The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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The Ranch 


Chapter 29

Return to Recife Part II

The next day, we checked on the children and had mixed feeling about their prognosis. Some of them were recovering nicely and they might be able to have reversal procedures done Monday. The others, like most of the girls weren't fairing as well. They were developing infections and we were worried that they might need hysterectomies like the first three did.

When we finished our rounds, Pop said we had somewhere to stop on the way home. It dawned on me that we hadn't met Judge Cortez. "Hey Pop when are we going to meet the judge?"

"Well," he said starting to smile. "That's where we're going now, any problems with that?"

I was about to speak when Jay said, "No Dad, not at all. What is the relationship between Marco and the Judge? I know they have the same last name so does that mean they are related?"

"As a matter of fact," Pop said. "It does. Judge Cortez is Marco's Uncle. I placed Marco with the Judge's brother Paulo. Javier hasn't heard from his brother in years. I hope this isn't to upsetting for you Marco."

I wasn't upset at hearing this but I was confused. I looked at Pop and said, "Pop, you know he kept in touch with me. Hell, look at all the times I was with him here. He didn't miss my becoming an American Citizen, graduating from UVA and then Med School. I took it real hard when he died when I was in the Army. After attending his funeral, I had to leave right away because I didn't have that much leave time left. Dad never mentioned Javier at all. I'm sad they couldn't patch things up before he died."

We pulled into the driveway to a nice estate and there was a man standing outside that brought both happy and sad times back again. We got out of the Hummer and Pop went over and shook Javier's hand. Javier walked over and said, "This must me my nephew Marco. You're a very handsome man. Who are the rest of these fine people?"

I made the introductions and Tony was the last. I said, "Uncle Javier, this is Tony Wells. He's my boyfriend and soon to be life partner."

He shook Tony's hand and said, "Well, I guess you better be calling me Uncle Javier too."

After the introductions were made, we went inside and talked about the current situations. He agreed that the kids needed to be helped and said he would let children come into our care on a temporary basis if they wanted to get their education here after their reversal procedures. He said he would work closely with Louis so all the papers would be in order. Once we finished talking about business, Uncle Javier said we were all invited to a cookout as his guests.

We all had a wonderful day at Uncle Javier's and we were sure sad when it was time to leave. We went back to Pop's house and relaxed. Tony and I got comfortable and cuddled together on the couch and decided to just watch a movie before turning in for the night.

After the movie ended, I woke my sleeping angel and helped him into bed. My head just hit the pillow when the phone rang. It was the nurse's station calling to tell us there was a major problem with Elaina. Pop came in and said, "Marco, Tony, you guys better get up. Sam is talking to the nurse and it's not sounding too good."

We got our clothes back on and I went into the kitchen and fixed a cup of coffee from the fresh pot Pop had just made. I looked at Sam and said, "What's going on."

"Elaina has spiked a fever and she's started draining again," Sam said.

Jay came into the room and said; "I wonder what will show on the culture now. It's been almost seventy-two hours."

Pop said, "I wonder if she's being treated with the proper antibiotic."

"We'll know soon enough," I said. "I hope."

Liz came out of the bathroom and said, "Sorry guys. I needed to use the bathroom before we went."

Sam looked at her partner and said, "You always keep me waiting love."

"Don't get me started girl," she fired back. "Let's just get going."

We hustled into the hospital where Jay and Pop went to the lab to check the blood culture that was done Thursday. We knew it was a little early but we're hoping we can get an idea of what bacteria is growing. The rest of us went to the floor. Tony stopped at the nurse's station and got Elaina's chart. I looked at it and everything was written in Portuguese and then I knew I was in trouble. I slammed it down on the table and said, "Shit, why didn't I study the language better?"

Liz picked it up and studied it carefully and said, "Her fever spiked about four hours ago. They've been giving her acetaminophen and cold compresses in an attempt to control it but haven't been successful. She's also had two doses of Demerol for the pain. I can speak and read the language, Marco."

"Thanks Liz," I said. "You're a life saver."

"Yeah, I know it," She said smiling at us.

"Don't get a swelled head now baby," Sam said poking her in the ribs.

Liz started to say something when Pop and Jay walked in. Jay said, "The culture shows a massive staph infection. The antibiotics here aren't touching it."

Pop looked at the chart and then said, "The ones we need are only available in the states and I can't get them shipped here. I think the best thing is to get her home and treat her there."

Jay said, "We need to get her started on them as soon as possible. Could Angel get some down here?"

I said, "I can call Paul and have him get enough for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. By then she should be able to travel."

Jay said, "I'll call her and fill her in. Marco, can you call Paul?"

I nodded my head then Sam and I put gloves on and looked at her incision. Her bandages were covered with infection and drainage. Sam winced then said, "I would like to get her back into the operating room. I don't know if she could take it though?"

I looked at her and said, "We could do it with versed and watch her breathing. I knew we need to get that infection out of there."

Sam shook her head then said, "I don't like doing that. I want to be able to take my time. Her temp is only 102 right now so we will have to wait and see."

Jay said, "I don't know about you but I won't like having to operate if her temp goes any higher."

I called Paul and found him at the hospital and he agreed to get us the medication we needed. Pop called Angel at home and she said she would call the pilots and leave right away.

I looked at Jay and said, "Do you think it's wise to try to knock her out and put in another drain?"

Jay examined her then said, "Under normal circumstances I would say yes but with this infection, I would only want to do that in a total sterile environment such as in an operating room. I think we should wait until we can get her back to the states and do it there."

Pop said, "We can add a second antibiotic and increase the dosage on the other. That should keep her fairly stable until Angel gets here with what we need. I agree with Jay, we should wait to operate on her until we get back home."

I looked at Pop and said, "Can you see if there is an open ward so we can get some sleep until Angel arrives?"

He smiled and said, "I'll see. I think the ward with some of the male patients have some beds. You might want to check on them before you sack out."

Tony and I looked at each other and went down the hall to the ward. There were five boys in there quietly talking while watching television. A few of them recognized us. One said, "Hi doc, how are you tonight. You guys are here late."

I looked at the boys and said, "That comes with the job sometimes. We will be here all night so it looks like we're going to be roommates. My name is Dr. Marco Cortez and this is Tony Wells."

The boy, whose name is Rafael said, "That's cool Marco and we all want to thank you guys for saving us. Can you look at me, please? I'm starting to swell up down there."

Tony and I got some gloves and examined the boys. All the boys looked fine with no signs of infection except Rafael. This didn't bode well for us. We immediately started him on antibiotics and decided to bring him to the States also for treatment. I looked at him and said, "Rafael, you're starting to get an infection down there. Tony here is going to start an IV on you then we will give you some medicine to help make it go away. We also may need to bring you to the United States to finish treating you. Would that be alright with you?"

He looked at his friends and said, "What about my friends here and the others? Will you be able to help them?"

I knew there weren't that many boys so I said, "If they want to come, we can help them too."

Rafael smiled and said, "Alright then, I'll go with you guys. Will you call me Rafy like my friends do? What will happen to us when we get there?"

"Sure Rafy," I said. "Well in answer to your question, depending on how bad the infections are, you may have to be in a hospital or will be in the dispensary where we live and work. Once the infections are gone, you'll be assigned to a house with a houseparent and you'll live there and go to school."

Tony came in with the supplies and quickly got Rafy on his antibiotics. We talked for another half hour then I needed to get some rest before Angel arrived. I slid into bed and started to drift off when I felt Tony cuddle in close behind me. I felt his arm draw me close as I drifted off to sleep. I don't know how long we slept but soon there was a hand on my shoulder shaking us awake.

I almost had to pry my eyes open with my fingers and there stood Jay wide-awake and smiling. "Come on bro," he said. "Angel's here and we're ready to get to work."

Reminds me of the crazy jokes I've heard. How many doctors does it take to mix and hang a vial of antibiotics? I crawled out of bed and saw Rafy looking at us smiling. I walked over to him and said, "What are you smiling at?"

He whispered to me saying, "I think it's nice how you and Tony sleep close together."

I didn't have time to talk with him so I kissed him on the head before leaving. "Yes it is Rafy now you need your rest so try to go back to sleep."

Tony and I went into the girl's ward and Elaina's temperature had remained the same. Jay and Sam mixed the antibiotics and hung the first dose. I didn't want any surprises so I gave her a small dose first to see if she would have an allergic reaction. She did fine so we gave her the full dose. She would be on this four times a day for ten days. Tony gave Rafy a small dose as well then got him on his first dose.

Pop made a few calls then he went into a bed and passed out from shear exhaustion. Liz talked with the nurses and everyone sacked out for about five hours. At about two in the afternoon, a little cutie named Rafy shook me back to consciousness. He whispered to me saying, "I gotta pee bad Marco."

I lifted Tony's arm off me and slipped out of bed so I wouldn't wake him. I saw his IV fluid was almost out so I changed his bag and took him to the bathroom. While he was in there, I got a urine sample and checked it for signs of infection. After he was finished, I took him back to his room and talked quietly with him until it was time to fix their next batch of medication. I hung Rafy's medicine and then asked him, "How do you survive here son?"

"We do what we have to," he said frowning. "I don't think you'd really want to hear about it."

I lifted his head with my index finger then said, "I don't think you could say anything I haven't heard. My brothers and I lived out here ourselves until Pop there rescued us. I have a son I adopted who lived on the streets. If there was a family who wanted to raise you, do you think you would like that?"

He scooted next to me then said, "I don't know Marco. I've been on my own for so long I don't think I would like that but the place you live sounds perfect for me."

"You wouldn't be on your own at The Ranch," I told him. "You would have nine other boys in the house along with a houseparent. You would have to go to school and have some chores to do but you would get a chance to be a boy and do the things all boys do. No one would be trying to hurt you or anything like that."

"You mean we would have to work for our food?" Rafy asked looking scared.

"No son," I said drawing him close trying to calm his fears. "What I meant by chores would be like making your bed and helping your roommate keep the room neat. You know, like picking up after yourself. You all would get three good meals a day and there are always snacks there if you get hungry. You don't have to worry about stealing or gulping your meals down."

I could see him start to tear up when I said that. "Oh Marco, your place sounds like heaven. Can I ask you a question?"

I nodded my head saying, "Sure. You can ask me anything."

"Is something special going on with you and Tony?" Rafy asked smiling shyly?

I looked at him and asked, "What do you mean kiddo?"

"Well," he started. "Are you two in love? I know boys out here who don't like girls and do things just with other boys. I guess I'm asking if you're gay."

I smiled at him and said, "Yes Rafy, Tony and I are gay and we do love each other. Dr. Jay is gay too and his husband is back at The Ranch. He's a super cook. In fact, most of the boys at home are gay. We just had two new members join us and the older brother is gay and his younger brother doesn't know yet. If you are or aren't it's all right, no one is going to bother you. The boys all make it a point to be protective of the new guys."

He looked up at me and smiled saying, "I think a lot of the guys will like it there but I don't know about all of them."

"Do you know if there are other kids who got operated on like you did?" I asked wrapping my arm back around him.

He looked at me sadly and said, "Yeah, I do. The last group they took all got real sick and they took them away. I don't know what happened but I heard that they died. I kept off the streets for a long time as did many of the others but we got caught. If you hadn't found us we might have ended up like they did."

"Did any kids survive earlier operations?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said looking at me. "I heard rumors about a man before that other guy but I don't know any personally."

"All right," I said trying to find out more. "I think we will be able to get the word out and anyone that wants will be able to get their procedure reversed."

I got up to wake the others when a nurse came in and brought them lunch. Pop walked over and said, "Is this all you feed these children?"

"No sir," she said. "We were told that they haven't eaten that much so we were starting them out slowly so they wouldn't get sick. The children here have good solid meals."

"That's good," Pop said. "I didn't mean to startle you."

The boys ate and we checked on Elaina before we decided to go home. Liz and Tony taught the nurses how to mix the antibiotics properly so the rest of the night, we didn't need to. It had been a long night and we still had a lot more to do. The first thing Angel, Sam, and Liz did was start preparing some food for lunch. Pop called Javier and Louis and asked if they could meet with us. They agreed to meet with us after supper and asked if seven would be acceptable.

We had a quick lunch then Jay put on a roast to slow cook. Tony and I snuggled and got a decent amount of sleep. I set the alarm for five so we could shower, shave and do what ever else we needed to before our guests arrived. After Tony and I showered, we started packing our things because once our business was concluded; I wanted to get back home to see the boys.

I took the chance to give Ronnie a call and talked with everyone in the house. I'm glad I got that chance because I didn't want any of them to feel slighted in the least. As soon as Robert became aware of whom Ronnie was talking to he shouted, "Hi Daddy," at the top of his lungs.

I motioned for Jay to come into the room and when I'd finished talking with the boys, I put Ronnie back on so he and Jay could have some private time together. Jay smiled at us as we stepped out of the bathroom and dressed. I could hear his side of the conversation and he had Ronnie wondering what was going on.

We dressed and Jay finished talking with Ronnie then we went to check on the roast. It was done and smelled wonderful then I started fixing the veggies and Jay did the potatoes. As the smells went through the house, everyone started waking to the sounds of their stomachs. We fixed plates for everyone and when we were done there was just a little of the roast left for sandwiches. I told Jay he did such a good job on it that Ronnie would be proud. He smiled and since we cooked, the others would do the dishes.

Pop and the others had just finished cleaning up when we heard a knock on the front door. I knew it must be Uncle Javier and Louis so I just shouted for them to come inside. Sam had put on a fresh pot of coffee so we all sat down at the table and Pop explained what we needed. He said, "None of the children have passports that he knew of and was concerned how they would be allowed into the country."

Louis said, "I can draw up papers allowing them to travel on your passports as minor children in your custody. This way I can get the necessary visas issued. They will have both medical and education visas and will be good until they are 18 or when they graduate high school."

I looked at them and said, "I didn't think that was possible but then again I'm not a lawyer."

I was about to say something else when the phone rang. It was the nurse we had been working with on the floor. She said in broken English, "Elaina has very high fever and is no longer awake. She is having very bad fits and we have to give medicine to control."

I put Jay on the phone because he spoke Portuguese better than I did and this was something I didn't want to risk screwing up. I heard Jay ask something about the drainage and when I heard him cuss, I knew it was bad.
He hung up the phone and said, "Elaina's gone into septic shock and is having seizures. We need to get her to the states pronto before the infection spreads to her brain."

Angel grabbed her cell phone and called the pilots and had the plane ready. I called the hospital and had them get an ambulance ready so Elaina and Rafael could be taken to the airport. I looked at everyone and said, "I think Pop, Sam, and Liz should go with them because Elaina is going to need constant monitoring." I had the nurse put some of the medicine they used with her things and get Rafael ready for the trip too. If he asked about the others, I told the nurse to tell him we would be taking care of the others in the morning.

I was making arrangements for two kids to come to the states when Uncle Javier said, "I hate to bust your bubble Marco but how do you propose to get them care in the states?"

"I'm going to call Paul and have an ambulance standing by at the airport and have them taken straight to County where they will be put into an isolation unit," I said looking at him. "I'll leave the legal niceties to you guys. I'm a doctor, not a lawyer and I'm only interested in saving their lives. I'm also going to have someone from infection control consult with him on these cases."

Louis looked at me and asked, "How many other children will you be looking at bringing to The Ranch, Marco?"

"I'm not sure," I said. "There are sixteen boys there now but I don't know how many of them will be willing to stay there and have to go to school. I know they haven't been going on a daily basis so I wonder if they really want an education."

Uncle Javier shook is head and said, "If they don't get that, they'll never be able to make anything of themselves. I feel that will be such a waste."

"We can't force them," I said looking at him. "I think you guys should get ready to go. I've called Paul and everything is ready for you when you arrive."

We finished up our business and Uncle Javier and Luis took Pop, Sam, Liz, and Angel to the airport. No sooner had they left when, I got a call telling me the ambulance was leaving with both children on board. I fixed Tony and me a cup of coffee then sat down on the sofa to relax. This had been a trip I wouldn't soon forget but would hate to remember. I felt tears start to roll down my cheeks when Tony pulled me into his arms. He stroked my face and kissed me softly saying, "Relax baby, everything is going to be alright now."

I sighed softly and leaned back against my man. I finished my coffee then laid my head in his lap. He began to stroke my cheek as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. I don't remember how long I was asleep but the next thing I remembered, I was naked lying in bed cuddled with Tony and the sun was coming in through the curtains.

I started to roll out of the bed when I felt Tony's hand slip around my morning wood. I looked at him with a sly smile then said, "I don't think you're into water sports baby so if I were you, I'd let go."

"Damn baby," he said with a mock frown. "You sure don't play fair."

I stood there relieving myself when I said, "I play very fair but I like to enjoy myself and not have to worry about other things happening."

The sounds of water hitting water made Tony jump out of the bed and run into the room beside me. I grinned at him and was about to speak again when he said, "I guess I had to go too."

I stood there laughing while he finished his business then proceeded to kiss him firmly on the mouth. I reached down and started to stroke his tool back to life when the phone started to ring. I looked at him starting to deflate because of the interruption. "What is going on here this morning? It's as if someone is keeping us apart."

I walked over to the bed and answered the phone and it was Sam calling. "Marco, I'm glad I got you before you left for the hospital. Rafael is starting to turn septic also so every one of the boys will need the antibiotics. Miguel has made arrangements to send more than enough to the hospital and they will arrive this afternoon. Angel has typed all the customs documents so they won't have any problem clearing. The boys will need to be treated there first before they can travel here otherwise they will have to spend two weeks in isolation. The antibiotics should arrive about two or so then you will need to get them started on it right away. Once they have had a dose, then the hospital can start treating them with the remaining doses."

"Holy shit," I said. "Hey Sam, I want you to do another blood culture on both of them to double check what Jay and Pop found. I'm not saying they made a mistake but Rafael shouldn't be going septic this fast. Elaina had her procedure done months before he did."

I heard Sam breathing on the other end before she spoke. She finally said, "I think you're right Marco. I'll redo the blood work and have infectious disease look at the results."

"Thanks Sam," I said. "I'll let you know how things are going here. I hope to be home late tonight if things go well. Give my boys a hug and kiss for me, will you?"

"You know it Marco," she said. "You guys take care and hurry back."

I hung the phone up and staggered into the kitchen where I saw Jay cooking breakfast. I poured a cup of coffee when Tony walked out wearing what he slept in. Jay took a look at him then whistled. Jay smiled then said, "Hey bro, I love the look but I think you're showing quite a lot, don't you?"

Tony turned red then came over to kiss me. No sooner had we touched lips when his pole came back to life. I felt it rub against my crotch when I said, "Hey lover boy, go and cover my monster."

He turned towards our room when I playfully slapped his butt. Tony turned and looked at us saying, "What’s wrong guys, don't like going natural?"

I just rolled my eyes as I put bread into the toaster. Jay took the bacon out of the pan then said, "Marco, you are one lucky dude. Not only does Tony have looks but he's also got one hot body to boot. I know I shouldn't ask but have you guys made love yet?"

I smiled at him and said, "Oh yeah bro, that we have. I didn't know it but I was his first in every way and well, he's a wonderful lover. I can't wait to get back home so we can get married like you and Ronnie. I would like everyone there but I don't know how we could handle such an undertaking."

"Well," Jay said scrambling the eggs. "Maybe there is a minister or someone willing to perform the ceremony at The Ranch then you guys could go away on a honeymoon; although, I have a good idea where you two would spend most of your time."

"Oh come on now," I said looking at him. "If I had my monster in me that long I wouldn't be able to walk for a month."

"Are you complaining now?" Tony asked.

"Not at all," I said smiling at my lover. "But I would be walking funny, that's for sure."

I kissed him as Jay set the plates on the table. We had a fantastic breakfast. Ronnie's skills had really rubbed off on him. After we did the dishes, the phone rang and it was the hospital. They had been notified the antibiotics had arrived and men were now on their way back. We informed them we would be leaving here shortly then contacted the nurse's station requesting they start intravenous lines on all the kids so we could start the antibiotics on them as soon as we arrived.

It took us about forty-five minutes to make the drive to the hospital because of the morning traffic. Recife in the morning was like that of a small busy city. Since roads had not been increased, traffic was always heavy this time of day. We parked the van in the lot then were about to go in the front door when six men appeared in front of us. I recognized several of them from the attack on the young Dr. Miller. I looked at them and said, "What can we do for you?"

The larger of the men said, "Is it true there are a bunch of boys in there who are street kids?"

I started getting angry at his description of the boys. They had no choice as to how they lived so I said, "What if they are? It's none of your business."

He looked at me surly and said, "We might just want to make it our business."

I was seeing blood now. I spat back at him and said, "If you want to try to get through us here to get to the boys, come on and try. I will guarantee you this though you will all play hell doing it."

The man stepped back then said, "I think you misunderstood us."

One of the other men said, "Why don't you be quiet before you stick your other foot in your mouth. What he was trying to say is that we want to know if those boys are doing better. See sir, we look out for some of those boys and have become quite fond of them."

We all relaxed when he said what he did. I looked at the group and said, "Well, those are some pretty sick kids up there. We had to take two of them, a boy and a girl to the states for special treatment. Antibiotics just arrived that will get them better but they are going to need to be in here for at least two more weeks."

"Damn," one man said. "Will we be able to see them?"

I looked at Jay and then said, "I suppose it will be alright while we are getting their medication going. After we do this, I would like to talk with you guys for a few minutes regarding them."

They followed us towards the children's ward then quietly entered not wanting to disturb the sick children. The men started looking into the wards and one by one we saw smiles come across their faces as they saw one or two of their special kids. Jay and I examined the boys before we started hanging their life saving liquid.

Once the medicine was started, all the doors to the boys' wards were now closed. I swear we could see those big tough men start to get misty eyed as the final door clanged shut. Jay looked at them then said, "Would you guys follow us please?"

I was sitting in a conference room when Jay and the others came in. Jay led them to seats and I began to talk. "I was really taken aback when you all said there were children in there that you all cared about. It is nice to see that not everyone out there is trying to injure them just because they don't have a home they can call their own. I have a question that I would pose to you and to all the others. What would you say if the kids you have soft spots for could be yours to care for legally?"

"What do you mean Doctor?" the big man asked.

I looked at them and asked, "Have you all thought about becoming foster parents to these homeless children? I know it may be hard on some of you financially but arrangements could be made that you receive stipends as long as it is used for the kids."

"I didn't think that was possible," another man said. "There are so many of us that just can't have children and well, some of us are not even married. How can that happen?"

"There's no reason a single person can't raise a child" Jay said. "When a man and woman have a child of their own, they sure don't come with instructions either. You just do the best you can but if you have a problem, there are people willing to help. All you have to do is ask and no one will think you're weak or don't know what you're doing."

I looked at the group then said, "If you are willing to fill out some papers, I can pretty much guarantee you will all be approved as foster parents. You will have to make sure they all go to school however and every foster child will receive free medical care at the clinic here at the hospital."

All the men stared amongst themselves then one of them said, "I can't speak for the others not here, but the two boys I care about really need a home. We are all willing to do whatever it takes and we know an education is important. Where do we have to go to fill out the papers?"

I was smiling when I heard what they had said. I said, "You and all your friends who want to do this will have to go down to the courthouse. Go see Judge Cortez's clerk and I will let him know you will be coming so they have plenty of forms available. The procedure will take about a week but with them still in the hospital, the time should pass quickly. If there are kids still out there that you wish to foster, find them and talk with them. I have to congratulate you on really wanting to help these kids. If any of the kids still out there have been hurt like the others, take them to the clinic and they will be taken care of and no one will ask anything. These kids have been through plenty."

The men stood and started shaking our hands as one said, "We don't know how to thank you guys. We used to think you looked down on us."

Jay looked at them and said, "I came from these same streets as many of these kids do. It's hard to make a better life for yourself when no one will give you the chance. I had a chance now these kids will also. We should be thanking you."

We left and I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe the kids here will all be leaving here going to new homes when they are well. I could see Jay was misty eyed as well. He got on the cell phone and called Uncle Javier to fill him in on the meeting that just transpired. He was totally amazed that we had been approached about the children. He said that he would approve everyone if they didn't have criminal records.

We went back to Pop's house and packed our things to return home. I couldn't speak for Jay but I was really missing my four sons. I grabbed our bag and put it in the van then went and fixed myself a sandwich. While eating Sheriff Valdez came by and said, "I just heard of what some of the men want to do for the kids. I want you to know that I will become a foster parent to my little Julio."

Jay's eyes got big when he heard the name. "Did you say Julio," he asked.

"Yes that's his name," Rolando said.

Jay wiped his eyes and said, "You know that's my name too. I choose to use Jay now that I'm in the states but my given name is Julio."

Rolando stepped outside for a second and quickly there was a small child that could have been Tito or Jay when he was much younger. Jay kneeled down and the sheriff nudged the child towards Jay. Little Julio shuffled over to Jay and said, "Hi."

Jay shook his hand and said, "It's nice to meet my name sake. How are you?"

The child smiled then said, "I'm fine now. The sheriff says he's going to be my new Daddy. He act's like such a bear but he's really a pussy cat, but don't tell him."

Jay laughed when he heard that then said, "Don't worry dude, your secret is safe with me."

Jay hugged Julio then Rolando said, "He's a real sweetie and I think I'm going to bring him home tonight. I don't see a problem with it and he'll be safer."

I walked over and gave the boy a little hug then said, "I agree. I don't think you're going to get him away from your side now. I wish you two the very best and welcome to Daddy-hood."

We made sure everything was turned off and secured then said our good-byes to Rolando and little Julio then headed out to the airport. I was a little sad at leaving but pleased in knowing that the number of homeless children would be greatly reduced. I also felt that the word would be spread about becoming foster parents.

We pulled into the parking lot and brought our bags to the plane where a member of the ground crew stored them in the baggage hold. We boarded the plane and took our seats then felt the door close and the pilot start the engines. The plane was pushed back away from the area and we taxied out to the runway. I felt a hard right turn then heard the engines come to life. We rumbled down the runway and within a few seconds, were airborne.

Jay and I talked about what had occurred. "I must admit I was very taken by little Julio. I could see so much of me in him it was like déjà vu. You should have seen your face too bro."

I knew what he was talking about but I had another problem running through my head. "I can imagine but I have another problem I don't know how to handle. I told Rafael that his friends would be coming here and now they won't be. They will all be going to new foster homes and I don't know how he's going to take that news."

Jay looked at me and said, "Didn't you say that you would bring those that wanted to come? If they are with new parents they will want to be there rather than a foster home here, wouldn't they?"

"That's true," I said still in thought. "I wonder if there is a family in Recife that would want Rafael and Elaina. I don't see adding them to our family will be a problem and having a girl there will give Angela a friend she can relate with. But I also worry that they may feel that they aren't good enough to have families that would want them."

"I understand," Jay said. "But let's talk with them first. They would know if someone has been helping them as the others. Try to relax now Marco. I, like you, feel good that many of the children will now be off the streets."

Tony sat and watched Jay and I talking about the past and future of Recife. He heard all we had said then spoke saying, "What will happen to those who can't find families there? Will they be welcomed at The Ranch?"

I looked at him and said, "We can bring them here and they will be cared for or maybe the kids from Dad's home can talk those that don't get fostered into giving that a try. Here they will go to school, make friends, fall in love and if they wish, maybe even adopted where they will have permanent homes."

We talked about this until we heard the landing gear drop. The plane made a smooth touchdown onto the runway then taxi to the private terminal. We put our gear into the van and headed off back to The Ranch. Just as we pulled onto the property we were surrounded by a hoard of excited boys. Jay and I got out and gave them hugs while Tony drove it to the main house. As soon as Tony stepped out he was mobbed also.

I thought I had given everyone a hug when I happened to see Roddy standing alone. I walked over to him and put my arm around his shoulder. He looked up at me then buried his face into my chest then said, "I'm glad you're back, Dad. I hope I'm not acting too much like a baby."

I kissed him on the forehead then said, "Of course not son. There's nothing wrong with missing someone. Robert made the big deal about seeing me when the judge signed the adoption papers. I should have stopped at the high school also, and seen you too son. I'm sorry for not doing that."

"It's alright Dad," Roddy said. "I just hope you don't have to go away again."

"Well," I said hugging him as I spoke. "I'm sure I will from time to time but I will always be sure to say good bye to all my sons now. Maybe too, you can come along if school is out."

Roddy picked up our suitcase and carried it to our house and set it on our bed. I noticed we were a few boys light when it dawned on me that Kevin was with Eduardo and Ruben visiting with Jay and Ronnie.

Tony and I sat on the couch and cuddled with the boys until dinner. The boys had really missed us more this time than on others. I looked at big Mike and he said, "Carlos seemed to think you wouldn't be coming back Marco. On the first night, the boys came in and wanted to talk so Matt and I spent a few hours with them. We seemed to answer everyone's questions then Emilio started missing you as well. After we got them to bed, they started crying and try as we may, we couldn't get them calmed down. Matt and I brought them in with us and they finally drifted off to sleep."

I could see both them holding each other but looking dejected. I called them over and asked, "Are you feeling better now that Tony and I are back?"

They both nodded their heads then Emilio said, "We didn't totally understand why you were away. When we were alone with Mike and Matt, they said you had to operate on some of them?"

"Yes," I nodded. "We were helping them like Jay and I did you then they got real sick and needed special medicine. Didn't I explain it so you could understand it?"

Both boys shook their heads no. I held them close and thanks to Mike, everything got resolved. Tony looked at me then said, "I think we might need to talk with each boy individually the next time a trip comes along."

I agreed then the smells of supper began to filter into the living room. Matt and Mike quickly brought the meeting and cuddle session to an end when their stomachs began to rumble. The crew dispersed to wash their hands and even we adults were really hungry. After dinner, we all got showers then the boys had free time. Gwen and Pop brought their crew over to play with mine. Alex joined them and we had a talk about everything that transpired.

To be continued