By: Max the Cat


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Part 2 Enter Woody and Gus!

Uncle Mac came home and Glenn waited on the injured man hand and foot. “Glen will you stop it, your making me feel like a invalid, don't you have a baseball game or baseball practice to go to, I can get up and go to the bathroom on my own!” Glenn looked hurt he was only trying to help by holding on to his uncle's cock and aiming it into the toilet for him.

Gee Uncle Mac I was only trying to help, you only got one hand and I didn't want you to miss the bowl. Remember when I was learning to go you and Uncle Dave put those target things in the bowl for me to hit?” Uncle mac thought and got a big smile on his face. I remember, but I don't need help, but I thank you Glenn your a wonderful son and I love you very much!

Glenn blushed. “Don't worry Uncle Mac, the coach is picking me up for practice, he knows you and Uncle Dave are tied up here with your injury!” Uncle Mac gave him a big smile “by the way have you called your friend Woody lately, I bet he's a bit miffed that you have forgotten about him?”

Glenn thought about it. “You're right, I have forgot about him, the accident and maybe going to Williams-Port and all, I'll give him a buzz, is there anything I can get you, coffee, tea maybe me?” Uncle Mac shook his head and thought a bit “Glenn could give a great blow job, but his arm throbbed, maybe later?”

Glenn punched in Woody's number and it rang three times. Finally a voice on the other end. “Rothschild residence, Clark speaking, to whom do you wish to speak?” Glenn could never get how formal the butler was. “Hiya Clark is Woody available, it's Glenn?” There was a brief pause: “Oh how are Master Glenn?” Glenn smiled. “I'm great, Uncle Mac broke his arm and my baseball team is one game away from going to Williams-Port!”

The butler had heard more than he had wished. “That is great Master Glenn, I will call Master Woodrow for you, please hold!” Music was filtered as into Glenn's ear. Finally a high voice came on “Hiya Glenn, I thought you had forgotten I existed?” Glen blushed. “Gee Woody I just have been so busy, plus Uncle Mac got hurt, broke his arm and all?

Glen then asked Woody “I will be at practice today, can you come down?” Woody said he couldn't, he had a doctor's appointment, but could Glenn come over tomorrow?” Glenn asked and was told he could. “OK Woody I can?” Woody paused and was talking then returned “Willard will pick you up around 10 with the car. OK?” Glenn said “I'll be ready, see you tomorrow.”

Glenn heard a horn honk out front “The coach is here, time for me to go to practice!” He rushed out the door and hopped in beside Matt. The took off for practice. Glenn's hand slid into the man's crotch and squeezed. Matt breathed hard, also his cock throbbed. “Please Glenn if you don't quit it, I'll cum in my pants.” Glenn giggled “OK, if you say so!” Matt was sweating profusely.

Matt gave a big sigh of relief when he pulled into the ballpark parking lot. Most of the team was waiting. Glenn grabbed his bag and yelled a big “HIYA!” The kids all waved or said HI to him and Matt. Matt took out a bat and ball the boys took their position and he began hitting grounders to the infield. He had Billy hitting fly's to the outfield. Rod and Mark were tossing to Jesus. Mark was snapping the ball into Jesus's catcher's mitt while Rod seemed to be in another world, after practice he was taking a short trip to the park restrooms to meet the man from the other day, that's was all he could think about.

Mark mumbled :where in the hell are you Rod, your not here I can tell you that?” Rod snapped back “sorry Mark, I just don't have it today?” Mark asked Matt “Coach can Rod take grounders at short and let Glenn pitch some, he's in the rotation and should pitch some?” Matt quickly changed the two boys. Glenn began to fire had pitches.

Mark shook his head “Glenn we know they call you “The Gun!” let's not throw out that arm we need it, coach says we have to play Gar-ville, the beat Mantokka last night 9 to 2!” Glenn would have rather played Mantokka, they had beat them three times, but they had split with Gar-ville, they had the better team and a pitcher as good as Mark.

At short Rod wasn't any better, all he could think of was the man's cock and how his cum had tasted. “You feel OK Rod?” Matt asked. Rod shrugged “I've felt better Coach, just have things on my mind, I guess?” Matt continued to prod the boy “everything OK at home Rod?” Rod nodded “ya it's OK, it's just things, I'll be better, promise?”

Finally Matt told Rod to take off and make sure he was ready for the game on Saturday. “Remember Rod the goal is Williams-Port, just think how you can lay it on the kids at school that you won the Little League World Series, OK?” Rod gave him a weak smile, “promise I'll be ready, really I promise!” Rod grabbed his stuff and slipped away toward the bathroom on the other side of the park. Soon he was out of site, breathing hard, very erect, thus his new name “Roderect!”

Glenn went back to short and fielded a few more grounders he was #6 in numbers of position so he took batting practice in that order. At first Matt had had a bunch of trouble, all wanted to bat at the same time, so he devised batting practice according to the number given to their position.

Finally the practice was over. Matt told them that the playoff game was to be at 1 in the afternoon, “so be here at 11:30 so we can warm up as a team, understand?” The boys yelled in unison that the understood. Glenn smiled coyly at Matt “can I have a ride coach?” Matt began to harden again. “Sure!” He said meekly. In the car Glen moaned “I sure could use a dip in your hot tub?”

Matt quickly drove to his home in anticipation of another tryst with Glenn and that nubile body he sported. Glenn nestled right next to Matt, his slim fingers dancing over the older man's crotch. “Matt moaned “good lord!” Glenn giggled and squeezed. Matt only hoped he didn't cum in his pants, the boy really knew how to tease!

Rod eased into the park restroom. He heard a voice “I'm in the last stall sweetie, come in and lock the door behind you!” Rod did as told, it was as though he was hypnotized. He turned to see a very naked man stroking his purple headed uncut penis. Rod caught his breath. He was staring at the throbbing organ. He was fascinated with the creamy bubble that stood atop the purple capped fleshy tube!

The man smiled as Rod licked his red lips. “Come here and give us a good suck?” Rod eased up to the man and bent over. His red pips were quickly planted on the head. The red lips slid over and tightened behind the fat cock head. Rod sucked, his red tongue rolled over and over licking the cock head clean, but another bead appeared and he did the licking all over again. The man moaned in lustful pleasure.

Red felt his clothing being removed from his body. He didn't resist being stripped naked. He stepped out of his pants and under shorts. He was fully erect, but he never stopped his oral manipulations of the man's hot penis. His shirt was unbuttoned and slipped from his body, all he had left was a white-beater.

As he sucked the hard cock he felt slippery fingers playing with his tight anus. Then a finger entered his hole. He let out with a muffled moan and sucked the cock harder. Two fingers replaced the one and he was rapidly being finger fucked, the two fingers opening up his entrance, he realized he was about to get fucked for the first time in his young life, he spread his legs wider, he wanted to be fucked!

Lean over the toilet and spread your legs. Rod did everything quickly. He looked over his naked shoulder, the white-beater now lay in the pile of clothes. He watched as the naked man aimed his throbbing cock at his boi-pussy and rubbed up and down then made a hard stab into Rod. The boy shuddered.

The purple crown pushed through the tight ring. The tight skin wrapped around the purple head. The man caught his breath. “Fuck kid that's a tight squeeze.” Rod was uncomfortable, the foreign invader stretched his anus. The man regrouped and pushed in again only much harder. “Oh god you're to big your killing me, please stop, please!” Rod begged.

The man was gritting his teeth and wasn't finished he wanted his whole cock buried into Rod's body. He held the boys slim hips tightly and pushed in harder one more time. Finally his hairy ball sac slapped against Rods hairless fleshy orbs, he was all in Rod's tight, nubile body. Rod's virginity was a thing of the past. The man just stayed in place and again caught his breath.

I'm all in you, damn kid you're so tight, but what a fuck this is going to be, kid you are going to be in demand, really in demand, lots of men are going to want some of this, but I'm the first, haha!” Rod wasn't sure if it was pain or just the cock packed inside him tightly, most likely both, but he was erect, his four inches were “Roderect” and his cock tingled!

His fucker caught his breath and began the in and out movement that would draw his sperm out of his body and deposited deep inside of Rod. Rod pushed back to meet each hard thrust, the two were fucking. His meaty hand reached around and took hold of Rod's penis, the calloused thumb rolled over the red/purple boi-cock, rod shivered, hid boi-balls got tight against his body.

The thumb was driving Rod crazy. The man fucking him knew how to roll the head of his boi-cock. He was almost there. Between the cock inside his body and the action of the thumb he was putty in the man's hand. “Such a boi-cunt, I love fucking a young boy's hot boi-cunt, you like my cock, I bet you do, you're going to be such a great boi-whore, just give me the time and you'll be fucking anyone who want's you!”

Between the fucking and the hot talk Rod was going crazy. Each thrust in was returned by him pushing back. His boi-cock tingled and throbbed, plus the man was breathing harder and fucking Rod harder. Cum was building up in both. “Oooohhhh fuck kid here I cum, I'm going to give you all my cum, take it all!” Both erupted. Cum filled Rod's insides, his cum hit the cold white toilet side and trickled down to the cement floor in a gooey white puddle.

The man was fucking him madly. The cum was being pushed out and ran down the inside of his legs. Rod moaned “My cum's on the floor, I made such a mess, sorry!” The man leaned over to his ear, the cock still trickling cum into the boy's ravaged boi-pussy. “Not to worry sweetie, I'm the janitor, I'll clean it up after were through, damn your a tight fuck!” his tongue licked the inside of Rod's ear, he shuddered!

The car picked up Glenn and took him to Woody's home. The driver was a black man with a coffee and cream coloring, Glenn thought the Wallace was the hottest man he had ever seen. Glenn sat in the backseat and couldn't take his eyes off him. They pulled up in front of the stately mansion. Wallace got out and opened the door for the boy. “Damn he's a dream!” Glenn thought to himself.

The door opened and the man servant Clark said “good afternoon Master Glenn, Master Woodrow is in the back taking some sun and refreshments, follow me!” Glenn followed Clark “how are you today Clark?” Glenn inquired. “I am well Master Glenn, how nice of you to ask. He opened the door to the patio and let Glenn out.

On a chase lounge lay Woody, naked. The boy loved to take nude sun baths. “Sup Woody. The boy sat up, adjusted his dark glasses, and looked around for the voice, Woody was blind! “I can feel you Glenn, I was beginning to think you were avoiding me, come on take off your clothes and get some sun, it's so nice here?” Glenn stripped and sat down the the chase lounge next to Woody, reached down and scratched Gus behind the right ear. The Golden Lab's tale began to beat time on the cement!

You coming to my ball game on Saturday, if we win we go to Williams-Port for the series?” Woody sipped his limeade. “Gus and I'll be there and if you win we'll go to Williams-Port to cheer you guys on, I can't believe you all made it this far, well maybe not, you guys are good?”

Glenn poured himself a glass of limeade and smiled. He liked Woody, he wasn't a false person like all the other super rich, he was just a horny little boi-slut just like himself and made no bones about it, Woody sat up and placed a hand on Glenn's leg. The fingers danced up to Glenn's naked penis and took it in his grasp. He jacked it a few times and heard Glenn moan!

You know something Glenn?” Glenn was quick “Woody I know a lot, you do something new?” Woody moved up to Glenn's ear and whispered “I let Gus fuck me!” Glenn's blue eyes got wide “you what?” Woody giggled and said it again “I let Gus fuck me. He did me for over 30 minutes, I came twice, it was so fucking hot!” Glen was stupefied!

But, but, but he's a dog?” Glenn said rather shocked. “Woody smiled “I know, you don't think bad about me do you Glenn?” Glenn didn't answer immediately, he had to think about it?” Finally Glenn said “Gee Woody what ever floats your boat and you got off twice, that's all that counts right?” Woody now was giddy.

Really Glenn he needs sex too and so do I. All I have here is Clark and Wallace and I can't keep asking them for sex and a release, you and I have done things, but you're not here all the time?” Slowly he was jacking Glenn. Finally his dark brown hair covered head was in Glenn's lap, his mouth wrapped around Glenn's cock, he was sucking him slowly and sweetly. His tongue rolled over the taunt boi-flesh.

Glenn relaxed and ran his free hand thru Woody's hair. Woody may be blind, but he could suck cock with the best. Glenn whispered to Woody “lie down and I can do you too!” Woody stretched out and got comfortable. Glenn moved over Woody and sucked in the purple/red capped cock. Woody went back to pleasing Glenn. Clark looked out the window and said to himself “I guess their lunch can wait while they're eating each other, ah to be young again!”

Glenn was above Woody. He sucked and licked Woody's cock. Wood's fingers found Glenn's ready anus and slid in two slim fingers. He finger fucked Glenn hard and fast while both boy's sucked, licked and nibbled each others cock's. Finally both boys got their release and lay there regaining their breathing. Clarke eased out with sandwiches and chips. “Lunch!”

Saturday was upon the team quickly. Each team exchanged lineups. The Braves were the home team and took the field. Mark would be limited to 70 pitches according to the Little League rules, he hadn't had enough rest between games. Glenn could come in relief for 15 pitches. He had relived in the last game, so Rod would have to come thru for the team and finish the game.

Matt pulled Rod to the side and told him he'd have to finish the game for the team. “Who me, you want me to finish the game, damn Matt the last time I relived they knocked me back to last Sunday?” Matt put a hand on each shoulder “You have to do this Rod, you have to do this for the team!” Rod felt like running home and diving under his bed.

Both pitcher were throwing strikes like daggers. Finally in the forth inning the left fielder for the Gar-ville caught one of Mark's fastballs and drilled it over the left-centerfield fence, Gar-ville was up 1 to 0. Glenn came in and put out the fire, but it too his 15 pitches to do it. He went back to short and Mark left the game.

Rod came in and was brilliant in his pitches. His slider was magnificent. His fast ball was electric. What surprised Jesus behind the plate was he had a curve ball that broke and dove down make the batter look foolish! The 6th inning came and Glenn led off, it was still 1 to 0 in Gar-ville's favor. Glenn took two quick strikes. The next was outside and Glenn crowded the plate. The Gar-ville pitcher decided to dust off Glenn, but threw in to close and even though Glenn tried to get out of the way, he got hit in the back.

He took his base and everyone's heart sank Rod came to bat. Rod was the only boy on the team who couldn't bunt, he also had never gotten a hit in the entire year. Matt called him down to the 3rd base side “I need you to bunt Glenn to second, can you do it?” Rod felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Matt I can't bunt, I've never bunted in my life, I'll try?”

Rod stood in the batter's box and began to sweat bullets. The pitch came down and he missed it. Strike 1! The next pitch he fouled off. Strike 2. Matt called him to him again. “Rod you'll have to swing away, if you miss this bunt you'll be out!” Rod wanted to cry, he felt the entire team was looking at him, and they weren't happy!

The Gar-ville pitcher had a snide grin on his like. He would rear back and fire the fastest fast ball he'd ever thrown in his life and just maybe the little kid would shit his pants in fear. The pitcher looked down at Rod, over at Glenn and back at Rod. He got into his windup and fired a fastball. Rod swinging left handed swung. It was like the world had stood still.

The bat came in solid contact with the fastball. Blood seemed to fall from the pitcher's face. Glen started to break for second and slowed. Jesus in the on deck circle began to yell “run Rod, move your butt!” Rod was frozen as he watched the right fielder start to come in and then break back screaming “holy fuck!” The ball was rising into the air at break neck speed. The right fielder stopped and watched the ball sail over the fence. Glenn had been running as fast as he could, then slowed to a trot and he was screaming “we've won, can you believe it, we've won, and Rod hit a homer!”

The entire team mobbed Rod as he hit home plate. The Gar-ville pitcher was bawling and threw his mitt on the pitcher's mound in disbelief. The one in disbelief was Rod, things like this never happened to him and being mobbed by his team mates made it even better. Glenn hugged his relief pitcher and kissed him, he had forgot himself. At first Glenn started to pull back then thought “what the fuck” and kissed Rod again “Rod you have just sent us to Williams-Port!”

Uncle Dave, Uncle Mac, Woody and Gus were cheering. Matt walked up and shook Rod's hand. “Do you think Rod were going to be able to live with you now?” Rod was so happy, he had tear's running down his cheeks. He looked into the stands, his mom was actually crying and gave him a little wave! Rod thought the had been the best day in his young life!

Part 3: Woody saves the day!

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