The Ranch

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This is the next adventure of Miguel, Jay and Ronnie and the clan. For those of you not familiar with Miguel, Jay, Ronnie, Steven and Angel you may want to read the story Julio.

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Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez 2003 - 2004

The Ranch

Chapter 9

Our First Employee

I went inside and let the screen door slam and Pop always gives me his look when I do that. I took my jacket and hat off and hung it on the coat tree then gave Pop a kiss and grabbed myself a cold drink out of the fridge and went to sit at the table. I handed him my inspection reports on the three houses I looked at. He looked at me and said, "Are you sure about this?"

I took a big swig of soda, belched then said, "From everything I could see, yes sir that's correct. Frankly from everything I heard I was really surprised. Even the overhead wasn't as bad I was picturing in my mind. Once I get the others done, then we could have a contractor come out and have them go over everything then get started on the repairs."

He looked at me and said, "You went into the over heads and gave that a proper inspection? You're too clean for that, I find that hard to believe."

I knew he'd say that so I didn't get mad at him for doubting me. I smiled at him and said, "I have a pair of coveralls in the saddle bag and that's what I wore Pop. I've never not done anything you've asked and I'm not about to start now."

He just smiled and nodded his head then said, "I didn't doubt you son, I'm surprised that this is all you found. I realize there are things you just don't know but I was looking for much more. If the others are even a little worse, I think it should only take about $100,000.00 to get them to where I want each house. If you look at your place, I already had that one done to how I want them. I had that done before you got here then finished when you were gone. If you noticed, you house was decorated and furniture installed. That is how I want each house. Oh by the way, ask Tito if he wants a king size bed in his room so he'll have room should all three of the other boys want to stay over. I didn't know if you saw it but there is a third bedroom about the same size as Tito's. It's down the hall from your room and I think the door maybe closed so you may have thought it was a storage room. Each house has three bedrooms so the house parents have room for their families and guests if they wish to invite them."

I didn't know there was another full bedroom in my house but that could solve Tito's overcrowding problem but then again, I don't think he objects to how things are now. I went and told Pop, "Well something happened and I think the king size bed would be a great idea. I know things might be tight if my other nephew's wants to stay with us tonight. Who knows, I might have him with me."

Pop just smiled as I heard the screen door and then a blonde haired twelve year old suddenly invaded my lap with a tight hug. "Hi Uncle Marco, Apollo has been cooled down and he's back in his stall with a small bag on oats. The stables are clean and all we're waiting for is our horses to get here."

I didn't think it was possible for someone to speak when applying a death hug on someone. I guess I was wrong because Stevie had one on me. I loosened his grip a little then kissing him on the cheek said, "Thanks kiddo now how about doing two more things while you're waiting for the horses. First, I'd like you to put these nameplates on the doors to each stable so they are a little more personalized. Then all of you need to wash up before eating. You're a little rank Stevie."

He took the plates out of my hand then gave me a big smile as he ran out the screed door letting it slam again. I looked at Pop and just said, "Kids, you gotta love `em."

I finished my drink then went to the laundry room to wash up a little myself. A lot had been accomplished this morning. I saw two large trucks pulling trailers behind them so I knew my brothers horses were here. I was thinking about going out to show them where they all went but I saw Eduardo talking to one of the men. He turned and the guy followed him so he knew where each of horses would be going and as he did, I thought to myself, `Shit, that guy's checking out my nephew.' I finished cleaning up and got another drink from the fridge then went and sat on the porch so I could watch things.

That guy's walked behind Eduardo every time until they reached the inside of the stable and one of the other boys would then take the horse. I saw Eduardo wave at me almost as if he was telling me he knew what was going on and everything was alright. I didn't know if my nephew was gay or not but to me, he's still one of my babies and no one is going to touch him without a big fight on their hands.

I continued to watch the unloading and in about another ten minutes, the last horse was going into the stable. About that time Pop came out onto the porch then walked over to the driver. I could see him saying something to him but I couldn't tell what it was then he paid him for bringing the horses over. He then turned and walked back over to the house. He looked down at me and said, "Thanks Marco for coming out here."

The driver left and as he was doing so, I saw Steven, Angel and Angela drive up in their truck. The boys headed inside to get cleaned up and I walked over to my brother and he hugged me saying, "I hope there isn't a problem here but I said Stevie could spend the night with you and Tito. If there is, just say so and I'll take care of it."

I looked back at my brother then said, "Hey bro having Stevie is no problem. Hell, I just found out I have another full bedroom so I have plenty of room. Now that I know I have that third bedroom, I'd like my niece to visit me too. Look I know I have three gay teens living there but I'll just talk with them. I really want to get to know her."

Steven and I broke our hug then he said, "Marco, Angela knows about gay people. All of us talked with her a few years ago so she's very much alright with it. She loves Jay and Ronnie to death. Besides, who did you think her God parents are?"

I smiled when I heard that then said, "Steven that's not what I was referring to. My three new kids they like dressing very skimpy in the living room and upstairs, hell they go nude up there. I don't know if I'm going to have to change that when I get more boys in but I can handle that problem when they arrive. I was thinking of Angela that's all bro. I don't need her to see a barely covered teen at her age. I don't care if he's straight or gay."

He looked and me and hugged me again telling me he now understood where I was coming from and we went into the house. I went and hugged Angel and Angela then smiled looking at my niece and said, "Hey girl, when go I get to be graced with your presence at my house. You know you're always welcome there too. And don't worry; you'll have your own room there too."

I reached and drew her into a hug as I was talking to her and she was beaming when I said that to her. Angel piped up saying, "Oh god Marco, I think you've created a monster now. She's asked several times when she's going to be able to get to know her Uncle Marco and her new cousin."

I think I surprised her when I said, "Well since Stevie is going to be there she's more than welcome to stay also. I have plenty of room and I would love to have my only niece stay with me."

Angela jumped into my arms and through yet another death grip said, "Thanks Uncle Marco. I have some things here and I can toss a few things into a bag. I love you."

She hopped down and scurried off while I just stood there thinking I had just been set up. I don't mind. I did want to get to know her better and when I was getting hugged I could see what was meant by the expression of daddy's little girl. I don't know if Tito is going to be gay or what but I thought it might be nice to have a girl of my own too. The idea of being a grandfather sounded appealing. I just pictured the boy's faces when they learn there is going to be a girl in the house. Just then the boys came in from the laundry room and Ruben came up to me and said, "Please Uncle Marco. Please don't say you invited Angela too. She's, she's, she's a girl."

I was snickering when I said, "Well Ruben it's nice to know you can tell the difference but yes, I did invite her. You can stay here if you want. That's up to you but your cousin is coming and the subject is closed; any more questions?"

Ruben sulked away and I went over to the table and sat down and started talking since all the people I needed were there. I went over everything I had in my mind then looked at everyone. They mulled it over in their head then; Pop looked up and said, "I like it Marco. I see you have a head for business. It will save Jay and Ronnie a bundle on taxes and the only thing I'd need to do is to have Ronnie listed as an employee so his presence here would never be questioned." Jay looked up as if to say something then Pop continued saying, "I know what you're thinking son and you being here with the boys is one thing and yes Ronnie is your brother but he's not an employee and we don't need for him not to be able to stay with you."

Ronnie leaned over and kissed his lover passionately then said, "Don't worry babe. I don't care about that stuff. I'm here with you and that's all that counts. Ok Dad, do whatever you need to so there won't be any problems."

Ronnie kissed Jay again then went back into the kitchen to finish preparing lunch. I suddenly thought of another thing. I took a drink of my soda then said, "Since Ronnie will be on the staff here, can't you get him some help here so he's not living in here 18 hours a day. Look, I know he likes cooking and preparing gourmet meals but he deserves some time to himself.
When I get more boys in my house, I'm going to need a cook and staff. I was thinking they could be hired as ancillary staff and therefore they won't be living here on the property. We'd only need no more than 45 people when we are fully functional. Ronnie could come up with the meals so one house wouldn't be having better food than any of the others. I know that really wouldn't be the case but this way we can avoid possible spats with boys who live in two different houses."

I saw Ronnie come in and set the plates and silverware on the table and smile at me. I think he liked the idea of not having to spend so much time in the kitchen. I knew he didn't like being so tired that he couldn't enjoy the man of his dreams. The wink he gave me told me everything. I stood and started to help set the table for lunch. I was nosey as to what we were having so I ventured into Ronnie's domain. I walked into that large industrial size kitchen and smelled his wonderful fried chicken. I saw him prepping other foods along with a platter of already cooked chicken and I couldn't resist taking a drumstick. Ronnie looked up just I'd taken a bite. Hr growled at me saying, "Damn it Marco, stay the hell out of the chicken. If you want something have some potato salad. I'll have to do another batch."

I walked over to him and hugged him. I knew he wasn't really mad at me he just had to raise a little stink for the other's sake. I turned him around and kissed him on the lips. I winked at him as I headed to the door and said, "Your welcome bro. I know you want to spend time with Jay. You're like I am; you don't really like saying anything. I hope things get easier for you. I love you."

I went inside and finished my leg having another soda. I took my drink and went over to where the boys were sitting and sat between my niece and Tito and watched some cartoons with them. They had the closed captioning on so Mike and Tim could enjoy the television also. All of a sudden, I had a teen-age girl on my lap. She put her arms around my neck and head on my shoulder and I was in heaven. I scooted over to where the footrest was and lifted my feet and legs. I reached up and stroked her head and she just closed her eyes contented. I don't know how long I was there but Steven was shaking us telling us it was time to eat. I looked up at him and just smiled. Angela and I walked with our arms around each other into the dining room and took the only seats left we fixed our plates and started eating.

That afternoon we gave Mike, Tim and Jordan their first riding lesson and I was surprised that it really didn't do that bad. After about ninety minutes Ruben and Tito wanted to go for a ride. Angel, Angela and Eduardo gave up their horses so the new ones could go. The others said they were ready so off we went. We went at a leisurely pace for a while then I began to slowly pick things up. I had the horses to about a quarter of what I knew they could do. I didn't want to risk the boys getting hurt so I had the experienced boys stay back and Jay, Ronnie, Steven and I take off on a good run. I let the others take off first then I let Apollo stretch his legs and fly. I enjoyed this to no end. We were going at a steady pace when he slowed down. I knew what he was telling me so I took a firm grip on the reins and gave him a firm nudge in the sides and away he went. I've had him clocked and he has been clocked at about 45 miles an hour and I'm not willing to really push him. I have two reasons for this: first is me and the second is him. I just don't want anything to happen to either one of us and I really don't have anything to prove with him. After I caught up with my brothers, we turned around and trotted back to the boys then returned to the ranch.

When we returned Angela and Eduardo were sitting on the fence talking. I walked up to them and pulled each of them one at a time onto Apollo and gave each of them a big hug and kiss for volunteering to give up their horse so Mike, Tim and Jordan could go. This was a very adult thing to do since I was prepared to have them stay because they were really beginners. I am glad they could go because on the way back the boys were all talking non-stop. I walked Apollo into the corral and removed his tack then walked him real good to be sure he was thoroughly cooled down. Eduardo and Angela wanted to brush him so I let them and went into the house.

I had forgotten about the three-hour time difference but Pop hadn't and he called me into his office so we could talk with Mike about his coming to the ranch. We talked for about thirty minutes then I, still being impressed, asked him if he could come out tomorrow and begin work. This really took him by surprise and he stuttered a few times before finally said yes. I went outside and let Pop give him the information as to when he'd be leaving to come here. I was thinking we could put him in my house for now since the others up there are all about the same age and Mike could work with them when the need arose.

I thought the rest of the afternoon could be spent doing what ever we wanted and I wanted to go swimming with my group of kids. I took my kids back to the house so they could grab towels and their bathing suits. They all changed and I swore I saw Angela looking at our new guests. I walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her waist and said, "Sweetheart, those three boys are 17, all gay and their all boyfriends."

She looked up at me and said, "Oh I know Uncle Marco but man they're all so cute in their trunks. I'd take any of them for a boyfriend but I think Jordan is the cutest of the three."

I thought to myself he can sure take her out on a date but I think I better have a talk with my brother. We swam for about an hour then I told the kids to start getting cleaned up and ready for dinner. I noticed several of the kids had been drafted to set the table and stared getting things brought in so we could all eat. I think that is a good idea and when we start getting more kids in, this will be done at each of the houses.

Dinner was wonderful and I could see some of the boys starting to get sleepy so I thought I'd take the kids to my house and have them unwind there so I wouldn't have problems when bedtime came. I knew they had their showers and were clean so I let them do what they wanted for a couple hours then we'd spend some quiet time watching some television. The kids headed to the game room while I got interested in the evening news. About an hour or so later they all came out and asked to use the computers so I let them. I'm glad we have cable Internet service and routers. Things are so simple when all three computers are being used at once.

Just before nine, they all came over and got comfortable and the older teens cuddled together and the other four sat on the couch and this left Angela alone so I just scooted over in my recliner and patted the seat and she came over so she would have someone to cuddle with herself. Harry Potter came on again and they all decided that is what they wanted to watch so the majority had ruled. I didn't really care, I was happy with my niece with me. On the commercials Angela and I would talk and I learned quite a bit about her. I found out that she thought boys aren't really as bad as she first thought and she really does like horses and other animals. She is giving serious thought to following in her father's footsteps in career choices. During one commercial I showed Angela where her room was. She thought it was neat that she had her own bathroom. Yep, I had a teenage girl on my hands.

As the movie was nearing the end, I was starting to get very tired. I guess the day's work was taking a toll on me also. When the movie was over it was time to get this brood into bed for the night. Tito came with me, and I told him if he got kicked out of bed again to come wake me up and he can sleep with me. We gave the other three hugs and kisses then said good night and the three older teens were on their own for the night.

While heading back downstairs I told him about the king size bed we would be getting him in a couple of days and he was thankful for the extra room. I went into his room and gave everyone lots of hugs and kisses then I went to tuck my niece in for the evening. I knocked on her door and I heard her say it was alright to come in and I did leaving the door open. She sat up as soon as she saw me come in and I sat on the edge of the bed and chatted with her for a few minutes. I gave her a hug and kiss like I did all the others. I turned the light out and told her to sleep well and if she needed me I be right next-door.

I closed the door and started going to my room and there standing in just his underpants was Stevie. I looked at him and said, "Hey what's the matter little guy? Are you afraid of something?"

Stevie was rubbing his butt when he said, "There isn't enough room and I got pushed on the floor. Can I sleep with you?"

By now he was right in front of me so I picked up the little guy and went and set the alarm, turned out the lights and went into my bedroom and set him on the bed. I pulled the covers back and he quickly scooted under them while I did my nightly routine. I stepped over to the toilet to take a leak when I suddenly realized I had company using the toilet also.

I looked down at Stevie and he just said, "Sorry Uncle Marco I heard all the water running and I couldn't hold it any more. I hope you don't mind. I didn't think you would like me wetting your bed and I know Mom and Dad wouldn't like it when Angela told them."

We both went to bed and I turned the lights off and I had a cute little boy cuddle close to me. I kissed his cheek and said, "Don't worry about it kiddo. Close you eyes and get some sleep."

I rolled onto my side and Stevie did too spooning himself against me. I closed my eyes and held him until we both drifted off to sleep.

To be continued