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The Skateboard 14

Devon had been back in Florida for two weeks and was happy to be back into his normal routine, even being back to school. The warmer weather was a nice change from Michigan, as he was again in shorts and a T-shirt, and able to skateboard. As he made his way back from school, Devon hoped that his life in Florida would continue as he desired. He chuckled as he thought about how much he resisted coming here in the first place.

Devon knew something was up just by his Aunt's short snappy tone when he arrived home from school.

"So, I got a letter from you mother; we need to talk," she blurted.

He'd prepared for it, but now that it was here he dreaded the inevitable confrontation.

"Ok," Devon said, half turning in a passive aggressive stance. This was it; this was the battle to keep Jerry; he steeled himself.

"I didn't know you went to see her," Cathy snorted, clearly not happy with what she'd read.

"Yeah, I asked you, but you were too busy," Devon replied casually, as he stood in the doorway.

"So we're back to sneaking around?" Cathy accused

"No, I just found someone else to take me," Devon said, keeping his tone level.

"Larry's brother? That man ruined your mother's life, Devon!" Cathy reminded.

"Larry did; not his brother," Devon countered.

"Well, you should have told me that you went," Cathy snorted.

"You should give me the money my grandmother left me," Devon challenged.

"That's a separate issue, and we're not discussing it again, Devon!" Cathy closed, sweeping her hand for effect.

"So can I see the letter?" Devon asked.

Cathy held it out and waited for Devon to come over and take it. The boy scanned through it quickly, but she didn't wait for him to finish.

"You'll see that your mother trusts me to make the right decision," Cathy gloated.

It was true; it wasn't the direct order that Devon was hoping his mother would issue, but rather just a request. Although, as he got further into the rambling handwritten note, he found a section that suggested he would soon be a man, and should start making some of his own choices now.

"So, you going to let me see him?" Devon asked.

"You mean Jerry; the one that thinks you're beautiful, sexy, wonderful?" Cathy asked, twisting the comments that she'd intercepted in Devon's e-mail account.

"Yeah, he says nice things to me; how terrible. It's much better to hear than how stupid and lazy I am," Devon mocked.

"I never called you stupid," Cathy countered

"Devon, are you stupid, or what? This garbage has been sitting by the door for a day now" Devon repeated what Cathy had said, almost word for word.

"So how old is this guy?" Cathy changed subjects.

"What does it matter?" Devon challenged.

"Well, if he's some nineteen year old surfer hunk, I could understand that," Cathy suggested.

"Why, because it's what you want?" Devon challenged.

"It's not that I'm upset that you're gay, if you really are," Cathy explained.

"I am!" Devon interjected, tired of people questioning him.

"It's just that I think you should have someone your own age. I thought at first it was Jeremy that was sending you those e-mails," she completed.

"So I could have an eleven year old boyfriend then?" Devon mused.

"Come on, Devon" Cathy dismissed.

"What? That's still four years difference; same as the surfer dude you're hooking me up with," Devon challenged.

"So how old is this Jerry?" Cathy pressed.

"He's in his sixties," Devon blurted, as he didn't recall the man's precise age.

"Oh, my god, Devon; you don't have a boyfriend; you got a grandfather," Cathy mocked.

"Just because I want something different than you doesn't mean it's wrong. Look at all those guys in their eighties marrying girls in their twenties," Devon reasoned.

"Gold diggers, Devon. Is that what you are? Is he rich?" Cathy posed.

"No, but I bet he'd let me live with him if you said it was ok," Devon suggested.

"Then he'd have total control over you," Cathy countered.

"He doesn't control me," Devon replied, irritated with her line of questioning.

"He buys you stuff; has you sneaking around behind my back," Cathy accused.

"I paid him back. In cash!" Devon snapped.

"Have you had sex with him?" Cathy moved on.

"I don't see how that's any of your business," Devon said defensively, thinking this would likely be the crux of her argument against Jerry.

"Have you had anal intercourse?" Cathy pressed.

"Do you mean have I taken it up the ass? No!" Devon skirted the issue.

"When you have sex, is it your idea or his?" Cathy continued.

"He uses his super mind control powers to make me want sex," Devon mocked.

"Answer the question, Devon," Cathy said flatly.

"I'll be sixteen in two weeks; who do you think is the horny one?" Devon snapped, allowing his emotion to overflow.

"How did it start? The first time." Cathy asked, not willing to let it go.

"I hurt my ankle at the skate park, and he took me to his apartment," Devon reported.

"I didn't know you were hurt," Cathy said disbelievingly.

"It was fine the next day," Devon explained.

"And the sex?" Cathy continued.

"I walked around his apartment naked, he got the idea pretty quick," Devon replied.

"So it was your idea?" Cathy insisted, that he spell it out.

"Yeah," Devon sighed.

"Would you still be friends with this old guy without the sex?" Cathy asked.

"Yeah, sure," Devon answered, thinking the question rather odd.

"Ok. I'll meet him; give me his number," Cathy said with finality.

"Meet him? Why?" Devon asked defensively.

"Once he and I talk, I'll decide if it's dangerous for you to see him or not," Cathy explained.

"I'm stronger and faster than he is and, besides, he'd never hurt me," Devon countered.

"I'm not talking just about physical danger, Devon," Cathy replied cryptically.

"You want to meet him to work things out, or to tell him to piss off again?" Devon pressed aggressively.

"Work things out, but don't assume that means you're getting it all your own way, Devon," Cathy suggested.

"Ok; I'll talk to him and see if he'll meet you," Devon replied, thinking this a little too good to be true. His aunt must have some other motive for the meeting. "But I'm going to be there, too, and if you're not planning to say `yes', then we're not doing it."

"Devon, I'll decide what's best for you." Cathy pulled back a bit.

"No you won't; if I can't see Jerry, then I'm out of here," Devon escalated.

"Well, see if he'll meet me, and then we'll go from there." she said in closing.


Devon wasn't sure if Jerry would go for the plan that his aunt had laid down, as he arrived at the man's apartment the next day. He made the trip up in the elevator and down the hall. As usual, Jerry ushered him in quickly, and was happy to see him again. Jerry held the boy firmly, as was their ritual. Jerry had been wrong about his proclaimed `last fuck' two weeks ago, as they'd done it several times since.

"My aunt got the letter from my mom," Devon said, as Jerry finished pulling off the boy's shirt.

"Oh, yes!" he replied, as he began kissing Devon's neck. Sex was usually the first order of business.

"We should talk about it," Devon insisted.

"After you fuck me senseless," Jerry noted, as he started sucking on Devon's wonderfully puffy nipples.

"Maybe we should talk now," Devon suggested.

"If you wish," Jerry said, as he squeezed the teen's already hard cock.

"Ah, fuck it!" Devon blurted, and ripped down his pants.

Jerry was down sucking the teen's meat immediately. Devon, for his part, was totally aroused and moaning quietly while he was pleasured.

Jerry got up and took the boy by the hand, leading him into the bedroom. They'd become a well-practiced pair, with Devon entering Jerry's ass moments after they got into bed. Jerry melted like butter, as Devon began to pick up speed. The teen was able to sense when he was nearing a release, and slowed down. The variable pace was wonderful for Jerry, as he'd come to expect a good solid orgasm before it was over. This wasn't the inexperienced little skater he'd carried home one night; this was a man that was fucking him now. As soon as Jerry tightened up, Devon popped, causing the pair to both grunt and moan out their orgasms in a strange symphony. The best part for Jerry was that Devon would likely want to go again soon.

The boy rolled off and lay beside the man.

"She wants to meet you," Devon stated to the ceiling.

"Your aunt? Meet me?" Jerry quizzed.

"Yeah, she says she'll decide after that," Devon snorted. He found it incredulous that she, of all people, would decide his future for him.

"Devon, do you really think that's true?" Jerry asked rhetorically.

"In the letter, my mom kinda told her to ease up on me," Devon noted.

"Well, I think she's coming over to declare that I'm simply too old to be your lover, and, you know, she's right." Jerry suggested.

"Not that bullshit again!" Devon snorted.

"If she were going to give her permission, she would. In fact, I'd expect her attitude to be something like, `ok, but I'd rather not know about it'; not lets `have a meeting to discuss the buggery of my nephew." The fact that we're still sneaking around is pretty dangerous; we will eventually get caught." Jerry explained.

"Yeah, I guess. She talks about me getting manipulated; but it's her doing that, not you," Devon realised.

"There's really no point, Devon; I'm going to get confirmation of my lease termination in the next couple of days, and then I'll be moving soon after. I'd ask you to help, but I know that would feel like chopping your own head off," Jerry chuckled.

"I'll help," Devon chirped, "As long as you save a big box to hide me in." Devon smiled that wonderfully, hopeful grin.

"I only wish that were possible, Devon. The best I can do is keep in touch, and see what you're up to in two years; assuming I'm still alive," Jerry suggested.

Devon looked over at him with a disbelieving expression.

"You're healthy; you'll go another twenty years, I bet. I'll be thirty five and still have to ask my aunt's permission," Devon joked.

"Life's too complicated to figure out, Devon; I feel like I've been waiting years for someone like you, and now...," Jerry lamented.

"So talk to her; what's the worst she can say?" Devon pleaded.

"The worst? How about, that's the man officer; the one that's been molesting my poor little nephew," Jerry mocked.

"If she was going to do that, she would have already dragged me down to the cop shop," Devon challenged.

"I suppose; but you can understand my reluctance to meet her; after the only contact I had with her was very negative," Jerry countered

"So what are we going to do?" Devon asked, as he rolled up onto his side, propping his head up on his arm. His shaggy hair draped over to one side, reminding Jerry just how cute the boy was.

"We'll enjoy the time we have together," Jerry replied pragmatically.

"Just give up? I had my mom write a letter and everything!" Devon pleaded. "Hey, do you want to talk to my mom instead?" he asked excitedly.

"I don't see where that would get us, Devon," Jerry rejected.

The two lay in silence for a while, until Jerry spoke.

"You'll just stay in Florida after I'm gone?" he asked, in case he had to go looking for Devon when he became a man.

"I have a cousin in Michigan who said he'd take me. Why don't you move there; he'd have no problem with us being together," Devon suggested

"Why do you think that?" Jerry asked, only mildly interested.

"He knows I'm gay; I think he is, too," Devon replied, not wanting to reveal their sexual collision.

"Perhaps he'd rather keep you for himself, then," Jerry chuckled, unaware of how close to the mark he was.

"I wouldn't let him," Devon said forcefully.

"So I get to chose between a controlling woman, or a jealous man, hmmmm," Jerry pretended to ponder.

"I'm getting a lawyer," Devon announced.

"How will you pay for one?" Jerry asked

"My grandma left me two grand" Devon replied proudly

"That will be eaten up really fast by a lawyer and, really, there's no point in law for you to argue," Jerry noted

"Sexual discrimination," Devon announced.

"Good luck with that; you live in the land of the `not so free'. Perhaps we should move to Canada, and get married," Jerry jested.

"Why don't we?" Devon replied eagerly, thinking it the perfect solution. Canada wasn't that different from Michigan, he thought. He'd visited Windsor years ago, and thought it pretty familiar.

"It's a whole other country, Devon; immigration isn't that easy; besides it was just joke; I'm not planning to go any place where they have winter!" Jerry chuckled.

"I'm not giving up," Devon pressed.

"Ok. You ready for more?" Jerry asked, as he examined Devon's flaccid penis. All the talk had deflated the boy; he worried that might mean the end of his sexual energy for the night.

"I guess," Devon replied softly.

"It's not a job, Devon; only if you want to," Jerry reminded.

"I want to!" Devon said forcefully, as he nuzzled at Jerry's neck.

As Devon pushed him over in playful aggression, Jerry marvelled at how soft the boy's skin was. His lean, firm body was a conundrum of hard muscles and soft flesh. The girls at his school likely had no idea what they were missing when it came to Jerry's little bedroom tiger. He'd seen the self-confidence grow in the boy as their relationship had. Devon's orchestration of what he thought was tantamount to a letter of permission from his mother was a testament to that confidence.

Jerry wasn't surprised to see Devon's firm erection encased in its rubber shield, as he knew the boy could be easily aroused. He sighed, as Devon pushed his cock into the inviting hole and started to fuck.

"Oh, yes; just like that!" Jerry moaned, as his boy got the rhythm and speed just right.

"Harder! Oh, yes, Devon!" Jerry extolled, as he braced himself against the headboard.

Devon, too, was well into it; his breathing raspy and his skin ruddy.

"Never going to get this in Phoenix," Devon warned, as he fucked in long strokes.

The boy was likely right, Jerry figured; another like him would be very difficult to find. His great nephews would be a nice diversion, but would pale in comparison to Devon. Jerry hoped that Devon would stay in contact, and, perhaps in a year or two, would join him in his new home, assuming the boy hadn't moved on by then.


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