The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch


Chapter 7

Open for Business

We went into the master suite and it was beautiful. I went in and stripped out of my clothes and Ronnie was standing there in all his naked glory too. He turned the shower on and it was already at a perfect temperature. I stepped inside and was followed by my two brothers. I was washed from head to toe so lovingly I thought I was in heaven. As soon as I was lathered, I stepped into the spray while they washed each other. I was dried the same way I was washed, with tender loving care. My brothers quickly got themselves dried and I was led to bed. Jay got in, then me, followed by Ronnie. Jay picked up a remote and pushed a button and the room was dark. I was cradled in the loving arms of my brothers and we all drifted off to sleep.

My bladder was my alarm clock and since I forgot to go before I went to bed it was now screaming at me to empty it or I would soon be paying the ultimate price. I rolled over and realized I was alone in Jay and Ronnie's huge bed. I got up and went into the bathroom to empty my now screaming bladder. I washed my face and hands then went back into the bedroom where I noticed some clean clothes laying on the foot of the bed.

I got dressed and went down the hall to the kitchen to see if I could find my brothers. No sooner had I stepped into the hallway when I was being charged at by four wonderful boys. I think the older boys slowed down so Tito could be the first to reach me. He launched himself at me and I caught him as he wrapped his legs around my waist. In his usual chipper voice he said, "Morning Daddy. It was great last night with all of us in the bed. I slept like a baby. How did you sleep?"

I couldn't help but smile at the way he was excited. I hugged him and gave him his morning kiss then said, "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and you slept so well. I slept very well also. We went in to kiss you all good night and you were already asleep."

As soon as Tito was back on his feet Eduardo, Ruben and Stevie surrounded me. All three were giving and wanting hugs and kisses so I eagerly complied with their wishes.

I finally made my way to the kitchen where I was greeted by hugs from Jay and Ronnie and given a cup of coffee. I took my coffee over to the table and set it by my chair then proceeded to give Pop a hug too.

Within a few minutes, Ronnie set a feast on the table for breakfast. As soon as four hungry boys got seated, the food quickly disappeared.

During breakfast, Pop told us about the short ceremony and ribbon cutting that would be taking place at 11. Since I was the Director of Child Services, I was expected to be there. I looked at him and said, "I was supposed to get my stuff delivered today so I'm going to need a few hours to get that done. When the three new kids get here, they are going to need medical exams and time to get settled into their new home."

Eduardo looked up and said, "Uncle Marco, you don't need to worry about that. Your things came when you were in Recife so we did it for you."

I was taken by surprise when I learned Ronnie and the boys fixed up my quarters. I was also surprised they made up Tito's room but I had to take him shopping because he didn't have much in the way of clothes.

After breakfast Tito and I went over to the main office and I found the files for Mike, Tim, and Jordan lying on my desk. I sat down and looked at the them. There was a photo of each child in their respective folder. I had to say that these young men were all quite good looking. I could understand why they all loved each other.

Tito came in and saw me looking at the new kids folders and he asked, "Wow Dad, they're cute. What happened to them? Did someone hurt them too?"

I slid my little one on my lap and said to him, "No son no one touched them. They lost their parents in an automobile accident. All three of the boys are openly gay and not one family member is willing to adopt the three of them."

I saw him quickly wipe his eyes then say, "Well Dad, I hope they have a good time here. They have four brothers now so they will have family again."

I couldn't argue with that logic so I just gave him a kiss on the cheek and we got up and went over to the medical office so I could see what it looked like. I walked in and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It looked like a small hospital. There were beds for 12 people, a small area for emergencies plus offices for two doctors. I could tell Pop went all out for this place.

Our final stop was our house. This is a combination home and cottage. I'm going to have Mike, Tim, and Jordan in here. As we grow, we'll add additional house parents but for now, Pop will fill in as a house parent. I went into my quarters and man; it was huge. I saw rooms, halls going in different directions and a set of stairs leading to an upstairs. I went into my room and it's was a nice size room complete with a king size bed. I even had my own bathroom off my bedroom.

I called to Tito and he came out of his room. He took me by the hand and pulled me to his room so he could show me his room saying, "Dad, Dad look at this. This is so cool."

I was amazed at his room as well. He had a queen size bed, a computer, television and video games. I saw the closet door open a little and I looked inside and I got another surprise. Tito had a full wardrobe of clothes. I motioned to him to take a look and he started to cry as soon as he saw. Tito looked at me and asked, "Dad, did Grandpa do that for me?"

I picked him up and said, "I wouldn't put it past him to do that. Just remember to tell him thank you when you see him."

He hugged me tight and said, "Oh don't worry Dad, how could I ever forget?"

I set Tito down and looked at the rest of the house then went and took a shower and put on a suit for the grand opening. There is a large family room with a big screen TV, a pool table and a computer. There is a huge kitchen big enough to make meals for 10 boys. For now, Ronnie said he'd cook for our three newest boys. On the second floor, there are 5 bedrooms that sleep two boys each. There is a large common bathroom with plenty of toilets and sinks. There is also an open shower where all the boys can shower.

When I came back downstairs, I heard voices coming from Tito's room so I went to the door to see what going on.

As soon as I got to the door I heard Ruben say, "Hi Uncle Marco. We're showing Tito how to play this video game."

I stepped inside and there was Stevie teaching Tito how play the video game and Eduardo was on his other side. I knew the boys weren't needed at the opening so I just decided to let them stay and play. When that game was over I looked at the boys and said, "Would you guys like to stay and play while I'm at the ribbon cutting?"

Not a word was said but I was in the middle of the biggest group hug I have ever had. I gave each boy a kiss on the head and finished getting ready.

When I walked outside to head over to Jay and Ronnie's place, I got yet another surprise from Pop. There was a jet black Hummer with The Boys Ranch painted on each door. I got in and went to Jay and Ronnie's place. I pulled up and Pop was standing on the front porch.

As I stepped out, Pop said, "Well, how do you like it?"

"Nice Pop and thanks," I said back to him. "You didn't have to do that I have my bike and Apollo to get around on."

Just as I said that Jay, Ronnie and Angel came out to go to the ribbon cutting. Those three got into the back and Pop rode shotgun. It didn't take that long to get to the main administration building. A blue ribbon had been put across the entrance for the cutting.

When we pulled up, there were about 25 people there and that's not counting the big wigs coming. What I didn't know was that Ronnie made food for this, as I got out of the drivers side, Ronnie came over to me and said, "After the ribbon is cut, would you go and get the boys. I hate doing this but Tito, Eduardo and Ruben are what this place is all about."

I couldn't argue with him. I only hope Tito doesn't get frightened with this large of a crowd. I looked at Ronnie and said, "Sure I'll get them. As soon as they see the food they'll be happy."

Ronnie just smiled and we went over to the VIP area and we shook hands with several prominent people including the mayor. He told us that this was a very worthwhile endeavor that of sheltering homeless boys and giving them a chance at a normal childhood. I wondered if they would think the same if they knew that some of the boys that will be here are gay.

The mayor was the first to speak thanking Pop and his Foundation for making The Ranch a reality. After everyone had made their speeches, Pop said a few words then we headed over to cut the ribbon. All the VIP's had scissors and cut the ribbon. We were now officially open for business.

Pop took them on a tour of the administration building while I went and got the boys. When I pulled up in front, the boys were out there as if they were waiting for me to return. As soon as I stopped, the four boys came up to me saying, "What's for lunch? We’re hungry."

I had them get in and we went back to where the festivities were being held. Once there all four boys ate and spoke with the guests.

By noon the guests were leaving and I began preparing for our first three residents. I thought it best if they got themselves settled in first then I would go and do their medical examination. I just hope that the social workers there were able to get their old medical records for me.

At about 12:30 a van pulled up to my quarters and a middle-aged woman got out followed by Mike, Tim and Jordan. No sooner had I stepped out than I felt a small hand slip into mine. I looked down and there was Tito holding my hand waiting to see our guests. We didn't have long to wait when three very cute boys came to the back of the van to get their belongings. I could tell right away who Jordan was. He was the only one of the three who could speak. The other two were signing to Jordan but it appeared he had a limited amount of knowledge.

Tito was still standing there holding my hand watching Mike and Tim try to communicate with Jordan. All of a sudden Tito burst out laughing. I looked down at him and asked him what was so funny.

Tito looked up at me and said, "It's what Mike said Dad. He said he can't wait to get to his room so he could get naked."

I looked at my son and asked him, "How did you know what he said?"

Tito looked up and me and said, "I had a friend who was deaf and he taught me how to sign. I've known how for about a year now."

I was surprised that Tito knew this. He let go of my hand and went over to our new residents. He stood there signing with Mike and Tim then motioned for them to follow him. It dawned on me that one of these boys is going to have to be the odd man out because the rooms were designed for two boys not three.

I saw Pop walk up and I told him of the problem. He told me not to worry because there was an extra king size bed and he'd get it set up.

Mike and Tim were having a problem with their things so I gave them a hand. I started talking with Jordan and he gave me a lot of insight to Mike and Tim. I said, "Thanks Jordan for that information. It will help try to make their transition here easier. There isn't room in Mike and Tim's room for another person so you'll have to put you things in another room, but a king size bed will be set up so you can sleep with them. I know that all three of you are boyfriends and that you love each other very much. You three are our only residents for the time being so if you want to hold hands when you're outside you may. No one will stop you."

Jordan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He looked at me and asked, "Sir, you know we're gay and you don't care?

We climbed the stairs to the second floor and found where Mike and Tim were. I set their bags on the beds and they went to work putting their clothes away. I saw Tito sitting in the bed signing away with Mike and Tim. I took Jordan down to the next room and helped him get unpacked. We talked about anything and everything.

We had just finished getting Jordan unpacked when he suddenly broke down and started crying. I scooted over to him and I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. Jordan turned and put his head on my shoulder and he cried himself out. We sat there for about 10 minutes with me just holding him while he cried. I looked at him and said, "You miss your parents?"

Jordan and I talked about the death of his parents. It seemed to help, but I was also aware that he just started his grieving process so I expect I'll be seeing more tears. When we finished talking we went to see Mike and Tim.

When I got to the door, I couldn't believe my eyes. There were three naked boys sitting on a bed signing like it was the most natural thing in the world. What was even more amazing was seeing Tito wearing nothing but a smile.

As soon as Jordan saw the three of them naked, he broke out laughing telling Mike and Tim that they now have another nudist on their hands.

Tito looked up at me and said, "Are you mad Daddy? I think it is cool being able to go nude."

I had to do some quick thinking and I came up with a livable suggestion. "Here's the plan son. Up here on the second floor is off limits to nonresidents so you can go nude up here. When you come down stairs, you must have something on, even if it's just a pair of shorts with nothing on under them. Is this agreeable to all of you?"

Mike and Tim were the first to say through Tito that it was all right with them. Jordan then said he could live with that. Tito was the next to speak. He asked, "Dad can I be nude in my room too?"

I answered saying, "Yes son, that's fine but every thing else applies to you too. Now tell Mike and Tim to get dressed because they need physicals."

Mike signed something to Tito and he just busted out laughing. He said, "Mike just asked if they could be nude when they got their physicals and who was going to do it."

I got Mike's attention and pointed to myself. Well, Mike jumped up and started getting dressed so he could have his checkup. Tim was right behind him. They jumped up and each took a hand and began to pull me out the door.

These two managed to pull me about five feet before I was able to put the brakes on. I looked at Mike and spoke to him telling him to wait for Tito and Jordan. He nodded his head and we only had about a minute to wait because out came Tito holding Jordan's hand.

The medical clinic was fairly close and since it was a nice day, we decided to walk. I looked at my watch and it read 3:00. I couldn't believe we were in there for almost two and a half hours. I knew Ronnie was fixing something very special but I didn't know what time dinner was going to be. I grabbed my cell phone and called the house.

Eduardo answered the phone and he didn't know what time dinner was but Jay was standing right there. Jay took the phone and said, "Hey Marco, what's up?

I replied to him saying, "What time does Ronnie think dinner will be ready? I have three physicals to give and I don't think I'll have them done in less than three hours."

Jay went and asked Ronnie and Jay replied, "Ronnie said that dinner will be between 5 and 5:30 and he was adamant that he wanted everyone here no later than 5. How about I come over and give you a hand? What's this I hear about my nephew knowing sign language?"

I thought about his offer and said, "Hey bro that's a great idea. You can give Jordan his physical because he can hear whereas the other two are deaf and Tito is signing and interpreting for me. Hey bro, I didn't know he could do this either. He said he knew a deaf street child and that's where he learned to sign. Ok bro, I'll see you in about 5 minutes."

Just as I hung up we arrived. I unlocked the door and we all went in. I got each of the boys a urine cup so I could get a urine sample. They knew what the cup was for so they just nodded and I showed them where the bathroom was. Tito waited outside so he could bring the boys back to the lab so I could get started on their blood work.

Tito returned with the boys and they set their cups on the counter. I had paper towels on the counter with each of the boy's names on it so they would know where to set their cups. I had Tito tell Mike and Tim to sit so I could do their blood work. I turned towards the counter to get the equipment and blood vials needed for testing. I heard the door open and in walked Jay. I looked at him and said, "Hi bro, great timing. Angel prepared the labels for the tubes so all I needed to do was peel them off and put them on and they'll go to the lab at the hospital."

Jay grabbed a pair of rubber gloves and I made the introductions. Mike took one look at Jay and signed to Tito saying, "He's cute."

Jay shook his hand and laughed telling him thanks for the complement. He went down to Jordan and they started talking like they were long time friends. We got the blood drawn, vials labeled and wrapped so the courier could pick them up.

We had the boys follow us into my office where we proceeded to have Tito tell Mike and Tim to get out of everything except their underwear; we told Jordan the same thing that we told Tito to tell Mike and Tim. I told Tito to let us know when they were ready.

About five minutes later, Tito stuck his head out and said they were ready. When Jay and I walked in, all three boys were standing there in the nude. Jay started laughing and I brought my hand to my forehead and just shook my head; "Why me?"

Mike was looking at me and was giggling and through Tito he said, "I like you Marco, you're silly."

I was starting to examine Tim while Mike and I were still joking a little. I got Tim's vital signs and wrote them on the sheet and looked at what had to be done.

There was all the usual stuff heart, lungs, stomach, and abdomen. It also required a hernia check and a rectal exam. I had Tim get on to the table and I did his stomach and abdomen. Once that was done, I had him stand up so I could check him for a hernia. I put on a pair of gloves and quickly put my hand between the openings of his legs, and then I had Tito sign to him to turn his head and cough. Once that was done, I felt his testicles for signs of cancer. Tim said through Tito that he does that once a month.

Jay was just finishing with Jordan. He put a small amount of lube on his finger and took two fingers to separate his cheeks so he could find his hole. Mike was watching intently as Jay slipped a finger inside him to feel his prostate.

I did the same thing to Tim and once again Mike was watching. Everything was all right and Jay and I quickly filled out their papers.

I had Mike lay on the table so I could examine his belly. I touched him and he started giggling because he was very ticklish. While Jay was checking him for a hernia, I was preparing to check Mike's prostate. He was facing me so I told him to turn around. He smiled and leaned over a little. I did the exam and I thought I heard Mike give a little moan when I touched his prostate. I removed my finger and cleaned him up. Mike turned around and his manhood was almost erect. Tim and Jordan walked over to him and each gave him a kiss.

I snuck up behind Jordan and slapped him on the butt and said, "Save it for in your room. Now get dressed, dinner is almost ready."

I looked at my watch and it read 4:45. We all would be there on time. The last thing I needed was Ronnie to be pissed off at me for being late. I finished the paperwork and walking down the hall were Mike, Tim, Jordan and Tito all holding hands. I told Tito to take the boys to the Hummer and we'd lock up and be right out.

Jordan, Mike and Tim took the back seat and since we weren't leaving the property, Tito sat on Mike's lap. I got in on the passengers side and Jay brought us over to his house.

When the kids saw the Hummer pull up, they went running over to greet everyone. We got everyone out and made the introductions. Once the kids were introduced, I took them to meet Ronnie. With Tito's help we told them that Jay and Ronnie are life partners and Ruben and Eduardo are their sons. Mike said that the three of them would like to live together forever too. Ronnie wished them the best and I saved Pop for last.

We introduced the boys to Pop and explained that he was the one that got them all out here where they could stay together. I could tell that Mike was all boy when he joked around but he did something that truly amazed me. He walked over to Pop and hugged him tightly and through Tito, said `thank you' to him. The other two did the same thing.

Eduardo and Ruben took the boys over to the choral so they could show them the horses. All of a sudden I see a blur come running out of the house and jump off the porch hollering, "Hey guys wait for me."

It only took him a  few seconds to catch up with the others. Jordan heard Tito yell so he stopped and turned to let him catch up. As Tito got closer Jordan dropped down to one knee and sure enough he went into his arms. I smiled and went to where the other adults were waiting.

I asked Ronnie what's for dinner and he replied saying, "I'm fixing our new residents their favorite meal. Filet's of beef, mashed potatoes, a vegetable plus I made a home made apple pie for desert."

We chatted for a few minutes then Ronnie asked me if I would go and get the boys and have them wash their hands. I had just turned the corner when I saw the three bigger boys with a little one on their shoulders. I headed out to meet them and had them go to the bathroom and wash their hands for dinner.

Ronnie saw the boys coming out of the house when he hollered that dinner was ready. In less than ten seconds there were six hungry kids sitting in their seats waiting for Ronnie to bring the food in. I was about to ask him if he needed any help but then I saw Jay bringing food out also.

As soon as the three of them saw what the main course was they suddenly broke into tears. I got up and went to Mike with Ronnie and Jay right behind me to go to Tim and Jordan. Tito interpreted for me when I asked Mike what was wrong. Mike signed, "How did you know this is our favorite food?"

I just smiled and told him "a little bird told Ronnie so we wanted to do something to help you feel more at home." Mike just looked up and smiled at me as I went back and sat down. As soon as Jay and Ronnie took their seats, everyone began digging in. It didn't take very long for all the food Ronnie made to be gone. Tito signed over to Mike and Tim if they got enough to eat?

All three boys nodded saying yes. With that they started clearing the table while Eduardo and Ruben started rinsing off the plates and loading the dishwasher. With six people working it didn't take long for everything to get done.

The six boys went into the family room and Tito began looking for something they would all be interested in doing. Tito stumbled into finding the first Harry Potter movie. Tito took the remote and turned on the closed captioning so Tim and Mike can follow the movie.

The adults sat in the dining room and had coffee while going over the day's events. Each person noticed something independent of the others. Jay and I said, "It looks like there was never anything wrong with Tito's arm by the way he's moving it fine now."

The biggest thing that was seen is the way they have taken to the Sanchez boys. Each older boy had a younger one on his lap. I must admit that I couldn't remember seeing anything like this before.

Ronnie hollered "Who wants apple pie for desert?"

Everyone raised their hand and went into the dining room and quickly ate so they could get back to Harry Potter movie. It just so happened today was the last day of school until August so I didn't have to be real heavy telling the boys it's bedtime. I would get them on a schedule closer to when school is starting.

After the movie ended, I had Tito tell the boys that we needed to get back to the Ranch because the guys need showers and time to unwind from the days activities. Ruben and Eduardo started in asking if they could stay with Tito. Jay and Ronnie were sitting in the dining room and heard what was asked and they nodded their head to say it's alright with them.

I got the boys in the Hummer and Jay drove us back to my quarters. When we came inside I told them to get their showers then they can come back and relax. Mike, Tim and Jordan started to head upstairs when it dawned on me the shower downstairs is only big enough for one person. I looked at the others and said, "Would you like to take your showers upstairs?"

The younger one's went into Tito's room so they  could get their nightclothes. The next thing I saw were three little bodies heading upstairs. When they got up there they saw the three teens coming out of their room with nothing on. Tito said, "When we're up here it's ok to go nude but you have to have something on when you're downstairs."

Eduardo and Ruben didn't seem to be that uncomfortable with the idea and they said, "That sounds ok. We'd like to try it too."

The three younger ones walked into Mike and Tim's room and got out of their dirty clothes. They opened the door and before stepping into the hall they checked the others before heading to the shower. As they walked to the shower, Mike and Tim stopped so they could kiss each other. The younger ones were a little ways ahead when they realized the older ones weren't with them. They all stopped and turned around to see Mike and Tim kissing. Jordan tapped Mike and Tim on their shoulders and pointed. All they could do was wave at the young ones and blush.

Each boy took a showerhead and got their water going. The older teens were quicker than the younger ones. Eduardo looked over at Jordan and all three were washing someone else's body. Tito and Ruben looked at Mike, Tim and Jordan and the idea of having someone else wash them was kind of cool.

After about 15 minutes, everyone was done. Every nozzle was cut off and they stepped out so they could get their towel. There were five towels sitting on a chair, and each boy grabbed one and started drying off.

They all went to Mike and Tim's room because that's where the little one's night cloths were. They each slipped into a clean pair of boxers and a tee shirt.

For some unknown reason I can't get enough to eat. I went to look in the icebox and saw that it was full of everything. I started fixing hot chocolate for the boys and while that was heating on the stove, I fixed myself a sandwich. The timing of everything was perfect. My sandwich was done, the chocolate was staying warm and six boys came downstairs to the aroma of chocolate.

I decided to give everyone a tour of the place. First place was the kitchen. I told them not to cook without me being there. Everyone quickly agreed to that. We went through the double doors and into dining room. Even my eyes got big when I saw that table. There were sixteen chairs pushed in around the table. Jordan looked up and asked, "Marco if we're careful can we bring cocoa into the family room?"

"That's alright Jordan, but there are coasters under the lamp table," I said.

The boys went back to the family room and got coasters for their cups and were back in a flash for the rest of the tour. The next stop was the recreation room. I opened the door and turned the lights on. Inside was a pool table, 3 pin ball machines and video games. I showed the boys where the washer and dryer was located and told them not to be afraid to ask for help if they needed it.

As we returned to the family room, I opened an accordion door and showed them the community computers. I told them what they could and couldn't do online. I told them they had filters on so they couldn't access that stuff.

We came back to the family room and the boys drank their cocoa while I looked to see if there was anything on television. I happened on the movie The Hunt for Red October. They all liked that movie and said they'd like to watch it. I took the remote and turned on the closed caption feature so Mike and Tim could enjoy it like the others.

While they were watching television, I went and checked my email. Most of it was junk but there was one marked urgent. I decided to open it and print it so I could read it later. I read and replied to a few letters, filed a few and dumped the garbage.

I shut down the computer, closed the doors, went back to sit down and I had a beautiful sight before me. Tito was cuddling with Tim, Ruben was with Mike and Eduardo was cuddled up to Jordan. I helped them stand and they carried their respective child to their bed. I had Jordan set Eduardo in the middle. Tito was laid on one side of Eduardo and Ruben on the other. I gave all the boys their nightly kiss on the head and we excused ourselves closing the door behind us.

I started heading upstairs and the teens were wondering if I'd lost my mind until I pointed to my watch and signed `bed time' and they all got the message. All three of them had to take a leak before going to bed. I heard the toilets flush and then water run. When they emerged the three of them were holding hands like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. We went into Mike and Tim's room and sure enough there was a new king size bed up and ready for use. I turned around so I could give the boys a good night hug and kiss then I noticed that they were now nude, I had said they could be nude here. I gave all three boys hugs and kisses good night.

I came downstairs and made sure all the doors were locked then got myself comfortable to watch the 11 PM news. As soon I sat in my chair I almost nodded off to sleep. I decided to skip the news and head right for bed. I did my nightly duties then crawled into bed. As soon as my head was on the pillow that was the last thing I remembered until morning.

To be continued