*The following tale is fiction, a.k.a not real.  It has been created for entertainment purposes only.
This story contains sexual material involving boys and men.  If this kind of material is illegal where you are
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The Shack -1

    I believe the song goes: "Some kids have and some kids don't.  And all of us are wondering why."  And for a long time I did.  But the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that life is just that way, you know?  It can't rain all the time just like the sun can't shine all the time.  Those rules suck big time.  But it's something none of us can change.

    I guess I'm writing this because this is my way of finally getting closure.  I figure that maybe if I write it down and get it out of my system then I can completely move on with my life instead of just partially.  I know that what I'm about to write is going to be seen as wrong in a lot of peoples eyes.  So I beg of those people to just keep an open mind and forget for a second about society's set of rules and guidelines that are shoved daily down our throats.

     It was on a Friday when everything began.  I had recently moved back into the town I'd grown up in because my mother had fallen very ill and I wanted to be there with the rest of my family to take care of her.  We did everything we could and at least one of us was with her at all times.  But the illness still got the better of her and she passed away.

    One of my best friends heard this news and showed up at the funeral.  Her name was (and still is) Theresa, but we called her Terri for short.  We had grown up together and even when I left town to go away to college, me and her kept constant contact.  I guess you could say we were pretty close.  Closer maybe than if we had a relationship as husband and wife, if that's even possible.
My family is a pretty close knit one, so everyone was there to help everyone through the hard time.  Terri was that outside support, that voice of reason that kept me from jumping off the deep end and doing something completely stupid.

    Once I was okay enough to consider jumping back into the game of life, Terri offered me a job as a counselor at a place called The Shack.  It was a place sort of like the YMCA or Boys and Girls club that Terri's father had owned.  Me, her, and four of our friends used to go there all the time when we were growing up, and she had taken it over when her father passed a few years back.  I was reluctant to take her up on her offer at first, but after a few days I decided to give it a shot.  I did like working with kids and stuff.  I had, after all, gone to school to study to be a probation officer for juveniles.

     As soon as I walked through the doors on the first day, all kinds of old memories rushed up to greet me.  It was like coming back home after being away for a long time.  The original building, a former church, still stood.  But now it had been added on to and had become twice its former size.

    My office was in the new building.  It wasn't much, really.  Just four walls, a nice desk, a computer, some chairs, and a window.  And I was more than happy to call it mine.  A couple of minutes after I'd gotten in and was about to turn my computer on, Terri appeared at the door.
"I'm glad to see you made it this morning." she greeted warmly.
"Yeah.  So am I." I replied, unable to help smiling a little.

    That's the kind of smile Terri has.  One of those that could make the most pissed off person in the world crack a grin.  And the rest of her isn't that bad either.  She's from the Philippines and her serpentine body has that naturally skinny build, versus the anorexia-induced one.  She always kept her shoulder length black hair done up nicely and wore just enough makeup to accent her already visible beauty.
"Wanna go grab a cup of coffee?" she asked.

    I nodded and sat my jacket down on my chair.
"I would love to."
"All right, let's go."

     We stepped out of my office and started walking down the hallway.
"So how are you and the kids this morning?" I inquired, making Terri giggle a little.
"We're fine actually.  This is one of those rare days when they're not all over my bladder."
"Man.  That's why I always say that women are stronger than men.  I know could not deal with carrying around twins in my stomach all day and night for nine months."
"Gee, I wish Greg thought like that.  He thinks I'm just complaining."
"Well I bet if you two could trade shoes for a day, he'd be singing a different tune."
"Baby, I'd bet money on it."

     Greg is Terri's husband.  They got engaged the day after high school graduation and were married a year later.  Even though he tended to be a little pig-headed at times, he was a pretty nice guy and we got along well.

    The break room where the coffee was located was just three rooms down from my office.  After we got our cups, Terri gave me a tour of the place.  It had an awesome new gym, a Computer Room with about ten computers where kids did homework or surfed the net.  A game room that had pool tables, ping-pong tables, six video game systems, and a variety of other things to keep the kids occupied.  There was even a room where they could watch movies and just hang out.

    But that wasn't all The Shack had evolved into.  There were also programs for teenaged parents as well as confidential counseling for any of the kids who needed someone to talk to.  And when school was in and the kids got out and came to the Computer Room to do their homework, there was tutoring available or someone to just help them along with what they were doing.

    One hour and two cups of coffee later, I was on my own.  Since it was my first day, I was pretty much a free agent.  I was allowed to just float around and check in on all the different things that went on and decide for myself which ones I wanted to be involved in.
 I decided that my first stop was going to be to check out the teen parenting class.  I'd always wondered how one of those programs operated and figured it would be a good place to start.  I was cutting across the courtyard that separated the old church from the new building when some sharp words caught my attention.
"Are you dumb or are you just stupid?" the question brought my attention over to a group of boys to my far left.

    There were four of them.  A white boy with red, almost copper looking hair, and a pair of brown eyes with a mischievous gleam in them.  He stood tallest of the boys at five foot five, I guessed, and his young looking face was dotted with freckles.  His body build lingered between husky and skinny, and he was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a black shirt.  The chain that connected to his front belt loop and went around to his back right pocket to his walled gave him the whole "skater boy" look.

    The other two were black and Mexican boys.  Both of them had the same slightly skinny build, but the black boy was taller than his Mexican friend.  The black boy was outfitted in a white shirt with some sort of saying written on it and a pair of black canvas shorts, which were just a few shades darker than his skin.  His black hair was cut short and his eyes were a dark shade of brown.

    Both he and his Mexican friend has the beginnings of a moustache, which led me to believe that they were either older than their white friend, or that he was just a late bloomer.  The Mexican boy had straight black hair that came down almost to his shoulders.  His skin shade was darker than his tanned white friend, but lighter than his black friend.  He had dressed himself in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a dark blue colored shirt.  His light brown eyes looked friendly, totally contradicting the menacing look on his face.

    The subject of these three boys' attention was another Mexican boy, whom didn't look at all happy that he was being spoken to like he was.
"Yeah, What's wrong?  You no speaka any English?" the white boy teased, causing his friends to laugh.

     I had to interject.
"Excuse me, what's going on over here?" I interrupted, startling all of them.  My voice has a habit of deepening and become more sinister than it really is when I speak sternly.
"Uh, nothing." the three boys doing the teasing answered in unison.

     I narrowed my gaze and gave each of them a five second stare.  The white boy shifted his left foot and looked away from me.  The Mexican boy tried to appear brave and stare me in the eye, but they kept darting away.  And the black boy wouldn't even look at me at all.
"Oh, really?  `Cause it sounded to me like you were making fun of him." I said, pointing to their victim.
"No, we...uh, were just kidding around." the Mexican boy corrected me.  "R-Right, guys?"

     The other boys nodded, except for the one that had been receiving the teasing.  I let the look on my face remain stern for a moment, before I softened it and smiled.
"Ah! Okay.  I understand.  So is it okay for me to take out my pen and draw on your face?  You've got so many freckles I think I can play connect-the-dots with `em." I said to the white boy.

     His two friends immediately broke into giggles, which they tried to stifle.  The white boy started to turn red with embarrassment.
I wasn't done yet.  I moved on to the black boy.
"I don't know either what you're laughing for.  Ears so big, if you flap `em enough you might fly away."

     That shut him up instantly and he started to say something back, but stopped himself.  I moved on to the Mexican boy, who still had the nerve to be laughing.
"And you, Pinocchio.  Nose so big looks like you've told at least six lies today."

     And that was the final nail in the coffin.  All three of them were silent and had looks of sheer discomfort on their faces.  The Mexican boy looked like he was ready to knock my block off, but his common sense must've told him not to take it there.  The smile on my face faded.
"See, it's not so cool when the shoe is on the other foot, is it?" I said to them.

     They were silent for a beat as if they didn't quite know what I was getting at.  Then, realization came onto their faces of the lesson I was trying to teach them.
"No." they answered.
"I'm sorry I had to do that to you.  But now you see what it feels like.  I don't wanna see or hear of you doing anything like that to anybody here again.  You got it?"
"Now apologize to him."

     I was very surprised when none of them hesitated.  They all turned around and apologized to the boy they'd been teasing.  He didn't respond to them.
"All right.  Go on." I told the three boys.

     They went on about their business and I watched them go for a moment, before my attention went back to the boy that had been being teased.  I honestly couldn't see what he was being teased about.  He was a nice looking boy.  His skin was a couple of shades lighter than mine and I guessed he was about five foot four inches, so his height couldn't be the problem.  His black hair was cut short and neatly kept, and his hazel eyes were a color I rarely saw on a person of his race.  He was a bit on the skinny side, but not so much that he would be teased about it.

    That's when it donned on me that maybe that was why he was getting picked on, because nothing was wrong with him.  Or maybe some altercation had gone down between him and the other boys that I didn't know about.  Well, whatever the case, it had been solved for the time being and I had a class to catch.  I smiled and nodded at the boy and went on my way.

 *  *  *  *  *  *

     The teen parenting class was not at all like I thought it was going to be.  I thought it would be closer to a classroom where somebody just taught and the students listened.  It was much more interactive.  The students had charts that they used to help them plan out feeding times for the babies, times in which they could do activities with and without the baby, and if there were two parents involved, who was in charge at what time.  Regina and Richard, the two counselors who were teaching the class were very good and the students seemed to like them a lot.  It was very hands on and interactive.  I found myself learning quite a bit as I watched the students prepare their babies' food or bottles, feed them, and change them and whatnot.

     After checking out that class, I headed back to my office to check my emails.  I had given some friends from my old town the address and I wanted to see if any of them had dropped me a line.  I had just turned my computer on and Windows was booting up when...
"...do that."

     My head turned sharply from the screen to the door of my office.  Standing there was the boy I had saved from being picked on.
"What was that?" I asked, sure there was more to his statement than the two words I'd heard.
"You didn't have to do that out there with those punks.  I can take care of myself." he restated, speaking very good English but with a slight Mexican accent.  His voice was still boyish, but not so bad that one might think they were talking to a girl on the phone.

     That was just like a boy to say something like that.  But then again, that's the kind of picture society paints.  A boy has to always be strong and handle his own, or else he's a weakling, or in slang terms, a bitch.  Confident that that was why he was saying what he'd said, I just smiled a nodded.
"Yeah.  It looked like you could."

     He didn't like that comment.  His lips pursed together a slightly and his eyes narrowed.  There was no need to encourage him further, so I returned my attention to my computer monitor.  It was at the point where I needed to put in my password.  I proceeded to do so.
"What happened to your eye?" he asked suddenly, making me stop typing and look back at him.

     Instinctively, my index finger went up to just above my right eyelid and traced the scarred vertical line that passed down through my eyebrow, disappeared, and reappeared at the right bottom corner of my eye and continued on for a few inches.
"When I was in elementary school some boys though it would be cool to beat me up because I told on them and got them suspended.  One of them pushed me and I fell onto the sharp edge of an old metal desk.  This is the result."
"Did it hurt?"
"Oh, just a lot."

     I went ahead and finished typing my password.
"I never seen you around here before.  You new?" he asked.
"As an employee, yes.  But I used to come here back when The Shack was just the old church." I answered.

     I pressed enter and waited to see if I had done everything correctly.  When Windows let me into the desktop, I knew that I had.
"By the way, I never did catch your..."  I said looking back toward the door.

    My sentence dropped off when I saw that my doorway was empty.  The boy had gone.
"...name." I concluded.

 *  *  *  *  *  *

     Even though I wasn't really looking for him, I didn't see the boy for the rest of the morning.  Terri, me, Richard, and Regina all hooked up for lunch and we talked about the teen parenting class for a bit, as well as the usual getting-to-know-one-another talk that goes on when new people meet.  Regina was in her early thirties and married with two children, whereas Richard was in his late twenties and still on the market.  I knew Richard and I would get along immediately.  We both had the same since of humor and the same way of looking at things.  Terri and Regina made a remark that they should've never let the two of us get together.  One of Richard was bad enough.  They didn't need two.

    When we got back, I found out that the kids who had been at The Shack since the morning hours went to a year round school and that they were off track.  So they had the right to be there and weren't ditching.  When two o'clock rolled around, kids from regular school showed up and things really got happening.  I sat in on the first hour of the homework session in the Computer Room and even helped out a few kids with some math homework they had.  The Computer Room staff consisted of three high school volunteers and two counselors.  The counselors were Sara and Tammy.  The volunteers were Nathan, Rachel, and Nick.  The two guys knew a lot about computers and Rachel was pretty sharp with the academics, along with Sara and Tammy.  My Computer Room time was only an hour because Terri had asked me if I wanted to go with her and two of the volunteers on a field trip with the kids to the indoor skate park.  There were supposed to be three volunteers, but one had called in sick. I told her I would.

    I was in the old building cutting through the stage area where a group of girls were dancing to some music and the other kids were just hanging out.  As my eyes fell on the stage, a memory came back to me that I wondered how I'd ever forgotten.  Behind the stage, which was actually where the choir would've sang and the preacher would've stood had the place still been a church, was a room.  Me and a couple of my friends had discovered it and used it as our place to get away from everybody.  All of us had been introduced to cigarettes, cloves, and weed in that room, as well as a few liquors.  We used to call it our clubhouse and we made sure nobody else knew about it.  I wondered if anybody else had found it.

    I had about thirty minutes to kill, so I made my way as unsuspiciously as possible over to the stage.  A few of the kids saw my name badge, which revealed that I worked there, and said "hi" to me. I spoke back.  I waited until none of them were paying attention before I ducked behind the curtain and went backstage.

    Backstage was just simply a narrow passageway that led from one end of the stage to the other.  It was where all the unused junk had been laid to rest when I used to go there as a kid.  I don't know why I thought nobody else would've found out about the backstage area after all this time.  I came across four different groups while I was back there.  Two of which were making out and looked like deers caught in headlights when I spotted them.  I made all of them head back out to the front, and they did so willingly.  But I was pretty sure that once they thought I was gone, they'd go right back to where I'd sent them away from.

    A person wouldn't know the entrance to the clubhouse unless they knew what they were looking for.  The door wasn't regular sized.  It was the size of one of those small closet doors that are normally located under the stairs in most modern houses.  Plus there was a table in front of it that was situated so that it completely covered it.  That exact same table was still there.  I was a little surprised.
"Guess this is still where old stuff comes to die." I thought.

     Just like when I was younger, I pulled the table out so that it still hid the door, but allowed me to duck in between it and the wall and get the door open.  I was hoping I wouldn't be attacked by a swarm of angry rodents or spiders once I pulled the door open.

     It took a little effort but the thing finally came open, revealing the room to me that I hadn't seen in years.  When no swarm of beady-eyed four legged creatures, or arachnids came hoarding out, I made my way inside and pulled the door to behind me.

    I could swear the place looked exactly the same as it had the last time me and my friends were there.  From the way the four boxes that we used to sit on were arranged in a circle to the tired looking candle that sat in the center of the circle.
"I guess nobody has found this place yet." I thought to myself, sure that if I stood there long enough I might be able to catch a whiff of the stuff we used to smoke when we visited.

     The unexpected sound of voices caught my attention suddenly.  They were coming from the left.  My eyes shot over to that location to see that there was a crack in the wall.  From that crack came a powerful beam of sunlight.  That was how I was able to see so well.  I remembered that we used to have to come in with a flashlight in order to find our way around and in order to light the candle.  Wondering what the crack looked into, I made my way as quietly as possible over to it and stooped down to peer through it.

    A blast of cool air intruded my eyes unannounced, making me blink awkwardly a little before they adapted.  I was looking into another room through a metal grate of some sort.  I knew instantly which room I was looking into because of some of the stuff that was lying around.  It was the old game room.  Terri had told me that it wasn't used anymore.

    Remembering which room it was clued me in to how I was seeing into it.  There was an old vent that was in the wall in the room that used to be part of the ventilation system back when the place was a church.  The staff used to cover it up with cardboard during the winter so that the hot air couldn't get out.

    The supposed to be unused room was currently being used by three boys.  I recognized them as the three I'd come across earlier, the ones who'd been picking on the Mexican boy.  The white boy and the black boy were standing about four feet away from the vent, while the Mexican boy was locking the door.
"Okay, it's locked.  Let's see what you got." the Mexican boy said to the white one, of which I realized was wearing a backpack.

     The Mexican boy joined his two friends and all of them sat down as the white boy opened up his backpack and took out a red binder.  From this red binder he took out a small stack of magazines and let them fall onto the floor in an untidy stack.  The other two boys dug in, each grabbing one up and looking at it.
 I wasn't the least bit surprised when I saw that the stack of magazines were a mix of Hustler, Playboy, and a few other off brands.  That was one of the things me and my friends used to do when we came to the clubhouse.  Smoke, and or drink, and look at video game and porno mags.
"Hey, Eric, check out this bitch's tits!" the Mexican boy whispered loudly, passing his magazine over to the white boy.

    The black boy joined Eric and the Mexican boy as they looked at the picture.
"Damn!" both Eric and the black boy gasped.
"Those can't be real." the black boy said a moment later.
"How do you know, Sam?" the Mexican boy asked.
"Aaron, look at how huge they are and you tell me." Sam remarked sharply.

     Aaron took another look, shrugged his shoulders and went on to the next page.
"Now these are some nice tits.  Not too small and not too big." Sam held out his magazine to show the others, whom immediately looked.

    A naughty little leer came across Eric's freckled face.
"Yeah.  Those are the kinda tits I want my girl to have."
"Hell yeah!  That and a shaved cunt like this, and a juicy ass clitorius!" Aaron added, showing his friends the picture in his magazine.

     Both Eric and Sam laughed at his mispronunciation.
"That's clitoris dumb-ass!" Sam said.
"That's what I said, bitch!" Aaron shot back, slugging Sam playfully in the shoulder.
"Yeah, whatever."

     Silence fell over the three of them as full attention went to the magazines they were reading.  I looked down at my watch to see what time it was.  Ten minutes had passed.  I had twenty left.  I was about to get up and go when I saw Eric, who was in a laying position with his head propped up on his left hand, move his right hand from the magazine and to the crotch of his khaki shorts and began rubbing himself slowly.

    His action was copied momentarily by other two boys.  Aaron, who was sitting cross-legged next to Eric sent his left hand down to the crotch of his baggy set of blue jeans to start rubbing.  And Sam, who was on the opposite side of Aaron and Eric did the same to himself.

    I felt my mouth drop open and my eyes go wide.  My heart started pounding in my chest and my whole bloodstream lit up with the tingle of adrenaline.  It wasn't that I was grossed out by what I was seeing.  It was just that I was a little shocked to see the three boys pleasuring themselves so openly in front of one another.  With the way the world had become sickened with homophobia, it was a wonder a guy wasn't dubbed "gay" just because he showed a small inkling of care to another of the same sex.

    Aaron stopped rubbing, flipped to the next page, and resumed.  His free right hand went over toward Eric's direction.  Eric had one leg on the ground and one propped up.  It was that leg that Aaron's hand went to and moved down into.  I expected Eric to freak out and go off on Aaron, but instead, he removed his hand from his crotch and straightened his upraised leg out a little more.  I watched as the outline of Aaron's hand snaked its way underneath the fabric and found the prize it was looking for.
"To the left a little." I heard Eric whisper.

     Aaron followed his friend's directions and was acknowledged with a low moan.
"Oh, hell yeah!" Eric's voice oozed with the horniness that was obviously raging throughout his body.

     Following suit, Eric removed the hand that had been studying his head and reached over to Sam, who was also in a laying position similar to Eric's.  Copying Aaron's move, Eric's hand entered through the leg of Sam's black canvas shorts and went straight to the spot between his legs.
Sam's hand moved away from his crotch the moment he felt the contact of Eric's hand on his leg.  Using the hand he had been using to keep his head propped up, he went straight for Aaron.  Since he was the only one wearing pants, Sam glanced over from his magazine and undid the zipper to the pants.  Aaron scooted in a little bit closer and Sam's hand dove straight in, causing a look of sheer bliss to spread across Aaron's face.
"This is not happening!  This is not happening!" I shouted in my head.

     I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing!  For a minute I didn't think it was real.  That maybe the fumes that had been closed up from the smoking my friends and I used to do had somehow remained present and had intoxicated me, causing me to hallucinate.  This was the kind of stuff that only happened in fiction, not in real life!  But there it was, right before my own bewildered eyes.

     It wasn't long before the boys had totally forgotten about their magazines and had become slaves to the awesome feeling being generated from that spot between their legs.  All of them were moaning softly.  Aaron's eyes were closed and he was biting softly into his lip.  Sam also had his eyes closed and the look on his face showed that he was completely under the power of his hormones.  Eric's face was the only one I couldn't really see, but I knew he was feeling it just as much as his two friends were.

    Aaron moved his legs out a little bit and Sam's hand stopped rubbing, but remained inside of his fly.  It came out a moment later and brought with it Aaron's dick.  It was a little thicker than my middle finger and stuck out at what looked like four inches long by sight.  It was a shade lighter than he was, but the circumcised head was a deeper darker color.  As soon as it was out, Sam began to masturbate it slowly.
"Uuuuhh!!  Oooooh yeahhhh!" Aaron hissed, still biting into his lip.

     Aaron removed his hand from Eric's leg and Eric removed his from Sam's.  Both of them rearranged themselves into cross-legged positions.  From out of one of the compartments in his backpack, Eric took out what I thought was a shirt and sat it in the center of the almost whole circle.  Somehow, Sam never missed a jerk on Aaron's dick as the moving took place.

    Aaron opened one of his eyes and the same hand he'd been rubbing Eric's crotch with to open the fly to his shorts.  Eric did the same with Sam.  At almost the same time, two new contenders entered the game.  And since Eric and Sam had rearranged themselves, I had a perfect view of each of them.
While Sam's dick looked a like it was skinnier than Aaron's, it was longer and uncircumcised.  Eric's was right in between.  Thicker than Aaron's, but smaller than Sam's.  He too was circumcised and the angry reddened head of his dick looked like it was the biggest of the three boys.

    A couple of minutes of this really put the three of them into heat.  Aaron used his free hand to study himself and began thrusting his hips forward, fucking Sam's fist like it was the best piece of pussy he'd ever come across.  It was Sam who came out from under the spell long enough to grab the shirt and place it across Aaron's lap.
"Oh man!  Oh man!  I...I...I'm c...umm...iiiiing!!"  Aaron's voice hit an almost feminine pitch as he thrust his dick forward and his body seemed to freeze in that position.

     The first shot blasted out of his prick and shot up into the air like a fountain.  It landed on the outer edge of the shirt.
"Fuuuuuuck!" Aaron moaned in his orgasmic-tweaked out tone of voice.  He tossed his head back, pulled his dick back and thrust forward again, sending another squirt of semen out, only not as far.  He repeated the action three more times, until only a few pearly droplets oozed out of his dick and collected on Sam's hand.
"Dude!  Over here!  Over here!"  Eric rushed Sam a second after Aaron's final thrust.

    Sam grabbed the shirt by either end and Eric helped him sit it in his lap.
"Uuuuhhh!!   Oooohhhhh!   Shhhh...iitttt!!!"  Eric's voice came out as a raspy whisper.

    His upper body went completely rigid and his eyes rolled back and fluttered in his head.  Instead of pushing his dick forward, he pulled his back through Aaron's hand.  The tip seemed to turn an even darker shade of red as the first shot of cum exploded out in a straight line like a laser beam.
"Uuuoohh!!" he groaned as he thrust forward and pulled back again, releasing another shot.  His body trembled uncontrollably as the orgasm tore through his young body.  It was a wonder he managed to keep himself upright.  He released two more smaller ejaculations, before his supply too was exhausted.  Each squirt was accompanied with his raspy groan.

    Sam pulled the shirt from Eric's lap into his and got it situated a moment later.  Instead of thrusting, Sam began to gyrate his hips in a sort of circular motion.  Eric's grip went from a fist to just two fingers and a thumb.
"Oooh yeeeahh!   Ohyeahohyeahohyeahhhh...uuuuuooohhhh!" Sam's maturing voice cracked and came out like a boyish squeak as the orgasm prepared to take hold of him.

     Sam's free hand locked into a death grip on the carpeted floor and a harsh grimace took over his face.  His body gyrated backward, so that Eric's fingers were over the head of his prick, and his white sperm poured out through the end of the foreskin like water out of a faucet.  His body moved forward, exposing the flaring head, before it disappeared back into its hood and released another squirt.
"Ghaaaaaaah!" his voice shook and cracked as the second squirt poured out of him.

    Sam kept going on like for what seemed like forever until his cum finally stopped flowing.

     All three boys fell backward into a lying position and were quiet, awash in post-orgasmic afterglow.  It was Eric who finally broke the silence.
"Damn, Sam!  When's the last time you jacked off?  Though you were never gonna stop cummin'!"
"I saved up for about a week." Sam answered.
"How'd you manage to last a week?  The most I've been able to make it is three days.  Then, it was like my dick possessed me and made me jack off!" Aaron said, making his friends laugh.
"We better get outta here before we're missed." Eric suggested, tucking his now limp dick back into the fly of his khakis.
"I think I'm gonna try it the way you did it, Aaron.  This fool got some serious distance on that first shot." Sam remarked, also putting himself away.
"But you sounded like you had the best orgasm, Eric.  What were you thinking about?" Aaron asked.
"Stickin' my dick into a woman with tits like the girl I showed you, and with a shaved cunt and a fat "clitorius"." Eric pronounced it like Aaron had earlier.
"Aw, fuck you!" Aaron smiled, and shoved Eric a little.

    The boys made sure they had all the magazines back in the backpack.  Eric put the cum stained shirt into a plastic bag and stuffed it into his backpack.  He then took out a portable fan and turned it on and let it blow in his face.  It took me a second to realize why.  His orgasm had completely flushed him.  He was as red as a beet.
"Let me get some of that." Aaron took the fan from Eric and let it blow in his face.  His orgasm had also dealt him a round of flushness.
"I'm glad I'm black and I don't get all red like ya'll do after I jizz." Sam remarked.
"It's like a total giveaway." Aaron complained.
"Hell yeah." Eric agreed.

     They took a few more minutes to get themselves back to an unobvious shade, before Eric put the fan away and the three of them left the room.
 I was breathless.  I had just watched three teenaged boys jack one another off to orgasm and then get up and leave and act like it was no big thing.  And as much as I wanted to be repulsed by the fact that I had watched the whole thing, I realized that I wasn't.  I liked what I had seen.  I knew that because my dick was harder than it had ever been before and I was almost certain I had leaked pre-cum all over my boxers.

     Remembering that I was supposed to be going somewhere, I looked down at my watch and was very relieved when I saw that only ten minutes had gone by.  I still had enough time to make it to where I needed to be.  I stood up from where I'd been hunched down.  The friction against the head of my dick created by my move almost sent me directly over the edge.  I had to fight hard to keep it from happening.

    As I got ready to leave, disturbing thoughts started flooding into my mind.  Why had I liked what I'd seen?  I had never in life been even remotely attracted to other males, much less boys.  Yet, I was at full attention concerning the event that had just transpired.  Maybe it was because I had never seen another guy, besides myself, let alone a boy jack off.
"It was because it was sex related." I told myself. "Guys get turned on whenever they see or hear anything related to sex."

     So why was I stressing out?  Eric, Sam, and Aaron were obviously straight boys who had simply used each other's company as a means of getting off after reading the porno mags.  That was a normal thing for boys their age to do.  And I just happened to catch them in the act.  It wasn't like I knew they were going to do it and had planned to watch them or anything.  It had all been pure coincidence.  Nothing more.
"What an interesting first day this is turning out to be."