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The Secret Keeper

Chapter I

Cameron was bored with his journey by bus. It had been 5 hours already and he dreaded re-boarding after a 10-minute stop. He had used the bathroom, bought a chocolate bar and coke for the last 3 hour stretch. He was going to spend the summer with his Uncle as he had done many times before. This would be the first in 2 years though; his last was when he was 13. He had seen his uncle only briefly at Christmas as he really had nothing to say to the old pervert, except for thanks for the presents. His uncle Mark was in his mid forties, unmarried with no children he lived alone in a year round cottage in the wilderness. Cameron had spent summers with him since he was 7 as his mother couldn't afford to send him to camp while school was out. Last summer he put his foot down and demanded to stay home the only difference this year was her asshole boyfriend. Things at home weren't great by any measure but being packed off like a little kid wasn't something that Cameron appreciated, he'd rather the boyfriend get lost. This one had lasted longer than the others but Cameron had never cared for any of them, they were there only to fuck his mother, this one even more so than the others.

Mark checked his watch and confirmed that it was time to fetch his summer visitor. As a professional photographer Mark traveled a lot during the year but stayed home every summer. Every one for the past 8 years he had the company of a wonderful boy, except for last year inexplicably. His mother reported that he just didn't want to come and he didn't want to talk to him about it. Mark was crushed but he understood that his boy was now a teenager and his priorities were changing.

Cameron's arrival this year came from a frantic phone call from his mother. She had reported disturbing changes in his behaviour, lying, stealing and fighting with her boyfriend. Mark was surprised to hear that he'd taken such a sudden turn in two years and was agreeable to help.

Mark drove his pickup into town and pulled up to where the bus stopped. The town was far too small to have a bus station but rather just a bench outside a convenience store. Mark pulled the truck up to the curb and lowered the window. A small teenage boy looked up at him. Only the cap he wore, backwards, contained his sandy brown hair. He was wearing a baggy green T-shirt and camo cargo pants.

"Hey little boy, you need a ride" Mark called out.

Finally the boy took off his headphones and got up. Peering into the tuck he said,

"You're late!"

"You're early actually" Mark replied softly.

Cameron got into the truck, throwing his duffle bag into the back seat. Looking around the vehicle he said,

"New truck eh, not bad" as he touched the leather interior.

"Thanks" Mark replied.

"Does it play MP3s?" the boy asked as he toyed with the audio controls.

"Sorry just CD's" Mark reported.

Cameron put his headphones back on and the unmistakable jungle beat of rap music escaped. Mark examined the boy at the stop light, he still had that little boy face with freckles across his nose but he'd let his hair grow out all shaggy. The boy was definitely bigger that he'd remembered, he was about five and half feet tall and broader at the shoulders, he may be in for another growth spurt but his mother was rather small herself.

Mark guided the truck into a small shopping center and stopped.

"Where are we going?" The boy demanded.

"Ice cream store of course!" Mark said gleefully.

"Ice cream?" Cameron replied sarcastically.

"It's our tradition, every time you come we've gone to the ice cream store" Mark replied.

"Yeah, well I'm not ten anymore" Cameron snorted.

"Well ok, no ice cream then but we do need to do some shopping" Mark replied.

"Yeah I'll wait here," the boy said dismissively as he put his headphones back on.

" I really wanted you to come" Mark said before the beat returned.

"Well you're really gunna be disappointed" Cameron advised.

"How am I going to know what to buy for you?" Mark asked.

"Cheerios, chips, coke, whatever" Cameron reported without looking at the man and then turned on his music.

Mark strode through the isles dumbfounded at Cameron's aggressiveness. He knew his mother was having trouble with him but Mark had hoped that wouldn't transfer to him self. Arriving back at the truck he loaded the groceries while the boy remained in his seat. Mark got in and ruffled the boys hair with a gentle hand and said,

"You want to get a haircut before we head back?"

"Keep your hands to yourself" Cameron blurted

"Oh, ... rough bus trip?" Mark asked.

Cameron nodded.

"Well I'm glad you made it Cam, it's nice to have you back" Mark consoled.

"I'm here under protest, they practically pushed me on the bus" Cam retorted.

"Well maybe this will be a good break from things" Mark suggested.

"Yeah right" Cam said sarcastically.

"For both you and your mother" Mark continued as they drove off.

They arrived at the cottage in half an hour; it was more a house by the lake than a cottage. There was a large open concept kitchen /living room that occupied most of the main floor. Mark's office sat on the forest side, while the lake side of the house was mostly glass, opening onto a large deck. The far side of the house was a side split, with the downstairs housing Mark's dark room and gallery while the upstairs contained the Master and guest bedrooms.

As Mark unloaded the groceries he was surprised that Cam helped without being asked. Cam brought his bag in as Mark put the food away.

"Up the stairs to the right" he told the boy as he passed.

" I know" Cam reported with a smirk.

Mark didn't see Cam until he started barbequing. The boy wandered out onto the deck wearing board shorts and the same T-shirt. He stood leaning against the railing, staring out into the lake. Mark flipped the steaks and then walked over the stand by the boy. He gently rubbed his back with one hand.

"Hands! Hands!" Cam protested.

"Sorry, I'm just so used to being affectionate with you. You were always all over me" Mark explained.

"Well get unused to it! I'm not a little kid anymore" Cam retorted and stormed back inside.

"Indeed" Mark said to no one.

Mark didn't have to call Cam twice for dinner, the boy heard him even through the headphones. Cam jumped down the half flight of stairs and jumped over the couch to crash into a kitchen chair. The boy immediately began eating. Table manners had never been a strength for Cam but Mark had gotten him to a respectable level and now it seemed that he'd regressed.

" Please don't use your fingers" Mark asked.

Cam looked up and then continued as though nothing was said.

The boy finished his meal quickly and sat silently.

"Guess you were hungry"

"Yeah" Cam replied and then let out a loud belch.

"Was that necessary?" Mark asked.

"What? In some countries that's a compliment" Cam said unabashedly.

"Well not in this country" Mark advised sternly.

"Whatever" Cam retorted.

The boy pushed his plate away and laid his head on the table, as if he could no longer hold it up. Mark marveled at how cute his face still was, the puberty monster had been kind thus far. The man resisted a temptation to touch the boy's face although he was desperate to do so.

"Head off the table" he said flatly.

Cam lifted his head up and propped it up on his elbows.

" You can go if you're done" the man suggested.

Cam just shrugged.

"You want something else?" Mark asked.

"What ya got," Cam asked.

"Well there's some strawberry cheese cake"

The boy nodded quickly in agreement.

Mark went to the fridge and got them both a piece, which Cam devoured instantly.

"You'll enjoy it more if you eat it slowly," Mark advised

Cam smirked.

"So your mother has a new boyfriend, sounds like it's serious" Mark made conversation.

"Asshole" Cam said flatly.

Mark looked at the boy disapprovingly.

"He's an asshole, he fucks my mom and pushes me around, good times for him I guess" The boy said defiantly.

"There's no need to swear" Mark advised.

"Whatever" Cam said as he got up to leave.

"You can clear and load the dishwasher," Mark ordered.

"Yeah right, I'm on vacation" Cam said as he continued to walk away.

"I suppose you'll want to use my computer later" Mark said knowingly.

Cam stopped, gave Mark a disapproving look and returned to the kitchen to accept his work.

As Mark made himself a coffee he watched the boy clean up.

" You owe me a hundred bucks," Cam advised.

" I do?" Mark was surprised.

" You missed my birthday present," The boy reported.

" I left a message for you to call me two months ago to see what you wanted and you never bothered to call" Mark advised. He had grown tired of sending money with no contact and had hoped to encourage Cam to call.

"Money" Cam said holding out his hand.

He knew Mark wasn't rich but he did have a lot more than his mom.

"Well we'll see" Mark explained

Cam finished his work and disappeared for the evening

Chapter II

For most of the week Mark didn't see Cam, except for feedings. The boy kept to his room and his music, grudgingly accepting his two hours a day limit on Mark's computer. Mark was considering how he might reach the boy. He used to be so happy to be here, they had such good times together that normally the end of the summer was a sad time for them both. Mark wanted to just hold him until the boy he knew returned but the man knew that wasn't going to get a positive reaction.

The July weather had turned very hot and humid. Cam joined Mark on the deck, wearing only his shorts.

"Fucking hot" the boy, reported, his hair damp with sweat.

"No need to swear" Mark said without looking up from the book he was reading.

Mark did look up as Cam stood by the railing. His shoulders had indeed filled out but the boy had gained fat as well.

"What happened to the flat belly?" Mark asked.

"What?" Cam said irritated.

"You were always a flat belly boy, now you've got a bit of fat around the middle. Did you give up hockey?" Mark said semi-playfully.

"Yeah you're in great shape," Cam said dismissively.

"I'm not 15" Mark retorted.

Cam ignored him and wandered off down to the lake. Mark went inside and got a camera. The boy waded into the water up to this waist, to cool off. Mark began candid shooting from the deck. He lamented how much Cam had let himself go, he was only a bit overweight but for a boy who was fit and athletic just two years ago the change was dramatic.

Mark walked down to the lake to get some close up's. As he raised the camera Cam took notice and shouted.

"No pictures!"

"Really? Why?" Mark asked disappointedly.

"I said no pictures!" Cam protested louder.

"Ok" Mark said sheepishly as he put the camera down.

"I'm fat remember" Cam said after a short silence between them.

"You're beautiful even with a bit of weight," Mark said softly

"I'm fucking gorgeous and you got enough pics of me when I was little anyway" Cam reminded as he walked out onto the small beach.

Mark noted that Cam still had strong firm legs, although dark hair had begun to cover them. Cam kept looking over his shoulder at Mark ensuring that no pictures were being taken as the two returned to the cottage.

Cam stopped suddenly and said with his arm outstretched,

"What the fuck is that!"

"Swearing!" Mark said exasperated.

"What is it!" Cam repeated.

"It's a seadoo" Mark advised

"That's like a jet ski?" Cam asked excitedly.

"Yes, it belongs to a friend of mine, I'm storing it here for him"

"Can I use it?" Cam was now returning to the excited little boy that Mark remembered.

"You need a license now" Mark advised.

"That sucks! Oh did I mention times two!" Cam protested.

"Yeah too many kids were doing stupid things on them I guess"

"Who's going to know" Cam continued.

"Your mom, when you kill yourself" Mark explained.

"Ah, come on, I won't" Cam pleaded.

"And when you get home and boast to all your friends?" Mark asked.

"You? Worried about me keeping a secret? Now that's stupid... hey guys I drove a jet ski and my uncle takes naked pictures of me," Cam said mockingly.

Cam was right of course, the risk was limited, until he crashed the thing and got sued. Mark had indeed used Cam as a nude model many times over the years. There were hundreds of nude pictures of him, all within the boundaries of artistic interpretation.

"Well we'll see" Mark advised.

"Right" Cam said despondently.

"Ah well maybe we can get you a license, costs a bit more than what I'd spend on your birthday present but if you can try and be nice for a while then we'll see" Mark offered.

"Ah you want more fucking pictures," Cam said angrily.

" No, I just want you to be nicer, I'm not your mom's boyfriend." Mark explained.

The two returned to the cottage to prepare for dinner.

The next day Mark showed Cam where he could study for his written boating exam online. As he guided the boy though the website he had his arm along the top of the chair and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. This time instead of screaming Cam just pushed the unwanted hand away with his own. Mark took the hint and left Cam to it.

Mark went to his dark room and got quite a bit of work done, in fact he was able to develop the candid shots of Cam that he had stolen. Mark's work was interrupted by another Cameron tirade. Mark sighed and left the dark room to find Cam standing in his gallery with a print out of his test results.

"What the fuck" Cam said pointing to a picture on the wall.

Mark looked at the photo in question, a large print of an 11-year-old Cam nude by a waterfall.

"That's my ass!" Cam protested.

"It's a beautiful picture of you" Mark explained softly.

"Out here for everyone to see? What if my mom saw it?" Cam continued to bellow.

"She has seen it. In fact thousands of people of have seen it." Mark reported.

Cam stood dumb founded.

Mark turned away and produced a coffee table book. He motioned for Cam to join him on the couch.

"I published this two years ago" Mark advised.

Cam flipped quickly through the book; there were tons of pictures of him mostly without clothes. Cam was openly despondent, there were many other boys in the book as well but Cam was clearly the dominant model.

"I though you did landscapes, what the fuck!" The boy continued.

"I do but I wanted to do something different. This one was quite a success actually," Mark reported.

"I bet! How much did you make on my ass!" Cam demanded.

"Did quite well"

"How much did I get? Nothing!" Cam continued.

"You were paid a lot more than the standard rate" Mark was now offended.

"I got fucking nothing!" Cam said angrily.

"Last year, your mom got a new car and a new computer, school trip to Ottawa, hockey equipment, where do you think that came from?" Mark explained.

Cam was stunned.

"Traded my ass for a Nissan, you should have told me!" He lamented.

"I couldn't get you to speak to me, and you're mother approved it all, I even sent her copies of the book, I thought you knew. I'm so sorry Cam" Mark explained.

"You should have told me! You took the pictures! You're the one I trusted!" Cam exploded. "Did you tell her you like the taste of my ball sack too!"

"I don't believe I've ever tasted that," Mark said quietly.

"You do know what my nipples taste like don't ya!" Cam shouted and then punched Mark in the chest as he stormed out the room.

He had no clue that Cam would be so upset with the book, he had worried more about the other things but the book had never occurred to him. Mark had indeed enjoyed the taste of any part of Cam. The boy was always up for aggressive play and most often initiated it. The two would roll around tickling and clutching with the boy squealing in pleasure. Cam often started the play fights just so he'd be tickled. The quieter after parts were more for Mark. The gentle stroking and yes the nipple tasting. Cam had never opposed the overt affection, except for resisting any facial kissing. Mark wondered though if it was enough, perhaps he should have sought expressed permission. He felt guilty at the pleasures he'd taken from Cam, indeed he wondered if he boy got enough out of the deal. His mother did get a car, which ate up most of the money.

Mark went up to his room and out onto his balcony. He could see Cam sitting on his chosen `thinking rock' by the lake. The gesture reminded Mark of the boy Cam once was. When Cam was 13 he was still an open pit for any affection, whether it was foot massages, body contact or tickling Cam was up for it. Mark thought about the time he did try and `taste Cam's ball sack' as the boy put it. Clearly it wasn't what Cam wanted and he resisted. While Mark considered that it was revisionist history to think that was the turning point of Cam's relationship with him, he did admit that it was never sexual from Cam's point of view. Mark soberly thought that his pushing Cam might be the root cause of so much anger.

Mark went downstairs to prepare dinner after a couple of hours on his balcony. He realized now that it was a mistake to have Cam here against his wishes. He'd call his mother and arrange a return trip for the boy.

Chapter III

Cam came inside as darkness fell. His dinner was waiting on the table, cold meats and salad, a good choice given that Mark didn't know when the boy would return. As he sat and ate Cam was conflicted. He had just freaked out on the only man he liked and in fact had just punched him. Having time to think about it, he now blamed his mother more for the photo book. She got what she wanted and didn't tell him. Fucking bitch he thought. Cam remembered a discussion on post secondary school where the bitch was complaining about his grades. He told her that she couldn't afford to send him to college anyway. Her reply was that uncle Mark would surely pay for it. She expected him to pay for everything, and he did.

Mark found Cam at the table.

"I've never seen you eat so slowly," he said jovially.

"Hey" the boy said softly.

Mark got himself a drink and left the boy returning to his armchair by the television. He wasn't going to push anything with Cam, at least the boy wasn't yelling any more. As he flipped through the satellite menu and found nothing on, Mark felt a pair of hands on his shoulders.

"Sorry about, well you know" Cam said sheepishly as he stood behind the chair.

"I understand" Mark whispered as the boys' hands massaged his shoulders. The feeling was electric for the man. Cam was touching him!

"I shouldn't have punched you, punch me back if you want" The boy offered his teenage logic.

"It's ok, you're not strong enough to hurt me anyway" The man lied.

"Asshole, I'm trying to say I'm sorry," Cam said as his hands moved to stroking the man's face.

"Oh Cam" was all the Mark could whisper.

"Yeah I know what you like so speak nice," Cam ordered.

"Speak nicely," Mark corrected.

After a few minutes Cam figured his debt was paid and sat in the chair beside Mark to watch TV.

"What's on?" he asked.

"Nothing" The man reported, handing the controller to the boy.

Mark found Cam's bare arm next to him, so inviting. He reached over and gently began stroking it. A few seconds later his eyes met Cam's stare.

"Having fun?" The boy asked

Mark nodded.

"Well fun times over" Cam said sternly.

Mark withdrew his hand and kept it to himself the rest of the night.

A cold calm had descended over their relationship for the next week. Mark had taken Cam into town to get his boating license. He bought him some more clothes and with great effort got him to accept a hair cut. Mark was heartened by the joy Cam seem to derive from the seadoo. He would ride it until the tank was empty and in fact broke his photograph ban to have his image captured on the machine.

"I'm going to have to buy this thing, aren't I?" Mark asked as they tied it up at the dock.

"Oh yeah" Cam said excitedly as he hopped off.

"It's mine, no one else gets to ride it," he demanded.

"Guess that means you'll be back next summer" Mark suggested playfully.

"Well see" Cam said mockingly.

Mark noticed that Cam was walking funny on the way to the cottage.

"Legs sore?" He asked

"Yeah, and no I don't need them messaged" Cam advised.

"I didn't offer to" Mark said softly.

Cam turned and told Mark " I can hear you thinking it"

Cam was suddenly startled when thunder loudly echoed across the lake.

"You still afraid of thunder?" Mark asked.

Cam gave him a dismissive look in response.

After dinner the clouds had rolled in and the rains came. Both went to bed with Cam lamenting that it had better not rain tomorrow.

That evening the thunder and lighting was quite a show. The light and sounds echoed on the lake and in the cottage. The sound had made sleep a challenge and so Mark was half awake watching the entertainment when he felt something join him on the bed. He rolled over to find Cam was sitting there, clearly terrified.

"Should we be like in the basement or something?" The boy asked.

"I don't really have a basement and besides we're perfectly safe" Mark reassured.

Unmoved by the reassurance Cam remained still uncertain of what to do and clearly frightened.

"Come in here with me" Mark suggested.

"I don't sleep with other men," Cam protested softly.

Other men, Mark found that amusing. Cam used to be a frequent visitor in his bed although as the years went on, it was less so each summer.

"Well you can just stay here with me until it slows down out there." Mark advised.

Cam lay back on the bed wearing only his night shorts. After a few minutes he was under the covers his back up against Mark, waiting the storm out.

In the morning Mark woke to find Cam on top of him. He definitely has put on weight the man thought. Cam's head was on his chest and the boy covered half his body on the right side. Mark gently stroked the boy's back enjoying the memory of younger days. Cam finally stirred he raised his head and looked at Mark, then went back down again. Eventually the boy got up and went to drain his bladder. Mark was disappointed when Cam then went downstairs. Mark followed him a short time later to find the boy eating directly from a box of cereal.

"Would it kill you to use a bowl?" Mark asked.

"You don't eat this stuff" Cam explained.

"Well I won't be now" Mark replied on his way to make his morning coffee.

As the summer wore on equilibrium developed. Cam and Mark had fallen into old patterns and seemed to be at peace. Mark was happy that Cam had relaxed and was at least reasonable to deal with. The boy was even tolerant of limited affection but did not return to the man's bed.

One night as Mark prepared for bed he could hear the unmistakable panting of Cam masturbating through his door into the common bathroom. It was likely a daily occurrence, this was just the first time that Mark had noticed and he felt a bit guilty for listening quietly. He deliberately made noise so the boy would know he was in the next room but that didn't deter Cam from throaty moans as he reached orgasm. Mark wanted desperately to participate but he knew that Cam had no interest in sex with him.

The next morning Mark mentioned the end of the summer at breakfast.

"I spoke to your mother, she wants you back by the 1st," Mark reported.

"Great" Cam replied flatly from a plate of pancakes.

"I suggested that she and Dan could come up and visit here for a week but they're not able to get away," Mark reported.

"Bus ride" Cam lamented.

"Well I might be convinced to drive you back" Mark suggested.

"Don't bother, its no big deal"

" I'd like to meet this Dan" Mark said.

"Met one asshole met em all" Cam said sarcastically.

"I could get some photos of you in your urban habitat" Mark said slyly.

"Doing a book on naked skate boarders are ya?" Cam asked.

"Naked boarders... hmm" Mark retorted.

"You got issues," Cam said.

"In fact I've got a whole subscription" Mark joked.

" I was hoping I could bridge between you two, maybe there's a couple of things each of you could do differently to avoid conflict" Mark suggested.

"You don't get it do you?" Cam snapped

"He's a bully, he controls my mom and pushes me around, the guy fucks her in the ass!" Cam continued.

"How do you know that?" Mark asked without really wanting to know.

"It's a small apartment and hearing your mom saying stuff like `I love it up the ass baby' just isn't cool" Cam explained in a way that would otherwise have been funny.

"Well, that's between them it may sound rude but your mom is a sexual person" Mark advised.

"What ever" Cam said dismissively.

Mark did want to speak with Dan in fact, but there was no interest from him in returning phone calls.

As the time for Cam to leave grew closer so did his anxiety. Mark noticed that Cam was quickly returning to the rude punk that he was when he arrived. Touching was again no longer tolerated and any talk of returning next summer was quickly dismissed.

Mark woke one night to find Cam in his bedroom.

"What's wrong?" Mark asked noting it was 3AM.

"Nothing, can't sleep" Cam said quietly.

"Ok come in" Mark said still half asleep.

Cam got into bed but kneeled in front of the man. Mark realized that Cam's erect penis was in his face, a fair size for a 15 year old.

"What?" Mark said as he sat up.

"It's what you want, suck it" Cam commanded.

"No, Cam it isn't, lets just go to sleep and we can talk in the morning" Mark lied.

"You're fucked up, I know you listen to me jerk off, here ya go" Cam said waving his Penis in the air.

"Cam! What the hell is going on with you?" Mark snapped.

"Fuck you, fuck the world" Cam snapped and turned to leave.

Mark grabbed his arm and held him by wrist.

"Let go!" Cam commanded

"Not doing it"

"I will punch you in the face right now!" Cam threatened.

"Not letting you go Cam" Mark said softly.

Cam pulled trying to free himself. Mark was surprised at how strong the teen was and he ended up grabbing him around the waist and tossing the boy on the bed. He put his knee on the boy's chest and in his best stern voice said,

"Stop it right now"

Cam began to sob openly but his resistance had subsided.

"Fucking bully!" He snapped.

Mark moved his knee so that he now straddled Cam on his bed, in much the same way used to tickle the boy.

"No one is going to hurt you" he reassured softly.

After another swearing tirade, Mark spoke again.

"Why are you so upset? Things were getting good between us... is it going home... Dan?" Mark attempted to reason.

"Asshole" Cam replied, almost as if he were programmed to say that every time he heard Dan's name.

"What's up between you?"

"You my therapist now" Cam snorted between sobs.

"I'm much better than that, I can help" Mark replied.

"Help, you can't do shit, no one can" Cam replied.

"What is the problem with Dan?" Mark tried again.

"He's a bully, he pushes me around"

"Yeah what does he do Cam? What do you mean by that?" Mark asked

"He twists my fingers, my arms, digs his fingers into my shoulders so it hurts, makes me beg him to stop." Cam revealed.

"You tell your mother?"

"She takes his side! He makes me confess to stealing money from her, when he's the one that takes it" Cam spat.

" How does he make you confess?" Mark asked as he began to stroke the boy's face.

"He hurts me til I say I did it"

"You tell your teachers?" Mark asked.

"Did nothing! I don't have any bruises, I'm a liar now" Cam sobbed.

"Cam listen to me" Mark demanded.


"Dan will never hurt you again," Mark said seriously.

"Right" Cam laughed

" I promise" Mark said softly.

The two fell asleep again in Mark's bed after continuing to talk. Mark took guilty pleasure from holding the boy all night. In the morning Mark awoke with the boy beside him. After using the bathroom Mark returned to bed and Cam immediately rolled over on top of him for a morning cuddle. Mark was in heaven. He made some promises last night, now he had to deliver. He would call Cam's mother tonight and give her an ultimatum.

Cam was quiet for the next couple of days as his return home neared. He had become more somber since that night, he didn't know what the future would hold, and he might have even made it worse. Dan would be furious with him once Mark got involved.

Mark now realized why Cam was so upset with being touched, he'd gotten nothing but pain from it at home and clearly he had mixed feelings. It was going take some time to help Cam recover from his abuse but Mark knew that he could retrieve the little boy he had lost.

"What time are we leaving tomorrow?" Cam asked as Mark entered the living room.

"We're not going" Mark said as he perched himself on the back of the couch.

Cam looked up at him, as Mark worked his fingers through the boy's hair.

"You're staying here," Mark advised.

"For how long?" Cam asked.

" Oh, I'll give you five years then we'll see" Mark reported.

"I'm living here?" Cam said as he stood up. The boy was conflicted, he really didn't want to live up here in the middle of nowhere but he didn't want to be near Dan, what about his mother?

"Yep" Mark replied.

"How did you do that?"

" I told your mother you weren't coming home until Dan was gone"

Cam was stunned his stupid mother choose Dan over him

"Dan won't last, once he's gone she'll beg you come home" Mark consoled.

Cam walked around the arm of the couch and took Mark in a big hug. Crushing the boy into him Mark said,

"I love you so much Cam"

"I love you too" came the muffled reply.

Chapter IV

Cam and Mark had fallen back into their old patterns, as the summer gave way to autumn. Cam had adjusted surprisingly fast to the smaller school he was bussed to daily. He joined the local hockey team and soon became a bit of a celebrity as the top goal scorer. Not that Cam was that good, he was just now in a smaller pool of players who had never played top teams. The coaching was also suspect, one of the boy's Dads was drafted into the job not that Cam need a lot of skill development, he got that from the hockey camps that Mark had paid for over the years.

When they arrived home from the game Cam was coming down from the excitement of the win. As the first line center he got a lot of ice time and was never one to slack off.

"So that's 25 bucks," Cam said as he put his equipment in the laundry room.

"Yes I think I'm going to have to renegotiate your contract" Mark replied. The man had agreed to pay Cam 5 dollars for each point scored, rather than goals. This encouraged Cam to allow a teammate to score and still get paid; he was enough of a puck hog as it was. Mark wondered if he should only pay for assists but Cam really only cared about goals anyway.

Cam stripped off his track pants and sweater, leaving him in only is boxers and socks. The boy crashed down into the couch, lying on his belly. After a minute he looked over at Mark who was in the kitchen.

"I'm waiting over here" he called.

Mark looked over at him and smiled.

"I'll be there in a minute you demanding prick" Mark jested.

"Hey I'm a star athlete, you can't talk to me like that" Cam joked.

Mark came over the couch and began the massage the boy had demanded. Soon after the Hockey season had begun, Cam realized that Mark's attentions avoided him being tight or sore the next day.

Mark's work was mostly on the boy's powerful legs. Cam had indeed lost fat and begun to lean up. He still retained a bit of a belly though but his muscle was beginning to show through. Cam was never one to be silent giving lots of vocal feed back to the masseuse. Mark usually worked half an hour on the legs and then spent another fifteen minutes on the boy's back and shoulders.

Mark ran his fingers through Cam's hair, now dyed blond, until the boy told him to stop. Today however Cam was patient enough to allow Mark's stroking to include his face.

"All right?" Mark asked

"Yeah" Cam sighed.

Mark patted the boy's butt and got up to get himself a coffee. When he returned Cam was still lying on the couch. The two watched a television program. Once it was over Cam left to drain his bladder. On returning he sat in Mark's lap on the recliner. The man knew that was the signal for a back scratching, which he happily provided. Cam normally napped after a game or chatted online with friends. It was rare that he would stay with Mark and not even bother to get dressed. As the boy vocalized his pleasure Mark pulled the boy back into the chair and held him. Cam was usually tolerant but didn't allow such a situation to last very long. Today Cam just lay there on top of the man.

"What's up with you?" Mark asked

"Nothing" Cam replied flatly.

"No really something's bothering you ... I can tell"

"Broke up with Melissa" Cam advised.

Cam was instantly popular with the girls. Melissa was his second girl friend in three months.

"What happened" Mark enquired.

"I have needs," Cam said sarcastically.

"I see, I'm not so sure you're going to find a girl up here willing to satisfy your `needs'" Mark advised.

Cam had always been aggressively affectionate and although he was a young man now that hadn't changed. As Cam got up Mark was instantly disappointed that the session was over.

"Thanks" Cam said quietly.

"My pleasure"

"Everyone should be lucky enough to have a gay Uncle" Cam said as he strode off.

The word `gay' burned in Marks mind, Cam though of him as gay. He wasn't really but that wasn't worth explaining to the boy.

At dinner that evening Mark brought up the topic.

"Cam the rest of the world doesn't see me as gay, so I'd appreciate it if you kept that thought to yourself" Mark said as casually as he could.

"Yeah right, mom knows, everyone knows" Cam said with a chuckle.

"Well still I don't have to advertise"

"You're 45, live alone, no girl friend, small town like this... Everyone knows" Cam reported.

What Cam said, did make sense. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad facade to have, there could many worse ways he could bee seen.

"You should get a boy friend" Cam said mater of factly.

"I already have one" Mark jested.

"Ewww I'm not your boyfriend, I just use you" Cam joked.

The next day Mark heard Cam arrive home from school and he could tell by the noise that he had brought friends with him. The usually `crew' was there, 2 from his hockey team and another friend from school. Mark wasn't keen on one of them but the other two, were well behaved enough. This time a fourth had arrived a smaller boy that Mark didn't know, skinny with reddish brown hair and a round face full of freckles. As Mark greeted them and refilled his coffee he noticed that Cam had already closed and the gallery doors, lest anyone see his younger self on display.

Mark listened to the typical aggressive banter of teenage boys, or as he referred to it `life according to the inexperienced'. When things got quiet Mark retook his territory in the living room. He was somewhat surprised to find Cam and the freckled boy sitting in front of the TV.

"Other's left?" Mark asked.

"Yep" Cam said without taking his attention away from the screen.

"This guy need a ride?" Mark asked, knowing that the distance between the friends normally required car travel until it was warm enough again for bikes. Some of the boys had snowmobiles, which Cam had lobbied for but it wasn't yet snow covered enough for those.

"No thank you sir, my mom will be here before 6, she's picking me up after she finishes work" The red head advised.

"This is Robbie" Cam quickly added.

"Nice to meet you Robbie" Mark said extending his hand. The boy took it with a limp grip.

As expected Robbie was collected by a horn beep outside. At dinner Mark quizzed Cam on the new boy.

"Robbie's in your class?"

"No he's a 9er, my locker is near his" Cam advised.

"So he's 14?" Mark enquired.

"Yeah, he doesn't have many friends so I invited him over"

Cam didn't strike Mark as the magnanimous type but perhaps having a younger boy look up to him wasn't such a bad thing.

As the snow came Robbie had become a frequent visitor and was even attending Cam's hockey games. Mark usually had to pick him and drop him off. The younger boy was about 8 inches shorter than Cam and much lighter. Robbie was often assumed to be Cam's younger brother while he and Mark watched from the stands.

Robbie wasn't much of a talker and so Mark found he had to drag everything out of him.

"You're a good friend to Cam, coming out to his games" Mark ventured.

"Oh, Cam helped me so much"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah" Robbie said flatly.

"How?" Mark pushed.

"Nobody picks on me anymore" Robbie advised as the puck neared the net, creating a buzz in the arena.

That made more sense to Mark now. Cam protected Robbie from a bully; no wonder the boy was following him around like a puppy dog.

As Cam was hugging all the other straight boys after another successful game, Robbie and Mark got Cam's drink for the ride home.

"Robbie's going to stay and watch a movie at our place" Cam advised as he rode beside Mark on the way home.

"Oh?" Mark asked.

"If that's ok with you sir" Robbie piped in from the back seat.

"Yeah that's ok, you two should clue me into these things when you arrange them, and Robbie, just call me Mark please"

On arrival at home the normal routine after a game continued. Mark came into the living room with his coffee a little embarrassed to see Cam in his boxers on the couch and Robbie sitting in a recliner nearby. He had expected Cam to skip the massage today.

"Waiting" Cam called.

"Coming right away sir" Mark mocked, causing a rare laugh out of Robbie.

Mark was self conscious as he massaged Cam. He was more aggressive and manly in his work today prompting a response.

"Easy Mr. Vice grip" Cam advised sharply.


Mark did ease up and finished the boy's legs quickly. As he got up to leave Cam stopped him.

"What about the back?"

"Bathroom" Mark advised making an excuse.

After returning he found Cam still waiting to be finished. Mark returned to his work but didn't bother with the hair or face stroking parts. Mark did however notice that Robbie was watching the entire scene intently. The man wasn't sure if the freckle monster was shocked or fascinated but either way he was interested. Mark made a mental note to ask Cam not to have Robbie over if he expected a massage.

A couple of weeks later they had gone skating with several friends, out on the now frozen lake. Afterward Cam arrived home with Robbie in tow. Mark made them hot chocolate and served it in the living room.

"Rub my legs?" Cam requested.

"Just 10 minutes" Cam pleaded noticing the disapproving look on the man's face.

"Ok" Mark gave in, knowing that Cam wasn't easily dissuaded.

Cam pulled off his pants and started to rip off his sweater but Mark grabbed the back and said,

"Just the legs," Softly.

Cam was his usual vocal self during the quick leg rub and Robbie took up his watching gaze.

As Cam got up off the couch he patted Mark on the head and said,

"You're getting good at this" mockingly.

"Now do him," Cam asked pointing to Robbie.

Neither Mark nor Robbie reacted until the man broke the silence.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Cam"

"You want your legs rubbed don't ya" Cam said to Robbie.

"Ok" the younger boy replied softly.

Cam motioned for Robbie to move onto to couch. The boy chose not to remove his pants but just pulled them down.

Mark was sure this was a bad idea but that didn't stop him from working the soft freckle covered legs. They were smaller and much softer than Cam's powerful muscles. After 5 minutes Mark asked,

"This ok?.. we can stop anytime"

"Come on you have to let him know you like it, make noise like I do" Cam demanded as he watched TV.

Robbie attempted the groaning and moaning noises but it clearly wasn't natural. Mark finished up and Robbie thanked him.

"What did I tell ya?" Cam asked

"Yeah it was good" Robbie reported.

While driving home after dropping Robbie off, Cam told Mark,

"He likes you"

"I think it's you he likes Cam, no worships might be a better word" Mark advised.

"Naw" Cam said flippantly.

As Christmas approached it was a busy time for Mark. He liked to do a lot of event photography and was usually called upon for family portraits. He didn't really work much this year with Cam around, not that he need the money. Arriving home from a shoot he entered through the side door into his studio, stowing his equipment. Mark then entered the house through the gallery. He could hear the unmistakable noises of a porno playing on the TV. Mark hadn't considered restricting Cam's access but this was the first time he'd heard him watching this type of movie. As he entered the room it was apparent by the squeaking sounds that Cam was masturbating in the recliner. At first Mark didn't want to interrupt him but then it upset him that Cam was doing that in his recliner. With the volume so loud on the TV he was able to walk around the couch and stand in front of Cam without being heard.

Much to Mark's surprise Cam wasn't alone in the recliner. Robbie was squeezed in beside him and the boys were naked, masturbating each other. Robbie bolted from the chair as soon as he saw the dumbfounded man, collecting his clothes and running into the laundry room. Cam undaunted finished himself off in front of Mark, shooting onto his belly. Mark took guilty pleasure in watching Cam's orgasm but then became upset.

"What the hell Cam?"

"I have needs!" Cam retorted.

"This is out of control, you're done with having friends over when I'm not here" Mark said angrily.

"What ever" Cam replied flippantly.

"Robbie, it's ok, I'm not upset with you" Mark called to the laundry room.

Cam went to clean himself and get dressed while Mark waited in the Kitchen.

Robbie came out into the hallway hoping the silence meant the coast was clear.

Noticing Mark he said,

"I'm really sorry" apprehensively.

"You're not in trouble, Cam is" Mark said softly.

"Come on I'll drive you home" The man continued.

"I'll come too" Cam called from the stairs.

"No!" Mark snapped with a tone that told Cam not to object.

Robbie was silent on the way home until he finally blurted out,

"Are you going to tell my mom?"

"No, you can if you want but I'm not brining it up" Mark said flatly.

"She'd freak" Robbie lamented

"What about your dad?"

"Don't have one" Robbie advised.

It suddenly occurred to Mark that he really didn't know much at all about the quiet boy.

"You can still come over to see Cam if you want, but only when I'm home" Mark offered the boy who appeared to be on the verge of tears.

"Robbie I'd be willing to talk to you about stuff, and I won't tell Cam or your mother. If you want" The man continued.

Robbie just nodded and stayed silent until he was dropped off.

Chapter V

It was time for Mark to make his annual journey to the city for the traditional family Christmas thing. Mark wasn't so big on it this year; the one person he always wanted to see was Cam. It had only been 3 days since the `incident' with Robbie who had not shown his face at Marks house.

Cam wasn't thrilled to go either but at least it was a car ride rather than by bus. He did miss his mother but dreaded seeing Dan. He was more afraid that Mark might pummel the bully should there be even a minor transgression.

"I told Robbie to come over on Saturday", Cam advised as they sped along the highway.

"Ok, I'll be home"

"I don't know that the big deal is, we were just circle jerking" Cam said frustrated.

"Cam, if he tells his mother that he was watching porn and jerking off with another boy, I'm sure I'll be the one to take the heat for it." The man explained.

"He's never before"

"How long has this been going on?" Mark asked

"Soon as he started coming over," Cam said casually.

"So he's like you boyfriend then?" Mark asked.

Cam gave him a disapproving look and said,

"We were just jerking off! It's no big deal"

"Well it might be to him, you're sure it's what he wanted to do? He does look up to you Cam" Mark suggested.

"He's gay anyway," Cam advised.

"How do you know that?" Mark said with a chuckle.

"Told me"

"Really?" Mark asked

"Yeah I was changing in my room and he was staring at it and I said like let's circle jerk and we did. He said he was queer and I said yeah I'm not". Cam explained.

"You change in front of you friends?"

"I change in front the guys at hockey all the time" Cam reported.

"Well I think Robbie might have told you what he thought you wanted to hear"

"Yeah right" Cam said sarcastically.

"He does worship you Cam"

"It's you he likes" Cam advised


"Yeah, he's always asking stuff about you. He goes to the games to sit with you not watch me" Cam reported.

"Cam he doesn't say two words to me"

"Never shuts up around me, gets annoying sometimes," Cam said casually.

"Well just no more porn and jerking at my place please" Mark asked

"Ok, well just do it in the bushes then" Cam said sarcastically.

Mark let the subject drop as they drove on toward the city.

The Christmas gathering was the usually family bullshit. They had along ago stopped asking Mark when he was going to `settle down' and get married. Perhaps Cam was right on that subject. There were a couple of surprises beyond Mark's niece new baby that he really didn't want to hold. Dan had left as predicted and suddenly Mark's sister became very attentive to Cam again. The second surprise actually thwarted her efforts as Cam's old girl friend invited herself over on hearing of his return. The two had disappeared and Mark really didn't want to know what they might be up to.

After making the required rounds Mark found a chair to park himself in and he watched the youngsters frolic in the bliss of their commercialist Christmas. It annoyed Mark that they got so many presents, each in turn cast away as they looked for something even better.

Finally Cam made an appearance. Not finding anywhere to sit he perched himself on the arm of Mark's chair.

"Where you been hiding," Mark asked.

"Upstairs" Cam said with a satisfied smile.

"My house is a baby free zone, so don't be getting yourself into any issues on that subject"

"What? You think I'm that stupid?" Cam said angrily and stormed off.

Mark was instantly guilty. He hadn't meant to be so harsh but he was worried that Cam's hormones were more in control than his brain these days.

As expected Cam's mother was lobbying him to return home, assuring the boy that Dan was long gone and that he was once again mommy's little man. Cam's love for his mother was of course blind, Mark knew that another would come along soon and she'd be in love again, but the boy wasn't able to see it. Perhaps he just didn't want to.

Cam sat in the now vacant seat beside Mark who was finishing a plate of food.

"So mom wants me to stay"

"What do you want?" Mark asked.

Cam shrugged.

"Well you have to do what's right for you, not her. Not me" Mark advised.

"Yeah" Cam said

"I'm ok with you moving back with your mom" Mark lied. " I just want you to think it through, finish the school year with me and see if you still want to come back."

"Julie says I can start the new term here in January" Cam advised.

"You want to stay for the girl? Think with the big head Cam"

"How about I stay here and if things don't feel right I'll come back to your place?" Cam offered.

"It's up to you. Just remember your mom's the one that pushed you on the bus to my place. We both know what she's like don't get your hopes up that things will be different this time." Mark advised.

"Yeah she's a slut," Cam said casually.

Like her son, Mark thought.

After another round of his mother's manipulations Cam decided he would stay. Mark was massively disappointed but tried not to show it. He offered Cam the ability to head up to his place at the first sign of trouble and demanded a phone call every week. The long drive home alone was excruciating for Mark. He just wanted to get home. He briefly gave some thought to moving back to the city, just to keep an eye on Cam, but that was just silly, Cam would be an adult in a few years and then Mark would just want to move again. He'll be back in a couple of months; Mark kidded himself, as soon as she gets another looser boyfriend.

Mark spent a couple of quiet days at home alone. It gave him the chance to catch up on a lot of things that he let slide. The house seemed so quiet now with Cam gone, it seemed almost surreal to Mark. Today was new year's eve and Mark had no plans for any parties, he had expected Cam to arrange one and so it would be just a quiet Saturday afternoon like any other.

Mark was startled from reading stories on the Internet by the doorbell. With no idea who it could be he cleared his browser history and then went to the door. When he opened it he was greeted by a freckled face, wrapped in a winter coat. At first neither spoke then Mark gathered his wits and said,

"Come in Robbie" and allowed the boy to take off his coat and boots.

"You want something to drink? Hot chocolate?" Mark asked.

"Yes please" Robbie said as he put a bag down near the kitchen table.

"Is Cam up stairs?" The boy asked as noticed that the computer chair was empty in Mark's office.

"No, we have to talk about that Robbie" Mark said somberly.

Robbie sat at he kitchen table and apprehensively waited for his drink.

Once Mark served him they sat across the table from each other, Mark sipping on his coffee while freckle monster slurped on his hot chocolate. The boys' bright blue eyes met the man's stare through a mop of dark red hair.

"Well Robbie, I forgot that you were coming over but I think it's best we talked in person anyway" Mark began.

"Cam has decided to stay with his mother for now. Things have changed for the better at home and he wants to give it another go," Mark explained as calmly as he could.

"Ok" Robbie acknowledged clearly not liking what he was hearing.

"I was half expecting that your knock was him back already" Mark chuckled hoping to lighten the mood.

"It was sort of a snap decision, he really didn't plan to just leave, I will make sure he calls you" Mark reassured.

"But as I said he could change his mind and come back" Mark hoped desperately.

Robbie didn't seem to react at all but that wasn't out of character for the quiet boy. He pulled a wrapped present from his bag and placed it on the table.

"It's for Cam, maybe you could send it to him" The boy asked softly.

"Of course I will" Mark responded.

After some quiet slurping of drinks Mark broke the silence.

"I have something for you but it's not quite ready, can you stay half an hour?"

"My mom is working at the bar all night. She won't be home til tomorrow morning with the new years party," Robbie advised.

"Make yourself at home" Mark told the boy as he left for his studio.

Mark found a nice picture of Cam that he'd take in the summer. The boy was posing proudly on his seadoo, shirtless, hair blown by the wind. It brought back memories for Mark. He printed it and found a decent frame he could put it in.

Arriving back in the living room Robbie was still sitting quietly in the Kitchen. Mark sat on the couch and call to him.

"Come over here"

The boy responded immediately and sat beside Mark on the couch where the man had gestured. He presented the boy the picture.

"Thanks, it's awesome," he said almost in a whisper.

Mark put his arm around Robbie's back and squeezed his shoulder.

"We're both going to miss him Robbie but he'll be back to visit at least. Even if I have to go down and drag him up here" Mark finished with a chuckle.

Robbie leaned into Mark's side and took comfort in the man's grasp. Mark rubbed the boy's back with his open palm and tired to reassure the boy.

"You're going to have other friends"

"Yeah" Robbie said softly.
After a short silence the boy stood up, clutching his picture of Cam.

"I guess I should go now," he said in a quite tone that exposed his depression.

"You can stay as long as you want, I've got nothing going on. Two lonely peas together" Mark said with a laugh.

"Ok" Robbie agreed with a nod.

The two did nothing but watch TV for the afternoon. Mark made chicken for dinner that the boy ate like he'd had nothing for days.

"This is really good" Robbie complimented with the most enthusiasm he'd mustered all day.

"Nothing special, just baked chicken breasts" Mark accepted.

"I eat a lot of frozen stuff with mom working all the time" Robbie explained.

"You're old enough to cook for yourself"

Robbie just shrugged.

That evening Mark sat on the couch, hoping that Robbie would join him rather than choose a recliner and sure enough the boy sat next to him. They watched TV while they digested. Mark took to gentle stroking of the back of Robbie's head and his neck. The boy's hair was much shorter than Cam's and that exposed a patch of freckled skin below the hairline, above the collar. The boy gave no reaction either way causing Mark to break the silence.

"You ok?"

"Yeah" Robbie answered in typical style.

"You like this or you want me to stop?" Mark asked directly.

"It's fine" Robbie said noncommittally.

Mark dug a finger under Robbie's arm and tickled the boy.

"How about that?"

Robbie looked at him with a surprised smile.

Mark pulled one of the boy's feet up and tickled it as Robbie was thrown back on the couch. The boy shrieked with laughter. Mark pulled his sock off and continued directly on the foot as the boy struggled to get his leg free.

"How about now" The man asked playfully.

Robbie rolled onto the floor panting. Mark grabbed the other foot and held it smiling at the boy. Robbie lay still as his other foot was de-socked.

This time Mark ever so gently tickled the foot with a finger while gripping the ankle tightly with his other hand. The boy shrieked with each tickle but didn't try and break free, rather his movements were just reactions to the stimulation.

After being released Robbie got up and stood before Mark.

"I'm really ticklish on my belly" the boy reported, lifting his shirt.

Mark instantly worked his fingers over the exposed flesh to produce shrieking again from the boy. Instead of moving away Robbie put his hands on Mark's shoulders to prop himself up as the tickling continued. The shrieking caused Mark to pause as Robbie caught his breath.

"You like this?" Mark confirmed.

"Yeah" Robbie panted as he pulled his shirt off and lay down on the floor. Mark wasn't quite sure what to make of Robbie's submissive pose, prone with his arms over his head.

"Waiting" Robbie, said trying to match Cam's sarcastic tone.

Mark straddled the boy and tickled him hard until he thought the boy could take no more. Panting the boy caught his breath and said,

"More, more"

Mark obliged but with less furor. He took as much pleasure from rubbing the soft flesh as the boy did from being tickled. Mark was semi-hard and embarrassed about it. If things got any bigger he'd have to stop.

Finally he did and got off the boy returning to the couch. Robbie got up a few minutes later and in front of Mark unbuttoned his pants and began to pull them down.

"What are doing?" Mark asked firmly

Robbie stopped and looked at Mark, then pulled his pants back up and mumbled, "Sorry" with his head down.

"It's my fault, I confused you" Mark offered.

Robbie recovered his shirt and then told Mark,

"I guess I should go now"

"I'll drive you home" Mark offered.

"It's ok," The boy said softly, without making eye contact.

"I'm not mad not at you Robbie" Mark said as he gave the boy another little tickle.

Robbie gave him a look at that told the man the time for tickling had passed.

The boy gave in and allowed Mark to drive him home. Robbie was quiet during the short trip. As he dropped the boy at the end of his driveway Mark told him,

"You can come over anytime you like Robbie"

"Ok, thanks for the ride" came the sheepish reply.

Mark kicked himself on the way home, he desperately enjoyed the freckle monsters company but he clearly allowed things to go too far.

Chapter VI

Robbie was terribly depressed for the next few days; even his inattentive mother noticed that his mood was more somber than usual. He felt awful about what had happened with Mark. He looked over at the picture of Cam, displayed proudly on his desk. He missed the boy so much, they had chatted a bit online but it seemed that Cam was busy with other things most of the time. He thought that he and Cam had a special friendship, for a while at least.

Robbie was sure that Cam was right about Mark. He had to be gay too. Cam had pointed out the obvious, that Mark wasn't married nor had any girl friend around. Living alone in his forties with an artistic job the fit middle-aged man was clearly gay, or was he. Cam told him that Mark wouldn't fool around with him and there was no sign of a boy friend or any effeminate behaviour. Maybe it was because Cam was his nephew, Robbie thought.

Robbie couldn't understand how things had gone so wrong at Marks' house. The man had pretty much initiated everything and Robbie was fairly sure that Mark had an erection, or a semi at least. Maybe he should have waited for Mark to start things rather than trying to whip it out in front of him. Things were so much simpler with Cam; he was always good to go. Robbie lay on the bed in his sorrow and thought about the first time he met the hottie.

It was a boring school day like any other. Being in the lowest grade and one of the smaller boys Robbie was pushed around quite a bit. He was used it really. His quiet demeanor and passivity likely attracted the bullies. Simple things like walking down the hall ended up being a gauntlet of challenges. Sometimes he'd be tripped, other times just his books would be pulled from his hands. The worse was the body checks into the lockers that the jocks made look like a playful act.

Most of the established kids had lockers in desirable locations. Robbie was happy to have one out of the way right near an exit. That's where he first met Cam. Robbie was startled when he approached and suddenly turned to the locker next to his. When the red head didn't react the blond boy spoke to him.

"Hey I'm Cam" he said his hand outstretched.

"Robbie" The freckle monster said softly, limply taking the jocks hand.

"What kind of hand shake is that? Grip and squeeze like this" Cam demonstrated.

"Thanks" Robbie said quietly.

"You a 9 er?" Cam asked looking down at the smaller boy.

"Yeah" Robbie said still marveling at Cam's powerful forearms. All jocks were a turn on for him; they were just simply unknowable for someone like Robbie.

"See ya" Cam called as he sped off to class.

At lunch Robbie sat at the loser table, made up of other loners and various boys that didn't quite seem to fit in anywhere. Cam appeared at the table his lunch tray in hand as though he were a boy god descending from Olympus. A silence fell over the loser table as they anticipated a threat or insult from the boy who didn't fit in with them. Instead Cam sat down across from Robbie and began to eat. Cam didn't know anyone but Robbie in the school so eating at his eclectic table was comfortable. Being the only good looking boy at the table would get the girls to notice him as well. Cam was a bit overweight but still his hair, face and size gave him a presence in Robbie's mind. He was enjoying all the attention that Cam gave him, feeling that this was some kind of cruel joke he didn't want to open up too much to his infatuation.

Ill meaning boys before had befriended Robbie, either to leave him holding the bag for some misdeed or to make him look the fool in some practical joke. Robbie was more intelligent than most at the looser table, he knew that he couldn't play in the deep end of the social pool, so for him Cam was a dream and a potential landmine at the same time.

Cam didn't stick with Robbie entirely; he made other friends, mostly girls but still made a point of greeting him and inviting him to join an upgraded lunch table, which Robbie always declined. The pivotal moment in their relationship came a few weeks later when negotiating the hallways Robbie found himself in the gun sight of a bully.

"Hey Robbie" The hulking creature taunted and then crashed his weight into the smaller boy and up against the lockers.

"Score!" He shouted to his friends as Robbie sat crumpled on the floor holding his arm. This would have otherwise been a typical event, which Robbie would simply walk off, but today would be different.

The hulking bully came almost airborne into the lockers near Robbie; he too fell and crumpled crying out as his hand caught one of the locks. Looking up Robbie saw his blond godling standing over him.

"Score" he said casually.

"What was that for? I was just playing with the kid", the bully said almost sobbing as he regained his feet.

"I was just playing too, this is a fun game, we could play every day if you wanted" Cam said calmly as he helped Robbie up.

"You're gunna get if after school" The bully threatened.

"Yeah, ok" Cam said casually and turned walking away with Robbie.

"Don't look back" Cam said as he gripped Robbie's shoulder, "don't let him know you're afraid"

"Easy for you to say" Robbie retorted.

"He's got like 50, 60 pounds on me, I had surprise and momentum on my side" Cam explained.

For the remainder of the day Cam kept Robbie close lest there be any thought of reprisal. The bully though, once bested made himself scarce. Word of the event had spread through out the school, raising Cam's profile and making Robbie a short-term celebrity at the loser table.

On the bus ride home one of the bullies entourage sat across from Cam who had Robbie sitting protected on the window side.

"You play hockey?" The boy asked Cam.

"Yeah, back in the city" Cam advised casually.

"I could tell by how you checked Terry, I think he got air!" The boy said chuckling.

"I'm Cam," the socialite said holding out his hand.

"Mike" The boy said as they gripped.

"This is Robbie" Cam said gesturing.

"Hey" Mike said with a head gesture.

"Hey Mike" Robbie responded only after Cam squeezed his shoulder.

This began the happiest time in Robbie's life, he continued to puppy dog around after Cam and enjoy his gentle masculine style. Cam wasn't worried about his image, he was a sought after commodity on the female market as well.

Cam invited Mike over to his house after school one day. Robbie heard them talking about 2 other boys from the hockey team that were to attend as well as he boarded the bus for home.

"Robbie, we're going over to my place if you wanna come" Cam said as Robbie sat down.

The boy just nodded, yet on the inside he was bursting with excitement. He was going over to Cam's house!

He walked up the dirt road with Cam and Mike and then down to the lake where the house stood. It was much nicer than his house. Once inside Robbie was amazed at how new and luxurious the furniture was. He was nervous about meeting Cam's uncle but the man put him at ease quickly. Robbie didn't have a lot of experience with men, his father had left when he was 3 and his mother's infrequent boy friends didn't take any interest in him. Although he had a good time with Cam he didn't like sharing him with the other boys, he wanted him all to himself. Cam's uncle was nice enough to give him a ride home in his new truck, he didn't mind walking though.

On his third visit to the mansion by the lake that Cam referred to as a cottage Robbie got to see the boy's bedroom. It was nicely decorated but didn't reflect Cam in any way.

"I've only lived here a couple of months, I guess I should put some posters up or something" Cam explained as he changed out his school clothes.

Robbie watched enthralled as the older boy disrobed. Cam turned to grab a T-shirt and caught a pair of bright blue eyes staring at him from beneath a forest of red hair. Robbie was horrified and averted his gaze. Trying not to notice he saw Cam slip his underwear off right in front of him. His hero was naked right in front of him; it was like a waking wet dream! It appeared that Cam's circumcised penis was semi hard as it dangled from his thick public hair.

"Touch it. If you want to" Cam said as he presented himself to the boy.

Robbie looked up shocked. His hand moved out and cupped the base of the member almost as if by it's own command. Robbie surprised himself with his boldness as he fondled the object of his nighttime desires. He could swear the penis grew by an inch as he made contact.

"It's nice" Robbie gulped his throat dry.

"Wanna circle" he asked.

"What?" Robbie quizzed

"Circle Jerk, you jerk me and I jerk you," The blond hunk suggested.

"Kay" Robbie rasped, this was more than he ever dreamed he could do with another boy in reality and here he was not just with any boy but with a total hottie.

Cam sat on the bed beside him now fully erect at Robbie's attentions.

"Get your pants down" Cam said impatiently.
Robbie pulled down his pants and underwear revealing a much smaller penis, fully erect, with just the beginnings of a pubic forest. Cam took it in his hand and began stroking. Robbie continued his work but it was simply too much to bare and fired his load within a couple of minutes.

"Wow you were ready to pop" Cam said chuckling

"Yeah" Robbie said sheepishly.

Returning to Cam's member he worked it until Cam's breathing quickened. He slowed down to give him maximum pleasure and listened to the throaty groans of his orgasm, pumping the spewing member until he was told to stop.

"I'm gay" Robbie blurted out in the after glow of Cam's orgasm, a statement he'd made to no one else before.

"That's cool, I'm not. I just like jerking with someone other than me" Cam reported casually.

Robbie was crestfallen he thought he'd found a kindred soul and now felt exposed and ashamed.

"You don't do it with your girl friends?" Robbie asked to break the moment.

"Ha, getting girls is easy, getting them to DO anything is hard" Cam reported.

As they dressed Cam crushed Robbie into his chest in an aggressive hug.

"You're gunna be a great jerk off buddy" Cam said softly.

As it turned out Cam was right, the jerking sessions were frequent and furious. Almost every time he came over to Cam's house they did it. Robbie had learned to control his releases so that he could enjoy it longer but he could never out last Cam. Robbie had taken to laying his head on Cam's shoulder after they were finished. He enjoyed the comfort of the closeness and often Cam would put his arm around his back.

Robbie was deeply in love, he wanted these sessions to last forever but they usually ended when they heard Cam's uncle about. A couple of times Robbie tried to kiss Cam but that resulted in being snapped at so he stopped trying.

Cam was horny as usual one day after school. They had gone to Cam's bedroom again and as Cam exposed his member Robbie decided he'd make another bold move.

"I wanna suck it," he blurted without thinking.

"That's kinda too gay, just stroke it" Cam said after thinking for a few seconds.
Robbie began his usual work until he succumbed to Cam's efforts. After recovering from his release his return to finish Cam.

"Ok, we can try sucking but I'm not doing it to you" Cam advised.

"Ok" Robbie said excitedly as he moved to position his head.

"And we stop if I don't like it" Cam added as Robbie slipped his lips over the head.

It wasn't long before Cam decided he did like it, moaning and groaning his pleasure. Orgasm came quickly and Robbie tired to swallow what he could. Robbie looked at Cam, as he lay contented on the bed, his tanned body all sweaty.

"Were so doing that again," Cam panted in appreciation.

In fact they did just that later in the week. Robbie came upon Cam kissing with a girl behind the school. Jealously he stormed off and made himself scarce at lunch. Walking down the hall between periods Cam found him and pulled him aside.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing" Robbie said without looking.

"Come with me" Cam said and pulled Robbie by the arm. Arriving at the boys' washroom Cam directed Robbie into a stall with him.

"What are you doing" Robbie said annoyed.

Cam dropped his pants and exposed his beautifully erect penis. He pushed Robbie to sit on the toilet and encouraged him to suck with a hand placed behind his head. Robbie did so without hesitation. All thoughts of jealousy were washed away as he urgently satisfied his man.

Robbie found the washroom experience a bit degrading and henceforth he insisted that they do it after school, which left Cam pining for him all day.

Robbie's life was perfect. Then Cam up and left him! Didn't even say goodbye.

Robbie spent a lot of time with Cam's uncle Mark. Robbie found himself drawn to the friendly man. He imagined what his adult member might look like. Once Mark started taking him to Cam's hockey games he tired to sit as close as he dared. He felt electricity between them, and enjoyed his company. When Mark massaged him that time after skating he was instantly hard. The feeling of the man's fingers on his skin was amazing.
Robbie thought Cam must be right about Mark, as it seemed that he was always looking at the him whenever he noticed.

Robbie returned to his current circumstance. Cam was gone, lost to him, and now he'd totally blown it with Mark. Robbie got up and went to the bathroom. He tired to jerk off but his erection wouldn't last.

He heard the phone ring and his mother answer. The conversation didn't last long but he was fairly sure he'd heard his name. Quickly pulling up his pants he left the bathroom. He entered the kitchen to see his mother continuing her preparations for work.

"Honey, I'm off Cam's uncle called his number is by the phone" She reported and bolted, leaving him alone again on a Saturday.

Robbie was torn as to whether he should call the man back, what was he going to say. Eventually deciding that doing nothing was easiest he planted himself on the couch and watched mindless television.

Early in the afternoon he was disturbed the doorbell. It was rare to get any callers on their rural lane so Robbie went to the door with some trepidation. He pushed the curtain aside to reveal Mark standing in the snow covered driveway. Robbie's heart pounded, what was he here for? He had to open the door now Mark had seen him.

Slowly he cracked the door open.

"Hey there Robbie"

"Hi" the boy said softly, his face appearing disembodied as though he was hiding behind the door.

"I called and your mother said you would be home all day"

"Yeah she said you called but I wasn't feeling well so I was laying down" Robbie lied.

"Oh that's too bad, I hope you're feeling better now. Did she tell you why I called?"

"No" Robbie reported.

"I need your help with a job," Mark advised cheerfully.

"A job?" Robbie quizzed.

"Yeah I have to do some catalogue shots for boys winter jackets. It's a perfect day with all the snow and I was hoping you could model for me" Mark asked desperately hoping the answer was yes. He could easily get an agency model but that would mean driving down to larger town to the south.


"Yeah you try the jackets on I take a few shots of each and they put them in the store catalogue" Mark explained.

"I don't know" Robbie said passively.

"Well it pays a hundred bucks and unlimited hot chocolate while you work" Mark explained.

"I'm not good looking enough be to a model," Robbie explained hoping Mark would just give it up.

"What! You have beautiful face. All you really have to do is stand there a look like you're having a good time."

"I don't know, I haven't been feeling that good" Robbie said as he grimaced.

"You can keep the coat you like the most" Mark attempted to sweeten the deal.

Robbie stood pondering his dilemma. He could surely use a new coat and a hundred bucks but it would feel strange to go with Mark after what happened.

Chapter VII

Robbie could hear the sound of his mother's voice in his head `what, you didn't go and make a hundred bucks? Are you stupid?' Since Mark wasn't giving up and his mother already knew about it Robbie felt he had no choice.

"Ok, I'll be ready in a minute" Robbie said closing the door.

Mark stood still for a moment and then realized that he was to wait in the truck. Almost as soon as he got in Robbie appeared, locked the door and trudged over to the truck. Once aboard Mark started the engine and they drove off.

"We'll do the shoot at high rock park, there's a nice back ground there" Mark advised.

Robbie nodded and remained sullen for the entire drive, leaving Mark to listen to the radio. This little one was a tough nut to crack, the man thought.

Arriving at the shoot location Mark began to setup his tripod. He had shot here many times and knew exactly the angles he wanted.

"You want me to help?" Robbie said standing by the truck.

"Huh? Oh no, the models just stand and look pretty. In fact an agency model would just laugh at me if I asked him to help with the equipment" Mark advised.

The man put together a temporary clothes hanger from poles in the back of the truck and then hung about a dozen coats, still in clear plastic wrap. After adjusting and checking the camera he began the shoot, secretly wishing it was a summer bathing suit ad.

Mark directed Robbie in pose and stance, trying on each coat in turn. Robbie found the work easy as Mark was very specific in his commands. He had directed him to make mean faces, funny faces none of which he planned to actually use or even take a picture of but it succeeded in getting the boy to be natural in his poses. After they had done all the coats Mark took a few silly shots of Robbie in the snow.

"Ok I'm working a book called naked in the snow, lets do a couple of shots for that" Mark said as they finished up.

"Kidding, just joking" The man added quickly seeing that Robbie wasn't smiling.

"I thought you didn't want to see me naked" The boy lamented.

"Oh that, well you kinda surprised me" Mark advised as he was packing up.

Once in the truck Mark attempted to lighten the mood.

"You want to get something to eat?" He asked.


"Anywhere you like in town" Mark responded.

Robbie took so long to respond that Mark almost spoke again but just as he was about to the boy said,

"I don't know, pizza I guess"

"The pizza place? They only do take out right?" Mark asked.

"Yeah" Robbie confirmed.

"We could do that, take it back to my place... or yours" Mark suggested.

"Your house" Robbie said quickly, not really wanting Mark to visit his hovel.

After stopping to pick up the pizza the two arrived back at Mark's house. Robbie was tasked to carry the pizza in while Mark dealt with his camera equipment. Mark chose to sit in a recliner by the TV while Robbie took the couch. They devoured the pizza in silence as they watched what ever was on the television. Robbie ate ravenously again. Mark was unsure if the skinny boy was starved or simply had no table manners.

"Boy you were hungry" was the extent of the conversation, which resulted in a simple shrug from the freckle monster.

After a digestion period Robbie silently left the room to drain his bladder. On returning he didn't take his place on the couch but rather stood in front of Mark's recliner.

"My back's sore from all the posing stuff" he announced and pulled his shirt off to reveal his freckled skin.

Before Mark could comment Robbie parked himself between the man's legs and waited. Mark began to massage the soft shoulders and then worked his way down to press his fingers into the knotted muscles of the boy's lower back. Mark thought the sore back was a ruse but clearly the boy's muscles required attention.

After about fifteen minutes Mark stopped, having finished up on the boy's neck.

"There ya go" the man broke the silence having enjoyed the session as much as the young teen.

Robbie didn't get up but rather just leaned back until he was resting on Mark's chest, shifting his hips back.
"Comfortable?" Mark asked sarcastically.

"Put the foot rest up" Robbie ordered and Mark complied. The two were now almost prone with the teen's head just below the man's. Mark very slowly moved his hand up and down Robbie's exposed front. They lay in the tender repose for half an hour.

Robbie grew impatient and decided that he would have to be the initiator, not a role was accustomed too but he wasn't about to waste another chance to move things along with Mark. The boy rolled his body over to lay on Mark, belly to belly. He then propped himself up on his elbows and faced the Mark directly. The man was clearly startled by the boy's actions and had placed his hands preemptively under the youngster's armpits.

"Robbie you should probably get off now" Mark said

The boy shifted his weight and planted a quick kiss on man's lips in response.

"What are doing" Mark said in shock, lifting the boy slightly off his chest.

"I wanna suck your cock," The boy announced.

Mark was stunned this wasn't the shy Robbie, his head was up making eye contact as he spoke. Mark wondered if he's heard correctly. This was a wet dream, soft teen on his chest demanding to service him. Bad idea, Mark decided.

"Robbie I really like you but I just want to be friends" He advised.

"Why did you bring me here? You didn't need me to model, you came and got me," Robbie suggested aggressively.

"Robbie I just wanted to help you out, I seem to keep confusing you," The exasperated man reported.

"You're the confused the one, I'm gay you're gay, what's the problem!" Robbie snapped.

"Who told you I was gay?" Mark deflected.

"Cam, pretty obvious, my uncle would never give me a back rub" Robbie reasoned.

"Is there is a word for murdering your nephew? Neph-icide ?" Mark tried to break the mood and got a chuckle out of the insistent teen.

"I'm shy, not stupid, I know you want me, you're hard right now!" Robbie pleaded.

With that Mark lowered the footrest and brought the seat back upright. Robbie was projected out of Mark's lap putting one foot on the floor he defiantly kept on knee on the chair. He quickly leaned back in and pressed his lips against Mark's in the disorderly movement. This time Mark didn't push him back and Robbie went a second time finding his kiss returned. Further emboldened he ventured his tongue into Mark's mouth and felt the man's powerful arms envelope him. Typically he tried to do too much and ended up tongue wrestling more than kissing. Mark pushed the boy back again.

"Robbie this is such a bad idea, I want this so much but you need a boyfriend like Cam, not some old guy," Mark explained.

"You're not that old" Robbie advised as he squeezed the Man's stiff genitals.

"I'm sure your mother would disagree" The man countered moving the boy's hand away.

"I don't care" Robbie reported as he went back for more kissing. Mark was unable to resist and took guilty pleasure in the teen's passion. It was time for him to be the man, he decided and gained the upper hand working his tongue deep into Robbie's mouth until the boy became passive. As the boy pulled his head back Mark worked his tongue over his neck and eventually up to his ears. Both were fully aroused and it seemed there was no turning back.

Mark noticed that Robbie was working to unbutton his pants and assisted him. Once free he pulled them down along with his underwear. The man's turbid penis popped out and was gripped by soft young hands immediately. Their eyes met briefly before the teen plunged his mouth over the cock and bobbed up and down. It was about the same size as Cam's Robbie thought, just thicker. Gripping the base firmly and pumping as he had done before with Cam, Robbie got to work. He didn't hear Mark giving him instruction at first.

"Slow down, slow down, ok, good, good, go deeper, deeper," The man ordered.

Eventually Mark gripped Robbie's head with both hands and demonstrated the motion that he wanted. Robbie quickly learned but found that the depth the man expected was causing him to gage. The boy went was far as he could, enjoying the vocalizations of the man's pleasure. He became annoyed with the continued directing by Mark's hands and pushed them away.

As Mark neared his orgasm the teen could feel the penis pushing deeper as he thrust his hips upward. Without warning Robbie's mouth filled with warm liquid and he gulped it down twice before he had to pull off coughing. He could see that it was still oozing out of the rigid member as Mark spoke.

"Keep sucking, keep going," he ordered pushing the boy's head down.

Robbie complied but Mark aggressively pushed his head right down the shaft moaning in the final spasms of ecstasy. Robbie gagged to the point where he was sure he was going to vomit. Finally Mark released his vice grip on the teen's head and Robbie pulled off sitting back on the floor. He was confused; he didn't understand why Mark would do that to him.

"You ok" Mark said finally.

Robbie nodded in response.

Mark gestured for the boy to approach and when he didn't Mark reached out and pulled him in a big body hug.

"It's ok baby you did great" Mark said softly into the boy's ear. Robbie's dismay was washed away in the comfort of the moment. Mark released him and worked to pull the teens pants off. Mark lifted the nude boy on to the couch and positioned to return the pleasure he had just received. Robbie's member was small in comparison with a ridge of dark red pubic hair above. The man took the teen's cock fully and worked in various motions to provide Robbie with pleasure that he had no idea was possible. His panting was the only sign of the joy he was getting which culminated in an explosion of an orgasm. Robbie arched his back pushing his hips skyward as he unloaded. The man released the now soft penis having swallowed everything on offer and continuing to please.

Robbie laid shell shocked from the experience, it seemed that it had lasted but seconds but in reality it was closer to a couple of minutes.

"Ok?" Mark checked.

"Awesome" The boy whispered.

Mark spread the boy's legs and began to wash the testicles with his tongue. Quickly Robbie was hard again and Mark returned to sucking the shaft. It took longer this time but the various motions and speeds brought him to another orgasm with two high-pitched grunts. Mark continued pleasing the ultra sensitive member causing Robbie to roll around almost onto the floor. Mark was forced to release it.

"Keep going?" He asked.

"Yeah" Robbie whimpered as another wave of pleasure washed over him. Robbie gripped Mark's head firmly and bucked his hips in finality. Robbie released the man's head and rested now realizing the full fury of ecstasy.

They had gone not even half as long as Mark had lasted leaving Robbie to wonder how the man could last so long. Mark pulled the boy from couch and helped him to the bathroom where both cleaned up.

Mark took Robbie to his bed and the two rested under the warm blankets. Mark knew that they had just opened a Pandora's box. How could he manage a teenage boyfriend in a small town like this? Robbie further complicated matters by insisting that he sleep over, what premise could he possibly give the boy's mother for doing so?

"You have to go home," Mark reasoned.


"Your mother won't take kindly to you asking to stay over with a man, if Cam was here it would be different" Mark explained.

"I don't care what she thinks," Robbie pouted.

"Well she's in charge, there's not much more to say about it"

Finally Robbie gave in and went home.

As the weeks progressed Spring arrived in the sleepy town, not soon enough for Mark, he loved the seclusion and natural surroundings but the harsh winters weren't his thing. Robbie had become a frequent visitor, dropping in after school and plotting around his mother's work schedule so he wouldn't be missed. As one might expect sex was frequent and furious with a teenage boyfriend. It was certainly the happiest time that Mark could remember; although his life wasn't without drama they had fallen into a comfortable relationship. They would often drive to the larger town south for movies and other entertainment where Robbie was more at ease, sometimes even holding Mark's hand in public.

"Why do you always do that?" The boy asked.


"Let my hand go every time someone comes near" Robbie explained.

"We don't need to advertise" Mark explained.

Robbie didn't think it possible to be happier than when he had Cam but he was. Mark's attentions made him feel wanted. He wished he could announce his love to the entire world.

It was a Friday night, Robbie was later than usual as Mark heard the door open and the teen bounce in. Robbie had grown far more confident and had started a growth spurt just passing his 15th birthday. Mark got up from his chair to investigate more noise than usual with the boy's arrival. Robbie was lugging a large duffle bag in through the kitchen.

"Fuck her, she can go to hell" He started.

"Hey nice to see you too" Mark chuckled. He drew the boy in a gentle full body hug.

"Mom trouble again?" Mark lamented. Robbie's mother wasn't the most even handed person around, how anyone could fail to get along with someone as laid back as his boy was beyond Mark.

"I'm living with you now!" Robbie announced.

Mark had seen Robbie upset of course but never quite so aggressively.

"I see you've brought your luggage" Mark said casually.

Robbie looked up at Mark tears welling in his eyes, causing the man to take the teen more seriously.

"She said I can't see you anymore" He whimpered.

"What happened?" Mark asked apprehensively.

"Some old bag told her about us going out all the time, so I told her I was gay and you were my boy friend" Robbie said proudly.

"I see" Mark said quietly as he slumped into a chair.

"It's easier this way, just you and me," Robbie explained.

"You're not 16 yet you can't just run away Robbie" Mark advised.

"Well move away she'll never find us" Robbie suggested

"Ok we'll have dinner, you'll calm down then I'll call your mom and we'll work it all out but you have to keep a lid on the sex stuff, your mom won't want to hear all about that!" Mark continued.

He hoped desperately that he could repair what the boy had done. Months of a secret relationship could be difficult to explain and from what he understood she wasn't the most accepting person.

After eating dinner the pair's digestion was interrupted by a pounding at the door.

"Go let her in" Mark sighed in anticipation

"What?" Robbie asked.

"It's your mom at the door, who else could it be" Mark gestured for the boy to get up.

Robbie answered the door; stepping back he called to Mark.

"It's the police"

Chapter VIII

Robbie waited apprehensively inside the door until Mark approached. The man saw that two constables were waiting what they likely thought was a safe distance from the door.

"Mark Patterson" The older cop asked.


"Is that Robert Stehl in the house?" he continued.

"Ah, yeah that's Robbie" Mark was stunned that she's called the cops, even more so that they had acted on her request so quickly but he could imagine her twisting a tale of her son in the clutches of an evil pervert.

"May we come inside sir?" The cop wasn't really asking.

"Ah yeah, come in" Mark said backing up into the house.

Robbie stood aside; clearly uncertain as to what was happening.

"Have a seat and we'll talk here," The cop said gesturing to the kitchen.

As Mark sat down the senior officer turned to Robbie.

"My partner will talk with you in the car Robert".

With that the younger cop put one hand on Robbie's shoulder the other just above his wrist. It was obvious from the grip that Robbie wasn't going to be given a choice. Silently he left without looking back.

After a twenty minute interrogation which the cop clearly had no enthusiasm for, he stood and said,

"I'll confer with my partner and be back in a minute"

The cop was back rather quickly having gotten what ever he wanted to know about Robbie from his partner.

"Alright sir, we're going to take Robert home now" The officer reported. "In Canada the age of consent is 14 so I can't charge you with anything but I'd strongly advise you to stay away from this kid... Any kids. His mother is rather upset, I don't want to be getting another call from her on this"

"I won't do anything to interfere with her wishes" Mark said solemnly.

With that the happy times were over. Mark sat stunned, mostly upset that he didn't get to talk to Robbie before they hauled him away. He had to talk to someone about all this so he went online to chat with his Internet friends. He got all sorts of ideas ranging from extreme rescue plans, legal action and those that thought this was for the best. Ultimately he could do nothing but wait until Robbie was 16. It was up to the boy to contact someone to assert his rights but knowing Robbie he was unlikely to do anything.

Finally the one chatter he'd been waiting for came online, Hockey_boy. Mark relayed recent events to Cam without much response, causing the man to wonder if he was even paying attention. His eventual response was that he'd see what he could find out from his former friends.

A week had passed with no action. Mark kept to himself, lest word of the events cause him any flak in the general populous. He kept himself busy with plans to move. Perhaps he would relocate closer to Cam after all, at least he wanted to be ready should he find himself unwelcome in Cherry Falls.

At two weeks with no news Mark decided a trip to the city would do him good, so he called his sister and began his journey. On arrival Cam wasn't there to greet him but when he finally did come home he gave his uncle a very welcome hug. Mark marveled at how much more he looked like a man each time he saw him. Things were quiet on the home front for the boy, thankfully Mark had only his current predicament to deal with.

"So you though I'd be the one getting into trouble" Cam began.


"I haven't confirmed anything with my friends up there, problem is they didn't really know him. The only thing one person said was the his mom was going to send Robbie to some church program that would convince him he's not really gay or something but I don't know for sure" Cam reported

"I just feel like he must be so isolated, I just want to talk to him" Mark lamented.

"So call him," Cam said mater of factly.

"I can't do that"

"Why not? What's going to happen? The cops can't do anything," Cam advised.

"Well it's not that simple Cam" Mark stated.

Cam picked up the phone and started dialing. Mark was simply too desperate for information to stop him. After a few seconds he hung up.

"Disconnected?" Cam advised.

"She changed the number, that's radical" Mark was both relieved and yet disappointed that Cam had not gotten through.

"Go to his house. I'll come with you" Cam offered.

"No Cam I can't drag you into this, it's up to Robbie now. It's far easier for him to contact me." Mark resigned himself.

Mark enjoyed his time in the City returning to his house on the third week. He stopped at the grocery and did his shopping. No one paid him any heed or gave any indication of knowing what had happened. Returning home he half hoped to find a letter, a note a phone message, any kind of contact from his boy. Sadly Mark was disappointed, he ate alone beginning to accept that things were really finally over.

Four weeks to the day Mark sat down to his dinner watching the evening news. He had fallen back into his old routines, before Robbie, before Cam's extended stay he was able to cope alone. It was made worse only as he'd tasted what was possible. Mark had even stopped thinking about moving; he'd stay here and wait things out. The news in his sleepy town was usually dominated by the local business complaining about rising costs of this and that as well as high school sports. Today however they opened with breaking news

"Just in to the news room" The pretty boy reporter began, " Police have been called to a house on Black's road, where a Cherry Falls boy has committed suicide."

Mark was unable to breathe.

"Officers at the scene report that 13 year old Robbie Stehl died as a result of taking an overdose of prescription drugs. Turning to the weather..."

Mark continued to watch the news in a daze, he wasn't fully aware of anything. Finally his brain had processed what the reporter had said. He got up from the table and vomited his dinner into the toilet. Feeling somewhat better he lay on the couch. He didn't even try and go to bed that night, just lay there thinking. If only he had resisted Robbie's advanced, if only he had made some effort to contact him, if only.

Saturday was also a hazy day for Mark, he didn't sleep and was really just surviving on coffee, he tired to distract himself with television but he still couldn't move beyond the moment. Mark was cognizant the being alone in his current state wasn't good. He resolved that he'd return to the city as soon as he got some sleep. It wouldn't be safe to travel in his current condition. What about Robbie's funeral, he'd have to stay for that, Mark suddenly thought. His mother may make that rather difficult for him though; surely she'd be looking for someone to blame. In some ways Mark thought that he was, at least partially.

It wasn't until very early Sunday morning that Mark was exhausted enough to fall asleep. He woke from a strange dream in which Robbie was calling to him from a small boat out on the lake. As Mark gained his senses he couldn't recall a time that he'd ever seen Robbie in a boat. Realizing that it was late afternoon already, Mark got up and made something to eat. He heard the phone ring a few times but ignored it. There was no point in answering; nothing anyone could say would be of any value to him.

Mark napped a bit in the early morning hours of Monday, finally giving up and getting out of bed. He made coffee and turned himself to some work issues. He called to respond to some quotes and declined work request for the short term. The phone rang mid morning, Mark answered figuring that if it was Robbie's mother he'd take what ever she could say over the phone rather than in person.


"Mr. Mark Patterson?" The unfamiliar female voice asked.


"I'm Shelly Clair with family and children's services for the county" She advised, "I'm the duty worker on the Robbie Stehl case."

"Oh yeah" Mark said flatly. Great now were going to have an investigation he thought.

"Now you're Robbie's partner, is that right?" She asked

"I was his friend" Mark said thinking that he should just tell her to call his lawyer and hang up.

"The hospital wants the space so I'm looking for options for him" She said pragmatically.

"How can I help?" Mark asked in a more friendly tone. He'd be willing to make some atonement in terms of funeral costs, he certainly could afford it, after all how many 15 year olds had life insurance.

"Would you be willing to take him in at least temporarily until I can work out his situation? She asked.

Mark found himself unable to breathe again.

The woman carried on, taking his stunned silence for indecision, " The problem is that there just aren't many foster homes available in Cherry Falls and none that would take a teen. Any group home openings would be a lot further away and those aren't great places for sensitive boys. It's too bad really that we don't have any group homes for gay boys" She finished with a chuckle.

"Wait, he's alive?" Mark said finding his voice.

"Oh yes the pills he took couldn't have killed him but he got a stomach pump that will give second him thoughts on trying that again, I'm sorry I didn't realize you thought he was dead" She explained.

"But the news said... well .. they said his name and everything" Mark's brain was starting to reprocess recent events.

"Accuracy isn't one of the media's strengths. So can you take him?" She pressed.

"I don't think his mother or the police would think me a good caretaker for him" Mark advise soberly.

"Well he's in care now so his mother doesn't have a say, as for the police, do you have record or something?" The social worker asked.

"Ah no, they told me not to see him again at his mother's request" Mark advised.

"I'm in charge now. I can imagine the police being a bit homophobic in Cherry Falls. As long as you don't have a criminal record or are facing charges I can do a background check later. I need a place for him to go pretty much right now," the pragmatic woman advised.

"I'm ok... he can stay with me, certainly" Mark stammered.

"Ok, great I'll bring him over now" She advised and ended the call.

Mark sat in kitchen, his head swirling with thoughts. He wasn't quite fully aware of his feelings he was just overwhelmed.

When a car drove up to the house Mark was waiting and bolted out to greet it. Robbie was in the passenger seat. Seeing him alive made the situation a reality. Mark was overwhelmed with emotion. He practically pulled the boy out of the car for a huge hug.

"I'm sorry I really messed things up," Robbie said almost sobbing.

"None of that matters. All that matter is right now" Mark said also on the verge of tears.

"I love you so much" Mark added and planted his lips on the boys.

"I love you too" Robbie replied after they broke the embrace.

The social worker seemed impatient standing by the car.

"Ok, well I need to do the home inspection and then he's all yours" She advised.
"Inspection?" Mark asked.

"Agency thing, I need to see the house, his room, basic needs stuff" She advised.

Mark led her on a quick tour, satisfying herself she signed Mark up for a two week custody period on the understanding that it would be extended after a second visit and successful background check.

Finally alone, Mark led his boy to the couch where he cuddled and stroked him.

"I though you were dead" he said finally.

"Yeah she said" Robbie said with his head down.

"Promise me you won't ever do that again" Mark said raising the boy's head with a hand under his chin.

"I promise" Robbie whispered making eye contact.

The two spent the afternoon just holding, stroking and kissing. Finally Mark was satisfied that Robbie was back in his life and that it would be safe enough to let him out of his grasp.

"I guess I should make us some dinner," Mark suggested.

"Order pizza" Robbie commanded.

"Yeah ok" Mark replied.

"Suck me" Robbie ordered.


"I haven't had any action in a month!" Robbie lamented as Mark rose to order the pizza.

"Well?" Robbie called out as the man silently left him, smiling.

Mark returned to find the boy had undressed and was waiting. He knew that Robbie would get whatever he wanted today so there was no point in even thinking about resisting.

Two powerful orgasms later the pizza arrived. Mark stopped his lovemaking and answered the door. Robbie once again devoured the pizza.

Afterward he reclined on his man's chest as the digested.

"I was thinking that I was going to die a virgin when I was in the ambulance" Robbie made conversation.

"You? A virgin? I don't think so" Mark chuckled.

"I haven't been fucked yet, so I'm a virgin," Robbie reasoned.

"You just got out of the hospital and you want me to ram you up the ass? Have I got that right?" Mark asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, so" The playfully boy replied.

"Perhaps someday but not today" The man advised.

"When?" Robbie demanded.

"Maybe for your 16th birthday" Mark suggested.

"Right, maybe I'll have a new boyfriend by then" Robbie teased.

The two slept together every night since their reunion. As expected Mark gained long term custody of Robbie without contest from his mother. Mark moved them to the city after the school year. Robbie got to experience the much larger gay community and a chance to be near Cam again. The elder boy made time for his old friend but was fully engaged with his girlfriend for the most part. Mark accepted that Robbie was a young adult, he would grow and change, perhaps moving on to other relationships but for now, he was all his.

On the night of Robbie's 16th birthday, Mark took his virginity.

The end.