The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch

Chapter 5

It Finally Happens

I got into the Hummer and drove around and picked up Jay and Tito and went to Miguel's house for some much deserved rest.

I pulled into the garage and closed the door then helped Tito out of the Hummer. Jay opened the door going into the house and I led our little patient over to the sofa and got him comfortable.

While I was getting Tito settled, Jay was putting on a pot of coffee. Tito was asleep as soon as I laid him down. I came in and Jay gave me a hug and said, "Are you alright Macro? I know that had to be hard on you shooting him."

I looked at him and answered, "Bro, I'm fine. I wasn't about to let that slime think he could get away with hurting children like Tito and not suffer any consequences for his actions. Maybe I shouldn't have killed him, I don't know but if you think I'm sorry for it, I'm not.

I had no sooner finished saying that when the satellite phone rang. I answered it and it was Miguel telling me he had received requests on placements for four boys. Three of them were like brothers even though none were related. Their parents had been killed on a freak accident. Each of them had spent time in the hospital recovering from their injuries. All three of them made no bones about the fact they were gay and that all three of them loves each other very much.

This first boy is named Mike. He is seventeen years old and is deaf. Mike is 5'7" tall and weighs 130 pounds. He has brown hair and eyes and is a sweet child.

The next boy is named Tim. He, like Mike is deaf and is Mike's first boyfriend. Tim is also seventeen and is the same height as Mike but weighs 140 pounds. Both boys are extremely cute.

The third boy is named Jordan. He recently met Mike and Tim but he quickly fell in love with them and became almost inseparable. Jordan can hear but thanks to Mike and Tim, he is learning to sign. Jordan stands about 5'8" tall and weighs a little more than Tim does. Of the three, Mike is the only boy who is uncut.

The fourth boy is named Kevin. He, like the others, comes from California. He was removed from a home that has family problems. Kevin is openly gay and is 13 years old who is in the early stages of puberty. Kevin makes no bones that he enjoys having sex. Although he doesn't have a boyfriend, he will fool around with almost anyone should the mood strike.

I listened intently as he spoke. "My god Pop, when is the ribbon cutting? We'll have residents before we're officially open. Oh, by the way before I forget, have you talked with Louis? I have a ten year old boy ready to come home and I need papers on him."

Miguel said all he needed was one thing and everything would be in order. "Marco, the only thing Louis needs is who to list as the boy's father."

I couldn't believe my ears. Here was the opportunity of a life time for me and it would make Tito very happy. It didn't take me long to give him my answer. "Hell yeah Pop. Tell him I'd be glad to be his Dad. He's already asked me that when we were in the hospital and I told him that I'd be his daddy. I just didn't think it would happen this quickly."

Miguel said, "Thanks Marco. Louis will be there in a few hours with all the papers you will need to get Tito into the country. I'm even expediting his US passport. Louis will even have them when he arrives. Oh Marco, one more thing. Word travels fast down there. You may have bought yourself some time by doing what you did but I'm sure some other guy will step up in his place."

I wasn't really surprised at what he said. "You know Pop; all these clowns need to be stopped. Did you know it was this guy's father who hurt me the same way he did Tito?"

There was a short period of silence on the phone when Miguel said, "I won't lie to you Marco, I knew who he was. I was just hoping you wouldn't have done what I had to."

I thought for a minute then said, "I didn't want to Pop but he didn't give me a choice. If he hadn't tried to pull his gun on me, I wouldn't have. But it's over now. I think Louis just pulled up outside. I will talk with you later."

I hung up and Jay went to the front door to see if in fact it was Louis. It was him coming up the walk and he had a file that looked as big as a small novel. He came walking in and said, "Hello boys, how is the young man over there? I have some papers I need one of you to sign. Who is going to adopt this young man?"

Considering I knew full well Louis knew I was going to be Tito's Dad, I just reached for the file. "Knock it off Louis, I know you talked to Miguel. I also know you have a passport for him."

Louis just smiled. "Yeah Marco, I did. Here I need you to sign these forms. I have the places highlighted in yellow. As soon as you sign these, I will have them signed by Judge Cortez and entered into the family court records. Then I will take them over to the American Consulate which will make his passport legal."

Jay looked at him and said, "How long will all this take? We want to leave tomorrow with him. Will everything be done in time?"

Louis was chuckling when Jay started talking. He said, "I will meet with them as soon as I leave here. He's staying late so all this can be done. The same thing is true for the American Ambassador."

I hurried and signed the papers so Luis could get everything done. It was already after 5 PM so those people were doing us a very big favor by staying late. We shook his hand as he went out the door. I went over to the refrigerator and got myself a cold beer and sat in Miguel's recliner. No sooner had I sat down than I had my brother in my lap.

Jay laid his head on my shoulder and I reached my arms around him. I kissed him on the forehead and said, "What's wrong bro? Is something on your mind?"

Jay kissed me back and said, "It's just good to be with you again. I remember when we were kids and we all played together then dad found you that home. I was real happy for you but at the same time I wished you would stay with us. I think that was why I got angry with Dad when I was in the hospital. I never got the chance to say good bye to you."

I took a mouthful of my beer and held Jay close. "Bro, that's in the past. What's important now is that we are all back together again and nothing is going to separate us. I don't want to be away from you guys ever again."

Jay leaned his head back against my shoulder and we both dozed off to sleep. The next thing I knew I had a little boy kissing my cheek saying, "Marco, wake up my arm hurts."

I opened my eyes and standing there was a little angel with his arm in a sling. I kissed his forehead and smiled. "Step back son I'm going to try to slide out from under this big lug I happen to love."

Just then his eyes opened and he grabbed me by the chin kissed me firm on the lips and said, "Big lug, huh? I'll show you a big lug." Jay reached down and massaged my crotch while trying to find my tonsils.

I just melted in his arms. I knew my brother could kiss but god, I was like putty in his hands. My dick shot into full hardness. I managed to say to him, "Ah Jay, I love what you're doing but there is a little boy here that needs my attention."

Jay finally broke the kiss and whispered into my ear saying, "I have something here that needs attention too and tonight it's getting all of mine."

I looked at him and said, "Bro, you're spoken for. I can't hurt Ronnie like that. It's not fair to him."

Jay whispered back saying; "It's alright Marco. I spoke to Ronnie and it's alright. If he had been able to get in touch with me the other day, you would have had a companion in your bed that night. Marco, we love you. You are our brother and we have no problem sharing our bodies with those we love. Just wait till we get back home. There is a king size bed in our room and it will be occupied by the three of us. Are you alright with that?"

I thought this was a dream come true. I have always wanted Jay and Ronnie for the longest time but out of respect for their commitment to each other, I have kept my feeling buried. Now I can let them know how I feel. I looked him into the eyes and said, "Jay, you have made me very happy. I have waited for this day for a very long time. I do so love you my brother. But now, Tito needs me."

Jay sat up and rubbed my still very hard dick again. We kissed one more time then he stood so I could take care of Tito. I reached down and picked him up resting him on my hip. I looked at him and said, "What's wrong little one?"

Tito smiled and said, "My arm is sore. I think I need another pill. Do you have a boyfriend Marco? Do you love Jay?"

I went over to where Tito's medical supplies were and took out the bottle of pain pills Jay had prescribed for him. I took one out and put the lid back on and tossed them back into the bag. Walking over to the refrigerator, I got Tito some juice so he could take his pill. I tried reaching for it with Tito still on my hip but this was difficult so I set him on to his feet. He took his pill and asked me the question again. We headed over to the recliner and I sat down and then had my son in my lap. He snuggled close and I answered his question. "Tito, Jay is my brother, not in the blood sense of the word but brothers, none the less. I have loved him and his other brothers for a very long time."

Tito looked up at me and said, "Do you like just boys? Is that why I haven't heard you talk of girls?"

I was taken aback with the question considering he had just met me. I knew the love that Jay and I shared for each other showed but I didn't think he had picked up on the fact that I was gay. I looked into those sweet eyes of his and said, "Yes Tito, it's true. I just like guys. The term for that is gay. Jay and his partner Ronnie are gay also. I know that some things have happened to you but it is too early to tell if you are gay or not. Only time will tell. But I will tell you this, no matter what you are, I will always love you."

Tito and I continued talking when soon I began to smell a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. I guess Ronnie's cooking skills had rubbed off on Jay. My nose was telling me he was fixing one of my all time favorite dishes. I loved food from my country but give me fried chicken and I'm in heaven. Tito had nodded off to sleep because the pain pill was now in his system. I carried him over to the couch and laid him down so he would be comfortable.

I went into the kitchen and said, "Jay, this smells like Uncle Luiz is here. No offense to you bro, but I don't think anyone was a better cook than he was."

Jay turned around and hugged me saying, "No Marco, you're right. Luiz was the best cook I've ever known and he taught Ronnie most of what he knows today. I hope I wasn't to forward before. Just being in your arms made me realize just how much I do love you."

Jay had taken all the food off the stove and said we could eat when we got hungry then he reached up and brought my lips to his. He kissed me even more passionately than he had before. I felt my dick once again get rock hard. I felt Jay's hand massage my crotch and since I knew I had a green light to do the same that is exactly what I did.

For the first time since we were kids, I felt my brother's now erect manhood. I undid the snap holding his pants closed and then slid down the zipper. I reached my hand inside so I could finally feel what I had been missing all these years. His dick wasn't very long; maybe 6 inches or so but it was as soft as a newborn baby's skin.

Jay had managed to get my jeans undone and he had his hand inside feeling my hard tool. His hand felt as soft as his dick and I was moaning with delight.

I broke the kiss and motioned for Jay to come with me to the bedroom where we could be comfortable. We walked hand on dick down the hall to the room where I had set my things. We finally let go of each other so I can move my things.

Jay had on a button down short sleeve shirt, which I just lifted, over his head. Jay lifted my shirt over my head then leaned in and sucked on my nipple. I'm was taken totally by surprise and I moaned in pleasure. Jay then knelt down and slipped my shoes and socks off.

While he was doing that I looked down and I saw he’d already removed his excess clothes. The next thing I know I felt real free around my waist. Jay has slipped my pants and boxers down from around my body and I was stepping out of them. Jay slid over and suddenly I felt his warm mouth on my dick. I just stood there in heaven. I had waited for this day for a very long time. Jay retracted the foreskin then his tongue circled the tip of my very sensitive head. He did this for several minutes then when he stopped for air; I reached down and lifted him back up to his feet.

I kissed Jay softly then reached inside his pants and underwear and slid everything down to the floor in one movement. While I was on my knees, I gently grasped Jay's cock in my hand and licked his perfect head. He was already leaking from my earlier manipulations. I tasted his precum and it was as perfect as I thought it would be. I then put his dick in my mouth and began to savor it with my tongue. I slowly began to work it in and out of my mouth and I savored the silkiness of the skin.

After a few minutes of this, Jay stood me up and kissed me passionately and guided me to the bed. We continued to kiss each other and our hands began to explore each other. I loved the way his body felt. He was totally void of hair on his chest. I loved that about Jay. I would take my finger and rub one nipple until it was standing firm then I would do the other the same way.

Jay was using his hands to explore my body as well. He knew I loved my chest rubbed and caressed. He did everything I had done to him then I felt his hand go down between my legs as he began to caress my balls. I lifted my leg so it would be easier for him. With all this going on, I was leaking like a broken faucet. I felt him take his finger and get some of my precum on it then I felt him gently apply it to my hole. Jay was a true physician because he lubed me and inserted his finger in me in such a way; all I felt was pleasure. It had been so long since I had been penetrated back there that I had forgot just how wonderful it felt.

We changed positions and we were now in a sixty-nine facing each other's dicks. Jay already had mine is his mouth and I was taking some if his precum to lubricate his hole. As soon as I touched Jay back there it was as if my finger was drawn inside his body. His love canal was soft and warm just like the rest of him. I was wondering how he stayed this soft. I took his dick in my mouth and began licking and sucking as if this was the last time I would ever get to taste him. All this time I was massaging his prostate. Jay was matching my finger thrusts with thrusts of his own. I wanted what I was feeling to last forever and to suck his wonderful man tool. I began to feel my balls churn telling me Jay was succeeding in drawing my nectar out of them.

I began to feel Jay's hole close down around my finger telling me he was about to release his love juice at any moment. I could hear him begin to moan so I quickened the pace of my finger thrusts and sucking. I began to clamp down around Jay's finger also so he began to massage my love button even firmer. I felt my balls begin to churn like they have never done before. I knew this was going to be one hell of a cum. I was preparing myself for a massive release from Jay as well and I wasn't disappointed.

He clamped his hole tightly around my finger as I pushed and held it against his prostate. As soon as this happened I was treated to blast after blast of the most wonderful man juice I had ever tasted. This was truly nectar of the gods and I wasn't letting one-drop escape.

As soon as Jay's first round hit my mouth, that sent me over the edge and I began to unload wave after wave of cum into him welcoming mouth. Neither one of us was about to let any of this juice escape.

After what seemed like eternity, we finally did stop cuming, we removed our fingers from our lover's holes and I turned around so I could face Jay. I looked into his eyes with pure love. I leaned in and kissed him as passionately as I could. I could taste the mixture of our loads and it was like heaven here on earth. I whispered softly to him, "I love you my brother. I now know just how you feel about Ronnie."

Jay looked back at me and said, "Marco, I have always loved you. I'm finally glad we had the opportunity to do this and there will be plenty more from where this came."

When he said that, I held him close to me and with tears streaming down my face said, "Oh Jay, I do so love you too. There is only one thing I want more that what we did today. I want to feel you inside me. I want to truly be your brother."

Jay kissed my cheek and said, "Marco, Ronnie and I both feel the same way about you. I promise you this will be done."

We got up and showered then I went to check on Tito. I quietly walked over to the couch where he was lying and I saw the sweetest thing I had ever seen. Tito had his hand inside he pants and just as I was able to see him, his body shook in a massive dry orgasm. He still had his hand on his little tool when I sat beside him. I smiled at him and he took his hand out then sat up and gave me the biggest hug I think I have ever had in my life. He whispered to me, "I know you and Jay really love each other don't you?"

I kissed him on the cheek and said, "Yes little one, I do. And I love you too my son."

It took Tito several seconds for what I said to finally register with his brain then he said, "Son? You called me your son. Are you really going to be my Daddy?"

Tears started falling down his cheeks and I said, "By now, I am your Daddy Tito. All the papers are signed and in order. Come with me mijo (my son), I have something to show you." I took him over and showed him his passport with his picture and his new name on it. There in bold print was the name Tito Cortez.

Tito started jumping up and down and I had to pick him up so he wouldn't injure that shoulder Jay and I worked so hard on. I took him over to Jay, who was fixing our supper, so Tito could show him his passport with his new name on it. Jay kissed him on the forehead and asked him, "Are you hungry little one?"

How many ten year-old boys aren't hungry? They travel on their stomachs and live from meal to meal. Jay gave him two drumsticks so he could use his good hand. He was a little awkward using his fork but he did manage to eat although he did wear a pretty good amount.

After supper we got the dishes washed, I thought Tito should have a bath. I went in and started filling the tub with warm water and soon a little boy was standing in front of me. He had a smile on his face because he knew his Daddy was going to give him his first bath. I gently removed his tank top shirt then got him out of his pants and underwear. As soon as he was totally naked, his little penis was quickly standing tall. He just looked up at me and smiled.

I stood up and lifted the toilet seat so he could empty his bladder. He quickly relieved himself then lifted his arm so I could set him in the tub. I didn't fill the tub with that much water because I didn't want to risk his arm getting wet. I began to wash his little body when he looked at me and said, "Daddy, are you mad at me for what I did before? I mean me playing with my dick? I sort of saw what you and Jay were doing and it looked so nice. The next thing I knew, my dick was hard and I started rubbing it."

I looked at him lovingly and said, "Oh no little one, don't ever think that way. It is your body and if doing that makes you feel good, it's all right." We talked openly as Tito had a number of questions while I bathed him. I answered each question in a way he would understand and if he had others, I answered those too.

Once his body was clean, I lifted him from the tub and wrapped him in a big soft towel. I let the water out from the tub and began to dry this little angel. I could tell he was getting sleepy so I decided that it was time for bed.

I dried him thoroughly then picked him up in my arms and told Jay it was time for Tito to go to bed. I carried him to Jay's old room. I thought that would be a fitting place for him to sleep considering Jay was a hero in his eyes also.

As I entered the room I said, "Here you go son, this is where Jay slept when he was a little boy."

He turned his head around just as Jay entered the room. He reached his arm out for him and Jay held him and said, "Yes little one, this was the room I slept in for many days when I was younger. You will be safe here. Now it's time for all little ones to get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow and you will need your rest."

Jay laid him down and kissed him good night. I covered him up, tucked him in and sat on the side of the bed and just admired the beauty of my son. I was truly the luckiest man on earth. I now know what Steven feels when one of his children hugs him. It is a feeling that is impossible to explain.

I took my hand and caressed his cheek and he just looked up at me and smiled. I leaned down to kiss his cheek and he turned his head and I ended up kissing him on the lips. It was a wonderful feeling and a kiss that was just between a father and his son. Tito smiled and said, "I wanted you to do that. I think that is so special. I love you Daddy."

I leaned down and kissed him again and said, "I love you too son. Sleep well and if your arm starts to bother you, come and wake me. I will have your pills with me and I will give you one."

I got up and went to turn the light off and he said, "Good night Daddy. You and Jay sleep well too and I will see you in the morning."

I turned the light off and Jay was sitting on the couch in nothing but what he wore the day he was born. God was he beautiful. It didn't take me long to join my brother naked on the couch. I sat beside him and he immediately kissed me. I felt like a thousand volts of electricity just went through my body and centered right in my groin. My god I have never gotten that hard that fast all from a kiss. If Jay kisses like this, I can't wait to see what happens when I kiss my Ronnie. I looked at him and said, "Brother, we have a big day tomorrow. I think we should get to bed also. Besides, if you keep this up, I'm going to have to make wonderful love to you."

Jay stood up smiling and led me towards the bedroom. He said, "All the doors are locked and the alarm is set. No one is bothering us tonight, especially Tito."

We walked hand in hand and Jay pulled back the covers inviting me in first. I got comfortable and Jay quickly joined me. We snuggled and cuddled then the effects of the long day caught up with us and we drifted off to sleep.

To be continued