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The Skateboard 3

Just shortly before three the next day, the door buzzer sounded. Jerry confirmed it was Devon before letting him in, and then waited by the apartment door in anticipation. He decided not to have the board in his hand, as he wanted Devon to come inside. When the boy knocked on the door, Jerry let him in and gestured toward the couch.

"I'll get the board for you," he said, as he went to the closet.

Jerry returned with the red board and handed it to Devon as he sat on the couch.

"This board is practically new," Devon gushed.

Jerry left the boy examining it in detail, and went to the kitchen. He returned with a cola and cookies, hoping Devon would stay a while. He put the refreshments on the table beside the kid.

"This is like a two hundred dollar board, dude" Devon said, clearly excited.

"It was sitting in her closet for a few years, so I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that it's gone to someone who appreciates it," Jerry said, as he gently touched the boy's hair.

The affection had lasted only seconds, but it was electric for the man. He had a lot of physical contact when he helped the boy that night, but this was different, it was a touch with a meaning. Devon seemed oblivious to it though; maybe because of the excitement of getting a board, or perhaps his grandmother had been affectionate and he just accepted it from old people. Either way was fine with Jerry; he'd stroke the boy's soft brown hair all day, if he could.

"I'm going to go ride it now; you going to come?" Devon said, excitedly.

Jerry was at first disappointed that Devon was leaving so soon, but then it occurred to him that it was the first time he'd been invited to watch. Devon wanted him to come watch!

Devon seemed like an excited young boy as he urged Jerry to hurry along to the park. Clearly having a skateboard again was far more important than he'd let on. Devon stopped at the entry way and asked,

"Is that your pool?" just noticing it for the first time, or perhaps fishing for an invitation.

"Yes, that's our pool. You can use it anytime you like, but I'm supposed to come with you. Anyone under sixteen has to be escorted," Jerry explained.

Jerry used the pool quite often for exercise. There were grandchildren there infrequently, but for the most part it was just people his age. He was excited about having a boy of his own to take to the pool, but wondered how he'd introduce him to the nosey ladies. They'd assume Devon was his grandson, so that might be the best thing to say, although it might be difficult to get the teen to go along.

Arriving at the skate park, Devon set out immediately with his new board, leaving Jerry to take up his position on the bench. Jerry could see an immediate improvement with Devon's tricks. Perhaps due to his aggressive excitement, or maybe the improved hardware; either way, he was pleased to have brought joy to the boy. Devon stopped several times and yapped briefly about each of the things he had done or was going to do. It was obvious that he felt the board was far superior to his tired old one.

Devon got what he'd initially wanted, as Cody came up to him with his friend in tow.

"You're doing ok out there," Cody complimented.

"Thanks," Devon replied.

"I'm Cody; this is Sam," Cody introduced.

"New board," Sam stated

"Yeah, the old one was trashed," Devon explained.

"You've met the old wacko," Cody said.

Devon looked over at Jerry, as he was the only adult in the park at the moment. "He's ok," the boy pronounced.

"He's always watching us skate," Sam agreed.

"Checks out my little brother, if you know what I mean," Cody continued.

"You shouldn't be talking to him, dude," Sam instructed.

"Come on, let's see if you can keep up," Cody ordered, and with that the three were off.

Jerry watched as the trio rounded the park, copying Cody's moves as he led the parade of dominance. The man realised that he had just delivered Devon into Cody's peer group, which was what the boy wanted anyway. He comforted himself in the knowledge that he helped the boy and got him back to the park, where he could watch him, but he knew Devon would want the company of his own generation, despite his eager `come watch me' attitude of just a moment ago.

Jerry left Devon with his new friends, and headed for home at his usual time. He reassured himself in the knowledge that Devon was better off, and that they would have a familiarity, even though the teen would likely be aloof. As he crossed the street, Jerry heard a board rolling up behind him. He expected the boy to pass him, but instead, he slowed and then started walking beside the man, board in hand.

"Devon?" Jerry said in joyful surprise.

"Hey, I can't keep this," he said, referring to the board.

"Of course you can; pay me later; there's no rush," Jerry reassured.

"My Aunt will ask questions if I show up with a new board. She'll think I stole it, or something," Devon explained.

"Tell her the truth," Jerry suggested.

"Some old guy sold it to me for twenty bucks? I'd be smarter to say I found it in the garbage. She won't believe me; you have to keep it," Devon continued.

"Have her call me," Jerry suggested pragmatically.

"Yeah, then I gotta tell her how we met, and how I didn't tell her I got hurt, and that's all bad," Devon reasoned.

"Whatever's best for you, Devon. You can keep the board at my place, if you wish," Jerry replied, thinking this would be of benefit if the lad had to visit him every time he wanted to go to the skate park. The thought of the shaggy haired boy arriving at his door daily excited Jerry.

"If I use your pool, can I bring Cody and Sam?" Devon changed subjects.

Sam; so that's Cody's friend's name, Jerry thought. A blank filled in at long last.

"Cody; hmm. I'm not sure about him being at my building," Jerry hedged.

"Yeah, he thinks you're weird," Devon reported.

"Cody doesn't like me being in the park; it limits him to have an adult witness around when he wants to bully his brother, or the other younger kids. I'm surprised he's not at the big skate park downtown," Jerry explained. "I'll understand if you can't be seen around me," he added, despondent about the prospect.

"Fuck that! I don't need Cody to tell me who my friends are," Devon blurted in an insulted tone.

Jerry was suddenly filled with joy again. Devon had just suggested they were friends.


Each day, Jerry looked forward to his shaggy haired boy's arrival. His knock at the door was always a soft one, seemingly a meek rap that humbly requested entry, rather than the brash demanding pounding that one would expect from a teen.

"Hello, Devon," Jerry greeted, as he opened the door wide. As always, he had the boy come inside for a minute before heading down to the park. The skateboard was never out, ready to go; Jerry always went to get it from the closet, as though he wasn't sure the boy was coming today.

He made his way down to the park, with Devon still by his side. The boy was obviously eager to get there, but wouldn't rush ahead. Jerry liked that; it made him feel as though the boy was attached to him; as if he was his boy. He hadn't expected that type of loyalty from a modern teenager. Jerry had expected the skateboard would be stored in his closet for a few days before Devon found a same age friend to care for it; but while he had gained some respect in the park, he still didn't really have any friends. Jerry knew that being the new kid was difficult, but he suspected Devon was somewhat shy as well.

The man watched his boy racing around the park on the hot summers day, his shirt discarded the moment they arrived. Devon's long thin arms stretched out to balance himself on his manoeuvres. Sweat poured from his body, causing his skin to glisten in the sun, as Jerry watched in rapture; the boy's tight abs flexing as his athletic body contorted on each trick.

"Fuck, it's hot!" Devon broke Jerry's trance, as he came up out of the bowl and stopped before him.

"Indeed" Jerry replied, as his gaze remained fixed on his boy. He tried not to stare at Devon, but it seemed he was always watching him now; other boys seemed to be of less interest. Jerry cautioned himself about getting too attached; Devon could be gone just as quickly as he arrived.

"I'm fucking beat; I'm done dude," Devon announced, as he joined Jerry on the bench.

Jerry had thought to chastise Devon for his swearing, but that seemed too parental. He wanted Devon to continue to see him as a friend, maybe not entirely a peer or an equal, but still a friend.

"Can we go to your pool?" Devon asked eagerly, his voice pitching up as though he just came upon the idea.

Jerry paused before answering - he recalled that Devon had asked about bringing other boys with him before, and worried that a positive response would lead to that uncomfortable issue.

"Just you?" Jerry asked casually, as he prepared a response in his head should the boy ask about bringing others.

"You're going to swim, too?" Devon replied, with a half question.

Jerry was filled with joy again; his brash angel had just asked to swim with him.

"I suppose," Jerry replied casually, as his excitement grew at the prospect.


They made their way back to Jerry's apartment earlier than the man would have normally. The two looked a strange pair, with Jerry in his old man shorts, collared shirt, and wide brimmed hat, with a shirtless teen at his side. As they entered the building Jerry was accosted by an old woman.

"Oh, hello Jerry; is that your grandson? My he's handsome," the woman rambled.

Jerry put his hand on Devon's bare shoulder and squeezed, hoping the boy got his secret message.

"Yes, this is my grandson, Devon. He's getting good use out of the skateboard you sold me," Jerry said, mostly for Devon's benefit.

"Oh, I'm so glad someone's using it; been sitting in my closet for too long!" She continued.

"If you'll excuse us," Jerry closed politely, as they headed for the elevator.

"Grandson?" Devon asked, as they ascended.

"A white lie so they won't question who you are," Jerry explained. "Knowing her, the entire building will know by the end of the day."

Devon didn't respond, assumedly accepting the ruse. Jerry noticed the boy's nipples were hard in the cool air-conditioned building. Devon suddenly flexed his chest and abs; then grunted in mock body builder pose. He'd been caught again, Jerry knew; he had to remind himself that Devon wasn't some distracted teen. He was well aware of Jerry's focus, and was obviously observing him as well. He knew the lonely boy would tolerate some weirdness, but the last thing Jerry wanted to do was to creep him out. Not only would he loose his beautiful Devon, but also the skate park, as Devon wasn't likely to remain silent.

Devon waited patiently while Jerry changed into his swimwear. The boy thought nothing of swimming in his sweaty sport shorts, and hadn't brought anything else to wear.

"I'm ready," Jerry announced, as he came out in his swim shorts. They were much shorter than the boardies that Devon had on.

"You look pretty good for an old guy," Devon replied with an unexpected compliment. Although Jerry knew he was in better shape than most of his peers, he still enjoyed the compliment from such a hot young guy.

When they got to the pool, both swam around, uncertain of what to do. Jerry used the pool for exercise, while Devon saw it as an unregulated play land, like most boys. After a short, uncomfortable period, Devon challenged Jerry to a series of competitions: holding their breath the longest, sitting on the bottom, handstands, etc. Devon won them all, as expected, except for the race to the other side and back. Devon took an early lead, but Jerry passed him, as the boy's swimming ability was lacking.

Much to Jerry's surprise, Devon stopped right in front of him, and then leaned his body against the man's shoulder.

"Fuck ...You beat me," Devon said breathlessly, as Jerry felt the boy's wet body against his own.

"Devon, could I ask you not to swear in public when you're with me? Other's might hear you," Jerry asked, mostly to avoid embarrassment.

"There's no one fucking here," Devon whined, with a cheeky grin.

Jerry didn't respond; he'd made his point and was willing to let the issue go. Devon drifted around behind him, and put his arms under Jerry's, placing his hands on the man's shoulders, and pulled his body in close. Jerry had no idea he'd get this much physical contact from Devon, ever, but it seemed a barrier had been broken. As the boy's face rested on the back of his neck, he could tell that Devon was still catching his breath. Jerry had a fantasy that Devon was about to pull out his cock and enter him, pounding his ass as he created waves in the pool.

"Once around the pool, grandpa?" Devon asked playfully.

"I'm properly addressed as grandfather," Jerry said with mock seriousness. His humour was so subtle that the boy was unlikely to notice it.

"Swim, granny, swim," Devon replied cheekily.

Jerry complied, doing the breaststroke so that Devon could easily stay attached. He gave the boy his ride around the perimeter of the pool, enjoying having Devon on his back. Jerry had seen boys in the pool before, as well as men with boys. He knew that the usual social rules around physical contact seemed to be suspended in water for some reason, but he expected that Devon would reject this type of closeness once they left the pool. He enjoyed it while he could; taking advantage of the opportunity to play wrestle with the boy. He almost dared to grab Devon's ass and then beg forgiveness, but thought better of it, keeping his hands well above the waistline. Devon, for his part was gentle in play, holding back his full strength. Only when Jerry started winning did the boy put effort into it, giving the man some indication of how strong he was.

As the sun started to dip, it put the pool into shadow. Devon got out first, and laid out on a lounge that was still in the sun. Jerry opted to find one in the shade, where he could openly gaze as the boy dried himself in the sun. He immediately missed the close contact they had shared, wishing to go over to the boy and lay down with him, but he knew that was impossible. He figured his best bet would be to get Devon into the pool as often as he could.

He watched as Devon baked himself ten minutes a side; he enjoyed watching the slim boy just lie there. The semi-muscular body seemed perfect to Jerry; more than a boy, but not yet a hairy man. Jerry noticed that Devon saw him staring, but the boy seemed unconcerned. Jerry fantasized that Devon rolled over and pulled out his cock and began stroking it, giving him the show of a life time. Then, as the boy stared right at him, he shot his load, covering his chest and belly with impossible amounts of cum as he moaned loudly.

"I'm ready when you are," Devon announced, as he sat up, ending the man's daydream.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Jerry asked, seeking to extend his time with Devon.

"Sure," Devon replied enthusiastically, his voice indicative of a younger boy.

"You can call your aunt when we get upstairs," Jerry said, as he motioned for the boy to accompany him.

"She won't care; she's working a 12, so she won't get home `til six in the morning," Devon explained, with more detail than he usually provided. His home life still seemed a mystery to the man, as Devon rarely said much about it. He could ask Devon, but the boy would more than likely gloss over anything important. Jerry knew that he could glean far more information from what the boy offered.

"Is there something you'd like?" Jerry asked, as they re-entered the building.

"Anything's fine; I'd just have a frozen meal at my aunt's" Devon replied. Jerry noted that he didn't yet call his aunt's place home.

"It was nice of her to take you in," Jerry suggested, as he probed.

"Didn't have much of a choice," Devon said, with some sadness. "Doesn't matter; I'll be on my own in a couple of years, anyway." He continued with confidence, but Jerry figured the boy was concerned about his future.

When they got back to the apartment, Jerry put his hand on Devon's soft bare shoulder and invited him inside ahead of himself. He locked the door and turned down the air-conditioning, hoping the boy would keep his shirt off. It felt a bit manipulative to Jerry, but he feared that Devon could lose interest in him at any time. So he needed to get what he could right now.

"So, spaghetti and meat sauce?" Jerry asked cheerfully.

Devon ate ravenously as one might expect a teen to do. He wasn't without manners, but Jerry could tell that proper sit-down dinners weren't part of his life since moving in with his aunt.

"More?" Jerry asked, as Devon practically started licking his plate.

"Yeah, thanks. This is great, Jerry," Devon gushed, his brown eyes filled with joy.

As Jerry served him a second helping, he, too, was filled with joy. He never thought taking care of Devon could be such a pleasure in itself. The boy would likely never agree that he was being cared for; rather he'd say that he played the man for free food and an almost free skateboard, Jerry assumed.

Devon finally decided it was time to leave, after watching some TV with the man. Jerry was out of ideas on how to keep him, and so he said goodnight, content with the day's adventure.


Chapter 4 coming soon