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The Skateboard 12

Devon slumped back in his chair; "Bitch", he mumbled to himself.

Jeremy's e-mail made complete sense to him; it had to be his aunt that spooked Jerry. He was glad that the man was back, though; now all he had to do was figure a way to make it ok to see him.

Devon closed the e-mail quickly as one of his cousins slipped past. They were crammed in pretty tight with all the visitors at his cousin's house in Michigan; so much so that Devon was on the couch in the basement. It was ok sleeping next to the exercise equipment, except that the damn cats woke up him on a regular basis. He regretted pushing them away so aggressively, as he was the one in their space, but he had to get some sleep. His grandmother's funeral had been more draining than he expected; everyone was so nice to each other, but he felt like they were all on a knife edge, ready to explode at any second. Thankfully, though, his aunt was ignoring him, as though her parenting duties were suspended. Devon didn't care why; he was just happy to be his own man again, without constantly being checked on or having to check in. His cousins had been nice to him, too; unlimited access to their computer was essential for staying in contact with Jeremy. The only issue was that the computer was kept in the main floor hallway. All the young people were older than Devon, but the tradition of a shared family computer remained. One of them was in University and had her own laptop, but she'd been an emotional wreck, and a bitch; so access to that was out of the question. He'd already had a man-to-man talk from one of the men about losing his grandmother, and how it affected everyone differently. Devon had already lost her when he was banished to Florida; so while he was sad, he wasn't as devastated as some around him, since he'd already said goodbye.

Devon hoped that once more people went home he'd get some privacy. He was restricted to a quick jerk in the shower for relief, and that wasn't cutting it. He was trying to contact his old buddy for some reunion sex, when he got Jeremy's e-mail. He hoped he would hear from his friend soon, as Jeremy's message had reminded him of all the sex he was missing. With Jerry missing in action, Jeremy had been the only option. Devon didn't see Jeremy as a convenience, but he knew the boy wasn't into it for anything more than a quick release. Devon was always the initiator and the dominant one with Jeremy, but he would have preferred to have Jerry back. He thought of how he let the man play him like an instrument, finally giving him the release he sought; it was always more satisfying in the end.


Devon discussed his problem that night with one of the cats, the smart one he hoped. It was a good listener, but in the end Devon knew what he had to do. He needed to get his aunt to accept Jerry. Negotiating with her seemed pointless, as he was asking for something she'd already forbid, and he'd seen how well things had gone when he defied her. There would be no way that he could see Jerry standing up to her; in fact, he saw the man taking her side in the interest of his own safety. He needed someone to intervene, and he knew who it was; he just wasn't sure if she would. He'd made no effort to contact his mother since her incarceration, and now he'd have to convince her to help him. Devon knew that doing it in person would have more impact than a letter, but his aunt had told him they would be too busy to organise a trip to the prison. He couldn't go without an adult, and none of his cousins were likely to go against his aunt. The idea came to him when the second cat arrived, attempting to reclaim her couch. The cat had a partner, and so did his mother. While her boyfriend's family was a messed up group, it was his only hope.

It was easy to find the number for his `uncle Duane', his mother's boyfriend's brother in reality, on the Internet. Devon mused what Jerry's life was like without the Internet. He often tuned out the old man's `back when I was your age tales,' but now they seemed more realistic.

"Uncle Duane? It's Devon," he greeted nervously, when a male voice answered.

"Who?" the man quizzed

"Devon, Mary's son," Devon explained, hoping the man would remember him. He hadn't spent much time with his would-be father's brother, but the young man seemed to connect with him when they did see each other.

"Devon! Oh, shit! Yeah. Dude, how are you?" Duane greeted with enthusiasm.

Devon was relieved to hear the man's friendly tone.

"Not bad; living in Florida now with my aunt. I'm here for my grandma's funeral," Devon reported.

"Florida! That's awesome, dude! Sorry about granny," Duane replied.

"Well, it's ok, but my aunt's a bitch," Devon expressed, and then looked around furtively, hoping that he wasn't overheard.

"Aren't they all," Duane agreed.

"So how's your brother doing?" Devon opened.

"He's ok, I guess. I go see him every couple of months, but there's not much to talk about," Duane replied, just as Devon had hoped.

"Yeah. I haven't been to see my mother yet, living in Florida and all. Hey, do you think you could take me to the prison?" Devon asked, and then held his breath for the answer.

"I didn't think you liked Larry," Duane replied.

"You were way nicer to me, but I meant would you take me to the women's prison to see my mom?" Devon explained, thinking that Duane wasn't much sharper than his brother.

"Women's prison? Never been there. I wouldn't know what to say to your mom, dude," Duane hedged.

"I just need you to get me in; you don't have to actually see her. I can't go by myself till I'm 18," Devon explained, in the hopes that Duane would understand his predicament.

"I don't know, dude; shouldn't your family take you?" Duane suggested.

"They're all busy with my grandma passing, but I figured you'd understand how important it was to see her when I'm here. I don't know when I'll be back," Devon said, lowering his voice in what he hoped would sound like a sad tone.

"Yeah, I get it. Larry's always happy to get a visitor, and it is your mom. Your aunt won't take you?" Duane pressed.

"She's a bitch," Devon lamented.

"Yeah, bitches," Duane agreed again. "Ok; we'll go Saturday, but you gotta figure out the directions to get there, and the visiting times."

"Already have," Devon replied more cheerfully.

Once he'd made the arrangements, Devon walked over to his old friend's house. He knew that arriving unannounced would be a risk, but Devon was bored and horny.

He was happy when William, his schoolmate and jack off buddy, answered the door.

"Devon, you back?" the larger teen asked.

Devon was surprised at how tall his buddy had gotten; he looked far more on the verge of manhood than himself.

"No, just here for a few days," Devon greeted.

Devon caught his friend up on the goings on in his life; as usual, William thought him so lucky to be living in the sunshine state.

"So, you got a girl friend?" William asked.

"No, I'm the new kid," Devon explained.

"You're not still fooling around with guys are you?" William asked, making it obvious that he did have a girl friend.

"Hey, I'm horny; gotta do what a guy's gotta do," Devon replied, completely at ease with his old buddy. It was a refreshing change from the eggshells he'd been walking on at his cousin's house.

"Yeah, girls don't understand that we gotta get action regularly; not just once in a while," William commiserated.

The bigger teen gripped Devon and threw him on the bed. A wrestling match ensued, much like they used to do, but Will was much stronger now and dominated the smaller Devon. The two wanted the physical contact, but, as teen boys, hugging and holding wasn't acceptable, however they were getting just as much contact from what they were doing.

"Pants off," Will ordered, as he had Devon pinned.

Devon unbuttoned his pants and let his hard cock pop out. It was like old times as William got his penis out, too, and humped against his smaller friend. Devon moaned at the pleasure of sexual touching, enjoying the fact that he wasn't a solo act again.

"I think my girlfriend might let me fuck her," William informed, as he put more of his weight down on Devon.

"Cool," Devon sighed, as he enjoyed the contact of another male; he really could care less about William's bitch.

"It'll be my first time; I don't want her to think I don't know what I'm doing," William continued.

"I've never fucked a girl," Devon indicated, as he toyed with William's puffy nipples.

"You've never done that before," William sighed.

"You like it don't you?" Devon stated.

"Yeah!" William hissed, as he looked down at his soft young friend. "Devon, I'll make you a deal; you can fuck me if I can fuck you,"

"No way!" Devon blurted instinctively.

"You can go first," William offered.

"You're cock is way too big; you'd rip me open," Devon replied, not mentioning that he was already experienced in anal intercourse.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," William replied, as he flipped over and lay beside his friend.

Without discussion, the teen boys started their familiar mutual masturbation session. Devon found Williams cock to be much larger than last time; bigger than Jerry's. Both blew their loads, with William spraying a large amount of cum, seemingly uncontrollably, over both of them.

The boys cleaned up and dressed without conversation. They both seemed to know that this was likely the last time they would do this. William was clearly ready to move forward into the heterosexual world; but for this week, at least, the sixteen-year-old was just a horny boy.

"So how long you here for?" William asked, breaking the silence.

"Few more days," Devon replied.

"Call me; we'll do something before you leave," William offered his old friend.

"Yeah, cool; I gotta get back," Devon closed.


Devon was anxious when Saturday came; he was getting what he'd asked for, but now he suddenly worried about how things would go. If his mother sided with Cathy, that might just make things worse, and he'd find himself stuck in some boy's home in Michigan, unable to see Jerry, even secretly. He figured he'd ease into the topic, and if it looked like it was going badly, he'd not mention Jerry at all; but that would be tricky.

That morning, he told his host that he was going out to see a friend, which was true; Duane was his friend. As usual, his aunt was off on her own, playing the bereaved daughter; so she didn't present any obstacles to his plan.

Devon met Duane at the mall near his cousin's house, and travelled with him in the man's older vehicle. He wasn't picky on the mode of transport; he just wanted the ride. Devon absentmindedly looked out the window as his former home passed before him. Coming home was initially exciting, but he now concluded that he really didn't want to be here; he just wanted to get it all over with and get back to Florida.

The prison looked like a high school building to Devon as they approached. The high fence with the rolled up wire on the top was the only indication that it wasn't just some other institutional building.

Once inside, Devon found the place cold and sterile. The bland colours and uncomfortable bench seating left him feeling like he really didn't want to be there. He spent the time examining the other loser families waiting to see someone. Most of the kids sat dressed in nice clothes, likely bored out of their minds. Devon hadn't considered how he should dress for a prison visit; he'd just worn his usual casual clothes.

When they called his name, Duane stayed in the waiting area; he'd done his job, and Devon was thankful. Once in an intermediate area, one of the guards searched him. It was a more intimate search than he was expecting, with hands squeezing his clothing tight to his body, searching for anything he might be concealing. Devon thought about making a wisecrack, but figured it wouldn't be well received. He wasn't a prisoner, but the guards still scared him.

His mother was waiting at a table when he came in. He wasn't the first, so there were other family visits going on in the room, with large uniformed guards monitoring. She stood and gave him a firm hug when he came over.

"You've grown," was her opening comment.

"Not much," Devon lamented, as he was still one of the smallest in his grade.

"How was grandma's funeral?" she asked

"It was good," Devon replied, realising that his mother likely regretted not being able to go. In a way, they were both prisoners of the situation that her boyfriend Larry had put them in.

"So who brought you? No one told me you were coming," Mary asked.

"Duane, Larry's brother," Devon replied, hoping it wasn't going to set her off on a tirade.

"What about Aunt Cathy?" Mary wondered.

"She said we didn't have time; I know she's got a lot going on, but I figured Duane would understand," Devon explained.

"Well, that nice of him," Mary noted.

After letting the conversation drift, Devon came around to the reason he was there.

"So, mom, I was wondering if you'd speak to Aunt Cathy about something," Devon said softly.

"What?" his mother asked directly.

"There's a friend Cathy doesn't want me to see, but we're pretty close; so I figured you could ask her to let me," Devon asked, lowering his head and allowing his hair to cover part of his face.

"Girl friend?" Mary asked.

"Boyfriend," Devon said, as he bit his lip nervously.

"Since when were you gay?" Mary asked, louder than Devon would have liked.

"Since always," Devon replied, still avoiding eye contact with his mother.

"You had girl friends," Mary protested, as though she didn't believe him.

"Yeah, in the fifth grade!" Devon snorted.

"You sure about this?" Mary asked suspiciously.

"He's not my first. Mom I like cock," Devon said more forcefully, hoping she'd get it.

"Isn't that the truth; everyone in here wants some cock. I'd get you to bone me right here on the table, if we weren't related," she replied in a jocular manner.

"You're a class act mom; like always!" Devon snapped, at his mother's inappropriate comments.

"Oh, you're not so special yourself, Doctor Watson!" Mary snapped back.

"I could be a doctor, if I wanted," Devon pouted, as he felt vulnerable. His mother knew him too well to let him get away with a snobbish remark.

"Devon, honey, the little things don't seem to matter as much, once you've been in here a while. So what doesn't Cathy like about this boy?" Mary asked

"He's a man," Devon said, returning to his submissive posture.

"You don't want someone your own age?" Mary asked

"He loves me," Devon offered

"They all say that honey. Cathy likely thinks he'll take advantage of you," Mary replied.

"He isn't!" Devon insisted.

"Well, Devon, I'll write her a letter, but she's on the outside; it's gonna be up to her," Mary replied. It wasn't the unqualified support he was hoping for, but Devon was still happy that he was getting some help.

"I won't be living with her much longer anyway; she can't wait to get rid of me," Devon added.

"She's not going to get rid of you, Devon; you're family," Mary insisted.

Part of Devon hoped that was true, but another part just wanted to be free of her - free to make his own choices. As he left the prison with Duane, he knew that his next step was to make contact with Jerry.