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The Skateboard 13

Devon took the cordless phone down to the basement that night while everyone else was busy or already in bed. He knew it was a risk calling Jerry from here, but he was just too lazy to go outside to a pay phone.

He heard Jerry answer, followed by the automated operator.

"You have a collect call from, `Devon'; press one to accept, or two to decline."

Devon found it strange to hear his own voice over the phone, as he balled his fists, hoping Jerry would take the call, and, thankfully, he did.

"Hello, Devon. It's dangerous for you to call me," Jerry started.

"I'm at my cousin's in Michigan; it's ok," Devon reassured.

"It is good to hear your voice again; sorry to hear about your grandmother," Jerry said evenly, as he wondered if that last part was true.

"Yeah, thanks. Glad to hear you're back," Devon replied.

"Not for long perhaps; I'm thinking of moving to ... another state." Jerry hedged, thinking it might not be wise to reveal his plans to the teen.

"Moving! Why?" Devon whined.

"Well, to be honest, your aunt has me worried," Jerry explained.

"It's all good; I saw my mother today; she's going to talk to her," Devon conveyed.

"Well, you should wait till that conversation happens before you decide it's all ok," Jerry suggested.

"You can't move! You're my only friend," Devon pleaded.

"You have Jeremy; he seems like a very good friend," Jerry suggested, as he recalled his romp with the preppy boy.

"I'll let you fuck me," Devon offered.

"Devon! It's not about the sex. Well, it is, but what I mean is that you should have someone like Jeremy; not someone like me. But we really shouldn't be talking about this by phone," Jerry explained.

"Ok, I'll come see you when I get back. Bye." Devon hung up quickly, so that Jerry wasn't able to tell him not to come over.

He was happy to have spoken to the man, but now he worried that it was all too late; that Jerry was going to move and leave him alone with the bitch. He knew that things were going to have to move quickly if it was going to work out.

Devon sat in the darkness for a while, pondering his situation. If it all went according to plan, he'd have Jerry, and life would be great; but there were a lot of `ifs'.

He heard a noise, as one of his cousins came downstairs. It was Brian, a thirty-something bachelor. He'd noticed the man before, but they hadn't really conversed.

"Hey, Devon. Am I disturbing you?" he asked.

"No, just getting ready for bed," Devon replied.

"Hey, I just wanted to have a quick chat, if that's ok," the man said, as he sat on the couch beside the teen.

"Sure," Devon sighed; he was getting tired of the older male's chatting with him, trying to pass on their wisdom of the world; most likely at his aunt's request

"Your Aunt says you guys have been having problems," Brian began, as he put his arm around Devon.

"We'll work it out," Devon replied, not sure that was going to be the case.

"That's good to hear, but I wanted you to know that I'm here to help if you need me," Brian said, as he touched the back of Devon's neck.

"We're guys; I get it; Cathy can be a real bitch," Brian continued, as he put his other hand on Devon's thigh.

Devon was sure now that the man was trying to turn him on; it wasn't just overly friendly affection. He wasn't sure about how he should deal with it. He had a good idea where the man might take things, but what if they got caught? Cathy would find a way to blame him for sure.

"Listen, Devon; you can come live with me if you need to. I think Cathy would go along with that," Brian suggested.

Devon wondered if he'd gotten some inheritance from his grandmother that would make him so suddenly desirable. He figured if that was the case, Cathy would hold on to him tightly, indeed.

"You never mentioned that before," Devon noted

"It was all decided before I even found out your mother was in jail," Brian countered.

The man's hand was squeezing his thigh to the point where Devon could no longer contain his pleasure, as he moaned. He grunted as Brian gripped his package firmly.

"You're fucking hot, Devon; did you know that?" The man hissed. "Let's take this dog out for a walk," Brian suggested, as he opened the boy's pants.

Devon's hard cock popped out, ready for attention. Brian was down sucking on it immediately. Devon moaned softly as the man worked; he wasn't sure if he should let this happen, but it felt too good to demand that it stop. Brian wasn't like Jerry; he was working quickly to get Devon off; whereas Jerry would take his time, and extract every ounce of pleasure before letting him cum. Devon soon filled the man's mouth with his juices, trying his best to have a quiet orgasm.

For Devon, it seemed as if it was over as soon as it began, and now he knew the unspoken deal; it was his turn. Brian already had his cock out, touching himself in anticipation.

"You ever been fucked, Devon?" Brian asked excitedly.

Devon shook his head.

"I'll go easy on you," Brian stated.

Devon shook his head again, wondering if he'd have to bolt upstairs to avoid being fucked. If anyone was going to do it, it was Jerry; not some distant relative he'd barely spoken thirty words to.

"You'll love it," Brian promised.

Devon shook his head once more.

"Ok, fine; put it in your mouth," Brian suggested.

Devon leaned forward and sucked on the manly cock. Brian put his hands on Devon's head and guided him in the desired motion. Devon gagged a few times when Brian pushed his cock too deep into his mouth.

"You're a good boy Devon; such a good boy," Brian praised, as Devon worked. It made him wonder if this was a common practice with Brian.

Brian filled Devon's mouth with his hot cum as he grunted, "Swallow, swallow!"

Devon did as he was ordered, but found it rather unpleasant to have Brian forcing his head back, with the cock pushing in deep.

"Fucking awesome!" Brian sighed, as he pulled it out.

Devon felt somewhat dirty, as he wiped the excess cum from his lips with his hand. It was a fair trade; they'd both got blowjobs; but it didn't feel the same as it did with Jerry.

"I'm serious about taking you in; let me know," Brian repeated, as he straightened his clothes.

"I might finish the school year in Florida, then see," Devon hedged. He knew that Brian would be happy to have a sex puppy live with him; one that he'd surely push into fucking. It occurred to Devon that Jerry wasn't any different; they'd still be friends, but it was the sex that kept them wanting each other.

"Ok, let me know, buddy," Brian closed, and then headed upstairs.

Devon wondered about his plans - having another option, even with strings attached was still good. He pulled his pants up as one of the cats stared at him, making Devon think the animal might say `what would Jerry think'? It hadn't occurred to Devon to think that Jerry expected him not to have sex with other guys; after all, he was just a horny teenager. This business with Brian somehow seemed different, though.


The flight back to Florida was quiet for Devon. He used his mp3 player most of the way, deciding not to speak to his Aunt very much. They'd already had a run in just before leaving, when he was told that he did, indeed, get some money from his grandmother. It was just a couple thousand dollars, once everything was divided amongst her grandchildren, but Devon still wanted it. His aunt got the cheque, as his guardian, and now he'd have to beg her for his own money. Demanding that he get it all in his own bank account didn't get him very far. He decided to wait until she got the letter from his mother before bringing up Jerry; although not knowing when that would arrive meant that he'd be caught off guard; so he'd been having the conversation with her in his head, just so he'd be ready. If things didn't work out, and Jerry moved, he would ditch his aunt in a heartbeat; head back home, and stay with Brian. He figured the man would still take him; he would just have to make it clear that he wasn't going to take it up the ass.

Returning to his little room in his aunt's apartment was a relief for Devon. He had his own familiar space again and, at last, some privacy. His first order of business was to get over to Jerry's; he wanted to check in with Jeremy, but that could wait; he and Jerry needed to have a private conversation.

Devon was nervous as he cautiously made his way to Jerry's. He kept out of the main streets, and checked to ensure his crazy aunt wasn't stalking him. Pretty much as soon as he pressed the buzzer, the door unlocked. He wondered if Jerry had seen him coming; he had to pass right by the window that Jerry would be watching from. Devon moved quickly down the hall, his heart now thumping in anticipation, and rapped on the door. Jerry opened it and let him in. Devon closed and locked the door behind him in order to hug Jerry as soon as possible. The pair held each other for what seemed like hours, until the man finally insisted they sit down.

"I'm really glad you're here, Devon; it's so good to see you," Jerry opened.

"Yeah, I guess I missed you more than I thought," Devon offered.

"It's important that we get to say goodbye in person," Jerry replied, hoping the boy would be strong when it came to their inevitable separation. Leaving Devon behind would be crushing for Jerry, but he knew he had two boys to keep him occupied in Phoenix.

"You're not moving!" Devon said flatly.

"Devon, please don't make this any more difficult that his has to be," Jerry pleaded.

"You're not leaving me; you don't have too; my mom said it was ok; she's sending a letter to my aunt," Devon explained.

"You told your mother that you're madly in love with a silly old man?" Jerry chided.

"Sort of; she knows you're older than me," Devon said, as he leaned his head against the man's shoulder.

"A lot older," Jerry reminded.

"Who cares?" Devon snorted.

"Your aunt; she made it clear that I'd be in trouble if I continued to see you," Jerry replied.

"Take me with you!" Devon suggested.

"I'm sure she'd notice," Jerry joked.

"Kids run away all the time; she'd forget me real fast," Devon mused.

"Yes, until you registered for school; then suddenly, the police would arrive," Jerry explained.

"I'll change my name; get a fake ID!" Devon said excitedly.

"Devon, this isn't the movies; it's reality, and we just can't have what we want. I'm sorry," Jerry said exasperated.

"You give up too easy," Devon said, annoyed.

"Devon, the only way this works is if your aunt agrees; she's your legal guardian!" Jerry said, with finality.

"No, she's not; I remember what the lawyer said: my mom is. Aunt Cathy just has custody; she has to ask my mom on any big decisions, and she can give me to someone else if it doesn't work out," Devon challenged proudly.

Jerry sighed; he appreciated that Devon was willing to fight a losing battle, but he knew the kid would just fall harder, and end up doing something stupid, like really run away.

"Devon, your mother isn't going to give me custody of you; it's just not going to happen. You need to stop dreaming and come into the bedroom and fuck me senseless, one last time," Jerry suggested, as he tugged on the boy's arm.

"I'm only going to fuck you if you agree to stay," Devon bargained.

"Devon, you don't barter for sex; you either want to come and be with me, or you don't," Jerry chided.

"Fine!" Devon pouted, as he allowed Jerry to pull him to the bedroom, offering slight resistance in protest.

Once in the man's bedroom, the seriousness of the situation became apparent. It was full of boxes; the man had already started packing, and he was really going to move.

"Sorry about the mess," Jerry said, as he got into Bed.

His beautiful boy yanked off his clothes and joined him. Jerry wasn't surprised to find Devon already hard and eager to get started. He gently rubbered and lubed the boy's cock, and then lay down.

"It's been a while," Devon said, as he positioned his cock for entry.

"Just take your time, and enjoy it," Jerry said.

"It won't be the last time," Devon predicted, as he entered.

Jerry was filled with wonderful feelings as his boy slowly penetrated him. Devon fucked him in short rhythmic strokes, staying as deep as he could. The teen didn't hold back when it came to the sounds of sex, grunting on each push. Jerry was impressed at how long Devon was able to last; massaging his prostate, but not yet giving him an orgasm.

"That was great, Devon," Jerry complimented, as he felt the sweaty boy resting on his back.

"Give me a few minutes?" Devon asked.

"Whenever you're ready; you've gotten better at controlling your release," Jerry noted.

True to his word, Devon was back at in a few minutes, with a new condom and more lubricant. The fucking was harder the second time; Devon alternated his pace from slow easy strokes to hard quick thrusts, as it was his turn to be the musician. The man was lost in the wash of an anal orgasm; his body numb to the external world, feeling only the place where the young cock rubbed him deep inside. Jerry heard himself making unintelligible, gasping noises, as Devon kept him on the edge, thrusting just at the right time, and then slowing to keep himself hard.

Jerry lost track of time, but when he regained his senses, he was beneath a spent young man. Devon had put a lot of effort into pleasing him, and exhausted himself in the process. He never imagined that he would find a teen to fuck him over the course of an hour, and soak the sheets with the best orgasm he could remember. In that moment of clarity, he realised that Devon was made for him, and he for the boy. He'd just made leaving him that much more difficult.