The Return

By: Max the Cat and Hermes


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Part 2: How much am I bid for?

Uncle Lou got Wesley settled into Room 27, he only had 27 and 28 open. The room stunned Wesley, he was not use to such opulence. His bed was gigantic, a nightstand on each side and it had matching lamps. There was a roll top desk along the same wall with a laptop and printer. The other wall had a forty inch LED television mounted with the complete stereo surround sound system set up below. Down toward the end was a wood burning fireplace and a Polar Bear skin rug in front. A sliding glass door led to a balcony. His bed spread was fuchsia with soft lavender sheets, he was floored. How did they know his favorite color? "Oh," he thought, "in the hospital I told Rance what my favorite color was."

Uncle Lou was already on the computer placing the ad about an auction of a virgin on Channel 6969 to be held at the Gala Grand Opening Celebration of Hotel Boi - Orlando. The bids would be close to the highest spent ever for the opportunity of deflowering Wesley. A naked picture of the boy appeared in the ad. Lou looked at it and muttered, "Wesley is a very pretty boi, not handsome or good looking, he is just plain pretty." Lou adjusted his cock in his pants and shook his head to shake the lust from his thoughts. "You don't fuck the help!" He reminded himself.

Eddie Driscoll had just gotten Tristan Morning transferred to the Hawaii facility and was awaiting the plane which would bring the boi. His fax machine rang and after the page came out, he pulled out the piece of paper. It read, 'Please proceed to the Brussels Headquarters immediately for a temporary assignment.'

"What the fuck!" He exclaimed as he read the fax. He shrugged and went to his bungalow and began to pack. Now his curiosity had been piqued and wondered just what was so important. He went down to the safe and retrieved his passport, then explained to his staff that he would be gone for just how long, he didn't know. He thought about Andy, now at Orlando for the grand opening, having the time of his life playing Pleasure Boi.

The company plane was on the tarmac and he boarded the plane. He realized something, "Oh crap!" He grabbed his cell and informed the staff of Tristan's impending arrival. He was assured that Tristan would be looked after. He then settled into the overstuffed chair, which would make into a very comfortable bed. B.T.W seemed to think of everything. The jet stopped at LAX to refuel and then to LaGuardia in New York to pick up Dudley Grossman who had received the same instructions by fax.

Dudley was grumbling, he had been working on the remodel of the upstate New York facility in the Catskills. "What can be so important?"" He growled to Eddie. Eddie shrugged, "I'm not sure Dudley, but it's probably something to do with the new ships B.T.W. has in the works." Dudley shrugged, "You could be right, we have to stock the ships with nubile flesh." Dudley got up, "You want a drink Eddie?" Eddie smiled, "Sure, maybe a Southern Comfort on the rocks."

They landed at Brussels South Charleroi Airport at 8:40 a.m. and were immediately driven to B.T.W.'s main office and ushered into Mr. H. Anders Montigue's office. "Gentlemen, I'm so glad you are so prompt." Hands were shook and coffee and pastry served. "Now down to business. You know we are launching more ocean liners. We have planned many different types of trips. Alas, we have a problem, boi's to service our Patrons." Dudley and Eddie nodded.

"The thought has come of where we can find such boi's who will offer the use of their bodies freely and happily. We want boi's who like having sex with men, right?" Both nodded that they understood the dilemma. Montigue continued, "We have found out that in Eastern Europe there is an abundance of orphan boi's. I have decided that the two of you are the ones to procure a minimum of 500."

Eddie gave out with a low whistle. Ander's looked at him. "We plan five ships and 100 per ship, we will have round the world cruises and must have the proper staff to accommodate the Patron's. We will give you a number of blank bank drafts and 1 million Euros in ready cash, we know that there are palms that have to be greased. There is Hungary, Russia, Slovdika, Latvia, Lithuanian and the rest, there boi's out there and it is up to you to procure them for the company." Anders looked at them, "Gentlemen we are counting on you, if you succeed, which I am sure you will, expect to be generously compensated." Anders turned and left.

Eddie opened the brief case and his eyes opened wide. "Hey this is full of Euros, look!" Dudley looked and nodded, "B.T.W. has always thought and worked big, and they succeed!" They got things together and decided on a Lear to get things off with, then they could call for a 747 to ship the bois to their appropriate destinations.

Uncle Dave sat in his car. He had gone to the hospital to see his sister, but was too late. She had passed very quickly. He was wondering how would he tell Richard. He now had sole custody of the boi, which for himself was a boon to his sex life, the kid was insatiable. If he wasn't fucking Richard himself, the kid was hunting up someone else's cock to ride. The other day Richard had gone to the bowling alley and instead of rolling a bowling ball he found two men appearing to be in their fifties and went with them in one of the men's van. They took turns fucking Richard, until Richard wore them out.

Richard was lying naked in the backyard, he had been swimming. Dave slowly walked into the backyard. He knelt by Richard and woke him up, "Hey buddy, I have to talk to you, it's real important." Richard slowly awoke, "Hey Uncle Dave, you ready to fuck this little boi?" David shook his head, "Richard, come on and get up, this is really important." Richard got up and walked into the house, "I don't have to leave, do I?" "No, not at all sweetie." Dave was really finding this very hard.

He sat Richard down and looked into his gray/green eyes, "Richard, your mother died this morning. She was very sick. So sick that she couldn't fight any longer." Tears welled and ran down the bois flushed cheeks. Richard didn't say a word, he cried and threw himself into Dave's arms. The man held the boy tight and let him cry. Richard cried and cried. Dave figured the boy would run out of tears, but he didn't. Dave scooped the boi up and carried him to the bedroom, he laid Richard on the bed and just held him until he finally fell asleep, exhausted.

The funeral came and went. Dave looked at the sad boy. "Richard, I got a real good idea. Lets go to Disney World in Orlando. It was like a spark went off in Richard's eyes, "OK, can we also see my friend Wesley? He's at the B.T.W. facility there, he sent me an email." Dave shrugged, "Sure we can stop and see your friend. How did you get a Pleasure boi for a friend? It's just like in my magazine, how lucky can one guy get!"

Dave wasn't sure of anything anymore, but what the hell! He made reservations and got tickets, it seemed to take Richard's mind of the unpleasantness of the recent past. Dave usually worked from home, so he tidied up things and the day finally arrived. The funny thing was, that Richard was more excited to see Wesley that Disney World and Epcot.

They landed at Orlando International, got their bags and caught a cab to their hotel. Richard quickly called the Orlando B.T.W. facility. "Good day, Hotel Boi, Orlando, this is Felix, how may I help you?" The voice told him. Richard cleared his throat, "Hi, can I please speak to Wesley? I'm his friend, Richard." A pause, "Just a minute, please," Felix told him. Richard waited, his right foot tapping the carpet.

"Hello, this is Wesley." Richard for the funniest reason got an erection."Wesley, this is Richard, you know from the hospital and my mom's van? She just died." Wesley knew who it was "'Sup sweetie? Long time no hear. I see you got my email. Man, sorry 'bout your mom, where are you? Are you Okay?" Richard unzipped his pants and released his throbbing cock. "I'm here in Orlando, my Uncle Dave brought me here to Disney World, but I wanted to see you, can I?" He was jacking as hard and as fast as he could.

Wesley said, "Can you hold a minute?" Richard said 'sure' in a heavy breath, his hand working his penis at light speed. After a minute Wesley returned, "Uncle Lou said it was alright. I'm being auctioned off this afternoon, I get fucked for the first time today, maybe you can watch." Richard said. "Ooohhh!" as he shot his cum on the wall. Richard got his eyes focused and said, "Watch you get fucked?" Wesley giggled and said, "Stop it! Oh sorry Richard, a Patron tried to fuck me. No you can't watch me fuck, but you can watch me at the auction." He giggled loudly "You'll just have to wait until the auction for a chance at my boi-pussy." Wesley said to the Patron.

"Sorry Richard, this place gets somewhat playful, you ought to see Andy on the grass, he's involved in a circle suck with four men. Damn, I love sucking cock Richard, do you?" Richard was just coming down from his cum. "Yes, Wesley. I suck one whenever the chance comes up." Wesley continued, "So, when you get here you may just get you gangbanged!" Wesley broke out in a laugh, "Not me silly!" Again he was not talking to Richard but to a playful Patron.

Richard put a hand over the phone, "Uncle Dave can we see Wesley first, this afternoon, please?" Dave thought, the thought of this B.T.W. thing really was interesting. He had been on his laptop looking at the Orlando site called Hotel Boi, Orlando. There were naked boi's everywhere. A few shots of boys and the men, called Patrons, in the act of fucking and sucking.

"Sure Richard, we'll go there right after lunch." Dave was in a different world, in his mind he was at a facility on a beach, totally naked a boi sucking him off while he sipped a Pina Colada. He felt a nudge from Richard, his flaccid cock still hanging from his pants, in Dave's mind his magazine had come to life. Dave's thoughts came back from the beach."Richard, you better put that back in your pants. Now what do you want?" Richard said one word, "Lunch."

They ate at a local Olive Garden. Then drove the rental car to Hotel Boi - Orlando. Even Dave was getting excited. Richard ran up and rang the bell. Both standing there, the door opened and an older balding man opened and said, "Welcome to the Orlando Facility. You must be Richard and his Uncle Dave, am I correct?" Richard impatiently said, "Yes, yes, is Wesley here?" Dave said to the older man, "He's been like this since he talked to Wesley on the phone."

They were escorted into the main room where Dave became wide eyed. Naked boi's seemed to be everywhere. One was out on the patio bouncing upon a man's hard penis. The boi looked to be a nine year old and was as erect as the man fucking him. Dave was amazed. Wesley had just walked down the stairs and waved at Richard. "Sup Sweet Cheeks. Why are you still clothed?" He'd been joking, but when Richard started stripping, he giggled.

Richard turned and handed his clothing to an astonished Dave and ran off with Wesley. Uncle Lou, who had just joined them, chuckled, "They come in and it's like magic, they quickly join the rest. I can never get over it. But, I do like the view." Dave nodded and stared, this was better than the magazine or Channel 6969, this was the real thing. "Now only if this was a beach setting." Lou looked at him, Dave had said it aloud.

Lou said, "As a matter of fact, the Brazil facility has just opened up is Directorship. It's a fine place to be, they say. I would take it myself, but I just took this one over." Just then a naked boi with gold rimmed glassed came up, "Are you looking for a boi to fuck, or perhaps a nice blowjob, sir? I'm available and I swallow." The red headed boi said with a big grin. then he added, "I'm eight years old." Dave found his pants sticking straight out. Lou pushed the boi away, "Ronnie, he's only visiting." The boi grinned, "Well, you sure could have fooled me! His cock is busting out of his fly!" He felt Dave's hard-on and ran away giggling toward the other naked boi's. Dave thought he had just died and gone to heaven.

Lou nudged him and said laughing, "Want some refreshments? Or a bathroom." He pulled Dave with him. "This way." They walked into the kitchen as Lou poured a cup of black coffee he said, "Here's a mug, Dave isn't it?" Dave nodded, "Thanks, how in the hell do you keep it in your pants?" Lou said, "I don't! There's always a mouth to take care of me." Then sipped his coffee. Just then a very naked Richard and Wesley ran in.

The two bois had been up in Wesley's room and Richard was envious. "Uncle Dave, you ought to see his room! It's out of this world! He even has a Polar Bear rug on his floor." Dave listened to Richard babble on. Wesley eyed the erection behind Dave's zipped up Dockers. To Dave's surprise Wesley knelt before him, unzipped the Dockers and extracted the pulsing penis. "You poor, poor man, you need some relief." Wesley's red tongue snaked around the steel hard, purple head and licked it clean of bubbling precum.

Dave didn't think, he just opened his legs wide and watched as his cock disappeared into Wesley's wet sucking mouth. Dave's balls were already tight and hard, he knew he wouldn't last very long, as excited as all of this had made him. He ran his fingers through Wesley's right side parted pompadour and relished the sucking of his purple headed cock. For the first time he noticed that Wesley was wearing a fuchsia ribbon around his neck.

Dave instantly felt his cum begin to boil and quickly travel up, out and into Wesley's sucking mouth. The boi was swallowing as fast as he could. It felt so good. The sperm flowed and shot off the roof of Wesley's wet warm mouth. The boi's tongue seemed to polish the head of his spewing prick. Dave opened his eyes just as Wesley's red tongue licked him clean. Wesley planted a big wet kiss on the head of his cock. Then stood up licking his lips clean of Dave's creamy residue.

A bell rang and Lou said, "Now it starts." He got up and opened the door and in walked a swarthy man, who looked Latin to Lou, but Florida was chock full of Latin's of every denomination. The man said very little. He looked over the boi's and laid his eyes on Richard. "I will take him." He pointed at Richard. Wesley looked at the man and thought, 'Just where do I know him from?' Lou started to shake his head and Richard said, "Please, I love this place, I wish I was a Pleasure boi, just this one time, please!" Lou appraised the boi, "Ask your Uncle."

Richard ran up to Dave and whispered in his ear. Dave looked at his nephew, "Are you serious?" Richard begged, "Please, pretty please!" Dave shrugged, "Well, you can work off my blow job, ok." Richard ran back to Lou, "He said I could!" Lou thought for a minute, "Wesley take Richard to room #28 right next to yours, it's open right now, help him ready himself while I take care of the financial arraignments with Mr.?" "Garza, Hector Garza." The Latin man told him his name.

All the way up to #28 Wesley was trying to figure out where he knew him from, finally he shrugged and thought 'fuck, if it was that important I would remember.' He took Richard into #28 and helped him with the red bag then showered. After Richard showered and dried off Wesley sprayed Obsession and had Richard walk through the spray. "OK, Richard, now fuck his lights out! We just might make a Pleasure Boi out of you yet!" Wesley said with a giggle.

As Wesley walked down the stairs, he looked at Garza again, then again shook his head, still couldn't figure out where he knew him from. Garza walked into Richard's room. Richard stood by the bed. "Kid for five grand you better be wearing space panties and have ass out of this world!" Richard shrugged, "What do you mean, Sir?" Garza said, "Never mind, I want to fuck that sweet looking ass."

Richard helped Garza remove his clothing. He drew the shower for Garza and soaped the lower part of the Latin man's body. After the soap had been washed away, and Garza was toweling off. Richard held the brown skinned cock in his hand and eyed the deep purple head. Slowly ran his tongue around the corona and then tongued the slit atop. Smiling, Richard opened wide and sucked in the man's cock as far as he could take it.

Garza moaned and rocked back and forth as he fucked Richard's wet, warm mouth. His hands ran through Richard hair. "Suck it bitch! Suck my cock!' Garza moaned, Richard began breathing through his nose and let the fat Latin sausage slide down his throat until his red lips were covered by the man's black pubic hair. Garza held him even tighter and fucked the boys mouth, the tightness fit his cock like a kid skin glove.

As Garza rocked back and forth Richard herd him moan, "I hope your pussy is as tight as your mouth." Richard slowly pulled away and hopped up on the bed. He lay on his back, pulled his thin white legs up to his chest spreading them wide, beckoning Garza and his cock to fuck him at will. Garza knelt between Richard's splayed legs, holding his throbbing member. He reached for some lube, "Ah lime, my favorite!" Garza exclaimed. He liberally applied some to his brown throbber and placed it at the boys ready boi-pussy. "You ready, you beautiful slut?"

Richard's eyes lit up, "Fuck me as hard and as deep as you can! I love cock so much!" The boi's red tongue was tight between his teeth as Garza pushed hard into Richard's young body. He heard a 'woosh' of air coming from deep in Richard's lungs. Richard seemed to push as Garza plunged into him to the hairy root. Richard's legs quickly clamped behind the man's body as he readied himself for a hard fuck!

Garza's body laid upon Richard's and the boi clasped his arms around the man's neck and held on tightly. The man fucked him hard and relentlessly. His big brown penis quickly found Richard's spot and as his hips drove down, Richard's ready ass popped upward. "Damn kid, what a fuck you are! This is some good boi-hole, you are milking my cock! What a feeling I'm getting!" Garza said into Richard's ear.

Richard's inner muscles clamped down hard around the hard brown stalk. On and off the boy milked the cock trying to drain his of his creamy essences. The more Richard's body worked the faster and harder Garza fucked him. The cum boiled with in him and he pushed his hips in and out as he drove for a hard and gooey ending to their sex act. Garza tongue worked itself into Richard's mouth and sucked on Richard's tongue. The hair on his belly teased the tip of Richard's throbbing penis, his hair was bringing Richard to his own cum,'Fucking is so great' Richard thought.

Garza began to hump even harder, his breath came in shorter bursts, and his belly hair scraped Richard's boi-cock even harder. Richard stiffened, he could feel a cum approaching at light speed. His own cock exploded between their bodies, right before Garza exploded inside of him. Two loads of creamy sperm flooded in two places. "Fuck me, oh please fuck me, I'm cumming, you're making me cum! I love to cum." Richard moaned.

Garza's cock was spewing sperm into the boi's body in what seemed like gallons. It coated the walls of his colon and then retreated out and pooled between the bois ass cheeks. Garza couldn't keep it up and collapsed upon the small boi. Richard held on tightly, as though he wanted to keep Garza in him forever.

When Garza left he looked over at Lou and said, "Your little whore was really worth the five grand. Hope he's here the next time I come here. He came, I made him cum!" Garza left really proud of the fuck he gave Richard. Richard lay in the bed, he knew he should shower, but he kept dipping fingers in the cummy pool and licking his fingers clean. He actually loved the salty cum taste. Richard then sat on the side of the bed and looked around, he said, "I would love for this to be my room, I just wonder, I just wonder."

Richard showered and still stayed naked and went down stairs where Dave and Lou were talking. Dave looked at him, almost knowing what the boi was going to ask?" Before Dave could open his mouth Richard opened his. "Uncle Dave, I want to stay here, I could really get to love it here. You wouldn't have to twist my arm, really. PLEASE!"

Dave actually smiled and looked at Lou, "Who do i talk to about the position at Rio?" Lou's old eyes got wide, "You know, Mr. Allen Jeffries the North American Division Head is here for the Wesley Auction. We could talk to him, besides if the boi stays here with us you get a finder's fee, a few grand I think." Dave smiled, "Hell, if he gives me the job, he can keep the money and Richard too!"

Lou and Dave were sitting in Lou's office when Allen Jeffries walked in. Dave and Lou stood up, Allen said "Sit, please sit." He extended his hand to Dave, "I don't think I have had the pleasure." Dave shook Allen's hand and introduced himself. Lou Interrupted and explained the whole thing. Allen was smiling as Lou explained. Lou pointed out Richard who was helping out another boi as both licked up and down the side of a Patron's throbbing cock.

Allen told Dave he would need a resume, but he liked him, and bringing in a boi like the one out there was points in his favor. He had to hold the auction for Wesley and he had smuggled in a surprise. Upstairs were a pair of redheaded nine year old twins, Parker and Preston Swinton. Allen would bring out the pair for another surprise auction, both expert cocksuckers, but with virgin boi-pussies.

Allen stood on the stage and they brought the naked and readied Wesley out. The room was full of men with cash, drafts and credit cards. The idea of breaking in a new boi was overwhelming to many of the prospective horny Patrons. Allen put both hands up in the air "Gentlemen, gentlemen may I have your attention please. I am Allen Jeffries, North American Division Head of B.T.W. Welcome to Orlando! Here he is, our 11 year old virgin, Wesley!" Wesley waved and walked from side to side, then bent over to show the extreme tightness of the virgin hole, then he turned around, raised his arms into the air, and gave all a complete look at his body as he slowly turned and slapped each bubble butt cheek.

Allen, holding the mic said, "Gentlemen, do I hear Five thousand to start? A hand in the back raised. "I now have five, do I hear ten?" A man in front said "ten", quickly someone said "twenty" trying to smother any other bids. Allen called out, "I have twenty for this fine virgin flesh, do I hear twenty five?" The hand in the back rose and Allen yelled, "I have twenty-five, do I hear thirty?" A man along the side with a shaved head yelled "Thirty." The man who had bid twenty now jumped the bid to "fifty!" A silence covered the hall. Allen swallowed hard "Gentlemen I have fifty for Wesley do I hear fifty-five?" Nothing Jeffries said fifty once, twice and the man on the side said "Sixty." Allen couldn't believe it, he almost could not say sixty-five, but he did and the man in the back said, "Oh fuck! Seventy!"

Allen took a swig of his water. Lou and Dave were sweating and Lou looked at Dave, "70 grand, Fuck!" Allen regained his composure and said, "I have seventy thousand do I hear seventy-five?" The man sitting in the front stood up, "Eighty Thousand Dollars." Allen, Lou, and Dave all got weak. Allen had a difficult time saying, "I have eighty thousand, do I hear eighty-five thousand?" All he heard was groans and mumbles as he said, "Eighty Thousand going Once, twice, three times. Sold to Mr. Granger in the front." Wesley had his deflowerer!

Wesley hopped off the stage, "My room is #27, let's go!" Granger took the boi's hand and walked upstairs. Allen asked for a towel. Lou handed him one, and Allen wiped his face before continuing, "Gentlemen I have a surprise for you. B.T.W. has procured two more virgins. They are twin bois of nine." The twins were led to the stage. the Red headed bois waved to the men who were all now sweating. Their sapphire blue eyes sparkling, their alabaster white skin seemed to glow.

"This here is Parker, do I here twenty-five thousand?" Parker was auctioned off for eighty thousand, and when the bidding began, Preston caused a panic. He was the only one left. When he was auctioned to a big African for one hundred and five thousand Allen almost had a stroke! The boi's were taken to rooms 50 and 51. Dave and Lou poured their tenth cup of coffee. Dave took out his pen and wrote the figure $265, 000 dollars for the three boi's. "MOTHER OF FUCKING PEARL," he shook his head, "Lou I want that job! Hell, I'll blow Mr. Jeffries if I have too!" Just then, Denny walked in, he had been fronting as Uncle Lou's assistant. "Hey Uncle Lou, what did I miss?" Lou and Dave broke up into laughter and handed him the paper with the figures on it. He looked at it and back at them, "What's so funny about this?"

Part 3: The deflowering!

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