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The Skateboard 10

The next couple of months continued with a pattern of Devon e-mailing his intentions to see Jerry on the weekend, followed by a short exchange to nail down the specific time. Jerry enjoyed whatever time he had with his teenager, but lamented that the boy couldn't sleep over anymore.

The buzzer sounded just before noon on Saturday, as Jerry's anticipation was reaching its climax. Devon was here! He raced to the panel and pushed the button. As usual, Jerry waited for his boy to make it down the hallway before opening the door and pulling him inside.

Devon smiled as he always did; Jerry wasn't sure if the boy liked him, too, or if he just enjoyed being the centre of an old man's attention. Jerry ushered the boy in and crushed him in a hard hug. Devon then made himself at home, losing most of his clothing, and getting himself something from the kitchen. Jerry counted himself so lucky to still have a hot boy like Devon, as the creature returned to the living room in just his briefs. Devon looked perfect; his tanned body was continuing to show signs of development, and his hair had grown out to a more complimentary length.

Jerry took his Adonis by the hand and led him to the bedroom, where the fun would begin. He took off his own clothes as Devon pulled off his briefs and lay on his back. The boy was hard and ready to go, as always. Jerry started with gentle touching, and then moved down to the genitals. He sucked the boy slowly for a while, making it last. Jerry enjoyed hearing Devon's soft moans; the boy's pleasure seemed more relaxed theses days. In fact, Devon himself was just more relaxed in general. Jerry reached over to the equipment drawer, where he kept the lube and condoms. Today, he produced a small butt plug and put it on the boy's chest.

"What's that?" Devon quizzed, as he peered down his nose.

"Butt plug. It's tapered to go in easily, and then your ass holds it naturally," Jerry explained.

"No thanks," Devon dismissed.

"Not even once?" Jerry protested. The thing was only four inches; he'd gotten it to help move things along, as Devon seemed stuck in the single finger fuck mode. The boy had declared two fingers too much after that one time. Jerry knew now that he should have been more patient. The memory of the pain was keeping Devon from returning to that point.

"I'm not really into it," Devon noted, as he rubbed Jerry's knee.

Jerry was disappointed, and regretted suggesting it. He knew Devon could be influenced, and he didn't really want to push him. He figured that a small plug would be the answer; he was so confident when he bought it.

"Ok, fine ... once," Devon blurted.

"No, no. You were clear, Devon." Jerry refused. He wanted it to happen, but this was exactly the way in which he feared it happening. Devon would push himself to please him.

"Fine! I'll do it myself. Give me the lube," Devon ordered, as he sounded determined to take the plug.

"Ok, if you insist, but I'm going to put it in," Jerry countered.

"Ok, get busy," Devon said, as he lifted his legs.

Jerry lubricated the plug and put it into the boy's hole. It went easily at first, but then Devon squeezed just as it reached the thickest part. Jerry figured that end was just about two fingers thick, and hoped it would help stretch Devon better than he could with just his fingers. Jerry sucked on Devon's cock, fighting to keep him from pushing the plug back out. Devon sighed, and relaxed just enough for the final push to slip the plug past the sphincter. It was in, thank god, Jerry thought, as he sucked Devon hard. Devon's moans took on an insistent tone, as Jerry hoped his pleasure was enhanced. Just before Devon was about to cum, Jerry pulled on the plug, seeking to retrieve it while the boy was still enjoying the moment. Devon grabbed Jerry's arm as he pulled on the plug.

"Leave it!" Devon hissed, as he started firing his cum onto his belly and chest.

Once Devon was done, Jerry started kissing his wonderful lips.

"Just relax and I'll pull it out for you," Jerry whispered.

"No, I'll take it out myself!" Devon declared.

Jerry was both happy and concerned, that Devon wanted to leave it in. He hoped that Devon actually liked it, but was worried that the pain of yanking it out might put him off using it again, or anything else for that matter.

"Ok, just push it out like you're going to the bathroom," Jerry instructed.

"What if my shit comes out when I do it?" Devon asked, concerned.

"Well, do it in the bathroom then," Jerry suggested.

Devon got up and walked toward the toilet in an exaggerated fashion, as though he had a twelve-inch plug inside him. Jerry heard some grunting; then a pop, followed immediately by a sigh.

"What should I do with it?" Devon called out.

"Put it in the sink and I'll clean it later," Jerry instructed.

Devon returned to the bedroom and leaned against the doorframe.

"Roll over and I'll fuck you," he said, forcefully.

Jerry complied, happy to do so.

"Maybe next time you could fuck me with your plug still in," Jerry suggested, as his lover prepared to mount.

"Yeah, like getting fucked while I fuck," Devon chuckled. "But you'll want me to try a bigger one, won't you," he accused.

"They come in all sizes, Devon. You can pick which ever you want," Jerry said, just as Devon thrust into him.

"Oh, yes!" Jerry sighed.

Devon fucked him senseless, taking his time to release his second load, much to the man's delight. Devon had developed his skills in bed; now able to control himself and last longer.


Jerry checked his e-mail on Tuesday and was surprised to see one from Devon. It was usually Thursday or Friday when the boy set out his plans for them to meet. Jerry always sent him a nice e-mail the evening they fucked, telling him how wonderful he was, how beautiful he was, and complimenting Devon on how great he'd made him feel. Devon didn't usually respond to those, but when he did it was just a smug, `I know you like it,' or something like that.

Jerry hoped, in his own way, that he was helping Devon, supporting his esteem. He didn't complain as much about his aunt or school anymore, and had maintained his friendship with Jeremy. There were even some discussions about a girl he was friendly with, but from what the man could tell, that wasn't going to develop into anything beyond friendship.

He opened the e-mail and began to read it:

`I know what you're doing with my nephew, and I want it to stop right now!'

Jerry literally pushed himself back from the desk on his wheeled office chair. His heart was thumping in his chest, and he felt dizzy. He wondered if perhaps he was having a heart attack, as he tried to catch his breath. Panic attack, Jerry decided, as he calmed himself. Terror turned to anger, as Jerry figured this was some sick joke the boy was playing on him. This had gone too far, Jerry thought, as he read the whole e-mail.

`I know what you're doing with my nephew, and I want it to stop right now! If you try and contact him again, you sick fuck, I will call the police.'

It was signed, `Devon's aunt'.

It seemed authentic to Jerry; there was no `got ya' tag line, or any other indication that the boy was playing a cruel joke. It must be real, Jerry decided. He deleted all mail from Devon, and then blocked his address. Jerry figured that wasn't enough, and closed his account, in case Devon or his aunt contacted him with another address. He hoped the boy had kept his phone number in a safe place, and that Devon was tough enough not to give him up. He knew that might prove difficult, as his aunt held all the power.

Jerry was a logical thinker and, even panicked, he was forming a plan. He would call his brother; it was high time for a family visit. He needed to put distance between himself and Devon. It might not protect him, but he hoped that a clean break would satisfy the woman. Would she really push things if the problem were resolved? Would Devon even cooperate with her; he surely hoped not. Jerry considered his options, and suspected that he might even have to move. Devon was persistent and might continue to seek him out, regardless of what his aunt wanted. Jerry was angry at Devon as well; clearly, the boy wasn't careful with his e-mails; it was a mistake to have communicated that way. He imagined Devon's aunt reviewing his tender words to the boy, assigning them a sinister meaning out of context.

He thought about where he'd gone wrong, and thought, `why did I buy him that damn skateboard.'


Jerry contacted his older brother, and was on a plane the next day. He feared being stopped at the airport, but he logically knew that wouldn't happen. Things didn't move that fast, and he had done as she requested: cut off ties with Devon, but he wondered if that would be enough.

Jerry tried to relax himself by boy watching, and the airport seemed ideal. Distracted parents and bored boys put him in a play land with kids running about, playing their video games, and one was even reading; now that was rare Jerry thought. The reader seemed to be a young teen around Devon's age, with short brown hair and glasses. Jerry recalled the stories he'd read about horny, repressed teens doing it with guys in the airport bathroom, but reminded himself that those were just stories. He may fantasize about going over and sitting beside the lone traveler, commenting on the boner he was sporting, but he'd never actually do it. Besides, this one had no evidence of sexual arousal, and the woman two seats over could be an older sister, Jerry's logical mind deduced.

During the plane ride to Phoenix, he worried about poor Devon. He'd be furious at his aunt for preventing his visits. This would likely lead to the boys home option that Devon had mentioned. Jerry considered that he could check back with Devon in a couple of years; perhaps provide some transitional support when he left the care of the state, but he worried that Devon wouldn't want him then. He missed Devon so much.

Life at his brother's house was sedate for the two weeks Jerry had been there. His sister- in- law had been very welcoming, as he had to agree it really was long overdue for a visit.

The distance he's put himself from Devon, had calmed Jerry, but he still worried about the boy. He was distracted from his troubles, when a pair of great nephews arrived. He hadn't seen his brother's grandchildren in years, and was surprised when two blond tweens came crashing through the house.

He didn't recall their names, but he did recognize the family resemblance. Both boys were fit and handsome, but Jerry would call them cuties if he saw them through his binoculars back home.

"Sarah's boys have grown," Jerry commented.

"Indeed. The older one, Steven - he's quite the brat; never listens, always getting in trouble, and the young one is going the same way," his brother reported.

"Steven, Robert! This is your great uncle Jerry," the man reported.

The boys barely paid any attention to the introduction. "I told their father that he has to teach the boys some discipline before it's too late, but he's weak. I really don't know what Sarah ever saw in that man," Jerry's brother explained.

"Well, they do certainly have Sarah's good looks and, hopefully, your genetic propensity for intelligence," Jerry replied, trying to put a positive spin on the situation. He wondered what the retired College professor would think of someone like Devon. He imagined his pretend grandson would be right in there with the pair of blond hooligans.

"Hi! I'm Robbie," the younger boy said breathlessly, as he half collapsed himself into the strange man's lap. The two boys had been chasing and wrestling, something that Jerry was happy to watch, but the young one was clearly using him as `time out zone.'

"Hello, Robbie," Jerry returned, with a gentle hand on his head.

"Why are you great?" the boy asked, raising his head.

"Great?" Jerry asked, as he dared to touch the soft face.

"Yeah, Great uncle. Why not just uncle?" Robbie quizzed, as he allowed the man's gentle affection, something he suspected he didn't get from his grandfather.

"Your uncle is your father's brother. Your great uncle is your grandfather's brother, but you can just call me uncle Jerry," he explained.

"Ok," Robbie sighed, and then was off, returning to attack his brother.

During dinner, the boys were badgered by their grandfather for their poor table manners, so Jerry was happy to excuse himself at the end of the meal and retire to the guest room. It was a sufficient space for his extended stay; a simple room with a queen-sized bed. He had an attached bathroom that gave him some privacy.

After reading for a while, he went through his evening routine before bed, but his teeth brushing was interrupted when the door on the other side of the bathroom opened. Steven, the older one, entered and stood by the toilet. Jerry knew the bathroom had another door that led to the family room, but he thought it was locked. He wondered why the young teen would come into this bathroom rather than use the main one, as the boy flipped down his pants and began to piss. Jerry pretended to take no notice, but sized the boy's cock to be similar to Devon's, with glancing examination. Jerry wondered if all boys would be compared to his lost boy from now on.

Steven sighed as his relief was at an end.

"Are you two spending the night?" Jerry asked, as he considered it late to still have the boys visiting.

"Yeah, we usually stay in your room, but we're camped out there tonight," Steven said, gesturing to the family room.

"Sorry to put you out," Jerry apologized. With that, the teen was gone.

Jerry settled into bed, slightly aroused at the thought of sleeping in the same bed where twelve and fourteen-year brothers usually did. He imagined what it might have been like to spend a night in Devon's room, with his aunt absent, of course. As he drifted off, he could hear sounds coming through the bathroom. He swore that he could hear the tell tale slurping and gagging noises of oral sex. Jerry figured it was just his mind playing tricks on him, as he imagined the boys involved in brotherly loving. It was just as likely play wrestling or older brother dominating the young one. Either way, Jerry had no intention of confirming his suspicions. The last thing he'd need would to be caught with the two of them going at it. Robbie could scream for his grandparents if he needed them, Jerry thought, as he drifted off into a fitfully aroused sleep.


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