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The Skateboard 15

Jerry stopped packing when the door buzzer sounded. It was just under two weeks until his cross-country move, and packing had become his new priority. As he pressed the button to allow Devon entry, he hoped that Jeremy would be with him as planned. He could use two more sets of hands in what seemed like a daunting task. How he'd accumulated so much stuff after his last move was a mystery. He even found a couple of boxes not yet opened since his last move.

Jerry marvelled at how mature Devon had been about the whole thing; not only was their friendship continuing along as though nothing was happening, but now he was coming over to help pack. Having some idea of how moody a teen could be, Jerry braced himself for Devon to be emotional about his leaving as the boy worked through it all. He'd even considered that Devon might dump him in a pre-emptive move. It might be easier for the boy to convince himself that Jerry's leaving meant nothing.

Thankfully, though, none of that was an issue; the sex continued as normal, if one could think of their sexual relationship as normal. The only activity that Jerry missed was their sleeping together. Sadly, that was no longer possible, with Devon's suspicious aunt.

"Ah, good. You brought another strong set of muscles with you," Jerry greeted, as Devon and his friend entered.

"Yeah, I told him he'd get his cock sucked by the master," Devon replied casually, as Jerry moved to hug his boy.

"Devon, don't embarrass your friend," Jerry chided, as he saw Jeremy blushing.

Jerry was excited at the thought of having two teenage cocks to suck, if that was indeed what the preppy boy wanted.

The boys worked through the afternoon, getting Jerry well ahead of schedule. In fact, if they packed much more, he'd end up having to unpack some things just for day to day living. In prior months, Jerry would have turned the heat up in order to get the boy's shirts off, but those days were long past him. Once the work was done, the boy's sat on the couch, drinking their colas.

"So, you going to suck us off now?" Devon crassly asked.

"Devon, please!" Jerry snapped.

"You want it, don't you?" Devon asked his friend.

The boy nodded nervously, as he sipped on his drink.

"Alright then; get naked," Jerry sighed, knowing that Devon could not be denied.

Devon was naked in seconds, while Jeremy took his time, appearing anxious about the whole thing. Jerry assumed that it was his first threesome and, while he'd been with each of them separately, this was somehow different. He compared the two boy's bodies as Jeremy took his time stripping. While the reluctant boy was almost a year younger, he was about the same size as Devon. Although Jeremy was fit, he wasn't as lean and firm as Devon. He wasn't fat or heavy, but just had softer, rounder features. The boy's ass was a prime example: plump, but well in proportion to his body and trim waist.

"Ok, sit as close as you can on the couch, I'll do you at the same time," Jerry ordered, after the long wait for Jeremy to undress was over.

Devon, as expected, squeezed himself right up to Jeremy, and put his arm around the boy's shoulder. The boys were both hard in anticipation, as Jerry began his work. He sucked each boy three times before switching to the other. Their close bodies made the switching relatively easy as he knelt before the couch. The boy's were enjoying the sucking, as each moaned when it came to their turn. Jerry noticed that Jeremy watched intently as Devon was sucked, figuring that either the preppy boy was fascinated with the shaggy haired skater's cock, or just anticipated his next turn. Jerry stopped as he sensed Jeremy might be close, given the sounds he was making.

"I want you to kiss each other," Jerry ordered, as he gave each cock a lick.

"Why?" Jeremy asked, as Devon suddenly moved to comply.

"Let's see some tongue," Jerry instructed, as he tickled both boy's balls.

Jeremy seemed reluctant, but Devon's tongue found it's way into the younger boy's mouth.

Jerry returned to his alternating cock sucking, as he hoped that these two had bonded well enough for Devon to have a partner after he was gone. He respected that Jeremy claimed not to be gay, but given the boy's continued sexual relationship and apparent interest in Devon's body, Jerry thought that he `doth protest too much'.

The kiss was broken as Jeremy's gurgling sounds heralded his orgasm. Jerry drank the boy's cum before moving back to Devon full time. He dispensed with his usual slow teasing suck and worked to bring Devon off quickly.

"Fuck, yeah!" Devon cried, as he lifted his hips up off the couch in a quasi mouth fucking motion.

Jerry accepted the flood of Devon's juice into his mouth, as the boy slumped back, spent.

He allowed them to recover for a few minutes, as the boys seemed to wonder who was going to get Jerry off. The man had originally thought he'd get them to work together on the job, but he had formed another plan; one that he hoped would both fulfill a fantasy for him, and solidify the boy's partnership.

"Jeremy, have you ever fucked before?" Jerry asked, suspecting the answer was obvious.

The boy shook his head, and seemed embarrassed at either the question or his answer.

"Devon's never been fucked; oh, he's had fingers up there, but not a real cock. So I thought perhaps you'd like to be his first," Jerry suggested, more confidently than he felt.

Devon eyed him suspiciously, as he wondered what the man was up to. Jerry had seemed to be against fucking him, and now here he was setting him up with his friend.

"I guess, if you want," Jeremy hedged.

"Sure. I know how much Jerry loves it up the ass; I'll give it go," Devon replied, as he positioned on all fours.

Jerry quickly got the lube and condoms, and then repositioned Devon on his back. He knew that would provide easy entry, and allow them to look at each other's faces.

On instruction from Jerry, Jeremy pushed in quick and waited until Devon told him to start.

"It's tight," Jeremy noted softly, as he pumped his friend quickly.

"Slow down; take your time," Jerry instructed, as his fantasy of watching two teens fuck in person was performed.

Devon had a strained expression on his face, as he was fucked by his friend's slightly smaller cock. Jerry toyed with Devon's cock until it was hard, as he wanted to ensure the boy enjoyed it. Once Devon seemed to relax, things went quickly. Jeremy seemed lost in his own rapture, thrusting with increasing speed and energy, as Devon seemed to get more pleasure from it.

Jeremy was soon howling out his second orgasm, before Devon was even close. He expected that the boy would cum quickly, but Jerry hoped that he would have lasted a bit longer. The two boys seemed to stare at each other, as if wondering what to do.

"It's customary to kiss your partner now," Jerry instructed softly.

Jeremy moved his head forward and gave Devon a little peck on the lips.

"How was that?" Jerry asked Jeremy.

"Awesome!" Jeremy sighed, as he reclined on the opposite side of the couch.

Jerry knew not to ask Devon, as he'd yet to orgasm, and was till rigid.

"Would you like Devon to fuck you now?" Jerry asked, wondering if the boy would go for it.

"No way!" Jeremy blurted, as he pulled his legs in defensively.

"Come on; I let you," Devon joined in.

"He said `no' Devon; we're not going to force him," Jerry chided.

"I never said I'd `force' him," Devon retorted, somewhat insulted at the suggestion.

Jerry looked at Devon's hard cock, and thought about having it in his own ass, but wondered if this might be one of the last opportunities to explore Devon's bottom side.

"Do you want me to fuck you now, Devon?" Jerry asked.

Devon was surprised by the request, and felt trapped by his earlier statements on the subject.

"Ok," he sighed, knowing that Jerry wouldn't hurt him, but he was still worried about taking something larger than he'd just had.

Devon rolled back on all fours and announced, " I didn't like it on my back."

"Fine," Jerry agreed, as he moved around to take Jeremy's place.

Devon felt the lube going in and a gentle finger moving it around. Jerry's cock found it's way to his hole, and was pushing in as Devon fought to relax himself. His head snapped back, and he grunted loudly as the adult cock penetrated him. There was pain, but Devon felt that he was able to tolerate it. It was the widest he'd been stretched, and it gave him a strange feeling of being full.

Devon grunted on each push, as Jerry started to fuck him.

"You're doing great!" Jerry consoled, as he hoped the boy would relax.

As Jerry increased to a proper pace, Devon started groaning. Clearly, the invasion of his anus was intense; yet it wasn't totally painful. For his part, Devon tried to accept Jerry's cock and not tighten up, hoping the feeling from his bowels would soon turn pleasurable.

"The first time is always the most difficult," Jerry continued, consoling; but the words were meaningless to Devon, as he was lost in his own world of sensation. His whole body felt like it was involved in the event; even his skin tingled as he braced himself against Jerry's thrusts.

Jerry knew that Devon would soon want the cock out of his ass, if he didn't cum quickly. So he started pumping faster, slapping his cock in hard and deep on each stroke.

Devon was gasping at the end of each grunt, with the strange sensations flowing through and seemingly around his body.

Jeremy had taken a keen interest in the whole thing, and was sitting on the floor near Devon. He could see that his friend was rock hard, with his balls retracted tightly up against his crotch. It took him completely by surprise as Devon began spraying his cum forcefully onto the towel covering the couch.

Devon's volume increased considerably as he had his orgasm. Jerry fucked him as hard as he could to ensure his own release before Devon was done, while Devon groaned.

Devon caught his breath as he regained his senses. It had been the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had, punctuated by the fact that he had little control over it.

"Did you cum?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, Devon; you were great!" Jerry said, kissing the back of the boy's neck.

"Take it out!" Devon demanded, and then grunted when Jerry complied.

"What was it like, Dev?" Jeremy asked.

"Fucking amazing!" Devon gasped, as he lowered himself to lie down on the couch.

"Devon is an excellent top; I'm sure he'll give you wonderful fucks when you're ready, Jeremy," Jerry said, as he cleaned up.

He saw that Jeremy was hard again; likely a side effect of watching Devon taking it. He got down on the floor and pushed the boy's legs apart, and then started going down on him. Jerry took his time, extracting as much squealing pleasure from the teen as he could. Eventually, though, Jeremy gave up his third load, as he bucked his hips urgently, planting his seed.

Jerry insisted that the boy's take a shower before leaving; they might not realise it, but they both smelt of sweat and sex; and while this was likely his last orgy, Jerry had no desire to create issues for himself or the boys.


"Your mother called," Aunt Cathy announced, when Devon returned from Jerry's.

"What did she say?" Devon asked, anxiously.

"Well, you could have talked to her yourself; but you're never here are you? Don't think I don't know where you're going; it's a dead giveaway when you come back cleaner than when you left," she explained, as she flicked at Devon's overgrown hair.

"So what'd she say?" Devon dismissed his aunt's comments, but took note of how obvious he'd been.

"We had a good talk about you and what you've been up too," Cathy reported.

"And?" Devon asked insistently.

"We decided that you should make your own mistakes. You're going to do it anyway; so I might as well let you see this Jerry, and hope that you're smart enough to be safe," Cathy explained.

Devon knew that by `we', she meant his mother, but she still wanted to save face with him. He silently thanked his mother and then asked,

"So I can see Jerry anytime I want?"

"The usual rules apply, Devon; if your homework is done, if your housework is done, and if you're behaving yourself," Cathy warned.

Devon was angry that she still spoke to him as though he were a little kid; he was sixteen now, and felt that he didn't need her for anything but money.

"Ok; so I'm going to go sleep over at his place tonight," Devon said, exerting his new freedom.

"Whatever, " Cathy waved.

"Can you write him a note or something," Devon asked, thinking Jerry would want some proof of the new arrangement.

"A note? Please feel free to have sex with my nephew, or something like that?" Cathy snorted.

"If you could," Devon asked meekly.

"You tell him to call me if he wants, but I doubt he's brave enough to do that. Tells you how much he wants you, Devon; won't even make the effort to call," Cathy challenged.

"Yeah, I'll tell him." Devon gave up; his aunt was never going to make this easy for him.

He grabbed a change of clothes and stuffed them into a bag, and then skated as fast as he could back to Jerry's

"Is everything alright? Did you forget something?" Jerry asked, as Devon bounded into the apartment.

"Awesome! My mom called; she says I can see you anytime I like," Devon announced.

"Did she?" Jerry replied, thinking this could be another of his aunt's ploys.

"Yep; so I'm sleeping over tonight!" Devon proclaimed, as he smiled broadly.

Jerry was pleased to see Devon so happy, but this was all too late to change anything. He couldn't see himself trusting the aunt, despite Devon's assurances.

"Your aunt said you could?" he confirmed.

"Yep; she said you can call her and ask, if you need to," Devon replied, as he flung himself on to the couch.

"Well, it's a good thing we didn't pack the bed, in that case," Jerry joked.

"Better; we can start unpacking; you don't have to move anymore," Devon informed.

"Devon," Jerry began, not wishing to crush the boy's good mood. "Let's enjoy tonight and let tomorrow worry about itself.

"Sure, you had dinner yet?" Devon moved on quickly, taking Jerry's words at face value.

"No; I was going to order in, as most of my cooking utensils are packed," Jerry explained.

The pair ordered dinner, and then retired for the night. Even Devon was sexually spent. So, after a quiet cuddle, they drifted off to sleep together.


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