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One sleepy afternoon, not long after we had welcomed the two brothers, we were in the middle of a siesta. My brother had already flown back to Delhi. Five of our teen sex addicts soon got tired of sleeping and wanted sex. They got up and crawled closer to each other. I had my eyes open and grinned when I saw them crawling, I knew what was coming. Seeing me awake they crawled next to me silently.

"Let's go inside the latrine," whispered one. I nodded and silently stood up. The boys stood straight with me as did their penises. Two of the boys walked ahead of me fondling each other and the other three padded by my side, their woodies waving in the sun. I felt my cock harden.

The Safe Zone Chapter 5

T., our 16 year old sex addict, was one of those who walked by my side. He clasped my hands. He was always extra sweet towards me. He felt that I had saved his life by plucking him out of a horrendous boys' remand home five years ago. His crime had been that he was an orphan who was caught stealing a loaf of bread - for his kid brother. He never saw his brother again. His eyes well up with tears every time he thinks of him. The authorities packed T. off to a remand home since he was 11 at that time. T. couldn't find out what they did to his bro who was 8 then. By the time Charles, my brother, and I could get him out of that hell hole his bro had long since vanished. We tried locating the kid but it was futile. No one knew of them. T. had been sent to a remand home of a different state from where he and his kid brother lived. In all probability the poor child was already a glue sniffing junkie in some metropolis in India by now, slowly but surely dying a little bit more with each passing day. It is dreadful how orphans are treated in the wide world.

Almost as soon as T. came to live with us he confessed that he and his brother rubbed each other to arousal every night. He was horny even as an 11 year old! His brother too and he was only 8! Over the last 5 years T. had taught others in our family how to fully enjoy sexual pleasures. He was smart at studies too. He would sometimes take over from me in class for younger boys and teach them the intricacies of Algebra and the beauty of Physics in such an engrossing way that even I was thrilled to simply sit myself down among the boys and listen. He had a prodigious memory and could read and remember much from the books that my medico brother gave him to read. His mental age was certainly more than his chronological age.

Imagine if you will of a class of 5 or 6 young boys and a man (me) among them being taught Archimedes' Principle by a 16 year old T., all stark naked and more often than not with hard ons. T.'s amazing oratory skills snatched everyone's attentions away from sex to Science even as he walked around the class sporting a raging boner explaining patiently, so that every single boy understood the concepts.

T. was intensely horny all the time, it seemed to me. How he could manage to concentrate that brain to things other than sex amazes me no end. Yet he was very serious about acquiring knowledge no matter what the state of his arousal. He was also showing spiritual development. He would lead the family in mediation sessions and show us how to channelize our sexual energy towards pure consciousness.

T. would fuck my brother's ass gently first with his finger and then with his dick. He would sit on my brother's face and moan as his ass was being tongued. Almost immediately after T. came he would be ready to be serviced by any one of us. The rest of our family would gather around trying to guess how many times T. would manage to cum in succession that day. Among all of us T. could proudly claim to have brought to orgasm each one of us several times. He seemed to know the pleasure points of each one of us, from the youngest to the oldest Jacob who was 17. Our helpers, Peter, Roger, Mark and Bob were equally happy with T.

So it was no wonder that as soon as the six of us entered the latrine that T. took charge of the orgy. All of us were only too happy to comply.

"Today, I shall get you all to the top of a mountain and not let you fall," he announced in his best classroom voice as he made us sit in a circle cross legged on the dry floor.

Because we kept our latrine very clean all the time and also because of the constant breeze inside there was no smell at all. I looked at the states of arousal of the other four boys sitting beside me. They were rock hard, each one of them. Two of them had pre-cum oozing out of their piss holes. T. stood erect and ram rod straight in the middle of our circle.

"Now I want you to suck in your anuses as if you are trying to control your shit from coming out."

We did so obediently.

"Don't touch your cocks and start putting pressure on your bladder as if you are trying to hold your piss in."

We looked up at T.'s smooth body. His cock was throbbing with excitement. He loved to show himself to everyone. And now he had our rapt attention. He turned around so that everyone in the circle could see how aroused his cock was.

"Now all of you lie down on your backs and keep your hands away from your cocks. Keep sucking in your anal and bladder muscles."

We complied. I was so aroused by now that it was hurting to keep sucking in. The other boys were wriggling on their backs with excitement. Some had their hands straight up in the air to stop themselves from masturbating. T. squatted on the face of one of the boys and let him smell and lick his anus. No touching was allowed. He went on to the next boy and the next till he came to me. One sniff of his wet asshole and I was delirious with pleasure. His penis leaked pre-cum over my chin and chest. I had my arms on the floor as instructed.

After all of us had a lick of his anus he made us position ourselves on the ground on our hands and knees with our assholes spread out toward T. He knelt and, without touching our penises, licked each one of us for a minute. By this time the boys had little pools of pre-cum on the ground between their knees.

"Now stand up!" ordered T.

Feeling a bit giddy we stood up facing each other in a circle. The boys had their mouths open with lust. They forced themselves not to fondle their cocks.

"Now look at each other's cocks and imagine as hard as you can that you are sucking them."

We held each other's hands to support ourselves from falling down and intensely imagine us in an orgy. I could feel the tremble of the bodies of the two boys holding my hands as I stood in the circle. One boy started moaning in intense heat. His eyes had glazed over and we could see he was completely lost in his imaginary orgy with us. One by one the rest of us followed suit. I felt myself ejaculating within a few minutes. The boys were moaning with their eyes closed. T. was observing each one of us intently with his hands tightly held behind his back. As I ejaculated and opened my eyes he smiled at me and I smiled right back.

I looked at a boy who was nearing orgasm; T. squatted and kept his mouth open to catch the hot cream in his mouth. He got it splattered all over his face as the boy came. I did the same with another boy.

After each one of us had ejaculated once, T. made three of us squat and, still without allowing any of us to touch cocks with our hands, made us rim the other three. I got to rim T.'s asshole. Then T. rimmed me as I stood up. Amazingly two of the boys ejaculated again. All this without touching their penises at all!

In the end T. relented and made us take up 69 positions with each other and suck each other off without touching our cocks.

As we lay there on the floor all exhausted and panting T. stood up and called out, "this is what I call Mountain Climbing. Like it?"

We gasped out our affirmative replies.

We could cum no longer for the moment, hugely satisfied we got up and supported each other as we walked out of the latrine.

I hugged T. in the sun. He kissed my mouth.

"Let's go sit there under that tree," he said.

He led me to a little wooden bench under a shady mango tree and sat on my lap as he nuzzled my neck.

"It's wonderful living with you Kevin," said T. seriously, "you guys have changed my life."

"And you mine" I hugged him tight.

T.'s penis flopped over my thighs. I smelt his teen cum in my mouth; it reminded me of my brother's cum.

"My brother will come to live with us soon," I told T.

"And mine is still lost."

T. looked down and started to cry.

I felt very, very sorry for this lad. We had gone over his loss many times in the past. He understood the futility of his hopes of ever finding his kid bro again. But he kept up his prayers and meditation. Each day for the last 5 years T. had visualized himself hugging his brother in our home. All of us supported his hope and Charles had tirelessly been searching for him too. T. had told us the state and even the name of the village where they lived. And both Charles and I had made several sorties there. Apparently the kid had been whisked away by some strangers soon after T. was taken into juvenile custody. Nobody knew where. T. had given complete description of his brother's body, down to the brown mole on his left butt cheek and his cleft lip. It seemed now that only a miracle could get him.

And as we sat under the mango tree on that hot afternoon we dreamt of such a miracle.

.... to be continued