The following tale is fiction, a.k.a. not real.  It has been created for entertainment purposes only.
This story contains sexual material involving boys and men.  If this kind of material is illegal where you are,
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The Shack -5

    They're an interesting thing, dreams.  I've heard all kinds of theories on them about where they come from and how they work, the most interesting being that your soul actually leaves the body while the person sleeps and enters another dimension.  That dimension has two gates: a positive gate, where the good dreams take place, and a negative gate, where bad dreams and nightmares live.  It was obvious which gate my soul had been sucked into.
I didn't sleep good for the rest of that night.  I kept thinking that the second I closed my eyes that I was going to wake up in that damn tunnel again and more spooky shit would start happening. Luckily the tunnel never called me back to it and I woke up for about the 50th time just as the clock was striking 9:00 in the morning.  It was no use in trying to go back to sleep now, so I decided to stay up.
    During my awake time I occupied my mind from the nightmare by keeping an eye on Mateo.  He slept like a log throughout the night and was still asleep when I woke up for the last time.
"Looks like somebody's soul went through the positive gate tonight." I thought to myself as I got up and headed into the front room quietly to watch television.

    I only got about thirty minutes of that before my stomach started dropping hints that it was empty and wanted to be full.  I started toward the kitchen thinking about what I had in the refrigerator to cook.  It was a good thing my mother had taught me how to.  Being a bachelor and all it would suck to have to eat out all the time or get my meal out of a frozen cardboard box.  Plus it came in handy when I had guests.

    I opened both the refrigerator and the freezer doors and took a look at what I had to work with.  I wasn't sure quite what to make seeing as how I didn't know what Mateo liked or disliked.  There was a pack of hash browns in the freezer and I figured I'd go with those.  Everybody liked potatoes.
    Somewhere between the time I got the skillet out to start on the hash brown and the time they were actually in it and beginning to cook was when he walked into the kitchen.  Because when I went to put left over hash browns back into the freezer he was there sitting at the table.
"The dead hath risen." I greeted him, which made him smile a little bit.  He still looked like he was trying to waking up.  "You sleep okay?"
"Better than I have in a long time." he said before he paused to yawn and stretch the remaining sleepiness out of his body.  "Your bed is comfortable."
"Thank you.  I'm sure it'll appreciate your saying so."

     The hash browns in the skilled began to simmer, the sound catching his attention.
"I didn't know you could cook." he said, looking at the skillet.

     I turned back to the stove to stir the hash browns.
"That's because you never asked."

     He was still looking at me when I turned back around with an unusual expression on his face.
"What?" I asked in response to it.

     The looked went away.
"Nothing.  It's just that I never seen another guy cook, like serious cook, before"

     I was a little surprised to hear that.
"Really?  Your uncles don't barbeque and stuff?"
"Like once, but he was so drunk that the meat was all crispy and black by the time he took it off.  I mean, I like my food cooked, but damn."

     I remembered the time my uncles had done the same thing one holiday and burned a whole slab of ribs.  That didn't stop them from eating them all and telling us we just didn't know what we were missing.  Yes, we did, and very glad we were.
"Anything special I can make for you?" I thought I should ask now that he was awake.
"Uh, do you know how to make omulets?"

"Yeah.  You know the thing with the eggs and stuff all combined together..."
"Oh!  You mean omelette."
"Omulet.  Omelette.  Whatever!"
"Okay.  I'll whip us up one to go along with these browns.  Anything to drink?"
"Got coffee?"
"Coffee?  What's a young buck like you doing drinking coffee?"
"I been drinking coffee since I was like five.  And if you call me young buck again, I'll put the smack down on you like I did the other night."

     I turned to give the hash browns another stir before turning back to him.
"Kid." I mocked.  "Kid. Kid.  Kiiiiiiiidddddd!"

     As soon as the last consonant was out of my mouth, he was up out of the chair and coming at me with that mock angry look on his face.  I took the spatula I'd been stirring the potatoes with and aimed it at him, being careful not to over do it and send grease flying all over the place.
"Don't get bold now.  I don't have to hook you up with the eats, you know."
    He froze in mid-step, leaving about five feet between himself and the pointing spatula.  That crooked smile flashed across his lips.
     I gave a confident grin of my own.
"I love you too."

     It had been days since I'd made omelettes, but they came out pretty good.  Three times I had to tell Mateo to take a breath while he ate.  It was like he hadn't even eaten half a pizza the night before.  He always giggled when I told him, and he told me it had been a long time since he'd had a breakfast like the one he was having.  He thought it was very good and thought I was the last of a dying breed of guys who could actually cook.  I thanked him for the compliment but told him he'd be surprised by the amount of guys who could make what I'd done look like N'Sync up against Michael Jackson for best dance award.
    I was loading the dishes into the dishwasher to dry after washing them, with Mateo's help, when the phone rang.  It was Michael calling to tell me that his aunt had given him four free movie passes that she didn't want.  The bad thing was that they expired on Monday.  He asked me what good movies were out and I named off a few including Iron Monkey.  That one grabbed his attention and he asked me if I wanted to go.  I said I would, but let him know I'd be bringing a guest along with me.  He said it was okay.  I told him he should call up Theo and let him know what we were going to see.  He was a martial arts movie freak and Iron Monkey would be right up his alley.   The four of us met up at the movies at 12:45 to see the 1:15 showing.  It wasn't Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon caliber, but it didn't suck either.  All of us got really into it and couldn't believe how they'd gotten the kid in the movie to do the martial arts as well as he'd done.

    Mateo and Theo instantly clicked.  With both of them were martial arts movie nuts there was nothing else needed for them to have in common.  Theo had to mention his collection of martial arts flicks.  He already had the Iron Monkey we saw on tape, but had wanted to see it on the big screen.  Mateo almost lost it when Theo started naming off some of the tapes he had and asked me if we could go check them out.  I didn't see why not, so we headed there after the movie.
    Mateo was in complete awe of Theo's collection.  Even Michael and me were.  Theo had started his collection when he was 14 and it had grown to super huge capacity.  He had American ones, Japanese ones, Chinese ones.  If it had a martial arts theme, it was probably in there somewhere.

    While Mateo went through the movies, Michael asked me who he was and why he was with me.  I gave him as little information as possible while telling him as much as I could.  Theo was silent as if he didn't know a thing.  I thanked him for that later.
    Cordelia tracked me down at Theo's, calling to update me on the case.  The court date for the hearing had been set at the end of the month.  Esmerelda and Tomas would be going before the judge simply for him or her to hear the case and decided if both or one was the guilty party.  I already knew what would happen if Esmerelda was guilty, but Cordelia told me that Tomas would be looking a quite a bit of time if he was found guilty.  She'd done a little digging on him and found out he had been in trouble with the law for drug charges twice before already.  This would be his third offense.  Of course I thought that should've been the end of things right away.  It was obvious he was the guilty one.  But Tomas's lawyer insisted that Esmerelda knew this and that was why she made her son do all the drug related handling.  It looked like they were going to play that card after all.

      We chilled out at Theo's house until 6:30 that evening.  We'd all watched one of the martial arts tapes in Theo's collection.  We probably would've had time for two had Mateo been able to just pick one and go with it.  But none of us cared and I was just glad to see him happy and having a good time.
Once we got home, he asked me if it was okay if he could take a shower.  I told him it was cool and that I would grab him a towel and rag.  They were in the hall closet right across from the bathroom.  I must've shut the door behind me because it was closed when I went back to it.  I knocked instead of just walking in.
"You can come in." he said.

     I did.  Just as I stepped inside, Mateo was taking the T-shirt he'd had on under his regular shirt off.  He had the same sparse hair under his arms that I remembered having when I was his age, only his were straight and mine had been curly.  His chest looked a lot better than I remembered mine looking, though.  His pecs had good definition to them, and his nickel sized nipples were bigger than I remembered mine being.  He even had a bit of a six pack going on, where the beginnings of a small and thin trail of black hairs began at the bottom of his belly button and traveled down to just below the black rim of his Joe Boxer shorts.  It was the only sign of hair anywhere on his chest.
"Somebody's been working out." I said, half in compliment and half in teasing.
"Well, I do what I can." he sounded like he liked the fact I'd even noticed.
    I put the towel and rag down near the sink and went over toward the tub, as he sat down on the toilet to take off his shoes.
"My shower is a little on the weird side, so I'll show you how to work it real quick.  These left and right knobs turn the water on.  Left is hot, right is cold."

     I indicated the circular turning knobs on the left and right side of a center turning knob.
"Then you pull this pin up here on the faucet." I continued, pointing to the pin on the faucet where the water came out.  "And then, you turn the center knob here and the shower comes on."

     I looked back to Mateo to see if he'd gotten it.
    He shook his head, standing up and starting to undo the belt to his baggy set of black jeans.
"All that just to get the shower to work?"
"Yeah.  It's ridiculous."

     I expected him to wait until after I was out of the bathroom to take off his jeans.  But as soon as the belt was undone he unsnapped the button, undid the zipper, and took them right off and tossed them over to where his shirt lie crumpled up on top of his shoes.  He was there before me in nothing but his boxers.
    Could not resist looking at the rest of him.  He filled out his slender build pretty damn good.  He was leaner that I would've thought, especially in his thighs and legs.  They didn't have as much hair on them as I remembered mine having, but too much hair is nasty anyway in my opinion.
    Now most guys will deny it if asked, but there's a feeling that goes along with seeing another guy that stripped down.  It's called curiosity and all guys have done it at one time or another, given that casual glance downward to see how you size up against the competition.  Having Mateo standing there like that activated that curiosity.  It was nothing sexual.  Just me wondering what was there hidden behind those boxers.  I hadn't really paid attention to the bulge when he'd adjusted himself the other morning, so that just made the curiosity oh so much stronger.
    I don't know how long it took me to realize that I was staring straight at his crotch, but the moment I did, I already knew I'd been caught.  That patented crooked smile of his was across his lips, only this time it was more impish than confident.
"Like something you see?" he asked.

    "YES!" my mind answered, but I rolled my eyes and tried to turn it around.
"Yeah.  You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

     I expected him to come back with a sharp remark that involved kicking my ass or laying the smack down on me.  Instead, the smile remained his eyebrows raised, and he sort of shrugged, before turning to the shower to get it started.
"Okay.  Two knobs on the left and right to get the water how I want it, pull the pin up on the faucet, turn the center knob and shower?" he ran over my instructions.
"If you still want to after all that." I confirmed.

     I decided that was the best time to leave the bathroom and let him take his shower.  I'd done enough already.  My mind didn't even wait until I was out of the bathroom good before it started thinking about what my eyes had seen in the bathroom.  Not even seconds after I was out did my mind wait to drift back to what had taken place in the bathroom.  I couldn't help wishing I'd had a body like his when I was that age.  Being on the skinny side, I was very insecure about my looks when I was that age and hated when it came time to dress out for P.E.  I just kept waiting for someone to say I had a birdcage for a chest.  It never happened though, much to my self-esteems approval.

    Thoughts then went further, down to the spot my eyes had been denied access to.  What was my fifteen-year-old friend carrying underneath there?  Rumors indicated that Latino guys were supposed to be well endowed, just behind black guys.  Was it true?
 It had been awhile since I'd even thought about releasing any sexual tension from myself; so thinking about that only roused me down below.  I looked down at my crotch with a disapproving look.
"Don't even go there." I warned it.

     About five minutes after Mateo had gotten into the shower, the phone rang with Terri on the other end.  She told me I was lucky she was pregnant or else she would've been over at my place ready to beat me down for not telling her what had happened with Mateo.  I apologized, but she did a little more ragging on me before she let it go.

    Theo had told her about our going to the movies and stuff and that was how she'd found out Mateo was staying with me.  I let her know what was up, excluding the confidential information.  She was deeply concerned and couldn't believe this was happening to Mateo and his family.  She told me I could have the Monday off if I needed to and I told her it was okay.  I would be in bright and early like normal.
    We must've talked for only ten quick minutes before Greg beeped in on the other line and let her know that he was having car trouble and needed her to come get him.  I offered to do it but she declined, saying I had things of my own to deal with.  Our conversation over, I put down the phone and headed toward the living room.

    Hearing Terri's voice reminded me of a project I was supposed to had been working on over the weekend for the Programs and Activities Board.  I hadn't even touched it!
"It shouldn't take that long." I thought to myself.  "I can get it done."

     I had picked the phone up in my room so I had to pass back by the bathroom to get to the front room.  The door was cracked a little and I heard the sound of the sliding door to the shower sliding open, signaling that Mateo had finished with his shower and was getting out or had gotten out.
"Getting out." my mind thought.  "Which would mean he's completely naked."

     My wicked mind began to plot.  It knew there was a mirror right over the sink that extended over toward where the shower was.  With the position of the door and my own position, I could easily peer through the crack and see everything.  And he'd never even known I was looking.  My pissed off dick seemed to like the plan.  It was tingling with approval and had started to harden.

    I stopped a few feet before the door and looked at it.  I could feel my heart beginning to beat faster as temptation put an ass whoopin' on my better judgment.  I took a step toward the door, and another and another.  My "friend" was half way hard and well on his way to full attention.  It was time to see what the Joe Boxers had been hiding.
"What the hell am I doing?!" I snapped at myself, realizing that I was not only about to check out a naked teenaged boy, but was very excited about it.

     I moved away from the door and continued on down the hall, being quiet so that Mateo wouldn't know I'd even been there.

*  *  *  *  *  *

    I didn't finish my project until twelve thirty that night.  Mateo really wanted to hang out with me and I really wanted to hang out with him, but both of us understood that I had to finish my work.  But it wasn't easy to stay focused, and I was glad he turned in at ten.  It was warm enough inside the house for him to be in just his sweat pants and no shirt.  I literally couldn't keep myself from stealing glances at him to check out his awesome naked chest every now and then.

    When I hit the shower after my project was done, I was thinking about that.  What the fuck was going on with me?  Where was all of this coming from and why the hell was it choosing now to come?  It had scared me before, the thing with Eric, Sam, and Aaron.  It scared me to know how much it turned me on seeing them, and then I was screwed up even more after that scene spun off and gave me the most intense wet dream of my life.  I had done the thing most people do when confronted with a situation they don't want to deal with.  I put it out of my mind.

    But lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.  Now Mateo was invoking this urge this...whatever it was inside of me.  I knew myself well enough to know that this was one of those things that wasn't going to go away just because I tried to ignore it.  That had already been proven.  So I put the pieces before me and began to sort out the puzzle.

    My first conclusion was that I was turning into a pedophile, because yes the attraction had been to teenaged boys and yes it was sexual.  I sat with that conclusion for a minute before I started digging deeper.  A pedophile was, as I'd heard it, societies scientific term for an adult who loved children.  They were put in the neat little category of child molester, which I thought was wrong because child molesters were nothing but rapist, only their victims were children.  I would assume these people didn't want to hurt the children they loved and wouldn't pressure them into doing anything they didn't feel comfortable doing.  That is how a normal relationship worked.  Why would theirs be any different?

    Still something about that didn't sit well with me, so I started digging deeper.  This time into myself.  I thought about how things were before the Eric, Sam, and Aaron incident.  The first thing that came to me was shock.  Shock when I couldn't remember ever having a girlfriend.  Sure I'd kissed girls and even had a one night stand that had the girl ready to leave her current boyfriend for me.  But even though I'd given her some seriously wicked orgasms, it just hadn't done it for me.  Something wasn't there.  I could remember thinking the whole time that I was only doing it because that's what guys were supposed to do and that maybe I just needed to do it more in order to feel it more.

    That put me right back at square one.  Because accept for Eric, Sam, and Aaron, and now Mateo, I'd never had these kinds of feelings before...or had I?  I thought back, trying for anything that stuck out to indicate that yes I had had these kinds of feelings before, but it was strange.  There was a blank in my memory where I knew something should be.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn't figure out what was supposed to be there.  It was like going different ways inside a huge maze and finding myself right back where I started each time instead of finding the way out.
    I decided to leave the memory blank alone for the time being and just come to terms with what was already obvious.  I wasn't so dense that I couldn't see that something was up.  Emotions like this didn't just come from out of nowhere suddenly.  Erections, yes, but not like the kind I'd gotten and not for the reasons I'd gotten them.  Something else was going on.  And like last time, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.

*  *  *  *  *  *

    While I got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed, I worked out a schedule to accompany the slight change I'd be enduring in a few hours.  Mateo's school was just seven blocks away from The Shack.  I could drop him off before I hit work and then have him come there and hang out until I was off.  That way I would know where he was, and more or less what he was doing, and neither of us would have to hunt each other down.

    It didn't take long for either of us to adapt to the new schedule.  Homework session was where we touched base after he'd gotten out of school and let me know he had arrived safely.  It was also good because he had time and a place to do his homework and help if he needed it.  I made sure I divided my time evenly with him and with everyone else.  I didn't want the other kids finding out he was staying with me and for them to start bombarding him with questions.  Even though he'd never really talked to any of them, I was sure they'd overlook that if they were nosy enough.

    Terri was right there like a coach, molding me into a good and responsible guardian.  Being a guy, I didn't have that maternal instinct and insight that she had.  Her help was priceless and I made sure I let her know that.  We kept Mateo's situation and his living with me between us and didn't let it spread to the rest of the staff.

    The basketball game had given Sam and Aaron a look at Mateo out of his shell and they took a liking to him.  He seemed to be fine with liking them back.  Him and Eric didn't seem to hit it off right away, but as the week progressed they started growing on one another.  It was cool seeing him finally make friends.
    Cordelia kept me posted on the case proceedings.  Things were not looking good for Tomas at all.  All the collected evidence was pointing in his direction and proving more and more that Esmerelda had no idea that the drugs were in the house, much less where they were located.  She was very upset that Tomas wouldn't even come to see her and that he wouldn't see her when she tried to see him.  It broke her heart, his behavior, but she didn't let it keep her spirits down.

    The week was busy and full of work, which was just the way I liked it.  It seems to go by much faster that way.  The week was also full of interesting moments that had me thinking.  On Wednesday, Mateo stopped closing the door whenever he had to pee.  He just simply walked into the bathroom, turned his body so that his back was facing the bathroom door, and went.  The fact that the mirror provided a full on look to what his body was blocking me from seeing didn't seem to detour him.  The temptation was a motherfucker, but I resisted.  Then there was him going without his shirt.  If it was warm enough in the house for him to do it, he did it.  I had trained myself to where I wasn't just openly gaping at him, but something in my head told me that he knew I was looking.  Finally there were the looks from him to me that happened when he thought I wasn't paying attention.  At first I thought I was just imagining him doing it.  But the more it happened the more I realized that the boy was checking me out as much as I was checking him out.

    Friday was payday and game day.  I'd gone during lunch to put my check in the bank, to avoid the five o'clock rush, and had gone to the mall and picked up a snowboarding game called SSX Tricky for my X-Box and Doom style game called Metal Gear Solid 2 for my PS2.  There was only one Metal Gear Solid 2 left when I got there and I know I pissed the kid off behind me when the guy rang me up and told me it was the last one.  The kid had let me go in front of him because he'd been counting his money when I walked up.
    I didn't get the chance to tell Mateo I even had the games when we got in.  It was about 8:00 p.m. when we'd made it home, having made a stop to grab something to eat, and he went straight for the shower.  He'd been involved in a hard game of basketball back at The Shack and, as he told me, he was all sweaty and slimy.
    I didn't plan on going anywhere else for the night and got out of my clothes and into my pajamas.  I put in SSX Tricky first, because I knew if I put in Metal Gear Solid 2 I wouldn't quit playing or give up the controller until my eyelids couldn't stay open anymore.  SSX Tricky was like the original SSX, only it had more story to it, the characters could become your friend or enemy, and the old courses had been completely revamped and a few new courses and characters had been thrown in.
    I was fifteen minutes into playing before Mateo appeared in the hallway clad in only his sweat pants.  It was warm enough for him to be shirtless and he was.  But I figured it was because he'd heard the sounds of the game and hadn't taken the time to finish getting dressed.  He walked into the room and looked at the television.
"Is that the new SSX?" he inquired a moment later.
"Yep." I said.
    He came over to me and gave me a playful punch in the shoulder.
"Why didn't you tell me you got it, punk?!"

     I paused the game and shrugged.
"You took off for the shower so fast that I couldn't even say anything.  And call me punk one more time and see what happens."
"Well, I'm here now and I wanna play.
"Okay.  If you feel like eating snow."

     He punched me again.
"What!?  I know you don't think you can beat me?"
     I shook my head.
"No, I don't think I can.  I know I can."
"Well let's just see."

    I reset the game, he plugged in the second controller, and the battle began.  Both of us were on even turf as far the tracks went.  We didn't know what to expect.  But as far as snowboarding tactics went, I'd spent many nights up playing the original and I was very good.  We played against each other at first.  Then when Mateo got tired of me "cheating", we went into two-player mode and raced up against each other as well as computer controlled opponents.  It only took seconds before both of us were screaming at the computer opponents as they pushed us and made us crash, or messed us up while we were in the middle of a trick.  We kept going until we'd passed every track with a gold medal and unlocked all the secret characters.  That put us at close to 1:00 in the morning.
    Mateo stood up and stretched.  I sat up on the edge of the couch and stretched myself. I stole a quick look at his stretching lithe form, before I went to stand up.  Just as I did, he rushed me and shoved me back down.
"I don't appreciate you kicking my ass like you did before we started playing the computer." he pretended to be mad.
"Hey, I warned you.  But you thought you were the hog with the big nuts and got shown different."

     His eyebrows raised and that impish leer paid a visit to his face.
"What did you say about my nuts?"

     Taking it there are we?  Okay, let's go!
"Didn't know you still had any after the neutering I gave you."
"You better watch out before you catch another whooping..."
"It's whoopin', man!  W-H-O-O-P-I-N.  Do you hear a "G" anywhere in that Ebonics pronunciation?

     He didn't hear a "G", but he heard his que to come give me the `whooping' I'd been warned to watch out for.  Both of us engaged in not a slap boxing match, but a wrestling match this time around.  I went into it thinking he was going to best me like he'd done in slap boxing, and for awhile he did.  But once I figured out how to predict his movements, it was all over.  We went at it like two little boys trying to recreate Wrestlemania; pinning each other, throwing each other, grabbing each other in any way that could give us an advantage.
    We went at it for I don't know how long before I decided to bring it to a grand close.  I rushed Mateo just as he was standing up from a previous attack and grabbed his throat as gently as I could in a makeshift chokeslam hold.  I proceeded to do the `slam' part of the chokeslam by just using my body weight to force him down to the ground.  Then, I pinned him with my body on top of his and couldn't resist the calling I got next.
"Are we ticklish?" I inquired.

     The look that showed up on his face was priceless.  It let me know that yes he was ticklish, and both of us already knew he couldn't get away from me.
"No, Jack!  Please!" he pleaded.
"What's that?" I pretended like I didn't understand and tickled him for a second on his side.
"Stop it!" he squealed, unable to keep the smile from being tickled from spreading across his face.
"Let me think about it.!"

    I let him have it.  He tried to stop me, but with my body pinning the majority of his, all he could do was squirm and be taken by the fits of laughter that hit him courtesy of my tickling.
"Talking all that mess earlier weren't you?" I lectured him.
"I'm sorry!  I'm sorrryyyy!!" he cried out.
"Uh-huh.  Who's your daddy now, punk?"
"You." He gasped out.
"Excuse me?  I don't think I heard you." I tickled him even worse.
"YOU!" he screamed out.
"That's what I thought.  And don't you forget that mess either!"

     I quick tickling him and let up a little.  He didn't make any sudden moves like I'd expected him too.  All he did was attempt to catch his breath and make his crimson shaded face return to normal.
"Cheater!" he shot after a few moments of his trying to re-catch his breath.
"The biggest and the baddest!" I accepted the title proudly.

     He took a little while longer to finally catch his breath.  I felt he'd learned his lesson for the evening and got ready to lift up when,
"Hey, Jack?" he said.
"What, whoopin' boy?" I teased.

     The impish smile that was his spread across his lips and his hazel eyes lit up with a mischievousness like I had never seen before.
"What's that?" he asked.

     I totally had no clue of what he was talking about.
"What's what?"

     He arched his pelvis up a little and alerted me to what `that' was.  `That' was my dick and it was as hard as a titanium pole!  Oh shit!
    Paralyzed ain't the word to describe what I was.  I hadn't even realized I'd gotten hard.  The way I had pinned him put that area of our bodies almost on top of one another and it must've been his squirming around that had done it.  And having not jacked off for over a week, all I would've had to do was look at my dick and it probably would've gotten hard.  How in the hell was I going to get out of this one?
"Uh...uh..." I stammered.  I swallowed the rising lump down in my throat and tried again.  "What do you think it is?"

     His impish smile grew even wider.
"The same thing as this."
 He shifted a little and arched upward again.  Instead of feeling my own hardness jab into his inner thigh again, I felt something of equal hardness brush up against mine.  My god!  He was hard right along with me!
    My heart was beating faster than a jackrabbit's.  I was getting so nervous that I was starting to tremble a little.  Still, I tried to keep it cool.
"Y-Yeah.  So?"
"Sooooo, what're we gonna do about it?" his voice came out huskier than before.
     Ooooooh boy!  He had me.  He knew he had me and he was coming onto me with a vengeance!  I wanted to get off him.  I wanted to say "nothing" and get off of him before this went any further.  But my dick was not about to have it.  The level of horniness that was raging through my body was off the freakin' charts.  I wasn't getting away this time.  No way.

    Have you ever been watching television when that one moment happens?  You know, the one where the lust is so thick between a couple that you can slice it with a knife and serve it on a plate.  That moment where they just tear into each other in an act of raw unadulterated sex?  I always thought that was a bunch of bullshit and that it didn't really happen like that.  All that got proven wrong a second later when Mateo and me tore into each other without a said word.

    It started with kissing.  Not that soft delicate kind.  This was deep, penetrating, tonsil jabbing kissing.  I'd always thought that having someone else's tongue in my mouth would feel nasty, but it didn't.  It felt good.  Oh so good.  Both of our tongues ventured into the virgin territory of the other's mouth and wrestled each other with an intensity than only lust could bring about.  The more I did it, the more I wanted him.  The more I wanted him, the rougher our kissing got.
I don't know where he got the strength to turn me over from, but the next thing I knew he was on top of me and I was on the bottom.  His hands dove under my T-shirt and were wandering all over my chest.  I planted butterfly kisses all over his neck and nibbled gently at the flesh as if I were trying to give my first ever hickie.  His beautiful hands felt awesome exploring my body.  Both of them found my already steel hard nipples and started massaging and tweaking them, making them scream out in happiness.

    My own hands went exploring right behind Mateo's.  He felt so smooth and elegant against my hands like he had velvet for skin instead of flesh.  My thumbs found his hardened nubs and went to work stimulating them, making Mateo take in a sharp breath and tremble as the sensation rocked him.
I was ravenous for the boy now.  I wanted to explore more of him.  Taste more of him.  Our position changed again and I had him up against the front of the sofa.  I began kissing him all over his smooth stomach, receiving delighted sighs in response.  His flexing contended body felt magnificent against my lips and his breathing got faster and more impatient as I made my way up to his nipples.  Moving over to the right one, I extended my tongue out and licked across the hard knob.
"Ohhhhhhmaaaaaan!" he moaned in the most sexiest tone I'd ever heard.

    I gave both nipples attention before even that wasn't enough and I latched the left one and began sucking on it like the boy had milk.
"Aaaahhhhhh!   Ahhhhhhyeeaaaahhh!" he let out another harsh moan, his body trembling in the ecstasy created by my mouth.

     I went at him like that for a short minute before positions got switched again and both of us were back on the ground and he was back on top of me.
"I wanna feel you against me, Jack!  I wanna feel you sooooo baaaad!!" his accent combined with the lust/horniness in his voice wouldn't let me say no.

    He fingers latched onto the sides of my sweat pants and boxers and proceeded to pull them down.  I lifted up so he could do what he needed to do.  He only brought them down halfway, before his fingers went to his and pulled them down half way.  Then, he arranged himself so that his dick was on top of mine and mine below his.

    The feeling of his hot hard sex against mine is beyond explanation.  It sent sensations through our bodies that had both of us moaning with delight.  He started to hump against me and I timed my rhythm so that while he was moving up I was moving down.  Once that was together we were humping against each other vigorously.

    He took to my nipples as I had taken to his earlier, providing me with the same kick ass feelings I'd given him earlier.  His brown ass looked so sexy as it contracted and relaxed while humping me.  I gripped a cheek in either hand and found the flesh as smooth there as it had been on his chest.  I used that to push him more into me and that got his dick to run across that extra sensitive spot on the underside of my head.
"There we go."  I didn't even recognize my own husky sex tainted voice as the words oozed out.  "Oooooooooh.  Just like...aaaahhhhhh, like that!"
    Every nerve in my body was screaming with passion.  I lasted for about five minutes before I felt my nuts come alive with a tingle that signaled the impending orgasm.
"I'm...I'm gonna cum soon, Jack!" Mateo's voice cracked under the power of his own rising orgasm.  "I want you cum with me, okay?"
"Yeah!" I gasped.  Yeah, I'm right there with you!"

     My nuts pulled up closer to my body, ready to empty every last sperm cell out of them.  The tingle spread into my dick and I knew it was going to happen soon.  Mateo was right there with me.  I could feel his body trembling and I thought I felt his nuts pull up closer to his body.
"Ohhhhhhh god!  I'm cumming...right now, Jack...I'm cumming!!!" his voice was wracked with pre-orgasmic tension.

     And that was all she wrote.  His hands latched onto my shoulders and dug down into them.  His body tensed up so hard against me that I thought I would hear something snap at any moment.  A high pitched whimper that bordered between boyish and teenaged erupted from him and his body thrust forward, butt cheeks clinching tightly together in my hands, and his orgasm slammed into him like a semi automatic.

    That little whimper of his was all it took to finish me off.  My dick expanded to almost painful proportions and an orgasm so powerful took a hold of me that it felt like I was having multiple ones at the same time, each more intense than the last.  The pitch of the moan I hit was probably powerful enough to counteract one of Mariah Carey's high-pitched signing notes.  But I didn't hear it.  Orgasm had a hold of me.
    It felt like hours passed before I came down from the unimaginable high of the climax that had hit me.  The more I came down the more my mind began to function.  The more my mind began to function the more I began to think.  The more I began to think the more I became aware of what had just happened.
Hoping that I had dreamt the whole thing I opened my eyes slowly.  Hope was lost.  Everything was real.  I was in the front room on the floor with Mateo's body collapsed against mine, still recovering from the orgasm that had just rocked his world.
I started to panic.  My heart started beating faster and my breathing became loud and irregular.  Oh my god!  This had really fuckin' happened!
"Get up." the words jumped out of my nervous mouth.

     Mateo stirred and lifted his head from my shoulder to look at me.
"Huh?" his voice was still a bit hazy.
"I said get up.  Get up and go take a shower." my panic was rising more and more each second.  I knew I was about two steps from totally freaking out.
"Get up and go take a shower!" I ordered him.

     The look that appeared on his face tore my heart into shreds.  He sort of shook his head like he didn't believe what was happening and just kept staring at me as if hoping I was kidding around, but knowing that I wasn't.
"NOW!" I shouted, making him jump a little.

     He went.  He was up off of me and gone for the hallway that led to the bathroom.  He never looked back.  I watched him go for a moment before I sat up and looked down at the gooey mess that stood as further evidence in my lap.  My dick hard as a rock covered in my cum.  Covered in Mateo's cum.  As if I thought it wasn't really there, I touched the stuff with my fingers only to draw away thick stringy strands.  My hand began to tremble.
"Oh my god." I sighed.  "What the fuck did you do, Jack?"

 *  *  *  *  *  *