The following tale is fiction, a.k.a. not real.  It has been created for entertainment purposes only.
This story contains sexual material involving boys and men.  If this kind of material is illegal where you are,
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The Shack -7

    For the rest of the weekend, Mateo and me took it easy hanging around the house, talking, watching movies, and playing video games.  There wasn't any serious drama or dwelling over the whole situation of the previous night.  I guess we saw it as: the situation had been presented, both of us had faced it, defeated it, and learned from it, and now we were moving on.

    It wasn't until Monday that things were swung back into high gear again.  Cordelia was my first call of the day at the office with news that the final nail had been driven into the coffin.  Esmerelda had taken a polygraph test about a purse she always carried her things in.  The test was just a simple question: how many smaller compartments are in the purse and where are they?  Esmerelda answered one and said that it was inside the purse on the left side in the center.  The polygraph told them she was telling the truth, even though the purse actually had a second compartment.  It was underneath the purse, accessed by a zipper that went around the bottom of it.  The zipper was small and almost hidden.  It would be by luck that a person would find it, unless they were previously told that it was there.  It was in this second compartment where a small bag of weed had been hidden and Tomas's fingerprints had been found on it.  That removed any lasting doubts in many minds that Esmerelda had set up her son.  The hearing was going to be at the end of next week.

    Monday also saw an unexpected event.  Mateo was helping me bring the groceries into the house when from out of nowhere he kissed me on the cheek and gave my crotch a good grope while my hands were still full.  I was put off by a second, old habit dying hard, before I put the groceries down and went after him.  It led to a slap boxing match in which I got bested in and sent back to the kitchen in defeat.

    He followed his antics up on Tuesday while I was reading the directions for the hamburger helper I was about to cook.  It led again to another slap boxing match, which resulted to me being banished back to the kitchen wondering how the hell he was so fast on his feet and quick with attacks.

    On Wednesday I knew he was going to try it again, so I intentionally diverted my attention and pretended to be reading the TV Guide to give him an opportunity.  This time I tackled him around the waist when he tried to slap box me and gave him a taste of his own medicine, finally having worked up the courage to do it.  Even though I was sure it was just a little juvenile game he'd come up with to test the waters with me, feeding into like that let him know I thought it was cool.  And I did.

    Aside from our kiss and grope game, the emotional side of our relationship developed better than I could've imagined.  Since this was the first relationship either of us had been in, neither of us knew exactly what to look for or expect.  All I knew was that everyday seemed to bring us closer together.  We might have been two positives, but we were attracting better than the strongest opposites.  I was starting to feel so close to him and I could tell he felt closer to me.  The bond that was starting to form between us was almost mythic.  And something told me that everything that had happened had happened for a reason.  This was the beginning of something special.

*  *  *  *  *  *

    Saturday brought Mateo and me an invitation to the fair that had come to town with Terri, Michael, Theo, Brian, Chris, Greg and a variety of their younger cousins.  All of us had the time of our lives, hitting up every ride (except for the kiddie ones) at least two times.  Terri even got on a few of the non-early birth inducing rides, but had to stay away from the mass amounts of junk food we ate.

    It wasn't until a little after midnight when me and Mateo made it back to my place.  It was like the boy was on speed or something, going on about the rides, what Michael's cousin said about Brian and Chris's cousin.  Things that normal teenagers talked about, but it sounded almost foreign coming from him.  He only broke his conversation for a moment while he went over to the window in the living room and looked out of it.
"What's up?" I asked him.
"I thought I heard an owl.  Trying to see if I can see it." he answered from behind the curtains.
"Really?  I don't think there are any around here."
"I guess not.  I can't see nothing."

    He came out of the window and adjusted the curtain back to how it was.
"Hey, I think I saw that thing you were telling me about.  Where are the weights and stuff are."
"Oh, you mean the complex gym?" I recalled saying something about it.  I just didn't remember what it was.
"Yeah.  Didn't you say that it had a swimming pool and a hot tub inside it?"

     Maybe that was what I'd said.
"Mmm-hmm.  I think it does.  I've never really gone in there."
"So let's go right now."

     I shook my head.
"No, man.  It's too late."
"That's what'll be cool about.  It'll just be us.  We can chill." he continued to persuade.
"We can chill here too."
"Unless you got a hot tub in here hidden someplace, then no we can't."
"Maybe tomorrow."
"Nah, Jack.  Tonight.  Right now.  Please?"

     I looked over at him and tried to be stern.
"Maybe tomorrow, okay?"
"Jaaaaack!" he objected.

     He came over to where I was and stood in front of me.  I wasn't sure what he was up to until he got down on his knees and looked up at me with his best innocent puppy dog face.  I had to laugh.  He looked so cute like that.
"I'm down on my knees begging you.  And I don't beg nobody.  Please?   Please-please-please-please-please?"

     Damn that boy!  Talk about making me break down like a P.O.S car!  I guess in reality I really wanted to go check it out too.  Even though it was open to apartment tenants 24 hours, I was trying to be the responsible adult figure in the situation.  Succession = no.
"Okay." I gave in.  "But it's not because your down there giving me those freakin' Bambi eyes."

     That made him laugh so hard that he fell backward and had to hold himself up with his hands.
"Hurry up before I change my mind." I told him.
     The late night air had a bit of chill factor in it and it was probably going to kick our ass on the way back to the apartment.  It was a good thing they were pretty close to one another.  There were two other gym houses located someplace else in the complex, but the one close to me was the only one with an indoor hot tub and pool.  I was wondering if anybody else was going to be there when we arrived.  All we needed to do was walk in on someone (or more than one someone) who thought they were alone and had decided to get frisky and skinny dip, because there was no doubt in my mind that they would be embarrassed as hell.
    Nobody was there in the pool area when we stepped inside.  It was a good thing I'd brought my keycard with me, or else we wouldn't have gotten in.  The regular lights were out and only the lights from the pool and the hot tub were on, bathing the room with a shimmering blue luminescence.
"This is so cool.  I never been in a hot tub before." Mateo said as he gazed down at its tempting waters while I searched for the dial or switch that turned it on.
"No kidding?" I said.
"Nope.  First time."
"It's like being in a bathtub, only better.  You'll see.  Just as soon as I find the switch to turn it on."

     I finally found it a few moments later and turned it on.  The motors whirred into action and brought the hot tub to life with jets of water shooting all over the place.
"Whoa!  Nice!" Mateo said.

     I joined him by the side and sat our towels down on a nearby chair.
"Let's get in.  But you might want to take your shoes off." I thought I'd mess with him.

     He looked at me with one of those "do I look like I have dumbass tattooed to my forehead" expressions on his face.
"No.  Thought I'd get in with them on so they could enjoy the water too."
"Hey.  Whatever."

     The water was perfect and not third degree burn inducing like some hot tubs were when you first got into them.  Mateo got in right behind me, choosing to sit across from me.  We were just getting settled when,
"Yaahhh!"  he yelped suddenly, standing straight up.
"What?" I asked.
"Damn jet just shot up my ass!"

     I tried to stifle the laugh, being as it was late an all, but it didn't work.
"Why, Mateo, I think the hot tub likes you." I couldn't resist.  It was just there and I had to do it.
"Making me feel all violated and stuff." he jeered.

     That made both of us laugh a bit as he selected another spot to sit that didn't have a jet ready to violate him any further.  We fell silent, enjoying the feel of the warm swirling water around us and the almost harmonic sound of the fizzing water and bursting bubbles.
"I hope this is gonna help my shoulders.  They've been tense since Wednesday after I played basketball." Mateo said after awhile.
"You should've told me.  I got some sports cream you can put on it."
"Does that stuff really work?"
"It has for me."
"Guess I'll try it out then."

    His speaking up about his sore shoulder made me remember something a female friend had done on me back at my old job.  She had been taking a massage class and wanted someone to try it out on who wasn't in her class with her.  I got to be her lucky victim.  The first couple of times left me more jacked up than I was before the massage.  Being nice, though, I let her keep trying until she was able to do it so good that my body got addicted to it like a smoker to nicotine.  This was a chance to see if her practice had rubbed off on me.
"Come sit with me." I said.

     Mateo got up and walked across the water toward me and got ready to sit down next to me.
"No, in front of me."
"What're you gonna do?" he asked as he did so.
"I used to have a friend who gave me the worlds most awesome backrubs.  I'm gonna see if maybe that will help out your shoulders."

     He stopped in mid sitting motion and looked back at me.
"You do know what you're doing, don't you?"
     He went ahead and sat down.
"I hope that means yes."

     I positioned myself correctly and put my hands on his shoulders to start the massage.  I was a little awkward at first and I could tell he was uncomfortable but dealing with it.  As soon as I fell into the correct rhythm and was applying the correct amount of pressure, though, I felt him melt like butter under a hot knife in my hands.
"This is starting to feel kinda good." he told me.
"See, I just needed to warm up, that's all." I said.

     I kept on kneading his shoulders before moving down to his arms a little and then back up to the shoulders.  Then I used the end of my fist to work on his back first near the shoulder blades.
"Mmmmm.  That's feels pretty good too." he sighed.
"Just wait.  There's more."

    Before, I never could've gotten myself to touch Mateo as I was without thinking it was somehow wrong.  There was a feeling of relief to know I was finally over all that.  That if someone were to walk in and see what I was doing, I honestly wouldn't care or get all stressed.  There was just me wanting to give the person I cared about a backrub he would never forget.  If they couldn't deal with that then that was their dilemma.
    I undid my fists and brought my hands around to grab his waist gently and massage up and down that area.  Until my friend had done it on me, I never knew a person could massage another person there and get any results.  Mateo squirmed and giggled as my fingers danced up toward his arm pits and down toward the waistband of his swim trunks.
"Just relax and it won't tickle." I told him.

    He giggled.  "Okay..." and giggled again. "I'm trying."

     It took a few more moments before he got relaxed enough to enjoy the new position.  Once he did his head leaned back against me and he closed his eyes.  His wet hair felt a little strange, but good, against my bare flesh.
"That is soooooo good." he sighed softly.

     My hands went up a bit further and my fingers reached out to massage his pecs slowly and gently.  I went the extra mile and used my index and middle fingers to grab his nipples between them and tweak them just a little.  His nipples responded immediately, enjoying the attention they'd received.
    My hands went back down, working the soft flesh over his stomach and hitting those muscles near the small of his back.  This got a few more sighs of pleasure out of him.
"Jack?" his voice sounded dreamy and hazy.
"What's up?" I asked.
"I think you might want to stop massaging me."
"'Cause it's starting to make me..."
    His sentence trailed off.
"What?" I urged him to continue. "Is it hurting?"
"No.  It's...uh...making me a little bit horny."

    He said it with discomfort and I new why without having to think about it.  He was thinking about last time we got physical and how it hadn't gone so well.  Either that or he was thinking about my incident with Cody and that doing anything of a sexual nature of that caliber might be pushing it.  In either case I understood where he was coming from and I was glad he'd been adult enough to warn me.  But the truth was touching him was doing the same thing to me as my touch was doing to him.
    I put on my Austin Powers accent.  Hearing the word "horny" automatically invoked it.
 "Really? Do I make you horny?"
    He must've seen the movie or knew the line because a smile came to his face and he replied,

     Accent still in effect, I continued,
"Do I make your breast nipples tingle and your wiener grow leaner?"
    He giggled,
"Then I guess we're gonna have to do something about that, because I think you're starting to make us a little bit horny too."
"Are we now?" he tried to speak in the same accent, but it sounded kind of funny with him already having a Spanish accent.
"Oh indeed."

     He lifted up from my massaging hands, stood up, and turned around to face me.
"Then I suggest you give us a kiss."

    Then I suggest I will!  He leaned in, I moved up, our lips touched and the kiss happened.  The one that didn't happen the first time around.  This was the sensual, almost magic kiss that happens only one time.  The first kiss of true love.
    Our kiss broke and we looked into each other's eyes.  Talk about wicked emotional.  I thought I could actually feel the energy created by his feelings for me pouring out of him and in to me.  It filled me up with this...this indescribable feeling that's probably another one of those things that can't be named.  Only felt.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked him.  There wasn't going to be any forcing in this relationship and nobody feeling obligated to do anything.

     He nodded and moved in to straddle me.
"Positive." he assured me.

    We kissed again and managed to be satisfied with that for a short while before we explored each other's mouths again.  It was so much better this time around, not all rough and erratic like before.
    I thought it would be cool to continue the massage, but make it more erotic.  I started with his legs, using one hand on each so both could get attention at the same time.  I let them travel slowly upward underneath the fabric of his trunks, kneading and manipulating his legs up into his thighs.  He was so engrossed with the feelings I was giving him that he had totally forgotten to do things to me.  It was okay, though.  I sort of owed this to him for what happened last time.

    I knew where he wanted my hands to go as they reached the top of his lithe, muscular thighs.  But I made them stay put and work their magic right there.  I'd let them make a move toward the spot in between him that was willing my hands closer to it, then I'd take them back to where they began.  I did this twice before finally letting my left hand find its way to the nearby hardness and touch it.  The point was to tease, not to make his balls blue.
 His already shut eyes clenched tightly together and a powerful shiver racked his body.
"Thought you were...never gonna touch it." he got out between sighs of pleasure as my hand explored the new toy it had come across.
"Just had to make you want it more." I told him, and then asked a moment later,  "Did it work?"
"Yeah.  Oh...yeah!"

     It was a curious thing touching his dick.  It felt a lot like mine, only mine was obviously bigger and thicker.  I don't know why I'd expected it to feel completely foreign.  The only thing that felt odd was the head.  I couldn't feel it.  It was like there wasn't one attached.
"Can a dick be headless?" I wondered to myself, before the obvious answer smacked me in the face.  The head was there it was just covered.  Mateo still had his foreskin.  How was I going to get around that?  Did I need too?
"Just put your fingers on the top and pull down." he knew exactly what was holding up the program.

     I tried to do as he said, but couldn't get it quite right.  He had to give me a few more instructions before I finally got it to roll down and expose the head.
 The whole motion of getting the foreskin to roll down was almost like that of jacking off.  So the moment I got the motion right, Mateo let out a soft baritoned moan and that told me I had it right.
    I continued manipulating his foreskin and used my right hand to explore the tightened sack just beneath.  I kept that routine up for awhile, switching from rolling his foreskin to actually masturbating him.  The whole time I kept my rhythm slow and I knew it was driving him crazy, and making him want it more.
    An idea came suddenly into my head when I thought of what would drive me absolutely over the edge if he were doing this to me.  I wasn't sure if it he would be too keen on the idea or not, but I knew if he wasn't he'd let me know.
"Stand up." I told him, removing my hands from inside his swim trunks.  He did so immediately.
"If I'm going too far, I want you to stop me, okay?  This has got to be cool for both of us."

 He nodded.

     My eyes locked onto the crotch of his silky looking dark blue swimming trunks.  I looked up at him and raised my eyebrows quickly a couple of times to let him know what I was about to do.  The look that showed up on his face told me he was definitely okay with the idea.
 Where as the masturbation thing wasn't new to me, this was.  I had no idea what I was going to do after I'd gotten him to stand up and made sure he was okay with the plan.
"Just do whatever it is you would want someone to do to you." I thought.

    The impression of his swollen prick standing straight up against his body was clearly visible through the wet fabric of his trunks.  I was so excited and scared at the same time.  I could feel the adrenaline pouring into my blood stream, making my entire body come alive with that funny tingle.  Holding my breath, I leaned in and kissed it through the chlorine water coated fabric.  Mateo's body tensed and his breath drew in sharply.  All right, we were off to a good start.  It could only get better from here.
    I kissed him through the fabric a few more times before I grabbed the waistband of his trunks from the sides and began to draw them down.  Since I hadn't seen what he looked like down below the excitement and anticipation were at full scream as the trunks came down and gave me my first view of what my boy was packing.
    Standing straight up for my viewing pleasure was a five and a half inch dick surrounded by a drenched patch of black hairs that spread up and out, leaving an inch between them and his waist level and a half an inch between them and his legs.  He was a little thicker than I thought a fifteen year old should be, but that was all good.  The head was hidden underneath the puckered tip of the foreskin and his nuts were still drawn up snugly against him, the sack about as big as a large egg and didn't look as if it had sprouted a hair yet.
    Continuing where I left off, my lips pressed themselves up the hard piece flesh before them and started kissing up and down it.  That put Mateo somewhere up near heaven.  His breath was coming out in long loud gasps and his prick twitched happily every time my lips touched it.
I put the tease on him for a good five minutes, kissing up and down his stiffness and even tasting the tight sac that held his nuts.  Like I knew, it was driving him crazy.  His sighs were growing into moans that begged me to do the deed and take it into my mouth.  I reached up and held just below the tip of the foreskin and retracted it.  It came right down, revealing the darkened angry head underneath.  It was covered in a thin layer of pre-cum, no doubt from everything I had done to him.  Not sure if I was going to like the taste, but willing to give it a try, I opened my mouth and went down on him.  That little whimper, the same one that had brought on my orgasm the other night, oozed out of him.  His hands gripped my shoulders for support and his hips jerked forward a little.

    I didn't know what having a dick in my mouth was going to be like.  It actually wasn't that bad.  It was thick and didn't have really much of a taste except for the chlorine water that had soaked through the swim trucks and onto it.  It was the pre-cum that didn't turn me on, tasting bitter and salty.  But I didn't let it stop me.

    It took me a few tries before I finally got the dick sucking ritual down.  Once I did, Mateo could barely hold himself upright.  The sensations that were raging through him were almost too much for him to control.
    I would work on his dick for a little bit, going all the way down until my nose touched his pubes and then back up until it was almost out of my mouth.  His pubes were the only thing that really seemed to carry a smell other than chlorine.  It was sort of a musky odor that didn't have too strong a scent and was oddly kind of pleasant to smell.  I would then switch to rubbing his foreskin up and down over the head and sucking on his sack, teasing the testes inside.  This doing whatever I thought would get me off thing was definitely working.
    His end was coming.  I felt his sack drew up even tighter in my sucking mouth and he told me,
"I can't...take more, Jack.  If I don't shoot soon...I'm gonna...gonna explode!"

     My god his voice sounded so sexy, all lusty and horny.  I couldn't deny him what he wanted any longer, so I took his dick back into my mouth and went to work.  My hands gripped his bare ass, massaging both cheeks at the same time.  It served to help guide him as well, because he started pumping my face as soon as his dick was back in my mouth.  Pumping faster, pumping harder, getting closer and closer with each thrust.  I just sucked for all I was worth and used my tongue to rub across that tender spot just on the underside of his dick's head.
"I'm gonna...I'm gonna...!"  he tried to warn me before his body went rigid and his dick swelled to its extreme in my mouth.

     I had a split second to make a decision.  I'd never tasted cum before and frankly didn't have any desire to.  So was I going to pull off and jack him to his climax, or give it a try and swallow?
"First time for everything." I thought to myself, bracing myself to do the swallowing deed.

     Mateo's hands went from my shoulders and latched onto the back of my head.  His hips thrust forward, shoving his dick deep into my throat, and the first shot exploded out of him.
"Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" the cry that erupted out of him was almost primal sounding.

     He thrust forward again giving me another shot of the warm, thick, salty, musky and bitter juice from his nuts.  I could've done without the taste, but it didn't stop me from draining the milky colored juice down into my throat.
Mateo got in three more thrusts before he collapsed into my arms and held me in a weak embrace.  I let him lie against me and recover, giving his forehead butterfly kisses as he came back to this dimension.
"Oh my god, Jack!" his voice still had that post orgasmic tone to it.  "That was fuckin' awesome!"
"Yeah, I know it." I pretended to be arrogant about it.
"I never had a orgasm like that before.  I thought my whole dick was gonna explode!  How did you know what to do?"
"I just thought about what I would like and took it from there.  Guess we have the same tastes, huh?"
"Yeah.  Speaking of which, how did...did you taste my cum?"
"Honestly I could've done without it, but it didn't kill me."

     We chilled out together like that for a good ten minutes before Mateo stood up and removed his swim trunks.  His dick was now close to three inches long and limp with disinterest.
"Now, you belong to me." he let me know.  "Get the trunks off."
"What if somebody comes in?" I was suddenly aware of the fact that we were in a public place.
"If nobody has now, nobody will."

     Maybe if I wasn't all horned up, I would've debated with him a bit more.  Instead I followed his directions and got out of my swimming trunks.  I had to stand in order to do it, so Mateo got his first look at me in the buff.  It was also the first time anybody, except my parents when I was a kid, had seen me naked.  I felt a little embarrassed and on the spot.
    I didn't consider myself that big in the penis department.  I was seven and a half inches hard and about two inches wide.  I thought my nuts were pretty big in size, hanging low in their fat dark sack.  And for some reason my pubic hair never really grew into a thick nappy bush.  It made it look like I kept it shaved down there.
"Jeez, Jack.  You're giving me a lot to work with here." his compliment surprised me.

     If my skin wasn't so dark, he would've seen me turn red.
"Really?  You think so?"

     That naughty little leer of his spread across his face and he moved through the water toward me.
"I know so."

     He motioned for me to sit down.  I did and he straddled me again, this time standing up on his knees.  What followed next I'm more than convinced that only his imagination could've come up with.  He did this thing were he took my seven and a half inches of erected excitement and trapped it between both cheeks of his beautiful ass.  He used one hand to keep it from slipping out of place and moved up and down as best he could in a simulated fucking motion.  The heat from his body and the water added with the gripping of his hands and cheeks made it feel like I was inside him instead of out.  My dick felt like it had become the center of my world.  Feelings were coming from it that defy explanation.
    Knowing I was loving what he was doing to me, Mateo decided to send my nipples to the same place the other part of my anatomy was in.  The way he sucked on them and nibbled at them would've been enough to drive a person sexually mad.
    He kept his slow pace in psuedo-fucking me for a good five minutes.  The sensitivity in my cock was getting to a nearly unbearable point.  My nuts were aching to empty every bit of jizz out of my body with an urgency like never before.  If he didn't bring me off soon, I was going to loose my mind.
    Sensing that I was near that breaking point, he used my shoulder for support and sped up the act.
"Uuuooooooh!  There you go!" I oozed.
"You want me to make you cum?" he teased me with the obvious.
"Yes!  I don't think...if you don't, I'll loose it!"
"Can't take it anymore, huh?"
"Noooooo!" the word came out like a moan instead of a statement.

     He sped up even more, somehow clenching my dick between him even tighter.  I was gonna pop like warm champagne!  He kissed me on the lips.
"It's gonna feel sooooo good, Jack.  Nobody's ever gonna make you cum like I am." he said with authority, but in that oh so sexy tone of voice that could only come from him.

     My hands were all over his body, trying to find a way to reproduce the feelings I'd already sent through him.  I was surprised when I realized I could feel his dick jabbing rudely into my stomach.  My hand went to it only to realize he was hard all over again!  When he said I was making him horny, he must've meant it on a whole other level.

     I took to manipulating his foreskin, which got a delightful moan out of him.  The pressure in my nuts was off the scale.  They drew up with force as close as they could to my body.  An orgasm of wicked proportions was approaching and I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to handle it.

     My other hand had begun to jack Mateo off , while the other one still played with the foreskin.  It was getting good to him because his body was shuddering again and his eyes were narrowed to mere slits.
"Oh...!" I gasped as I felt my dick expanding to prepare for the sperm rush.  "I'm gonna blow!"

     My speed on Mateo's re-stiffened five and a half inches upgrading to blinding.  My breathing became erratic, labored almost, and every nerve in my body was under the command of my pre-orgasmic dick.
"I...I...I..." was all I got out before it hit me like a tidal wave of pure sexual energy.

     My voice couldn't even hit the pitch of the cry that came out of my mouth as my dick erupted like a dormant volcano suddenly gone hyperactive.  The experience was so out of this world that I swear I was seeing colors.  This wasn't just an orgasm for my raging hardon.  This was a full body event that shook me to the core of my existence.
    The ending effects brought me back down slowly and gently, allowing me to savor every single moment.  When I finally came too I saw that Mateo was again collapsed against me.  I felt unusually weak, but it was a tired  relaxing kind of weak.
 I roused Mateo again by giving him butterfly kisses on his forehead. He managed to look up at me, his hazel eyes once again hazed over.
"Did you cum again?" I asked him.
"Yeah." he answered me.  "I didn't even know I could so soon."

     He sat up a little bit more so that we were face to face.
"I think you were right." I said.
"About?" he wondered.
"Nobody's ever gonna be able to make me cum like you did.  That was freakin' wild!"
"Yeah, I know." he took on my arrogant tone.

     Both of us smiled and I couldn't help but be captivated by the teenaged boy in front of me.  He just looked so perfect to me.  So beautiful.
"You don't know how beautiful you are to me right now." I thought I would say what I was feeling.

     His smile became shy and he blushed for me.
"You really think I am?" he sounded just as modest as I had earlier.
"Very much.  I'm glad you're mine."

     He kissed me on the lips and said,
"I'm glad to be yours."

     As if we'd been in another world, we both remembered we were in a hot tub that was supposed to be for use of all tenants in the apartment complex.  Sperm didn't mix well at all with water, and the thick ropes we'd produced were as visible as an oil slick all about the bubbling liquid.  We looked at each other with surprise and a little bit of fear.  Then, we broke out into uncontrollable giggles that come when you know you've done something completely stupid.  Worthwhile.  But stupid.
"Oh, shit!  How the hell are we gonna clean all this stuff up?" Mateo asked me.

     I shook my head.
"I have no idea."

 *  *  *  *  *  *