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Part 1: The Road!

The goal for all is Williams-port, Pennsylvania! Glenn Morrow also called “The Gun” because of his rifle arm at shortstop for the Beaverton Braves Little League team. The team needed to win their next two playoff games to get an invitation to the playoff at Williams-port. Winning the next two, first against Aliceville and if they beat them, they would play against the winner of Garville or Mantokka!

Glenn lived with his Uncle Dave, he had lived with his mother's brother since the plane accident. His mom and dad flew to Las Vegas for a second honeymoon. Glenn was suppose to go with them, but Uncle Dave stepped in “Glenn can stay with me, a kid on a second honeymoon is like a fifth wheel on your car. Uncle Dave had stepped in and saved Glenn's life.

This was his dad's first flight alone flying his new Beechcraft. The police found the wreckage and the two bodies burnt beyond recondition. They had to be identified by dental records. Now Glenn lived with Uncle Dave and of course Uncle Mac, Uncle Dave's lover. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Glenn, he could now be himself, he too was gay!

No one on the team knew about Glenn and his sexual orientation, it was never asked about, and of course Glenn was one hell of a baseball player. Primary position was Shortstop, but he could pitch as the second starter or in relief, if he had to. Glenn could also play second and all three outfield positions. He could hit with the best and even thought he wasn't very big he hit for power. 5 homers in his team stats!

Uncle Dave made sure that he played and he and Mac ferried the boy to every game, every practice, unless work interfered. They even took him card shows, Glenn collected baseball cards in mass. Uncle Dave complained that there were cards everywhere, but it was Uncle Mac who picked them up. The men had a secret Glenn joined them in their sex games and the kid could suck a mean cock, he swallowed every drop, and fuck, the boy loved to fuck!

Last Christmas in their mountain cabin, Glenn sucked off 6 men at the party, he got his first black cock and for the night, the men drew high car for the night with Glenn. Artis the black man drew a ace of diamonds and Glen rode a black spike that night, he wore Artis out. “Hey Dave doesn't that kid ever get enough? Every one laughed “baseball and cock, that's all he ever wants.

Last summer after the end of baseball season for the Little league team he played on ended, they spent three weeks on B.T.W.'s Sorococo Island. Glenn for three weeks got to play Pleasure Boy, and he excelled. The boy turned brown never wearing a stitch, and his blond hair turned almost white in the tropical sun. This year they would have to postpone a trip to Palmyra island if they had to go to Williams-port, but it really didn't matter, Glenn was home schooled in more things than one!

His baseball coach Matt Fennerman looked at the butts on his boys and dreamed of sinking his cock into each one, but he never made a move on any of them. He did love the game of baseball and he had built one hell of a team, he knew the game and loved it and boys. These kids played like a well tuned engine, his goal was Williams-port or bust!

His team showed up one by one. Jesus Romero his catcher was always the first one followed by Glenn “The Gun” Morrow. He was always in awe of the little kid with the arm of a 15 year old, he couldn't remember when Glenn had made an error of any kind. Mark Garver his first pitcher walked in next with Andy Craig the third baseman and third pitcher.

A group of 5 more came in one SUV. The Miller brothers Dan and Don, redheaded twins, five-eleven each, Don played First base and Dan center-field. Billy David the left fielder and almost 6 feet tall and a power hitter bar none. The fifth was Manny Madrone his second baseman, the smallest of his player, but nicknamed Moose. Once Matt had asked Glenn why Manny was called Moose, Glenn said “why not?” While he shrugged his shoulders and ran to short.

Garth Holden walked in reading a Spiderman comic book, he was the reserve infielder/outfielder and sometimes catcher, mostly he read comic books until he was needed. He had three more that played when they could get in, Matt played everyone. Herman Dukes, Walt Ermine and Rod Willard, he liked to be called “Rod-erect”, all the boys giggled at his nickname.

Herman could play First base and the outfield, Walt the outfield. Both Herman and Walt were black and gifted athletes. They and Glen were fast runners. Rod the youngest was going to be a pitcher if he could perfect his slider, he did have a decent fast ball. He had dark hair and eyes and was a reserve infielder and backed up Glenn at short when Glen pitched.

The team took their positions and began it take grounders and flies, later they would do special plays. Man on second and ball it to right and fielded by the second baseman who then threw to third to get the lead runner. The had it perfected. A fly to the outfield and automatically threw to the second baseman who made the decision where the ball was to be thrown to get a runner.

After the practice the group broke up and split in different directions in ones, or twos of three's. Glen was by himself and sat in the dug out. He had seen the coach looking him over and decided to play with the coach's mind a bit. Matt walked over “you need a ride Glen?” “Nah coach just changing. He peeled off his pants and took off his jock strap. Naked from the waist down he slowly slid it into his back pack and pulled out his Jockey's, shook them out. Matt had to readjust himself.

Rod always walked home and by the park bathrooms. He liked to go in and read the graffiti. He also like to sit on the commode, read the porn and jack off. The group didn't know, but Rod was also gay. Last week he was sitting, reading and jacking when a cock came through a hole. Rod licked his lips, began to breath faster. His hand was moving quickly whe a voice “suck me?” Rod did, he was in heaven as he sucked, licked and swallowed! The voice said “see you tomorrow?” Rod weakly said 'sure!”

Glenn looked over to see Matt staring at him. “Gee coach do you think mine will get bigger?” He pointed to his uncut boi-cock. Matt felt sweat bead on his brow, his pits get damp and his own cock get hard as a rock. “You're what Glen?” Glen pulled his four inches “my penis coach, my penis see?” Matt turned away. Glen chuckled to himself and slid his Jockey's on then his jeans. Then stuffed his uniform pants in the back pack.

Matt knew he's have to jack off and jack off soon. Glenn came up close “I guess I do need a ride, can I get one from you?” Matt shuddered as he said “sure Glenn lets get out of here.” Glenn slid in nest to Matt. He was having the time of his life, maybe, just maybe he'd suck off the coach, he felt the coach deserved one, he'd been so nasty to the man?

As they drove threw town, Glen slid a hand over the man's crotch and squeezed “Can I suck your cock for you, coach?” Matt almost drove off the road. “What?” He said in desperation. “You were looking at me in that way, I just thought you'd like my lips clamped on your cock?” Glenn heard a weak “oh my god, I-I-I which trailed off to heavy breathing.

Matt felt his zipper slide down as he tried to keep on the road with out crashing. A small hand slid into his pants and found his underwear, inside just a very hard cock leaking precum. Glenn pulled it out and eyed the throbbing weapon. His lips slid over the man's cock and sucked the hard length and sucked it deep into his mouth, a tongue licked his hairy ball sac.

Matt pulled down his own street and hit the button driving the car into his garage. He hit the button and watched the door go back down. He sat back and Glenn held Matt's tingling cock in his small slim fingered hand. Glenn slid the pant's off Matt's hips and sucked in the hard length of throbbing man meat. Glenn was addicted to cock and cum.

The boy looked at his watch and decided he'd better make this fast. He ran his tongue down the underside then back up again and took the purple mushroom into his mouth, his red tongue snaking around and down, then back up again. Matt could feel cum boiling in his balls. Glenn was very good at this and he loved to tease as he sucked a good cock.

Matt was almost there. This was so exciting, he just hadn't expected this. His hand was placed behind Glenn's head. His cock swelled and shot hot sperm into Glenn's mouth. The boy swallowed the entire load of sperm. Glenn kept sucking and licking until the heavy loads became trickles. Glen finished and sat back up. Licked off the cumy excess from his lips. “I need to get home, next time you can fuck me with that beauty. OK, I love a good hard cock cumming in me, OK?”

Matt was speechless, he slid up his pants, still in a state of shock and drove the boy home. He pulled up in front of Glenn's and stopped. Glenn gathered up his bag. “Thanks for the snack, you have a great cock, coach!” Matt just nodded, the boy bounded out with his gym bag waved and went into his house.

Glenn went to his room and turned on MBL channel to watch a game. Two things the boy studied was how the major league's played the game, and the size between their legs. Glenn liked to imagine just how big their “junk” was, that was the most fun. He did study the action between the shortstops and the second basemen and how they handled the double play.

It was Uncle Mac's turn to cook. Glenn heard “Glenn set the table for dinner.” Uncle Dave was the better cook, he made things from scratch. Uncle Mac wasn't. Glenn quickly set the table, then looked in the covered pan. Hot Dogs. “I guess it's tube steak again?” Glenn said with a grin. Uncle Mac gave him a sour look. “Well if you don't want those I have a real one for you to drain?”

Glen smiled. “I'll have that for desert, if you don't mind, maybe we can get in your bed and have some fun tonight?” Mac smiled “every-time I see your mouth I get hard!” Glen wiggled his butt “I'd love both area's filled OK, I sleep sounder after some hot sex by the both of you, damn I'm one lucky kid!” He ran back up to watch the game.

Glenn sat and fiddled with his leather necklace as he watched, then rolled the leather wrist band he always wore. He had thought of getting his ear's pierced, but both his uncles said no, they were dead set against piercing and tattoos on young boys. Glenn had begged for a tattoo at the base of his spine. He had been with them at the nude beach and a boy his age had a blue butterfly and Glenn thought that was so hot!

The team sat in the dugout as Matt gave them instructions before their game with Aliceville Mustangs dressed in their red uniforms. The team took the field Mark was on the mound warming up throwing the ball to catcher Jesus Romero. The first Mustang batter stood waiting to take his cuts.

OK batter try to hit Mark he'll make you swing like a rusty gate!” Glenn was talking it up, the rest began to follow his jibes at the hitter. The umpire yelled “play ball!” The game began. Mark was in a grove his throws seemed to be faster than ever. The first three innings were 9 up and 9 down. In the first Glenn led off and was hit by a pitch. Manny Madrone laid a bunt down the third base line and beat it out. Glenn stood on second, Manny smiling on first.

Don Miller the first baseman drew a walk and the bases were loaded. The poor Mustang pitcher was sweating bullets. 6 foot tall Billy David strode to the plate smiled at the umpire and turned to face the pitcher. He nodded at him and took a practice swing. The first pitch wide for ball one. The left handed batter stepped out of the box, took another practice swing and waited for the next pitch.

The next pitch, a fastball left Billy's bat and like being shot from a cannon the ball landed 70 feet over the fence in right. Braves 4, Mustang's 0! The game only went 5 innings. The 10 run rule took effect although the score was 14 to 0!. Mark had only given up a scratch single in the 4th inning. Glenn had two singles, but Billy was the star with 3 homers, the kid had power!

Everyone was giggling and smiling. The Mustangs were suppose to be a very good team and had only lost 2 games all season. Matt called them all together “Remember a guy can have a bad game, their pitcher is very good, I think when he hit Glenn he lost it and everything went down hill from there, we have to watch ourselves and don't worry about who we play, just sound fundamentals, no mistakes and we will be alright.”

The all raised hands in the center and yelled “TEAM!” The group broke up and Glenn headed into the dugout and took off his cleats and put them in his bag. Matt came in “I don't see you're ride, want me to wait or give you ride?” he had remembered the blow job Glenn had given him, so he had ulterior motives.

I guess they had to work Matt, I'll take that ride, thanks!” Glenn tossed his bag in the backseat and got in front. He slid over on the bench seat next to Matt and placed a slim fingered hand on the inside of his thigh. Matt was hard almost immediately.

I hope I will be able to keep my eyes on the road?” Glenn just smiled and squeezed the man's leg. As they drove Glenn said in a small voice. “Sure wish I had a hot tub to relax in?” Without thinking Matt said “I have one you could use Glenn?” The preteen smiled “is that an offer sir?” Matt cleared his throat and said “yes, we could both relax in mine if you would like, Glenn?”

Glenn chuckled “lets go, it could be so relaxing?” This time his slim fingers moved over the man's straining cock and squeezed, gee coach I'll have to go in naked I forgot my suit?” Matt said “me too!” Glenn kept his hand on the man's cramped penis, squeezing time after time. Matt was sweating and very uncomfortable and hoped he'd be at his home before he came in his pants, Glenn kept squeezing to the beat of the music on the radio. Glenn had a crooked smile and said “where did you leave your bathing suit?” Matt fumbled “I mean I never wear one, Glenn!”

Matt finally came to his house and drove directly into the garage, the door closing behind him. The two walked into the home through the garage, Glenn toting his gym bag. “Coach where's the bathroom?” Matt pointed down the hall “first door to the left.” Glenn closed the door behind him and fished out a bag from the bottom. His red bag and nozzle were in it. He used it to get his body prepared. He also had a tube of vanilla flavored lube, his favorite!

Matt took out a beer and coke to the hot tub and slid in. Through the door stepped a naked Glenn. He had his body ready and took a quick shower. His blond hair was fashioned into a “Hawk” with his leather wrist band and matching leather necklace. He stood in-front of the man, his slim fingers on his hips. “Hi sailor, looking for a good time!” Glenn said in his sexiest voice. His hips snapped left to right and back again. Matt swallowed hard.

Glenn loved playing around with the men he took care of. He sat on the edge of the hot tub and stroked his boi-cock. The little sausage filled with blood and proudly stood erect at a full three inches. Once again Matt swallowed hard. Under the water he had hold of his own cock.

Finally Glenn slipped into the water and stood before his baseball coach. He straddled the excited man and slowly sat down. His hard penis rubbed Matt's erection. Finally he took hold of the man's cock and moved up a bit and placed it at his pre-lubed anus. He moved back and forth a bit then pushed down as the hard stalk entered his warm body

'You like, cuz' I love it?” The boy moaned as he began to move up and down on the hard meat that impaled him. Matt could only sit there and let Glenn do it all. Up and Down his worked the throbbing flesh' “Jack me coach, make me feel good too, please?” Matt awoke from\ his sexual stupor and did as he was ordered.

He looked into the glazed blue eyes. Glenn seemed to be a million miles away. He clamped down hard as he rode the hard male spike of hard tingling flesh. “You like the way I move Matt, I love how hard you are in me, I hope you cum lots, I love the feel inside me, it's like a machine gun going off, so hot so warm, I love a cock fucking me, oooooohhhhh I'm cuming, your thumb is rolling over the head of my penis, I-I-i-i-”M-M-M-M c-u-m-i-n-g, s-o-o-o-o g-g-g-g-o-o-o-o-o-d, so very good!.

The uncut boi-cock erupted in the man's hand. Glenn bounced harder and faster, his inner muscled massaged Matt's penis and gave the man one of the most wonderful thrills he had ever gotten. Glenn was a wonderful fuck. His cock swelled and exploded inside of the preteen shortstops warm channel. The kid was a great ballplayer in more ways then one!

Glenn lay on the man's chest catching his breath. He was still impaled on Matt's spent cock. “Wow that was good Coach, I have to call home soon, tried before I came in here, but there was no answer, I left a message?” Matt was also trying to regain some semblance of composure, he had lusted after the boys, but never expected anything to happen, this was great, really great.

Glen slowly detached himself from the deflating penis. He got out, cum dripping down the inside of his slim legs. He again called, this time there was a message for him. “Glenn Uncle Mac hurt himself at work, broke his arm, were at the hospital, glad Matt is bring you home, I love you, Uncle Dave!” He turned to Matt “Uncle Mac broke his arm at work and Uncle Dave is with him, maybe I better go there?”

Matt told him to leave a message for Dave that he was staying with him and Matt would bring him home in the morning, unless he wanted to do something different? Glenn left the message and slipped back into the hot tub. Matt had a grin on his lips, the boy in his bed that night, how lucky could one man be?

Matt did some inquiring about Glenn. “Sweetie who is your best friend, most likely the guys on the team right?” Glen thought for a minute. “Most likely it Woody, then probably Mark and Billy!” I love Uncle Mac and Uncle Dave they adopted me as a baby after I lost my parents in a plane crash, they give me everything I would ever want, but it's Woody, he's my best friend!”

Matt looked at him puzzled. “Woody, who's Woody, I don't think I've ever met him?” Before Glenn could say a thing “Woody, why doesn't he come out for the team?” Glenn chuckled. “You've seen him, but you haven't paid attention, he's the blind boy with his dog who comes to the game's sometimes?” Matt looked down at the nubile preteen laying next to him.

He comes down and sits and listen's to us play. After the game he can give you a complete play by play of everything that has happened, he never misses a thing, he's quite intuitive and he's fun, both he and Gus!” Now Matt was really confused. OK, now who's Gus?” Glenn again gave him a crooked impish smile. It's his seeing eye dog, silly!”

Part 2: Enter Woody and Gus!

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