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Part 3: Woody comes thru!

Matt took the team to the local pizza parlor as a treat for the big win. Everyone made over Rod like he was the second coming of Babe Ruth, and he ate it up. Usually it was Rod sitting on the outside watching one of the other boys being declared king for the Day, for him this was more than he had ever hoped for!

Glenn got up and went to the bathroom, Rod followed him and both stood in front of an urinal. “How come you kissed me, not once but twice?” Rod inquired as he shot a yellow stream into the white porcelain. “I was happy that we won and I was happy you came thru for us, you pitched fantastic in relief and the homerun was out of this world, you made it possible for us to go to Williams-port!”

Rod shrugged “oh that was it, OK?” Glenn looked over at the dark haired boy. “You also turn me on, I think you're hot in a dark sultry way, make you feel better?” Rod looked at him, then down at his cock that was being stuffed into Glenn's pants. “You have a real pretty cock, Glenn!” Rod licked his lips, they had become dry.

Now you're making me hard with the sexy talk!” Glenn said as he went to the sink to wash his hands. “Good, I want to make you horny Glenn, your the hottest boy on the team!” Rod told Glenn, both boys were blushing and becoming warm. “We better get back out, people will think were fucking or sucking in here. The went back to the pizza party. Mark Garvey whispered into Rod's ear “you know if you shake it more than twice, your playing with it?” he laughed, but Rod didn't get it!

Glen whispered in Rod's ear “he's kidding you about being in the bathroom with me for too long. When you take a piss and shake it more than two time's your wanking, by the way I like your cock, it's a cutie!” Rod blushed, but stayed next to Glenn.

Glen stood up at the table and raised his glass of root beet “I want to propose a toast to Matt and Rod?” There was some applause. “I want to say thanks to Matt for putting up with us and putting Rod in at the right time.” More applause “I want to thank Rod for not choking and coming thru for us!” Even more applause and the 3 cheers for Matt and Rod.

Uncle Dave told Matt he had to get going, Uncle Mac was getting tired. Matt said that he had to take Rod home so he might as well drop Glenn off also. Uncle Dave said that would be ok. Mat was now very happy having both boys. Glenn walked up to Matt and whispered in his ear “you know Rod and I are alike in so many ways!” He winked at Mat, Mat got very hard.

An hour later the party broke up and Matt ushered the boys into his vehicle. “Matt can we go swimming, it's still very early?” Matt said OK and drove to his place. Glenn took Rod in the back and quickly stripped and dove into the pool. He came up, shook his wet blond hair and said “Rod come in, the water is great?”

Rod looked at Matt who was also stripping. Rod stripped and dove in along side of Glenn. Matt quickly joined the two preteens in the pool. They swam around, felt each other up. Matt got out and sat on the pool's edge. Glenn swam up and between Matt's legs, grabbed the man's cock and sucked it in. Rod bobbed up in the water wide eyed. Glenn sucked hard and swallowed the entire length of man flesh. Rod swam up and looked at Glen's red lips matted against Matt's water soaked pubes!

Damn Glenn deep throats, wow that's amazing?” Slowly the hard length of cock reappeared until only the purple crown was clamped tightly in his red lips. Finally Glenn pulled away holding Matt's cock “here Rod suck it?” Slowly Rod replaced Glenn as Matt's cocksucker. He sucked in half of the throbbing flesh, bit no farther, he was afraid he'd puke if he swallowed or tried to swallow Matt's cock.

Maybe we better go to my bedroom boys?” Matt told the two lads. The three naked people walked into the house drying as they went in. Matt lay against a pile of pillows, Rod on his right and Glenn on his left. Each boy sucked and nibbled a part of Matt's cock. The baseball coach was in lustful heaven. His eyes were in a dreamy state as he watched Glenn's mouth atop of his cock and slowly it was being sucked to the hairy root.

The cock slowly reappeared. Glenn straddled the saliva coated spike, placed it at the lips of his ready boy-pussy and sat down. The man's penis slowly disappeared into Glenn's warm body. The blond haired boy's brown eyes sparkled as he was impaled on the throbbing flesh. Up and down he rode it like a bucking bronc!”

After riding Matt's cock for five minutes or so, Glenn got off. “Rod your turn to play cowboy!” Matt had to giggle to himself. Rod now straddled the hard penis placing it at his love hole and slowly he slid down the lubed appendage. Now rod was bouncing up and down while he held his own cock and wanked to his hearts content. Rod smiled “damn Glenn this is fun!”

Glenn knelt in front of Matt's face “suck me you big galoot, suck my cock, please coach?” Matt grabbed both white butt cheeks and pulled the preteen to his ready mouth and sucked the boy in to the root, he even sucked in Glenn's ball sac and licked the boy's neither area. Glenn moaned “oooohhhh that's amazing, I love it!”

Rod wanked like there was no tomorrow and sent a creamy splatter of hot creamy boi-honey on to Glenn's back. Glenn was in lust heaven, his whole package was being licked and sucked by Matt's over active mouth, twice Matt's tongue had licked his asshole, finally he couldn't take it anymore and shot his creamy load into the man's sucking mouth.

Matt sucked and swallowed. He was almost there in Rod's boi-pussy. He tried and tried to hold back, but finally the clamping tightly of Rod's inner muscles took it's toll and he came in hot creamy bullets that bounced and covered the boy's insides in creamy love juice. “Oooohhhh I can feel you cuming in me, I love fucking!” rod declared his hand tigtly wrapped around his boi-cock!

The next morning was not a good one for the baseball team. Phillips Plumbing, a long time supporter of the team went belly up! An hour later Matt received a call from Ace's Furniture another longtime supporter called. Mr Crabtree the owner passed away, his son-in-law Arnold, no lover of baseball or children said the company was pulling their support of Little League baseball. “I really see it as an unneeded expence!” Arnold said in no uncertain terms!

Matt was devastated, he had relied on the support of the two companies to finance the trip to Williams-Port, without their help there would be no trip and no team! Matt began to make the calls to the team member's parents. Uncle Dave picked up the phone. “I see Matt, yes I know Glenn will be crushed, I know the other boys will be also, they were looking so forward to playing in the series. He's in his room, I'll let him know, thanks for the call!”

Dave put down the phone and went to Glenn's room and knocked. “Glenn are you decent?” he said trying to be cheery. “Yes, I am I'm looking at my baseball cards, come in, please?” Uncle Dave came in with the somber news. Glenn's mouth dropped when he heard the news. Tears trickled down his cheeks. “I guess I better call Woody and tell him, he was going to go, he had already asked his dad, crap!”

Glenn dialed the phone number. “Rothschild residence, Clark speaking to whom do you wish to speak to?” “Hi Clark, it's Glenn may I speak to Woody, please?” Clark sensed something was wrong. “Master Glenn you sound do down what can be so bad, is everything well at your home?” Glenn swallowed hard “The world ended to day Clark, let me talk to Woody, he can tell you later, please?”

Woody came to the phone “sup dude, Clark says you sound like you're going to cry, it can't be that bad, really?” Glenn explained that there would be no trip to Williams-Port and why. “Glenn how much would you guys need for the whole thing?” Woody inquired, his voice trying to be cherie!” Glenn thought for a minute, he wasn't sure. “$25,000.00 I guess, anyway maybe we can do something tomorrow, OK?”

Woody said sure “I'll have the car sent for you around eleven, OK?” Glenn nodded then said eleven would be fine. Woody marched to his father's library and knocked. He heard “come in!” Woody holding Gus by his handle entered the library. “Father may we speak?”

Woodrow Rothschild the 3rd sat back, his son was never this formal! “Woodrow what's the matter?” Woody put a hand on the desk. “Father I need a very big favor, areal big one?” the older man looked at his son. The boy never asked for anything, even though he was totally blind, he was almost too self-sufficient.

Woody just what kind of a favor can be that big?” Woody first asked “how much is my trust worth?” The man was taken aback at the question, cleared his throat, thought for a moment. “Let's see the last time I checked it was over 200 million, but with gold and other precious metal up maybe closer to 300 million?” he caught himself, and asked “why all the questions of money?”

Woody told of the plight of his friends baseball team and their need of financing for their trip to Williams-Port. “Just how much would they need?” Bluntly Woody said “at least $25,000.” Mr. Rothschild smiled, shook his head “is that all?” Woody quickly maybe $35,000 just to be sure, please father I will do anything you ask, but please?”

His father pulled up some tissue. He grabbed the check register and opened it. “To whom or to what do we make the check out, Woody?” The boy was in shock. “you mean I can have it, really?” His father wiped his eyes again. “Yes, son, Glenn is your friend and sometime we help our friends, he's never asked a thing, but your friendship, I think we can do this, besides we can write it off at tax time!” Woody worked around to his father and kissed the man's on the cheek, 'Thanks dad!”

With a check for $35,000.00 in hand he found the phone and called Glenn. Uncle Dave answered. “OK I'll get him, just a minute Woody, please calm down, Please?” He took the phone and knocked on Glenn's door. “Glenn Woody's on the phone!” Glenn opened his bedroom door and took the phone.

Dave was walking away when he heard Glenn give out the loudest scream he had ever heard. “What the hell?” he ran back toward Glenn's room just in time to be run over by the boy who gave out with another scream! “Woody just came thru, his dad is taking care of our team, were going to Williams-Port!” Dave was stunned, Uncle Dave what's the name of our team, I can't think?”

Glenn called Matt, Matt called all the team. He went to Woody's home with Glenn in tow, he wanted to make sure it was true. He was speechless when he was handed the check for $35,000.00 by Woody's father. Mr. Rothschild then said “I have one request?” Matt froze in his spot. “Yes, sir?” Mr. Rothschild said. “I would like to have Woody as the team manager, what ever that means?” Matt smiled. “Woody's is the team manager, we don't have one, why not?”

Mr. Rothschild smiled “Matt, just what is the team manager do, I really don't know that much about baseball?” Matt had to think for a minute, he didn't know what the team manager did, or was, but he'd have to wing it. “He's my assistant, how does that sound?” Mr. Rothschild nodded his approval.

Woody and Glenn went to his room, Gus leading them both. In his room Woody held Glenn and kissed him deeply. Gus nudged Woody's butt. “I'm so happy Glenn!” Glenn wasn't sure why? “I'm glad your happy Woody, I'm happy too, but you made it happen, I should be the one jumping up and down, you put yourself out there for my team and I, thank you, friend!”

Woody took Glenn's hand and placed it on his hard cock. “I'm so horny now Glenn, very horny!” Glenn's hand slid into Woody's pants and grasped his rigid cock and pulled it back and forth. “Oooohhhh Glenn that feels good, so good!” A big red tongue lapped both Woody's cock and Glenn's hand. “I think Gus wants in to the mix?” Glenn said trying to be funny.

Glenn felt his basketball shorts slide from his hips followed with his jockeys. The blind boy's hands worked on Glenn's young and very nubile body. “Lie down on the floor Glenn!” Woody said very forcefully. The blind boy quickly stripped naked and knelt between Glenn's legs. Grasping Glenn's steel hard penis. His mouth enveloped it and sucked to the root.

Glenn was lying there in a dream state. Woody may have been blind, he found every nook and cranny of Glenn's body with his red tongue. Glenn eyes widened and he gasped “Woody, Woody Gus has climbed on your back, he's, he's fucking you?” Woody's mouth let the other boy's cock slide out covered with saliva. “Yes, he's in me knot and all, wonderful isn't, he fucks me all the time, you want to try it, it's great, I cum all the time?”

Glenn couldn't say a word, he could only watch the hips on the lab pound away on his friend. The sight was something he was trying hard to process. It was scary, yest very erotic. The look on Woody's face was something to behold. Woody's mouth sucked in Glenn's cock again while Woody pushed back with each animal trust of Gus's hard canine cock.

Glenn let himself get lost in the moment, he was now pushing to get his own cum. Woody sucked and lapped his organ like he had done it for years. The red tongue and mouth moved to Glenn's ball sac and sucked each testicle. Glenn moaned and thrashed from side to side, his cum was boiling, he was almost there. “Woody I'm gonna cum, oooohhhh here I cum!”

Woody's wet mouth gobbled up Glenn's boi-cock and caught the hot cum shot forth, the tip opened wide and coated woody's red tongue creamy white. Woody was swallowing each cumy eruption. Glenn lay back and relished his cuming and the afterglow it gave him. His eyes look down dreamily and made him snap back to the present.

Woody's head lay between his legs. He was looking back at the way Gus was humping Woody butt. The long red tongue hung off to the right side, he was pounding Woody ferociously. The 10 inches of hot, red multi-veined cock was locked inside of Woody's preteen body. Woody's boi-cock throbbed, the head tingled. The eye in the center opened and shot forth boi-honey.

The blind boys cock splattered sperm on the shag carpet below. Gus continued to fuck his master hard and deep. Woody continued to mumble under his breath. “Fuck me Gus, fuck me, cum in me, I love the way you fuck me.” Woody had forgot all about Glenn. He could only feel the fat canine cock pounding his boi-pussy and once again his cock was getting hard, every time Gus fucked his me got at least two hard cums out of it.

Glenn had sat back. He was memorized at the scene in front of him. This was hot, he was almost jealous of the way Woody was being fucked. Woody was almost in heaven, his cock again was erect, the cock bounced up and down and also side to side. Woody had a weird grin on his lips.

Suddenly Woody moaned “oh fuck he cuming in me, god does he cum, he shoots so much cum Glenn, god all mighty you should experience this, he cums so much and he fucks me so beautifully, I don't think I could live with out this?” Glenn just sat there half naked watching the show, and it was a very hot show!

Finally Gus collapsed atop of Woody's naked back. He didn't try to extract himself, but lay atop his master, his cock drained deep inside of the boy. Gus instinctively still pumped back and forth slowing down. Glenn could only shake his head and watch trickles of canine cum leak into two pools at the base of Woody's knees.

Hey Woody, that was hot, I just might have to ask Uncle Dave and Uncle Mac for a dog of my own?” Woody looked up smiling “I'll let Gus fuck you if you want, but he'll need a day or two to recuperate?” Glenn smiled “I'll wait, don't want to interfere in your relationship?” Woody grinned “not to worry Glenn, boi-pussy is boi-pussy to Gus, he just wants to cum, and hell he sure cums a lot.”

Matt leased a small bus for the trip to Williams-Port. It had room for all the equipment, clothing and of course the team. He would do the driving, with Clark doing the relief driving. He would come along to take care of Woody and Gus. He had also been instructed to help out with team, he did as told.

Everyone climbed on the small bus. Woody and Gus took one whole seat. Rod and Glenn sat together. Clark took a seat behind Matt, the two could talk and when needed Clark could take over the driving. The twins drove with their parents as did Jesus. There were three other boys in the Romero family and a grandmother. The whole family mother, father grandmother and the 4 Romero boys headed for Williams-Port.

Part 4: So this is Williams-Port?

Thanks to all who are in the story, hope you like the way I portray you? Hermes has a new chapter posted in Dream Lover, check it out, he's really got a goodie there!