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The Skateboard 17

Jerry watched as a thirteen-year-old blond whizzed past on his skateboard. It wasn't a proper skate park, but the boys had turned a school parking lot and adjacent park into an impromptu one. On his next pass, the teen did a kick flip right in front of Jerry.

"Very good!" Jerry praised.

"Thanks, Uncle Jerry," the boy accepted.

"You've gotten a lot better, Robbie," Jerry replied, as he stroked the boy's soft forearm.

"It's easy, the way you explained it," Robbie offered. In truth, Jerry couldn't help but have picked up on the techniques after observing skaters for so many years. Robbie's problem was his stance and balance on the board. Jerry didn't consider himself an instructor, but he was able to suggest positions that he'd seen. He certainly had enough experience in watching young skaters progress, but no other seemed to have the fluid motion that Devon had. Jerry sighed, as he thought about Devon again. He'd even scared himself a couple of times, thinking that he'd seen his shaggy haired skater boy, but of course it was just an impostor, a poor imitation of his beloved.

"Does it bother you when I come out to watch?" Jerry asked, recalling how he was a far more obvious observer than he ever realised back in Florida.

"No, I like it, Uncle Jerry; Grandpa would never do it," Robbie said, with a big toothy grin. He looked nothing like Devon, but in that moment Jerry caught a glimmer of his lost boy.

"I'm not a replacement for your grandfather, Robbie, but I'm happy to spend time with you," Jerry noted. He was happy to have Robbie, though; at least he was able to officially claim to be related to a young person in the park. He lamented that the older one, Steven, had no use for him; in fact, the teen was busy with his own friends, including a girl friend. Jerry had decided to rent a townhouse in the community this time, rather than in a retirement villa. The location was no accident; it was within walking distance to his grand nephew's house, and not far from his brother's place.

Jerry kept in touch with Devon through internet chats, daily at first, but now it was more like once or twice a week. He was disappointed to learn that Jeremy had drifted from Devon, but there was already another boy on the scene. Devon reported that he had sought out an effeminate eleventh grader that most considered gay, but who was not officially out. Jerry recalled the story of how they met, as told thought online chats with Devon:

Devon saw the dark-haired emo boy standing by the lockers. He wore tight, dark clothing, accenting his ass, something that excited Devon. The teen's straight hair covered part of his face, making direct eye contact a challenge. Devon walked right past the other boy, making it obvious that he was staring. He hoped that his target was gay; otherwise, he'd be just another in a long line of teens tormenting an effeminate straight guy. Devon stopped, with his back to the lockers, and turned his head to continue staring. Eventually, the boy had to acknowledge him.

"What do you want?" he hissed at Devon in a whiney voice.

"Hey, Ethan," Devon greeted softly, while still staring.

Devon raised his eyebrow and motioned his head down the hall. He turned and walked to a seldom-used bathroom just down the hallway. Devon paused to see that the target of his lust hadn't moved. He opened the door, and stood nodding his head into the bathroom. Ethan looked down the hall to see that only a few students remained at the end of the school day, and then started walking toward Devon.

Devon went into the bathroom and scouted for anyone inside, peering beneath the stall doors. He stood inside the last one and unbuttoned his pants. As soon as Ethan appeared, he flipped them down and revealed his hard cock. Ethan stood still for a moment, and then joined Devon in the stall.

"I never figured you for gay," Ethan said, in his soft voice.

Devon pushed the hair from the boy's face, touching him gently. Ethan moved forward and they kissed. After a few moments, Ethan got down on his knees. He seemed to struggle a bit in the cramped stall, and with his tight jeans. Devon sighed, as his new friend began to suck him. The teen was good at it; Devon struggled to remain silent as he braced himself in the stall with his arms outstretched against the walls.

Ethan paused and looked up at Devon.

"You ever been fucked?" Devon hissed.

Ethan gave a slight nod, before resuming his work.

"You want me to fuck you?" Devon pressed.

"Here?" Ethan asked.

"Sure; I got a condom," Devon reported, as he thrust his hand into his pocket, searching for the item.

"I don't know," Ethan replied nervously.

"Someplace else?" Devon wondered.

"My place, I guess, ... if you want," Ethan offered.

"Ok, I wanna cum now; can I do it in your mouth?" Devon asked urgently.

"How romantic," Ethan said sarcastically, as he quickly returned to sucking.

Devon couldn't suppress his moans as Ethan sucked hard and deep.

"Agh, Cumming!" Devon announced, as Ethan started swallowing.

The two collected themselves and left the school together, heading for Ethan's house.

"Maybe you should just meet me there; you might not want to walk with me," Ethan suggested, as he noticed other students.

"I don't care what people think; I pick my own friends," Devon said boldly.

"So we're friends?" Ethan asked, thinking the announcement rather presumptuous.

"If you want," Devon said with a shrug.

When the pair got to Ethan's house, they quickly made their way up to his bedroom. The room seemed as dark and moody as it's resident, Devon noted, as he started stripping down. Once naked, he turned to find that Ethan was still fully clothed.

He noticed that Ethan was staring, and asked, "I look ok?"

"Sweet!" Ethan sighed, before staring to undress.

Devon noticed that Ethan appeared even more skinny, once his body was exposed. Devon stopped himself from telling the boy to eat more meat, as he rubbered his cock.

"Take it easy," Ethan said, as he positioned himself on all fours.

Devon grabbed him aggressively and flipped the taller boy over on to his back, placing him in position with his legs up. Ethan groaned as the lubed cock slipped in.

"Relax, it's ok," Devon consoled softly.

After a few moments of slow pumping, Ethan opened up enough for Devon to get fully in and start fucking. Devon used his experience to gauge his speed, finally bringing Ethan to a place of pleasure.

"Oh, yes, you're so good, Devon!" Ethan moaned, as his head thrashed from side to side.

Devon used his variable speed technique to play Ethan, just as he used to do to Jerry. His new partner, however, came much quicker, shooting thick cum up onto Devon's chest. The creamy fluid dripped back down onto Ethan. Devon fucked hard to get his own orgasm, filling his condom.

Devon eased out as they caught their breaths, resting himself on top of Ethan in his single bed.

"You're awesome!" Ethan gushed in his post-orgasmic state, wrapping his arms around Devon's back.

"I got another condom!" Devon announced playfully.

After a brief rest, the pair was back at it, fucking hard.

Once they'd cleaned up, Ethan took Devon to the kitchen for a drink. The boy's mother arrived, to find them kissing by the fridge.

"I'm home, Ethan," she called, pretending to take no notice.

"Hi, mom; this is Devon," Ethan announced, as his new friend pulled away from the embrace quickly.

"Hello, Devon; you're a cute one," she greeted playfully.

"Mom!" Ethan protested.

Jerry sighed, as he thought about other stories that Devon had told him about his debauchery. The boy told him that he though his English teacher seemed like he was interested, but that forbidden fruit had yet to be tasted. Jerry was happy that Devon had found a new fuck buddy, but it made him jealous to think that Devon might want an older man other than himself.

Jerry's sexual activity was completely solo, as he lived vicariously through Devon's adventures with Ethan. Robbie was too young to be of interest to him in that way, although he figured the boy would likely do it if asked; but Jerry had decided to stay out of trouble, and resigned himself to his fate.


Jerry knew something was up, as summer approached; Devon was back to chatting every second day, and seemed to be far more interested in Jerry's life in Phoenix than he typically was. It didn't take a detective to know what was coming next, when Devon called him.

"My aunt says I can come visit you," Devon announced.

"You finally wore her down," Jerry suspected.

"Yep, I saved enough money for the bus ticket," Devon said, pre-empting any discussions about the cost of travel.

"Would you rather fly? I could give you the difference," Jerry suggested, knowing that Devon was coming to visit one way or another.

"No, you'll have to pay for things when I get there," Devon said pragmatically.

"When are you coming?" Jerry asked, starting to get excited about the prospect.

"The weekend after school ends," Devon reported, almost giddy with excitement.

"How long can you stay?" Jerry wondered.

"She wants me back a week before school starts in September," Devon reported. `She' obviously meant his aunt. Things must be better between the two, as Devon hadn't referred to her as `the bitch' in some time.

"The whole summer," Jerry said almost to himself.

"If that's ok?" Devon asked, hopefully.

"Yes, of course, but what about Ethan?" Jerry wondered.

"We're just friends; it's not like he expects to hang out with me all the time," Devon said a bit defensively.

"Well, I just don't want to mess things up between you two," Jerry explained.

"As if..." Devon dismissed.

"Ok, I'll get the spare bedroom ready for you," Jerry replied.

"Why? So we can have one bed for sex and one for sleeping?" Devon suggested rhetorically, letting Jerry know that he expected them to continue things just as they left off.


Jerry was overwhelmed with emotion as he waited for the bus to arrive. He was sure that Devon would be exhausted from his travel, but he still couldn't wait to see him. Jerry's heart thumped as he caught a glimpse of shaggy brown hair in the crowded bus terminal. Devon strode confidently toward him, with his luggage in hand. The boy nodded that he saw Jerry as he strode. The teen was bigger than Jerry remembered - taller, broader, but it was still the same Devon, his boy. The two embraced as they met; Jerry was so over come that he though he might break down, but Devon's enthusiasm took them both over.

"Told ya I'd come to Phoenix," Devon gushed.

"And here you are," Jerry said, realising just how determined Devon had been.

"Let's go home and fuck," Devon said crassly.

"We'll see," Jerry said cryptically, as he led the boy to his car.

"What does that mean?" Devon said, jumping right on Jerry's comment.

"It might not be a good idea to rekindle our passions, given that you have to go back, Devon; back to Ethan," Jerry replied.

"I didn't marry him!" Devon dismissed. "Hey, same car," Devon noted, as they arrived in the parking lot.

"Yes, the movers towed it out here," Jerry explained, as they got in.

During the drive to Jerry's house, Devon blathered on about the bus trip. Once they got in, Devon showered and they had something to eat. Just as they were getting relaxed, another boy bounded into the house.

Robbie was accustomed to just walking in, if the door wasn't locked. The blond was wearing his shorts and a sweaty T-shirt, thrusting his skateboard against the wall.

"Who's this?" Robbie asked, as he joined them.

"This is Devon, the boy I told you about, from Florida," Jerry explained.

"Oh, yeah; hi," Robbie greeted, as he made for the fridge.

"Devon is quite a good skateboarder, too," Jerry noted.

"Is that you're new boy," Devon said with a lusty smirk.

"That's my great nephew, Devon; please," Jerry said, in an insulted tone.

"Yeah, I'd ride that ass," Devon noted, as he watched Robbie bent over, rummaging through the fridge.

"Devon, come now," Jerry snapped.

"Yeah, like you don't sit in the park and think the same thing," Devon said, knowing his old friend too well.

"Think what?" Robbie asked, as he returned.

"That I'm awesome," Devon covered, with a knowing smile.

Devon went outside with Robbie and showed him a couple of the more difficult tricks, gaining the younger teen's appreciation, before promising to go the park another time.

Things seemed casual, until it came to bedtime. It was awkward for Jerry as to what Devon expected and what he should allow. Devon wasted no time in undressing, and proudly displayed his developed body for the man. He was still lean, but was more muscular and taller. The boys' cock seemed an inch longer and thicker than before, but Jerry was just going by memory.

"We gonna fuck?" Devon asked, as Jerry just stood, staring.

"Ok, but you were the last one in there; so take it easy," Jerry said, as he undressed.

"Right; you always loved it when I did it hard," Devon smirked.

"We'll get there," Jerry noted, as he got into bed.

He felt Devon get on top of him, and then the cock press in. Devon was even more attractive to him, now that he was on the verge of manhood. Jerry grunted as the thick meat entered. Devon pushed right in, all the way, causing Jerry to resist.

"Easy little boy; it'll be ok in a minute," Devon said softly.

"Funny," Jerry replied sarcastically.

Soon though, Jerry relaxed enough for the manly Devon to get down to business. He enjoyed Devon's skill and improved endurance, as the teen built up his pace to a steady hard fucking.

"Oh, yes, Devon; I'm close," Jerry moaned.

"So am I," Devon grunted.

"I want this to last forever," Jerry said, as the young cock worked him over.

"Can't last that long," Devon said breathlessly, as he changed to long, slow thrusts.

As soon as Jerry had his orgasm, he heard Devon's loud grunts, heralding his own. With Devon's hard cock still inside him, Jerry moaned softly as Devon dropped himself on to the man's back.

"I missed you so much, Devon," Jerry said, overcome with emotion.

"I love you," Devon sighed, as he pulled his softened cock from the man's ass.


The summer went by far too quickly for Jerry, but he knew the time would come for Devon to go back. The teen took it much better than the man did. Devon confidently proclaimed that he would be back for Christmas, and again next summer. Jerry didn't want to upset anything; he was happy to have Devon whenever he could, but he knew that Devon would be coming to live with him just as soon as he could. That would be fine by Robbie, too; the younger boy was happy to have an older friend. Jerry worried that there might have been some jealousy, but that fear was unfounded.

Jerry steeled himself as Devon boarded the bus. The shaggy haired skater turned for one last smile and a little wave. As the bus pulled out, Jerry starting making a mental calculation as to how many days were left before Christmas vacation.

The End.


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