The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 6

Homeward Bound

Jay stood up smiling and led me towards the bedroom. He said, "All the doors are locked and the alarm is set. No one is bothering us tonight, especially Tito."

We walked hand in hand and Jay pulled back the covers inviting me in first. I got comfortable and Jay quickly joined me. We snuggled and cuddled then the effects of the long day caught up with us and we drifted off to sleep.

We all slept through the night until I felt a little thing poking me in the back. I reached around with my arm and felt my son spooned against me. It's a good thing I didn't roll over onto my other side otherwise I might have hurt the little one. I let go of Jay with my right arm and gently rolled over and cuddled with my little boy. As soon as I was on my back, I had this little bundle of joy lying on my chest with his morning pee hard on poking me in the abdomen. More to the point, it was right on my bladder. I slid out of bed and carried Tito into the bathroom so we could both relieve ourselves. After we both emptied our bladders, I got dressed then helped Tito. I don't know what time it was when he came into bed with us but it seems his arm was bothering him less today than it did yesterday.

I went out into the kitchen and began making coffee. I knew I couldn't function without at least two cups. I don't know about Jay, but I have noticed him drinking it from time to time. I took out a skillet and began frying some bacon then I would fix us some eggs to go along with it. No sooner had the bacon begun to fry when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone relieving himself in the bathroom. I looked around and I couldn't find Tito anywhere but a few seconds later there he was walking hand in hand with Jay heading towards the kitchen.

Tito was the first to say something of the aromas filling the kitchen. He said, "Umm Daddy, that sure smells good. Where did you learn to cook?"

Jay had a smile on his face because he knew the answer. He replied before I could. "That's easy little one. Our Uncle Luiz taught us how to fix basic meals so we all could feed ourselves. There may have come a time when we were older that he might not be here so he taught us how to cook. There was always food in the house so we wouldn't go hungry but he wanted us all to know the basics of cooking."

While Jay was telling Tito about Luiz and our cooking skills I said, "Don't just stand around guys, come and get it." I had finished scrambling the eggs and making the toast all while they were talking.

While we were eating, I asked Jay what time we needed to leave so we could be home at a reasonable time. I knew three boys and a few grown ups that would want to see all of us. Jay called the pilot so he could get things in order for us to leave. It would take about three hours to fly back to Texas. If we took off at 1 PM, we should land and clear Customs by 5. I knew this would not be a boring flight because this was Tito's first time flying.

We finished eating and did the dishes. All the garbage was put out and a friend on Pop's would come by and take care of things. Pop trusts this person completely so he comes inside and cleans the place every couple of weeks.

We got our things ready and Jay took them out to the Hummer. Tito looked at me and said, "Where are we going Daddy?"

After checking everything and making sure the door was locked and alarm set I said, "Son, we're going home." He had a very mixed look on his face. I saw his eyes light up but his face told me something different. I smiled at him and said, "What's wrong son?"

He looked at me and said, "How are we getting there Daddy? Are we flying?"

I smiled at him and said, "Why yes son, we are. You'll love it, its fun." Tito just smiled at me and put his head on my shoulder as I carried him to the Hummer.

He crawled inside and put his seatbelt on but it's not like he did when he was coming here. It was almost like he was going back to the hospital. I got into the front seat and Jay began talking to Tito in his native Portuguese. I have been away from it so long that I was having a difficult time making out what they were saying.

We were pulling into the airport when Jay looked at me and said, "Tito will be fine. I told him it was like being in a race car that leaves the ground."

I looked at my brother like he had totally lost his mind but if it made Tito relax and not be frightened I didn't care. We pulled into the parking lot and Tito hopped out like he was going on an amusement park ride. I went to get our bags and Tito said, "Hey come on Dad. Hurry up; you don't want him to leave without you do you?"

I wasn't about to tell him that wouldn't happen so I just said, "Well, why don't you take your bag and I can get there a little faster?"

Tito just giggled at me, took his back pack and almost ran to the plane. The co-pilot was assisting with the pre-flight checks and reached an arm out and caught Tito in mid stride. He set him on his feet and looking him in the eyes with a smile on his face said, "Easy little one. This is a very dangerous place and you could get hurt running out here. Stay with you Dad, alright? I would hate to see anything happen to you."

I thought Tito would panic when the man picked him up but instead he smiled at the man and just nodded his head as I came over and escorted him onto the plane. As we went to our seat, I looked down at my son and said, "I'm happy that you didn't get scared when the co-pilot stopped you from running out there. I know that strangers can frighten you."

Tito sat down in his seat and looked up to me and replied, "Dad I knew you were right behind me and I was wrong for running. I shouldn't have and I'm sorry."

I ruffled his hair and fastened my seatbelt as Jay came on board and took his seat. Tito fastened his seatbelt as the flight attendant closed the door. I heard the first engine start to whine as the pilot began getting ready to depart. About a minute later, the second engine began to come to life and I noticed Tito with a big grin on his face.

I wasn't sure why he was smiling but I was glad he wasn't trying to crawl on my lap. Don't get me wrong, I'll hold my little angel any time he wants but not during take off in a private jet. As we taxied onto the runway, the pilot began pressurizing the cabin. I motioned to Tito to yawn and this would solve the problem until we were totally up to pressure.

Jay smiled at Tito and said, "Hang on little one; we're going to be a race care any minute." No sooner had Jay got those words out when I saw that the pilot turned onto the runway and pushed the throttles forward and the plane began to pick up speed down the runway.

Tito looked out the window as the plane picked up speed and soon we were airborne. Tito quickly undid his seat belt and went and sat beside Jay. He looked up at him and smiled as he leaned his head on his arm. Jay took his arm and wrapped it around the boy and I saw pure contentment register on Tito's little angelic face.

We reached our cruising altitude of 38,000 feet and the pilot informed us that we had a nice tail wind so we could be in Texas sooner than expected. I thought that I would call Miguel and tell him that we would be landing sooner than expected. After I told him the information he informed me that there were three little ones gathered around listening in on the conversation so Jay and Tito started saying their hellos to Edwardo, Ruben and Stevie.

Miguel informed me that three of the four boys needed to come to the ranch as soon as possible. They had sufficiently healed from their injuries and were beginning to let their hormones get the better of them.

I asked him if there would be a problem with them arriving before we were officially open. I was informed that there was to be a ribbon cutting ceremony late tomorrow morning so when Mike, Tim and Jordan arrive in the afternoon, they would be considered legal residents.

Miguel asked if it would be a good idea for each resident to get a complete medical evaluation including blood tests to see if there would be anything the staff might need to be concerned about. I informed him that I would discus that matter with Jay and we would let him know when we arrived, but I did think that would be a good idea.

I ended my call with Miguel and Tito informed me that he was hungry so the cabin steward fixed the starving waif two sandwiches along with some ice cream for desert. When I heard ice cream, I knew it was the leftovers of the homemade ice cream prepared by Ronnie. When Tito finished his sandwiches, we all enjoyed what was left of Ronnie's delicious homemade chocolate ice cream.

We had our desert and resumed talking amongst ourselves when the pilot announced that we would be landing in a few minutes. All of a sudden, Tito looked like he just lost his best friend. It seems my little one was having a good time in the plane and I thought he would be scared to fly.

The plane had to make a circle around the field so it could land and I noticed quite a welcoming home committee on the ground. The plane touched down and taxied over to the private aviation area. As soon as the plane came to a stop and shut down its engines, the door opened and a US Customs Officer came aboard and checked our passports. This took only a couple of minutes and we were soon stepping off the plane into the welcoming arms of our family.

After about fifteen minutes of tears, hugs and kisses we got into Pop's limousine for the drive back to Jay and Ronnie's place. The four kids surrounded Tito and I had Ronnie and Steven beside me. I was surprised when Steven leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the lips.

Angel, his wife looked at him and said, "I see you really did miss Marco, didn't you?" All Steven could do was smile and hug me again.

Ronnie had taken my other hand and slipped it into his and was holding it like he never wanted to let it go. He leaned over and whispered into my ear saying, "Did you and Jay finally get to know each other?" I just kissed his cheek and smiled. He whispered again, "Just wait until tonight." When he said that, I know I turned about four shades of red.

We pulled onto the property and I saw that house in the distance. I thought `That house sure looks good. It is really good to be home again.' When the car stopped, everyone got out and the Sanchez kids took Tito around back to show him the pool. I took Tito's and my things into my bedroom and set them on the bed. I was wondering if we both would be guests in other rooms tonight.

I turned around and walked right into the best welcome home kiss I had ever received. Ronnie had wrapped his arms around me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I think I have ever had. He kissed me so I had to try to adjust my now hardening member. Before I could move my hand there, I felt something adjusting it for me.

All I could say was, "Umm Ronnie, if you don't stop that I'm going to need to change my pants."

Ronnie hissed into my ear and said, "Oh no you aren't, that's all for later. You have a very important date later, with us."

Suddenly I knew who was for desert after the feast I could smell cooking. Ronnie kissed me one more time and went out but not before giving me one of his very sexy smiles. God I knew why Jay loved that guy so much.

I looked up and there was Miguel standing there with a big smile on his face. I looked at him and said, "I know what you're thinking and trust mee that has all been worked out."

Pop smiled at me and said, "I know son. Jay told me all about it. As long as everyone is comfortable with things, you have my blessings."

I smiled and went over to him and hugged him. As soon as I felt his arms wrap around me, tears started falling down my cheeks. "Thanks Pop," was all I could get out. I continued hugging him when I saw four boys go running down the hall. "No running," was all I could get out before I heard a door slam close.

I regained my composure and we turned to go to the deck when four boys now dressed in Speedo's came walking by. Tito looked cute wearing that next to nothing bathing suit. His little butt wiggled as he walked down the hall. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud while I was watching him walk to the door. Pop just smiled and shook his head.

As soon as I stepped out onto the deck, Jay handed me a beer and said, "Welcome home brother." Then he kissed me just like Ronnie did but this time everyone was looking. When Jay let me go, I quickly had to sit down because I had another very hard erection inside my pants.

We talked until the hug prime rib Ronnie was cooking was done then we sat down to a feast fit for royalty. This was truly a homecoming of epic proportions. I now had a son to go along with the rest of my family. How could this get any better?

We all helped with the cleanup. The children rinsed the plates and put them in the dishwasher while Angel washed what few pots and pans there were.

Jay told his two boys that they needed showers to get the chlorine off their bodies. Ruben stood up and walked over to me and asked, "Can Tito take one with us?"

I went over to him and put a special waterproof dressing over the stitches and just motioned that it was fine with me if he felt fine with it.

Soon three boys went down the hall and disappeared into the bedroom. Poor Stevie looked heart broken. I knew the boys didn't have school so I kind of played father for Steven. I said, "Hey little one, don't just stand there, go get your shower too."

Stevie beamed and went down to the boy's room so he could get cleaned up with the others. Steven looked shocked and Angel just smiled and said, "I suppose he'll be sleeping here tonight too?"

I looked at them both and said, "I don't see why not? There is enough room here and besides, they're getting along great together." I had walked down to the boy's room earlier and took a look inside and the bedroom was huge. There were two queen-size beds in there. I guess Jay and Ronnie wanted to make sure there was bed space in case of unexpected company.

I was beginning to get tired. It had been a full day and I hadn't had much sleep the night before. Steven, Angel and Angela started saying their good byes when four boys dressed in colored under pants came back into the living room.

Hugs and kisses were again the order of business. Angel was the first one over to me. She said, "You have a wonderful son there. I had the opportunity to talk with him and he is a bright and intelligent child. Thank you for giving him the chance everyone of us got." She kissed me firm on the cheek and said, "I'm proud to have you for a brother-in-law also."

I kissed her back and talked with her for a few minutes until Steven came over and hugged me. This was the first time we had been alone since we got back home. I looked at him and I could see tears well up in his eyes. He kissed me gently and said, "Thank you Marco. Thank you very much for bringing them home. Tito is a fantastic boy. I'm so happy he's got the same chance we all had. I also can't thank you enough for bringing Jay back home."

I hugged him tightly and said, "Steven, I gave you my word that I would bring him back and that's what I did." I gave him a little smirk then said, "did you really doubt me?' Steven broke out laughing when I said that.

I was then hugged by an unlikely source. I was hugged and kissed by Angela. I never thought myself much of a ladies man but here was a child that was going to break hearts any day now. She hopped up and locked her legs around my waist and said, "Welcome back Uncle Macro. I like Tito and he's real cute. I know he's younger than I am but he's going to break hearts, a lot of hearts Uncle Marco. I'm glad you’re my uncle too."

Steven, Angel and Angela said their good byes and things finally quieted down. The four boys parked themselves in front of the television in their room and watched Harry Potter for the umpteenth time. Miguel went into his room and turned on his television.

I was sitting in Pop's recliner relaxing when suddenly I was surrounded my two very sex guys. Ronnie helped me to my feet and kissed me like he did earlier. I felt a pair of hands come around me and begin massaging my chest. I felt Jay lift my shirt and begin rubbing my sensitive nipples.

Ronnie continued his oral assault on my mouth when I felt his hands begin to massage my ass through my jeans. I began to moan as my brothers kissed and massaged me into sensory overload. All of a sudden my body began to shake and I could feel my balls churning telling me they were about to release a very heavy load.

Jay's came around and began to suck on one of my nipples. The moment I felt his tongue touch that sensitive orb, my dick convulsed releasing a massive load of cum inside my pants. Ronnie stopped kissing me and just held on tight until my body stopped shaking from its orgasm.

I had a glazed look in my eyes and I felt Jay holding me from behind also. God I was the meat in a wonderful sandwich. When my eyes did clear, I saw Ronnie staring at me and I said, "Man, where in the hell did you learn to kiss like that?"

I heard him giggle but the voice I heard next wasn't his. I heard Jay say, "I did bro, don't you remember?"

Then it did hit me. Jay had the most talented tongue I ever felt in my mouth or on my dick for that matter. I was finally back to my senses when I felt the load in my pants. I looked at Ronnie and said, "Ah guys, I need a shower." I looked at myself and took my shirt off and tied it around my waist. Once I got out of the shower, the next place I was heading was to bed.

Jay checked the house and made sure all the doors were locked while Ronnie and I headed down the hall to start saying good night to everyone. We knocked on Pop's door first and then opened it. Pop looked over at us as we came in. He saw the shirt tied around my waist and I blushed when he looked at me. He stood up and came over and gave me one of those "I'm a little kid again hug." He kissed me on the cheek and just smiled saying, "Good night son."

Pop kissed Jay and Ronnie the same way and we left to check on the boys. Ronnie knocked lightly on the door then opened it. The sight we saw when he stepped out of the way was totally priceless. Curled up together in a mass of arms and legs was Tito, Ruben, Stevie and Eduardo. All four of them were out cold so Ronnie stepped in and turned the television and lights off. I so wanted to kiss Tito on his head but I was afraid of disturbing them so I just let them sleep undisturbed.

We went into the master suite and it was beautiful. I went in and stripped out of my clothes and Ronnie was standing there in all his naked glory too. He turned the shower on and it was already at a perfect temperature. I stepped inside and was followed by my two brothers. I was washed from head to toe so lovingly I thought I was in heaven. As soon as I was lathered, I stepped into the spray while they washed each other. I was dried the same was I was washed, with tender loving care. My brothers quickly got themselves dried and I was led to bed. Jay got in then me, followed by Ronnie. Jay picked up a remote and pushed a button and the room was dark. I was cradled in the loving arms of my brothers and we all drifted off to sleep.

To be continued