The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.


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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004


The Ranch


Chapter 30

Pluses and Minuses

I agreed then the smells of supper began to filter into the living room. Matt and Mike quickly brought the meeting and cuddle session to an end when their stomachs began to rumble. The crew dispersed to wash their hands and even we adults were really hungry. After dinner, we all got showers then the boys had free time. Gwen and Pop brought their crew over to play with mine. Alex joined them and we had a talk about everything that transpired.

Alex came up with an idea to try to make The Ranch an International facility; she said, "What would be the possibility of Americans adopting Brazilian children?"

Pop sat up and said, "You're looking at a big undertaking Alex. Any child that comes here has to be deemed an orphan without any family. I don't see that as a major hurdle because Judge Cortez can make that call with some investigation. The next thing is that the child would want to come here if there isn't a family there willing to adopt down there. Even if the child comes here, we could have a database of children willing to be adopted in Recife. If a child doesn't wish to be adopted, they could live here and complete their education then they could apply for citizenship or return home."

Gwen heard everything Pop said and was sitting there in deep thought then looked at Alex. "I think we're going to need some reputable lawyers skilled in handling international adoptions. I wonder if Judge Gordon will be as easy to do things, as Judge Cortez will. Also, you know we like to let the families and kids get to know each other then even allow weekend visitations. I don't know how that would work when the perspective families live outside the states."

Jay looked up then said, "Couldn't Uncle Javier monitor things in Recife? I mean the families would have to check in and out with him. Maybe there might be a chance they could come here and visit them and see how things developed?"

Pop looked up and said, "That's not a bad idea. I think we might also want to set up a meeting with everyone involved once we know who will be involved. I will have Angel contact our lawyers to see if they have someone experienced with international adoption cases. I know Louis can handle things in Recife so that side of things is in place."

It was getting late and we were getting tired. Gwen and Pop rounded up their gang and headed to their house. After everyone was tucked in bed, Terry and Corey snuggled close and let their hands begin to roam over their respective boyfriend’s bodies. Terry whispered saying, "Umm your hands are so soft, Corey. Rub my balls."

Corey dropped his hands lower and did as Terry asked, then he felt Terry encase his boyhood. He sucked wind then said, "Oh god love that feels wonderful."

Since it had been a few days, hormones were running very high. Neither could sustain much time together before exploding in each other's hand. Terry said, "We need to work on our stamina love. Three tugs then wham don't cut it for me."

"I know what you mean," Corey kissed Terry while cleaning themselves off. The two teens drifted off to sleep and got a full nights rest. The last thing Corey said was, "Let's get some sleep baby, I'm really tired now."

Over the next week, we were keeping close tabs on Elaina and Rafy. I went in on Thursday to look at Elaina's dressing and to see what was going on in her mind. There was a double door going into the isolation room so she couldn't see me getting all the accessories on. I walked in and she knew who I was right away. She looked at me and said, "Hi Marco, I was wondering when you would get back here."

"Hi sweetie," I said cheerfully. "You really had us scared. I'm glad you're doing better now. You should be out of here next week. I was wondering if you had given any thought to what you want to do."

She frowned a little then said, "I hadn't given it much thought. I know there are people in Recife who have taken to lots of the kids but no one really likes me. I guess I'm to old or something."

"Well," I started to say. "I have an idea if you're willing."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Mind you it's just an idea," I started saying. "You can stay at The Ranch. You'd have a place to stay, food and an education. We're working on some things that might benefit you down the road but that's then."

"You want me to live with a bunch of boys?" she asked surprised. "I don't want to get raped."

"Calm down sweetheart," I said calmly. "No one will try to hurt you and they are good boys. I don't think the boys would be interested in you that way any way Elaina."

"Why is that?" she said giggling. "Are they gay? I'm not saying it in a bad way Marco so please don't be mad. I know several boys who are gay and we get along very well. We happen to be friends also."

"You're right Elaina," I said to her. "They are gay and many of them have boyfriends. There are a few who are so young they don't know yet either way. You'd have your own room downstairs along with your own bathroom and shower. The houseparent there is a woman so that should help you too."

"My own bathroom?" she said lighting up. "Wow Marco, that is nice. How many boys live there?"

I had to stop and think for a minute. I said, "Well, there are over twenty right now ranging in age from nine to eighteen living in two houses. I am the proud parent of four sons who live there too. There is Tito who is the first boy I adopted and he's ten. Next is Tommy who's eleven. His parents abandoned him in the hospital here. The last two I adopted last week before I came to Recife. Robert is twelve and his brother Roddy is fifteen."

She smiled and said, "They sound all so very lucky. I hope they will at least like me so they will be my friends."

I smiled and said, "I don't think you'll have to worry about that. Besides, I have a niece I think you might become friends with."

"Thanks Marco," she said. "I'd like to give it a try."

I gave her a hug then said, "That's great sweetie. As soon as you can leave here, we will get you settled into your new home. I need to go see Rafael now and talk with him. I need to see if he's willing to come out there too."

"Ok Marco," she said smiling. "I'll see you later. Bye."

I said my good byes then stepped into the first room and took off the gown and other stuff. I walked down two doors and redressed. I opened the door into his room and right away he knew who it was. He looked over at the door and said, "Hey their Doc. It's nice to see you. It's a good thing I like your eyes."

I giggled saying, "Is someone making a pass at me?"

He giggled at me saying, "You're too old for me Marco. Besides, I just wish you were a big brother or something for me. Think I can live with you and the others?"

"If that's what you want Rafy," I said being serious. "Are you just ready to go to school?"

He sighed saying, "I guess so, if I really have to. I hope they have auto mechanics. I really love to work on cars. That's what I want to be when I get older."

"That can be arranged kiddo," I said smiling behind my mask. "I know that could come in handy with some of the equipment we have here."

We talked for about thirty minutes then I needed to get moving. I bumped into Paul on my way out and thanked him for everything he did helping with the antibiotics. I had thought about a few things when I was in Recife and was hoping I could persuade Paul into coming on board.

I had given very serious thought into forming a total and complete group for pediatrics. I didn't mean just a couple of doctors who could handle colds and other things. I wanted a total group that would have pediatricians, surgeons, orthopedics, urology and OB-Gyn for girls. I was confident I could get Sam to join us after her last round of marathon surgeries. Paul would be a different story considering he was a one-man office. I looked at him and said, "Keeping busy dude?"

"More than you know," he said looking somewhat tired. "I wish I had a partner who could do the office things that would leave me free to do surgery."

I couldn't believe my ears. I had found a large office with room for about seven doctors along with treatment rooms. I think it may have been an orthopedic surgeon's office because there was an x-ray machine still in there. I said, "I have an idea Paul but coming up with everyone is going to be the problem. I'm looking to form a major pediatric group. Jay, Sam, and I are already committed to it. We need a few more and we can get things going. If I can get a few single practices to come together we would be able to provide kids a complete practice. What do you think?"

Paul smiles and said, "I love the concept and I know a few doctors who might be willing to come on board. I even know a big office open and for sale or rent."

"Is it across from the hospital on the seventh floor," I asked.

"Yeah, that's the one," Paul said. "I know the ortho who ran it but it got to be too much for him and he couldn't get partners. I think he would love to go back. I might even know an OB-GYN we could get too. He and his partner are having problems and are looking to split."

"Is there a problem with one of them or what?" I asked. "I don't want complaints or anything like that right off the bat."

"No," Paul said. "It's nothing like that. One doctor isn't getting much surgery and he's been wanting his partner to share his."

"Oh," I said. "I don't want a knife happy surgeon either. You know that wouldn't bode well being a pediatric group."

"I know Marco," Paul said as we walked towards the elevator. "He's a good doctor and he cares about his patients. Would you like to have a meeting with everyone?"

"Sounds good," I said stepping inside. "Some of the patients needing services would be referred through Pop's foundation and they will pay the bills. Hiring the support staff will be handled by the foundation but the nurses will be up to the individual doctor. I've devised a salary that they will be more than happy with. What do you think?"

"Great," Paul said. "I'll let you know when I can get everyone together."

We split up when we got to the first floor. It was well past lunch and I was starving. I went through a drive through and bought a couple of burgers to eat on the way back home. I was missing practicing medicine on a regular basis and this way I could work and still be with the boys. I had given this a lot of thought and during the summer, I could put in fewer hours so I could be with the boys. I would tell the boys if and when I was needed I had to go to work.

On my way home, I thought about where to put Rafael. I didn't want to open a new house for just one person so I thought I would move Robert in with Timmy and Rafy could move in with Kevin. Kevin has a way of making a new boy feel at home. I went into the main house and raided the kitchen. I saw fried chicken being prepared so I grabbed a few pieces. As soon as I came outside, Ronnie yelled at me for taking dinner. Oh well, he will survive. After I washed my hands, I grabbed a soda and sat down with Jay and the others. He looked at me and asked, "Did you happen to see Paul while you were at the hospital?"

I nodded my head while taking a big swig of my drink. I swallowed then said, "Yeah and he even knows a few doctors that could round out the group. I just hope the fact there are several gays working there won't be a problem."

"Well," Jay said. "Paul knows about us and we know there isn't a problem so any new one we bring in will be told right up front and if they don't like it they won't be a part of the practice."

"You don't think that will hurt us in the long run do you?" I asked getting worried that my dream could go right down the toilet.

Pop smiled then said, "I have a few friends son, so I don't see that as a problem. Also, the work all you have done speaks for itself. Hold your head up high guys."

"I suppose you're right," I said sighing loudly.

I was about to say something when the phone rang. Jay went into the office and answered it. Paul was telling him he had talked with the OB-GYN and he found out why the split. The doctor was gay and his partner didn't want anything to do with him. I found that rather interesting but it didn't matter to us as long as his work was good. Jay came in and said, "Paul has set up a meeting for us next week and everyone will be able to have their patients come with them if the practice forms."

I smiled and said, "Looks like we're going to need to get staff and insurance clerks hired since we might not have time for a grand opening. Pop, did you talk with Angel today?"

He smiled and said, "Don't worry Marco. I talked with her and she's got the staff all lined up. All we need to do is tell them when they need to start."

"Looks like we might need to put in a couple of Saturdays for moving if this goes like I'm hoping," I said.

Pop smiled then said, "I'll take care of the office. I think the foundation can buy it. Angel needs an office in there so it will meet the needs of the charter so it will be a legal purchase. You can tell the others they can start moving in the day after tomorrow if it goes as planned."

We scheduled our meeting for the same day Elaina and Rafy were to be discharged. The meeting was set for one in the afternoon and it was the first time I saw a bunch of doctors arrive on time. After a brief meeting, we agreed that they could move their records into the office over the weekend so their patients wouldn't miss any appointment times. Paul and Sam thought it would be a good idea, to take out an advertisement in the newspaper, letting everyone know of the new group.

Everything had fallen into place smoothly. I got the key from Pop so we could tour our new facilities. We were amazed at the size of each doctor's office. The ortho said he hadn't had the phone service or electricity shut off so all we needed to do was transfer them over. He showed us how the phones worked and we knew it was going to be a dream come true.

Jay was about to speak when my cell rang. Rafy was calling saying, "Marco, are you coming to get us? We want to get out of here."

Jay went over and brought them here so we could get a kid's idea of the offices. I was sitting behind my desk when Rafy came in. I looked at him and said, "What do you think kiddo?"

"Nice digs, Doc," he said with a grin. "How many will be here?"

I walked out and made the introductions to Rafy and Elaina. Both kids were impressed and Elaina thought maybe one office could be used for a playroom for the younger children so they wouldn't be sacred. I had to smile at her ideas. She walked around looking everywhere when she said, "Marco, do you suppose I could become a nurse?"

Tony looked at her and said, "I don't see why not darling. You can become anything you want if you work at it hard enough."

When she heard that news, she went over and gave Tony the biggest hug a girl had ever done. She kissed his cheek and said, "Thanks. I'm going to work even harder in school now."

All the offices had the equipment still on the walls so all that was taken care of. Over the weekend, I would make copies of all the boys' medical records and bring them out next week. The other doctors would get their records moved and come Monday things wouldn't miss a beat.

Things at the ranch were continuing to move along smoothly and soon, summer was just about on us. Mike, Tim, and Jordan were the first boys to graduate from high school. Jordan had been accepted into the local junior college and Mike and Tim were going to stay on working in our wood shop. We had a significant number of projects that needed to be done and they had proven their ability as first class woodworkers.

That night, we had a big graduation party for them and Pop gave them one hell of a surprise. He made arrangements for them to spend a weekend at Six Flags. They had first class rooms and meals. They had early admission to the park and they had five hundred dollars spending money. Jordan cried and said, "Guys, I don't know how to thank you for this. I'll take good care of Mike and Tim. Pop, I know this is a special trip for us graduating but I have some money saved so I would like to bring Roddy if it's alright with everyone."

I had to think about it but since school will be out I didn't have a problem. Pop thought about it and said, "I know you're eighteen now son and you are very responsible. I can make arrangements for Roddy and Marco can give you written permission for him to travel with you and get him medical care if needed. You'll each have a cell phone so you can call us in an emergency plus to let us know how you boys are doing. Is this acceptable to you?"

He looked at us both then said, "I'll take care of everyone and we'll check in every day. I won't let you down Marco."

I said, "I know you won't Jordan. If I had thought that for a minute I wouldn't have allowed Roddy to go with you three."

I could see some of the other boys look dejected that four of them were going on a trip to one of their favorite amusement parks. What they didn't know was Pop had made plans for them to go also but the four boys would have their own room and be basically by themselves.

We had been getting monthly reports from Javier on the progress of the children being fostered. There was a problem beginning to develop that they hadn't counted on. They were having more unwanted girls than boys. Pop looked at his last report then said, "Angel, I want you to look into finding a place where fifty girls could live similar to here. I have this property in mind. See if you can make it happen. I've talked with Louis and he's willing to give you all the help you need. As you know, the girls from the orphanage managed to get adopted and then we started filling up with boys so the old girls wing now houses boys."

She looked at me and said, "Boy, you don't want much do you? I'd love to take Steven with me but I don't know what to do with Stevie or Angela."

I smiled at her then said, "Since when has that been a problem? You know they can stay here and this way Angela can meet Elaina. I think they will both hit it off. We can add two more on the trip to Six Flags too since we leave this weekend."

All of a sudden I heard two voices yell, "Yippee! Thanks Uncle Marco."

I had been set up. I saw her laughing so hard tears were rolling down her face. I looked at her and said, "Thanks, sis. I will get you for this. Don't be surprised if you get hit with four boys one weekend."

She just smiled and said, "Anytime you want. You know we have the room and Stevie would love it."

This was the first time we had made a trip away from the property so we had Sam have several officers come by and check on the place and feed Kit. It took both planes and four rental vans to carry the crew to the park. Pop helped our graduate's get settled and then joined us on the fourth floor of the hotel. I got all the boys together and gave them the speech. I said, "Alright gang, here are the rules. First off, you aren't the only ones on this floor so you will have to keep the noise down. Next, if you want to run around in here in the buff, that's fine but shorts are to be kept close in case someone knocks on the door. Third, if you guys want to fool around with your boyfriend that's fine but talk with the others. If they don't wish to watch, allow them to go to another room. Lastly, when it's time for lights out, that's what we mean, any questions?"

They all shook their heads no so they went to their respective rooms. Tony and I had a private room but had a door into Tito, Tommy, Timmy, and Robert's room. We had nine adults counting Mike and Matt so we were able to ride heard on our mini-stampede as they attacked the park. The one thing I don't think Pop counted on was feeding this crew outside the home. I know his poor credit card would get indigestion every time he handed it to a waitress to pay a bill.

The next major hurdle came at night when the boys needed showers. My boys solved the problem real simple as they all took one together. I went into check on them and they were in a straight line washing the person in front. I looked at them and said, "You guys have this down to a game don't you?"

Timmy looked up and said, "Come on in Daddy, there's room for you too."

"Thanks little one," I said. "Tony and I are going to take one later."

Tommy looked up then said, "I know what you're going to do Marco."

I turned a few shades of red then said, "I bet you do little one."

They shut the water off and I had four boys who wanted to be dried. I did my Daddy duty then got them settled down to watch some television. I went around and checked on the others and they were all relaxing quietly. This was the first time I'd seen them quiet and not be asleep. I knocked on Gwen and Alex's door to check on Angela and Elaina. The two girls were lying on the bed chatting like they were long lost friends. Angela looked up and said, "Is anything wrong Uncle Marco?"

"Not at all darling," I said kissing her head. "I was seeing if you two little ladies were doing alright."

Elaina looked at me then said, "We're doing fine. I'm really happy I'm living here now. I made a new best friend."

I sat in between the girls then said, "I'm real happy you girls are getting along so well. Sleep tight girls and I'll see you in the morning."

I gave them each a hug and kiss then went back to shower with my lover. I opened the door then locked it once I was inside and saw the sexist man alive there on the bed. I started the water running warm then went back to lead him by the hand. As soon as we had stepped inside, I planted the biggest kiss I could muster on his lips. I went on a search and rescue mission for his tonsils while he did the same to me.

I grabbed the shampoo and began to wash his silky soft black hair. I used my fingers to massage his scalp and I swore I saw him start to purr while doing this. I rinsed it clean then put some conditioner on it to make it smoother. Once his head was clean I began washing the rest of him. It didn't take me long to get him clean then I checked out one area that required special attention. Once it was cleaned, I had to give it a close visual inspection and I did. I took it into my mouth and gave it my tongue test. I saw his eyes roll back and his hands run through my hair. While I was doing this, I grabbed the bottle of conditioner and put some on my fingers. I used this to lube his hole and I slid one inside him. I heard him suck wind and say, "Oh god baby, how I love what you do to me."

Tony pulled me up and quickly washed my body then began to inspect my now very hard rod. He started sucking on me then I said, "Baby, love me now, please."

Tony took some conditioner and lubed my dick then turned around pulling me to his waiting hole. I felt him push back as I slipped past his anal ring. He gasped as I entered him then I relaxed while he got used to my invasion. As soon as he relaxed, I slid forward and began stroking in and out very slowly. I kept this pace up and I said, "How you doing love?"

"Fine babe," he said. "Now give it to me good."

I did as he asked. I began to pick the pace up and soon we could hear my balls slapping against his ass. I started going into overdrive and banged his ass like a man possessed. I could feel my balls start to churn telling me I was about to flood his ass with my load. I felt Tony's hole clamp tight throwing me into a huge shuddering orgasm. I made two final thrusts then sunk in to the max. I held onto Tony tight as I flooded his chute with my love juice. I reached around to his dick just as he covered my hand with his massive load. I emptied my balls then held onto him while I came back to earth. I was still moaning when I managed to say, "God love, what you do to me."

"Ummm," he said. "You love it."

I slid out of my man and proceeded to kiss him firmly once more. We rinsed ourselves off then took turns drying each other before heading to bed for the night. The next morning Tito and company played their version of reveille with four boys jumping on us. It was a good thing we weren't coupled together. I looked at my watch and it was seven-thirty but to me it felt like it was the middle of the night. Oh god was I still tired and two more days left here.

Tony rolled over and grabbed two of the boys and began tickling them while I did the same to the others. We heard the giggles and screams until they begged for mercy. I heard Robert yell, "Stop please or I'll pee."

That brought things to a halt and everyone up for breakfast. Once we were dressed, we met the others and started another day of fun for the kids and exhaustion for the adults. I did manage to have about five hours of fun with all the boys before the heat caused us to slow down and take to the pool. We cooled down and swam for the rest of the afternoon until it was time for supper.

After supper groups of boys got together and watched a pay-per-view movie on television. The adults got together and played cards and talked. Alex said, "Miguel, I've had a wonderful time here and I must admit the boys have behaved themselves very well. The girls have taken to each other and in the pool they were a force to be reckoned with against the boys."

Jay was laughing when he said, "Yeah that's right. Eduardo and Kevin got their butts kicked by those two girls."

After cards, we sat and had a drink while we watched the tube while the boys' movie got finished. After it was over, we got them back to their rooms for the evening. In one room, Joey and Jamie were cuddling, as were Ruben and Stevie. Joey looked at Jamie and said, "Will you rub me love?"

"Sure, but you know we aren't alone?" Jamie said.

Stevie looked at the others and said, "It's alright, we do it to."

When the other boys heard that both boys began to caress and rub each other's genitals. Joey began stroking Jamie's penis faster and faster. Jamie moaned and said, "Please don't stop baby. Let me have that special feeling again."

Jamie wasn't able to produce semen yet but he still enjoyed every dry orgasm Joey could give him. Joey looked up and saw Stevie and Ruben busy rubbing each other off to orgasm themselves. Jamie started wiggling his butt on the bed as Joey worked faster and faster on his tool. Jamie then tensed tight saying, "Oh god baby, it's happening nnnnnoooooooowwwwwww!"

Joey slowed down his rubbing of Jamie as he slowly came down from his orgasm. He held him like he always does until Jamie reached down and started masturbating him. Joey closed his eyes and moaned saying, "Umm Jamie, make me shoot."

The boys on the other bed had never seen this happen before so they sat there in awe as the little boy masturbated his friend to orgasm. After about five minutes of this Jamie said, "You're getting close aren't you baby?"

"Yessssssssss," he hissed.

Jamie kept stroking until his first blast of white liquid shot out and Stevie said, "There he blows."

Joey fired two more shots out then his dick became hypersensitive. He said, "Easy love, time to stop now."

Ruben got a towel and gave it to Joey so he could clean up. Stevie looked at him and said, "Man, that was cool. I can't wait till I do that."

Joey sat up and looked at him and giggled saying, "There he blows? I like that Stevie even though it was a little silly."

Jamie looked at Stevie then tried to sound like a pirate. "Aye matie, just give him a few minutes and he'll be able to do it again."

Everyone was laughing at that. The boys cuddled together in the same bed and drifted off to sleep. Everyone slept soundly and Tony and I needed the alarm to wake us in the morning. We were due to leave that afternoon so Tony and I had our boys pack their things before we went to breakfast. It seems the other adults had the same idea so when we went to breakfast, everyone was packed and ready to go.

I think Pop was glad to see this adventure end because I don't think his poor credit card could stand much more. We went back to our rooms and loaded the gear into the vans before exploring the park one final time. Pop took Tony and I by the arms and led us into a large room followed by the others. We had this strange look on our face when there was a minister standing in front and the room had been decorated for a small wedding. Everyone yelled, "Surprise!"

I looked at Pop and said, "What's going on?"

He looked at me and said, "I thought you two wanted to get married?"

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open until Tony decided to fill it with his tongue. "Come on sexy," he said smiling. "Don't you want to marry me now? You get the best part of me and then want to leave."

I had now turned ten shades of red and all I could say was, "Yes, my love. I'll marry you."

Pop escorts me and Jay escorts Tony down the isle to the minister where he performs the short ceremony. I could tell this was not a usual thing they did but it was special for the two of us. After the minister was finished, we kissed and he quickly left the room. I don't think he was impressed with us kissing in front of him.

The rest of the morning was filled with rides and souvenir shopping. Pop had made arrangements with the pilots that we would be at the planes by two so at one, everyone was piled into the vans and we were on our way.

We got back home just before four-thirty and there on the door was a note from Sam. It read:

Dear Marco,

You kitten has been fed and watered. He has taken a shine to your pillow and seems to be doing fine. Everything is safe and secure.

Hope you all had a great time and I'll see you tomorrow.


"George!" I shouted. "I thought I asked you to bring Kit back to your house?"

"I did Marco," he said smiling. "He likes it over here better. Every time I take him back, he finds his way over here again. I guess he's your kitty now."

I didn't know if I wanted to kiss him or kill him at that point. I just hugged him and said, "Oh well, looks like I have another mouth to feed. Just bring his litter box over and change it before you do."

Everyone laughed when I said that. We took our boys inside and had them pile their dirty clothes up so we could start washing them. I noticed several bare butts scurrying around then disappear upstairs towards the shower. The rest of the day they spent relaxing and enjoying themselves. Jordan and Roddy came over and thanked me for the wonderful time they had. They each had some special time alone and it seemed they had indeed become a couple.

Steven and Angel returned from Recife with the deed to the property to the girl’s ranch. The parcel of land was about forty acres and it had three very large houses situated nicely on the property. She got some aerial views and we were all very impressed. Judge Cortez had found qualified people willing to work there and everything would be ready for occupancy in about thirty days. He had talked with the girls and those who didn't want to stay in foster homes would be able to move when the place was ready.

I couldn't believe things in Recife were finally getting solved. Sheriff Valdez would not tolerate parents not taking care of their children. He would bring charges against them if they didn't get their act back together. Social workers are now working with the parents and providing training and help rather than having to resort to removing children and jail sentences.

Angel brought papers for Judge Gordon to review about placing boys at the ranch who do not wish to be fostered in Recife or would like to be adopted in the states. She looked at us and said, "I don't know if this can be worked out guys. What do you think?"

Alex said, "This is just what I had hoped for Angel. Most of the kids have now been or are being placed in homes there, so the numbers should now be going down. I don't see Judge Gordon denying this plan because there shouldn't be that many kids looking for homes now. Those placed now are happy, aren't they?"

"Yes they are," Angel said. "I saw a lot of the kids and they are all happy and doing very well."

Pop looked at her and said, "This is what I've wanted love. We have managed to solve a problem that has plagued that area for years and all it took was some money for people who couldn't have children but wanted to. Parents will no longer have kids and not be able to care for them because of a lack of education or resources."

Angel looked at Pop then said, "There are three kids still in the hospital there that will need placement because there aren't any more foster families willing to take any more kids. I have papers on them in here too. They are all going to be discharged next week so the Judge will be able to approve their transfer. Judge Cortez has given his approval to them coming here."

The next day, Alex and Gwen went to the courthouse for a meeting with Judge Gordon and after several questions were answered to his satisfaction, he approved the ranch as a placement facility for children from Recife. He also approved the placement of the three boys in the hospital. The boys can either finish their education there or if a family shows an interest may be adopted.

Alex was now officially a houseparent and the biggest thing in her favor is she speaks the language. The boys, Manuel, Paco and Antonio fell in love with her from the start. The boys helped them get their things situated upstairs but we could tell they didn't want to stray very far from their new foster mom. Paco ran up to her and immediately called her mamma. I laughed saying, "How does it feel to be a momma now?"

Sitting on the couch surrounded by her new charges she said, "I love it. I see why all of you are so happy here. I can't thank you enough for this."

Over the summer all the boys flourished and grew closer together. Alex's three stayed close to her and it was clear that they didn't want to be adopted at this point in time. Before school started, Elaina announced that she would like to be adopted by Steven and Angel. Angela looked at her and asked, "Do you really mean it? That is wonderful. Can we Mom, please? Dad, please?"

Steven looked at everyone and said, "Of course. I was adopted myself so I can't refuse to help another child. Welcome to the family."

Alex filed the paperwork and Elaina moved in with Steven and his family. Judge Gordon wanted them to be a family first before making the adoption final but he said, "I don't see you all coming in here telling me you don't want this final. Good luck and I will see you back in three months."

Two weeks before regular school opened, the contractors finished building the school. Angel had hired teachers and we were given state accreditation. Since it was licensed as a private school, Stevie, Angela and Elaina could also attend. All the adults needed to take a few refresher courses so we could get our teaching credentials in case a substitute was needed. The students all love their teachers and show it by putting forth superior effort with their lessons.

The boys that had been raped were all moving forward. With all the hate they had been shown, they still had a remarkable capacity to love. Joey and George are still cute little imps and Terry is growing and developing fine. He was a late bloomer and his hormone levels are now perfectly normal. Over the summer he shot up three inches and put on twenty pounds.

My college students Mike and his boyfriend Matt are still big hits in my house and the boys love having them there. Alex and Gwen feel that both boys will have long careers in the mental health field.

Pop can't seem to find the rocking chair and won't go gracefully into retirement. He goes out from time to time when he hears of things that could benefit the Foundation and he has helped several worthy groups. The boys enjoy listening to his stories about life in Recife and many of them have expressed an interest in visiting the place that brought the adults into their lives. I don't think he would be totally happy not being a part of all the boys' lives. He enjoys getting and giving hugs and cuddles and playing Pop to the boys and Grande to his grandsons.

Jay and Ronnie are still enjoying parenthood although there are times when they wonder what they got themselves into when the boys decide to start playing pranks on the others. Like the time they put clear plastic wrap over the toilet bowl and Ronnie needed to take a dump. Man, what a mess!

As for Tony and myself, we have our four sons and we are still madly in love with each other. I don't think a day goes by that I'm not deeper in love with him. This summer, Tony's nephew is coming out for a two-week visit. He's told me it's time to finally tell someone in his family that he is gay. He says he thinks his nephew may suspect it but now he will just confirm that fact.

The private practice is doing great. Things started out a little slow for Jay and me but we really didn't want to be in the operating room every single day. The other doctor's practices picked up right where they left off and we are now getting general surgery referrals.

The Ranch is now home to over twenty-five boys and we have managed to place four boys with new permanent adoptive families. We still accept any and all unwanted boys no matter where or the reason and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

The End