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They'll be no apologies for this is shameless example of wank-media. I will say only that it is a fictional account. I am not a fan of the old fashion disclaimers, so I will preface this story as a teaser instead than a warning. (Posted previously on another forum on this site, this piece has been re-written and improved.)

There is an encounter with a female at the beginning of this story...relax!  Try to transpose, you know what I mean. Imagine that you are the girl.  It'll be over in a couple of paragraphs.  This is predominately a homosexual story.  The main character is a unique and uninhibited narcissus. The one who draws people to him. Even unconsciously, they feel his incredible sexual allure. He is in love with himself and his own body. It's not arrogance or conceit or thinking that he's better than others, but seeing the sexual excitement he causes in others and it is this that intoxicates him.  Self adoration can, if done right, set off incredible sexual desire in others. This is how Wesley uses his gift.


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by Larkin  all rights reserved 2012

The Sensualist:


Tall and skinny as a rail, the 16 year old stretched out naked on the bare mattress that he had pushed into the corner of his room.  His longer than shoulder length hair, parted in the middle was looking a bit filthy. He wore a captive ring that hung down between his nostrils and his soft, wispy facial peach fuzz, still unshaven, made him look almost barbaric but with a decidedly gentle and almost feminine cast.

Pushing his dirty blond hair aside, he sat up and retrieved his red plastic bong and then filled the bowl with pot. Wesley's whole existence was about smoking pot, jerking off or have sex with just about anyone who wanted him. He just didn't give a shit about anything else. He didn't care just as long as they wanted in him.

Holding the bic next to the bowl he drew in deep and held the smoke in his lungs. He thought about yesterday. He was downtown and had stopped the used CD and DVD store to look through stuff.


A Brief Encounter:

An attractive black girl, a bit older, came up to him. "Anyone ever tell you that you're the pretty one?"

Without changing his expression, Wesley moved his eyes blue in her direction.

She was beaming and enthusiastic. "What's a boy like you doin walkin around on the loose without a girlfriend?"

He gave her a vague smile. Wesley's answer was typical. "I don't know?"

They visited a few other stores together and continued to carry on a conversation. She could barely keep her hands off of him. She even went so far as to grab his ass when no one was looking. When Wesley didn't jump, she did it again felt around more carefully.

They sat together on a bench at a bus stop and talked. "I just love skinny white boys."

She whispered in his ear, "I'd just love to see you with no clothes on and all that long hair."

She was forward and kept putting her hand on his leg. Wesley didn't mind. He liked anyone that wanted to get into his pants.

When the bus arrived, she climbed on and turned to look at the boy she had just met. "Well come on, I'll pay your fare."

Wesley got up and followed her onto the bus. Hidden together at the back of the bus, she had already traced out the shape and size of his cock in his pants.

She was giggly. "Where'd you get such a big dick?"

He looked down at the hand covering the lump in his pants. "It's my boner."

Trying to repress her smiling excitement, she looked right in his face and said, "Damn, you got everything, don't you?"

talking in hushed tones, "I know it's your boner but it's such a big one. How you'd like to fuck my tits?"

She was proud and showed herself off. The beautiful black girl had it out and was ready to go down on him until some more people got on the bus and moved back.

Her apartment door closed and latched. They didn't even make it into the bedroom. Once they were both naked Wesley could see that the girl`s body was black, firm and beautiful. Her outstanding qualities was her round ass and perfect tits. She had a prominent and exposed clit on a hairless pussy and she educated Wesley into just one more aspect of sex.

Handling his stiff cock, she said, "You're not the only pretty one here."

They did just about everything. On the way out, she said, "Ohh baby, I'll lick your butt anytime you want me to, just call."


The Jerk-off:

Thinking about the girl he met the day before, he re-lit the red bong and inhaled. Wesley liked pot because it made sex and the images in his mind so much more vivid and intense. Sitting cross-legged and naked on the mattress, he looked down and watched his cock rise up, on its own until it was stiff and throbbing. Leaning slightly forward he gathered spit in his mouth and let it fall from his lips. The gob landed on the head of his cock just as he pulled down his foreskin. It would make for a hot and dirty stroke.

Laying on his back and letting his long legs climb the wall and then, let them fall forward so that he could jerk off into his own mouth. He held his stiff cock and stroked it. The intense pleasure that he felt was radiating from the exposed head of his cock up through his butt but it never quite made it to the small normal part of his brain.

He thought to himself, "Is this what someone feels like when suck my cock? Does it make them excited when they think I `m gonna cum? Can they tell that I'm not gonna stop until I cum into their mouth?"

In his inverted state, his big set of balls were nested at the base of his cock and his butthole was relaxed and exposed. He thought to himself again. "If I saw me, I would want to fuck me, why not?"

He wondered, "Is that how people feel about me?"

Stroking harder and then slowing down to one tentative stroke at a time. Wesley wanted to bring it so close that it would be as if he came without touching it.

When he did it was in 4 or 5 long forceful squirts into his open mouth and he let the rest rain down on his face making him feel exquisitely stupid.

As Wesley would say later, "Wow, it was so awesome!"

When he righted himself, He held the wad in his mouth and so that he could feel millions of wrigglings on his tongue. He let the volume of it pour out of his mouth into his cupped hand just so he could look at it. Then pouring it back, he swallowed it.


Other Worlds:

Wesley had little or no direction in life except for the things mentioned above. Naked and hard again, he woke up in the wee hours. Quietly, not to wake his drunk Dad, Wesley got dressed. Skipping his underwear and putting on baggy pants, Nikes and a dirty tee shirt steeped in his scent. Wesley went out the window and onto the dark street. He was running to a place where strangers hung out at night. He had read a scrawl above a urinal and it was all true. His anticipation was so great that he had to keep his hands off his dick to keep from cuming before he got there.

It was a freight yard full of old train tracks that made it hard for the cops to catch anyone. It was here that guys looking for it would show up late at night. A well built man who knew Wesley by sight met him and directed him away from ground zero.

"You don't want to go over there, it's just the usual flock of pathetic cocksuckers. They don't deserve you."

Wesley had been picked up by someone who wanted him and his dick was up.

In his excited mind he was saying, "What's he going to do to me?"

They hid from the others and even so, the man had to shoo away an unwanted follower. The man called his cock, my masterpiece and Wesley needed no encouragement to suck it. The man's large cock was going in and out of his mouth and Wesley thought.."Is this what someone feels like when they suck my dick?"

He thought, "No wonder my cock is so stiff between my legs."

The man whispered to Wesley. "What I really want is to fuck that tight ass of yours."

There was no resistance from Wesley who let his baggy pants fall down around his ankles. It took some doing. Lots of spit, A lot of false starts and lots more spit but finally Wesley got fucked to completion. The experience opened up a whole world because it was the first time he had ever cum by being fucked up his butt.


The Piercing:

Jennifer was part of the black nail polish set. Tattoos, eccentric clothes and Goth make-up was her semi-unique trade mark. She had lured Wesley over to her apartment with the promise of piercing his tongue.

"It is so cool. I even get paid for it but I wouldn't charge you because I sort of need the practice and all."

Jennifer's apartment was in a complex where all the apartments faced a turquoise pool surrounded by a courtyard.  She sat Wesley in an easy chair and tugged off his shoes. The scent of his feet now merged with the musk incense that permeated the small living room.

"I just want you to get relaxed and all."

She ran off and returned with a tray with antiseptic, cotton and a scissor like thing that she called a clamp.

"Wesley, I'm so excited, I know you're gonna to love it."

She stuck out her tongue out at Wesley so that he could see the silvery steel ball in the middle of her tongue.

"I love mine, it's for suckin dick ya know. The only trouble I've had with it is when I eat spaghetti. It gets hung up on the post when I try to swallow."

Gradually her real motives become apparent. "Um, maybe I could suck your dick after as sort of like your reward and all. You know, but only if you want me to?"

She didn't mention that it might be a reward for her as well. Wesley gave a vague smile and nod of encouragement.

Jennifer looked like she was being thoughtful.."You know what would be, not only cool, but really hot too? Supposen I pierce you tongue when you're all naked? Don't you think that would be kind of exciting? You bein vulnerable and all might give you a boner when I'm doin it? What'ya think?"

Without a word, Jennifer got her answer. Wesley leaned forward and tugged off his tee shirt. She opened his belt and tugged down his pants and underpants until his big dick flopped out and immediately began to rise. She handled it and it became completely erect causing his foreskin to vanish. The vague scent of the exposed head of his cock added to the atmosphere. Boldly sitting in his lap with her legs on either side, she reached into his mouth and tied to grab his slippery tongue. This had no purpose other than foreplay before using the clamp that would hold his tongue securely.

"Stick out your tongue."

Just then the door opened exposing the room to the light from the courtyard.

She turned and said, "Don't you ever fuckin knock? Paul, I'm busy!"

But before he got out the door she looked at Wesley and said, "Wesley, you don't mind if Paul watches, do you?"

Wesley didn't seem troubled. "I don't care."

The tall good looking gay guy walked boldly into the room. For Wesley, being an exhibitionist goes with the territory. Paul and Jennifer got up close to Wesley. Jennifer closed the clamp keeping his tongue hangin out.

"God Wesley, you even got a long tongue among other things."

With a little black marker she put a dot exactly where his tongue was going to be pierced. Wesley's eyes went from one to the other. They were looking at his tongue but the guy kept looking into Wesley's eyes and smiling.

Paul was captivated. "Jennifer, where'd you find this guy, he's fuckin animalistic?"

Without looking a Paul she said, "He lives down the block, you know the dark green house. He lives with his Dad."

Paul looked at Wesley with his clamped tongue hanging out of his mouth. "Well how old is he?"

Wesley couldn't really answer. Jennifer said, "I think he's around sixteen."

Wesley did his best to nod yes.

He was trapped, he couldn't talk and when Jennifer moved away to organize all the stuff on the tray, Paul said, "Fuck, look at his dick, it's leaking, big time."

Paul stroked it off with his bare hand and when he was sure Jennifer wasn't looking, he tasted it. .

"Oh Wesley, you didn't cum already, did you?"

Wesley shook his head no. "Paul, don't set him off yet, I'm not ready!"

She held the post with an incisor sleeve and positioned it over the mark. Wesley's eyes were big.

Paul said, "Aren't you suppose to be wearing latex gloves when you're doing that?"

"I ran out, ok! Will you just fuckin shut-up!"

Just then she pushed the pin through his tongue.

Wesley cried out mostly in fear. Then the unperturbed Jennifer said, "See, the boo boo all better now."

She screwed another steel ball underneath Wesley's tongue to keep the silvery post in place. Then she slipped down between his legs and started sucking on his cock. Wesley had a surprised look on his face, trying to get used to his pierced tongue. She told him that it would be sore for a few days.

Not to be left out of an event that made him so intimate with somebody he had just met, Paul put his arm around Wesley and then carefully started probing his ear with his tongue. It caused Wesley to shoot almost immediately. It happened just as Jennifer was giving her jaw a rest, so it went everywhere, including over her shoulder.

Paul and Jennifer both considered it a spectacular event but it left Wesley confused and preoccupied with his swelling tongue.

After a while, Wesley got dressed to go. "I'm suppose to meet my Dad."

Jennifer was in a flurry, "Oh Wesley, please, please come over tomorrow."

Paul commented on the lisp that Wesley had suddenly acquired. "It makes you even more sexy."

Paul quickly followed him out the door and knowing what was up, Jennifer scowled at him. Once outside, Paul drew himself close to Wesley. "Hey ya think we could hook up later?"

Paul showed him where he lived, smiled and said, come over anytime, my roommate's away.

Wesley seemed agreeable. "I can't sneak out until after midnight, is that ok?"

Paul smiled and nodded approval and then headed off towards his apartment.


Father and Son Talk:

When he got home, he found his Dad on his first drink of the evening." Wesley! Come in here, I want to talk to you."

Wesley followed his Dad into the living room. "Come on, sit down. Don't worry, I'm not mad or anything, It's just time we had a little talk."

He finished his drink and poured another. Wesley sat upright and listened. He knew how easy it was to set his Dad fly off into a meaningless rage.

"I hope I don't have to tell you about the birds and bees shit, do I?"

Wesley lied, "No, Dad, I learned about all that in school."

He heaved a sigh of relief and took a sip of his drink.. It didn't take much for his Dad to light-up so he had to pace himself.

"Thank God, I don't like talkin about all that shit and even at my age, I still don't think I understand it all. The important thing is that you got good morals."

There was a long pause and then he said, "Wesley, do you have a girl friend?"

Wesley thought carefully about his answer before he said it. "Umm. No, not really."

His Dad raised his head up and looking at Wesley, said, "Well, I'm not surprised, just look at you with all that long hair and those crappy clothes. What decent girl is gonna go out with you? I've seen better lookin scarecrows in a fuckin field!"

Then he rambled on about the first girl he fucked and how wonderful it was. "It was like dyin and goin to heaven except for one thing."

Still being attentive, "What was that Dad?"

He laughed and said, "She was one ugly bitch!"

"Wesley, you sound like you're developing a lisp..I'd try to watch that if I were you."

The alcohol was taking his Dad over. "I hope you're not going to turn into a fuckin faggot.. Can you imagine the fucked up shit they do to get off, It's fuckin disgusting! If you was a fag, I might have to kill you with my bare hands and then hide your body where no one can find it."

There was another long pause. This time without even looking up he said, "And if the police came to the door lookin for you, I'd just say, I don't know, I think he ran away or the molesters got him, that's what I say..."

He knew that his Dad was just talking shit, but It made him feel bad.. Wesley silently backed away and went to his own room and closed the door.


It's Queer, So what?:

Hours later, his Dad was asleep in the same chair. Wesley went back to his room, dressed and with his heart pounding, went out the window and ran down the street.

The gay guy, Paul, who he had met at Jennifer's, greeted him at the door with a fat joint. Paul was dressed only in his underwear and immediately had his arms around him to hasten the sexual intensity brought on with the pot. Paul's bedroom was hung with Indian tapestries and lit up with a string of twinkling Christmas lights and an audience of stuffed animals.

He pulled Wesley down on the bed and began to slowly undress him.

"You know, I have to be honest with you and say that you smell so fucking good."

Wesley lay back and let Paul undress him.

Paul went on, "Don't get me wrong, you don't stink or smell bad, but you got just the right amount of body odor that makes me want to cum in my pants. You know what I mean? So do me a favor and don't shower before you come over."

Wesley shrugged and said, "I didn't, was I suppose to?"

Paul pulled off his pants, turned Wesley over on his belly and said, "And I'm guessing the best part of you is your delicious ass."

Wesley felt his underpants being pulled down and off and tossed away.


Dedicated to a real person


Continued upon request

Feedback from interested readers is encouraged.

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