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The Skateboard 16

Jerry was up early the next morning; in fact, he hadn't had much sleep even though his wonderful boy was beside him once again. He worried about having to tell the boy that it was all too late, that his plan was for nothing, that he was leaving him. That was the crux of the matter; he was leaving Devon behind, and now Jerry understood that Devon was in denial. The boy wasn't getting the message, because he refused to believe it was actually going to happen.

He left the boy in bed; Devon's mop of brown hair the only visible part of him. Jerry wondered if this should be it; if he should break it off with Devon today and not drag things out to the very last second. It might be best, but he worried about their long-term relationship, if there was going to be one. Ultimately that would be up to Devon; the teen might keep in touch online for a while, but Jerry expected them to drift apart pretty quickly after his departure. A horny boy like Devon wouldn't be without a partner for long. Perhaps it would be Jeremy, another boy, or even another man, but Jerry expected that he would move on.

He was on his second cup of Tea when the boy appeared in his boxers and waddled off to the bathroom. Jerry watched as the boy returned, his lean body the epitome of adolescent beauty. Devon pulled down his boxers to display his hard cock, hooking the waistband under his balls. The teen motioned his head towards the bedroom, in case Jerry required any explanation of his intentions.

"We should talk," Jerry said, wishing he could just ignore reality right up to the very last moment before leaving.

"Yeah, we gotta call my aunt today, but first ..." Devon replied, waving his exposed genitals.

"Devon, I don't want to take advantage of you," Jerry explained.

"How are you doing that? I'm the one that wants sex," Devon countered, as he walked over to the man.

"Devon, I don't think you understand; I'm leaving in less than two weeks. It's not fair of me to continue as though everything is just fine," Jerry replied.

"It's you that don't understand," Devon challenged, as he stood very close to the man. Devon took Jerry's hand and placed it on his hard cock.

"What don't I understand?" Jerry asked, as he slowly stroked the boy.

"You're not going anywhere, at least not without me," Devon announced, as he brought his face up to Jerry's and gently rubbed their cheeks together. Jerry sighed as the warm soft skin slid along his own. "So either you take me with you, or you're staying right here," Devon concluded.

"Devon, honey, I'm committed to going, financially and socially. This place is already rented to someone else, and my brother is expecting me in Phoenix," Jerry informed, as he squeezed Devon's ass with his free hand.

"Well, you better tell him I'm coming, too," Devon ordered, as he stood erect.

"It's not that easy, my boy; your aunt isn't going to release you. Besides, you have school," Jerry reasoned.

"We'll talk to my mom then; we'll work it out. Now let's fuck," Devon said lustily.

"Which one of us is on top today?" Jerry asked, as he allowed himself to be pulled out of his chair.

"I think I like being on top," Devon replied, as he led his man into the bedroom.

"Oh, thank god for that," Jerry mused, as Devon released him to get undressed.

Jerry wanted what the boy was willing to give him, but he worried that by doing so he was continuing to feed his denial. Plead as he may, Devon wasn't going to get what he wanted from that woman.

When Devon was ready, Jerry lay down on the bed and positioned himself for his young man to penetrate him. He sighed as he felt the young cock enter him, and relaxed immediately. Devon went right to it, slapping his hips into Jerry's ass, hard and fast. Jerry felt the teen's hair brushing his back as the boy propped himself up on his arms. Devon slowed suddenly, worrying Jerry that he'd cum, but the boy kept going, having reached the balance point between pleasure and orgasm. The long slow strokes were just what Jerry enjoyed most.

"Oh, yes, Devon, just like that; oh, god, yes!" Jerry extolled.

Once Devon had backed away from his release, he returned to hard fucking, thrusting his hips in a rapid motion. The alternating pace was wonderful for both of them, as Jerry moaned the pleasure of being fucked by such a wonderful boy. Devon kept bringing himself to the edge, then backed off before going too far and triggering his orgasm. The boy began grunting loudly as his pace became erratic; finally filling his condom, he dropped his full weight down onto Jerry's back with a final grunt.

"I'll be ready again in ten minutes," Devon promised, as he suspected that Jerry hadn't cum.

"When you're ready. You've gotten so good at fucking, Devon; you're amazing!" Jerry praised.

After laying in silence for a few minutes, Devon pushed himself up and pulled out. While he was preparing for the second round, Jerry rolled over and pulled his legs up. He wanted to be face to face with the boy this time. Devon returned and entered without discussing the change of position. Jerry was happy to be able to watch Devon work, fucking him as he touched the boy's soft skin. He swore that Devon was bigger and harder than the first time, as the boy worked quickly to bring him back to the edge. Jerry found himself in a world of pleasure as Devon pounded into him. The boy was dripping sweat down onto the man's chest as his hot breath washed over Jerry's face. Devon was tiring, but kept fucking hard, as he could tell that Jerry was close. Soon enough, the boy was rewarded as cum erupted from Jerry's cock and the man groaned in pleasure. Devon stopped and caught his breath. Almost exhausted, he pulled out of the man and ripped the condom off. He began to jerk off furiously, seeking his second release. Jerry touched the boy's sweat soaked body and toyed with his nipples. Devon shot his load onto Jerry's belly, grunting in relief, and then crashed down beside the man.

Jerry was amazed with how hard Devon had worked for him. The boy obviously enjoyed it, too, but he didn't give up until Jerry had his orgasm. As he lay in post orgasmic bliss, Jerry reached over and stroked Devon's head.

"Go for another round?" Jerry joked.

"I gotta rest, dude; give me a half hour," Devon replied breathlessly, as he tilted his head to face the man.

Jerry sighed, knowing that Devon would do it; he'd go all day if that's what was asked of him. He was done, though; Devon had given him a good orgasm, more than enough for today.

Jerry got up and waited by the door of bedroom, after resting for a while. Devon might be able to rebound, but it took him a lot longer to recover from their sexual interludes. He motioned for the boy to follow him; by now Devon should know that it was shower time. He ran the water a minute before the naked boy arrived, and immediately went to the toilet to piss.

Once in the shower, Jerry made it his task to wash Devon, lathering his beautiful body with soap, and then shampooed his wild hair. Devon's appearance was different when his hair was wet. More of his face was visible, and it made his head appear small for his body, but that was just an illusion, Jerry knew. He suspected that he would miss these tender times with Devon the most.

Jerry lamented his current situation as they'd finished washing. The wet boy stepped out and grabbed a towel. Jerry had tried drying him a few times before, but Devon wasn't keen on it. Jerry felt as though he was being sucked in by the weight of events; he was committed, the decision made. There was no changing things now, or was there? He knew that Devon had gone quite a way in improving the situation with the aunt, but was that enough to call off the move?

"So can we call my aunt?" Devon asked, once he'd finished with the hair drier.

"There's really no point, Devon," Jerry said, as he made eye contact with him in the mirror.

"So you're just leaving me!" Devon spat, finally showing some anger.

"It's done, Devon; this apartment belongs to someone else at the end of the month," Jerry explained.

"So get another one," Devon blurted, as though it was obvious.

"I have a moving truck coming and I have a plane ticket," Jerry continued.

"You wanna leave!" Devon snorted, getting more upset.

"It's best for everyone," Jerry noted.

"Not for me it isn't; you're ditching me," Devon accused, as he turned to leave the bathroom.

"We'll still be friends," Jerry promised, as he followed Devon back to the bedroom.

"Yeah, online," Devon dismissed.

"We'll talk on the phone sometimes, too," Jerry offered.

"But we won't be with each other," Devon said, as he began pulling on his clothes.

"In time, you could visit," Jerry suggested. He was purposely vague, as he didn't want to make any promises he couldn't keep.

"Whatever!" Devon snapped, as he headed for the door.

"Are you leaving?" Jerry asked, hoping the boy wouldn't leave angry.

"Later!" Devon shouted, as he left.

Jerry knew he'd hurt his boy; but on the other hand, he was happy that Devon had finally gotten the message that things were going to change. It didn't make leaving any easier, but he hoped the boy would come around to accepting the situation, before he moved.


Moving day came far too quickly for Jerry; so much to plan, and everything had to go according to that plan. He made note of which boxes were going where; some marked for his brother's house, and others for storage. He had made some progress in finding his own place, but didn't want to commit before seeing something in person.

Jerry's burden was lightened when he saw a mop of brown hair peer around the corner as he sat in the kitchen. Devon had made himself scarce since realising that it was really over. He motioned for the boy to come in, as he dodged the movers taking stuff out.

"It's good to see you," Jerry greeted happily.

"So ... moving day," Devon replied, clearly worried that Jerry might not have been glad to see him after his self-imposed exile.

"Yes, my life in boxes," Jerry sighed.

He got up and walked over to Devon, as the boy seemed reluctant to approach.

"So, you think I can get a hug, even with all the movers about?" Jerry wondered.

Devon gave his man a good, firm aggressive hug that didn't last near as long as Jerry hoped.

"So, you leaving tonight?" Devon asked.

"I fly out tomorrow; I didn't want to have to rush off, in case there were any last minute delays," Jerry explained.

"So where are you sleeping then—on the floor?" Devon asked, as the man's bed was carried out past them.

"Your place," Jerry joked.

"Right; not sure about that," Devon replied.

"Actually, I have a hotel booked near the airport; so it will be my last night in Florida," Jerry noted

"Hotel, eh? I'll come with you!" Devon invited himself, excited at the prospect of being in a hotel.

"Having a hot boy in my hotel room has always been a fantasy of mine, but I'm pretty sure your aunt will have issues with it," Jerry noted.

"I'll just tell her I'm going," Devon said casually.

"I don't need any problems, Devon," Jerry warned.

"Won't be; I'll go tell her now, and come back with a bag," he explained. "You do want me to fuck you one last time don't you?" he added in a hushed voice.

"Ok, go ask, but you have to respect her decision, Devon. If she says no, then its no," Jerry insisted.

"Ok, ok, I get it," Devon complained, and then was off, clearly happier than when he arrived.

Jerry certainly could use the company in his hotel, but didn't want to see Devon in a fit of defiance when his aunt told him that he couldn't go.


Late in the day, Jerry organised his suitcases and prepared himself for the taxi to arrive. He started to wonder if Devon was going to return, even if just to say goodbye; he certainly hoped so, but expected that it might not happen. Just in that moment of doubt, Devon appeared, bag in hand.

"I'm ready," he announced.

"Your aunt said yes?" Jerry asked, disbelievingly.

"Of course; I just have to call her when we get there, and tell her where I am," Devon replied.

"You really twisted her arm?" Jerry wondered.

"Well ... the last thing she said to me was `go, just fucking go,'' Devon reported, with a wide grin.

The smile melted Jerry instantly, all doubts of Devon's sincerity washed away. All that mattered now was that he would get his last night with his boy.

As expected, the taxi was early, so he and Devon pulled the man's luggage down to the lobby, where the driver was waiting. During the ride, Devon remained cuddled up with Jerry; he didn't care what the taxi driver thought. In fact, he likely figured him Jerry's grandson.

Devon found the hotel far more exciting than Jerry, but the man let the boy have his moment of wonder as he explored drawers and cabinets.

"There's a mini fridge in here!" Devon called out, causing Jerry to chuckle.

Devon got down to business after they had their room service dinner. He gave Jerry a nice long fuck, in two rounds as usual. For his part, Jerry enjoyed the evening to it's fullest, almost allowing himself to forget that he would be leaving the boy tomorrow. Only when they cuddled in to sleep did he start to think about missing the boy, the one he seemingly waited a lifetime for.

The next morning was a bit of a rush, as Jerry put Devon in a taxi for the ride home, and got another to the airport for himself.

"Can't I go with you to the airport?" Devon pleaded.

"Devon, it's a zoo there; it's much simpler to say goodbye right now," Jerry replied, figuring that would be too much of a distraction.

Devon crushed in for an overlong hard hug that seemed to test the patience of the taxi driver. Without saying anything, Devon rushed to the taxi and was gone.

`That's it then,' Jerry mumbled to himself, as he headed out for his new life. He went through all the crazy procedures that gave the illusion of security at the airport, finally to be seated on the plane. As he looked out of the window, he was overtaken by a sudden surge of regret. This was all a horrible mistake. He didn't want to leave Devon; he shouldn't be doing this.


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