The Return

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part 1: " What comes around!"

Wesley Roberts lay in his sterile hospital room for the fourth day. His temperature had risen to 104, and was now on life support. The doctors and nurses were at a loss for lack of response to any and all treatments that had been administered to the twelve year old. What was also strange was the authorities had not found any next of kin, they only way they knew his name was a state issued identification card in his back jeans pocket. The doctor too his pulse again and said to the nurse, "Let me know if there is any change, especially in his temperature. We have to get it down, and soon."

In an old abandoned building, in a rundown part of a city two thousand miles away, Edmund Hiller was holed up. He had two pounds of cocaine he had ripped off from a drug dealer, who was now looking for Edmund and the drugs. When he found them both he aimed to kill Edmund. "No one, and I mean no one, steals from Me and lives to tell about it." Garza had declared.

Edmund was scared. How had his life gone so wrong? He lit up a cigarette and took a long drag. On a shelf to his left sat a tarnished tea pot. Funny, he hadn't seen it before. He took another long drag and reached for the blackened silver pot. He chuckled to himself, "If I rub it maybe a "Genie" will pop out and grant me three wishes." He took another long drag and blew the smoke into the air. "Fuck what would one really wish for?" He thought long and hard, "Shit all I want is a new life, maybe start over as someone else."

He took another long drag and heard voices, "Fuck! How did they find this place?" He had the tea pot in his hand, maybe he would throw it at someone. He took the pot and rubbed it on the arm of his shirt. The tea pot rumbled in his hand and scared the shit out of him, not that it would take that much. He heard a door open, Hiller heard a voice call out, "Hey! Hiller! You little fuck! You in here?" Hiller froze. He rubbed the pot again and a big puff of blue smoke puffed from the spout.

Hiller almost jumped out of his skin. The cloud got larger and larger. Hiller thought he had gone off the deep end. A voice broke the silence, "What do you wish, only one wish can be yours, make it quick, but only one!" His brown eyes got wide, they were bloodshot and he shook with fear of this, and the drug dealer. He 'Genie' got an annoyed look on his 'face', "I don't have all day, your wish, now!"

Hiller froze, he couldn't think. The door broke open and two men with guns broke in. Hiller awoke from his stupor. "I wish to be someone else, someone young, please, quick!" The voice said, "You might not like what you wish for." Hiller looked at the two gunmen, he didn't care "Quick! Before they shoot me! You said I had one wish, fuck do it now! Please! Quick!" The two took aim and fired. Hiller fell to the floor and the bullets hit the wall.

The two walked up and the Garza placed a finger's on Hiller's neck to feel for a pulse. He found none. He rose and laughed, "Fuck, we scared him to death. Look for the cocaine and we can get the fuck out of here." They looked high and low and found nothing. The tea pot was gone also, not that they'd noticed the tea pot in the first place. The two decided they had spent enough time and left in a hurry. The remains of Edmund Hiller lay there in a heap on the cold concrete floor.

In the hospital room the boy suddenly awoke from his long sleep. "Hello? Hello? Where am I?" The small high voice filled the hospital room. The nurse had been dozing and jumped to her feet. "What? Who? Good God, Wesley, you're awake!" She shrieked and hit the alert button. In the boy's mind another consciousness lurked. Wesley was unaware of it, but the consciousness of Edmund Hiller knew all too well what was on this boys mind. Three doctors and five nurses rushed into the hospital room and began to take vital signs, hands poked and prodded the young boy. No one could believe it, the boy was stable. It was a remarkable, nearly instantaneous recovery. Doctor Grant thought to himself 'This is one lucky kid." He had miraculously returned from the edge of the abyss.

Dr. West and Dr. Grant walked to the other side of the room. "I don't understand this, no brain activity, in fact I was ready to take him off life support and let him go." Dr. Grant walked back to the side of the bed, "Wesley do you remember anything at all, how did you get this way?" The boy produced some tears and they rolled down his cheeks, "He hit me in the head." The doctor shook his. He was puzzled because in all his examinations of the boy he hadn't found any trauma.

"Who hit you Wesley?" More tears and some shaking, "My dad. He hit me with the back of his hand." The Hiller mind thought, "Yeah, he hit you, you little pervert. Sucking off a boy, a nigger to boot? Why in the hell did the Genie put me in this little faggot.' The doctor looked at the side of the boys head and, sure enough there was a lump. He turned to the other doctor. "How did we miss it, look at the lump?" West could only shrug. "Beats the hell out of me, I never saw it before and I've never heard or seen one appear this late in the game." He reached for the telephone and called security. The voice on the telephone identified himself as the 'Captain of the Watch.' "Captain, call the police, we have a case of abuse here, as you know, time is of the essence.

Twenty minutes later Detective Brenda Wills was in the Doctor's office, "That's exactly what the boy said to you? His father hit him with the back of his hand!" Doctor West answered in the affirmative. Wills was on her cell reporting to her Captain, who sent cars to the boys home. The father fired a shot at the cops to keep them at bay and yelled out, "The little faggot told on me right?" Five more cars arrived and surrounded the house.

An officer held a megaphone to his lips, "Mr. Roberts come out with your hands up, we can take care of this safely, please don't make us take drastic action, please!" The cops ducked as Roberts fired twice more and yelled, "Caught him sucking off another kid, what did you expect me to do, my kid let my kid grow up to be a cocksucker?"

The officer again tried to coax Roberts out, that had been three shots. "Please Sir, let's not get anyone hurt, we can resolve this, the boy is alive and doing well now." Another shot hit the tree limb above his head. The S.W.A.T. team rolled up and ten officers in combat gear. Sharp shooters took position and tried to find Roberts in their sights. The position commander instructed the cop with the megaphone to try again and at least get him out of his cover.

"Please Mr. Roberts, please put the gun down and we can take care of this situation. Inside Roberts reloaded, mumbling to himself, "My own kid a queer. I thought I killed him, can't do anything right. Fuck, I hit him so hard he should have landed on the monkey bars." He had gone to the park to pick up Wes and found him in the bushes sucking that big black kid, "Sucking off a nigger to boot!" Wesley's dad mumbled.

The squad leader attached a tear gas grenade to his rifle and aimed at the den window were the shots came from. He fired, the glass shattered and the room filled with gas. A single shot was heard from inside the house. They rolled up with a robot who's arm was fitted with a camera. A grim picture appeared on the screen. On the floor, in a pool of blood, lay Roberts, and single gunshot to his mouth.

Hiller found himself inside of Wesley Roberts. His consciousness was being absorbed and he couldn't believe it. The Genie had told him that if that was what he wanted, he would become the other person. This actually was worse than death, he was, and now he wasn't, but Wesley was now whole again. Wesley lay there weak, but alive and on the mend, he'd needed the inner strength of a person who was 'alive'.

Child Protective Services arrived to take charge of Wesley. Mrs. Amos tried to reassure the boy that everything would be alright, but had been told why he had been hit by his father and, being deeply religious, could not even bring herself to touch Wesley. In her mind people like Wesley were unclean. A boy who like his own sex, what was this world coming to?

Being efficient, Mrs. Amos went about her job. She told Wesley that she would find him a place that took his kind. The level of disgust in her voice was noticeable to Wesley. She had only heard of one organization that took boys of his ilk and that was that B.T.W. Group. But the thought of that bunch sent shivers up her spine. Back in her office she delegated the job to young Annie Grass. "Annie, I have a queer kid and I want you to get a hold of the closest B.T.W. Representative. I want this mess cleared up quickly." Annie said, 'Yes, Mrs. Amos" and got out the phone book.

Hiller's consciousness in the mind of the boy was fading. He moaned out and the genie appeared to him, "Look, I promised a place for you to go. What was your alternative? To be riddled with bullets? Also, remember, I told you, you become the person, the person does not become you. He will absorb your strengths, and you become him. Now quit bothering me! You should be careful of what you wish for!"

When Wesley arrived at the hospital he weighed 70 pounds and was measured at four feet nine inches. The nurse looked at him and at the chart and at Wesley again. "What's wrong Miss?" He asked meekly. "There's something wrong on this chart. I don't understand." She set up the scale that was built into the bed, pressed the button and looked at the reading of 105 pounds, "That's more like it, someone must have been drunk when the weighed you." She chuckled. She went to the door and called for two attendants.

The two young men walked in and got Wesley's attention, "Now, this is more like it" he thought. She handed them a tape measure, "I want a true measurement of this boy." The placed it by his head and by his feet. "It's an even five feet." Wesley couldn't help it, his hand ran up the man's crotch. The attendant, a part-time college student, moved back and looked at Wesley funny. Wesley smiled and licked his lips.

Wesley quickly got better. An attendant rolled in a wheelchair, "Time for some tests, sport." Wesley swung his legs up slowly giving the attendant a look at his assets, the young man looked down and away. Wesley grinned. Making the straights uncomfortable was so much fun. Funny, before his dad hit him he was so modest. He was wheeled down to the second floor and driven into the hematology clinic for blood draw and a urine sample. He looked at the needle and for the first time in his life a needle made him feel uncomfortable.

The attendant said he'd be back and Wesley was to wait. "It may be a while, so just be patient." Wesley was quickly bored. He saw a boy his age sitting in the lounge. "Sup?" Wesley said. The boy said "sup." Wesley said he had blood work and had to piss in a jar. The boy chuckled "I'm Richard Harold, you?" Wesley sat down, "I'm Wesley Roberts, this place is such a drag, why you here?" Richard said his mom was here for what she called a 'battery of tests', she said it would be a couple of hours.

Wesley asked how long he'd been here. "Around 20 minutes, she gave me the key to the van so I could watch a video, but..." Wesley asked, "What's the video?" Richard replied, "Up." Wesley smiled with a crooked smile, "Gee, I wanted to see it, by my dad tried to kill me and I didn't get to go." Richard looked around, "Wanna see it?" Wesley smiled again, "I'd love to."

The two boys went to the five level car port and got into the van. Richard turned on the video player and inserted 'Up'. They watched it for a little while. "I wish there was sex in this, the man and the boy scout could do something with each other." Wesley said. Richard said, "What?" Wesley grinned the crooked grin again and took Richard's zipper and unzipped the boy's jeans. Richard was frozen in place. Wesley opened Richard's pants, pulled down the jeans and Spiderman undershorts. "Nice cock Richard, nice cock" and jacked it!

Wesley looked into Richard's blue eyes and bent his head down and sucked in the hairless boi-cock. Richard thought he had just died and gone to heaven. Wesley sucked the boy and cupped his ass cheeks. He slid a finger to Richard's butt crack and played with the virgin anal ring. Richard ran his hands through Wesley's brown/blond hair, 'this felt so good' Richard thought. Wesley continued to play with Richard's anus. To Richard's surprise Wesley pushed his finger into the boi's virgin hole.

Wesley disengaged and pulled up the hospital gown, holding his own hard penis. He presented it to Richard who looked at him with a funny look on his face. Wesley placed a hand behind Richard's head and pulled it to his cock. Richard opened his mouth and found Wesley's cock in his mouth, he was sucking and licking like had been doing this forever. Wesley face had the broadest smile on it, his ass rocked back and forth.

This went on for a few minutes, then Wesley said, "Take off your pants Richard." Richard followed the instructions without a word. Wesley pulled out a tube of Vaseline and greased up his cock. "What are you going to do Wesley?" Richard said in a pleading voice. Wesley said matter-of-factly "I'm gonna fuck you, you ready?" Richard just opened his legs wide as Wesley knelt between them.

Wesley placed the head of his greased cock at Richard's virgin asshole, he looked at Richard and blew him a fish kiss and pushed hard. The tight ring tried to keep Wesley out, but Wesley pushed even harder, the boi-cock drove into Richard, who's mouth opened wide, but didn't utter a word. Wesley fucked the boy like it would be the last ass he'd ever get. Wesley only made the fucking for a minute, the excitement was overwhelming, he swelled and erupted for his first cum. He filled Richard up and bent forward and the two French kissed.

Wesley asked what time it was. His cock was still buried in Richard. Richard looked at his watch "It's 2:15, why Wesley?" "That attendant is going to be pissed when he can't find me, I have to split." He pulled out and his sperm followed. It pooled on the hospital gown. He was happy it didn't land on the seat. Wesley grinned and brought the gown to his mouth and sucked up his cum. "There, I swallowed the evidence." The two boi's laughed.

Both quickly dressed. "You have a phone Wesley?" Richard asked. "No, how about you Richard?" Richard tore a piece of paper and wrote his down on it. "My mom is going to take me to my Uncle Dave's, I have to stay there for two days while she goes in the hospital for something." Wesley got out of the van, "How about your dad?" "He's dead, he was a pilot and was killed in Iraq, I miss him a lot." Wesley for the first time in a long time felt sad. "I'm really sorry Richard, really I'm sorry, my dad was a prick."

Wesley found his wheelchair, when he'd returned to the lab, the attendant still hadn't come back. Forty minutes later the attendant came back. "Hope you weren't waiting too long?" He said. Wesley feigned being mad, "Only for an hour and fifteen minutes." The attendant silently pushed him back to his room.

Richard's mother came back to the van twenty minutes later. "Hi sweetie, miss me?" Richard was watching 'Up' , but said, "Yes Mom, I sure did." Ready to stay with Uncle Dave for the next couple days?" Richard said, "Yes" and she drove him to Uncle Dave's." David isles, Richard's uncle, was a consummate boylover, and he tried his hardest to keep his hands off his nephew. He had other bois and kept a small video camera on the night stand. He loved to have a boi in between his legs and film while the boi sucked him off. A boi with a full mouth of sperm was his biggest turn on.

Richard ran into the house, his mom behind, very sick, and very tired. "Here he is Dave, I will be in the hospital for at least two days, I hope he won't be any trouble." Dave looked at his sister with great concern, "You sure I can't take you?" Millie nodded no. "Cheryl wall take me and pick me up, just pray that all goes well, you're all the family we have." He kissed his sister and turned to Richard, who was looking him differently. "You know where the TV is Rich there are some new games for the PS3, have at it."

Dave watched Richard's heart shaped ass head into the game room and quickly thought, "I've never seen a boi with a heart shaped ass before" it sure was inviting. Dave walked his sister to the van, Milly said, "Sure wish Richard senior was here, this is so hard on all of us." Dave kissed her cheek and wave goodbye, then headed back into the house and Richard.

Dave called for a pizza delivery, let Richard watch anything he wanted until he was fighting off sleep. Dave led him to the spare bedroom and put Richard to bed. Then went to his room. He had a few new magazines he wanted to peruse. Dave poured a glass of Fume Blanc, his favorite wine and got out the new B.T.W. Monthly. The cover had pictures of all the new Facility. Bois and "Boi Fuck" magazine. Dave got a small hand towel to catch his ejaculate.

He quickly read the small "Boi Fuck." Then the big B.T.W. monthly magazine, there was a small story on each boi pictured on the cover. What they were about and what they liked to do to the please the Patrons. He slowly stroked himself. The periodical was so interesting Dave didn't hear his door open and Richard tip toe into the room looking only at the big hard penis in Uncle Dave's hand. Richard stood there and eyed the precum covered cock, licking his lips.

Dave dropped the magazine, a red tongue was licking off the precum from the crown of the purple corona. Before he could say a thing Richard had half of the fleshy phallus in his warm, wet mouth. "What are you doing Richard?" Richard held the throbbing organ, "I will quit if you want Uncle Dave." Dave shook his head, they would talk after he had cum, he had the video camera in his hand. "Go ahead, continue Richard. Please!"

Richard's red tongue dipped into the creamy bead that had just bubbled up, then with a swipe of his tongue he licked it clean. He looked up at Uncle Dave, looked down and opened as wide as his red lips could and sunk in just behind the purple head and began to lick and suck the throbbing organ. Dave was out of his mind, his wish was being answered and he didn't want to awake and find out this was just a dream.

Richard let the hard tube slip out, "Am I doing it right Uncle Dave? This is my first time. I got fucked this morning for the first time, but I didn't get to suck Wesley's cock. He sucked mine though." Richard rambled quickly trying to explain. Dave woke quickly, "Who in the hell is Wesley?" He asked, kind-a pissed that someone had beat him to Richard's virginity.

"Oh, he's a kid I met at the hospital. He's in there cuz his dad tried to kill him. But he didn't. He was almost dead, but didn't die, he didn't know why." The boy was talking a mile a minute. Dave continued to try to find out who the kid was. "How old is he Richard?" Was all he could come up with. "My age, I think, he didn't have any hair around his cock, I don't either, you know." Richard then sunk Dave's cock into his mouth and returned to sucking.

Richard tried to take more and more of the hot penis into his throat, but gagged, tears welled and ran down his cheeks. He dropped the tingling organ from his mouth and wiped his eyes. "I think you better fuck me Uncle Dave, I almost strangled myself." Dave helped Richard to the bed and laid him down on his back. On his hands and knees David looked down at his prize and stroked himself, more for pleasure than out of need to get himself hard.

Dave reached into the nightstand drawer and got a tube of lube and coated his cock, he put more on his fingers and inserted a finger then two into Richard and massaged the tight ring and inside of the waiting boi. Holding his throbbing cock at Richard's ready entrance he placed the purple head at the object of his desire and pushed in hard. Richard surprisingly pushed back and the purple mushroom punched through and into Richard.

Dave opened his eyes and looked down and saw a smiling Richard, he pushed in harder until Richard was skewered totally on his hard lusty weapon. Dave stopped for a second to get his bearings, again he wondered if this was just a dream, he quickly knew it wasn't a dream when Richard 's inner muscles began to massage his hard prick.

Dave began to fuck the boi and Richard's thin legs clasped behind Dave's backside, his ankles locked and he prepared for the most lustful ride of his young life. the second of many he would experience in his life. In and out Dave worked his cock, Richard clamped down like he's been getting cock for all his life. Dave couldn't believe it, he could already feel his cum boiling in his crinkled ball sac, the excitement was almost more than he could bare. "Good god Richard, I'm gonna cum already, I can't help it, I've wished for this for so long."

Richard felt the recoil and erupting in his body, like a fire hose Dave shot a load that he had built up. Creamy ooze coated Richard's colon and it felt so good, this is what he had been born for, Dave and Wesley were only the first, he dreamed of movie stars and just men he had seen around now. What did their cock look like and what did their cum taste like?

Wesley lay propped up with pillows as Rance Williams, the local B.T.W. Recruiter, entered his room. "You're Wesley Roberts, right? I'm Rance Williams, I'm from B.T.W. " Rance stuck out a hand and Wesley shook it limply. "I hear you just might be our type of boi, Wesley." Wesley looked at him a little confused, but actually interested. "I have a few questions, ok Wesley?" Wesley nodded and gave the man his crooked smile. "Good, Wesley, first are you sexually active?" Wesley grinned, "Yes I am, sir." "Good, now you prefer men?" Again Wesley smiled, "Oh yes, I do sir."

Rance decided he was getting somewhere. "I represent B.T.W. a worldwide company that supplies boi's like yourself to men who pay for your time. We take care of your food, lodging, and education, and form a savings account for you and at the time you are ready to face the world B.T.W will match it and find a place of higher education for you, all you have to do is supply the commodity our Patron's wish to purchase, do you understand?"

Wesley grinned ,"I supply my body right? I fuck and I suck right?" Rance didn't break his tone, "Yes Wesley, you provide yourself for their enjoyment." Without any beating around the bush Wesley smiled broadly, "Where do I sign? I also have a surprise for you, my boi-pussy is virgin." Rance didn't break, "Good, very good, we'll make sure it's put to good use and soon."

Wesley sat up, "When do I go, Mr. Williams?" Rance stood up, "When the hospital releases you we'll pick you up and send you to one of our Pleasure facilities, maybe the new Orlando one, right next to Disney World, ever been there?" Wesley's blue eyes lit up, "No, but I've always wanted to go."

Rance, back at his office called Ms. Grass and told her that Wesley had agreed to come over to B.T.W. so she could tell Mrs. Amos that she could sign the paper work and send it to him. The Lawyers would take care of the rest, as soon as the hospital released Wesley the boi would be picked up and placed in a B.T.W. facility. Ms. Grass thanked Rance and told Mrs. Amos all was completed. Mrs. Amos said a prayer for her own soul, she had placed another boi into whoredom, may god save her.

Wesley progressed quickly, Mrs. Amos called every day, she wanted this over, since the new law had been passed by the Supreme Court, which came into line with the World Court based in the Hague, in which Mrs. Amos and her church disagreed most venomously. But could do nothing about, she just wanted this over and on the seventh of May it was. The doctors called her to tell her Wesley was free to be discharged. She couldn't herself call Mr. Williams , so it was again up to Ms. Grass to handle the problem.

Rance Williams got the call from Ms. Grass and was in the car quickly. He took charge of Wesley and immediately had him on the B.T.W. Lear for Orlando. He called the new Orlando facility and let them know that at 3:42 this afternoon Wesley would be there, he also reminded them that his mouth wasn't a virgin, but the boi's pussy was, and that should bring a pretty penny at an internet auction.

Wesley sat in the seat buckled in, it was the first time he had flown. The seat had a laptop built into it and he asked if he could email a friend. The co-pilot logged on for him and using one finger Wesley emailed Richard letting him know what had happened and where he was going, he only hoped that Richard got it.

Wesley then closed his eyes and tried to sleep. He had a funny dream. Someone named Edmund Hiller was trying to talk to him. Wesley woke up, the dream was so vivid, yet just who in the hell was Edmund Hiller? Wesley closed his eyes and dreamed of Richard and the afternoon he fucked the other boi, but Hiller came back into the dream, finally Wesley told Hiller or whoever he was to fuck himself, and leave him alone!

The Lear landed in Orlando. Lou Gorman, who liked to be called Uncle Lou waited for the latest of his charges. He read over the paperwork. The Lear's door opened and a slim, well groomed boi stood and adjusted his big blue eyes to the bright Florida sun. He wore a lavender print shirt opened to the belly button, a black belt which broke to a plumb trousers and black leather boots. Uncle Lou's eyes opened wide.

Dave told Richard he was going to the hospital, his mother wanted him to come and would wanted to make sure he'd be ok at home alone. "Sure Uncle Dave, I'll be fine, don't you worry." Richard went back to bed, the night before was two hours of he and Uncle Dave sucking and fucking. He was quickly back to sleep. The noise woke him up, "What is that?" Richard raised himself up on both elbows and looked around. He got up and walked naked into the front room and looked out the window to the back yard. A older teen was using a blower to clean up the leaves the oak tree leaves.

Richard used the red bag, showered and lubed. he wrapped a towel around his midsection and went to the sliding glass door and watched the Latin looking boy at work. Richard grinned "Mexican food!" He slid the door open, "Hi I'm Richard, Dave's nephew, can i get you a soda, it's warm out here." The boy smiled and gave a slight nod of 'yes." Richard grabbed two cokes and walked outside and handed one to the older teen.

Again he said, "I'm Richard and you?" The teen took another swallow and then said, "I am Diego Espanoza, I clean up twice a week for you uncle." "I see you have a blower, i have one too!" Richard said with a crooked grin, but Diego didn't get it. Richard said, "If your lucky I might show you how it works." Still he knew Diego didn't know what he was talking about. He handed the empty can back to Richard and picked up the blower.

Richard got bolder, "Here, let me show how mine works. He pushed his towel and it fell to his feet, his penis was straight and hard. He grabbed the Mexican's top button and popped it open and quickly unzipped the pants, the Mexican looked at Richard wide eyed and very surprised. He wore no underwear and Richard mumbled 'good'. He pushed the jeans off Diego's hips and held the half hard brown cock. Richard looked up at Diego and mumbled "Yummy!"

Before Diego could pull away, Richard had the purple mushroom shaped head in his mouth and his red tongue was licking and polishing the flared corona. "Madre de Dios!" (Mother of God!) Diego moaned and tried to pull back, but Richard had the penis in a hard grasp and sucked in more. David had returned home and was making his way to the back and looked out the back and stopped when he saw what his Nephew was up to. "Well I'll be damned! He's a little slut!" He watched the show that went on in front of him.

Dave was excited by the way his nephew, on his knees, had most of the brown appendage in his mouth. Saliva made glossy streaks down Richard's hairless chest, some saliva had run down and coated his boi-cock. Richard looked up at the Mexican boy, "I'm prepared, you can fuck me, I do love being fucked Diego." Richard rolled on his back, splayed his legs wide and exposed his well lubed boi-hole. Richard looked to Dave to be begging for Mexican cock.

Diego looked left and right, then went to his knees and placed the purple mushroom at the lips of Richard's boi-pussy, the pushed in hard until the whole cock was buried to the hairy hilt. Diego got caught up in the moment and his mouth found Richard, their tongues entwined as the hard brown penis worked in and out as he fucked his customer's nephew, David wished he was Diego right now.

Diego's hard and fat brown cock pushed into Richard deep and found that special spot that drove the preteen nuts. "Oooohhhh fuck me Diego, fuck my wet boi-pussy with that big, beautiful brown log, I love cock so much, I love being fucked so much and who knew, it would make me into suck a slut to give my body away, but I can't help it, I do love cock and cum so much, fuck me harder!" The boi babbled along with each stroke of Diego's hard cock, and as Diego fucked Richard he began to wonder how many more like him were out there.

David had to readjust more than twice as he waited for Diego to finish his fuck of his nephew. He had picked up Richard's laptop and still had it in his hand, he put it down before he dropped it and readjusted again. Richard's boi-cock throbbed, tingled and swelled. The head began to shoot boi-honey on both bodies, Diego was too almost there, his brown cock swelled, the purple mushroom atop got hard as steel.

Diego's cum flowed like a river, there was so much of a buildup that it fired in and then excess retreated, made a white ring at the base of his brown cock, then formed two rivers on the inside of Richard's thin white legs and flowed back down the crack of his split butt and pooled at the base. David, watching, came in his pants.

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