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The Skateboard 11

Jerry woke to find Devon cuddled up with him. The warmth of a young body next to his was a welcome feeling. He placed his hand on the boy's back and rubbed gently. He found it strange to feel clothing, as Devon typically wore nothing, or next to nothing, to bed. Jerry brushed his fingers through the short hair as he became aware of his surroundings. He wasn't home, and this certainly wasn't Devon beside him!

"Morning uncle Jerry," Robbie groaned, as he stretched his young body.

"When did you arrive?" Jerry asked nonchalantly, as he got out of bed and covered himself with a robe.

"I dunno; Steven was hogging most of the airbed so I came in here," Robbie reported.

Jerry hurried to the bathroom, as he considered how he might best handle the situation. He would have loved to remain in bed, cuddling with his teddy bear, but truth be told he would have preferred the older one. Steven, with his brash exhibitionism in the bathroom the other night, might be eager to experience sexual relief, but that would have been too risky to do in his brother's house.

Jerry decided it best to evacuate before anyone took notice of the situation. Finding his brother at the kitchen table sipping on tea, Jerry helped himself to a cup and joined the man.

"Michael, while it's not my intention in anyway to insult your hospitality, there is a situation that behoves me to bring it to your attention," Jerry began.

"The boys will be collected by their parents this afternoon," his brother replied, without breaking his gaze from the morning paper.

"Indeed, the younger one was in my bed when I woke," Jerry blurted, and then sipped his tea nervously. He had no idea how the man would react. Would it be an accusing tone, suggesting he'd lured the boy, followed by an interrogation?

"Brat! I'll punish him when he appears," Michael snapped with disdain.

"Robbie said that Steven left him no room on the airbed. It's not that I'm upset; just that I thought you should know," Jerry explained, relieved that the finger wasn't pointed at him.

"I'll punish them both then," Michael said, with a ruffling of his paper.

"As the aggrieved party, might I suggest a simple apology? There was no intention on their part," Jerry suggested, as he didn't want the boys to hate him. They would easily conclude that he'd reported them.

"Robert isn't only a brat, but a sissy. I suppose it's their parents fault for their permissive environment," Michael blurted.

Jerry hoped the issue had been dropped, as he wanted to spend time around the boys; having them confined to a corner would make that impossible. He figured that his brother was right; they had been brought up in a lenient fashion, but perhaps it was just an enlightened approach.

He received his half-hearted apology after they all had their brunch. It was a wonderful Sunday morning spread - with eggs, various meats, and toast. Jerry was almost jealous that only the boys got pancakes, but he stole a few pieces from Robbie's plate to satisfy his craving. Robbie smiled in that wonderful way when a child realises that an adult just broke the house rules. The older one, fresh out of bed and sporting `bedhead' hair, just filled his face, oblivious to the subtle communication that Jerry was having with his younger brother.

Later that afternoon, the parents did indeed come to collect their wretched offspring. Both boys were openly affectionate to their parents, although the younger one was more so. Jerry gave some thought to moving here; he'd get his own apartment, of course, but these two hooligans might be the closest he'd ever come to grandchildren of his own. He considered that they might fix him up with a woman and turn him into some old heterosexual; perhaps she'd have grandchildren, too, Jerry thought, before snapping out of his daydream to say goodbye to the boys. Michael shook their hands, but young Robbie surprised Jerry when he hugged him when it was his turn to say goodbye. Steven gripped his hand much like Devon did, and pulled their bodies close together in a more urban style of handshake. He was surprised that he engendered that kind of response after knowing them only a weekend, but he considered that this was likely their natural mannerisms; Jerry's brother was the one who insisted on formalities.


After spending a month with his brother, Jerry felt that it was time to go home. He didn't wear out his welcome; in fact, both his brother and sister-in-law wanted him to stay, but he knew he had bills to pay and decisions to make back home.

During the flight, he was seated next to a cute boy traveling alone. He seemed around 15 or 16, with dark hair and a wonderful tanned complexion. Jerry said barely two words to the boy the whole trip, but he spent the time observing the creature. Being so close, but not able to touch, made it tantalizingly erotic for Jerry. He imagined the stories where he would masturbate the boy under a blanket, but wondered just how that could work on a crowded plane, even with a willing boy.

Jerry was happy to arrive home after a long tip. He collected his mail and poured out his spoilt milk when he got up to his apartment. He'd have to go shopping, but figured it might be best if he found a new grocery store; the one where Devon worked was off limits now.

The place seemed empty, with just himself there. He'd gotten used to solitude, but spending a month as a houseguest accentuated the impact of an empty apartment. He didn't even have Devon anymore, but reminded himself that it was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

The next couple of days went by without any fanfare. He'd gone shopping and took care of his bills; then even found some time to observe the skate park through his binoculars. No sign of Devon, but that was hardly surprising and, in a strange way, welcome. He'd be far less tempted with Devon out of sight, even though Jerry desperately wanted him back.

Late Friday afternoon, there was thumping at his door. Jerry's heart pounded at the surprise. His first thought was to ignore it, but he'd turned off the TV in automatic response, and now the person must know that he was home. The thumping repeated, so Jerry got up and went to the door. Looking through the peephole, he could tell that it was a young person, likely Devon.

He steeled himself to the idea of rejecting the boy. There was nothing to discuss; no options to be played out; it was over he told himself; the boy's aunt had seen to that.

Jerry flung the door open and blocked the entry with an aggressive posture. His mind reset as he found Jeremy standing before him, with no sign of Devon, as the man swung his head out of the doorway to look.

"Hi, I'm Jeremy, Devon's friend," the boy reported.

"Yes I remember, I'm not that old Jeremy" Jerry scolded.

"Ah, can I come in?" Jeremy asked awkwardly.

Jerry considered the request for a moment, and then ushered the boy in. At least Devon had sent his agent, rather than come himself.

"How did you know I was home?" Jerry asked

"I saw your lights on last night when I was driving by with my Dad," Jeremy explained.

"So how is Devon?" Jerry asked; he just had to know.

"Man, he was pissed at you, just disappearing like that. He got your superintendent to check out your apartment, in case you were.... sick," Jeremy reported.

"I went to visit ... relatives," Jerry explained, not wanting to reveal too much information.

Jerry considered the new information; Devon didn't know about his aunt's threatening e-mail. It was a brilliant move on her part; Jerry had to admit. Devon would be angry with him for not communicating, rather than his aunt for forbidding their relationship. Jerry chided himself for falling right into her plans. He lamented that he didn't find a way to leave Devon some message about the situation; he'd just assumed Devon's aunt would tell him.

"So did Dev; he went back to Michigan; his grandma died," Jeremy reported.

It was possible the man considered; she was elderly, but it could just be a cover story for Devon being sent to the threatened boys home.

"Have you spoken to him since he left?" Jerry asked.

"Yeah, he sends email; he got a new one, cuz he figured his aunt was hacking his old one," Jeremy reported,

"I don't want to put you in the middle, Jeremy, but if you could send him an e-mail for me I would appreciate it," Jerry asked.

"Can't you send one?" Jeremy asked, as though Jerry might not know how.

"I could, but I don't want his aunt to know," Jerry explained, figuring it wasn't much of a risk to reveal it to Jeremy.

"Yeah, Dev wondered if his aunt scared you off; she's a bitch like that," Jeremy conveyed.

"Indeed; if you would send him an e-mail for me, just let him know that I still care about him, and didn't want this to happen. I'm not sure there's much I can do for him, however," Jerry said.

"Yeah, ok, but maybe you can do something for me?" Jeremy replied.

Jerry was surprised by the request; did the boy think he'd pay him?

"Ok," he replied noncommittally.

"Dev said you gave him blow jobs all the time," Jeremy said quietly.

"How many people has he told?" Jerry asked, shocked at the revelation; he thought he could trust Devon.

"Just me, I think. Dev and I fooled around a bit; I'm not gay, but I think he is," Jeremy reassured.

"Not gay, but you want an old man to suck you off," Jerry chuckled.

"Dev said you're good at it," Jeremy pressed, as he pulled off his pants to reveal his hard cock. It was the same size as Devon's, but perhaps not quite as thick.

Jerry stood staring at the inviting boyhood. He knew he should send the boy on his way, but how could he, with Jeremy asking him for it. He wondered if Devon would consider it cheating, but he figured the boy had no concept of monogamy. Knowing that he wouldn't see Devon again made Jerry very tempted to help Jeremy out.

"Come on, please; I'm horny," Jeremy begged.

Jerry lost his senses and knelt down in front of the teen, just drinking in his smell as he rubbed his face against Jeremy's genitals. Jerry pulled the boy's pants the rest of the way off, and got him to recline on the couch. He lapped his tongue, slowly, all the way around the cock before taking it into his mouth. He slowly went down all the way, as Jeremy moaned. The long, slow sucking was doing the trick, as Jerry had Jeremy moaning and gasping. He tasted a bit of precum, so he stopped sucking to avoid an early release. He decided to give Jeremy a nice reward for coming over to tell him about Devon. Jerry worked on the boy's balls for a while before going between his legs. As soon as Jeremy parted them, Jerry lifted them up high and went right for the hole. Jeremy grunted in pleasure as he was rimmed, reacting in much the same way that Devon had.

"You like that, don't you, Devon," Jerry said, before turning his attention back to the boy's cock.

"I'm Jeremy," the boy reminded.

"Right; sorry, Jeremy, my beauty," Jerry apologized, realising that he was, of course, just a substitute for his lost boy. Devon would always have his heart, even though Jeremy currently had his mouth.

Jerry sucked quickly, bringing Jeremy to the verge, and then returned to slow licking. It was driving the boy crazy, he knew, but the pleasure he was getting seemed to stifle any protests.

The process continued until Jeremy could stand no more. His eyes were shut and his fists balled, as his legs wiggled. Jerry saw the boy's mouth open just as his cock began squirting, so he continued licking the sides until the boy had unloaded; then he returned to slow sucking. Jeremy squealed and moaned as he fought to endure the sensitive sucking. Jerry finally released the spent boy.

"We'll go again in a few minutes," Jerry suggested.

"Again?" Jeremy half protested.

"Boy your age should be good for three squirts; Devon always was," Jerry noted, as Jeremy sighed in realisation.

Jerry was able to be more active on the second round, and Jeremy did last longer. His grunting pants and whining pleasure were music to the man's ears. Jeremy's voice was higher pitched than Devon's, and sex accentuated that difference. Jerry squeezed the boy's nipples as he neared the second release. Jeremy was totally lost in the moment, thrusting his cock up as his body was awash in joy.

"Cumming, cumming," Jeremy grunted, as he filled Jerry's mouth.

The man swallowed, and kept going, pushing Jeremy's orgasm further.

Jerry continued to slowly lick the sides of the teenage cock as the boy recovered from his efforts.

"Do you want something to drink before we begin again?" Jerry asked.

"I'm done, dude," Jeremy advised.

"Nonsense. You'll be hard again in ten minutes," Jerry predicted, as he got up to get some water.

Jeremy drank half the glass as Jerry knelt back down beside him.

"Do you want to suck me then?" Jerry asked

"I don't do that," Jeremy reported.

"Oh, right; not gay; I remember. What did you do for Devon, then?" Jerry asked, as he pressed his new best friend.

"Hand job," Jeremy blurted, before consuming the rest of the water.

"Will you do that for me?" Jerry asked.

Jeremy just nodded his reluctant agreement.

Jerry took off his pants, and sat on the reclined boy, rubbing his already hard cock along the soft belly.

"Get to work then," Jerry ordered, as the boy remained passive.

Jeremy took the old cock and started to stroke it. Jerry enjoyed looking down on the soft boy as he was pleasured. He imagined it was Devon, as he squirted all over the boy's chest with some of his cum getting up on to Jeremy's neck. It was obvious the boy wasn't keen on Jerry cumming on him, but he didn't complain. Jerry got up and cleaned both of them before releasing the boy.

"Well, Jeremy, that was fun, and I do hope that you pass on my message to Devon, but I must ask that you don't just drop in here, with everything going on with Devon and his aunt," Jerry suggested. He would surely like to have Jeremy over, but it was just stupid to get involved with a boy, right after Devon.

"What's that bitch got to do with me? Besides, we're not doing anything wrong," Jeremy spat forcefully, giving his pretty face an ugly sneer.

"Your father may think otherwise, but please, Jeremy, I need to keep things under the radar, so to speak" Jerry said, hoping the boy got the idea.

"Yeah, whatever," Jeremy replied, before Jerry bid him goodnight.

Jerry sat in front of his blank TV, wondering exactly what he was doing. He'd often thought the people he'd discover during his insurance fraud investigations were stupid. How would they ever believe that they wouldn't get caught? Now he was the stupid one it seemed; all it took was a pretty face and a hard cock from him to lose his self-control. Jerry pondered his future and thought it best for him to see how quickly he could get out of his lease on the apartment. There was a waiting list to get in there, so he suspected he could move fairly quickly, even if that meant living with his brother until he got settled in Phoenix. Sarah's boys might prove to be a temptation; an even more dangerous one than Devon or Jeremy, but perhaps that would be enough for him to maintain his self control, Jerry thought. Affection would be all that he offered, he promised himself.

Jerry sighed and then said aloud, "god I miss you Devon".


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