make the girls comfortable.

One girl was hemorrhaging so badly that Sam decided to operate on her first using the traditional method and let Jay do a laparoscopic one on the other. We were about to head into the operating room when two gynecologists came in to do their rounds and Jay asked if they could assist us in this emergency. They agreed and soon all three girls were headed into surgery. Two and a half hours later, Sam and the others come out with dejected looks on their faces. I looked at her and asked, "Please tell me they made it, Sam."

She looked up and said, "They made it but who ever operated on her acted like he could have cared less though. Never before have I seen such shoddy surgery. Her entire pelvic cavity is riddled with infection and I had to do a total hysterectomy because of it. I just hope she doesn't succumb to infection."

The other two surgeons said basically the same thing and we thanked them for their help. Pop came into the room and asked, "Would you be willing to assist us if we have more girls than we can handle?"

Since they weren't in a position to totally donate their services one of them said, "We will be glad to help you but we can't do it for free."

"We will work out a fee schedule, if that's acceptable," Pop said.

They nodded their heads in agreement then had to see their patients. "That will be fine. I hope who ever did this is stopped before he kills someone."

"That's what we’re going to try to do." Jay said to them. "We know it's not happening in this hospital so we just have to find him first."

"Good luck and here's our card if you need us," they said on their way out. "I hope you don't if you know what I mean."

We headed back to the emergency room where Tony was watching the boys. Sam, Jay, and I quickly examined the boys and the scars appeared to be between ten months and a year old. We had talked them into being admitted into the hospital so we could run further tests on them then try to correct the procedures.

Jay and Tony would talk with them at length in the morning and see if they would be willing to provide semen samples. All the boys appear to have started puberty but we needed to see what was what.

It was almost dinnertime so the boys were taken to the ward and made comfortable. We didn't want them to miss out on a meal since they don't get that many as it is. The nurses on the pediatric unit are all top notched and caring and one of them even found a television for them.

The next day, Jay and Tony made their rounds with the boys. They were all willing to provide samples so we closed the door to the ward and let them have their privacy. When the last one was finished, they rang for the nurse then we checked their results. All five had ejaculate but only the microscope would really tell the tale.

Sam, Liz, and Jay went to the lab and examined the samples and sure enough they were all like Eduardo's. We scheduled the surgery and one by one, they went in and we were able to repair the damage to them. All these boys had had their operations done by Ethan because we could tell by his handiwork.

We went to check on the girls and they were doing fair. All three still had high temperatures and they had a yellow tinged bloody drainage coming from their drains.

One girl named Elaina said she vaguely remembers being tossed into a car after drinking a soda then waking up in terrible pain. She gave us a vague description of the place where she was held and we gave that to the sheriff.

Sheriff Valdez came over to Pop's house later that afternoon. "I've had my men check out several places that are close to what Elaina described but all those places are either empty and have no sign that anyone's been there or they are occupied and don't have any form of illegal activity going on."

Pop said, "I will talk with her in the morning and see what I can find out. I'll bring Jay with me and if we learn something new, I'll let you know. Also, if we do I would like at take an aerial view of what she tells us. Can you arrange that?"

"We don't have a helicopter," Rolando said.

"I have a friend that does," Pop said. "If we find something, we will let you know. I want this guy before he kills someone."

Saturday morning Pop, Jay, Sam, and I went to the hospital. Sam and I were there to examine the girls. The drainage was still there but the yellowish tinge seemed to be getting less. Each day, we'd take samples so they can be cultured to see if the antibiotics are working. On the surface it appears to be but it takes seventy-two hours for the culture to grow so for the time being, it's a waiting game.

Sam and I thought by letting Pop and Jay talk with Elaina alone she would feel better and not threatened. Both Pop and Jay knew the area inside and out so they knew how and what questions to ask. After about an hour, they came out and said they had a very good idea where the place was.

We called Rolando and asked if he would go with us in our vehicle dressed in plain clothes. If anyone saw us, they wouldn't see him in his uniform. He agreed and we picked him up to check out this lead. After driving for almost an hour, we found the place Elaina described. There were children going in and out of the house and we noticed a lot of garbage sitting on the street. We didn't want to stop and look at it because it might draw attention to us so we went off and Rolando called in for assistance.

We had to wait over two hours for all the men to arrive but we didn't want anyone to escape. Some of the men had to hop fences and walls so they could position themselves in the back yard. Once everyone was in place the sheriff gave the signal to go. Three men broke through the front door and four more came in through the back.

Once inside, we found twenty-four children that just had surgery. In one of the rooms was a young man holding a syringe injecting something into a boy's intravenous line, Rolando looked at the man and said, "Are you the doctor here?"

He said, "Yes I am and you're at a private clinic."

Pop said, "Where is your license to run this place and your license to practice medicine?"

He just said, "Both are pending. I have receipts for the fees paid so that makes me legal."

Pop smiled and said, "I'm sorry to say but that's not the case. You must have all licenses in hand before you can operate any clinic. You also need permits issued by the Medical Society. Do you have those?"

He frowned and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know about that."

Rolando looked at the man and said, "What is your name sir?"

He smiled and said, "My name is Dr. Evan Miller, Jr."

I thought pop was going to lose it on the spot. This was the last thing any of us expected to find. The sheriff said, "Dr. Miller, you are under arrest. You have a lot of things to answer for."

While Pop stayed with the sheriff, the rest of us went to check out the children. Every one of them just had operations and weren't able to travel by van so we contacted the hospital and requested every ambulance they could send us. We also said we needed them to bring antibiotics with them so we could start them on the children.

The deputies had located other adults that claimed to be nurses or staff and like the doctor, were arrested. Sam and I took a look around and found this guy's makeshift operating room. The conditions in there were impossible to describe. To say it was filthy would be too good. There was blood, vomit, dirty gauze and other things all over the place. I went back out to where the doctor was and asked, "Is that where you operated on those children?"

He looked at me and said, "These kids all needed emergency procedures and the hospital refused to help. Someone needed to help these poor children."

I grabbed him by the arm and took him into one of the rooms that had boys in it. I lifted the gown on one of them and pointed to his genitals and asked, "What kind of emergency surgery did you do on him? I've examined him myself and I can't tell why he needed what you did."

"He had a problem and needed to be sterilized," he replied.

"What kind of problem?" I shouted. "The problem that he is a street child and does only what he needs to in order to survive? Tell me doctor, what is that disease called and please show it to me in a medical journal."

"These children are," he started to say.

I drew a fist and was about to pound the snot out of him when Jay grabbed my hand. I went to the front door to get some fresh air and I saw a large crowd forming. The locals must have seen the police cars and were wondering what was going on. One of the men asked, "Why are the police raiding this nice man’s home?"

"Do any of you have children?" I shouted.

A large number of hands went up and I knew I could defuse things when I told them what was happening. I said, "Well my friends, there is a doctor taking children off the streets and sterilizing them. I know you might not believe me but shortly, ambulances will be arriving to take twenty-four young boys and girls to the hospital so they can be properly cared for. The man in this house is not nice. Just because these children are poor, he says they do not deserve the right to have children later in life. I make you this promise. Every one of these kids will get the best care available. I and two other surgeons will try to fix what this man has done. I can't promise it will be successful, but we will do everything in our power. These kids here aren't the only ones he's done this to. We don't know the full extent yet but we are doing everything we can. Please let the ambulances come here."

"Why would a person do such a thing?" a man asked. "The street kids steal food and that is wrong but they sure don't deserve to have that happen. Let us have him, please."

"I'm sorry my friend," I said looking at him. "I can't do that. The law needs to work here and I promise you that he will be punished."

The crowd calmed down and were just standing there watching things. A few minutes later, the door opened and Rolando led the doctor out of the house to be taken to his office. Someone heard the sheriff call him doctor and the crowd suddenly went wild.

Scores of men charged the sheriff and grabbed the unsuspecting doctor. They picked him up and ran off with him down the street yelling and cursing him. Some of the deputies started chasing the crowd and several blocks later they caught up with them. When they finally arrived, they found the man severely beaten. Jay and I got there a few minutes later and we tried to revive him but his injuries were just too severe. I can't say that I'm upset he's dead but vigilantism isn't the answer.

Deputies escorted the others that were arrested out with their guns drawn then placed into vehicles and driven away. All of the children were taken to the hospital and put in intensive care until they were cleared of infection.

The next day, we checked on the children and had mixed feeling about their prognosis. Some of them were recovering nicely and they might be able to have reversal procedures done Monday. The others, like most of the girls weren't fairing as well. They were developing infections and we were worried that they might need hysterectomies like the first three did.

To be continued