This story is a re-telling of a story posted to Nifty in October 2006: “Almost 14.” I’ve tried to contact the author, but without success. So if you’re out there, Dirtyboy, I hope that you’ll accept this in the spirit of a band making a “cover version” of a well-loved classic, and remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thank you for those hot, sexy parts one and two. I also (rather selfishly) hope that it will encourage you to write the third part!

To everyone else reading this story I’d recommend reading the excellent original version, which covers the same events but told from the boy Jamie’s (James in the original) point of view. It’s filed in the same adult-youth section of Nifty and at time of posting has not been archived, so it’s just a matter of scrolling down or using the “find” funcion in your browser.

The original is presented as a “true life” story. This “cover version” is of course complete fiction. I’ve tried to be accurate and write the characters as they are presented in the original, but I’m not sure to what extent I’ve managed that successfully.

Happy reading to you all!


The Rider

Some people only ever rode a convertible when the weather was sunny. That seemed a total waste to Rich. By far his favorite time for just cruising the streets was after rain. The air smelled fresh and sweet, and something about the feeling in the air just made him glad to be alive. That often led to the other sort of cruising – some of his best hook-ups had been after heavy weather.

He was pretty sure that it was the weather which got the boys horny; he was under no illusion that he was any sort of chiselled god. At just under forty, his square chunky body was burly rather than athletic, and distinctly hairier than it used to be. Rather than fighting it, he’d grown a neat mustache and let his hair grow out to a short, conservative “clone” cut instead of the ultra-short buzz he’d worn for years. It seemed to work better with the period Chevy, anyway.

This had been a quiet ride, but he didn’t care. The air had smelled so good he’d just pulled on sweatpants and an old wife-beater, wanting to feel the air on his chest. He was just a few blocks from home before he saw the boy, who was pedaling along on the wrong side of the still gleaming ribbon of blacktop – not that it mattered: they were the only traffic, and the road was straight.

Rich slowed down to enjoy the boy’s beauty. He was wearing tight little denim shorts that showed off his smooth legs and a baggy red shirt that left his arms bare. As he pedaled, his little butt shifted from side to side, and Rich felt himself getting hard in his sweatpants imagining the boy’s soft squeals as he worked the tight little candy starfish between those grapefruit sized buns. Well, a hardon never hurt: boys who liked Daddies usually liked big cocks too, so it was good advertising.

There was a stop sign ahead. Rich drew up to it and waited, and as the boy drew alongside he looked up and smiled. “Hi there – you enjoying the air too, huh?”

The boy blinked – the biggest, dark-lashed peat brown doe’s eyes he’d ever seen, his smooth skin pale as low-fat milk and dusted with freckles across his cheeks, his lips the vivid red of autumn berries. He was staring down at the lump in Rich’s sweats, and hardly seemed to be listening. “Huh?” he said.

Rich tugged his pants down, letting his dick out for air. The kid was thirteen, he guessed, give or take a year, but the expression on his face was far older. “What do you think?” Rich asked. “You ever seen a guy’s cock before?”

The little cutie shook his head, no. His sweet little red mouth hung half open, as though he was breathing heavier now, even though he wasn’t cycling. His perfect teeth, white as peeled almonds, spoke of good dentistry, and he had the slightest, cutest kid overbite. Rich imagined the boy rolling over in bed next to the dark, shadowed form of a man; tasting cum in his perfect little mouth as he clicked his night retainer into place.

Rich stroked his thumb and finger up and down his cock, pleased at the way the kid’s gaze followed his hand. “You like it,” he said. The boy drew in a deeper breath, looking excited and his cheeks flushed pink along the scatter of freckles there. Rich took his hand away. “Want to touch it?”

The boy hesitated, then reached down and ran his fingers over the head and down the hard shaft of Rich’s cock. His touch was light, and Rich could feel the boy’s fingers trembling.

“Where you headed to?” Rich asked.

“Home,” the boy said, his voice high and soft.

“Well, I live just a couple blocks from here. If you want to come back to my place, I’ll let you play with it some more.”

The boy drew in a shaking breath, and pulled his hand back. For a moment Rich thought it was going to be “no,” but then the kid flushed red enough to match his shirt and ducked his head. “Okay,” he whispered.

Rich drove slowly, watching the little cutie in his rear-view mirror, half expecting him to get scared and turn off, but he didn’t.

The houses around here were frame-built, mostly two storey affairs from the twenties and thirties, with a scattering of later interbuilding on subdivided lots. Rich’s was one of the latter: a single storey brick construction in a ranch style.

Rich turned off the road, the gravel crunching softly beneath his tires as he followed the sunken curve of his driveway around in back of the green mound of his lawn, and waited, watching the mirror while the garage door slowly lifted. He felt a surge of relief as he saw the bicycle appear around the curve and shifted into gear again, rolling the Chevy into the shadowed, oil-and-gasoline smelling space of his garage. He set the parking brake and got out with careful, powerful grace. He’d spent a long time enjoying the sight of the boy; time to return the compliment and let him see what was on offer. Boys who liked Daddies liked big dicks, yes – but that wasn’t all they liked.

The boy had stopped outside, watching him. Interested, but wary as a wild thing: his slender body poised; dark gaze intent. He was still astride his cycle, his left foot resting on the pedal as though he might take flight at any moment, and Rich found his eyes following the lean curves of the boy’s calf and thigh muscles.

“Hey,” Rich said. “Want a soda?” He was pleased to see the boy’s gaze jerk up from where it had dropped to his crotch, and felt his cock twitch in response.

“Uh, sure,” the boy said, coloring slightly again.

Rich gave him his friendliest smile. “Back in a moment, then.” He walked calmly around the hood of his Chevy and up the two steps to the internal door into the house.

Once out of the boy’s sight, Rich allowed himself to hurry. He ran through his utility room into the kitchen; grabbed a couple of cans out of the fridge and dashed back, pausing only at the entrance to the garage to resume his studied, casual walk.

“Here,” he said, stopping well inside the garage and holding out a can.

The boy hesitated and then rolled his bicycle forward into the garage, still astride it.

Rich smiled, popped the tab, and held out the Coke again. “My name’s Rich,” he said. “What’s yours?”

“Um, Jamie,” the boy said, giving him a serious look as he accepted the can. Rich noticed he was careful their fingers didn’t touch. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Jamie,” Rich said, popping open his own can. He held it out. “Cheers,” he added.

Smiling shyly, Jamie clunked cans. “Cheers,” he echoed, and they both drank.

Rich only took a sip, but it looked like Jamie gulped half the can. He stood watching, admiring the boy’s smooth, hairless pit, so casually displayed; his slender neck as he swallowed; his casual grace. He was trying not to stare too obviously, and not sure he was succeeding.

Jamie lowered the can, belched, and blushed. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“No problem,” Rich said. “Looks like you were pretty thirsty. Been riding around long?”

“No, just down to the park. Nothing doing there though, so I was going to go home, play Donkey Kong some more.”

“Right.” Rich nodded towards the bicycle. “You can get off that, you know. I’m not gonna steal it.”

“Oh. Sure.”

As Jamie swung himself off his bicycle, Rich was pleased to see the bulge of a hard-on tenting the boy’s little denim cut-offs.

“So,” Rich said, once Jamie had leaned his bike against the wall. “Did you like touching my cock?”

Color flooded along the boy’s cheekbones as he nodded. “Uhuh,” he said, shrugging; trying for teen cool and missing it by a country mile. “It was okay.”

Rich backed away to lean against his workbench. “Wanna touch it some more?”

Plainly the answer was “yes,” but Jamie stood hesitating, chewing his cherry-red lower lip. Rich eased his jogging bottoms down to mid-thigh, and Jamie’s gaze dropped immediately to his meat. “You can touch it if you want.”

“Okay.” Jamie shrugged elaborately, and Rich smiled at him and motioned him closer. When he was close enough, he reached out and slid his arm around the boy’s shoulders, guiding him close up against his side.

“Glad you like my cock,” Rich murmured. “You want to touch it some more?”

Jamie looked up at him out of the side of his eye. “It’s okay?”

“Sure, it’s okay.”

Jamie’s reach was tentative, so Rich gently took his hand and guided it to the base of his cock.

“You ever touch yourself like this, Jamie?” he asked.

“No,” Jamie said at once, his tone defensive.

“It’s okay – it’s perfectly natural.”

Jamie gave him another wary look, but didn’t reply.

“You don’t have to be ashamed: every guy does it.”

The boy shrugged and shifted slightly, plainly uncomfortable with the discussion, so Rich once again slid his broad hand over the boy’s slender one and began sliding them both up and down his cock, enjoying the feel of those small fingers beneath his own. The boy was obviously nervous, and Rich found it arousing that Jamie was smart enough to know he was taking a risk: that privacy was also vulnerability if Rich was a “wrong guy.”

He smiled reassurance into those lovely brown eyes. “Mm, that’s nice Jamie. You enjoying it?”

“Mm.” Jamie swallowed and ran the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip. “Uhuh,” he added.

“That’s good.” Rich kept his voice soft, intimate. “I thought you were. You’re doing it really well, you see, and you can’t do that if you don’t enjoy it.”

“Yeah? I am?”

“Oh yes. You’re good at this - I mean, really good. Would you like me to do this to you?”

Instant tension beneath his hand.

“No!” Jamie’s voice was flat.

Silently, Rich cursed himself for going too fast. “Okay,” he said. “I won’t then. I just wanted to make you feel as good as you’re making me feel, that’s all.”

“Oh.” A pause. “It’s really good for you?” Jamie asked. He appeared to be focused on his task, watching what he was doing, but Rich knew that was at least partly shyness.

“It sure is,” Rich said, watching the boy rubbing his hand up and down over the big, hard cock he was grasping. “You’re really good at this. D’you want to kiss it?”

“Huh?” Jamie’s head flicked up and Rich found himself staring into wide, startled eyes. “No way!”

“Oh, okay.” Rich shrugged, keeping it casual. “I just thought you might like the feel against your lips, that’s all. It feels really good.”

Rich found himself grinning at the look of outright disbelief on Jamie’s face. “It’s true,” he said. “I’ll kiss yours if you don’t believe me.”

Jamie shifted uncomfortably. “No, it’s okay,” he said. Rich pretended not to notice how the boy pressed the underside of his forearm against the little lump in his cut-offs.

Rich squeezed the boy’s shoulders with his arm again. “You should try it,” he said. “I really think you’d like it.”

“You do? Like it, I mean.” Disbelief was still writ large over Jamie’s face.

“Yeah. Go on – just a little kiss.”

The boy hesitated, looking down to Rich’s cock and up again. “You’re not – you’re not joking me?”

“No, I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Rich said, and moved his arm, hugging the boy’s shoulders a little. “You wanna try it?”

Jamie seemed to consider for an age, and Rich found himself holding his breath. “Okay,” he said, finally. “Just a kiss, right?”


Rich felt Jamie draw a deep breath, and then the boy bent abruptly down, touched his lips to the taut, shiny head of Rich’s cock, and straightened up again.

“Wow – that was good,” Rich said, slipping his arm more comfortably around the boy’s back. “You’re a really good kisser, Jamie.”

“Really?” The boy brightened. When he smiled, Rich noticed, his smile went up, and a little around to one side. Enchanting.

“Yeah, that was really great. You’re really good at kissing. You ever kiss a girl on the lips?”

Jamie dropped his gaze. “Uhuh,” he said, shifting a little and swallowing: obviously uncomfortable with telling an untruth.

Rich didn’t push it. “Ah, that explains how come you’re so good. You ever open your mouth when you kiss girls?”

“No.” Jamie’s voice made it half a query.

“Well, that’s a French kiss. You open your mouth, and move it around on theirs.”

“Oh.” Jamie was quiet a moment, thinking. “Like in the movies, you mean?”

“Right. You want to practice movie kissing? I bet you’d be really good at it.”

“With you?” Jamie looked bewildered, but the slight drawing away told Rich it was too soon: kissing a guy wasn’t just messing around, it was serious: “homo” stuff. “On your lips?”

“On my cock,” Rich said and nearly laughed out loud as he felt Jamie relax again. “Go on,” he said, and poked the boy’s side lightly. “Dare you.”

Again that lovely smile. “Okay,” Jamie said. He leaned down and kissed the head of Rich’s cock again. He paused for a couple of heartbeats, and then opened his mouth. Rich pushed his hips forward so that the head of his cock slipped into the boy’s mouth. Jamie pulled his head back and looked up at him, unsure.

“That was really good!” Rich said. “You’re doing just great. Try it for a little longer.”

“I did it right?” Jamie said, brightening.

“You sure did! It was great – you’re doing great. You wanna try it again? For a little longer?”

“Sure!” Jamie leaned closer to his cock again, his red lips parted, and briefly Rich felt the boy’s soft breath across his cockhead before those lovely soft warm lips slid over it.

“Oh, that’s good, that’s really good, Jamie,” Rich said, watching the boy as he slid those red, cocksucker lips back and forth over the flared head of his glistening meat. “Keep doing that – that’s really good.”

Jamie wasn’t using his tongue, which for Rich clinched the question about the boy’s claim to have kissed anyone. Still, it did feel good, and looked hot as hell too – not that he guessed this innocent kid had the first clue about how submissive that half crouch looked from up here. Even as his cock hardened further, Rich reminded himself he had to go slow.

The kid was visibly relaxing, so Rich leaned back against the workbench and watched the show, smiling and murmuring encouragement.

His cock was big and fat though, so he wasn’t surprised when Jamie pulled back after a few minutes, moving his jaw as though it was a little sore.

“Hey, that’s really good,” Rich said, stroking the boy’s arm. “Let’s get more comfortable, huh?” He shifted his ass from against the bench, and, drawing the boy with him, moved over to the steps up into the house. He pushed his sweats right down to his ankles and sat down on the topmost step, spreading his knees wide.

“Here,” Rich said, patting the rubber floor mat. “You can kneel on this and then the French kissing’ll be better for you.”


“Yeah. You like kissing my dick, huh?” he said as Jamie knelt down.

Jamie nodded, flushing, and Rich slid his hand companionably over the boy’s smooth shoulder, guiding his head down to his cock. “It’ll be easier if you lick it first and get it wet,” he said, and felt himself harden further as the boy obediently poked out the tip of his pink little tongue and began to lick.

He was tentative at first, but quickly seemed to decide he liked doing this, and soon was enthusiastically licking up and down the length of Rich’s hard shaft, cradling both the man’s hairy balls in his little hands as he did so.

“Oh yes Jamie – that’s great!” Rich said, shifting a little further forward on the step and smiling at the obviously increasing enthusiasm. He stroked the smooth warmth of the boy’s bare, slender neck; sliding his fingers beneath Jamie’s tee-shirt to lightly stroke the little, nubbed curve of his silky, firm back. He just loved how slim boys let you feel how their body was working beneath the sheathing of their delicate skin. “Having fun, huh?”

Jamie licked his glistening shaft and grinned up at him like the Cheshire cat.

“Ready to do French kissing again?” Rich said. “Okay. So this time you open your mouth really wide, and when I put it in you suck on it like a blow-pop, okay?”

“Okay,” Jamie said, excitement clearly audible in his high, boy’s voice.

“Ready then? Come on,” Rich said. He slid his free hand down over one of Jamie’s, where the boy was cupping his balls, and then hooked his thumb over the base of his cock, tilting it to a better angle for Jamie’s mouth. “Really wide now, okay?”

The boy took him at his word and opened his mouth as wide as he could, his pearly white teeth gleaming against the glistening candy-red of his lips and his sweet pink tongue.

Rich guided Jamie’s head down until the head and a bit of the shaft was inside. “Now close your lips around it and suck on it like I told you. Like a blow-pop, okay?”

“Oh yes,” he said as Jamie did as he was told, his warm lips forming a firm circle around his glistening rod, his cheeks hollowing slightly as he began to suck.

“Ohh, yes, that’s really good. Just go up and down a little bit, huh?” He felt the firm warmth of the boy’s tongue against the underside of his shaft and groaned softly. “Oh yes – do that with your tongue again: that was really good; you’re really good at this, Jamie!”

Jamie smiled up at him from beneath his lashes, happiness shining in his soft, doe’s eyes. The width of Rich’s cock widened the boy’s upper lip into the cocksucker pout, the point in the center brushing softly up and down the furrow in Rich’s glistening, veiny hardness.

“Oh, that’s great, Jamie boy! Just great!” Rich groaned as the boy slid the hot, wet suction of his little mouth up and down on his cock. “Just keep doing that, kid!”

He felt Jamie relax: something must’ve finally convinced his cute little honey that he was doing everything completely right. The kid was vacuuming his hot, slippery velvet-mouth up and down with such increasing enthusiasm that Rich found his eyes rolling up in his head.

“Oh god you’re good Jamie!” Rich moaned, working his fingers convulsively over the smooth muscle of the boy’s bare shoulder. He could feel his balls heavy and full; feel too, little fingers gently massaging his eggs as that blood-hot mouth massaged nearly half way down his aching hardness.

“You gotta back off now, son, Rich gasped. He could tell Jamie didn’t want to, any more than he did – but the boy might not know about cum yet, and he didn’t want anything to spoil Jamie’s first experience of cock sucking.

He pushed Jamie’s shoulder and simultaneously shifted his hips back on the step. As the boy’s mouth slid back up his hard shaft, Rich curled his fingers around his cock.

“Off now,” he repeated; fighting for self control as he felt that twitch beginning deep down at the root of his cock; sliding his hand up along his shaft as though he was wanking in order to urge the boy back: off. The moment the crown popped past Jamie’s lips and he felt fresh air, Rich tilted his cock to the side and began furiously fisting his hard meat.

Two strokes, three – and then he growled, squeezing his eyes tight shut as his dick jerked in his hand and he fired a real gusher. He opened his eyes in time to see the second silver rope arch and splatter across the blotched gray concrete of the garage floor, and then he was gasping and panting as the last few twitches and spurts trickled down over his hand.

Dazed, heart thudding, he automatically lifted his hand to his mouth and licked his cum off his hand before recalling the boy’s presence.

“Wow!” Rich said softly. The boy was squatting on the rubber mat, looking a little wide-eyed. “That was hot stuff, dude. Haven’t had that much fun in a lonnng time. You have fun too?”

“Yeah!” Jamie said, looking up from the jizz on the floor. “That was cool! I really was hot stuff? Only, at the end-”

“Yeah, sorry about that.” Rich jerked his thumb toward the little puddle. “I didn’t know if you made it yet, and didn’t want to scare ya.”

“Oh.” Jamie nodded, giving the lie to his earlier claim not to play with himself. He still squatted, but seemed to settle down a little. Rich watched the thoughtful gaze of those brown eyes as they looked down to the puddle and up again to his lips. “You ate it?”

Rich shrugged and grinned. “Saves mess,” he said. “Look, you can’t tell anybody about this, okay? It’s private stuff.”

“Oh.” Jamie pressed his lips together momentarily and then parted them again, tasting each with the tip of his tongue. “Okay, I won’t tell.”

“You promise?”

“Sure.” Jamie nodded, his dark eyes solemn. “I promise.”

“Good,” Rich said, idly stroking his cock. “If you keep your promise, you can come here any time – just knock on the garage door.”

“Yeah? Anytime?” Jamie shifted closer onto his knees again, looking up intently. “For real?”

“Well, unless you figure anyone else is here – you know, a different car in the driveway, that kind of thing. But apart from that, yeah – for real.”

A huge, sunny smile spread over Jamie’s little face and he bounced to his feet. “I’ll remember!” he said. He jigged from foot to foot, balancing on tippy-toes, visibly fizzing with excitement. “Gotta go!” he sang. “See ya!” He twirled about and high-tailed it for the entrance.

Awkwardly hauling up his pants, Rich heard the clank of the boy’s bike being lifted even as he stumbled to the corner of the Chevy. He leaned on the still-warm hood and craned his neck just in time to catch a glimpse of Jamie as he turned the corner of the drive out of sight. He’d been riding high: balanced on the pedals, his neat, denim-clad little butt wiggling with the effort, just as it had been when Rich had first caught sight of him on that rain-wet country road.

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I’d like to urge you to read the original, “Almost 14”, an excellent tale of a boy’s sexual awakening.