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The Skateboard 4

Jerry found himself with a dinner guest two or three times a week as the summer wore on. He deduced that Devon's desire to spend an evening with him was based on his aunt's work schedule. Jerry didn't mind feeding the boy; in fact, he looked forward to it.

Jerry watched Devon skating in the late afternoon, his body flexing with ease. There were other nice looking boys there, but Jerry's focus was completely on his shaggy-haired beauty.

"Your Aunt working overnight?" Jerry asked, having already figured out the pattern of her schedule.

"Yeah, what are you making us tonight?" Devon replied boldly, as he skated to a stop.

Jerry wasn't upset with the boy inviting himself; in fact, it was easier than trying to find some constructed reason to have him over.

"I suppose I should call your Aunt to introduce myself, since we're spending all this time together" Jerry suggested. He knew that if she disapproved, it could spell the end of his time with Devon; but he thought that unlikely, given her apparently disinterested attitude toward the boy. Jerry worried that if she discovered Devon's covert activities, his aunt might react far worse than if she was informed.

"No!" Devon said, flatly refusing to even entertain the subject.

"You done Dev?" a park regular asked, as he skated over. The boy was younger; thirteen by Jerry's deductions, but seemed almost the same size as Devon. The young skater's angular face and straight cut hair was in sharp contrast to Devon. He appeared heavier, still carrying some pre-teen fat, but Jerry expected that to be muscle before long.

"Yeah, I'm go to my grandpa's for dinner now," Devon informed. With that, the boy sped off.

"Grandpa?" Jerry asked, as the pair left the park.

"Hey, it works for me, too. The guys asked why I always went with you. What else was I going to say?" Devon explained.


One evening, Jerry's quiet time was disrupted by an insistent rapping at his door. It seemed strange that someone had gotten through the security door downstairs. As he got up, the visitor rapped again. He assumed it was Devon, as the rapping was too aggressive to be a neighbour or sales person. Jerry looked through the peephole to confirm his assumption.

"Devon, what a nice surprise," Jerry said, swinging the door open wide for the boy to enter.

He could tell immediately that it wasn't his usual quiet and somewhat irreverent boy; this was an angry Devon. Jerry noticed, as the boy stepped inside, that he was drenched. It must be raining out, but Jerry hadn't noticed, as his apartment was so insulated from the noises outside. As the boy stood dripping in his doorway, he seemed more upset than angry, Jerry reassessed. Devon's damp hair gave the impression of a younger boy as he stood in the doorway. Something must have really upset Devon to get him to come over in the rain, he thought.

"Right, into the bathroom," Jerry ordered, as he gripped the boy's bicep. "Wet clothes off, dry yourself, and put this robe on," Jerry continued, pointing at the white terry cloth robe on the back of the door.

"Ok," Devon replied meekly to the orders.

"Wring out your clothes in the tub, and then I'll put them in the dryer," Jerry completed, before leaving Devon to it. He purposely closed the door so that he wouldn't be tempted to catch a glimpse of Devon's nakedness.

It seemed to take a while, but Devon emerged in the white robe, carrying his clothes. Jerry had just gotten up to check on him and met Devon in the hallway.

"Better now?" Jerry asked softly.

Devon nodded, as Jerry took the clothes and put them in his dryer. He returned quickly, to find Devon standing in the living room. He gave the boy a gentle push in the small of his back as he gestured to the couch.

"What's bothering you?" Jerry got right to the point.

"Nothing. I just wanted to come over, and then I got fucking soaked," Devon lamented defensively.

"Isn't your aunt home tonight?" Jerry asked, wondering if he had a runaway sitting beside him.

"She left at 8, took an extra shift nine to nine," The boy explained.

Jerry did the math and realised the boy must have left right around the time she did; so it was unlikely that he was lonely, as he knew Devon was often alone overnight. So that couldn't be the reason he was here.

"How did she upset you?" Jerry probed.

"I'm not upset!" Devon challenged, displaying an angry face to Jerry for the first time. He hadn't expected it, but he took it for what it was, a defence mechanism.

"We've been friends for weeks now Devon; I can tell - you're upset," Jerry said softly, as he dared to put an arm around the boy's shoulders. He knew it was a risk; a rejection was likely, but the alternative of allowing Devon to brood all night wasn't appealing either.

"She's such a fucking bitch!" Devon yelled.

Jerry pulled the boy in, and gave him a half hug with one arm around the boy's shoulder.

"School starts in a couple of weeks, and she just went ahead and signed me up for classes, without even asking!" Devon blurted.

"That wasn't right; she should have talked to you about it," Jerry agreed, understanding that it was the exclusion that was the problem, not the classes themselves.

"Bitch!" Devon hissed again, his damaged esteem manifesting as anger.

"I'm sure a new school is stressful for you, Devon, but you're a smart, good looking athletic guy; you'll make lots of friends," Jerry reassured, as he wondered to himself how often he'd see Devon once school started.

"I'm not good looking; I'm short and scrawny, and my hair is stupid!" Devon beat himself up.

"I'm sure you're not done growing yet, Devon. Join some sports at school, and you can always cut your hair if you don't like it," Jerry replied, hoping the boy wouldn't actually trim his beautiful brown locks. He really liked the wild shaggy brown mop on the boy's head. Jerry absent-mindedly ran his fingers through the boy's hair.

"It looks worse short; my ears stick out," Devon whined. Jerry hadn't noticed, but now that Devon had pointed it out he saw that the lad's ears did curve away from his head a bit. Jerry expected Devon to have some imperfections, but he still thought him beautiful. He supposed that the girls at school would be more about height and muscles, however. "And I can't play basketball or football" Devon said, of the popular high school team sports.

"There's other sports; maybe track or wrestling," Jerry suggested, as he thought team sports might not be Devon's thing.

"I hate running; that's why I have a skateboard," Devon grumbled.

"Skateboarding is a sport," Jerry suggested.

"Not at school, it's not," Devon spat.

Jerry's hand had found it's way to Devon's neck. He felt the boy's tight muscles, as he pushed his fingers along the top of his shoulders.

"You are really tight; sit here," Jerry ordered, as he pulled his footstool in front of himself.

Devon complied, much to the man's relief. He knew Devon was on edge and could easily take offence at anything.

Jerry worked his thumbs along the boy's shoulders and up his neck, getting moaning gasps for his effort.

"That ok?" he asked.

"Mmmph," Devon replied, as the massage continued.

Jerry worked silently, using Devon's noises as a guide. He didn't want to push too hard and have the boy demand that he stop, but he also wanted the pleasure to continue, for both of them. It was clear that Devon liked what was happening, but Jerry, too, enjoyed having his hands all over the teen's soft body. He went lower into the boy's back, as Devon let the robe slip down.

"Tickles," Devon warned, as Jerry neared the boy's sides.

Jerry got down to where the waistline should be, and wanted to continue lower, to touch the soft boy cheeks, but thought better of it. Instead, he moved back up slowly, finding the boy's biggest reaction was just under his shoulder blades. If someone were listening at the door, they might mistake Devon's sounds for pain; but in fact, the teen seemed lost in the pleasure of the moment.

"Gotta piss," Devon announced, as he stood up suddenly, leaving the robe on the stool, as he strode to the bathroom naked.

Jerry wondered if the fun was over and if he should get the boy's clothes, but decided to wait where he was. Devon returned and stood before Jerry, unashamed of his nakedness. Jerry noted that the boy had nothing to be ashamed of. His cock was half hard, as he imagined most teens were constantly. It looked big on his thin body, but what really surprised him was the amount of pubic hair. For an otherwise hairless boy, Devon had quite a bush.

"Sitting on that stool is kinda tough on my legs," Devon reported, as he seemed to either not notice, or perhaps not to care, that Jerry was staring at his manhood. "Maybe I could lie on the floor, or something?" he completed.

Jerry was hoping for the `or something', but thought that if he suggested moving to the bedroom, he'd get punched right in the face. Devon wasn't stupid; he might be lonely and upset, but he'd not miss an inference like that.

"Yeah, the floor is fine if you want me to do your legs," Jerry replied casually.

Devon dropped to the floor and waited for Jerry to sit down beside him. Jerry lifted the boy's right calf, and then started working on it before moving to the sole of his foot. That got a reaction from the boy, as the pleasurable moaning returned. He repeated the process on the other leg, and then laid them down so that he could work the back of the boy's thighs. Jerry felt the soft leg hair as he rubbed, thinking that would soon darken, likely to match the dark brown of the boy's pubes. As his hands moved up the legs, they neared the wonderful mounds that formed the boy's ass - plump and whiter than the rest of his body. Devon had tanned nicely over the summer, which made him that much more attractive. Jerry wondered if Devon's skin would darken enough to match his light brown hair; perhaps next year.

Jerry stared at the boy's wonderful ass; he wanted so much to touch it, but just couldn't bring himself to take the plunge; that would be overtly sexual. Not that massaging a naked teen on his floor wasn't, but in helping Devon, Jerry thought of himself in the grandfatherly role.

"Harder!" Devon ordered, as Jerry had eased off. The man moved to the boy's back and aggressively pushed in just above the white mounds. He gave Devon a little tickle on the sides before returning to the lower back. Devon gave out a soft `little boy' giggle, but didn't complain. Jerry lost himself in the moment, and started massaging the white, firm ass. Devon's butt was soft, yet firm to the touch, as Jerry took his guilty pleasures.

"I didn't know there were muscles there," Devon complained half-heartedly.

"There's a muscle down here," Jerry said, before moving to the inner thighs and pressing up into the groin muscle between Devon's cheeks. The boy lifted his hips, as he was touched like never before. Jerry kept his hands above the ball sack as he pushed in below the anus. Devon began to moan and move his hips rhythmically, as Jerry realised he'd gone too far; the boy was humping the carpet. Jerry withdrew, uncertain of what to say, and embarrassed that he'd lost his self-control.

"I didn't tell you to stop," Devon complained.

"Sorry, Devon; I didn't mean to excite you like that," Jerry offered meekly, hoping the boy would forgive him.

"Yes, you did," Devon accused, as he rolled over and propped himself up on one elbow.

Devon was right of course, and now Jerry would have to deal with what he'd done. He stared at his beauty, naked on the floor before him, just as he'd always dreamed, but now that the dream had come true, he wasn't sure what to do, or if he should proceed.


Devon lay down on his back with his cock standing straight up, solving Jerry's dilemma. It was obvious that the boy wanted him to continue; why else would he present his erection in such a way, Jerry thought. He was able to gauge the size of Devon's cock, perhaps five inches, and thick, as he gripped it firmly. Devon moaned as the man stroked him slowly.

"Put your hands behind your head," Jerry instructed.

"Why?" Devon asked, irritated by the interruption.

"You'll be able to see what's going on better," Jerry told him, but the truth was that he wanted the boy with his hands above his head; completely submissive, totally surrendered. It was an indulgence, he knew, but this was likely his only opportunity to do this with the boy.

Devon complied, as Jerry continued to jerk him off. The boy was close, he could tell; at that age they didn't take long. Jerry thought to ask about sucking him to the finish, but figured the boy might consider that too much, and refuse; so he just did it without asking. Devon moaned loudly at the sensation of having his cock sucked for the first time. He practically sat up as Jerry went right down to his pubes. The man surprised himself at being able to take so much into his mouth, fighting his gag reflex.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Devon moaned, at the amazing pleasure.

Jerry concentrated on polishing Devon's knob, extending the pleasure for the boy.

Devon's squealing and gasping sounds turned to throaty grunts, as Jerry finally allowed the boy to have his release. Jerry gulped as quickly as he could, swallowing the boy's fluid. He kept sucking as Devon contorted himself on the floor, finally begging for his over-sensitive cock to be released.

"Ok, ok, that's enough!" he panted.

Jerry wanted the cock to remain in his mouth, but finally relented after a few more licks of the boy's cock head.

"How was that?" Jerry asked, as he got up.

"Fucking amazing! Guys at school said getting your cock sucked was the best, but I had no clue it was like that!" Devon gushed, as he rested on the floor. Jerry looked down at his boy, sweaty and spent, thinking him the most beautiful boy in the world.

"I gotta piss," Devon announced, as he leaped up and headed for the bathroom again.

After a couple of minutes, Jerry followed him in, as the boy had left the door open. He stood behind the boy and hugged him. The feeling of closeness was intense for Jerry; he was sure that he loved the boy.

"I've never been hugged before, while I'm pissing." Devon broke the man's thought.

Jerry reached down and held Devon's cock as he pissed, feeling the warmth as he filled the man's toilet.

"That's another first," Devon noted, as Jerry kissed him on the back of the neck.

"I guess I gotta get you off now?" Devon suggested, as he finished.

"No, not at all Devon," Jerry reassured, as he wondered if the boy was revolted by the idea.

He sat on the couch and turned on the TV. Devon joined him, lying down with his head in Jerry's lap. Jerry sighed as his sex partner made contact again. He was relieved that Devon hadn't put his clothes on and run out the door, but still he wondered where this was leading. Jerry stroked the boy's soft face, as the two relaxed in their respective bliss.


Chapter five coming soon.